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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 8: "This is C.T. Blues, Huckbein Boxer launch!"

At the New England Earth Federation Base, Sam woke up and headed to the mobile suit hangar to do his morning routine. “Work, work, work…all I do is work.”

He climbed in his Alex-NTX Gundam and left the hangar to go on patrol alone.

"2nd Petty Officer Samuel Kushara, launching!" Morning sky was a dark orange in color and the ocean was giving off a mean glare from the sun. Sam couldn't stop thinking about the deceased Lieutenant Faye. "So far all clear!"

Within the Raim ship, Hylis jumped out of bed after getting a good night rest. She took a quick shower and put on a fresh set of clothes. She then heard word to head over to the briefing room for they were giving out the next phase.

"The Raider ship blew up all of our resource rings on Side 7. We will be short on food and power for the next few days now. Thanks to the supplies founded at the Londo Bell base and our back up generator will give us enough power we need to carry out our next phase. Lieutenant Zedd and Ensign Hylis, your new team will head for an AEUG's base called Grenada and cut the AEUG off before the Raider has a chance of leaving. We just got word that our manufacture on Saturnis has delivered the PMX-001 Quasar (similar to the Messala). That is all," explained Captain Steele.

Within the New England Earth Federation Base, Elly yawned and stretched as she and Gem walked into a space transport ship. "We have to go to Grenada, Gem. It looks like they want to some of our merchandise." She told him with a smile. “Also can’t wait to see my big brother.” "They've already placed our mobile suits in the launch bay of this ship, so incase any other ship tries to attack us, we can try to defend ourselves." She shook her head. "Even if it is a war, soldiers can't attack civilians." She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the ship.

It didn’t take long for the ship to head out into space, they're destination was the AEUG’s base to drop off supplies and other merchandise from the Mao Industries. Gem sighed and looked out the window. The stars weren't twinkling, "this is only my second time in space like this..." he said to himself staring out. He tried to remember what happened and why he said that, but couldn't.

The past few days there have been countless attacks on the New England Base. Neo-Zeon was trying to take what little bit of the Earth the Federation still owned. Once the Earth was theirs, the moon would soon be too. This is why the AEUG signed the alliance in the first place. Sam watched over at the horizon, a ship just left and he could still see the heat emissions from the ship plowing through the atmosphere.

“Space…will I ever get there? I know I must protect this base, but for the rest of my life?” thought Sam, continuing his patrol.

Zach awoke slowly, still fazed by the blackout that just occurred, Zach tried to regain his mind. He didn't know what triggered it. It was usually just random. Then he realized that he was a little hungry and crept into the cafeteria and grabbed some food. He sat down and started eating it. He remembered Dukey said he had to go somewhere, and to hide in a room if there were people to come aboard. “Ugh…so groggy...did Dukey say Normal suit room...or Mobile Suit room...hmm.” Zach continued to eat.

Elly started to pet Gem’s head and smiled. "Gem, don’t think too hard. I don’t want you to hurt yourself." she teased. "This isn't a vacation though; I still need to do some more paper work when we get back." She looked around. "Ah! There’s my office." She pointed over to it and they both jumped up and headed over to it. She sat down at her desk and looked at the computer.

Dukey waited for the supplies to be loaded into the Raider. “Hmm…it feels like I'm forgetting about someone...” Dukey watched as they loaded his ship.

"Hey Captain, there's no room for this extra battery pack in the hangar, where should we put it?" Dukey figured that since they would be taking Zach to Side 3 to refresh his memory on space battle that the battery pack would be used up soon.

“Just put it in the cafeteria for now, we'll deal with it,” he said as the repair-man nodded and gathered a team to board the Raider.

"We're supposed to just put it in the cafeteria!" The men headed toward the cafeteria with the pack. Just then Dukey remembered what he had forgotten. “Oh shit! Zach! Zach, I know you're a Newtype. If you can hear me please go hide in the Normal suit room immediately! I just sent some people to the cafeteria!” thought Dukey, hopefully sending out a telepathic message.

!!!! Over the corner of his shoulder Zach saw a couple of guys carrying a battery into the cafeteria, in his head he semi heard Dukey telling him to head to the Normal suit room. “Now...where...there!” Zach found a perfect opportunity and got past the two guys carrying the battery. Quietly he snuck into the Normal suit room and hit the lock. “Perfect,” said Zach, trying to use his mind to communicate back to him.

Dukey then figured he should go and get a new ID card, so he went to the head office and picked himself one up. By the time he'd gotten back to the Raider everything was loaded up. “Well…let's head to Side 3 guys!” They all boarded the Raider and took off for Side 3 as Dukey left to get Zach. After that, he and Zach and another talk before returning to the bridge.

“Zach, we are headed for Side 3. I want to refresh your memory on space battle and to bring out your full Newtype potential. I'm setting it up so you will become a more powerful Newtype than me or my father combine.”  

On the Raim ship, "Sir, the Raider is leaving the base," said the operator.

"Lieutenant Zedd, attack the base now!" ordered Captain Steele.

"Roger...everyone...GO!" ordered Lieutenant Zedd in his PMX-001 Quasar while everyone else was in their Tai-sons, but Hylis who still had the MS-14K ReGelg with the new backpack and arm equipped. He and Hylis stayed behind while the entire team flew out of the ship and headed for Grenada. A single Musaka class cruiser sat in orbit at the very edge of AEUG territory.

Captain! Heat sources detected. Enemy mobile suits approaching eastward of Grenada,” informed the S-Bridge Crew.

“What! Send out our mobile suits now. We must assist and not allow them to reach Grenada,” ordered the S-Bridge Captain.

“Attention all pilots, please make your way to your mobile suits and prepare to launch. Enemy mobile suits have been detected,” said the announcer over the speakers. Blues put the rest of his tools down and ran over to his mobile suit.

“This is C. Blues, Huckbein Boxer launch!” He followed the Jegan team while his mobile suit looked like the Astray Blue Frame.

“Attention all mobile suits…FIRE!” shouted the S-Bridge Captain.

Some Tai-sons started to dodge the fire that the mobile suits were sending, while others got caught in crossfire. You couldn't tell if an explosion was coming from a mobile suit or the base itself. 

Dukey suddenly received a broadcast directly from Admiral Kattarn,

"Captain! Get your ship back here immediately! The Titans want the Raider and are tearing Grenada apart looking for it! Mao Industries will assist us till your arrival."

“What!? They must have found out who planted the bombs on their resource rings!” Dukey turned the ship around and witnesses the horrors that lay in front of him. “Admiral, my ship won't make it there in time, I'll take off in my Gelgoog and help defend the base until my men bring the ship. I'll take five of my best men with me!”

Dukey threw a normal suit at Zach who slipped it on. “So much for practice, we gotta get our asses out there and protect Grenada!” said Dukey as his men took off with him. Dukey was in his Gelgoog and while the rest of his men were in Nemo’s. They quickly reached Grenada and Dukey sent a message to his Sergeant.

“Sergeant Paul, once you get within firing range with the Raider, let me know. I want all of the mechanics onboard to work on my Hyaku Shiki. I won't be able to accomplish much in this Gelgoog, even if it is a customized model. Also contact the Musaka class cruiser,” he ordered. 

"Aye Captain!"

Suddenly everything froze in time as the area around them turned foggy, represented in the colors of red and purple blending into the background,

"Wha...this feeling again? Someone is coming. Is it Amuro Ray? No—this is different, who is this?" asked Hylis to herself, looking around.

There has to be something...” thought Zach as he continued to look around in the hangar. Everything had already taken off, but a minimally damaged Rick Dias. “DAMNIT! It will have to do!”

Zach hopped in the cockpit and closed it, fired up the thrusters and followed out into space, catching up with Dukey a few lengths later. Beam saber in hand he rushed into battle.

            “Wha…what’s this?” asked Blues, feeling this instance presence of another like him. Dukey stopped and froze, “It’s…that feeling again. Who ever killed all those people is now here and after my ship!” he thought as time reverted itself back to normal. Dukey continued on and began attacking Tai-Sons. They were actually quite the challenge for him due to his highly out-dated mobile suit. “Listen, you guys have to cover my blind spots. This mobile suit doesn’t have 360 degree vision.”

Dukey slashed through another Tai-Son. A beam blast just about hit him, but he sensed it coming and dodged it at the last minute. “Damn…even with the customizations my father put into this Gelgoog, it's still got slow reaction times compared to my Hyaku Shiki.”

Zach hit the thrusters again, putting his beam saber straight through a Tai-Son’s, splitting it in half right above Dukeys blind spot.

“Saving you again hey Captain? Hehheh. I got your back if you watch mine,” said Zach as Dukey nodded. Zach fired a shot out of his turret, stopping a rushing Tai-Son coming towards them; he finished him off with his beam saber.

“Haha! They've got nothing on us!” said Dukey, darting beneath a Tai-Son, cutting off all of its limbs. “Eject pilot, you're too useless to fight now!” Dukey watched the pilot eject, and went on to the next Tai-Son. “That feeling…It's getting closer!”

Suddenly, Dukey was grabbed from behind by an enemy Tai-Son. He quickly slammed his Gelgoog in reverse and smashed the Tai-Son into the surface of Grenada. “Zach, be careful of your speed, it may effect your movements!”  

"Lieutenant Zedd, I sense more reinforcements from the rear...would you like to do the honors?” asked Hylis with a deviant smile.

"Ten four. You'll guide the rest of the team, captain wants that ship intact," he said as his PMX-001 Quasar mobile suit’s arms and legs started to tuck in and transform into a mobile armor. It took off, looking like a mobile armor, heading for the new reinforcements. Hylis took off in the opposite direction.

            Blues dodged to the left and then swept through to the right, blasting a couple of Tai-Sons.

            “Big brother!”

            “!!! Elly?” whispered Blues, hearing the faint voice of his little sister. He turned his mobile suit around seeing a space transport ship heading towards the battle. His instinct told him to go over there, but suddenly alarms started ringing in his mobile suit which the screen read that he had been hit.

            “Gotcha!” shouted Hylis.