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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Geara Doga and Tai-Sons poured out of Luna II like crazy; they knew this could be their last stand. Captain Athens in the Rick Domias mercilessly slashed through wave after wave of Tai-Sons. “This day will be the END of the Titans!” The Raider crew, not knowing that their real captain was still alive, attacked at full force hoping to get revenge.

Inside Luna II,

"Sir, half our men and fleet are missing?" said Controller A.

"What?! Missing?" asked Commander Jason. All of a sudden the doors behind opened and in came Captain Steel.

"Captain...Steel? From Jupiter?" asked Commander Jason.

"The one and only," said Captain Steel as he pulled out a handgun and shot Commander Jason directly in the forehead. Everyone in the main bay was stunned as Captain Steel sat in Jason's chair.

"Hmmahaha...lets end this. This day will mark the beginning of the New Era. Make contact to the Raven-star,” he ordered.

Within space, the structure base that was Londo Bell was now called the Raven-star as new members belonging to a new group unknowingly to the Earth Federation, AEUG, Neo-Zeon, and Titans’ forces built a gigantic laser type system code named Andromeda.

"FIRE THE ANDROMEDA!" shouted Captain Steel. The double cannons locked on the battle field and aimed at the coordinates.

"Firing in 3, 2, 1!" counted a director who pressed the red button. The double cannons charged and a beam of white chaotic light zoomed through space at the closest to the speed of light and annihilated not only the AEUG's secondary attack force, but also half the main with one shot...death filled the hearts of all Newtypes close by that survived.

"HAHAHAHA...the New Era starts now," stated Captain Steel.

Captain Athens lucked out as he was a few yards away from the laser beam. He had just gotten a broadcast from Admiral Setzbar before hand.

"You are to retreat! We have been given reports that Captain Dukey Aznable of the Raider is still alive and has been taken prisoner by the Titans back on Earth. His life has been offered as a peace settlement." Captain Athens radioed the Admiral back.

“Have you no idea what has just happened!? The enemy fired a powerful cannon, destroying over half of the total attack force!” The Admiral paused for a moment, and then spoke by saying, "The Titans…have been overthrown. Retreat now before more lives are lost!"

Captain Athens shook his head and opened communications with his men.

“Continue to attack Luna II! We can not rest until it is destroyed! This is a direct order from Admiral Setzbar!”

The Admiral's a fool to run! He thinks it's because of Newtypes that an Oldtype like myself doesn't stand a chance. I'LL SHOW HIM!” thought Athens, as the Raider team turned on the cannon, leaving their backs exposed to the attacking Titans on Luna II.

Decked out in his green and white piloting suit, Leon settled into his cockpit, revving up his dark blue Geara Doga's systems, "Alright men, our mission is simple," he said on his radio. "Give the Alpha Squadron support in defeating the Raider. If they fail, the mission will fall upon our shoulders," Leon then readied himself as the countdown for launch began, "All systems go!" Leon replied, launching out into space. His men were quickly following him, "Alright men, Omicron formation! All heavy infantry units fire upon enemy engines. All light infantry shall provide cover. Now move!" he shouted, his men taking position and opening fire upon the Raider team.

The Sergeant backed off in the Raider and radioed the Captain.

"Captain Athens, sir! The Titans are attacking the Raider directly! I need some support!" Captain Athens began firing toward Luna II,

“Fight back you fools! The Raider isn't considered the most powerful ship ever made for nothing!” The Sergeant ignored Athens' orders and shot off a bunch of signal flares. It then began to turn around.

"This ship WAS the most powerful because of what Captain Dukey made it into. I am NOT letting it get sunk out here! I order everyone to retreat!" demanded the Sergeant. Captain Athens halted his attack on Luna II and turned to face the Raider.

“I AM THE CAPTAIN! YOU WILL ALL TAKE ORDERS FROM ME!” Using the advanced cameras of the Rick Domias, Captain Athens zoomed in on the bridge of the Raider and fired one shot, taking out the bridge and the Sergeant inside. “Now…LET US CONTINUE!”

"Killing your own men?" Leon exclaimed, angered by the actions that Captain Athens had performed. "You dishonorable bastard!" and with that, Leon fired his round of ammunition straight at the Captain.

The Captain dodged the shots, just barely. If he were in any other mobile suit, the shot would have been a direct hit, but the Rick Domias managed to avoid it. Captain Athens fired back at the pilot, but missed repetitively. He then maxed out his thrusters and darted behind a asteroid and said,

“No Titan is going to put an end to my new team! And no AEUG member is going to take off with MY SHIP!”

Leon saw the mobile suit speeding toward him, "Single combat, eh? My apologizes, but this is war not a fair game," he said, this time launching his 4 x grenade launcher from his shield. Captain Athens took out his clay bazooka and fired.

He then dashed toward Leon and knocked him back with a powerful kick.

“Stay out of my way! I have no time for you!” Captain Athens opened fire on the Luna II once again, this time he hits a critical point. Just then a bunch of new model mobile suits begin attacking the Raider team.

"Captain, we can't handle them, they're too powerful!" Captain Athens turned and shot the mobile suit that put out that transmission.

“Listen up! I am your Captain and you will ALL do as I say! Now take out these new models while I finish off our mission!”