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The WarBirds in Seidoukan.

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Gakusen-Toshi-Asterisk Fan Fic

A CAST soldier finds himself in Seidoukan Academy, he stands up.. Badly injured,his arm is broken, lower right leg shattered.. He crawls out of the bushes, it was raining.. His helmet was heavily damaged, his systems could crash at any moment, but being a CAST soldier, this is what it is all about.
Despite the HOUND shell that he has equipped, he could tell that he was in deep trouble.

“Crow to HQ. I repeat, Crow to HQ. Someone please respond!” Crow tries his best to radio in for back up, but he gets nothing but feedback. Armed with his pair of Death Dancer Sabers, Dark Strauss daggers, a Caliburn Sword,a De Ragnus handgun, White Meteora rifle, Deathmaker handguns, Buccaneer saber and a Ank Tomho axe, Asura Hiken Slicer,. Though what use are these weapons if you are too badly injured to use them.

As he crawls on the ground, dragging his body to a tree, he saw what seemed to be human students, moving about.. They stare at him, seeing his light purple skin must have made them feel uncomfortable and strange. Then, a student approaches him.. He had purple hair and purple eyes..

With his right hand, Crow draws out a De Ragnus pistol, pointing it to the student, he could barely keep his arm steady.

“Translation system at 50%” Crow hears the system making noise..

“Stay back.. Or I will shoot.” Then Crow’s arm fails him.. Great, just.. Great. An empty threat, his helmet breaks apart. light purple skin, white eyes, a scar across his eyes. Crow could barely stay up and then he falls unconscious, fading in and out. Seeing the purple haired student helping him, then followed by a pink haired girl, and a blonde.

“Systems reactivated.” To which Crow wakes up, finding his helmet on the side of the table. Seeing the Purple haired student talking to him, but he doesn’t understand a word he is saying. To which he grabs what is left of his helmet and puts it on.

“Sorry about the threat..” Crow says sadly, looking to the ground.

“Don’t worry about it.. You looked so confused, as you were here.”

“Yes.. I was.. My name is Crow..”

“My name is Ayato Amagiri, you can call me Ayato. You’re in Arterisk, Specifically Seidoukan Academy.”

“An Academy? I am.. Not sure what that is? Is it an institution where students come to learn?”

“Seidoukan is different. It is an academy,but students here learn to battle. With weapons known as Lux.” Ayato says as he shows a simple Lux, that was a blade.

“Interesting…” Crow says as he looks at it, then Crow gets back on his feet.

“Hey, you should rest a bit before moving! You might injure yourself further!”

“Don’t worry. I need to fix my armor.” Crow says as he struggled to move his arms, which he immediately twists the two arms and fixes it back in its place.

“Looks like I won’t be able to fight for a day or two.. I don’t need rest. I am a CAST. An android. I was made for combat. I just need to learn the combat..” Crow says as he walks out, the infirmary. Ayato, realizing he has a tough customer, decides to accompany him.


“You should not be moving about. Crow.. You will simply be hurt more.” Ayato advises him, but Crow walks through the hallways, stripped off his chest and arm shells.. His bare upper body covered in the CAST suit, revealing his lean muscle build. As Crow walks, he sticks close to the doors, trying to maintain his balance, his body is weak, but he must assess this place. The students looking at Crow strangely, seeing him struggle as he moved.

“You should stay down and rest.” Crow looks at the blonde.

“And you are?” Crow asks as they see him leaning to the wall, slowly his body sliding down.

“Claudia Enfield. You may address me as Claudia. The student council president of Seidoukan. Please, I believe it would be better for you to rest.” Crow’s right hip, pops out a syringe which he takes it and injects it to his neck. The lens of his helmet turn from blue to black for a moment.. Then, as the liquid is injected into his system, they see the lens alternating between blue and black. Which it stops to blue and he looks at Claudia, this time standing up signalling that he is in good condition.

“I’d like you to inspect my weapons and tell me if I am required to make any adjustments to them.” Crow says as he takes out the Caliburn handle, the Death Dancer handles, the Dual Streacs, the Deathmakers, De Ragnus, Ank Tomho, Buccaneer and T.Yasminkov 2000H submachine guns, Rengokuto Ensa katana.. To which Claudia takes a look at them and nods, as she brings them away.

“But, will you be defenseless?”

“No. I always carry this.” Crow says as he shows the H44 Missouri T pistols, they looked at it, it was far different compared to the Lux they were using.

“I hope my photon weapon system will function properly. In this world.” Crow says out loud as he takes his time to scan the place. As Crow walks around, it was evident that people stared at him as out of everyone, Crow stood out the most. They looked at his bare chest and his height, he was taller than most, with a lean figure.

“Ergh.. I’m on Earth.. I must be light years away from Parum then. The commander did say whereever I go or whenever I would go. Just start over. Maybe the unit I was in.. Had died during the battle for Parum.. But whatever the case maybe… I should see my surroundings.” Crow thought as he walks to a table, taking off his dragon helmet.. To which the students and the teacher look to him, seeing the light purple skin, white iris, the handsome face he had. To which Crow takes out a recovery unit from the back of his hip, and uses it on the helmet, fixing it to be what it was.. A black helmet with light gray highlights.

Crow looks at the scarred helmet, with damages on some parts of it. Crow looks at it nostalgically, seeing the damage he had gotten from the many battles he had faced, though.. To be technical Crow was 17 according to Earth years, but he has spent his 17 years of existence fighting Seed, fighting bandits, raiders,pirates.. Now, he’s in what they call an Institution of combat and has to relearn how combat works here.

“Crow!” Crow looks at Ayato who calls out to him.

“Claudia says that the only weapons that has been cleared to be use for combat would be these, the others are still being adjusted.” Crow takes the handles for Death Dancer sabers, seeing them becoming turned into Lux weapons. Crow presses the saber handles again, reconverting them to be Photon based weaponry, he presses again turning the sabers into Lux standard weaponry.

“So, you want to see how battles are fought right? Come with me.” Crow follows Ayato to the training room, seeing the pink haired girl with the light blue hair. The pink hair holds the rapier while the girl with light blue hair holds a pair of what seems to be pistols.


“You’re late, Ayato!” the pink hair girl shouts as she duels on with the blue hair.

“Sorry, Julis. Claudia asked me to take him here.”

“He looks like a robot.” the light blue haired, short girl says as they paused their battle, she quickly runs to Crow and takes a look at him.

“He looks.. Interesting.”

“Crow, why don’t you have a match with me?” Crow nods as he walks in, with the Death Dancer blades, looking at Ayato who holds a simple saber lux.

“The rules are simple! Destroy your opponent’s school badge and you win.” Julius shouts proudly.

“Ready.. GO!” Crow moves quickly to Ayato, closing the gap between them in an instant. He swings the right blade downwards, which was easy for Ayato to dodge, but Ayato barely manages to dodge the thrust coming form the left blade of the Death Dancer. Ayato takes a step back, then drawing his Ser Vesta.

“This is an Ogre Lux, I can only control it for a few minutes.. But!” Ayato rushes at Crow and strikes him with it, which Crow felt the raw power of the Ser Vesta. It was strong, but not strong enough to put him down, which Ayato watches with shock as Crow grabs blade with his metal hands. Ser Vesta burns Crow’s metal hands, revealing the skin layer underneath and pulls Ayato closer, punching him in the stomach. Ayato rebounds back off the wall and jumps back at him, this time Crow prepares Death Dancer for it, though he manages to block the Ser Vesta, he knew that he lost due to the fact that the badge on his chest was cut.

“Interesting concept. May require time to get used to it. I am used to fighting for my life, rather than trying to hit a badge.” Crow says out loud, looking at Ayato who still seems to be shocked.

“Why the look, Mister Amagiri?”

“The Ser Vesta burns.. Touching it may land you with serious injuries.”

“An injury is better than dying.. But then again, this world is just too new for me.” Crow replies as he looks at his hands..

“That aside, my armor will only be in the way,.. I may need to make myself a school uniform.”

“Why do you need to make one? You can just get one right?” Julius asks as she stares at him.

“I cannot exactly wear normal clothes like you do. I need to make it into shell just like my armor, then it will be wearable.. If not, it might rip easily as I move too aggressively” Claudia walks into the training room.

“Oh, Crow you are here. I came here to give some of these back to you. They’ve all been approved to be Lux weaponry.” Crow walks over, taking back the Caliburn, the Ank Tomho, the De Ragnus, Dual Streacs and the Rengokutp Ensa Katana.

“Thank you, Miss Enfield..If.. It is possible.. I’d like to know if you can give me the designs for the school uniform.. I need it to..Make my uniform.”

“Oh right, I forgot to mention it. Your paperwork was already done, we’ve just added you as a special invitee student.”

“Thank you. I am sorry, I wish that circumstances were better but it is as confusing as it gets.”
“No, don’t be. I am sure, you are having difficulty here as it is confusing and all these systems and weapons must make you question a lot of things.”

“Yes. It does. I am used to fighting for my life, not.. Whatever these battles are. It is interesting but at the same time it is not a real fight to the death. Which I am glad. I do not want to dirty my hands with blood.” Crow says as he walks to a corner, then leaning on it.

“Crow, here is the design of the uniform. Ayato.” to which Claudia walks over to tease him in front of Julius and Saya, much to their annoyance. Crow looks at this situation, realizing that he is in a school, and the laughter, the jokes and the teasing.. All part of it.

“Oh dear.. I forgot, you don’t have a room do you, Crow?”

“No. I won’t need a room. You don’t have to give me a bed or anything. Just a place where I can be alone is good enough. Because, I would not want to trouble you any further, Miss Einfield.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. In the mean time, you can just stay in my room.” Which Crow shakes his head.

“I may be an android.. But,I am a male android and a man like being in a woman’s room.. Is that not inappropriate?”

“It’s okay.”

“She does this sometimes, usually to tease people.” Ayato adds on, much to Crow’s confusion.

The day ends, which Crow follows Claudia to her room, sitting by the corner facing the wall.

“Oh, Crow. Why are you looking at the wall?”

“To assess what I’ve learned about Genestella, Dante, Strega and Lux. Trying to understand combat types and strategies.” Crow says as he turns to her, seeing Claudia wearing a bath robe, which in response he has his visuals to focus on Claudia’s face and put the windows consisting of photos and information around her.

“So, what will you be doing now?” Crow zooms in on her face.

“Now.. I should start making the parts for my school uniform. I still don’t understand why you will allow me to be admitted.”

“Well, your kind, is called a puppet. A doll that moves and uses weaponry, but you are not like most puppets.”

“I am an android, but one capable of thought and is self aware. In human years I would be 17 by now. A CAST.. A humanoid being made by humans.. There is nothing more to it.” Crow says as he starts working on his old Hound parts, turning them into the parts for the school uniform he holds the strauss as a make shift welder and cutter, ripping off the old armor pieces, putting them aside. Then taking the strings and pieces of cloth that are Cast certified and weaves them into the uniform.

As Crow works on, Claudia leans on his back, to which Crow shifted his stance a bit.

“I may be an android, Miss Enfield. But I do feel a bit.. Uncomfortable with what you are doing.” Crow says as he gently pushes Claudia by the shoulder aside, and then setting Death Dancer’s handles on his shoulders, like a potruding stick to keep Claudia from coming closer. Claudia giggles at the sight, knowing that she has an android to tease too.


“Good night.”Claudia says as she sleeps on her bed, while Crow simply lies on the floor and shuts off his visuals, this is what he has to do if he wants to sleep, and is the equivalent of sleeping. When Crow shuts off he merely switches off his visuals, but his audio perception will be heightened in the event of a break in and he will react accordingly.