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Bite me...

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Kara had been agonising for months over what to get Lena for her birthday. Her girlfriend’s 30th was coming up and Kara really wanted to spoil her rotten. She had found a beautiful emerald earring and necklace set that would bring out Lena’s eyes, but wanted something a little more… special.

The idea came to her one night when Lena was curled up, lightly snoring against her shoulder. Kara couldn’t believe it when she discovered that Lena snored; the Luthor had denied it of course, but told Kara if she told anyone she would tease her for days without granting her any kind of release. Kara had never quite worked out if Lena was joking or not, but decided it was probably not in her best interests to find out.

Kara brushed Lena’s hair out of her face and saw the dark red mark she had left on the raven haired woman’s shoulder. Kara had always worried about losing control with her lovers, being too rough with them, but since dating Lena, Kara had discovered there was something exquisite about marking her pale skin.  She knew that she still held back with Lena, concerned that her super strength would hurt her, but wished she didn’t have too. She loved being Supergirl, but there were times she wished she wasn’t an alien.

She knew that Lena longed to mark her flesh, her Kryptonian genetics making it impossible. It hadn’t come as a surprise to her that Lena had a darker side in the bedroom and she yearned to be able to give Lena what she craved, to fully submit to her, rather than just keeping her strength in check. If only there was something out there that would lower her powers…

Then the idea hit her… Kryptonite!

A plan started to form in her mind; she was almost giddy with excitement until the realisation hit her- she would need help from Alex to make this work.


The following day Kara, in full Supergirl gear, nervously made her way to the floor that contained Alex’s lab at the DEO. She hovered around outside before finally taking a deep breath, knocking on the door and poking her head in.

Alex was engrossed in her current project, looking down the microscope in front of her, then muttering something and scribbling furiously on the note pad next to her. Kara was never quite sure what Alex was working on at any one time and had learnt a long time ago not to ask unless she wanted Alex to excitedly launch into a detailed explanation that would take 45 minutes. Alex may be a kick ass DEO agent, feared and respected by many, but to Kara she would always be her dorky older sister who was such a science nerd.

Realising her sister was too absorbed in her work to realise that she was there; Kara flipped the light switch a few times to gently startle Alex out of her work trance; she had dodged enough projectiles in her youth from unsuccessful attempts at breaking Alex’s concentration to know this was her best option.

Alex looked up as the lights flicked on and off, her hand automatically moving down to the weapon holstered at her hip.

‘Kara!’ she said, seeing her sister in the doorway, ‘I could have shot you!’

‘Like that would have done any damage’ Kara replied and rolled her eyes, her nervousness momentarily forgotten.

‘What are you doing here? I thought you had to be at CatCo all day?’ Alex questioned.

‘Lunch break…’ Kara offered as an explanation, ‘I kinda came here to talk to you about something…’ she trailed off.

‘Oh this must be good if you’ve missed lunch to come see me!’ Alex chuckled.

Kara started fidgeting with her hands, unsure of where to begin.

‘Ineedatinyamountofkryptonitetolowermypowers’ Kara breathed out in one big go.

Alex just stared at her.

‘I need a sm… small amount of kryptonite to lo… lower my powers’ Kara tried again.

‘Kara, why on earth would you need kryptonite? Why do you need to lower your powers? Is someone threatening you?’ Alex asked, concerned that her sister was in danger. So many scenarios ran through her mind and she moved to grab her phone off her work bench to put a tactical team together.

‘No! Alex’ Kara exclaimed, realising she had sent her sister into ‘protection’ mode; she grabbed her arm before Alex could pick up her phone. ‘No one is threatening me; I need the kryptonite for me…’ She took a deep breath ‘and Lena.’

Alex froze, unsure she had heard correctly.

‘You and Lena need kryptonite? What situation could possibly involve you, Lena and kryptonite?!’ Alex enquired, completely flummoxed.

Kara shuffled nervously on the spot unable to look Alex in the eye. As she realised exactly what situation involved Lena and her sister using kryptonite, Alex’s eyes went wide.

‘O… Oh…’ she stuttered, ‘I did not need to know that.’

Alex pursed her lips as she thought over her options; Kara continued to find the tiled floor the most interesting thing she had ever seen.

‘I’m not giving you enough to render you powerless’ Alex eventually said, ‘we can’t take the risk that there is a serious alien attack while you and Lena are…oh god that image will never leave my brain’ she sighed, bringing her hand up to massage her brow.

Kara launched herself at Alex, ‘thankyouthankyouthankyou!’ she yelped out, engulfing Alex in a hug.

Alex rolled her eyes; she couldn’t believe the lengths she would go to for Kara at times.

‘It’s going to take time; I need to find a way to reduce the effects of kryptonite… I wonder…’ Alex muttered, untangling herself from Kara’s arms and heading back to her work bench. She rummaged around for her glasses, finding them under a pile of paperwork and started scribbling out some formulas.

Kara smiled as she saw Alex start to work on her new scientific problem. As long as Alex could focus on the science and not the reason Kara needed the kryptonite, Kara was sure Alex would eventually forgive her.

‘What are you going to put the kryptonite in?’ Alex questioned having covered three pages in notes, her hand pausing briefly from its scribbling.

‘I was thinking a bracelet?’ Kara replied, she already had a few ideas in mind.

‘Who’s going to design that for you?’ Alex quizzed, ‘I can’t do that bit…’

‘Oh that’s another conversation I’m really not looking forward to’ Kara responded.


It was another two days before Kara was able to get Winn by himself at her apartment.

‘You guna sit down Kara? You’re making me dizzy!’ Winn grinned from the sofa as he watched Kara lap her apartment for the fourth time.

Kara turned to face Winn with a determined look on her face. ‘I need to ask you for a favour, but you can’t ask ANY questions. Ok?’ she started.

Winn tilted his head in confusion, but remained silent.

‘I’m being serious Winn! It was bad enough having this conversation with Alex!’ Kara babbled, a slight blush colouring her cheeks.

‘Oh this has got to be good Supergirl!’ Winn teased. ‘Ok! Ok! No questions’ he added hastily upon seeing Kara’s glare.

‘Good.’ Kara breathed out. ‘I need you to design a piece of jewellery.’

‘Ok, not where I thought this was heading…’ Winn admitted. ‘What’s with the whole official secrets shtick you…’

‘No questions!’ Kara yelped.

‘Ok Kara, relax! What is it that you want me to design?’ Winn asked dying to know what had Kara so worked up, but not wanting to be on the receiving end of Kara’s heat vision if she glared at him again.

 ‘I need you to make a bracelet out of lead, something I can’t break. The bracelet needs to contain a small gem stone that is only exposed when the bracelet is clicked closed’ Kara explained, ‘above all, I need it to look pretty’ she finished shyly.

Winn just starred at Kara.

‘What?’ she questioned.

‘You said no questions!’ Winn shot back, holding his hands up in surrender.

‘You know what I meant’ Kara said rolling her eyes and flopping onto the sofa next to him.

‘Ok, so I’m guessing the bracelet is for Lena? I know her birthday is coming up.’ Winn queried.

Kara nodded, then realised she needed to clarify, ‘the bracelet is a girt for Lena, but I’m the one wearing it’ Kara explained slowly.

‘Why would you be… oh never mind’ Winn retracted as Kara shot him a look. He picked up a cushion and placed it on is lap as some kind of defence system between him and Kara’s Kryptonian powers.

‘Right, one more question’ he ventured nervously. ‘What gemstone is going in the bracelet?’

‘mmhmmit’ Kara mumbled.

‘Huh?’ Winn questioned.

‘Kryptonite…’ Kara said a little louder and fiddled with her glasses.

‘Why would you need kryptonite in a bracelet? It renders you powerless’ Winn pondered out loud.

Kara felt her face going pink.

‘Oh My God! You want me to make you and Lena a sex bracelet!’ Winn exclaimed, the pieces fitting together.

Kara threw the pillow she had been sitting on squarely at Winn’s head and wished the ground would swallow her up.


Alex had discovered that the easiest way to reduce the effects of Kryptonite was the simplest; she just had to make the rock small enough so that Kara’s powers would be reduced rather than rendering her completely powerless. She just needed to get the balance right.

She had called Kara to her lab and explained that she needed to test a theory, so Kara was currently sitting in front of her waiting expectantly.

Alex pulled out a box that Kara tried to use her x-ray vision on, impatient that Alex had not given her any information.

‘You’re not going to be able to see though this box’ Alex chuckled as she watched Kara squint at it, ‘it’s lead lined you numpty! The DEO doesn’t leave kryptonite just lying around you know…’

‘Oh yeah’ Kara giggled. ‘So what’s the plan?’

Silently Alex unlocked the box and opened the first compartment, removed a tiny rock of kryptonite and placed it in front of Kara. Kara looked at it questioningly, not feeling any different and turned to look at Alex who smiled… and then punched her in the arm.

‘Ow… fuuu…’ Alex exclaimed shaking her hand and grimacing at the pain, ‘I think we need a bigger sample…’

Kara opened her mouth in shock, ‘this is your amazing plan?! Expose me to kryptonite and punch me in the arm? Until what; your hand doesn’t break and I can feel it?’

‘Pretty much…’ Alex shrugged.

‘I thought it was going to be way more… you know… science-y!’ Kara blurted out.

‘Yeah, well how many opportunities do I get to just punch my sister… and she lets me.’ Alex grinned ‘Besides this is the fastest method I could come up with in the timeframe you need this by’ she added.

Kara rolled her eyes. ‘Fine.’ She huffed.

Alex beamed and replaced the first sample back into the box and swapped it for the next size up.

Kara felt a little tingly and when Alex punched her she felt something akin to a light bee sting.

The next three samples didn’t quite give Kara what she was after, but they was getting closer. Alex meanwhile, had swapped to punching Kara with her other hand.

‘There are only two samples left…’ Alex explained as she wriggled her fingers to bring back some of the blood flow.

‘You’re close Alex; I just need a little more… feeling…’ Kara smiled encouragingly.

Alex removed the second to last sample muttering about there not being enough whiskey in the world to erase the images of her sister’s sex life from her brain and placed it in front of Kara.

‘Thank you for doing this for me Alex, I really do appreciate… OW!’ Kara squealed as Alex’s fist slammed into her upper shoulder.

Kara looked down at her arm and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw a slight bruise starting to form. She couldn’t help but think of Lena leaving bruises and red marks with her teeth all over her body; down her neck, across her abs, at the top of her thighs. She bit her lip as her eyes darkened with lust.

‘Oh gross!’ Alex gagged; she knew that look, she had looked at Maggie that way many a time. ‘You owe me a bottle of whiskey; the decent stuff!’ she said, handing Kara the kryptonite sample in a smaller lead lined box. ‘Give this to Winn and we will never speak of this again.’

Kara nodded, still slightly in her daydream, smiled in thanks, and left the lab.


Kara had been pestering Winn every day for the past week, but kept getting the same response; you can’t rush perfection Kara, I’ll let you know when I’m done.

Finally, the day before Lena’s birthday she received a text from Winn to say he was heading over.

Kara couldn’t contain her excitement and was bouncing from foot to foot when Winn finally turned up at the door.

‘Let me see! Let me see!’ Kara exclaimed the minute Winn stepped foot in her apartment.

‘You’re not blushing anymore’ Winn noted with a smile as he followed Kara to the table; which caused Kara to blush. ‘Knowing what I was making helped me make a few… modifications…’

He placed a metal box onto the table (lead lined of course, he explained) and Kara gasped. Her house crest had been etched into the lid of the box along with the word in Kryptonian she had requested inscribed underneath.

Kara breathed out as she ran her finger over the engraving smiling at the familiar letters and the way the word rolled off her tongue as she whispered it.

Kara flipped the latch and opened the box, inhaling sharply at what she saw inside; Winn had outdone himself. Inside were two bracelets, the lead polished to a glistening shine and inlaid with veins of pure silver, swirling and twisting all the way around each metal band.

Winn picked up one of the cuffs and clicked it shut, demonstrating to Kara how locking it in place caused the kryptonite to become exposed; Kara felt her powers drain away but still remain within reach.

‘Only one of the bracelets has kryptonite in it, the other is an emerald so that they look the same when you’re wearing them’ Winn explained as he opened the bracelet again (concealing the Kryptonite) and placed it back in the box.

‘Why are there two?’ Kara questioned.

Winn grinned and reached into the box to pull out a small titanium chain that Kara hadn’t noticed. Each end of the chain had a small clip that would allow the cuffs to be attached together.

‘Now correct me if I’m wrong, but considering you asked me to make a sex cuff so that you and Lena can get kinky, I went out on a limb and made you a set of unbreakable handcuffs…’ Winn smirked.

Kara wasn’t sure her face could get any redder; her mind was filled with images of her chained to Lena’s bed, a sheen of sweat covering her body, her back arched off the bed as Lena nibbled, bit and scratched her way across her body. She felt herself getting wet already.

‘Yes… thank you Winn, these are beautiful, I owe you big time!’ Kara stammered out, gently propelling Winn towards the door. She was careful not to shove him too hard out of the door and shut it behind him. She leaned forwards to rest her forehead against the cool wood.

‘Rao’ she murmured, she had not expected that reaction to the bracelets. Looking down at her watch she saw that Lena would still be in meetings; she had squeezed in extra meetings in order to be free for the entire weekend as per Kara’s instructions. Even though Lena would have to work on her birthday, Kara wanted her free for the whole weekend afterwards.

Kara wandered over to the table again and picked up one of the bracelets, running her thumb over the swirling pattern. Images continued to assault her mind of her straining against the cuffs, helpless under Lena as she pumped her fingers in and out of Kara; of Lena leaving hickies all over her body; of Lena between her thighs, relentless in her teasing; bringing Kara to the brink of bliss but never letting her topple over.

It was too much for Kara; she headed to her bedroom, shedding her clothes as she went. She climbed into her bed and let her hands roam her body; she pinched and rolled her nipples and imagined it was Lena. She brought her hand down to her folds, not surprised at all at the wetness she found there. She gathered up some of the wetness and circled her clit a few times, letting out a moan as her release started to build. Her finger dipped down to her folds and she entered herself with two fingers, pumping hard; now was not the time for foreplay. Kara threw her free arm out towards her bedside table and opened the top drawer; she fished around and finally found the small bullet vibrator she was feeling for.

The images of what she wanted Lena to do to her kept flooding her mind as she brought the bullet down to rest against her clit; her hips started to buck at the moment contact was made. Her moans increased in volume as her fingers continued to thrust in and out, never relenting in their speed.

Kara arched off the bed as her orgasm crashed through her; crying out Lena’s name and panting as she came down from such as explosive climax.

She couldn’t wait to give Lena the bracelets tomorrow.