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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 07: "Blues!" 

"We are approaching the Grenada base, all hands prepare for dock!" Dukey woke up and wiped the drool off his face realizing he accidentally dozed off while still sitting in his chair.

“Uh wa? We're here…I mean, we're here!” The Raider docked in Port-D and the crew members started to step off except Dukey and Zach who went last. Dukey checked with the nurse who told him that Zach was still unresponsive. “Okay, just tell him to stay on the Raider. Me and my men are planning to tell the Admiral that we got into a battle on the way back but took care of the enemy with ease. If they found out we had to dock for repairs they might get pissed.” “In the shape the Raider's in we would have had to have made easy work of our attackers. I'll just tell the bastard that I took them out single-handedly with my Hyaku Shiki, it's in rough shape.”

“Tell him if anyone boards the Raider; just hide in the Normal suit locker room. There's a lock on the door.” Dukey preceded to hand the nurse Zach’s ID card.  “Use this to open the door. I'll just say I lost mine on the mission; they'll get me a new one. Alright, I'm off to speak with the Admiral, wish me luck!”

Monoxide made it back to his ship and took everything back to his garage and docked them. Monoxide was going to see what upgrades he could do so he began taking the unusable to sell and began making new toys from what he salvaged then began working hard.

Within Von Braun City, Blues headed over to the hanger where he was approached by the Head Tech.


“Yes?” he asked. Blues was wearing some black army boots, dark blue pants, and a light blue shirt with a blue vest. He also was wearing a pair of goggles on his head. He had dark grey hair, light eyes, and copper skin.

“We found a program for an unfinished function,” said Head Tech.


“Yes! It will allow your G-Frame to assume a Wave-Rider form. It also contains ambidexterity mounting and programming for both your machines. You'll be able to Dual-Wield. She sent an extra pair of Graviton Rifles,” explained Head Tech.

“Ring always comes through for me. I have 3 G-Rifles now so leave one on the Boxer, save the other two until we complete the upgrades for the Jegans,” instructed C.T. Blues.

Chiosu T. Blues helped out and started working on the upgrades to the Jegans and as the hours went by, Blues was soon approached by a messenger,

“Blues? You need to report to the Commanders office.”

“Understood,” he said. He hopped on the leveler and was lowered down. He stepped off and headed for Commander Browning's office. When he received permission to enter, he saluted and was asked to take a seat.

“Due to the nature of your mission here, we'll have to assign you a rank. It will lessen complication with you movement on and off of the base. You have been assigned the rank of lieutenant. All personnel here will refer to you as such” explained Browning.

“Understood sir.” After about a brief talk about his new responsibilities and such, Blues headed back to the hanger as the messenger caught up with him.  

“Lieutenant Blues!” Blues climbed up into the G-Frame module on the Boxer. Hooking up and using a laser cutter, his attention stride over to the messenger and his work at the same time.


“There’s a tech crew of fifteen from Mao Industries waiting for you. They keep going on about 'done in 20 hours' and 'Ring hates paying overtime'.”

“Oh! Get them in here now. Great! The upgrade to the Jegan will be finish by tomorrow afternoon. With Raccoons crew here, it'll be a whole new suit. I hope they brought the RGZ-91 plans,” said Blues.

Within Grenada, Dukey stepped into the AEUG Admiral's chambers…alone.

"Captain Dukey, report!"

“Captain Dukey Aznable reporting sir! We successfully blew up all the resource rings on Side 7. The Titans will be short on food and power for the next while,” reported Dukey.

"Excellent work captain. We will commence operation Top Shadow immediately. Captain, what took you so long?" asked the Admiral.

“Well sir, we were attacked by three Neo-Zeon fleets out on our way back. I managed to take them out with my silver Hyaku Shiki before any damage was dealt to the Raider,” he explained.

"I see captain. I got a report from sources on Earth claiming that you had landed at the New England Earth Federation Base. Is this true captain?"

“Uh…yes sir…we needed supplies. My Hyaku Shiki ran out of ammo and needed refueling.

"Couldn't you have done this on the Raider captain?" asked the Admiral.

“No sir, we were completely out of supplies, I'm sorry, I forgot to load up before we left sir. I didn't think we would be attacked.”

"Always prepare for the worst captain. Have your men refuel your ship and take any supplies you might need. That is all Captain Dukey Aznable!"

“Thank you Admiral Jayce Kattarn!” Dukey saluted and walked out of the room. “That was a close one…” He walked out to meet his men and told them what he said and how everything went. Dukey expected to go on Operation: Top Shadow but because of his mess up, the Admiral told him that the Raider would be put on standby for now.

“Lieutenant Blues, we just received official orders from the commander. You and a crew will head over to aid an AEUG unit at Granada that may need your assistance. At 1600 hours you will launch for the lunar city Granada to assist the Raider,” explained the messenger.

“Understood, both the Boxer repairs and the RGZ-91-Trombe should be finished by then. When it's done, I’ll take the Boxer; wait for my signal to launch the RGZ-91-Trombe okay?” asked Blues.

“Yes sir!” shouted both the messenger and Head Tech.