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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 18: "Ah...could this be another blackout?"

Andrew laughed, and then said jokingly. "Me full? Never, watch in a few hours I'll be eating more food." He then rolled his guitar over his shoulder, stood up, and looked back to make sure they're not being followed. "Okay sure lets head back," he said in a calm tone.

They road back to the base just in time to hear about Operation Deathstar.

"Alright, for those Titans who didn't know this is Admiral Xerces, leader of Neo-Zeon," said Lt. Newbark.

"Operation Deathstar will commence now. Both Titans and Neo-Zeon objective is to bring down the New England Federal Base," said Admiral Xerces.

"We move in now so MOVE IT PEOPLE! Hylis, come with me."

"The Neo-Zeon soldiers will be in their Gaza-Ds, the Titans will still be their Tai-Sons. I will aid you in battle thus being in a new model mobile suit called MS-20D Kämpfer," explained Lt. Newbark.

Andrew walked back to the Nightingale and said to it, “the Kämpfer is going to be there. No worries, we’ll out shine it. After all Nightingale, you and my modified Gyan are the best out there.” He sat in the open cockpit, playing with his guitar.

            Lt. Newbark along with a couple of generals and Admiral Xerces, took Hylis into a private separation deck which they introduced to her, her top secret mobile suit for the first time.

            “This is your AXI-000 Jubeley. Modeled by the Qubeley Mass Production Type and Quin Mantha, the Jubeley is perfection,” explained Admiral Xerces.

            “Made from parts of a Gundam, this is the ideal mobile suit. Equated with the psycommu system, allowing complete control over these new wing-like funnel pods,” added Lt. Newbark. “We just need the psycoframe to complete it, but consider this your first test run of this colossal.

            Hylis looked up at the gigantic mobile suit with the capabilities and power that can crush a Gundam. The mobile suit was in its Mobile Fortress mode, with its wings folded around it. She was ready as she entered into the changing room where the scientist applied her with a new purple and black normal suit that suited her body and all its glory. A black helmet was placed on her head to record her brain waves.

            Zach headed back to his room, but as he opened the door a sharp pain in the back of his head surprised him.

            “Ah…could this be another blackout?” he asked himself. This sharp pain turned into pressure, building and building trying to collapse his mind. “You will die…”

            Zach turned seeing Yugo all of a sudden standing next to him, realizing that this was no black out, that this was Yugo doing.

            “Stop!” shouted Zach, feeling his body becoming paralyze by the second as Yugo pushed him inside his room.

              “You see Captain Zach, Dukey has something I want…I need and you’re just in the way. Why he favors you I have no idea…you’re weak nothing more nothing less,” said Yugo.

            “Dude, are you insane?” asked Zach while placing his hands on his head.

            “Why yes, yes I am. Unlike you, I couldn’t handle what I was given. Being a Newtype isn’t fun and games. I suffer very day because of it. Because of people like you. You have no idea…no idea what’s going on in this crazy mess I called my mind.” Yugo looked up and continued, “but it’s okay. The voices, they told me I can have peace.”

            “Voices?” asked Zach.

            “They told me to kill you,” said Yugo with a smile as he lunged over to grab a letter opener, “and I will!” Thinking that Zach was physically paralyzed, Yugo threw himself at him, but Zach rolled out of the way as the letter opener stabbed his bed. Yugo turned and thrust the letter opener at Zach, but stopped midway, as Zach’s eyes glowed,

            “NO!” he shouted as an un-seeable force pushed Yugo into the bed.

            “Wha…what power, damn you!” Yugo got up and charged, only this time Dukey ran inside the room and grabbed Yugo arm causing him to drag the letter opener.  Dukey twisted Yugo’s arm and slammed him into a wall,

            “You alright Zach?”

            “Yeah,” said Zach free from Yugo’s mental attack.

            “What’s going on?” asked Dukey.

            “Dukey! How are you? Do you need something sir, are you hungry?” asked Yugo sweetly. Dukey looked at Zach who arched his eye brawl.

            “He’s a psychopath!” shouted Zach.

            “Alright, let’s go you,” said Dukey.

            “No—no, Dukey you must listen to me. You can’t trust Zach, if you go with him there will be death and destruction.

            “What are you talking about—go where?” asked Dukey.

“Your life…everything you built up to this day will shatter before you very eyes. Please, do not take him with you,” begged Yugo. “Like you I am a Newtype, but unlike you or Zach I couldn’t handle what I was given. Being a Newtype isn’t fun for me…I see things, hear…feel things. Kill me…make it all go away.”

Dukey took him off the wall, but grabbed and twisted his other arm and forced him out of Zach’s room. Dukey started marching Yugo, calling for backup to take him,

            “Hold it right there.” Dukey froze, hearing the click of a gun.

            “Turn around nice and easy.” Dukey did as he was told.

            “Sam?” he asked.

            “How would a Neo-Zeon trader know my name?”

            “Idiot it’s me! Captain Dukey.”

            “Nice try,” said Rayse, coming from behind Sam.

            “And who the hell are you?” asked Dukey.

            “If you’re really Captain Dukey then why are you wearing a Neo-Zeon worker uniform?” questioned Sam.

            “Because I’ve been assigned to scope out this base dumb dumb.”

            “You’re the pilot I saw at the New England Federation Base,” said Rayse.

            “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you two!”

            “Sir!” said an undercover AEUG soldier as Sam placed the gun down.

            “Jackson here, take him and watch him closely. He’s…messed up in the head,” explained Dukey. As Dukey handed Yugo away, under his breath Dukey could barely make out the whisper that went something like, “I’ll kill him too.” A shiver went down Dukey’s spin seeing a deviant smile on Yugo’s face.

            “What was that about?” asked Sam.

            “Nothing…so why are you guys here?” asked Dukey, looking around to see if anyone was around them. He let out his senses, but felt the presence of no one nearby.

            “We heard talk of a new joint base between the Titans and Neo-Zeon,” explained Rayse, moving his snow colored hair out of his face.

            “We were assigned to stake it out and report back to base,” added Sam,

            “What’s your problem?” asked Rayse. Dukey kept look around and over their shoulders. He picked nothing up, but his men and no one else.

            “Something’s about to go down,” whispered Dukey as he soon turned toward his right, hearing something and decided to find out what it was. He started walking and turned left of the base that he was staying at. The sound became louder and then he saw it. In the darkness he could barely make it out, but the sounds he heard were definitely mobile suits.