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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 23: "Yugo, you must get to Dukey and kill Zach,"

Meanwhile at Grenada, Captain Athens was in a meeting with Admiral Setzbar.

“You mean to tell me that you believe that Neo-Zeon is merely using the Titans until they can find a weakness?”

"Yes Captain. Do not fear this alliance, for I believe it will end soon. We must first rid the Earth Sphere of the Titans before we can hope to destroy the Neo-Zeon."

“Yes sir!”

"You and the Raider team will take your new ship to Luna II. There you will join up with a second attack force. Do your best to wipe out as many Titans forces as you can! The Titans are weaker now than ever before. Why else would they side with Neo-Zeon? Leave now Captain and when you return, my men will have a new mobile suit waiting for you. That is…if you survive."

“I will not fail you Admiral!” Captain Athens and the Raider team launched and headed across the Earth Sphere toward Luna II.

            Back at Stratos, as Verin waited in his cell, he simply took the time to access the state of the war. Much couldn't be said except that things were reaching the crisis point for both sides. The question was whether this would be the climax or just a close call.

Zach woke up…he was on the floor. Everything was dark and disorientated.

Where am I?” Zach looked around, all he saw was bars. Was he imprisoned? He didn't remember much, he was going after Dukey and then everything went white…a cracked mirror was on the wall on the far side, it was filthy but Zach could see the bandage on his head, he took it off. An enormous cut went from his forehead to his cheek bone. “That’s going to scar pretty badly...” He looked around, there had to be a way out somewhere.

"Okay...take me to your captain," Alexis said to Gem. Alexis had a low cut pink-ish hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing a long skinny orange shirt, with white high up shorts, orange gloves, and orange and white boots.

"Follow me please.” They walked down a corridor, Alexis grabbed her stomach, and groaned, "Uhh, haven’t had real food for days, and I probably won't keep it down..."

“Gem! Where the hell have you bee…oh…and who’s this?” asked Elly, walking over toward them.

“Ah Elly, I would like you to meet Alexis Morvalia. Alexis this is Elly Van Houten Blues.

“Hi,” said Alexis. All three of them continued walking,

“So Alexis…what’s your story. Why were you drifting away?” asked Gem.

“My team was attack by some sort of group. They wiped us out, only I survived.”

“Really?” asked Elly. “Who was the group?”

“That’s the thing; I’ve never seen them before. It doesn’t matter, he wasn’t with them,” she said.

            “He?” asked Elly.

            “You see, I was enlisted into the AEUG after parents died due to conflicts between the four nations, and I vowed to find the pilot of the Gundam that killed my parents and exact revenge!” he answered with hurt in her eyes.

            Elly felt her pain…similar to hers, but this pain went deeper. Beyond the girl’s control. Revenge itself darkened the girl’s heart.

            “Do you know who the pilot was?” asked Elly.

            Within a holding room, a moth landed on Yugo’s shoulder.

            “Hello Yugo.” Yugo looked around first and then back at the moth,


            “Yugo, you must get to Dukey and kill Zach,” said the moth, slowly flapping its wings up and down.

            “Bu…but I don’t wanna. Why should I do it?” asked Yugo.

            “You must do it Yugo because if you don’t I can turn your mind into a living hell. Every nightmare, every pain, every emotional torment well scar you for…the rest of your life,” explained the moth as the room started to spin. “Do you want me to unleash it…do you want me to release hell…Yugo?”

            “…no,” said Yugo in fear.

            “Yugo, who are you talking to?!” asked Jackson, with his back against the wall.

            “Wouldn’t you like to know,” said Yugo as his shackles came off of him and he stood up slowly. Jackson got ready to tackle Yugo but unbeknownst to him, Yugo lifted up his hand halfway which caused Jackson to slam into the wall and to be lifted up, touching the ceiling. 

            “I’m so going to enjoy killing you,” said Yugo with a smile, squeezing his hand. The more he squeeze, the more pain surged through Jackson’s body, as if being crushed as his bones started to break and organs started to spew.

            While on there way to see the Admiral, all three of them was soon bumped into,

            “YOU!” shouted Alexis as Yugo Hitaki’s and her eyes met. “It’s you…you’re the son of a bitch who killed my parents!”

            Elly eyes widen as Alexis took out her knife and charged toward Yugo. He moved out of the way, causing her to miss. He pushed her in her back and sent her flying down the corridor. His eyes flashed darkly, sending a shocking pulse of energy directly into the mentally of Gem and Elly when they looked into his eyes. They suddenly felt lost in his own reality and mental state as memories of troubling personal events kept playing in their minds over and over again.

“AH!” screamed Elly, falling to the ground, grabbing her head, seeing her brother die over and over. Then Yugo snapped out of it, seeing that Alexis began to stand and he ran off to the mobile suit deck.

            “Alexis, are you okay?” asked Gem, running over to help her up after gaining back control over his mind.

            “Dammit! He was a member of the AEUG all along?” he questioned. She got away from Gem and ran after him.

            “AHHH!” screamed Elly. Gem turned and ran over, seeing a blood bath belonging to a soldier named Jackson as his nametag floated above the red liquid trail.