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The Pursuit of Something Greater

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Based on appearances, Kasey had a lot going for her. To an outsider, it would probably even be described as perfect. However, Kasey had a different opinion. 

To most everyone that knew them, Julia and Ezra Davenport were the greatest people in the world. They were kind to everyone. If there was something anyone needed, they were there with whatever was needed and then some. It didn't really hurt for them to do these things considering they had more money than brains. At least that's how Kasey felt.

Her family seemed to be wonderful on the outside but looks are often quite deceiving. All of their charitable acts were done for some kind of tax write off, to be seen, or to make some kind of business connections. They used people to whatever end as long as long as it benefited them in the end. It didn’t help matters that they were constantly berating her and judging every action she took. Nor did it do much for her self esteem to have them continually making it abundantly clear that her sister was better than her in every way, shape, and form imaginable.

Her boyfriend, Bobby Thompson, was what most would call perfect. He was strong, broad shouldered, and he had graduated at the top of his class from one of the most renowned schools in the area. To beat it all, his family owned one of the most successful companies in the nation, meaning he was also a handsome zillionaire. 

However, it was hard to say which he loved more, money or pussy. He was great in bed. At least that's what all the women he was fucking behind Kasey's back had told her but when confronted he would tell her how much he loved her and that he only had eyes for her. He would even pull out the whole he wanted to be a gentleman and "wait until marriage" thing.

He would then run and tell his parents who would tell Kasey's and it was somehow turned into her fault. She was then forced to apologize and to beg him to take her back. Even when she caught him in the act, it was somehow Kasey's fault. 

Yet another player in Kasey's "perfect" world was her perfect 15 year old sister, Mackenzie Davenport, who got absolutely everything she ever wanted. Mackenzie was beautiful. She participated in every sport and did so perfectly while maintaining perfect grades. Amazingly, she still managed to be drunk or high most of the time and to bang half of the guys in her school as well as some of their father's business connections. Her favorite "partner" had become Bobby and it was common for Kasey to catch them.

She never complained, however. Not anymore. No one listened even when she did so and she had decided it was better not to say anything anymore. Most everyone felt that she was just being whiny, petty, nitpicky, or whatever adjective they decided to use that day.

"I have a lot going for me, or at least that's what everyone tells me," Kasey concluded quietly, her head resting against the large plate glass window of her psychiatrist's office. 

This had become common practice for Kasey over the past few months. She would come into Dr. Rose's office who would scribble notes disinterestedly as she ranted about her life for a little while. Then the good doctor would up her Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, or whatever the hell she was taking at the time and then she'd go home no better than when she had first came in but on the plus side, she was no worse either.

Her large brown eyes focused on the street outside the window, branching out in different directions like a welcoming escape. She shook her head vigorously trying to erase those thoughts from her mind. Circling around, she began making another circuit around her psychiatrist's office.

"Have you been taking your medicine as prescribed," Dr. Rose asked, peering at Kasey expectantly over the rims of her glasses. 

Kasey released a loud, exasperated sigh, "You know I do."

"Well," Dr. Rose started, steepling her fingertips, "I only know what you tell me."

Kasey sighed again, "Yes doc, I take my medicine as prescribed."

Dr. Rose scribbled something on her notepad and looked up at Kasey with a thoughtful expression.

"Kasey," she began, pulling her glasses off, "I don't know anything about your life except for what you tell me."

"I know Dr. Rose," Kasey replied with another audible sigh. "I guess I'm just frustrated."

"Any particular reason why?"

Kasey thought for a moment before responding with a shrug, "I guess it's just life in general."

Dr. Rose looked at Kasey considering her words, "Kasey, you know there is only so much that your medicine can do. I can prescribe you every medication available on the market and it will do no good on its own."

"I know that," Kasey snapped. 

"Then you need to take some action," Dr. Rose bit back.

Kasey slumped into a chair in front of the psychiatrist, "What do I do then? Should I tell my family and boyfriend off?  I'm pretty sure that when I do I'll be homeless." 

There was no being "pretty sure" about it. Kasey knew for a fact that if she said half of the things that were on her mind that her parents would disown her. She also knew that she wouldn't be able to count on Bobby. Having a live in girlfriend would cut into his fun too much.

Dr. Rose's stern expression softened as she saw the turmoil in Kasey's, "As your doctor, I can't force you to do anything. However as a concerned physician, I can advise you that you need to take some active interest in improving your life." 

"Like what?" Kasey asked playing with her long brown tresses in a somewhat nervous manner.

"I can't tell you that. That's for you to decide. As a matter of fact, I think that should be a homework assignment for you this week. Think of what you can do to change your life for the better and we will talk about them in a couple of weeks."

Kasey stood from her chair, "Do you have any suggestions?"

"Think of things that would be therapeutic for you. Just think of what would make you happy."

"Okay," Kasey responded quietly. 

She turned to leave thanking Dr. Rose and giving her a small wave over her shoulder. Handing the receptionist her copayment absentmindedly, the words continually rang in her ears. She left Dr. Rose's office, almost bumping into someone on the sidewalk.

“Excuse me,” she said quietly to the man in front of her.

She felt her breath catch in her throat as she looked up at him.Warm brown eyes peered at her as he responded with a shy smile. Kasey couldn’t help but notice him as she let him pass by her. Brown hair looking to be very soft to the touch and was neatly combed, framed his beautifully bronzed face. He was tall and thin but it was clear through his forest green shirt that he was mostly composed of lean muscle rather than being sickly.

“He is absolutely gorgeous,” she thought her eyes lingering on him a moment longer before she finally left the office and sighed heavily. “Things that make me wish my parents would let me dump the asshole.Oh, well…he’s probably married or gay anyway.”

On her way back to her car, she looked at all of the different offices located nearby. Someone had rented out the space next door to the allergists’ office and Kasey couldn’t help but notice that it was the office of a veterinarian.

"That's what you call irony,” Kasey thought to herself as she looked closer at the names adhered to the glass door.

"Sofia and Gabriel Yazzie,” she read aloud. “That's an unusual name. Must be a married couple."

She stared at the names a little longer contemplating whether being married would make her feel happier.

“Marrying Bobby definitely wouldn’t,” she commented softly as she made her way to her car.

She sighed almost sadly as she buckled her seatbelt. Starting the car, she pulled out of her parking place all the while thinking about the doctor's words. 

"What would make me happy?" she questioned as she made her way to work.