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Brooklyn Baby

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  Hillary wiped out the tears rolling out her eyes. She had just left the Governor's Mansion , she had just left Bill. She love him but he had deeply hurted her . She had heard the rumors that Bill was going to divorce her , she didn't believe in rumors but Bill had been spending hours talking on the phone lately to Mary Ann.Mary Ann Lawrence was daughter of the owner of An Arkansas power house company, she had met both Bill and Hillary at a local bar.

 James Thomas was sitting on the other side of the shop. He had laid he's eyes on Hillary. James noticed that she had tears in her eyes, Hillary was just sitting motionless all alone. There was nobody in coffee shop, just James and Hillary. James walked towards Hillary , he sat at the Empty chair in front of her. Hillary looked up to see an attractive man with emerald green eyes sitting in front of her. Hillary wiped her eyes with her hand and cleared her throat.

 "I'm sorry to bother you but I noticed you weren't feeling alright." James gave Hillary small a handkerchief.

"Thank you , but I'm alright ." Hillary handed him over his handkerchief, James put it back in his pocket.

" I apologized for not introducing myself to you, " James extended his hand , Hillary shook his hand and gave him a warm smile ."I'm James Thomas"

" Well It's nice meeting you James, I'm Hillary Rodham ...." Hillary paused for a second she going to say Clinton but still had feelings against Bill.

" I like your name, you're the first Hillary I ever met ."Hillary blushed " " Is it fine with you if I sit here ?"

" Of course you can, and thank you James, I like your name too. Also I like your accent"

"Thank you, I'm not from Arkansas, I just moved here with my mother from New York ."

" From New York ?" What bought you here ?"

" My mother is from Little Rock but she married my father who's from Brooklyn. When they got married my mother, moved to Brooklyn. My father died six months ago and my mother decided to retired and return back to Little Rock. I just got here last month."

"Welcome to Arkansas. I'm not from Arkansas either I was born in Illinois but moved here"

" And what bought you here ?" Hillary cleared her throat . " I know this going to sound silly but I came here because of a man "

" No it doesn't sound silly. I'm sorry to asked but are you still with that man ?" Hillary was trying to hold her tears.

" Uh yes, but our relationship is very complicated and I still..."James saw that Hillary was struggling , he felt bad.

" I'm so stupid for asking you that , I truly apologized for asking that . You probably want me to leave, cause if you do I will leave."

" No James it's okay, please stay . Let's talk about something else. Are you currently working right now ? "

" I was helping at the Children's Hospital here ,but my mother got sick and I have to take care of her. She's the only thing I have . I was a pediatrician at Maimonides Children's Hospital . How about you ?"

" I work at Rose Law firm and I also work with the Children Defense Fund." James you said that your mother is the only thing you got , I'm guessing that you don't have any more family around."

" Yes, my mother is the only thing I got. I have no other siblings and I'm not married." Do you have family here in Arkansas ?"

" I do , My parents moved here with me along with my two younger brothers. I also have a nine year old daughter her name is Chelsea. She's my motivation to live ."

 " Chelsea , like the song Chelsea Morning . That's my favorite song ."

" Really ?" Hillary laughed " My daughter is name after that song "

" I wish I had children of my own but I'm happy to help the little ones at the hospital." James looked down "

"Oh James" Hillary reached for his arms " I'm sure one day you will you have children of your own" James stared at her eyes, James thought to himself " Those are the most beautiful blue eyes he had seen " Hillary was now staring at his eyes she also thought " Those are the most beautiful emerald green eyes in the world.Hillary blinked quickly and looked at the clocked hanging in the coffee shop.

" I must go I left my daughter with my mother and I really miss her ." It was a great pleasure talking to you James."

" Good Afternoon Hillary, it was my pleasure talking to you." Hillary got up and headed to her car. As she was about to start the engine. She heard a tap on the window . She rolled the window down.

" James , Did I forget something ?"

" No , I just wanted to know when can we meet again ?"

" How about this , I will call you when I'm free."

" Sounds good to me, I will give my phone number and my address. Do you have something to write ?"

" I do " Hillary got a pen and a small yellow post it note from her purse. She handed it to James.

" Here , I hope you can read it " James handed the pen and note to back Hillary. " I have that Doctor handwriting" Hillary gave James a small smile and shook her head. 

" Your handwriting is good , I can read it. " 

" I hope we can meet again soon. Well, Good afternoon ." 

" Good afternoon , James ." Hillary rolled up the window and waved goodbye to James. 

" This my opportunity to get my sweet revenge on Bill" Hillary whispered softly.