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On the First Day of Christmas (I was given true love)

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Yoongi completely understood the need to indulge to the whims of the commercialized holiday of Christmas. But that didn’t mean he wanted to play to the tune of corporate. And yet here he was, Jungkook dragging him into the mall towards the end line that seemed to span too far out, all to visit the man with the red and white fur trimmed suit and trademark white bushy beard.

At least he could say it was for a good cause. More than fifty percent of the proceedings would be given in the form of gifts to children and the rest of money would be donated to the local soup kitchen. And he could never say no to his mother who urged him to go.

(“Take Jungkook for me would you Yoongi-yah?” his mother asked as Jungkook stood next to her. “He’s been begging to go see Santa and I haven’t had the time this week. Use the time for some brother bonding, after all you’ve just come back from college and Jungkookie misses his hyung.” And Yoongi could never resist Jungkook’s eyes. He didn’t want to ruin Jungkook’s Christmas, no matter how much the holiday irritated him.)

Once they reached the end of the line, it was silent for a few moments until Jungkook tugged on Yoongi’s pant leg. Yoongi crouched down to reach his eyes at level. “What is it Jungkook-ah?”

“I don’t know what to ask Santa for,” he said quietly.

Yoongi chuckled before he ruffled Jungkook’s hair. “Then why’d we come here Kook-ah?” Jungkook only frowned and looked down at his Iron Man shoes. “Kookie, it doesn’t matter what you want. You might not even want anything. As long as you’re happy okay?”

“Can I wish for anything?”

“Whatever you want Kook-ah. As long as you’re happy, remember? Santa is going to do his best to make your wish come true.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“There’s always hyung with lamb skewers, right? Maybe we might even go get some today.”

“Really?” Jungkook’s eyes were bright.

“Really. But first we have to see the man in the red suit you love so much. We came all this way, right? We can’t disappoint him.”

Jungkook nodded sagely and Yoongi laughed, patting him on the head while getting up. He took hold of the younger’s small fingers and moved up. It was going to be a long wait, and no matter how much the holiday irked Yoongi, he would always do whatever it took to make his dongsaeng happy.

They waited for a good half an hour before Jungkook was finally placed on Santa’s lap. And holy shit did Yoongi do a double take.

Was Santa supposed to be this attractive? What the fuck? Isn’t this illegal?

A voice broke through his thoughts, warm and raspy, purposefully low for the sake of imitating Santa’s voice. But there was a tint of accent behind it.

“And your name is?” the faux Santa smiled.

“Jungkook,” the younger one giggled.

“What a lucky young man you are Jungkook! You seem to be the last person to visit Santa today!” The fake Santa took the chance to pat Jungkook on the back. “What is it that you want for Christmas Mr. Jungkook?”

“I want Yoongi hyung to come back home more often and have lamb skewers with me. Oh and maybe even open a lamb skewer shop!” Jungkook’s eyes suddenly averted to his tiny clasped hands at his sudden outburst.

(Yoongi’s heart hurt after he heard that. He knew he stayed on campus more often than not, but he didn’t realize it was taking a toll on Jungkook. Yoongi made a mental note to himself to try coming back every weekend and treat him to something special instead of hiding away in the studio every night.)

The fake Santa looked towards the child softly. “Of course, Jungkook. Maybe I can talk to your hyung and have him sit here. He could even tell me what he wants! That is, if that’s your hyung in the corner, right?” Yoongi looked at the fake Santa in a daze.

Yoongi was suddenly jolted out of his trance. Sit where?

Jungkook nodded rapidly. “That’s him Santa! Could you really talk to him Santa?”

Jungkook please don’t.

“They don’t call me Father of Christmas if I can’t get the job done right!”

“Hyung!” Jungkook turned to face Yoongi. “Hyung!”

“Yes Kook-ah?” Yoongi meekly replied. Jungkook waved his hands for Yoongi to come over. He was done for. What Jungkook wanted, he would get.

“Hyung! Sit on Santa’s lap! He wants to talk to you for being naughty and not coming home.” Jungkook just knew all the right things to say. The fake Santa giggled, and for a moment, Yoongi could only stare.

Oh no. Holy shit this was a mistake. He sounds like an angel.

“Kook-ah, I don’t think-”

“But hyung!” Yoongi could only sigh.

“Okay Kook-ah. As long as Santa isn’t uncomfortable.”

“Why would I be uncomfortable with a man as handsome as you sitting on my lap?”

“Uh? T-thank you?” Yoongi stuttered, his checks starting to redden.

Jungkook hopped off Santa’s lap and ran to Yoongi. “Go on hyung!”

“I will Kook-ah.” He turned to the attendants dressed as elves manning the camera. “Uh, could you watch my brother for me?”

“Of course!” the one with the blond hair spoke up. “We’d love to watch-“ but before he could finish he was cut off by the other ‘elf’ with the box smile.

“Would you like pictures with Santa as well? I think it’d be memorable enough when you guys start fu-“ The blond attendant slapped him, while Yoongi started to resemble a tomato. The fake Santa seemingly let out a large cough.

“There’s a kid right in front of you Taehyung!” the blond whispered violently to the other male before turning back to Yoongi. “We’re so sorry! But would you like a print?”

Jungkook answered for him. “Yep.” When was it that a six year old made all the decisions in his life? There went another thirty dollars out of his pocket. (Not that he would ever complain. A picture with the hot mall Santa and Jungkook’s happiness? He was just fine, thank you very much.)

The blond looked to Yoongi for confirmation. “Well, what the kid wants is what he gets. I’ll take the print,” he says before facing the Santa in front of him. With a gloved hand, Santa helps him up onto his lap, and that was that. Min Yoongi, underground rapper by the name of AGUST D, was finally sitting on Santa’s lap at the age of 23.

It was mortifying, that much was certain.

But the Santa smiled at him and he thought maybe everything would be okay. “Hello,” the Santa smiled, with a crinkle in his eyes. “I heard Mr. Jungkook wanted you to come home more often.”

“Ah. Ye-yeah. College is nearby but I end up staying over for the weekends at mu-my st-studio.”

“Make sure to visit that Jungkook of yours. He’s too adorable to be forgotten by his hyung.”

Of all things, to be told off by Santa for not visiting the family more often. Yoongi could only cringe at the thought.

The Santa let out a blinding grin before he plowed right through. “But I think you’re gonna be just fine seeing how smitten you are with your brother.”

And with your smile.


Shit, he had said that aloud.


“Oh well then. But now I must ask you, what do you want for Christmas Yoongi-ssi?”

“I’m- I’m not sure.”


“Maybe I could give you some ideas? What if for your Christmas present, I gave you a date?”

And only then Yoongi realized he was in too deep to even try getting out of the man with the bright smile and the eyes that creased with his smile. Is this what they call love at first sight because holy fuck.

Yoongi could only squeak. The Santa whispered in his ear. “The name’s Hoseok. As for my number, I suspect Jimin and Taehyung are already writing it and putting it with the prints, the losers. But hopefully you’ll take my offer?” The accent of the man named Hoseok was starting to bleed through, raspy and warm. Yoongi nodded rapidly. “Now then! Pictures Mr. Yoongi-ssi.” The sunshine was able to revert back into his role with blinding speed. “I wish you a very Merry Christmas Yoongi-ssi. Until we meet again.”

The picture was taken and that was that. Yoongi got off the fake Santa, now named Hoseok, and collected himself before he went to gather the pictures and pay. Jungkook took his hyung’s hand. “Santa’s so cool right? Cool enough for even you, hyung, to fall in love.”

Yoongi spluttered. “Y-yeah Kookie. Really cool.”

The elves, rather Jimin and Taehyung, let out knowing smiles. “His number is inside the envelope with the prints which will be out in just a moment,” the blond one says.

They waited patiently, yet awkwardly as the guy with the boxy smile played with Jungkook. It took a few minutes, but finally the requested pictures were printed and put into the envelope, along with a scrap of paper that had a phone number on it. Yoongi could only see a flash of his picture but he knew, oh he knew, that he was painted red from head to toe.

“Don’t worry. It could be worse, ya know?” the guy playing with Jungkook looked up to tell him. “You coulda’ ended up-“

“Please don’t finish that thought Tae. Just don’t.” And the boy with the boxy smile was silenced after that. “Enjoy the holidays though! Thank you for your time and donation!”

“What do we say Jungkook?”

“Thank you elves! Thank you Santa!”

The duo cooed at him and the Santa (Hoseok, Yoongi corrected himself) waved with a grin Yoongi knew would bless his dreams.

“Bye Jungkook-ah! Yoongi-ssi!” Hoseok called out.

There was that accent again. However, Yoongi gave a meek smile towards Hoseok, ignoring his thoughts, before he turned around and made his way out of the mall as the last customers of the photo opportunity for that day.

Jeolla, Yoongi realized. The accent was Jeollado. Yoongi smiled softly as he grasped Jungkook’s small hand tightly. Maybe Christmas wouldn't be that bad after all.