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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 20: "Why did this happen?"

            Zach followed the Kai and transformed into his mobile armor mode. Piloting Nebula was remarkably similar to the Nero system in the Nova. The only difference was that he had to have a helmet on; this displayed everything instead of on monitors. It had a lot more aggressive boosters and easier to handle. It was a lot more powerful though, he checked the power levels and gauges, things were working at 100%. “This is remarkable...leave it to the AEUG to come up with a piece of work like this.”

            The red Hyaku Shiki Kai caught up to a straying R9 Gyan and began to opened fire. The beam Gatling gun on the Hyaku Shiki Kai struck the R9 Gyan's leg and blew it right off. Dukey then pulled ahead of the R9 Gyan and turn 180 degrees, heading straight for its cockpit. The Hyaku Shiki Kai took out two hyper beam sabers as Dukey pulled off to the side right before crashing into the R9 Gyan. The left hyper beam saber sliced right through the R9 Gyan's cockpit destroying the mobile suit and the pilot. Dukey then continued to follow the attack team.

            The mobile armor swooped down and transformed into the Gundam Nebula as Zach took out his beam saber, seeing that the beam was huge…the blade came out the size of a normal mobile suit. Another R9 Gyan was in the distance, Zach hit his boosters and sliced it right in half, no problem. He took out his heat rod whip and threw it toward the R9 Gyan, again slicing it now into quarters. “Amazing...” he thought as it was the only thing on Zach’s mind at that time.

            The Gaza-D’s and Tai-Sons swarmed in first just as New England Federal Base received the warning and help. The pilots of the base came out with GM III, not much improvement from the I or II versions. The Tai-Sons distracted the GM’s while the Gaza-D’s hovered in and started bombing the place with their 2 x 14-tube missile launchers. The Alex-NTX and the second generation Gundam Mark III returned fire.

            Dukey arrived at New England Base with his team, but it was too late, the attack had already begun.

            “Damn you Neo-Zeon!” cussed Dukey. He attacked the Gaza-D's first, to avoid anymore damage to the base. He sliced the first one in half, but another one fired a missile at him. The Hyaku Shiki Kai did a back flip over top of the missile, just barely dodging it. Dukey then shot at the missile with his vulcans, preventing it from hitting a building.

            Zach threw out his whip and hit a missile out of his way; it retracted back into his shield. “Dammed! Now what?!” Zach yelled to Dukey through the com. Dukey sliced a Gaza-D in half with his hyper beam sabers and responded by saying, “we must destroy all of the Gaza-D’s. We have to at least save what's left of the base.” All of a sudden Dukey's Hyaku Shiki Kai was hit by a barrage of missiles. The missiles came from the shield of a R9 Gyan. “Freakin’ antiques!” The Hyaku Shiki Kai shot the R9 Gyan with his pulse laser guns. The explosion took out an anti-aircraft turret. “It's impossible to win if we have to fight in or around the base. We just keep wrecking it more,” thought Dukey.

            Hiding within the wooded area, surrounding the base was a 2 x 360mm giant bazooka which fired five rounds per clip in Zach’s direction. !!! Zach quickly sensed something and leaped over to his right side as the missile suddenly hit where his Gundam was just standing. Dukey turned around and attacked the location that was firing at Zach with his pulse laser guns. There was a huge explosion, but it didn't stop whatever was firing at the Gundam Nebula.

            “Zach, get outa there!” commanded Dukey. A loud siren and lots of lights ignited Zach's helmet. Incoming Missiles!

            “What the?!” Zach closed his eyes tight and felt the world slowly slow down. He spun around and with his whip he hit each of the rounds out of the way, and they exploded in midair. He stopped spinning and hit the boosters and got out of the way. “Nebula! Locate Target!” Target Cannot Be Found!

            “What?! Where are you?” questioned Zach. He cast his senses out and felt a presence close by.

            "The Hyaku Shiki?" said Lt. Newbark with interest, dodging the blast coming from the pulse laser guns. His Kämpfer laid on its stomach and at incredible speed zoomed pasted the Hyaku Shiki Kai and quickly rotated around, firing its 2 x ZUX-197 Jagdgewehr shotgun from behind.

Out in space, Alexis suddenly woke up. She had been drifting in her mobile suit for days, severely damaged, and hungry. She tried sending a distress message, and hopefully someone would find her and pick her up. If she had to, she would lie about anything, just to survive now.

 "This is Alexis Morgalia, I am in immediate danger and require assistance. If anyone is out there, please help me." She slumped in her seat. The zero gravity made it possible for her to survive without food for so long, without the pressure of gravity weighing down on her body, she was able to save what little food she had. "Why did this happen?" she asked herself, as she set the message to repeat, and set the repeat to every fifteen minutes, then drifted back to sleep. She began to dream about her parents and how they were murder by a psychotic bastard. Her parents just wanted to help the poor guy, but there was something that just wasn’t right with him. He began to get more and more violent and aggressive…his strange unfamiliar Newtype abilities began increasing at a rapid rate, till he finally snapped.  

Sensors began beeping in the R-siren mobile suit. Alexis had woken up due to this and scanned her screen for information. "Please, please be some one who can help. Please!" she said feebly.

Tracking the last transmission Verin was able to pick up the exact location of the space craft and began heading straight to the location, his beam rifle in hand incase of need but for the most part his concentration was on getting to the pilot before air eventually ran out. Verin hoped the pilot had a normal suit on or that would make the transfer much more difficult.

"Well at least the damsel in distress is on our side," he said wondering how this woman got herself stranded. Once he found what he was looking for he came to an abrupt stop and aligned his cockpit with hers. Making sure no enemies were nearby he unbelted himself, opened his cockpit and pushed off tot he hatch of the AEUG woman's craft and began banging on he hatch, waiting for a response. He didn't just want to open it and find that she didn't have a space suit on.

Alexis readied her knife, just to be safe. She opened the hatch and stared into the red eyes of her rescuer. "Thanks for the save. I've only have three hours of air left, and the power is almost out.” She quickly surveyed the suit of her rescuer. It was obviously of AEUG make.

"I see. I'm of the AEUG forces. Looks like you're in luck. Will you need this powerless hunk of metal brought along as well?" he asked, knocking on the metal of her cockpit hatch. Verin extended his hand out to her as Alexis put down her knife into her side pocket and grabbed his hand. She looked back at her R-siren mobile suit and told him yes. Alexis crawled inside Verin’s mobile suit and he a boarded hooked the R-siren to his mobile suit.