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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 12: "!!! This...feeling."

“Sir! Orders from Admiral Maren himself that after we escort the cargo to a safe place that we are to report to the secrete Neo-Zeon and Titans Earth base called Stratos,” said Zook.

"Hook the cargo onto the back of my Jypsi (mobile suit similar to the GINN). The engines were modified, so I am capable of towing it over", Rock replied, trying to speak more strongly. He nodded to each soldier as he began to slip into his piloting gear. “Damn that Hylis… She…a Cyber Newtype?” The Xanzibar began to follow the Neo-Zeon escorts by Lieutenant-Commander Andrew Harmonica Pendragon.

"This is Lt. Commander Andrew. Sorry for the delay my com is on the fritz again." Andrew lowered the com volume but its still on. "Stupid thing. Bad Nightingale, bad!" Then he turned it back up. "But we will have to jump inside your ship. Don't want to be destroyed on re-entry. After that we'll re-deploy. Then if you could tell me what part of Earth you're heading into. I could give a tour." He laughed as the hatch began to open while Newbark said, "We're heading for New Guinea."

Dukey and his men were now all awake.

“Well, it's about time you guys woke up. Let’s board the ship; we've got direct orders to assist in Operation: Top Shadow! All the other fleets are already at Side 7, so we're going to have to hurry if we're going to catch up with them.” Dukey looked over to Zach, still passed out on the floor.

“Someone bring him along, he'll definitely be a major asset in this operation. Now let’s all head to the Raider and disembark for Side 7!”

Dukey and his crew all boarded the Raider and set off for Side 7. Dukey turned on the tele-com system in all of the rooms on the Raider and read the Operation to his men.

“Operation: Top Shadow. Our mission is to assist the main fleet in taking out half of the colonies at Side 7. Only half of the colonies are military bases, the other half have civillians. We had some spies stay inside colonies to let us know which were bases and which are civilian. Dukey put the map of all the colonies on the screen showing which were military and which were civilian colonies.

“Unlike the rest of the attacking forces, we will be attacking from the bottom. The rest of the AEUG ships will be attacking from the top as planned, but we will attack undetected while in their shadow.” Dukey turned on a CG video showing the Operation played out, and continues reading.

“Intelligence has told us that the main Titan forces have been sent to Earth, and the rest of the main forces are out near Jupiter. If we can take out all of their military bases on Side 7, they will not be able to so easily make it to the Earth Sphere, and will have a tough time staying in this war. Good luck to us all, and steer clear of the Earth on your way to Side 7. Oh great, so we can't use Earth's gravity for a speed boost. Thrusters at full, let's get our asses to Side 7!” The Raider took off at full speed completely avoiding the Earth on its way to Side 7.

Sam looked out at the horizon and said to himself, “lights…someone's entering the atmosphere! I didn't get any reports about Federation members entering; it must…could it be the enemy?” Sam let the New England Base know of this and decided to scout it out himself.

Zach slowly woke up in a daze, “ugh... my head hurts...I don’t think I drank anything too severe...” He got out of bed and stood up straight while looking around seeing that he was aboard the Raider. Putting his clothes on, he went out to find Dukey. He was going to fill Zach in on the upcoming mission.

Dukey told Zach all about Operation: Top Shadow. He then told him to put on his normal suit and get ready. They were only 20 minutes away from Side 7.

“All hands stage 3 battle stations! The colonies are in sight, all mobile suit pilots to the mobile suit deck and prepare for launch!” Dukey looked over at his Sergeant.

“You can handle the Raider right?” The Sergeant nodded in confidence. “Alright, Zach and I are going with the mobile suit team. It'll make this Operation run a little smoother. Zach, let's head to the mobile suit deck.” Dukey and Zach headed to the deck.

Andrew landed his Nightingale in the Mobile Cruiser Xanzibar, and only the R9 Gyans followed. "I've instructed the others to stay back and take anything that tries to follow us." he explained.

The Sergeant’s voice came over the Raider's tele-com system and into the mobile suits. "We have reached Side 7 and the 1st and 2nd fleet have begun their offensive above the colonies. All mobile suit pilots launch and all battle stations attack the colonies marked on your maps.”

Dukey nodded while putting on his helmet and proceeded to the launch pad. “Captain Dukey Aznable LAUNCHING!” The silver Hyaku Shiki took off towards the colonies and headed straight into battle with a team of Tai-Sons.

“Hey, I thought we were supposed to be undetected?”

“Finally some REAL action!” said Zach, taking off in Gundam Nova, the beam saber grasped tightly by its hand sliced through a Tai-Son like nothing. He hit his comm button to talk to Dukey. “You lead the way I'm right behind you.”

“Alright!” said Dukey as Zach cranked his thrusters and they headed towards the next colony.

"The Titans had patrol units around the bottom rings dude to our previous attack, after them its home free," explained Dukey who took out two Tai-Sons with his beam saber and headed for the colony mirrors. He landed on one of the mirrors and used his beam saber to cut if off. Just then a green colored Tai-Son landed on the part of the mirror that he was standing on. “Back off fool, we're taking out this colony!”

The Tai-Son pulled out its beam saber and attacked silver Hyaku Shiki head on. They locked beam sabers, both of them were struggling to stay on the piece of the mirror that was drifting off into space.

“!!! This…feeling,” said Dukey.

"I am Sergeant Laloo Satigma, you will not destroy my base! Most of my men are off fighting off your other offensive, but I should be able to take YOUR little group on my own!" Dukey's men successfully cut off the other two colony mirrors. Zach raised one of his blasters, aimed and fired at the mirror. Direct hit, it exploded, broke off completely. Zach looked toward Dukey and asked, “take it out like that?”

"Captain, we need you to get out of there so we can fire our Hyper Energy Cannon and take out that colony!"

Dukey nodded and pushed the beam saber forward with his entire mobile suit’s might. The Tai-Son lost its balance and fell off the mirror. It then bolted above Dukey and kicked his Hyaku Shiki off of the mirror. Dukey began drifting away, then he use his thrusters to charge as Sergeant Laloo Satigma did the same with his green Tai-Son.

“Begin charging the cannon!” shouted Dukey.

"But Captain you're in the line of fire!"

“Just do it, I'll be out of here before you fire the cannon.” Dukey and the green Tai-Son locked sabers once more and were at a stand still.

“Get out of here Sgt. Satigma, my ship is about to blow this colony to hell! We'll both be going with it if you don't stop attacking,” warned Dukey

"I would rather take you down with me Aznable!" All of a sudden time and space froze and Dukey quickly found an opening on the green Tai-Son. He pulled back his yellow beam saber faster than the naked-eye can see and shoved it through the right shoulder armor of the mobile suit causing the right arm, holding the red beam saber, to fall off. Dukey grabbed the Tai-Son and pulled it out of the line of fire as time resumed back to normal. "The Captain is out of there, FIRING HYPER ENERGY CANNONS NOW!!" Both cannons fired and took out the 1st colony, leaving nothing but tiny debris where it once stood.

“Great work men, only nine more to go,” said Dukey and headed toward the next colony, still carrying the armless Tai-Son. He met up with one of his men in a GM III at the next colony.

“Caris, take this Tai-Son back to the Raider and take the pilot as a prisoner.”

"Yes Captain!" said Caris, taking the green mobile suit. Dukey jumped on the mirror of the colony and took it off with his beam saber, he then went on to the next colony and let the others take care of the other mirrors while the Hyper Energy Cannon recharge.