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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 22: "I am my father's child."

            Verin had taken the lone female AEUG pilot back to Grenada and after handing her over to more proper officials he had went out to resume patrol however, fortune did not shine on him. Despite patrolling not too far from base he had stumbled upon large number of unknown enemy forces. Needless to say he fought well and almost had the upper hand if not for an anti mobile suit cannon damaged his thrusters leaving him immobile. Had it been Earth the battle wouldn't be over but in space he was a rag doll and ultimately forced to surrender. Both he and his mobile suit were being taken to the Stratos base prison. It was secure and would be a safe place to hold the unique mobile suit. Given the damage it had done to the fleet it was harder to simply scrap then one might think.

Back on Earth, Hylis brought the Jubeley back in one piece as scientists assisted and helped take off her special normal suit. They stood back and gasped when they took off the helmet, seeing that Hylis now had the upper part of her hair dark purple and the lower half blonde.

"Why didn't you tell me I had a brother Doctor Weaver?" asked Hylis.

"Wha..what?" she said.

"Do not lie, I have a brother," informed Hylis, changing her clothing.

"Yes...yes you have an older brother. From my understanding, his name is Dugan Deikun and this was hidden from the both of you because unlike his your destiny is clear," explained Doctor Weaver.

"This changes everything," said Hylis, walking out of the room wearing a purple military uniform shirt which formed a ruffled skirt at the bottom, black high stocks, and knee high purple boots. Even Doctor Weaver who has no Newtype abilities felt it…Hylis changed. She is different…was this the Jubeley’s doing…affect?

Hylis made her way to the Admiral Xerces office for more questioning.

"Ensign the rumors are true, Char does have an heir," said Xerces, sitting down in a leather chair.

"What does this have to do with me?" she asked.

"I am the ruler of Neo-Zeon. Everything your father once had is now mine. You are his daughter yet you side yourself with the Titans? I want know why?" he asked. She walked over toward him and said,

"To get military experience and to increase my Newtype potential. Also, you are right about one thing Admiral."

"And what is that?" he asked while she bent over to whisper in his ear,

"I am my father's child." She quickly pulled out a handgun from behind and shot the Admiral in his chest three times. "What's yours is mine, what's mines isn't yours."

Two guards rushed in, causing her to back flip over pass them and shot the left guard in the head and then fired two more shots at the guard on the right.

“AHH! You twisted bitch!” shouted the guard in pain.

“What can I say…I’m sick and twisted and I love it!” said Hylis seductively. “Now scream for me baby. HAhahahaha!” she said with a smile as she jammed her fingers into the bullet holes, increasing his pain,


Rock had to commend the efforts of his comrades. He had helped strategize the battle, but he had no idea how much of a success it became. Patting various pilots on the back, Rock decided to let them enjoy their little moment of glory. It would build up morale.

            Rock turned seeing Hylis walking down the staircase in which he congratulated her by saying, "Nice job out on the field Ensign."

"Thank you. A part of me wished you were there, but then the other half am glad you wasn't and is safe and alive," she said back.

"I wish I could've fought alongside you as well, but orders are orders," Rock replied to Hylis. "Besides, they needed me as a tactician.”

"I see, and was the delivery of the cargo smooth. No trouble from the enemy?" she asked.

"It all went smoothly although…" Rock replied, when suddenly a buzzer went off, "What the hell?" he asked, getting a close up on the U.M.S. and instantly recognizing it, "Monoxide...I should've kept a closer eye on that bastard," he said, looking at a screen.

“Ah, he must be ready. Go and help him, I must go and do some interrogations,” she said to him.

Dukey sat up slowly, awake from what was going on outside.

I feel a life has been lost…Hylis what have you done?” Dukey peered out the barred window and watched what was going on outside. “An intruder?”

Alexis woke inside of a med bay, with bandages on her torso. “Must have gotten hurt during the battle...” she thought, while examining her surroundings. She soon seen a plate of food, and assumed it was for her. As she went to reach for it, an AEUG soldier came in.

"Ahh, you’re awake. I am Gem a Civilian Scientist; it seems you almost ran out of air just as you got to the base."

"Where am I?" asked Alexis

“Why you’re in my medical bay, which in turn is inside Grenada. I would tell you more but, for now eat up..."  Gem and Alexis talked for sometime, and soon he turned around to leave, but said, "Oh and one last thing...Admiral Setzbar wishes to see you when you are finished here. When he heard about your mobile suit, his interest was...curious."

Alexis, who was eating at the time tilted her head in a curious manner, "Courush?" she asked with a mouth full of food.

"Now now, eat up, and I’ll take you to the Admiral"

Then the second shuttle had to haul the survivors from both shuttles back to Grenada where they reported their mission. There the Raider was parked, with nobody to pilot it. Everyone had thought Dukey and Zach to be dead. The Raider was shortly given to Captain Athens Fritz. He was one of the best Captains in the AEUG and would definitely put the Raider to good use. Other than the new captain, the Raider team remained the same.

Hylis headed down into the prison cell. One in particular in Cell Block B, she slid the small door window to the side.