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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 21: "Wha...what are you doing here?"

Dukey was hit by shotgun shrapnel. The Hyaku Shiki Kai turned around to see the Kämpfer. “Kämpfer…I've heard of this mobile suit. They say if it was developed sooner into the one year war, the Zeon's would have been the victor,” thought Dukey as he pulled out his two hyper beam sabers and lunged at the Kämpfer.

Zach caught Dukey taking off out of the corner of his vision. “What is he doing?” Kämpfer sat up just as the Hyaku Shiki Kai hyper beam saber lunged into the ground, but in doing so the Kämpfer pointed its two giant bazookas (mounted on its back) at the Hyaku Shiki Kai head.

Dukey quickly slammed both wrists, while holding the hyper beam sabers into a spin helicopter-like shield of destruction. The spinning beams sliced through the cannons and Dukey backed away from the Kämpfer. “Leave this place and we will spare you! You have caused enough death for one day! Leave now!” shouted Dukey.

"This is no antique boy. You have no right to question our objective after the stunt you pulled back in space." said Lt. Newbark to Dukey.

            “Damn, there’s too many!” shouted Sam, firing his 2 x 90mm Gatling guns, mounted in the forearms.

“Shĭt!” cussed Rayse as the second generation Gundam Mark III jumped over a Gaza-D and then jabbed a beam saber in a Tai-Son. “Fighting Neo-Zeon soldiers is one thing, but the Titans too…”

The Nebula had found the Kämpfer, seeing it and Dukey were having their little skirmish. “What a shame. He offered you mercy and you said no.” Zach fired up his beam saber again and thrust it directly behind Lt. Newbark who lost his shotgun. “You are defenseless!” shouted Zach, but to his surprised the Kämpfer was still unbelievably fast as it propelled a panzer Faust which hit the Nebula’s shield as the whip dropped on the ground from it. Dukey pulled out his beam rifle and aimed them both at the Kämpfer’s feet. “Come out of your mobile suit! If those feet move I fire!” threatened Dukey.

"Wanna bet!" said Lt. Newbark as he fell on his back. The Kämpfer pocket opened up and it pulled out a fifteen long whip-like chain mines which wrapped around the Nebula’s leg. Lt. Newbark pulled it as a five chain mines attached to the Nebula's leg and exploded, taking it off. The Kämpfer rotated back onto its stomach and took off back into the woods, "RELEASE THE IT NOW!" commanded Lt. Newbark...suddenly even with all the battle going on, the ground beneath them started to the Earth shook in fear of what was coming.

            “No…no…nooooo!” shouted Yugo in a room with a guard standing in front of the door. Yugo laid on the floor and started rocking, placing his hand over his head.

Red lights flashed in Zach’s face. “That bastard blew my leg off!” Zach lost himself again for a second as his dark grey eyes’ physical characteristics changed. His pupil shrunk and a growth of the iris took place. As the Kämpfer headed for the woods, the Nebula grabbed and threw out the whip which wrapped around the Kämpfer; Gundam Nebula caught Lt. Newbark off guard and pulled him right through his beam saber. The Kämpfer’s lower section was completely separated from its top half, and both mobile suits hit the ground.

The Hyaku Shiki Kai grabbed the Nebula before it hit the ground and tossed it to safety. It then came back and with its beam rifle, starting firing back at R9 Gyans, Tai-Sons, and Gaza-D’s like mad.

 Lt. Newbark ejected as a gigantic brand new mobile suit headed toward the base. Even though it was hovering, the mobile suit was sitting a crouching position, with its black wings folded around it, covering its body as if protecting itself.

"Hahuhh...I'll kill you all," said Hylis, sitting in the unique cockpit. Hylis really didn’t have any gears or controls which were replace with a digital looking laptop. Zach hit his boosters and took off toward what was left of the New England Base; he had to get Gundam Nebula back onboard to be repaired before it suffered a fatal blow. Once there he got out, swearing as he saw the damage. “DAMMIT! How could a lowly Kämpfer do this much damage to my Gundam.” Crewmen swarmed around Nebula. “I need this fixed now!” Yes sir came out of their mouths as they went to work.

"Bye!" said Hylis as the fin-like antenna lit up and unleashed a 2-barreled scattering beam shots from its head hitting both half of the resistance forces and half of the base's forces all at once and at the same time. Dukey looked over to see the mobile fortress.

!!! I know this feeling…Hylis?!” shouted Dukey. The Hyaku Shiki Kai jetted behind the mobile fortress. He opened fire on the fortress, but its beams just sparked off the incredible armor. “Hylis! Is that you in there?”

I can sense her!” thought Zach, turning his head toward the outside.

“Why are you doing this? There's nothing left of this base, now you're just killing helpless innocent survivors!” shouted Dukey.

!!! A cosmic white flash sparked on her forehead, sending out a tingling sensation inside her body.

"Alex?" she said, sensing him like never before. "Wha...what are you doing here?" The Hyaku Shiki Kai stabbed both of its hyper beam sabers into the mobile fortress. “I can't hit the cockpit. I know she's in there!” thought Dukey as he shouted,

“I gave you a fake name Hylis; I'm actually Captain Dukey Aznable of the Raider AEUG team. Leave this place alone Hylis, please!”

A current ran through Zach, like a wind whipping a rope. It was electric: it charged his so that he felt he could fly or dance above the Earth as he rushed over and hit his com link back up in the base and screamed, “DUKEY! GET AWAY FROM THAT! WE CAN’T EVEN GET A READING ON HOW POWERFUL IT IS! IT’S GOING TO DESTROY YOU! RUN! RUN!!!”

The sabers went in and created a hole within the front half of the wing-shield, but no true damage was done,

" lied to me? I...I never opened up to anybody in my life...not even my own fa...ther. Did you say Aznable? As in Char Aznable?" she asked. The mobile fortress kicked up speed which threw the Hyaku Shiki Kai off. Then it circled around and bum-rushed the Hyaku Shiki Kai.

GAHH! FORGET THIS!” thought Zach as he ran toward an in progressed Rick Dias II in a hangar of the Earth Federation England Federal Base.

“Sir, you can’t seriously be thinking about going down there are you, its suicide!” said a mechanic.

“I don’t care! If he doesn't get away from that thing he's dead!” Zach hit the boosters and took off toward Dukey’s location, sensing him and his significant other. “Dukey!” It came over the comm system, “we need to go! NOW!”

Dukey tried dodging the fortress, but wasn’t fast enough and was smashed into. The Hyaku Shiki Kai’s legs were smashed off, but the thrusters still had enough power to keep Dukey in the air.

“You have to understand Hylis! I was on an undercover mission, we couldn't give out our real identities or Zeon wouldn't have let us land in New Guinea! Char Aznable… was my father, correct!” explained Dukey. Zach caught up just in time to see Dukey's mobile suit’s legs go flying off.

“NO!” shouted Zach.

“Captain Zach!” Zach turned seeing the Alex-NTX and the second generation Gundam Mark III approaching.

“Sam, you and Rayse must get out of here now.”

“Wait what…why? We can still take them,” asked Rayse.

“I’m not telling you, I’m commanding you now GO!” Zach punched in the boosters to max speed and flew right over to them both.

"...your father...your father?! You LYING BASTARD! How DARE YOU INSULT me and my family! Char Aznable has no SON! I've been lying to you too real full name is Hylisesia Khan Deikun!"

I…I have a sister…impossible?! But…how? She's a Cyber-Newtype…does this mean…?” Dukey froze in thought from this shocking mind breaking new information. The shock was worse for him than it was for Hylis, for he believed her. The Hyaku Shiki Kai was hit by a missile fired from the last remaining Gaza-D’s. The missile hit the cockpit directly and Dukey was thrown about inside. The Hyaku Shiki Kai now looked just like a giant ball of scrap metal. Dukey was inside…still breathing.

“Listen…sister…you must believe me!”

"Shut up, SHUT UP YOU LIER...AHHHH!" screamed Hylis as she grabbed her head. There was something very wrong with this mobile if she wasn't controlling it, but it controlling her. "My feelings heavy," she said as the shrinking of the pupil and growth of the iris took effect.

"I'll...I'll KILL YOU ALL HAHAAHAH!!!!" she yelled as the mobile fortress suddenly transformed into a gigantic mobile suit looking Gundam of unknown origin. The in progressed Rick Dias swooped in and grabbed the Hyaku Shiki Kai, but it was caught as the Jubeley unleashed an amazing scattered display of lasers beams that literally destroyed the New England Federal Base and what was left of the Hyaku Shiki Kai. Pilots, leaders, and civilians were all caught in the crossfire. After the dust settled, the mobile suit transformed back into the fortress and vanished as what was left New England Federal Base was nothing but desert waste land.

Dukey crawled out of whatever was left of the cockpit and rolled over to see Titans’ officers. They grabbed him and took him to a prison where they locked him up. Dukey laid there in the cell, feeling nothing but pain. Titans’ doctors looked at him and did all they could do to try and stop the bleeding. “I have...a sister...”