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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 24: "You killed my parents!"

            “HAA!” shouted Alexis, tackling Yugo to the floor. She pulled out her knife again and pressed herself on top of Yugo and began forcing the knife down on him. Yugo used his arm to push the knife back away from him,

            “You killed my parents!” shouted Alexis.

            “The look on their faces when I slit their throats was so promising,” confirmed Yugo with a smile. Alexis hazel eyes widen as her anger increased to pure hatred for this person. Hatred for this psychotic bastard who played God and took her only family away from her just for the shits and giggles. Yugo’s eyes turned to a darker shade as Alexis found herself lost in her own mind. She soon was reliving the events that had taken place before coming to Grenada. A mobile suit shot and blew off her R-siren’s shoulder armor off,

            “AH!” she murmured, seeing that blood was sliding down her arm. Yugo smiled as a flash of another memory took over Alexis. The R-siren was kicked back which in reality sent Alexis flying off of Yugo as he jumped up to run to the mobile suit deck.

            “Alexis!” shouted Gem as she flew straight into him. “You’re hurt,” he said, looking at her shoulder.

            “I don’t care!” she yelled, pushing him away.

            “Ah, there you are Scythe,” said Yugo, seeing his mobile suit. He quickly got his mobile suit together and took off,

            “NO!” yelled Alexis.

            “Alexis, he’s gone,” said Elly, wrapping her arm around Gem.

            “I had him and…no, I would give up my life than let that demon of a Newtype escape,” she said and loaded into her mobile suit.

            “Alexis stop! Your mobile suit is too damage,” reminded Gem. But it was too late and Alexis took off after Yugo.

Back on Earth, Dukey froze all of a sudden. “I'm not alone in here. I can sense someone else…Zach?” Dukey laid down holding his chest in pain. The nurses had finally stopped the bleeding, but had to wrap up his chest due to some bruised ribs.

Monoxide contacted the Lieutenant Commander of the Titans. "I’ll be coming in person to bring the new upgrades," Monoxide said before he got in his Jet mobile suit in its mobile armor mode.

Monoxide entered through the Earth’s atmosphere and made it a few feet away from the base waiting for a docking station to open for him Monoxide waited outside the base.

            Yugo hovered above Grenada, waiting for Alexis to come. The front and back of his long shoulder armor began to open up as he said softly,

            “This should be fun.”

            “DAMN YOU!” shouted Alexis, whipping out her beam rifle. She fired a couple of beam shots which the Scythe dodged. The R-siren left hand took out a beam saber as the Scythe took out a twin beam saber. She fired two more shots which the Scythe spun its saber around as the beams hit. Yugo then lunged toward Alexis as their sabers clashed.

            “You think you can stop me? You’re nothing but a pathetic Oldtype!” shouted Yugo as he slashed off the R-siren’s left arm.

            “It ain’t over!” shouted back Alexis as she blew off the Scythe’s right leg.

            “I’LL KILL YOU!” screamed Yugo, charging.

            “Then I’ll take you down with ME!!” shouted Alexis, charging her R-siren.

            “NOOOAAOHAAHAH!” screamed Yugo unexpectedly as the R-siren ducked and moved, crashing straight into the cockpit, causing both mobile suits to explode. 

            Back in Grenada, Elly was speechless, seeing the whole fight on screen. Was this her fate…will revenge lead her down a path to her own death. The thought caused her to pass out into Gem arms.