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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 14: "What a powerful ship,"

Thirty-eight year old Verin Mumei sat in Grenada base's cafeteria sitting back in his chair with a mug of hot coffee. “Being placed on standby is as bad as rotting in hell," he said out loud to himself still annoyed that the reason why he’s posted in Grenada was to provide additional safeguard from an experienced pilot. When able, assign him to a more fitting role then his former unit. Verin's former unit suffered casualties from re-entry. Idiots that choose not to report to the ship when told naturally die as idiots.

Rock sat within his cockpit, making sure everything was alright, and that the cargo had been properly secured, "alright, men, prepare for launch," Rock called out, revving up the systems within his Jypsi, "I'm lifting off in 5...4...3...2…1!" he called, his suit lifting off from the ground, and looking for some sort of directions. His superiors were too unorganized for this mission.

"Sir, a direct transmission from Admiral Maren of the Titans himself," said Controller A. On screen appeared the Admiral's face,

"The Raider along with the AEUG's main fleet took out half of our colonies at Side 7," he said.

"Bastards!" said Lt. Commander Newbark. "Should we head back?"

"No, continue your Earth in the name of the Titans," said the Admiral as the screen went blank.

"What a fool...pathetic old man," thought Hylis.

"Roger," Rock replied, revving up the engines and picking up speed, "Prepare for the worst," he advised the other two, his trigger fingers getting itchy.

            The space transport ship made it safely to Grenada as Gem knocked on Elly’s door before entering. With no answer the door slid to the right and he stepped in seeing that she was in a crouching position, staring into space.

            “Elly snap out of it!” said Gem as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned toward him and said,

            “Teach me how to pilot a mobile suit.”

Dukey woke up in his room shivering, “What happened?” Dukey's body was worn out from pushing himself and the Hyaku Shiki to its limit. He managed to get out of bed and wrapped a blanket around himself as he headed towards the bridge of the ship.

Zach was sitting quietly in the captain’s chair, “what a powerful ship,” he thought to himself. The odd light blinked and a few small beeps, but other than that it was dark, and quiet. Most of the crewmen were heading for bed minus the few actually piloting the ship. Zach sat there and just thought about everything.

Dukey made his way to the bridge and tapped Zach on the shoulder.

“Dude, you're in my chair.” Dukey took his chair back and got Zach to sit in the other chair a step down from his. Dukey laid back, looking up out into space. He then turned on communications to the entire ship.

“Mission accomplished. We lost some good men out there, but each and every one of us gave it our all and the majority of us pulled through. We will all be greatly rewarded and looked at as the team that took out Side 7. But never forget the lives that were lost today! With each mission comes a challenge. A challenge to accomplish those tasks which have been assigned to you. But each mission always comes with that extra challenge. This challenge is the one that must always come first. This is the challenge of bringing everyone back alive.” Dukey stood up and continued,

“We may have accomplished the mission, but we have failed our main challenge! Men, do not look down upon yourselves, for it is not ourselves we should blame but the enemy! If it weren't for the enemy this extra challenge wouldn't exist and our friends, our family would all be here today!” Dukey sat back down and turned off communications.

Zach sat back in his chair after Dukey finished his speech, “So uh...where do I get parts from? I blew out my thrusters trying to make it back to the ship in time. I took a quick peek at them and they're beyond repair,” said Zach.

Upon hearing that the Raider and the other ships were making there way back, he wondered if the mission had been a blazing success as it was predicted to be. He was only tipped in on the basics of the plan since he himself wasn't participating in it. He wished he had but without an assigned ship or clear cut orders he was stuck in Grenada, watching his Gundam collect dust until then. Such facts annoyed him as he moved dark red hair away from his face and fixed up his red and black uniform.

Yugo had been stationed on the Raider along with his mobile suit under the command of Captain Dukey. He hadn’t been on the last mission due to technical problems. He was in his room lying on a bed. Yugo then heard Captain Dukey's speech over the intercom. "...sure," he said to himself with one eye open looking at Space through the circle-shaped window to the right of him.

The R9 Gyans also loaded inside the ship as the Xanzibar entered into Earth's atmosphere, and headed for New Guinea to the top secret base Stratos, created just for the members who have no problems working with Neo-Zeon or the Titans.

"Lieutenant-Commander Andrew Harmonica this is the great mobile suit Nightingale I heard so much about," said Hylis entering the loading deck.

Dukey looked over at Zach and answered, “Grenada will have what you need. We will be fully re-supplied and repaired at no cost for our triumph.

“Excellent, is that where we're headed?” asked Zach as Dukey nodded. “Perfect. Oh and Dukey, I want to talk to you about what happened with your raaa…” Zach didn’t finish his sentence as Yugo walked down to where Captain Dukey and Captain Zach were and said while saluting slightly, "So when will the new mission be...the Sycthe (similar to the Deathsycthe) just increased it's thrusters for faster space combat..." Yugo had thin black hair that was long, but short cut. He also had light brown eyes.

Andrew bows before the woman. "A gentleman must stay a gentleman even though times of war, and thank you," he said. "Nightingale has been with me ever since I started working for Neo-Zeon. The funnels have saved my ass more times than I care to count. Might I ask your name?"

"You...can call me Hylis, for now. I see a bright future ahead of you Lieutenant-Commander Andrew. My destiny is clear and so is yours...I just hope you're still alive to be in mine," she said and stood very close to him, her lips inches away from his ear and whispered, “hmmahah…the restoration of the Aznable family is near." She left him with that thought and pulled away, "we'll be arriving at New Guinea soon." and existed the room.

Andrew laughed and said to himself, "for me, just as long as the Nightingale and my R9 Gyan can stay mine. I really don't care. Char was a great pilot although. Might be fun to have that family back up." He pondered if he was just hit on, and then shrugged that off as an afterthought.