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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 15: "What the hell are you doing?"

“I believe we're on course for Grenada right now Yugo. Although Captain Dukey can fill you in with more details. Dukey, can you let me know when we arrive in Grenada. I'll need to get those boosters ASAP so that I can get Gundam Nova back to top condition.” Zach saluted before he left. Zach walked through the doors toward his quarters. He'd try to catch a nap if he could, but the scene he saw and felt which was of Dukey’s rage placed a shiver down his spin.

Yugo head was slightly tilted so that he could see Captain Zach leave the room out of the corner of his eye. He felt uncomfortable around the Federation, but especially hated Zach. "Heh..." whispered Yugo as he went over and stood behind Dukey’s chair. “Don’t worry Dukey, I’ll protect you. I’ll protect from any and all harm,” said Yugo with slight grin, wrapping the blanket around him as Dukey dose off the sleep. “Zach is nothing…the sooner you realize that the better. You never know…an unexpected accident might happen to him sooner than you think,” whispered Yugo in Dukey’s ear. He then took it upon himself and sat in Zach’s chair.

Rock slowly lowered his Jypsi into the makeshift garage of Monoxide. Slowly landing, and toning down the fuel gauge, the Lieutenant looked around suspiciously, "Who the hell is this Monoxide, anyway," he questioned to himself as he exited his cockpit to view Monoxide. Lowering himself down on a cable, Rock took off his helmet and asked, "I take it that you're Monoxide?"

Monoxide had just landed before he did. "That’s me alright and I'm guessing this is the upgrades?"

"Yes, but I have a question to ask," Rock replied, "Exactly how are you serving Titans in return for these upgrades?"

"These upgrades aren’t mine I'm preparing them for YOUR New Cyber-Newtype and I don’t need to know who it’s for I don’t care about the Titans. I’m doing this to get paid," Monoxide said. "Someone called me ok."

Rock nodded as his two men set down the cargo, "well, I believe your well off. So long Monoxide," Rock said, nodding to him and then headed back to his mobile suit.

Well off?” Monoxide thought to what the hell does he mean? "Oh well," Monoxide said opening up the cargo boxes taking pictures of the items and schematics for the item. Monoxide than hooked up a computer to the items and began copying the item list to make one the upgrades.

Andrew stared at his mobile suit and then left the loading bay. He went up to the bridge, and asked Lt. Commander Newbark, "So how much longer until we get to where we need to be?" He turned towards Andrew and said,

"10 minutes...give or take if run into the enemy."

"I doubt it," Andrew said with confidence. "Most of Terra is under the control of Neo-Zeon, and guess who I work for." He chuckled. "I will be waiting on the Nightingale if you need me." He waved his hand as he walked out of the bridge. The Xanzibar arrived in New Guinea and approached the Neo-Zeon and Titans top secret base Stratos.

Zach woke up from his nap, he yawned loudly, “I wonder what Dukey is up to...” He began to walk toward the captain’s deck. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked, upon entering seeing Yugo sitting in his chair.

“Sorry sir, just watching over Captain Dukey. But now that you’re up I’ll be going now,” said Yugo, jumping out of the chair. Zach knew he should be worried, but shook the feeling off as he approached Dukey who was just waking up. 

The Raider arrived at Grenada and everyone was welcomed with medals of achievement and success. Every crew member on the Raider was given tons of cash as a reward for their completion of such an important mission. Eventually the hype died down and everyone un-boarded the ship.

Zach turned to Dukey and asked, “think your mechanics would have some boosters I could get installed on Gundam Nova?” A mechanic was just in the distance and shouted, “hey, you there!” Zach caught up with him and explained the situation in which he replied "Yeah sure man, I'll get the guys on it ASAP." After that, Dukey was hanging out in his favorite restaurant again with Zach to clear his mind.

Dukey sat down to eat and the same waitress came over to him. He ordered the usual, and she winked as she walked away. She came back with the food and Dukey ate his meal. He enjoyed this place because of its food. It had all his favorite food, cooked just the way he liked it. After he was done eating he left a tip, paid and walked back to the AEUG base. “I bet the Titans are planning to get revenge soon.”

Zach sat down and ordered some food as well. He hadn't had a real good meal in a long time. He finished up and sat back. More things were about to happen, he could feel it. He could sense that Dukey was feeling uneasy about something but he couldn't put his finger on it. Something was bugging him…but what?

It was getting dark out, so Dukey decided to head to his room on the Raider. This ship is his home, and his crew is his family now. “The Titans are after this ship…I will not let them have it as long as I'm alive! This ship could be the AEUG's only hope at surviving this war.”