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The Life of Beca Mitchell

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At the age of 32, Beca has held the world in her hand. She has a dream job. Hold on a second. Scratch that, she is the dream job. She has all of the money in the world to do everything she wants to, and then some.

But that's the most insignificant part of her life. Money. Pfftt... Everybody can make money. And Beca? She doesn't only have money. She also has people in her life that support, love, and care about her.

Yep. That's true. The Beca Mitchell, the dark vibe alt tatted girl with disastrous ear monstrosities actually has best friends. Friends. Plural. Less than 10 are still plural, right? Right.

And her love life? Beca can't ask for a better love life. Or a better girlfriend. Her life is perfect. Do you want to know how she got here? Let's start from after Barden, from ten years ago. Because everything she has today happened after she graduated from Barden University.

Beca's life right after Barden wasn't all gold and sunshine. Definitely not. She'd left and lived in a very solitary life without so much of goodbyes to her best friend and The Bellas. When she moved to L.A., all she wanted to do was to live her life without any string attached with her past.

Thankfully, after seeing how talented she was, the label gave her everything she asked. Everything.

Confidentiality from whomever that work with or for her, checked. A very private penthouse, checked. Bodyguards/driver to make sure no one unless the necessary could approach her in tours and work, checked. A very multitasking personal assistant/manager named Donna, checked. Life expenses covered by the label, checked. You name it, I'll check it.

Yep. She was that kind of big a deal only by flaunting her ability to mix and produce music. Thanks to the recommendation from Residual Heat. And Flashlight obviously.

This Donna was excellent at her job. She made sure Beca got everything she asked, needed, and then some.

You can get your head out of the gutter. Because she's not that kind of personal assistant personal assistant.

Donna's job description including arranging a car every day to take the brunette to the office, managing all kind of communications from and to Beca, going to her penthouse every other day to bring groceries and a maid to clean up, and more specifically, making sure that the tiny DJ stays alive.

Now... to achieve such private life meant Beca had to cut loose so many strings with the society. Closed booth when she is DJ-ing, no visitors backstage or at home, no fans meeting, no party or interview, no going to any award show even when she won. You know, Donna or the people from the label could always take care of it.

So basically, none of any human interaction unless the necessity. Her identity was being kept in secret for six years. Nobody knew that she was DJ M. No common people knew that fact at least.

You must be asking, why? Why she had to do everything just to make sure that she couldn't be found, especially by her past? And more importantly, why would she? We'll get there. Patient.

For the record, The Bellas sure had gone way out of their head to find their "missing" former captain. But tried as hard as they might, they failed, miserably. Because Beca left no loophole for anybody, anybody from her past to find her. Brilliant. Not Beca. But Donna. She was the one who did all the hard and dirty work.

The perks from having this kind of privacy was that Beca could walk around the city freely, or sat in her favorite cafe without distraction and more importantly, alone without being hassled by the paparazzi. Nobody knew who she really was, remember?

The solitary life clearly didn't alter her career and financial. Beca had gone out of her way to advance her musical career. Only a year after she started up, she had become one of the highest paid music producer.

Yep. No doubt. I know it. You know it. Everybody know it.

It wasn't a surprise at all that she became a very sensational mysterious DJ, and she played at the most exclusive clubs all over the world.

Great right? Awesome even.

Two years after Barden, she had too much money in her hand. And she wasn't great at spending it. When that became a problem, Donna came with the rescue named Harvey Specter. A corporate lawyer and business adviser, who was also Donna's boyfriend back then.

Harvey managed Beca's money into tons and tons of great investments and real estates that blew up her bank accounts in no time. Beca started to have her own clubs and karaoke bars all around America and Europe under her company, Lucifer Corps.

On 2018, Harvey advised her to start her own label. She complied. Of course. Who was she kidding anyway? Her own record label? She'd said yes in a heartbeat. So she started to have some record labels around the states under the name Lucifer Records.

Why Lucifer? Beca named her company and label after her mother's name, Lucy. Sentimental. Unlike her. At all. But true. And it also refers to the morning star. Because unknowingly, Beca is an astronomic freak. But uhm... let's keep it to ourselves folks. It's a secret.

Judging from all of the business and investments she had, it is so freaking safe to say that she had become one of the richest person alive with her multi-billions company.

But we know Beca. Let's just be real. There's no way she wants to be hassled with those kind of craps. It's Harvey and Donna who have the expertise of these uhm... business type of thing. Yep. That's how Beca called it. Business type of thing.

Back to the topic. Her company.

So she made Harvey a CEO. She wanted Harvey and Donna to manage it together, but her red headed personal assistant, -yep, that's right. Donna is red headed, had insisted to remain as her personal assistant. Beca thought it was because she let Donna determined her own salary. The truth is, Donna just wanted to keep an eye on the reckless tiny brunette.

The couple was the closest thing Beca could refer as family after she left Barden. They loved and truly cared about the brunette, who as far as they concerned, had nobody in her life but them.

The two of them got married in 2019 and had a son the following year named Stephan Calisto Specter. They pointed Beca as the godmother, and named the boy after Beca's middle name.

It isn't by choice, -in Beca's insisted defense, to be a godmother. But the truth is, Beca loves that five year old boy very much. She has been the cool godmother, and Stephan adores her as if she hangs the stars in the sky.

Beca was more than grateful for having them, -not that she ever admitted it anyway. Still do. So, she has given them everything they need, and then some. Beca has trusted them with her life. Even though she doesn't open up much to them.

Talking about opening herself up, Beca was clearly not a fan. Beca had put her emotions buried inside, out of sight, out of mind. Covered it up with denials, rationalizations, suppressions, excuses, and so many, many other terms that a psychologist would like to call self-defense mechanism.

Fancy. I know.

Well, as unhealthy as it sounds, that felt enough though. For her. To keep it all to herself. And for a very long time, she didn't even remember how it felt like to be not alone. To be honest, she was too afraid to be not alone.

So for four years after Barden, Beca deemed that her life was enough. Supposedly. Even though other than Donna, Harvey, and Stephan, she basically didn't have anybody else in her life. No people meant no unnecessary drama, hence no pain and hurt.

That was her life's motto. Was.

Judging by that, everybody would've thought that Beca had a good life, great even. Heck, you and I would kill for a life like hers. Admit it.

For Beca, it wasn't perfect. But who needed perfect anyway when almost perfect was more than enough already. Pfft... Perfect is overrated. Or so she thought. And for more than four years after graduated, Beca was more than fine with her almost perfect life. And nope, she didn't need anybody else in order to be happy. She was happy. Supposedly.

Nevertheless, life always has something up its sleeve. And in Beca's case, Ashley happened. A surprise that Beca didn't know that she had been waiting, or even considered that she'd ever need in her life.

But it turned out, Ashley became the missing piece that perfected and completed Beca's life. Why? Because she made Beca felt that almost perfect just wasn't enough anymore. She even threw away her almost perfect life for Ashley.

You'll see why.

When they just met, Ashley was nothing like Beca. A very open person versus a hiding under the bunker type of closed off one. They were like the bright day compared to the dark starless cloudy night. Rainbow and sunshine met thunderstorm and dark humor. A bubbly optimist with a hopeless skeptics. Heart under the sleeve and heart under the cheeks.

And you clearly know which is whom. So no explanation needed. You get the picture.

In conclusion, they had nothing in common. So, personality wise, it's safe to say that they are as close as the north pole to south pole. However, they are bound to pull each other by the gravity. To balance each other. That is, if you want to be poetic or something.

Funny how things turned out though, right? The one person that scared the hell out of her mind to be committed, fell in love with the one person that had no fear to put herself into any kind of relationship.

The most private loner set her eyes and heart on the most opened person. Well, what did they know anyway? People said that opposite attracts. So maybe, just maybe, they -the people, were right in this case.

Hold it. Scratch the maybes. At this point, Beca is certain that she and Ashley are made for each other. Ironic. I know. And today, they're having their 5th anniversary.