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Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins

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Episode 06: "Ware wa ittou ryoudan!"

“Shit!” shouted Dukey, grabbing Zach before he hit the floor. Dukey carried him to where he would be sleeping. He laid him down and called for a nurse to watch after him. Seeing that there was nothing he could do, Dukey returned to his captain duties and went back to the bridge to check on things.

"Still picking up nothing sir, we're quite a ways from Grenada, but we should be picking it up soon!"

“Alright, keep up the good work men,” he said.

Suddenly with out warning everything froze around Dukey again as he could see a swirling pool black and blood red vortex.

“What, people’s voices…pain, sadness, fear?!” said Dukey to himself, he grabbed his head. “Damnit! It just felt like a thousand cries of death rushed through my mind at once! What is going on?!” he questioned as everything resumed back to the way it was. Dukey sat back in his chair…uneasy from the feeling...

Hylis was about to rejoin what was left of the fleet when suddenly she felt something she had never felt was calling for her. Without realizing it the ReGelg moved closer to the base. Upon reaching it, the hatch opened by itself and she jumped out, searching for what was calling.

Dukey couldn't stop thinking about that feeling. It was so terrible a feeling that is was making him nauseous. “What kind of person would cause…such a thing to happened? Who did this?”

Hylis went inside the holes of the base, moving debris and body after body out of her way. She soon found the thing that was calling her. It was a T shape sample of a psyco-frame. She took it with her and headed back to her mobile suit. She jumped back inside and The ReGelg regrouped and joined what was left of the fleet and headed back to the Raim ship.

Von Braun City, Mass Driver #2,

“You have your orders. Find a Federation Unit of your choice, and serve with them until notified otherwise. Be loyal, protect them, but remember Mao Industries comes first. After your arrival, we will forward your Jegan,” ordered Ring Mao

“Yes ma'am. This is C. Blues, Huckbein Boxer, launching!” He now floated in orbit around the moon. A single Musaka class cruiser sits in orbit at the very edge of Lunar Territory.

“Captain! Heat source detected. It's larger than a MS, but too small to be a missile or a mobile armor,” informed the S-Bridge Crew.

 “Hail it,” said the S-Bridge Captain.

 “Hailing. No Response. Wait, it's sending a short message. Beware the brutal bird,” said the S-Bridge Crew.

“Fire warning shots!” shouted the S-Bridge Captain. The Musaka class fired one of its two-barrel secondary guns across the object's path.

“Excuse me? It's on.” Said C.T. Blues.

            Hylis made it back to the Raim ship and upon getting out of her damage mobile suit; she heard the captain’s voice,

"Excellent work Ensign...with this down, soon the AEUG and Neo-Zeon will have no choice but to bow down to our might," said Captain Steele.

"Whatever," moaned Hylis, stepping out and headed for her room to get some rest for the time being, unaware what is to come.

In Lunar orbit above Von Braun City, wheeling the Boxer around, Blues drew his Gravitation Rifle and put one round into the ship's catapults. He then fired a second one into the rear left thruster array. Quickly ascending above the Musaka, his backpack disengaged from the Huckbein and took the form a of 20 meter sword.

“If you had of simply let me by....G-Sword DIVER!!” shouted C.T. Blues while the Huckbein grasped the handle of the sword. Upon connection, a purple 
energy field forms around the weapon. “Observe! This is my swordsmanship!”

He then charged downward and released the sword. Pulling hard to the left and around the ship, Blues met his sword on the other side of it. It plowed through the ship destroying the reactor. Blues re-engages the G-Frame. “Ware wa ittou ryoudan!” [I am the blade that cuts in half!] Soon after, Blues jumped up awake in his own bed. He looked around slowly, realizing that it was all a dream and he was still in Von Braun City.