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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 9: "Augh! You bastard, this is an antique!"

Dukey soon sensed a powerful pilot coming their way as he started warning the others, “Heads up you guys, I sense an Ace of some sort heading our way.” Dukey used his twin beam saber to take out a few more Tai-Sons.

“I feel it too...he’s strong…” thought Zach.A fast mobile armor zoomed passed the Rick Dias and Gelgoog and fired twin missiles, destroying a Nemo.Dukey watched his companion explode in front of his eyes.

“Damnit!! I'll get you!” Dukey's Gelgoog fired a few blasts with its beam rifle, but the mobile armor was too fast. The mobile armor did some twirls, dodging the fire,

"Heh...your mobile suit is an antiquate. Do you really think you can keep up with my Quasar," said Lieutenant Zedd, firing two beam shots back.

            “Who are you!” shouted Blues while firing shots from his beam rifle.

            “Whoa…what’s going on?” asked Gem, looking out the window, seeing flashes of lights.

            “I could ask you the same question!” shouted back Hylis as her mobile suit swung back and forth between shots. “You’re playing with the big girls now Oldtype,” she said as the ReGelg four weapon pods on its pack separated.

            “Damn…funnels,” whispered Blues as the first weapon pod came at him.

            “Sir! Lieutenant C.T. Blues is requesting the RGZ-91 unit now,” said the S-Bridge Crew.

            “What…alright send it out,” said the S-Bridge Captain.

            “But it’s not complete.”

            “Just do it!”

            “Right. Lieutenant C.T. Blues, prepare to receive the RGZ-91 unit,” informed the S-Bridge Crew.

            “Roger,” said Blues used his shield to block a beam.

            “Launch!” commanded the S-Bridge Captain.

            “What the?” questioned Hylis seeing the mobile suit dash bash away from her as the unit launched. The Huckbein Boxer’s legs went into the joint sockets of the unit and became the RGZ-91-Trombe.

Dukey dodged the shots, just barely and fired three back. “He may be an ace pilot, but he's definitely an Oldtype, I should be able to take him...” Dukey darted underneath the mobile armor and fired three more shots. “The more angles I can attack him from the better,” thought Dukey.

The shots blew off one of Lieutenant Zedd's thrusters,

"Argh...trying to make a fool out of me. I'll show you!" he said, transforming the mobile armor back into normal size looking mobile suit in front of the Gelgoog, whipping out a beam saber.

Dukey pulled out his twin beam sword and said, “Haha, you think your fancy transformation will make a difference?” Dukey dashed at his opponent at full speed, but before Dukey attack, he darted around behind his target and slashed off a leg.

“Call off the attack on Grenada. I am the son of Char Aznable you fool, you cannot win!”

"Son of Char? Impossible," said Lieutenant Zedd. "Nice try son, where's the Raider?" Even without a leg, the mobile suit was still functional; The Quasar fried its missile pods.

“Sir! We just received word that the space cruiser is having engine trouble. They will need five minutes,” said the S-Bridge Crew.

“What’s going on?” asked Elly heading over toward the window.

“A battle, and what the hell is that?” asked Gem.

“…the Trombe…big brother?” whispered Elly, sensing him.  

“What? Alright, I’ll try,” said Blues, hearing new orders from his captain.

            “What kind of mobile suit is that?” asked Hylis to herself. The RGZ-91-Trombe was huge as it was a mobile suit and unit combine. It was purple and yellow, with two huge extra arms. Trombe’s larger hands took out two beam sabers while its shorted hands took out two beam rifles.

            “Damn!” shouted Hylis while trying to zip back and forth between shots, but was hit in the right shoulder. The ReGelg thrusters increased and flipped over the Trombe which its second left arm swung the beam saber and cut half of the ReGelg’s shield off. The Trombe started to spin its second hands around, twirling the sabers in rapid spinning circles as the beam shots from the four funnels started firing.

            “Out of my way!” shouted Hylis as all four weapon pods came together, “now DIE!”

            “NO!” shouted Blues, moving in front of the space cruiser. The four funnels together created one big beam in which Blues used the Trombe, shielding the cruiser to lower the power as not to destroy it. Suddenly the space cruiser accelerated in speed and took of as the Trombe started to combust,

            “Nooo!” screamed Elly.

            “AAHAHAHAWH!” yelled Blues, as the mobile suit exploded. 

The Gelgoog dodged all but one of the missiles as it hit,

Augh! You bastard, this is an antique!” Dukey decided to use his special move. He threw the twin beam saber at the mobile armor and the saber missed. But just as the enemy thought he was safe Dukey activated a powerful magnetic pull on the saber. The twin saber, while still spinning, headed back towards Dukey and his opponent.

"HA! What a waste...Hylis, come in Hylis...there's a pilot here saying that he is the son of Chaahhhhhawhahaa!!!" screamed, Lieutenant Zedd as the twin beam saber sliced him mobile suit without him knowing it from behind, thus exploding. Dukey shielded his eyes from the explosion, thinking “Damn these new mobile suits make bright explosions.”

"Zedd? Son of who! Lieutenant Zedd come in?" All Hylis got was just static and saw that the space cruiser were releasing their mobile suits too. "Everyone, we're pulling back." Hylis and what was left of the team flew back to the Raim ship, but as the ReGelg passed the Nemos and Rick Dias, she turned her head toward the Gelgoog and kicked in the thrusters and took off deep into space. This battle will continue another day.

Dukey looked over to his crew and said, “We’ve lost Dobson…but we saved Grenada, let's return to the Raider!” Once he reached the Raider, his ship was boarded by the Admiral himself.

"You did a fantastic job Captain. You are well on your way to stepping outside of you father's shadow. We shall hold a celebration tomorrow, to celebrate this victory over the Titans." Dukey nodded, and then saluted the Admiral as he left the ship.

“Sleep well tonight men, tomorrow, we party in Grenada!”

Zach docked the Rick Dias, smoking and electricity sparking out of one of the shoulders where a beam saber took a chunk out of it; Zach hopped to the floor, standing beside Dukey. “Your AEUG mobile suits are pretty decent. Sorry to return it to you in such terrible condition, one of those Tai-Sons snuck up behind me and got me pretty good. I basically limped my way back here. So what do we do now? I can’t sense anybody near by; it would appear they have retreated for the time being.”

Dukey while laughing said, “Don't worry Captain, they usually comeback worse.” On the other side of the hangar both arms fall off a Nemo and the head tumbles off another. “Steer clear of the mobile suits after they dock. Haha, sometimes I think they're more dangerous in the hangar than they are on the battlefield!”