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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 11: "Save your tricks for a more lusting man!"


"So you must be Lt. Hale," said Hylis, entering into the lunge room. "Such pain I sense in you and yet...I'm drawn to it like a moth towards a flame," she said while walking over to him. "Even though our alliance with Neo-Zeon is temporally, it will be one that neither I nor you will ever forget," said Hylis with a mysterious wicked grin.

Monoxide looked down at his status com and realized that someone must have answered his poster that he posted a few months ago.

"Sir, we have established a direct transmission to the Mobile Parts Collector," said Controller A.

"Monoxide. We have received a T-shape psycoframe system in which we want you to install into a unit for our Cyber Newtype mobile suit. Make sure that it fits her needs and power, and we'll pay you handsomely.”

"Okay I'll do it,” Monoxide said smiling.

"Excellent. We'll send word to deliver the extra special parts. Psycommu system a device able to directly interpret the user's thoughts by picking up their brainwaves has been equipped, but we'll need you to upgrade it the psycoframe Technology that builds the psycommu system into nano-receptors within the structural framework of a mobile suit," explained Lt. Commander Newbark.

"Where do you want me to work on it at? If you want it here be quick and send down a mobile suit with them," Monoxide explained.

"You'll get the parts soon as we get close to Earth's atmosphere," said Newbark.

Dukey ate his meal and went back to the base. Finally, a day off at home. He could do without the hangover but this was truly a day of relaxation.

Now I know for a fact that my ship is the best in the galaxy, even the Titans want it, haha! Who knew my father's money could create such a powerful ship. With his money and my specific customizations I've created the fastest, most well-armed ship to date. Even the AEUG can't get enough of it. Hell, the bastards are probably only keeping me because I own the damned thing.” Dukey laid back in a reclining chair and opened a beer. “Days off…what a rarity these days...”

"Yes, I am Lt. Hale," Rock replied, taking a sip of his tea, "And who might you be?" questioned the officer, raising an eyebrow.

"You can call me Hylis...charmed I'm sure. The Lt. Commander wants you to delver some important cargo to a collector named Monoxide. He'll be in his mobile suit and he'll direct you to his garage on Earth. After delivering the parts you will then meet us at the base," she explained.

Rock nodded to Hylis, while sitting down his mug to crack his knuckles. He took a quick glance at the window. After a few seconds, he looked back to Hylis, "Exactly what time is this order to be carried out, Ensign?"

The door slid by as two soldiers walked in, "Actually, right now. Maliki and Zook will go with you in their Tai-Sons, you...can handle this—right?" she questioned.

"Of course I am capable...but where is the cargo Ensign and what proof do you have that this order is valid?" Rock asked.

"Sir the ship is due in 30 minutes." The soldier said over his com to Andrew

"Good" Andrew replied. "I'm going to hail them." "Attention Titans’ vessel. I am Lieutenant-Commander Andrew Harmonica Pendragon, of Neo-Zeon. We'll be your escorts for this evening. We hope you'll have a wonderful time with us."

"Sir, we are receiving a hail from Lieutenant-Commander Andrew of Neo-Zeon," said Controller A.

"Excellent, full speed ahead," said Lt. Commander Newbark, "I am Lt. Newbark of the Titans, we appreciate your support in such a short timely manner!" yelled Newbark in the speakers to Andrew.

"Why Lieutenant...are you calling me a liar?" asked Hylis, pressing herself on Rock. She looked up at him, her hazy purple eyes staring deeply into his, "You don't trust little old me?" she asked with a seductive grin.

             It felt like they were dancing in the atmosphere, surrounded by stars, seeing motes of energy whizzing past Rock like macroscopic comets. He could see the entire universe; all at once, every particle, every smile, every fly, every grain of sand was revealed to him and was infinitely draining. He started too breathed in the very essence of life, and he breathed out white light. Feeling that both his and Hylis’ Newtype abilities were somehow intertwining with each other, the next instant he felt a piercing pain in his chest. It was as if someone literally hammered a nail into his skin and ripped the skin off as that person pulled the nail out. He gasped clutching his chest, and stumbled. 

"Save your tricks for a more lusting man!" lash Rock in a sudden raspy voice with a serious and military expression. Although he started sweating, he felt cold, chilled to the bone. He stood up straighter and realized that the pain was almost gone and now with each new breath he took, the pain in his chest lessened; he started to become more aware of his surrounds and that he was still in the lunge.

"Hmmahahahah," she laughed, backing away from him. "The cargo is carrying important parts for my new mobile suit. You see, Lieutenant...I may not be a liar, but I know want I want, and will certainly get,” she said while flipping back her purple hair with blonde highlighted tips back. "Oh I am a Cyber Newtype however and seeing that I'm not a liar, I am definitely crazy...if anything happens to that cargo...I will kill you," she said in such a spin shivering way and yet again with the seductive grin and left the room, leaving the two soldiers with Rock.