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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 28: "HAIL NEMESIS!"

The air craft made its way to a desert-like environment where it landed on a deck. Hylis and Lt. Newbark stepped out while soldiers brought Zach and Dukey out of the craft and inside the broadcast building.

Zach looked up at his shackles, he could see a weak point, and if he could just hit it there they would fall off completely. For fear of Hylis finding out, Zach didn't project this knowledge to Dukey. He just looked over. Dukey didn't look injured too badly...Zach just had a gash on his head. They could get out of here, but not without a big fight. His mind desperately told him not to accept Hylis' proposition, but his heart wanted him too.

She’s so beautiful though...” he thought.  

Dukey looked over to Zach, he had taken the explosion harder then himself. Dukey's face was all cut up and his ribs were bruised up, but Zach looked almost unable to walk. “Zach…I know you want out of here, but you cannot trust Hylis. Not now at least.”

Dukey smiled, you could tell it pained his face to move in such a way. The cuts on his lips split further and he looked over at Hylis. Dukey, Zach, and a few Raider crewmen, were placed against a wall. Hylis turned and approached Zach as she gently traced the line of his gash on his face.  Zach turned his attention back to Hylis again... she was so gorgeous. He hadn't seen a female this beautiful in so long. A female that could rival and play with his mentality. Her long purple and blonde hair swayed a bit on his skin when she moved. Zach stopped staring for fear he'd be caught.

"Why Zach...why did you wait so long to come into my life. If only we met before I joined the Titans...would things have been different?" she whispered, knowing that he could still hear her. She leaned in and kissed his cheek, showing what may be the final signs of her humanity. She turned and her and Dukey’s eyes met. Dukey’s piercing golden colored green eyes widen, seeing compassion in hers. It was like the real Hylis was crying out to him, screaming for help until the soulless side of her nature engulfed and took over.

Hylis’ smile was short lived as it faded away. She headed into a dressing room as Admiral Maren, leader of the Titans walked on stage and began his speech for a peace treaty.

"My fellow Earth Federation and AEUG...I am Admiral Maren Munn, leader of the Titans. Xerces, leader of Neo-Zeon was found dead two days ago.  I...I grow weary of this war...look at me, I am old and tired...I lived my life and now I want these men and women to live theirs." The cameras in the room was sending this all a crossed the world and through out space. "As my offering," said Admiral Maren as a soldier brought Dukey and Zach in,

"You are free to go," he said, unlocking their chains. "May this be the first step to peace between us once and for all?"

Dukey grabbed Zach, holding him up. He was in shock, but somehow he knew something like this was about to happen. Something wasn’t feeling quite right to him though.

Zach looked around. He looked to Dukey who definitely felt something was wrong too. “We need to get out of here...” he thought.

“Peace? There will be no peace," said Hylis, walking out on stage wearing a very revealing red hot dress. The dress was shredded at the bottom exposing some leg, cut at the top which made it seem loose because she was braless. She also had on a black belt, and black stripper boots. Her upper part of her hair dark purple and the lower half blonde.

Hylis pulled out a handgun, aiming it at the Admiral's heart and pulled the trigger, killing him in front of millions as some gasped and screamed.

"Both the leaders of Neo-Zeon and Titans are now dead by my hands. If any of you disagree with my methods, then file charges against me after this war is over because. Peace? No! There will be no peace for we are the future! I am the new heir and leader to both Neo-Zeon and the Titans. We will be united as one thus under the name...Elite Forces of Nemesis. We have fought continuously until now when our strength is that or greater than of the AEUG's and Earth Federation combine?!

My fellow citizens! I say it is because what we are fighting for is supreme! For centuries, our ancestors have extended the Earth Federation’s control over space! How many times have the Earth Federation stomped our dreams and demands for freedom. God will not abandon us, Nemesis so long as every one of us is fighting for this freedom. 
I am the daughter of Char Aznable and Haman Khan, beloved by you all has died in the hands of the Earth Federation and AEUG forces! Why?! Our history demands that we, the superior nation must siege control of this New Era and dominate!

My father said that the ‘rebirth of man shall begin with us the new mankind, those who live in space!’ All of you have lost fathers, sons, and love ones to the AEUG and Earth Federation senseless resistance! Keep this anger and hatred alive within you! That is what my father and mother died for…to show us the way!

If we gather this hatred we share and use it to destroy the AEUG and Earth Federation then true victory will be the ultimate vindication to all of those who have died in this unfortunate conflict.

Members of AEUG and Earth Federation hear me…join us to make Char Aznable's legacy an ideal reality. If you do not join then we the Elite Forces of Nemesis will have no choice, but to consider you as an enemy...soldiers and civilians!

My People! My people transform this grief into rage and rise up out of the ashes and show how this day made us stronger, prouder, and more powerful than before! I Hylisesia Khan Deikun, hereby in the eyes of everyone, crown myself Princess of Nemesis!

Never forget Newtypes that we, the superior race shall save mankind in our New Era! HAIL Nemesis!” People in the room...something took over them, they started seeing this New Era. People out of left and right started chanting, "HAIL NEMESIS!" Few members belonging to the Federation and AEUG couldn't resist what Hylis had to offer and started chanting as if in a trance.

Hylis quickly stepped off the stage and ran back to the air craft with Lt. Newbark and took off, leaving Zach and Dukey behind. This day...marked the new movement for Neo-Zeon and Titans are united now under the name Nemesis or Elite Forces of Nemesis, lead by Hylis.