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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 27: ""

As Verin waited in his cell, he simply took the time to assess the state of the war. Much couldn't be said except that things were reaching the crisis point for both sides. The question was whether this would be the climax or just a close call.

"I may have been made prisoner by this…um faction, but nothing seems to very different. How long do they intend on holding me up? Either kill me or release me already," he said to himself still wearing his battered AEUG pilot uniform and surprisingly still holding a grin. At this rate he would have let himself out. But he simply needed to find out the location of a mobile suit he could seize. He preferred his if it hadn't already been scrapped by now.

“So you must be Verin Mumei?” she asked, almost passing the cell.

Verin looked over the woman talking to him and simply shrugged, "I was a prisoner last I checked," he said wondering who this woman was and what she was planning on doing.

"I am Hylisesia Khan Deikun. I sense great pain within you Verin. You've lost so many comrades, and seeing some of them die right in front of your eyes must have been traumatizing. I...offer you the peace you are searching for. War is like a picture...a picture that can be altered in many ways. Join me apart of my New Era?" asked Hylis.

Verin stood at his full height and looked to her; soon he was trapped as swirling energy coiled around him, becoming stronger and stronger. He reached for the stars, feeling the energy pressing against his backbone. He lowered his hand and pressed his clasped fist against his chest. He started breathing in warmth and white light and felt his worries melting away. This force blocked out any and everything else outside his world.

The bars opened and Hylis extended her hand. Without hesitating he opened up his hand and stretched it out. They locked hands and Hylis grinned, knowing he was now under her manipulation.


"" Dukey turned around to see Hylis, standing where his cell door once was.

“Hylis…what have you done? Why are you here doing this?” Dukey asked, still struggling to speak from all the pain he was still suffering from. He walked over to his bed and sat down.

"What have I done? I've only rid us of the monster who stole...our father's Empire. I'm here to make just and set forth the New Era," she said. Suddenly a transmission link was sent to Grenada to the AEUG's Admiral. The link was directly from the Titans’ leader Admiral Maren as he paged in.

“Hylis! What the hell do you think you are doing! Especially to Zach?” asked Dukey, finding the strength to raise his voice.

"I’m offering him a chance to start a future with me. To be apart of what I’m about to create…and now the offer arrives to you. Join me brother. Neo-Zeon's throne is rightfully yours. Be by my side. The AUEG has done nothing but lied to you...using and abusing your abilities, money, and gifts. You are nothing to them. Nothing more than the son of the Red Comet and in their eyes, they'll turn on you...turn on you in fear. Fear that one day you will walk father's path...but what they don't know is that today. We can do great things, but I need you. You need me. So join apart of my New Era," said Hylis strong and convincingly.

Dukey didn’t want to believe Hylis’ words. The AEUG has been the only family he has ever truly known. And to think that they are only using him,

            “NO! You’re twisted Hylis, what is going on…this isn’t you. You’re forcing people to join you…why!”

"Fine Dukey. If you do not join me then you are my enemy. Stay away dear older brother, for if I see you in the battlefield...I will not hold back, I will kill you," said Hylis as Lt. Newbark walked in, giving Hylis the signal. She slid her ID-card and Dukey's bars opened,

"You and Zach are coming with us to Dakar...our Admiral is about to make an announcement...for peace," said Hylis.

Lt. Newbark came and took Dukey while Hylis went and grabbed Zach. Both Zach and Dukey were chained up and boarded an air craft. The craft took flight and quickly headed for Dakar.

Back at the base, Andrew headed over to help Rene Vanderath with making sure everything was in order for a big move. Rock watched Monoxide carefully as the cargo came out of the ship.

            “Alright, you can leave now Monoxide,” said Rock, folding his arms. Monoxide looked at Rock like whom the hell were you?

            “How come I get the feeling you don’t like me?” he asked.

            “Because I don’t. You’re a shady person…you know this, I know this and soon the rest of the team will know. Funny how you’re connected to the Earth Federation leader Meitzer Ronah,” explained Rock.


            “I asked a specialist named Rene Vanderath to run a background check on you. You are a very hard person to track—considering you’re using a fake name.”

            “So what if I am. Seeing that it’s none of your business, I refused to be a tool in his fairytale dream,” explained Monoxide.

            “You think I’m going to believe that story?” asked Rock.

            “You don’t have to believe it,” said Monoxide, walking up toward Rock.

            “Guards! Take Monoxide away!” ordered Rock.

            “WHAT?!” Guards started to surround Monoxide. On reaction, Monoxide spun the briefcase around, knocking them down as he let it go. Rock swung his first and hit Monoxide directly in his face. Monoxide stumbled back, but swung the case again, pushing Rock back as he then ran aboard his craft. Rock pulled out and fired a pistol shot. Monoxide craft took off without a trace.

            “Damn,” said Rock.

            “I’ll get you for this Lt. Rock, I swear it!” shouted Monoxide.