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[Podfic] Icebreaker

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Cover Art provided by rscreighton

Get Your Freak On

    Author: cherryvanilla

    Reader: RsCreighton

    Fandom:Hockey RPF

    Pairing:Jack Eichel/Noah Hanifrin


    Warnings: N/A

    Summary:Zhenya nudges Gonch with his elbow. "Who is that?" he says in urgent Russian, jabbing his glove at the now retreating zamboni.

    "Who?" Gonch follows the line of Zhenya's gaze, blinks when it lands on the zamboni. "What, the driver? Him?"

    Zhenya nods vigorously, his eyes fixed on the zamboni.

    Gonch stares at him for a few seconds before answering with hesitation, "That's...Sidney."

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