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Bite me...

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‘Is that so’ Lena smirked and squirmed slightly as Kara’s hand continued its decent to where Lena so desperately wanted it.

‘I don’t make the rules…’ Kara responded coyly, her hand slipping into Lena’s underwear.

The witty retort on the end of Lena’s tongue was lost the minute Kara started to rub her clit. She shifted onto her back in order to spread her legs a little wider; allowing Kara better access.

Lena…’ Kara breathed out, feeling for the first time just how wet her girlfriend was.

‘Kara…’ Lena whispered while her hips bucked below Kara’s hand, ‘I’m so close darling.’

Kara hummed in agreement as she leaned in to nip Lena’s neck; she was torn between wanting to give Lena the release she was so close to and taking her time to worship her girlfriend. In the end she decided to let Lena choose.

‘Now do I let you come or do I tease you like you teased me?’ Kara murmured in Lena’s ear before sucking on the lobe.

‘My… birthday…’ Lena panted out while still moving her hips against Kara’s hand.

‘You have a point’ Kara giggled and circled Lena’s clit harder.

Kara continued to apply pressure to Lena’s clit and started to kiss her way down Lena’s neck and collarbone. She sucked on the skin at the base of Lena’s neck; one of her favourite places to leave marks, and released the flesh with a satisfying pop.

She continued to suck, kiss and nip her way down Lena’s chest, leaving marks in her wake, while the raven haired beauty beneath her writhed and moaned. Kara took one of Lena’s nipples into her mouth, swirling the hardened bud with her tongue before biting down.

Lena arched off the bed, bunching the bed sheets up in her fist as she came with a loud cry.

Kara nuzzled into the crook of Lena’s neck and grinned at how quickly Lena had come undone; easing off the pressure she had been applying to Lena’s clit, but leaving her hand planted firmly in her girlfriend’s underwear.

‘I can feel your smile, feeling rather smug aren’t you?’ Lena rasped, her body occasionally twitching as a few aftershocks tingled through her body. Kara sporadically brushing against her clit wasn’t helping her regain control of her body.

‘Wouldn’t you be smug?’ Kara questioned, ‘I barely touched you.’ Kara paused for a moment and playfully nipped at Lena’s earlobe, ‘you still need at least another orgasm before tonight is through; after all it’s only fair…’

‘Supergirl; the poster child for justice’ Lena quipped, her hips bucking as Kara started drawing lazy circles around her clit once again, ‘I take it you have something in mind?’

Kara nodded, her eyes darkening, ‘I want to be inside you...’ she started and gently moved her fingers down to Lena’s entrance before slowly entering her with two fingers.

All Lena could do was nod, the speed at which Kara was pumping her fingers in and out of her was agonisingly slow, Lena felt herself push her hips up trying to get Kara to go deeper, harder, faster, anything other than painfully slow pace she was currently teasing her at.

‘No Lena, I want to be inside you’ Kara paused and took a deep breath, ‘with… with the strap on.’

‘Oh god…’ Lena moaned, the very thought driving her wild. It had long been a fantasy of hers to be fucked with the strap on by Kara, the Kryptonian always being too hesitant to actually go ahead as she was too worried about keeping her strength in check.

‘That’s if you want me to…’ Kara interjected, wanting to make sure it was what Lena wanted, the kryptonite bracelets she was still wearing giving her the confidence to try something she had always wanted to do.

‘YES!’ Lena yelled, her hips still moving against Kara’s fingers.

Kara slowly removed her fingers and smiled sympathetically at the whine Lena let out at the loss of contact. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean, humming at the taste of Lena’s arousal. ‘You wana make yourself comfortable while I go put it on?’ Kara questioned and leaned over to give Lena a quick kiss.

Lena watched as Kara bounced off the bed towards the bathroom after rummaging in the bedside cabinet to find what she needed.

Lena quickly shucked off her panties and leaned into the drawer to pull out the small bottle of lube; she was pretty sure she wouldn’t need it, but wanted it to hand just in case. She settled herself in the middle of the bed and let her hands roam her body, palming at her breasts and occasionally running through her folds and over her clit, making herself wetter for Kara.

In the bathroom Kara quickly washed the purple curved dildo before placing it into the harness and strapping it in place, making sure the base was in the correct position to provide stimulation to her clit. She gave herself a quick once over in the mirror and gasped; a bruise was forming on her shoulder from where Lena had bitten her, red marks and smaller bruises littered her body, marking the path Lena had taken. She looked owned; the thought sent a shiver down her spine. There had never been any doubt in her mind that she was Lena’s and Lena was hers; but this was the first physical manifestation she had seen on her own body.

Kara wandered back out to the bedroom, the dildo situated between her legs causing her to walk with a slight swagger. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of Lena laid out on the bed playing with herself. Her head was thrown back, her hair having come undone from the pins holding it up and was now framing her face. Her eyes were closed, breathing heavily, waiting for Kara’s return.

Upon hearing the bathroom door close, Lena opened her eyes and turned to Kara, ‘oh wow’ she muttered, slightly unprepared for the sight of Kara actually wearing the strap on.

Lena pushed herself onto all fours and crawled towards the edge of the bed with a hungry look in her eyes; she settled back onto her ankles and held out her hand for Kara to re-join her on the bed.

Kara took her hand and kneeled on the bed in front on Lena, pulling her in for a kiss. Lena’s tongue immediately sought entry into Kara’s mouth and she willingly obliged. Lena placed her hands onto Kara’s arse and pulled her closer, the cool silicone sandwiched between them.

Kara groaned as Lena kneaded her arse and threaded her fingers into Lena’s hair, pulling her as close as she could. When they finally broke from the kiss they were both panting slightly, eyes dilated and undeniably aroused.

Kara went to gently push Lena down onto the bed, but Lena just bit her lip in a smirk.

‘I want you on your back; I want to ride you…’ Lena purred, one eyebrow rising slightly.

Oh Rao’ was the only response Kara could manage as the image of Lena riding her formed in her mind and for a moment Lena was worried she had stopped breathing.

‘Kara?’ Lena questioned, chuckling at the dazed look that crossed her girlfriend’s face.

‘Oh… yes… good’ Kara stuttered out before moving to settle back down on the bed, propped up by a few pillows.

Lena kneeled above Kara and ran her fingernails over Kara’s abs, enjoying the feel of watching them twitch before grasping the dildo in her hand, making sure to push down so that that base rubbed against Kara’s clit.

Kara brought her hands out to palm Lena’s breast and was surprised when Lena pulled her hands away.

‘Uh huh’ Lena tutted, ‘I want you to hold onto the headboard’ she instructed.

Kara pouted, but raised her arms and curled her fingers around the top bar of the headboard; her cuffs clanging against the metal.

‘I’m not going to attach the chain’ Lena explained, ‘I want you to keep your hands there.’

Kara nodded.

‘Good’ Lena tilted her head and resumed her earlier position of gently pushing the base of the dildo against Kara’s clit. Kara moaned at the contact and raised her hips to try and increase the friction.

Lena ran her fingers through her folds, gathering up some of the wetness, before using it to lube up the end of the dildo. She positioned herself above it and slowly sank onto it, letting it fill her completely.

‘Fuck…’ Lena moaned as her walls stretched to accommodate the strap on. She used her hands to steady herself against Kara’s abs and slowly started to move up and down. The two women moaned in unison; Lena from the sensation of the dildo sliding in and out and Kara from the stimulation to her clit combined with the image of the woman who was currently riding her.

Kara started to thrust her hips to meet Lena’s movements, all the while keeping her hands curled round the headboard.

Once she felt she had settled into a rhythm, Lena stroked her hands up her own body to play with her nipples; teasing the hardened nubs by rolling and pinching them, her head rolled back exposing her neck, her lip secured between her teeth.

Kara didn’t know whether to moan at the display Lena was putting on for her or whine at the lack of touching. She desperately wanted to touch Lena, but was keeping her hands on the headboard for the time being.

Lena ground down harder onto Kara, her breathing getting heavier with every passing moment. She could tell by the look of Kara’s face that she was struggling to keep her hands on the headboard as instructed, but was elated to see her trying to comply.

Lena brought her fingers down to brush against her clit, knowing she was getting close. A moan escaped her as she started circling her clit and rolling her hips, the dildo settled deep inside her. She saw the exact moment Kara’s resolve broke.

Kara watched as Lena’s fingers trailed from her nipples to her clit, teasing herself to her imminent climax. A growl escaped her throat as she released the headboard, wrapping her arms round Lena, fully enveloping her girlfriends body with her own. Without removing the dildo and in a move that surprised both of them considering Kara did not have her full Supergirl strength, she flipped the pair of them so that Lena was on her back beneath her.

Lena squeaked in surprise as she found herself beneath Kara, the squeak quickly turning into a moan as Kara started thrusting.

Lena wrapped her legs around Kara’s waist, allowing her to thrust deeper into her.

‘Oh god, harder Kara…’ Lena begged, her arms flailing around slightly as she tried to find something to grip on to. In the end she tangled one hand into the bed sheets and the other into her hair.

Kara obliged and thrust harder and deeper into Lena, marvelling as Lena panted and writhed beneath her. She supported her weight on one arm and lowered her other hand to the top on the strap on where she felt around for the button to the small bullet she had slipped into the harness, keeping her thrusts short and deep. She finally managed to locate the on button and pulled nearly all the way out of Lena, leaving just the tip of the dildo in her. Kara timed switching the bullet on with one long, hard thrust, the bullet pressing against Lena’s clit which caused Lena to arch off the bed, the hand wrapped in the bed sheet flying above her head.

Kara gripped Lena’s wrist with her hand and moved so that their fingers slotted together, the cuffs encasing her wrists rubbing against Lena. She leaned down to kiss Lena, all the while keeping up a steady pace with her thrusts. Lena uttered expletives and barely coherent instructions into Kara’s mouth as she moved her hips to meet Kara thrust for thrust.

‘Fuck… fuck… Kara…’ Lena whined out and snaked her other hand up above her head.

Kara grabbed both of Lena’s wrists and raised them higher, ‘I want you hold onto the headboard’ Kara murmured, ‘keep your hands there ok?’ It was a delicious reversal from earlier that evening.

Once Lena had wrapped her finger around the metal bars, Kara sat upright, placing her hands firmly on Lena’s hips. She started fucking Lena faster, snapping her hips against Lena’s centre, the vibrations of the bullet buzzing against both of their clits.

Lena’s hips started to buck beneath Kara, her orgasm building, her face flushed and her chest moving heavily.

‘Kara… yes… don’t stop…’ Lena moaned, her grip tightening around the bars of the headboard.

Kara knew Lena was close to the edge; she was too, she thrust a few more times, before finally burying deep into Lena, holding the dildo in place as the bullet vibrated against her swollen clit.

Lena screamed as her walls tightened around the strap on, pulling against the headboard, not feeling the metal bend under her hands. She convulsed below Kara, her abs spasming, her hips bucking wildly as her body went through one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had.

Watching Lena completely fall apart beneath her drove Kara over the edge, she cried out, her twitching causing the dildo to make short hard thrusts into Lena. Once she had finished thrusting she gently removed the strap on from Lena who whimpered at the feeling of being empty. Kara quickly undid the harness and let it fall to the side of the bed. Upon turning back to Lena, she saw that her girlfriend was still riding out her orgasm and grinned.

‘Happy Birthday beautiful’ she whispered as she gathered Lena up in her arms and snuggled in, the pair of them sated and absolutely exhausted.


The next morning both women woke entangled in each other’s limbs, Kara nuzzling into Lena’s neck.

‘Morning’ Lena husked, opening one eye to look at her girlfriend.

‘Hey’ Kara replied and leaned in to kiss Lena. She brought her hand up to stroke Lena’s face and they both realised she was still wearing the kryptonite bracelets.

‘I can’t believe you slept in them…’ Lena muttered.

‘I didn’t want to take them off’ Kara admitted, ‘plus I wanted you to be one to remove them, and you were a big ball of mush last night’ she giggled.

Lena hummed and stroked the bracelet, ‘well, you did fuck me until I couldn’t move…’ she pointed out. ‘Do you want me to remove them now?’ she questioned.

Kara nodded, ‘Alex is guna freak when she finds out how long I wore them for, she wants to check me over at sister night tonight’

Lena kissed each bracelet before gently removing them and Kara felt her powers gradually return, she stretched and groaned as her muscles flexed.

‘I’ll go put these back in their box and grab my morning coffee’ Lena smiled, ‘you want anything?’

‘Sticky bun?’ Kara grinned.

Lena chuckled and headed out to the kitchen. She returned ten minutes later with the promised items and clocked the state of the headboard for the first time, the bars bent, almost snapped off.

‘How did you manage to still destroy the headboard with the cuffs on?’ Lena asked quizzically.

‘That wasn’t me…’ Kara replied, biting the inside of her cheek to keep herself from laughing.

‘Then how? Oh!’ Lena stuttered as she remembered gripping onto it while Kara pounded her with the strap on.

Kara couldn’t contain her laughter any longer, her eyes lighting up at Lena’s realisation. She was never going to let Lena forget this. Not after all the teasing she had received for the things she had broken.


Later that evening Kara was curled up on the couch at her apartment with a bowl of popcorn on her lap, her feet resting on Alex as Buffy the Vampire Slayer played on the TV; it was a guilty pleasure of both the Danvers sisters.

Kara stretched and fidgeted, removing her hoodie, forgetting for a moment that she was wearing a tank top underneath.

‘Oh my god, Kara!’ Alex exclaimed upon seeing the bruise on Kara’s shoulder that had quite clearly been caused by a set of teeth, and the scratch marks from fingernails across her abs. The other marks had faded once she had removed the kryptonite bracelets, but those particular markings were taking a little longer to fade.

Kara blushed, she had discussed a little with Alex about her night with Lena, but hadn’t shown her the bruises. Alex had mainly been concerned with making sure Kara was OK after wearing the bracelets for a long time, but hadn’t been able to resist teasing her younger sister causing her cheeks to remain pink for at least twenty minutes. Kara ran her fingers over the bruise on her shoulder, memories of the previous night flooding her mind.

Kara couldn’t stop grinning, Alex knew there was more than she had already told her but was torn between wanting to find out and remain partially innocent about her sister’s sex life. Opening up to Kara about sex with Maggie had been exhilarating and Alex had found she enjoyed the slightly teasing banter it had produced, but Kara was still her baby sister; maybe there were some things she preferred to be kept in the dark on.

‘What do you keep grinning about?’ Alex relented, deciding that as she had helped her sister make a sex bracelet, whatever had Kara grinning like a loon couldn’t be more mortifying than that.

‘She broke the bed!’ Kara giggled out.

Alex just raised an eyebrow.

‘It’s normally me that breaks things; the coffee table, the sofa, the bookcase, her office window and more beds than I could possibly count’ Kara rattled off in quick succession, ‘but she bent the headboard!’

Alex spluttered at the items Kara reeled off; she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to know how Kara and Lena had broken the window in Lena’s office, but filled it away to ask Maggie about. She was pretty sure Maggie would have some interesting theories that she would very much enjoy…