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After another failed conversation with his mother and Gary about being sent to military school, he’d gotten a message through his comm to head to the garage. As he walked to his car his parents followed him.


“We know you’re hiding something! Why don’t you just tell us so we can help you!?” his mother pleaded.


At that moment Philip appeared at the end of the driveway.


Trevor, momentarily stunned into stopping, asked in a harsh whisper, “What are you doing here?”


 Philip, walking toward him, replied with the slightest of smiles, “Helping you with your cover.”


As soon as Philip reached him, he placed his hand on Trevor’s hip and jaw, and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss was really just a pressing of mouths together but as Trevor relaxed into it a little it became more. Before anything else could happen, Trevor heard Gary clear his throat from behind him. Breaking away from the kiss Trevor turned to look at him.


“Who’s this then?” Gary rumbled, looking uncomfortable.


“This is, uh, my, um, boyfriend?” Trevor stammered out glancing back at Philip questionably.


Philip just raised an eyebrow and gave a small shrug.


“But we’ve got to go. We’ll talk later. Bye!” Trevor rushed out as he took the last few steps to the car, Philip obediently rounding to the passenger side.


As Trevor started the car and began pulling out of the drive way he looked back to his parents. Both were silently watching the car drive away, not showing any emotion except shock.


After driving for a good ten minutes, Trevor risked a peek at Philip. His long hair formed a sheer curtain as he looked down, his hand at his mouth, fingers lightly touching his lips. Trevor could see the slight curve of his smile and tried to swallow with his now dry mouth.


“So how was that supposed to help?” he finally asked.


“Well, we can’t have you going off to military school. We need you here for missions,” Philip responded.


“Okay. That almost makes sense. But how will being gay stop them from sending me off anyway?” Trevor asked, clueless.


Philip lifted one shoulder in a half shrug, “They’ll have something else to think about now instead of your absences. And they’ll have to think of how it makes them look, sending their son to military school right after finding out he’s gay.”


Trevor nodded, “Right. Okay. So what is the mission today?”


“Hm? Oh, no mission. I just needed you to come outside. I was in the area and heard the arguing over the comm,” Philip responded shiftily.


“And that was the only thing you could think of doing?” Trevor asked incredulous.


“Well, I mean, yeah,” Philip answered hesitantly.


Just then they pulled up to the empty garage and Philip rushed to get out of the car. Trevor followed him out and over to the couch, where Philip sat heavily.


Trevor sat down next to him and asked another question, “Why was that the only thing you could think of?”


Philip winced and drew back from Trevor, mumbling softly.


“What was that?” Trevor asked with a smile gently tugging at his mouth.


Philip sighed, “Cause I’ve thought of doing it before,” he said while sinking back into the cushions.


Trevor blinked and, still softly smiling, said, “Well that’s good. Cause so have I.”


Philip finally looked at him and noticed the small smile, “What?”


Trevor leaned toward him gently touched their lips together. He pulled away again and looked at Philip, who seemed stunned and had his hand up as if to hold on to Trevor.


“Well now we have to keep up appearances, so, would you liked to go on a date?” Trevor asked.


“Uhh, yes? I mean, yeah. Yes. We should do that. For your cover.” Philip’s words stumbled out.


Trevor’s smile turned into a grin as he leaned in again, “Then I guess we should kiss again. For practice.”


“Right, practice,” Philip said dazedly.


This time the kiss quickly became heated, as Trevor moved so he ended up straddling Philip’s lap. When they pulled away breathing heavily, they were both smiling.


“Alright,” stated Trevor, “we are going to go for a walk in the park.”


“Okay. Sure. In a minute though,” Philip said before pulling Trevor back down for more kisses.


They didn’t make it to the park that day.