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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 17: "Could it be...this girl?"

Zach looked behind him as the door closed tight, in a hushed voice he asked, “is it safe to talk?” Dukey looked outside and everything was clear.

“Yes! Tonight our mission is to explore this base. Basically a night on the town to familiarize ourselves with places. We can't think of a strategy if we don't know our surroundings. So everyone head on out and check this place out. Buy some new clothes first so you look like regular tourists,” explained Dukey who left the room and the base and headed toward the local shopping center which led into a mall.

John (Yugo) stayed in his room quietly, rocking back and forth while talking to himself out loud. “Dukey mental state must be bent…his rage must consume him…but how?”

            “Yugo…” John (Yugo) turned around, but saw no one. He was completely alone in his room and yet…was hehallucinating or could,

            “Yugo…come play with us heehee…”

Zach picked out some civilian clothing, “Hm…its been a while since I've had the opportunity to wear normal clothes.” He picked out a pair of baggy jeans, some sneakers, a hoodie and just normal street clothes, then continued off on his journey to explore.

The Xanzibar landed within the base and everyone came out as Operator A and B contacted Rock to descend back to Earth/base. As Hylis stepped out, she suddenly froze in time as her surroundings turned into blending colors of red and purple, "This feelings...could it be Amuro Ray, is he here somehow? No, it’s the same feeling I felt before, but different," she thought as time resumed back to normal around her.

"Lt. Newbark, I'm heading out to do some exploring. Andrew will come and assist me, we'll be back in time to discuss our operation," said Hylis, wearing dark blue boots, jet-black knee high stockings, dark blue skirt, black and dark blue long sleeve shirt. Andrew walked by just in time to hear what Hylis said. He just nodded his head and said "So'k with me. I need a bit of fresh air anyway." He followed Hylis.

Both Hylis and Andrew made their way to town,

"Must you wear your Neo-Zeon uniform? Sticking out like a sore thumb?" she asked playfully to what looked like a Neo-Zeon uniform. Andrew just laughed and said,

 "I rarely ware the thing. With red hair and a guitar over the shoulder. Hell I'd stick out even if I wasn't wearing the thing. Besides I have a good reputation with people."

“Who’s there?” asked Yugo, looking around the room.

            “You’ve been a very naughty boy Yugo,” said a female’s voice.

            “You must kill Zach. He must die,” said a male’s voice.

            “No…don’t make me. I…I don’t want to,” said Yugo, grabbing his hair.

            “We can make the pain go away Yugo. We can stop the nightmares,” insured the female’s voice.

            “But if you do not kill Zach—“

            “Yes, kill Zach.”

            “If you do not kill Zach then more visions are to come,” said the male’s voice.

            “No…no…noooaoahahah!” screamed Yugo as his room started to spin, taken over the colors of black and blood red. Suddenly a rush of death and destruction swept over him. He could feel every emotional pain and suffering the people were going through.

            “NO!” shouted Yugo. He looked around seeing that his room was normal again…normal and quiet. He slowly stopped rocking and said, “Zach…must die. I will kill you Zach and then Dukey will be mine.”

Dukey decided to buy some clothes. He bought a dark green t-shirt and some jeans, and then continued to wander the mall. “I wonder what they've got to eat here…”

Dukey searched throughout the entire mall and finally found the food court. Just then out of the corner of his eye he saw a man wearing a Neo-Zeon uniform. He sat down with his food and acted normal, spying wasn't an uncommon mission for Dukey, he had started out in the AEUG as an undercover Neo-Zeon.

Who is that girl with him?” Dukey looked over at the girl and got a strange feeling…like he knew her already. He kept his cool and continued to eat. Zach sat down across from Dukey, unaware of what was going on.

“Hey did you try these burgers? They ROCK! And these fries! I haven't eaten this well in so long I tell ya.” Dukey was looking at Zach who said, “A..heh..soda?” He held out his drink to Dukey. Dukey looked at the soda and took it from Zach.

“Sure thanks. Wow, I'd hate to admit it but the Zeke's did a good job urbanizing this place. I remember when New Guinea was just trees and grass,” said Dukey.

Zach took his soda back and finished it off, “aahhhh. Grass and trees huh? Interesting. Do these clothes fit in enough by the way? I think it’s as ‘urbanized’ as possible?” asked Zach.

Both Hylis and Andrew made there way inside the mall, but somehow got separated in which she knew they would cross each other soon. She took this time to head over to the food court and place a coin into a machine and grabbed a bottle of water. As she opened it, a chair from the side of her pushed back, pumping into her causing her to spill an entire bottle of water on Alex Majewski (Dukey) which some made its way on Chet Skylar (Zach).

"Ouh!" she gasped. "I am sosososo sorry," she said while trying to find a napkin to clean them up. Andrew was too hungry to care about being separated. His stomach growled at him. "Ok, ok I'm going." he said to himself. He rushed over to the food court and got into the long line for the pizzeria.

“Damn!” cussed Dukey. He looked up at Hylis and said, “'s okay. Who're you by the way? I'm Alex Majewski.”

Wha...what is this feeling? It feels so familiar and yet so different?” she thought. "I'm Hylis," she said with a smile, not giving a last name. "What brings you to a place like this?" she asked. Andrew finally got up to the counter, and ordered a cheese pizza. It took awhile but it got done. He paid and sat down. After seating himself, he turned his head, scanned the parts of the mall he could see, looking for Hylis while he ate. He spotted her with two strange men. He did nothing, making sure not to interfere. "I don't want to get his uniform all messy, and she can handle herself." He thought to himself, still eating politely.

“We're traders from Side 4. We brought some minerals from the small asteroid mines around those parts,” explained Dukey. Dukey sensed something strange from this woman. He gently put his hand on her back, hoping to sense something more from her. “What the hell!? It's almost like I know this feeling, but I can't remember what it is. Who could she be!? Hylis…is that her REAL name?” “Well Miss. Hylis, it's been a pleasure talking to you.”

Dukey leaned toward Hylis' ear and whispered as he pointed to Andrew and whispered, “that man's been watching you for awhile…do you want me to say something to him for you?”

"And what's a tall strong trader guy like yourself going to do to a Neo-Zeon soldier?" she asked. "What you can do is um, introduce me to your little friend over there," said Hylis with a wink at Chet Skylar (Zach).

“This is Chet Skylar. He's my partner on this run and co-pilot.” Dukey looked over at Andrew again. “Maybe the feeling is coming from that guy...” Dukey gently grabbed Hylis' hand,

“Umm…you should come with us. I'm a little suspicious of that guy over there. He's been staring at you for quite some time now.” “For some reason I feel the need to protect this girl.” Hylis needed some extra adventure. “Maybe this feeling is coming from...Chet...I shell keep a close eye on him.” she thought, allowing Alex to take her hand,

"Go with you two? Sure, why not," she said.

Dukey and Zach both ran off with Hylis. They ended up in a weapon shop within the mall. Dukey decided to take a look at the daggers.

“Wow, you don't see this kind of thing on Side 4. Since we're so close to the AEUG's main base we try to keep things peaceful unless ordered otherwise.” Dukey noticed that the feeling is still with him. “Could it be…this girl?”

Dukey looked over at Hylis and Zach. They were both looking at each other strangely. As if forming a silent bond or connection that only the mind could see, then Dukey butted in and said,

“Hey Hylis, would you like to go see a movie with me? Chet should probably return to the hangar and make sure they don't need help unloading our trailers, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd come with me.” Dukey looked Hylis in the eyes and waited eagerly for her response. “It has to be her…but who is she and what exactly is this feeling. It's like the feeling I get from Newtypes but…slightly different and more powerful.”

Hylis looked away from Chet. She was glad Alex asked. This sickening unknown feeling she was getting from Zach was killing her. “This is it? Such a weak emotion,” she thought.

"Yeah, movies. Sounds fun," she said at Alex.


Dukey paid for the tickets and they both sit down in the theater.

“So…are you from New Guinea?” he asked. “It's definitely her...” Hylis pushed back her hair and answered,

"You could say that. And um, how's a space-boy like yourself adjusting to Earth's gravity?" she asked with interest. Dukey leaned back in his chair as the movie started to play.

“Well I've made quite a few trips to and from Earth, so I'm pretty used to the gravity. Going through the atmosphere's always a bit frightening though. So are you with the Neo-Zeon military or anything? I've heard rumors of Neo-Zeon teaming up with the Titans.

"Oh I wish, but I'm not. And yes, that's all they are, rumors." A couple of minuets into the movie and Hylis placed her hand over her heart, "What this sensation? My head feels heavy...something is pulling me," she thought. "I...I have to go," she said, getting up abruptly.

"You know what. I completely forgot what we where suppose to be doing," Andrew said to himself as he walked in the mall. "Still I got an eerie feeling from those two. Oh well I should just wait at the main entrance for Hylis, then we can head back to base." He stood up and walked over to a bench near the mall's entrance. He tuned his guitar, and started to play.

Dukey stood up too,

Uh…alright, nice meeting you!” Dukey watched her leave and decided to sit down and watch the rest of the movie.

Hylis stepped out seeing Andrew waiting for her. "You look full," she said playfully. "Come, we must return to base. Quickly before anyone sees us," she said to him.