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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 16: "John...Kalaski, that's my name?"

The next morning, Dukey was summoned by the Admiral. He was given a new mission, a spying mission. He called everyone to the Raider and explained their next mission.

“You are to act as Zeon traders from the mines near Side 4. You will land in New Guinea. Our mission is to locate the Titan/Neo-Zeon base in New Guinea and gather as much information as possible on it. You will not be taking the Raider on this mission, but your mobile suits will be brought by a second AEUG team. Until they arrive, you are to stay undercover and gather information. Is all of this clear? You will be leaving on two separate shuttles in 10 minutes!” Dukey loaded into the 1st shuttle along with Zach and a few other men.

Elly flew after the enemy in Gerwalker mode. She used a machine gun pod, shooting at the booster units. "I hear you Gem!" She yelled aiming and shooting at the enemy mobile suits. The mobile suit thrusters were blown off by both the barrage of bullets from Elly. The mobile suit turned around calmly.

"Elly! Move back! Hurry!" Gem yelled through the comm. unit.

"Right...Gem." She turned to Fighter mode and boosted upward, high into the sky. She then turned back to Gerwalker mode, looking down at the mobile suit. The mobile suit launched a silent beam attack, wiping out most of the backup units behind Elly.

“Launch your missiles now!” Elly did as she was told and fired a cluster of missiles downward. The mobile suit some how dodged the missiles and appeared in front of Elly.

“Ahhhh!” she screamed, getting hit by a beam. The words “YOU DIED,” flashed in big bold red letters. The mobile suit’s head opened up and Gem zip lined up there and said,

“Nice try Elly. You didn’t do so badly for you first attempt.”

“Again…send me in again,” she said.

“But Elly?”

“It has to be perfect. I have to be perfect,” she said as the lid closed down.

Zach sat in the shuttle beside Dukey and said, “I hope those guys get Gundam Nova up and running in enough time. Hey Dukey…about what happened to you when we did the operation. Your rage.”

“Yeah, I lose control from time to time. Slowly molding into my father’s clone.”

“No, together we can get through this, you can get through this. Shift the anger into a void of clarity and peace of mind,” preached Zach.

After the countdown, the shuttles launched! Dukey and Zach were piloting the first shuttle as they head to Earth.

“It'll be a few days before the mobile suits arrive, so Gundam Nova should be finished by then. For now we just have to worry about getting past the guards in the hangar we're going to dock at,” explained Dukey. He opened a duffel bag and pulled out some fake Neo-Zeon trader uniforms and some ID cards supplied by the top AEUG disguise makers.

“Everyone wear these, we'll get some normal clothes when we get to Earth. Put your current uniforms in this bag. Now listen, we've got a bunch of rocks in the back of the shuttle, but underneath all the rock are our weapons. If anything goes wrong, dig under the rocks and grab the machine guns. Hopefully things will go as planned.” Dukey removed his clothes, reveling a Neo-Zeon’s uniform underneath and placed the ID card around his neck.

Zach slipped into his new uniform and put his ID badge on.

“Chet Skylar? You could have come up with a better name than that?” Zach sighed, “Chet... I'm not a chet.”Dukey laughed at Zach and checked his name.

“Alex Majewski. Wow…these are definitely Zeke names. We'll have to refer to each other by our new names for this mission, so everyone go over who's who.” Everyone memorized each other's fake names and they begin to joke around.

Yugo heard Dukey's commands. He put on his uniform and rushed toward the 2nd shuttle. Yugo looked over to see Dukey talking to Zach, whispering about something. He couldn’t stand he was losing Dukey mentally all because of that Feddie messing in things that doesn’t concern him. Yugo looked down at his Mission Description.

"John...Kalaski, that’s my name?" he said while sweat dropped form his forehead.

Zach sighed again and let it go, “Okay then Alex... How long until we get there and what do we need to know before we get in?”

Dukey left the commands allowing Zach to drive as he explained their next orders.

“We will arrive at Earth in 15 minutes. You and I will then pilot through the atmosphere and land in the Neo-Zeon's main New Guinea base. After this we will be given rooms to stay in at the base. I will go over our strategy once we get our rooms.”

The shuttle arrived at the Earth on time and it slowly made its way through Earth's atmosphere. They reached the New Guinea base and were stopped for questioning.

"What are you guys carrying?" Dukey looked over at the security officer.

“Just some minerals for the base.” He showed the officer his ID and the officer let them pass. “That was easier than I thought. Neo-Zeon are obviously underestimating their enemies,” whispered Dukey to himself. They docked at the hangar and were shown to their rooms. Dukey then called a meeting in his room.