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Jimin's butt has always looked nice.

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Jimin’s butt has always looked nice. Jungkook at the ripe age of 13 discovers how majestic the two perfect globes look in Jimin’s sweat pants or jiggle in those basketball shorts. Chalk it up to hormones and puberty but Jungkook constantly finds himself staring when Jimin is facing away from him. He isn’t the only one, he hears other Hyungs and even female trainees mention it when the chubby cheek cutie walks by. God, Jimin has a addictive walk. It makes his cheeks jiggle slightly and Jungkook counts every single one. Every step has a average of two jiggles.

It only gets worst when Jimin is laying on his stomach, laughing over what ever Taehyung is joking about with his own boxy grin. Jungkook eyes scan over how Jimin’s back dips down before curving up into that perfect ass  then goes back to those meaty thighs. If training for being a idol is hard then holding back the urge to grope those juicy looking cheeks is harder.

Taehyung gets the honor of slapping one cheek and Jungkook has never been so jealous in all his life.

Jimin’s butt has always looked nice. Jungkook at the ripe age of 15 finally gets a chance to feel that firm fat against his hand with the excuse of being ‘nervous.’ Of course, the Golden Maknae work his way up from grabbing Seokjin and Taehyung to the ass god himself and once Jungkook got the squeeze in he was sure his hand was going to come back with gold sprinkle on it. Jimin being a good Hyung, just laughs at the touch and pats Jungkook head telling him not to worry. Jungkook couldn’t help himself and goes in for another grab only seconds before they hit stage.

From then on its almost routine. Jungkook finding any excuse to get his hands on Jimin’s ass cheeks; teasing pinches, comfort pats, shoving, poking, smacking, patting. Its pretty ridiculous how many times Jungkook’s hands as come in contact with that fat. Jimin once joke that Jungkook was obsessed and Jungkook barely choke out a lie that he wasn’t. From then on Jungkook made moves to grab the other members butts but none of them where as juicy as Jimin’s.

Taehyung made a move to play with Jimin’s jiggly butt during War of Hormones and Jungkook thinks they’re rivals for it.

Jimin’s butt has always looked nice. Jungkook at the ripe age of 20 gets to have his cock buried inside. If Jungkook was obsessed earlier then he is a lunatic for it now. Jimin just squeezes and holds Jungkook’s cock as those appetizing cheeks smack against Jungkook’s pelvics. The visual itself makes Jungkook want to explode into his condom and it’s surprising he hasn’t considering how fucking amazing this all feels. Jungkook greedily moves one hand to pull one of those heaven sent cheeks so his cock can get in deeper and Jimin about keens from below and throws his hips back.

Jungkook can’t help but also shove his face into them! He licks, nips, sucks, kiss, bites, marks them up so much that Jimin has different color bruises all over them. If Jungkook could have one meal for the rest of his life he is sure it would be Jimin’s ass, he can chew on one ass cheek for hours and be content for life! He would know cause he has done it before. Jimin jokes about buying Jungkook a pillow thats shape like his butt, Jungkook jokes that he would have no use for his boyfriend, Jimin threatens Jungkook with no sex, Jungkook whimpers sorry as he kisses Jimin’s butt cheeks, Jimin laughs while threatening to send Jungkook to rehab.

When Taehyung jokingly threatens to bite Jimin’s butt and Jungkook literally kicks Taehyung off the couch, Jimin pulls out his phone for rehab centers.

Jimin’s butt has always looked nice. Jungkook would argee.