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The Pursuit of Something Greater

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Gabriel never was what anyone would call a people person. He was just never comfortable talking to anyone. To be honest, interacting with people in general was often a chore for him. There were three exceptions to this however.

Gabriel was very close to his mother and his little brother, Michael. He also had a good friend, Cyrillus Arthur Wilmington III, or Cyril. However, Gabriel was still a very reserved and quiet person, even with these three.

Though this was, Gabriel seemed to have an excellent connection with animals. He was far more open with them and seemed to really know what the animal was thinking. This, coupled with his mother's influence were the main factors in him deciding to become a veterinarian. 

He and his mother had opened a private practice in amongst a short strip of other offices including, of all things, an allergist. There was also a psychiatrist's office a couple of doors down. 

His mom and Cyril had told him that he should probably go there and get over some of his social anxiety. He wondered if they were being serious and whether it would honestly help.

Well that's what his mom had said. Cyril said something along the lines of, "that friggin' weird issue that only allows the ability to talk to animals." He had also went on to say that Gabriel needed to get laid and bestiality was frowned upon, which was not appreciated nor amusing. Cyril had no filter at times.

He had just left his office claiming that he needed something to drink. However, he was just saying that to my escape yet another round of this from his mother and Cyril. Worst of all, they had gotten Mikey in on the act. 

There were a few vending machines nearby so he had decided that would be a nice respite from the relentless badgering of his friend and family. He began to make the short journey when he noticed the door to Dr. Rose's office opening and a young woman around her early 20s stepped out.

"Wow!" he thought to himself as he looked at her.

Her large brown eyes peaked up at him from beneath a curtain of long, thick eyelashes. She blushed the most beautiful shade as her soft, petal pink lips turned upward into a bashful smile.

"Excuse me," she said politely stepping back to let him pass. 

"Say something stupid!" he reprimanded himself internally.

He smiled politely and nodded his head ever so slightly before continuing on his way.

"No!" his mind screamed at him. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" he berated himself.

He kind of felt that if he had a window at the back of his head that his brain would have been staring at he like a kid longing to play outside on a rainy day. He stuffed his hands forcefully into his pockets frustrated with his shyness. Rounding the corner into the small alcove, the vending machines sat quietly humming almost as if they were taunting him. Gabriel knew good and well that they weren't really but that’s the way he always felt after a situation like this one.

Peaking out of the alcove, he smiled as he watched her examine the sign for his office. He watched her lips part slightly as she read his name aloud. Goddess if he could just hear her say his name once, he could die happily. 

He shook his head vigorously, trying to shake thoughts like that away. Stepping back into the alcove, he pulled out some money to buy himself a soda.

“This girl is a stranger to me and that’s the way it is probably going to stay,” he thought to himself. “Hell, more than likely, I will never see her again.”

A sudden wave of sadness hit him at that thought. He couldn’t help but take another look at her. Her brow furrowed slightly in thought before she slowly walked away.

“Goddess, she’s beautiful,” his voice sounding as if it would blend in with the vending machines.

He watched as she got into a powder blue Chevrolet. She sat there for a short while and he noticed, even from this distance, that there was a deep sadness about her. Suddenly, she seemed to pull herself from her thoughts, buckled her seat belt, and drove away.

His eyes lingered on the parking space for a long while before he finally shook himself free of the spell under which she had him. He finished buying his soda and made his way slowly back to his office feeling more frustrated with himself than ever before. Thinking once more of the mystery girl he had encountered, he made his way inside.

"Gabriel old bean!" Cyril's voice sounded as soon as Gabriel walked through the door to the waiting room. "I thought you bloody well got kidnapped or...”

His thought was halted as Gabriel grabbed his collar and dragged him to his office.

“This is a new development mate,” Cyril commented with his eyebrow raised. “You know that I’m not a shirt lifter.”

"No!" he exclaimed, rolling his eyes. "I met a girl you idiot."

"Wow! Really?! Congratulations mate!" Cyril replied with a grin. 

"Yeah, she almost ran into me as she was leaving Dr. Rose's office."

"What's the lucky lass' name?"

"I don't know," Gabriel admitted with a shrug.

Cyril looked at him completely confused, "Um...Gabe, mate, how do you not know the name of a girl you just met?"

Gabriel shrugged again.

Cyril pinched the bridge of his nose, slightly frustrated, "Well, what did you talk about?"

"She said excuse me..."

Cyril waited for more to the story. Realizing that was all, he groaned in frustration, "Did you actually talk to this lass?"

Gabriel blushed slightly. Looking down at his shoes, he shook his head slowly.

"Then you didn't meet anybody, you loony. You saw a girl."

"I know she has brown hair, brown eyes, and that she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She also drives a blue Chevy and she stopped outside the office to check the sign so she probably has a..."

"Wait a tick..." Cyril interrupted. "How do you know what she drives and that she stopped to read the sign?"

"I watched her," he replied, hiding his face behind a chart.

"Are you completely mental?" Cyril asked, his brow knitted.

Gabriel cocked his head, "What do you mean?"

Cyril groaned and pulled his hand down his face, "Not many people like it when you watch them. It's especially dodgy when you note what they drive."

Gabriel glared at his friend, "Cyril, you make it sound like I followed her and raped her in the parking lot or something."

"You're the one raving on like a loon," Cyril replied.

Gabriel flopped into his desk chair, "I can't help it, Cyril. I've never felt like this before. Her eyes, her smile, everything about her had me completely floored." 

"Well, here's an idea. If you see her again, you may want to actually try speaking to her," Cyril replied, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the desk.

"That's helpful," Gabriel commented, rolling his eyes.

"Well what do you bloody well expect me to do? Cyberstalk her?"

"You would do that?" Gabriel asked a little too hopefully.

"No you loony!" Cyril cried.

Gabriel looked down at his hands not sure why he was feeling the way he was to begin with. He knew that he would probably have to get over whatever this feeling was. Knowing full and well that you need to know something about a person, he knew it couldn't be love. However, he was also quite sure that it wasn't merely lust.

He sighed, sadly as new thoughts began to form of those warm brown eyes peering into his very being. Cyril looked over at his friend. He had never seen him look so miserable.

He groaned loudly, "Listen mate, it's jolly brilliant that you're finally noticing girls but..." 

"I know there's nothing that can be done about it. There was just this weird connection to her," he said shaking his head to erase any of the thoughts that were slowly creeping back into his consciousness. 

Cyril watched Gabriel a moment longer, before sighing in exasperation, "Gormless bastard... You may see her again. I mean if she is a patient at Dr. Rose's office, there is a chance you will see her again."

"I know that too..." Gabriel replied quietly. 

"Blooming hell!" Cyril exclaimed. "What is your bloody problem now?"

"It's going to be the same shit again and again, Cyril."

Suddenly the door to Gabriel's office swung open with a bang. There in the door stood a woman much shorter than Gabriel in her forties.

"Gabriel Yazzie! I should have known that you would be in here goofing off with Cyril!" she admonished. "Am I going to have to take care of all of the patients on my own today?"

"Sorry mom," he replied. "Let me walk Cyril out and I'll get right to it."

"Hello Mrs. Yazzie," Cyril greeted. "You are looking lovely as always."

"Yes, I have a special glow about me when my son wants to be a no good lay about like his friend."

Cyril smirked at her, "You know your son would be lost without me love."

"Maybe you should be the lost one," she said with a smile. 

Cyril grinned at her and took a bow, "I shall take my leave then." 

He gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead. She returned the gesture before shifting to a more motherly tone.

"Will you be over for dinner tonight?"

"I have to get back to the old grind tonight."

"Well I see you in the morning then," she said, walking with them into the hall.

"Cheery bye Sofie love."

Gabriel walked Cyril the short distance to the door.

"I'll talk to you later man," Gabriel said, opening the glass door.

"See you, mate," he turned to leave but stopped. "Gabe, if you see this bird of yours, please, talk to her." 

"I'll try," Gabriel said with his usual shy smile.

"See ya later mate."

Gabriel walked back into the waiting room slowly. He knew Cyril was right but the hard part was enacting that fact. The trek to the front desk seemed to be a long one as he felt the eyes of his patients' owners upon him. Taking a look at the sign in sheet, he found the name of his first patient and threw himself into his work with thoughts of the beautiful girl who had captivated him so constantly in the back of his mind.