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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 19: "I wonder what Setzbar meant by surprise...?"

            “The hell?” said Sam.

            “They’re heading toward our base, shit!” shouted Rayse.

            “You two go and try to stall for as long as you possibly can,” said Dukey as they separated. He ran back to his room and sent a message to Admiral Setzbar warning him of even more suspicious activity and to report this to all surrounding Federal bases. This warning would at least give the Federation a fighting chance to defend themselves. But it would not be enough. “Damn! Our mobile suits won't be here until morning; I must wake the others and return to the shuttle!”

            Dukey woke up all of his men and they snuck into the hangar. They quickly launched shuttle 1 and landed it near where shuttle two was hiding. Due to the lack of Neo-Zeon soldiers on patrol, they pulled it off without a fuss.

            “Alright, everyone arm yourselves! We have to try to stall the Zekes until our mobile suits arrive from Grenada!”

            They all arm themselves with machineguns, rocket launchers and grenades and hop in a buggy headed for the city.

            “Do not harm any civilians! We must find where the troops are gathering and attack it. It will at least catch the enemy off guard, maybe even long enough for them to have to postpone their attack. For now all we can do is hope and do our best!”

            Andrew launched his Nightingale, with a unit of R9 Gyans in a V formation. "Lancer formation, and aim for the heads," Andrew shouted over his com. The R9 Gyans pulled their shields up and stuck their swords out; preparing to engage any enemy mobile suit.

            Dukey and his team arrive where the Neo-Zeon and Titans’ military had met, but they were too late. Most of the troops had already moved out. They bombarded the place with their missile launchers and machineguns at any Neo-Zeon officers that were still inside.

            “This is all we can do for now, let's head back to the shuttles!” commanded Dukey. They turned around and headed back toward the shuttles, still firing rockets at some mobiles suits near the meeting place. Zach followed closely behind Dukey and asked, “How far to the shuttles?” He held a pistol behind him firing at some oncoming Neo-Zeon soldiers. They jumped in and Dukey floored the buggy. “Not too long, we’ve reached the outskirts of the city. The shuttles in that forest over there!” informed Dukey loudly.

            They continued toward the shuttle. Dukey then noticed that the sun was out and looked up to see another shuttle heading for the location at which their shuttles were hiding. He pointed at the shuttle and said, “Zach, do you see that? I think that’s our mobile suits! The Admiral said he is sending a surprise along for your and myself.” “I wonder what Setzbar meant by surprise…?”

            “A surprise? What did he mean by a surprise?” Zach was still yelling over the thruster noise, it was almost barely audible to Dukey. They arrived at their shuttle and waited for the shuttle containing their mobile suits to land.

            They got out of the buggy and sat in the grass waiting. “We're about to find out,” said Dukey to Zach as the shuttle landed and everyone rushed in to get in their mobile suits.

            “Everyone get into your mobile suits and follow the Neo-Zeon and Titans’ attack team. Once we figure out where they're truly headed we can try to get there first and defend it. Don't wait for me; just go as soon as you're inside your mobile suits!” ordered Dukey.

            About twenty AEUG mobile suits took off, leaving the shuttle only half full. Dukey entered to find two new mobile suits. “This must be what Admiral Setzbar meant by surprise,” said Dukey as the pilot of the shuttle approached Dukey and Zach.

            “These are gifts from the Admiral himself. Two brand new mobile suits. A red MSR-00100ST Hyaku Shiki Kai was a completely rebuilt Hyaku Shiki, using the most modern of parts. This has all the abilities of the Hyaku Shiki and more. The OS10 Gundam Nebula, built using the data acquired in all of the previous wars. The Gundam Nebula is known as the Perfect Weapon. It transforms into a mobile armor that allows flight through the atmosphere.

            The Admiral said that you two more than deserve these new mobile suits and that if anyone is going to turn the tide of this war, it will be the Raider team.” Dukey looked over at the Hyaku Shiki Kai thinking, “I definitely like the changes made to this. And the MSR is amazing in itself!” He hopped inside the Hyaku Shiki Kai and looked over to Zach asking, “you going to try out your new mobile suit?”

            Zach was speechless, he climbed into the cockpit and looked around, and he hit the comm button, “let’s see what kind of stuff the AEUG has to offer a Feddy like me!” Zach hit the boosters and took off leaving Dukey in his dust. TopBottom of Form

            Dukey launched into the air as he caught up to Zach and they followed the attacking Neo-Zeon/Titans troops to their destination. Dukey then radioed the New England base, warning them of the attack.