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The Life of Beca Mitchell

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Hey Folks :)

Hope you're having a good day.

If you're wondering, this isn't a new chapter. I've read the reviews and PMs of the latest chapter from the other web where I also post this story. So, I think I will do the same in AOOO.

For the latest chapter, I had expected anger. But... not as stretched. 

From the few reviews and PMs, I can't help but thinking that most of you are feeling the same; so angry and disappointed. Most of you must have the same concerns. So, I'll explain some things that I think might bother you the most.

First, why Harvey and Donna are so mean. Because they've reached the point where they couldn't let Beca handle it anymore. Since the hell broke loose, this couple hadn't done anything to help Beca yet. Even with the way Bellas were pushing Beca to the corner. Donna even helped easing Chloe's anxiety after the night terror, and she did start liking Chloe up to the point where she couldn't let Beca fulfill the ridiculous demands anymore. Harvey didn't even do anything until the last chapter; and on Chloe's birthday, he still pushed the DJ to go to the party instead of taking her away immediately. But, just like the Bellas and Chloe's parents are protecting Chloe, Beca got people who protect her. And yeah, they did let Beca wreck herself for so long. That's why they became so overprotective to Beca; making up to their wrong part. Like Aubrey to Chloe.

Second, why Beca let Harvey and Donna treated Chloe that way. It's explained in the story. She needed to let Chloe learn to stand up for herself.

Third, why the Bellas are so oblivious of Beca's pain and so eager to protect Chloe to the point that they don't care about Beca anymore. Because they weren't there with Beca in the last ten years. They were with Chloe. Beca resented them because they wanted her back, but they didn't want her; they wanted someone Chloe loved and could love Chloe. I was planning that they will mend in their next reunion where Beca decided to tell them how she truly feels.

Fourth, why it seems like only the original characters are normal. Every characters are as normal and as abnormal as they could be. Every one of them did what they thought would make them sleep better at night. Every characters; either from the PP, or the original. Every one of them acted as they deemed right. Why Beca's friends didn't go the extra length like Aubrey to Chloe, because of the history of their relationship. And this issue has been brought up so many times; why Ashley is so perfect. I didn't write her as a perfect person. She left Beca time and time again, she's childish somehow in dealing with problems, she handled pain with getting drunk not only once in this story, and she stabbed Aubrey after the night terror. Even the way she loves Beca is somehow selfish. What she said about Chloe is her conclusion and how she felt; everybody has their own point of views in every problems. My fault is that, I didn't write her as Chloe in a PP FF.

Fifth, why John has to be a unkind to Beca. I thought his reasons was clear. But it seems like I've gone too far. The reason I put that down was, to show how determined Beca was to marry Chloe; that even with Chloe's father acted like that, she didn't change her mind, she handled it well, and she didn't run away. It's the same with the scene between Beca and Ashley.

Sixth, why Aubrey is still being mean to Beca. It's mentioned in the story. She's blaming Beca for getting fired. The reasons of her termination was also clear. And I just thought that what she did to Beca had some consequences. In addition, in chapter 6 degrees of separation, it's mentioned that Aubrey has lost all of her trust to Beca.

Seventh, why it seems like I don't like PP characters. This is interesting. And it got me thinking, a lot. This got me deep. When I started this story last year, I have read so many PP FF. Some of the stories were so satisfying, and some didn't go as I wanted to. Therefore, I started the one I wanted to; The Life of Beca Mitchell. Until the reviews that stated I must not like PP characters, I had never thought that the readers would come to that conclusion. I didn't even think that it's what the story represented. Honest. I was just focus on the storyline.

I appreciate the reviews and PMs. Now I understood better. I've never promised rainbow and sunshine. I only promised a happy ending. Since this isn't the end, the happiness is so limited. So little. And from the latest reviews and PMs, it seems like this story has come to the point that I can only describe as beyond shitty. Really. Like it has come to the point that it's too dark and twisted, that it's not possible to see the light, the bright side, the love, the fun.

For an instance, Harvey and Donna might have gone way too far in drilling Chloe, but Chloe did stand up for herself. I thought that would've showed how she had gotten better. Instead of asking Aubrey's help as usual, she even talked Aubrey down. Even when they were discussing the wedding plan, Chloe didn't let Aubrey took charge anymore.

Moreover, Chloe's pregnancy, how happy Beca was for finding out that she's becoming a mom, and the funny part with Fat Amy in the wedding; all of them couldn't bring it up.

I admit, I've ruined the characters in this story. All of us have a set image of PP characters in the FF, and they aren't anything like that in this story. For that, I'm truly sorry. I didn't laugh at you who love these characters, because I myself love PP. But I must be honest. I didn't really get it in the beginning. Why is it when Beca got blamed by the Bellas, it was Beca's fault; and now that Chloe got blamed by Beca's friends, it was still Beca's fault? But now I do. When Chloe's hurting, everybody else's pain don't matter. This is a PPFF. Certainly, it should've been PP centrist; in most of them, Chloe is the queen and the Bellas are united. My mistake.

I must say, after I read the latest reviews and PMs, I realized that I have written the story to this point where the bright side is so clouded with darkness. And it made me feel sad. It's my ego talking. I wanted it to go as I wanted, and not as expected by the readers. And the problem is in the way I'm writing the characters and evolving the story; I still don't want to change it because I've come so far. For this, I'm sorry for being selfish.

So, I must ask. Humbly and apologetically, should I continue posting the sequel? I've mentioned that it would be harder, and it would. If you don't want me to, it's okay. And I promise I will not let you hang. I will explain briefly in one chapter of how this story will evolve until the happy ending. I've finished the original draft of this story since months ago. Like I said in the first chapter, I've written it all before I decided to put it out.

Why do I ask even though I've mentioned in the endnote that if any of you can't go on, the last chapter could be your last? Because after reading the few responses, I started thinking about how badly I've hurt the readers and the characters. Some of you have become so angry from many chapters ago, but you couldn't help but keep reading this story because you've been waiting for the happy ending I promised but hasn't fulfilled yet. I didn't think that this story could affect many of you this far. And again, I'm truly sorry.

So, let me know if I should :)

I'll sit tight, relax, and make good choices. If I can help it :)

Ps. I hope this note doesn't upset you more :)