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Hold Out Your Hand, I'll Pull You Through

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“So…who’s going to take me first?” Percival couldn’t help but let his smile falter at Credence’s scared expression and red-rimmed eyes. The last thing he wanted to do was scare the boy or cause him anymore pain. He needed to keep his stoic appearance for everyone else but in reality, all he wanted was to show those two men in front of him how much he respected and cherished them.

“I am.” Newt said assertively, giving Credence one last kiss on his temple. He got up and approached Graves, throwing his arms around his neck. “Please, don’t hurt Credence…he’s scared. I’m begging you, do whatever you want to me…fuck me as many times as you want, but leave him out of this…” Newt whispered hurriedly.

Percival grabbed Newt’s arms, pushing him away from him slowly so he could look at his dotted face. “I would never hurt any of you…A-actually, I wanted you two to fuck me. Only if you’re okay with it, of course.” He uncharacteristically blushed, scratching the back of his neck.

“Wait, what? Do you mean you want to stay on the bottom?” Newt asked as Percival nodded. Newt had not been waiting for this situation. He couldn’t deny the light twinge of arousal that hit him. The idea of big, scary Mr. Graves opening up for him excited him. And made him nervous. He had never been on top before, he didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, look at me…like I said, only if you want this too...if not we’ll just go to sleep. I can even sleep in another bedroom if you want. I would never force any of you to do something you didn’t want. You’re my husbands and I’ll always protect you…” Percival was rambling now, afraid he had messed something up. He had been stupid for assuming they would want him too but he couldn’t take back his words now.

Newt gave him a soft kiss, like the ones he usually gave Credence, to shut him up. He started walking backwards, pulling Graves along with him, until he felt the bed behind him, letting himself fall on it and dragging Graves down with him. Newt huffed as Graves fell on top of him which prompted a fit of laughter. Newt had never seen this side of Graves, but he had to admit he was liking it.

He pulled away from Graves to look at Credence. The boy looked curious and aroused, if only a little nervous. He didn’t seem scared anymore and Newt was happy for that. “Hey, Credence baby, come here…” he murmured, extending his arm towards him. Credence blushed at the nickname and smiled as he got closer to the other men.

Percival pulled back and watched mesmerized as Newt drew Credence in, gently cradling his face. “No one will hurt you, I promise.” Newt said while trying to look Credence in the eyes. The boy kept averting his gaze but nodded. Newt started peppering Credence’s face with kisses, which he always seemed to love and Credence let out a small, almost quiet giggle. His eyes grew at the sound that came out of him and he gasped, embarrassed of doing it in front of a serious man like Mr. Graves. Braving a look at said man, Credence was met with a bright smile. It almost seemed foreign on his face. Grindelwald had never smiled like this when wearing Mr. Graves’s face. It was the kind of smile that made the eyes crinkle around the corners. Credence started to believe that, maybe, this Mr. Graves wouldn’t hurt him.

“You’re beautiful, you know that? Absolutely stunning, especially when you’re happy…” Percival reached out to grab one of Credence’s hands very slowly, so he wouldn’t scare him. “Both of you…Let me make you happy, please?” He ran his fingers through Newt’s wavy hair. It reminded him of autumn, a calm explosion of warm colors. And his eyes…as cliché as it may sound, Percival felt he could get lost in them. He was awarded with two smiles. A bright, full one from Newt and a small, shy, rose-cheeked one from Credence.

“Are we your good boys, Mr. Graves?” Newt teased in a low voice. Percival could only nod, his mouth going dry at the sight. “Say it…say we’re your good boys.”

“Y-you’re my good boys. So good….” He spluttered, being then taken by surprise at the whine that came out of Credence. The boy bashfully tried to hide his face on the crook of Newt’s neck as Newt kissed the top of his head, both men looking absolutely charming.

“Oh right, Credence loves to be called a good boy…” Newt sat up, bringing both men up with him. “…don’t you, love?” He finished his question with a kiss that started as gentle as always, but which he soon tried to deepen. His tongue darted out to lick Credence’s bottom lip and he gasped at the feeling, allowing Newt to push his tongue into Credence’s warm mouth. Newt started running his hand up and down Credence’s chest, stopping just to feel the boy’s agitated heartbeat. He pulled away, nuzzling Credence’s flushed cheek and leaving little butterfly kisses on his sharp jaw.

In the meantime, Percival stared at the scene before him. The mix between gentleness and frantic passion leaving him aching for some friction on his hard cock. He started undoing his pants, massaging the bulge in his underwear. “Can I kiss you too, Credence?” He asked as he leaned forward, his hand reaching out to caress his cheek. He had already kissed Newt and was now hoping Credence would give him the same honor.

Credence was startled by Mr. Graves’s proximity but he nodded anyways. He had always found Mr. Graves very attractive, but he had gotten scared of Grindelwald. However the Mr. Graves in front of him was a different person, he had to remind himself. Grindelwald would never have asked for his permission for anything and Credence appreciated Mr. Graves for doing it.

Percival closed the distance between them, giving him the gentlest kiss he could muster. Maybe later he would try something a little less so, but for now, slow and sensual was the best option. It was clear as soon as his lips touched Credence’s that the boy didn’t have much experience, what Graves found even more endearing. He couldn’t wait for him and Newt to teach him all the things he had yet to learn. All the things he had yet to experience. “Was it good?” Graves asked as he pulled away, after leaving another quick peck on Credence’s incredibly soft lips.

“Y-yes, Mr. Graves.” Credence blushed furiously, the flush spreading up to the tip of his ears.

“Good…but please don’t call me Mr. Graves. You are my husbands, there’s no need to be formal. Could you please call me Percival? Or maybe Percy? But only if you feel comfortable with it…” Newt and Credence were the only two people Percival would ever allow using that nickname.  He was rewarded once more with his boys’ smiles. So different yet both so honest.

“Percy…” Newt tried, the name rolling of his tongue. “I like it…” He laid back down, pulling Graves along with him once again for a kiss, as one of his hands pushed Credence against his side. From there he could feel both his husbands’ erections pressing into him and he moaned at the thought about what was yet to come. He let out a loud gasp as he felt Credence littering his neck with kisses and held onto him even harder. He couldn’t wait to see Credence becoming bolder and more confident in himself, although, he would still spoil him rotten. “Okay, t-too many clothes…” He panted as he sat down once again, reaching for the hem of his shirt, already halfway out of his pants. He was hypnotized by the sight of Percival ripping his dress shirt open, buttons flying everywhere.

Percival laughed at Newt’s awed expression, as the man rushed to get out of his clothes, leaving his underwear. He was about to completely take off his pants when he noticed Credence’s shaking hand as he tried to undo the buttons on his worn shirt. “Let me help you with that, is this okay with you?”

Credence nodded and looked up at Mr. Graves – Percival – through his long eyelashes, feeling the reassuring warmth of Percival’s warm hands over his, guiding his movements. He felt the bed move as Newt got up, getting rid of his undergarments. Credence didn’t think he could blush even harder but here he was – a deep crimson flush spreading throughout his entire body at the sight of Newt’s tanned, freckled, naked body. He followed Newt’s body with his eyes, from his face, to his chest, to his tummy and stopping at his cock. Swollen and red, pearly white beads drooling down his length and pooling at Newt’s ginger pubic hair. Credence’s hand automatically reached out for him – for it – but he immediately stopped. Sensing what he wanted to do, Newt grabbed his hand and led it to his private area, letting out a breathy moan when Credence shyly fondled him.

Percival licked his lips. How he wanted both men inside of him. He lingered for a moment, appreciating the view in front of him. Sun-kissed skin mingling with pale, milky one. Inky, smooth, black hair contrasting with wild ginger one. They seemed to be made of oppositions but they mixed so well, so softly. He shed his clothes in a hurry, trying to get back to his husbands as soon as possible. He started urgently removing Credence’s clothes with Newt’s help, always keeping an eye on him to make sure Credence was okay. His underwear was in even worse shape than the rest of his clothes. Not only was the fabric worn, the whole thing was riddled with holes. Percival vowed to take Credence shopping soon.

Both Newt and Percival seemed to be on the same page, since both slowed down when it came to the underwear, gently undoing each button. Newt helped Credence get out of the union suit once all the buttons were unfastened. He had to suppress a surprised gasp at the sight of Credence’s back. If he had already thought his hands were terribly scarred, nothing could have prepared him for the sight of the boy’s back. Anger bubbled in him towards Credence’s adoptive mother. What kind of person would do something like that? To a sweet person like Credence, nonetheless.

Graves noticed Newt’s expression and worriedly took a look at Credence’s back. At this moment, Credence had realized what his husbands were looking at and something in him broke. Newt had kissed the scars on his hands but, surely, he was now wondering what bad things he must have done to deserve such a punishment. What kind of wicked, evil creature he really was. He prepared himself for rejection but it never came. Instead, he could feel Newt’s calloused fingers running through each scar and Percival’s lips touching his back soothingly.

“Oh, my beautiful boy…I wish I could have saved you sooner.” Percival tried but couldn’t stop the tear that rolled down his cheek, onto Credence’s back. He knew the boy had been mistreated but he wasn’t aware of the length and cruelty of the abuse. He couldn’t help but feel guilty. He should have listened to Tina. He should have done more. Percival would make sure neither Credence nor Newt suffered ever again. But he couldn’t take away the painful memories.

Credence trembled, trying not to cry. He could never have imagined he would ever see Mr. Graves crying because of him and all he wanted to do at the moment was hug him and Newt. To thank them for caring. He reached towards both men, pulling them into each of his sides and enveloping in a thankful hug. His chest and neck started getting peppered with kisses from both Newt and Percival, as both men tried to show him how precious he was to them.  The kisses which had started light and soft, soon turned hungrier, leaving faint pink marks all over the boy’s exposed neck.

“Would you prefer to go first then, Credence?” Newt whispered in his ear. Credence shook his head and looked at Newt with big eyes.

“Okay then, Newt goes first…but if we get to your turn and you don’t want to do it, it’s perfectly fine. Do you understand this, Credence? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to…” Percival kneeled in front of Credence, cupping his face and looking him in the eyes.

“Y-yes, I understand.” He mumbled, making an effort to return Percival’s gaze.

“Good boy…so good.” Graves caressed Credence’s cheek as he kissed the corner of his pink mouth, just soft enough to leave him wanting more. “But same goes for you, Newt…are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes! I-I want this…I want you…” Newt breathed out, his hand running down Percival’s chest, towards his sculpted abdomen, which immediately tensed at the contact. Newt’s fingers kept lightly caressing each muscle and Graves shivered at the soft touch. “I’m just not sure of what to do…” he whispered uncertainly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it…do you want to prepare me? Or do you want me to do it?” A bottle of lube came flying into his hands from the dresser. Credence let out a small gasp, his eyes twinkling at the display of magic.

Newt was speechless. If because of the wandless magic or the idea of opening Percival up, he wasn’t sure. After a second of a near trance state, Newt grabbed the bottle from Percival’s hand, giving him a bruising kiss. Percival laid down on his back, legs spread apart as far as they could go. He was both excited and nervous. It had been a while for him.

Newt opened the bottle, coating his fingers with the cold substance. He started circling the rim of Percival’s hole with one finger, the way Newt usually liked done to him. Graves tensed and Newt could tell maybe his husband was nervous too. For some reason he found that reassuring. “Credence, come here…can you help me, baby? Can you go give Percy a kiss…?”

Credence laid down, on his side, next to Percival and leaned down, touching his lips softly to Graves’s. Percival grabbed the hand that was not resting on the bed and guided it towards his body. With the same curious touch he had ran his hands through Newt’s chest, Credence gently mapped out every inch of Percival’s torso with his fingertips. Goosebumps appeared on Percival’s skin, trailing behind Credence’s scarred hands. Their kiss swallowed his groan when Newt inserted a second finger, after a few moments of using just one.

Newt continued by gently scissoring his fingers. The kiss had relaxed Graves, making his job much easier, but he still wanted to be careful. Newt inserted a third finger and started lazily rubbing Percival’s inner thigh soothingly. Credence and Percival had stopped kissing in the meantime, Credence busying himself with leaving hungry kisses on Percival’s neck, like he had done to him earlier.

“I-I think that’s enough…” Percival sighed. Newt removed his fingers slowly and waited for further instructions. “Lie down…” Newt did as he was told, lying on his back, his cock so hard it almost hurt. A shiver ran down his spine as Graves covered his cock in a generous layer of the cold lube, slowly jerking him a few times.

Credence watched mesmerized as Percival straddled Newt’s hips, aligning his entrance with Newt’s cock and sinking in, in one swift motion. Newt let out a strangled cry at the tightness, trying to concentrate in not coming right there and then. His hands grasping at the soft comforter as he tried to relax. Graves started tentatively rotating his hips, swearing under his breath at the feeling of being completely filled and stretched out. Newt managed to calm down with Credence’s help. The boy kept running his hands through Newt’s wild curls which were starting to stick to his forehead.

“My good boy…” Newt said as he grabbed one of Credence’s hands, kissing his palm gently.

Our good boy…” Graves corrected, leaving soft caresses on Newt’s tummy and looking lovingly at the other boy. Credence blushed at the praise but didn’t avert his eyes this time. Small victories.

Percival started building a rhythm as he fucked himself on Newt’s enlarged cock, all the while sharing sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. The room was a mixture of groans and moans and the occasional gasp from Credence, who was now desperately rutting against his own hand slicked with his pre-cum. Newt could feel his orgasm fast approaching so he reached down, jerking Percival in time with his thrusts. Soon he was coming all over Newt’s hand and his own stomach. Newt finally let go, allowing his orgasm to roll out of him in waves, a loud groan escaping his bruised lips. Credence let out a strangled moan as he saw Newt take his soiled fingers into his mouth, thoroughly licking Percival’s release from each of them. Newt sat up, still deeply lodged in Percival and leaned down to clean Graves’s abdomen with his tongue, lapping at the milky substance as if it was the most delicious thing he had ever tried.

“You still want this, sweetheart?” Graves asked Credence, slightly out of breath as he let Newt slip out of him. It had been so long for him that he was sure he could go again in a couple of minutes.

“P-please…” Credence begged. Percival took in the sight of the boy. Tousled hair, bruised lips, dilated pupils, making his already dark eyes almost pitch black. He felt his cock twitch at the obvious aroused state Credence was in, wanting nothing more but to make him moan and cry out his name.

Both Newt and Percival turned their attention towards Credence, laying the boy in the right position. They started showering him with kisses and soft, affectionate touches while they waited for Percival to be able to go again. Credence seemed to melt into the mattress at the gentle caresses, a big smile on his lips and his eyes closed, trying to contain all he was feeling. He always had to be quiet back at home and he was usually good at it, but here was so hard. Every little touch lit up a fire in him that only seemed to be extinguishable by loud moans and whimpers.

After a few minutes of kissing and groping, Percival could feel his cock hardening again. Credence could feel it too, hardening against his thigh and in a bold moment he reached out for it, stroking it eagerly. There was nothing teasing about his movements and Percival knew he wouldn’t be able to last much at that pace. Grabbing the lube once again, he coated Credence’s cock, the boy yelping at the cold feeling. He started rubbing him, heating up the lube in the meantime.

“Okay…are you ready, baby?” Percival asked, aligning himself with Credence’s swollen cock. His wasn’t as big as Newt’s but seemed a bit thicker and Percival started to wonder if he had been prepared enough. With a consenting nod, Percival lowered himself, inch by inch on Credence. This time he did it slower than with Newt, both for his and Credence’s sake.

Credence’s body kept twitching at the sensations, he had never felt anything like this before. He felt it hard to contain his noises as Graves started fucking himself on his cock. He held onto Percival’s hips with an iron grip, trying and failing to stop his hips from automatically bucking up. Newt kept whispering sweet nothings in his ear, one of his hands coming up to play with his nipple. Credence let out a broken sob, the pleasure being too much for him to handle. He came with a loud cry, not being able to stop his orgasm from coming too soon.

“I-I’m s-so sorry! Please…f-forgive me, I tried to last longer, I d-did…” Credence rambled frantically, afraid to face Mr. Graves. What if he wasn’t happy with him and threw him out on the street?

“Hey, hey…shhh, it’s okay sweetheart. This was just your first time, it happens…” Percival replied gently, cupping Credence’s face, making him face him. He needed him to understand Percival wasn’t angry.

“I-I wasn’t a g-good boy…” Credence sobbed, eyes starting to brim with tears. Why couldn’t he stop crying lately?

“Yes, you were…You are! You’re our good boy and nothing is going to change that. You did so good, baby…” Newt comforted, peppering him in kisses as Graves got up. He could never get tired of giving Credence these soft, little kisses. Of watching the way the muscles under his skin would contract and relax at each gentle touch. “Here, I’ll help you get Percy off…” He grabbed the boy’s hand and put it on Percival’s still hard, leaking cock, as he guided his movements. He helped him stroke Percival, showing him how to thumb at the slit.

Credence tried doing it on his own, as Newt encouraged him from the side and in no time Percival was coming, whispering Credence’s name under his breath. None of Graves’s cum landed on his stomach this time, landing all on his hand. He had been curious after seeing Newt do it and tentatively sucked a cum-covered finger into his mouth. Deciding the taste wasn’t so bad, he kept licking the rest of his fingers and his hand, slowly. If Percival didn’t know any better he would think the boy was teasing him. But no, he was just truly innocent.

“Hey, let me clean you up…” Newt kissed Percival’s shoulder when he got closer to him. He had left to the bathroom and was now coming back with a tepid, wet towel. Newt started cleaning both his and Credence’s cum that was sipping out of Percival, gently since the man was still sore.

Percival winced slightly at the intrusion, as Credence and Newt quickly soothed him with kisses. Once Newt was finished, they got under the covers, Percival in the middle, with Credence and Newt cuddled into his sides. His first night with his husbands had been perfect and he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with them.