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Let Me Love You

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chapter 1:



Jimin was nervous.

The candle-lit dinner date they were having was full of awkward silences. The man across the table had rented out the entire restaurant just for them. The space was luxuriously decorated with red and gold and the table wasn’t long, it was short enough that they could link hands if they wanted to.

Jimin knew the other was seeing how weird he was acting, but he couldn’t help it. He was nervous.

Nervous, not in a silly way, or in an ordinary way. It was the desperate kind of nervous. In his mind, the question that was being repeated was “what, now? What now?”

How was Yoongi going to react?

Was Jimin even going to find the courage to tell Yoongi, in the first place? Maybe Jimin would remain silent for the rest of their date, then go back home and stare at the walls, keeping the secret in him for another night, another day.

He had no idea how Yoongi was going to react. But it was probably going to be bad. Not that Yoongi wasn’t a good guy - Jimin wouldn’t even be here if he wasn’t - but that information he was about to drop, it wasn’t something simple. It wasn’t going to be easyl.

Jimin was going to keep it, at least of that he was sure of-

“What’s it? Is there something going on?” Yoongi asked in his usual serious deep voice, - almost as if he was portraying the character of a typical rich CEO who could only function if he was in an Armani suit, - interrupting Jimin’s panicked chain of thoughts.

Jimin gulped. Uh, he wasn’t ready to tell Yoongi about it. Not now. Maybe never.

“It’s nothing, hyung.” Jimin stretched his lips into a small, awkward smile.

Yeah, maybe he could just… not tell Yoongi.

The truth was that Jimin had just found out he was pregnant - a few hours ago, to be exact - and he was still panicking. He knew he could wait a little more to tell the other, but a part of him just didn’t want to panic alone.

He hadn’t made that little thing by himself, so why did he have to freak out by himself, right? Right?

Jimin gulped nervously. He looked down at his almost untouched plate.

After finding out he was expecting, Jimin had freaked out on his own. He hadn’t told anyone yet. The fact that he had a date with Yoongi right after he got out of his doctor’s appointment seemed just like the infamous perfect timing. Yoongi had asked him out on that dinner date about a week ago and Jimin wouldn’t even have the time to properly cancel those plans even if he wanted to.

“Jimin, tell me what happened. I can help.” Yoongi was frowning worriedly, leaning over to him with his elbows on the table.

Jimin looked into that businessman’s eyes only to find genuine concern. Even though Jimin had only met Yoongi a couple of times - mostly just for sex - he didn’t feel like the older was a bad person. He seemed decent enough. So…

“...I fainted, today.” Jimin started, very hesitantly.

The instant his words were understood, Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up. And after the surprise, came the worry mixed with disappointment. Before Yoongi could start a rant about ‘impossible beauty standards’ and ‘unnecessary diets’, Jimin hurried to continue, “B-but it wasn’t because…” he paused, unsure of what words to use. Uhg, he was nervous .

“I-it was another thing. I went to the doctor today.” Jimin said, his words coming out abruptly. Yoongi was giving him his full attention, looking right into Jimin’s eyes worriedly, and Jimin couldn’t look away. He took in a shaky breath before saying, “And I’m pregnant.”

Yoongi kept staring at him, his lips parted, eyes wide. Jimin thought he probably looked the same.

“What?” Yoongi whispered. A mild frown in his eyebrows. He tilted his head to the side, clearly taken aback by Jimin’s sudden words.

“I’m pregnant.” Jimin repeated in a small voice.

“No. You’re joking.” Yoongi shook his head, a humourless smile on his lips. His expression was quickly becoming sour.

Jimin couldn’t keep eye contact anymore. He was freaking out about this whole pregnant situation again. At least now he wasn’t alone.

“Is it mine?” Yoongi dropped the question suddenly, holding the edge of the table and leaning in Jimin’s direction.

Jimin couldn’t even say he wasn’t expecting that kind of question, because he was indeed very sexually active, but it was kind of sad that he was being questioned about that. He thought he had made it pretty obvious Yoongi was the only one he was seeing.

Whatever. Jimin took a deep breath and, without looking up, he answered, “Y-yes.” in a shaky voice.

Yoongi wasn’t reacting well.

“How- Why- How- How could you be to irresponsible?” Yoongi snapped. “A baby!! Do you know what that means?! Fucking hell!!!”

Yoongi got up from his seat and started pacing back on forth, hands pulling back his hair.

“A fucking baby , Jimin! And you’re so young!” Yoongi was practically screaming by now. He was absolutely freaking out.

Jimin sniffed in his seat, looking down. Yoongi didn’t notice it.

“You’re barely an adult! How are you supposed to take care of another human being right now?!! And I’m-” Yoongi stopped himself, and after a second of silence, and groaned. He put a hand on the back of his chair and looked down, too, seeming extremely troubled.

“What the hell happened?!” Yoongi exclaimed after a moment, looking back at Jimin who was now silently crying. “Did you forget to take your pills?! You told me you were taking them!!” Yoongi pointed at him. “Or was it all on purpose? Was it about the money after all?!”

Jimin gasped. How dare he-

Yoongi didn’t stay in the room to hear Jimin’s response. He started to walk out of the restaurant’s private room without another word, leaving Jimin sitting on the table by himself, crying and feeling even worse about everything.




      Yoongi headed for the door and exited the dining area. He could feel the heavy gaze of the staff while he crossed the restaurant, who had obviously listened to the entire exchange and now stared at his back, fully judging him for the fucking asshole he was. Yoongi entered the lift and when the doors fell closed, he wanted to cry, but didn’t. He didn’t deserve to cry.

      He couldn’t stare at his own reflection in the mirror of the lift. He hated himself for what he had done.

     The doors opened at the garage floor, and Yoongi rapidly wondered where he could go. He knew the safest and most human thing to do would be to go to Namjoon’s house and cry about it, but he couldn’t, because as soon as Namjoon knew about it, he would hate him too. Namjoon was too fond of Jimin.

     Thinking about them together made Yoongi sick to his stomach. The way Namjoon was always so calm and gentle around everyone, and just a natural leader…

     Yoongi wanted to cry, but he held back his tears. He didn’t want to call anyone, he felt too guilty.

      He didn’t know how he would be able to face Jimin ever again. So he got in his car and headed to the city, looking for the quietest pub he could find, to try to drink his guilt away.


“Sir…” the employee of the pub hesitantly shook his shoulder, not sure how to address the wealthy-looking man in a wrinkled suit that had fallen asleep on the booth, arms pillowing his head in the counter, drooling and all. The man was positively passed out. “Sir.”

“Hhmmm Jim…” the employee pitied the guy. He had entered the pub at eight o’clock, alone, and started downing all sorts of drinks. Soon he started talking drunkenly about his boyfriend Jimin that was supposedly pregnant and it was all Yoongi’s fault? The guy wasn’t sure.

“Yes. Uh, sir, you need to wake up, we’re closing. Do you want me to call in a taxi for you?” the man was now coming to himself, and he looked miserable and wrecked.

“Closing?” Yoongi mumbled, looking around the bar with a wrinkled face.

“Yes, it’s six in the morning.” Yoongi felt sick with hangover, and had to concentrate hard to not throw up on the spot.

     Yoongi looked at his phone to check the hour, and felt a pang to his heart when he saw missed calls from all sorts of friends on his phone. From Jimin to Namjoon and even Jeongguk, god, did he even have a cellphone?

    Yoongi stumbled out of the pub, and squinted at the sunlight blaring at his eyes outside. He hailed a cab in the streets and opened his mouth to tell the driver his home address, but quickly caught himself. He couldn’t go back in the state he was in. Jimin couldn’t see him like that.

    Yoongi chose a hotel, then.


     As soon as Yoongi entered the bedroom he paid for, he went for the bed. Even though he felt emotionally exhausted and was on full hangover mode, he still couldn’t sleep.

     He laid in the bed with his eyes closed, unwilling to let reality set completely in his mind yet. But then his cellphone started ringing.

     Yoongi wanted to ignore it and let it go to voicemail. But then he remembered it could be Jimin trying to reach him and picking up a goddamn phonecall was the least he could do now.

     He accepted without even looking at the id.

“Yoongi?!” Namjoon’s voice went through the speakers, and Yoongi immediately regretted picking up the call.


“Oh thank god! I’ve been trying to reach you for hours! Where are you?” Namjoon sounded relieved and worried.

“It doesn’t matter.” Yoongi replied lifelessly.

“What do you mean-”

“Did you speak to Jimin?” Yoongi wanted to know exactly how much of the situation Namjoon knew, but taking by the tone of his voice, he probably was oblivious to the whole baby situation.

“Yes, he told me he didn’t know where you were some hours ago. He sounded really worried and kind of upset. Did you guys fight?” Namjoon asked innocently, and Yoongi stayed silent. He didn’t know how to answer that, because, did they fight? Yoongi would rather categorize that as a ‘major fuck up in the history of fuck ups’.

“...I don’t know.” Yoongi said after some time. Namjoon took some time to reply as well.

“How are you?” Namjoon asked hesitantly.


“Why didn’t you come to me?” Yoongi couldn’t think of an answer. “You were drinking, weren’t you?... Was it that bad?” Namjoon asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” not anymore. I lost him .


One month later:

      Jimin was officially four months into the pregnancy. Now, he had a barely visible but really firm protruding belly, and he knew he should start telling his friends and family about the big news, and also making plans for what he would to with his rising career.

      But how could he, when said baby’s father completely hated the idea?

      After that car wreck of an argument that night, Yoongi never came back to the penthouse. Later, Jimin found out by mutual friends that the man had settled for his second apartment in the city.

      And Jimin, well, he just came back to his own tiny apartment. He knew his stay in there wouldn’t last long, though, because he’d be damned if he would raise his kid in that tiny thing. Jimin believed in raising kids in the suburbs in cute houses with gardens and nice neighbors.

      Because yes, he was keeping the baby. Jimin considered himself very pro-choice, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t feel the weight of an abortion. He knew giving birth to the baby and raising it later wouldn’t be easy, but he would do his best. That would have to be enough.

     Jimin was laying at the leather sofa of his living, looking for nice suburban houses for rent on his notebook when he received a loud notification on his phone. He grimaced, thinking it was yet another spam email his phone hadn’t managed to filter, but when he picked it up, he frowned. It was his bank app. He didn’t even know why he had that, as for he never really used it.

     The notification read “you have a new money deposit on your account.”. What? … Jimin had no clue what could that one be about, he wasn’t really expecting any payment at the moment?

      He clicked through his phone and got into the app.

      Jimin froze. He couldn’t believe his eyes. A sense of dread came through him, and he didn’t know what was worse in that display: Yoongi’s name as the sender, or the number of zeros in the amount of money he had transferred.

      Since that disastrous night, there hadn’t been any kind of communication between the two. Yoongi never reached out after that and Jimin, well, he had enough self respect to just stay quiet too. Pretend he didn’t care that Yoongi didn’t care. Leave him in the dark just like he had left Jimin in.

       Apparently, wasn’t nearly as much “left in the dark” as Jimin had first thought.

      Jimin didn’t think twice before calling Yoongi’s number.

      It was the middle of the afternoon, and he knew the other would be in his office. Jimin knew there was a high possibility Yoongi wouldn’t accept the call, principally considering how cowardly the man had acted in the previous month. But Yoongi accepted on the third ring.

“Hello.” Jimin knew Yoongi too well, because he could immediately notice the man was trying to act like he had picked the call without seeing the caller id.

“Yoongi.” the red-haired didn’t say anything else.

“Jimin.” Yoongi replied, just as smartly. Yoongi’s voice wavered, as if he was feeling too much in the moment, and Jimin’s heart melted a little bit. But he ignored that and continued.

“Why did you do that? I don’t need your money. Definitely not that much money.”

“Yes, you do.”

“No, I don’t?!! What makes you think I would accept that?”

“That’s nothing, it’s just money, and you… I heard you have plans. I just wanted to help.”

“Because I’m pregnant with your baby? “ Jimin couldn’t help but sound bitter and sad.

“No, of course not. I mean, yes. And no.” Yoongi sounded frustrated more than anything now. “Look, just use the money for whatever you want. Don’t rent, buy the house.” and suddenly everything made sense for Jimin.

     He groaned at his own stupidity. He knew that no matter how intelligent Namjoon was, bringing him along for house hunting with Taehyung would definitely come with the rapper telling Yoongi all about it. And Jimin had been so distracted he even forgot to tell Namjoon that their house hunting was supposed to be kept a secret from Yoongi.

“No, Yoongi. I don’t need your money.” God, when had been the last time they spoke so coldly with each other?

“It’s not my money, it’s yours.” Yoongi sounded final, and the determination in his voice caused a weird, bubbly feeling in Jimin’s stomach. The man quickly caught himself before he could hope, though. Don’t get too happy, he’s clearly not interested in you at all .

“I will give it back! I said I don’t need it-”

“Buy the house, and let me know if you need more.”’

“I don’t want this money!!!” Jimin was practically whining at the phone, but Yoongi was having none of it.

“It’s yours, Jimin, it’s all yours.” Yoongi said in a voice that sounded almost in pain, almost as if he was about to cry, and Jimin didn’t understand why Yoongi was acting like that.

“Wait!” Jimin exclaimed “Hello?” he looked at his phone and saw that Yoongi had actually hung up on him.


      Jimin knew he had to tell his friends sooner or later, but he dreaded that moment. He knew Yoongi didn’t exactly deserve it, but he was actually hesitant about letting everyone know about his pregnancy because of him. Because, Jimin could already imagine, that the moment they knew about Jimin’s baby, they would immediately link that to the fact that they weren’t speaking anymore, and realize Yoongi had been an asshole about it. They would take Jimin’s side in a second, and Yoongi would be way too judged.

      Jimin just didn’t think that Yoongi was seriously such a horrible person for freaking out the moment he found out he would be having a child with basically a stranger. The man knew Yoongi was a good person deep down. He didn’t want Yoongi to be left alone by his friends because of him.

    Jimin knew he had to tell his friends before they found out by just having a look at him, but he couldn’t imagine telling them all at a time. But he decided to tell, at first, Taehyung, that was his best friend since he was a kid, and Namjoon, that even though was a relatively new friend, was seriously a kind hearted, soft man that never left Jimin uncomfortable. He had set his mind on it when they were house-hunting for the second time that week. He would tell them.

   Taehyung and Namjoon were getting more and more suspicious of the fact that Jimin was insisting on renting a full suburban house and not a flat in the city for one person, but Jimin couldn’t explain his reasons without letting the cat out of the bag, so he had stayed silent. But now was the time, as they were hanging at a cute square park in the neighborhood, sitting on a bench waiting for their next house appointment.

    The park was small but really cute, with people walking dogs in the nice autumn afternoon and even with some kids playing around.

“Do you guys want some ice cream?” Namjoon asked, making to stand up from the bench, but Jimin caught his tshirt before he did it.

“No, I mean, later, but first I wanted to tell you something and I think it would be better if you were sitting down for this.” Jimin said, taking both men’s hands and placing them on his lap, interlacing their fingers and staying a moment in silence, looking at how small his fingers looked in comparison to theirs.

       Namjoon and Taehyung stayed oddly silent, and Jimin could feel Namjoon was holding his breath, as if he already had big suspicions on what could be the reason for their conversation. And he probably already guessed right, Jimin thought, as Namjoon was so clever and they all knew Jimin was a “carrier”.

“I think I should tell you two the reason why I want a full house, and not a small apartment. …” Jimin said, and then didn’t know how to continue. He was nervous about his friends’ reactions, and deep down scared that they would get mad like Yoongi did.

“So? What is it?” Taehyung’s deep voice brought him back from his thoughts, and he looked at his face. Taehyung was looking right at his eyes, a worried frown in his face and a solemn look in his eyes.


     Jimin took a deep breath, and stood up.

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chapter 2:


Jimin took a deep breath, and stood up.

      The red haired couldn’t form words to describe what was happening inside of him, so he just faced his two friends who were at the bench, and slowly put his own hands in his belly. He hoped his eyes and gestures would tell. He stood there in front of them, holding his stomach and watched as the realisation hit them. Namjoon gasped.

“Jimin… You’re…!” Namjoon had clearly understood, and so had Taehyung, that looked like he was about to cry.

“...You’re pregnant?” Taehyung whispered in a breathless voice, as if he couldn’t contain his emotions, and Jimin felt tears prickling at his own eyes at the sight of his best friend.

“You’re not angry with me, are you?” Jimin didn’t know if that teary question was directed at Taehyung, at Namjoon, or both, but Taehyung immediately answered.

“Chim… You’re pregnant!” and Taehyung officially started crying. The younger stood up from the bench and hugged Jimin, still crying.

“I’m so happy for you, your baby is going to be so perfect and cute and wonderful just like you!” Taehyung whispered at Jimin’s eyes while hugging him tight, and Jimin started crying too.

“I’m so happy for you too, Jimin! You’ll be the best dad ever!” Namjoon exclaimed, and Taehyung in between sobs pulled Namjoon into the group hug.

      The three stayed like that, in the middle of the park, until Taehyung calmed down from the euphoria. Then, they sat down again, and Taehyung was suddenly a lot more grabby than before, practically never taking his hands from Jimin’s stomach, but Jimin didn’t mind it.

“So you were actually looking for a house to raise your baby the whole time!” Namjoon exclaimed with a happy smile, and Jimin couldn’t help but smile back.

“And, talking about raising…” Taehyung started the question but then stopped. He and Namjoon exchanged looks and Taehyung looked unsure of how to ask that.

“Uh… Does this kid… Uhm… Is Yoongi…?” when Taehyung mentioned Yoongi’s name, Jimin looked down in shame. He didn’t want his friends to be caught up in their drama, but he figured it would be inevitable.

     Jimin didn’t answer, just kept looking down, and an odd silence settled in.

“Jimin.” Namjoon said firmly, but Jimin kept his head down. “Does he know?”

“Yes…” Jimin murmured. He just didn’t want them to be too mad at Yoongi, even though he had been an asshole to him. He knew Yoongi was just confused.


After Yoongi finds out his friends already know about Jimin's pregnancy, it gets even more impossible for him to ignore his feelings. It's not even so much about guilt anymore, it's pure concern. He wants Jimin to be okay, he wants to just be there for him.

      Maybe that's why Yoongi feels the need to know what's happening, constantly, in the other man's life, even though he doesn't yet feels like speaking to Jimin, or even getting close to him. That's why he is, at the moment, sitting right beside Namjoon in a recording room at their building, in a leather sofa after a recording session with young idol Jeongguk.

"So... have you been in touch with Jimin?..." Yoongi brings out of nowhere, not knowing how to start the conversation.

"..." Namjoon just stared at him quizzically. The taller man bent forward and rested his elbows on his knees, staying silent. Yoongi felt exceptionally nervous, not being sure if the look his friend was giving him was judgmental or not.

"I... I'm just asking, because, you know... We haven't been talking..." as Namjoon kept contemplating him in silence, Yoongi grew even more nervous to the point that he was about to bolt out of the room, when the other finally spoke.

"He bought a full house in the west side." Namjoon deadpanned, as if he expected Yoongi to already have that information, but the thing was that he didn’t .

"He what?!" Yoongi exclaimed as soon as he processed the words. The west side of the city was the most peaceful, but also it was completely far away from where Yoongi lived.

Namjoon raised an eyebrow at Yoongi's surprise, and now he was sure that he was being full on judged.

"He bought a house. A very nice one, secure, with a back garden, fenced, carpeted floor, big kitchen and bedrooms..." Namjoon listed in a forced-bored voice "He still has a lot to do in there but he'll be doing an house-warming party, just us, next week." Namjoon said looking straight at Yoongi, as if daring him to voice that he hadn't been invited.

 Of course he hadn't been invited.

"What has me thinking..." Namjoon said in an obviously-acted wondering voice, even placing a hand on his chin and looking to the wall in front of him "Is... Did Jimin have all that money saved up? Because, that's quite some money... His family is not rich, is it?"

Yoongi gulped. Namjoon being sarcastic was already a scary thing, but him being sarcastic and serious and judgemental was a whole new level. Suddenly the shorter man, that was sitting right beside him still in his work black suit, looked down, not knowing what to do with his hands.

"I guess not." Yoongi knew his voice sounded strained, but he couldn't help it.

"You know, there's only such things money can buy you." his voice was cold , and he was looking right at Yoongi.

"I'm not trying to buy anything here."

"Are you sure?..." Namjoon asked but didn't expect an answer "tsc...Seriously, hyung, I wish I could be in your side but you're making this so damn hard. I can't understand you right now.”

"You don't have to." Yoongi was fast in his reply. "I mean, you don't have to stay in my side. Please support Jimin."

"And why couldn't you support him?"

"He doesn't want me." Yoongi said, and Namjoon frowned, as if tasting something bad in his mouth.

"What?!" the younger turned in the sofa so that he was facing Yoongi.

"Believe me, he doesn't want to see me anymore. And it's all my fault. He probably hates me now." Yoongi didn't mean to sound so miserable, but he did, and Namjoon was looking at him like he was a hard puzzle to solve.

"Excuse me?! Hate you? Hate. Jimin." Namjoon scoffed "Jimin doesn't have a single hating bone in his entire body and you know it. He would never hate anyone. Definitely not you."

"...He should." Yoongi muttered, and then didn't feel like making that conversation last any longer. He fully planned on going back to his office to sulk in peace.

"What did you say?!" Namjoon was still kind of mad, trying to help his hyung of many years but also feeling the natural obligation of protecting an, apparently abandoned, pregnant Jimin.

Yoongi just got up from the sofa and headed to the door with hanging down shoulders. He turned slightly to say some final thing to Namjoon, but he couldn't decide on what to say. Go to his party? Tell him I’m sorry? Please take care of him? They all sounded terrible, and in the end Yoongi couldn't say anything. The man just turned back to the door and when he put his hand in the door handle, he heard Namjoon mutter "He misses you, you know that? You should be there for him."

Yoongi froze momentarily at hearing those words, but quickly recovered enough to open the door and leave the room, dead silent. He walked back to his office feeling extra like a trash bag.

Yoongi couldn't bring himself to fully believe Namjoon's words, though. Jimin needing the presence of a loving partner, that also happened to be the other parent of his unborn child? Yes. But needing Yoongi's help? Problematic, bitter Yoongi? Jimin was probably better off without him in his life.

"he misses you," kept repeating itself in Yoongi's head, and he refused to acknowledge the butterflies in his stomach from hearing those words. "you should be there for him."


"Your daddy is so intelligent and cool, sweetie." Jimin talked to the bump in his belly, alone in his sofa on a Wednesday afternoon. His living room didn't have much yet, as he was taking his time in decorating the house, and some services, such as cable tv and heating system, still needed to be installed. "He plays the piano," Jimin whispered in a childish voice, rubbing at his belly softly.

  Jimin was alone at home. He had just eaten some food Jin hyung had prepared for him earlier, and was now just fumbling with his instagram. He had almost two million followers now. That was a lot, but he was slightly worried about how he would be able to keep up with social media, work and his career while taking care of a baby.

  His manager had already set a fluffy-themed pregnant photoshoot for a rather artsy magazine, but aside from that, he had practically a zeroed schedule for the next months. He thought he would be uneasy with that prospect, but he was surprisingly, completely okay with it.

His "fans" (he didn't consider himself nearly relevant enough to have "fans") didn't know about his pregnancy yet. He wasn't sure how to do it, be it by a mirror selca showing off his belly or something more subtle like a pair of baby shoes in his hands, the options were endless.

Jimin looked at the moving boxes in front of his medium sized sofa, that were being used as a makeshift coffee table. The tupperwares were almost empty, and he smiled at the memory of Jin handing him all that food, meant to last a week, for him to reheat and eat.

It was like that, by knowing Jimin was pregnant, a switch has turned in Seokjin's head and he suddenly was a furious "mama bear", passionately willing to be there for Jimin and specially to feed him, since it was no secret to them that Jimin wasn't that good in the kitchen himself.

But Jin would also come by to check on the silliest things, in Jimin's opinion, like if he was in warm enough clothes or if he was out of water to drink or if he wanted some tea or ice cream. Basically, Jin had taken upon him the mission to feed Jimin and his baby constantly during the day.

     At first Jimin had been specially embarrassed to he such a burden on his friends, but after much insistence on their part he had learned to just let them be, and just spoil him to their heart's content.

      That's why Jimin didn't think much of hearing the doorbell ring, guessing it was probably Jin or Namjoon or both, or even Hoseok. He just lazily got up from the sofa and opened the door without looking in the peephole.

      He then immediately wished he had looked before opening, as for he wouldn't have the surprise of seeing none less than Min Fucking Yoongi on his doorstep.


       Jimin’s first reaction was slamming the door back shut the second he saw Yoongi's face.

       There was an awkward moment of silence, where Jimin just stood there facing the door with wide eyes, trying to regain his breath. He was nervous, for sure. Why would Yoongi come all the way to his house, uninvited? Would he be angry again?

Jimin mindlessly put his hands in his belly, and asked out loud, his voice wavering slightly.

"Yoongi-ssi?" he didn't know what to ask more, so he just waited in front of the door.

"Jimin. I... just brought some food, and... Could you please open the door?" Yoongi sounded unsure and surprisingly soft, as if he didn't want to frighten Jimin. The latter wasn't sure, but that was probably the first time ever he had Yoongi speak to him so gently and humbly. He didn't know how to take that information, so he opened the door, just enough to see his face while he leaned at the doorway.

"Yes?" it wasn't that he was actually afraid Yoongi would hurt him, no, but something in him made him not feel like opening the door to Yoongi now.

"I brought some ramen from your favorite place, I recall you liked it." Yoongi extended the plastic bag towards Jimin, but he just stared at it without making any movement to take it. Yoongi's shoulders sagged down.

"A-Anyways." Yoongi cleared his throat and tried to act sure of himself like he always did. "I just wanted to say that if you need anything, I'll be ready to help you."

"Thanks...?" Jimin didn't know how to react so much.

"And that... Yeah. Some food for you." that made Jimin finally snap, but he tried to remain cool.

"That's it? You come here and offer me food? I thought you didn't care?" Jimin said through the small opening of the door. He really didn't feel like facing him completely.

"I care." Yoongi immediately said, and then Jimin saw some blush come to his cheeks. "I care about you, Jimin, and... and your baby too."

Yoongi didn't notice his error immediately, but Jimin felt like he had been slapped in the face.

" My baby." Jimin deadpanned. He couldn't believe it.

The latter's eyes widened when he realised his wording, but if was already too late.

"Look, Min Yoongi, you shouldn't have come here. Please never come back again." as he said those words, he closed the front door and started locking it. Jimin wished he could go back to what he had been doing, but he remained in front of the  entrance, waiting to hear Yoongi's footsteps going.

He waited, but finally heard the sound of the plastic bag being hung in the door handle, and his footsteps back to his car.


Jimin wished he could just forget, just erase that encounter from his memory, and forget that ever happened, but of course fate wasn't playing fair with him that afternoon.

Of course it wasn't, because five f*cking minutes after Yoongi had left his front porch, Seokjin and Namjoon were entering his house, greeting him animatedly from the front door.

Jimin had been in the kitchen, but started walking slowly to meet them, that were already making themselves at home.

"Jiminnie!!!" Jin playfully ran to Jimin and engulfed him in a bear hug, as if they hadn't met before in less than 48 hours.

"Hi." Jimin smiled shyly from his place in the taller man's arms.

"Hey Jiminnie, what is this?" Namjoon had the plastic bag in his hands. Of course, Jimin had completely forgot about the food Yoongi had offered, and he had rejected. Yoongi had left it at his front door and Namjoon was now looking at him waiting for answers.

"Jimin? What happened?"  Jimin had been so concentrated in his own problems that he hadn't noticed his expression turning from an eye-smile to a worried frown.

"It's Yoongi... He came in earlier and left this." the smile fell immediately from Jin's face, being replaced by a hostile scowl almost, and the same happened to Namjoon, just with less passion.

"He what?!!" Jin exclaimed, still with Jimin cradled in his arms. "How dare he!!"

Jimin, that had tried so hard to forget about what happened before, was now replaying Yoongi's words in his mind, and suddenly he felt like crying.

At the sight of Jimin's pout and watery eyes, Namjoon was in front of him in a second.

"What happened? Do I have to kill him right now or later?" Jin asked worryingly serious, and Namjoon looked equally worried.

Jimin felt like a crybaby, he didn't want to bother the two with his problems, but he couldn't help being upset with what happened. He slid away from Jin's hug and went to sit back in the sofa, the two men hovering around him the entire way.

"He just... came here. I didn't even know he knew where I lived... But I guess... I mean, of course he knew..." Jimin started sniffing, and soon he was whipping the tears from his cheeks with both hands.

"Did he say something to you?" Seokjin had now a permanent frown in his beautiful face, and he looked low-key furious.

"He- He said-" Jimin was hiccuping now "He said..."

Jimin didn't know how to word it, and deep down he didn't feel like telling them. He really felt like he was throwing a fit out of nothing. It was probably just the hormones.

"Jimin. You need to tell us what happened." Namjoon pleaded, looking all kinds of worried sitting beside him on the sofa. Jin took his hands and looked at him expecting an answer.

"It doesn't matter..." Jimin tried, but he knew one day they would have to know. Of course all his friends had assumed something was wrong, but didn't know exactly what happened; just that one day Jimin gets pregnant with Yoongi's child and immediately they stop talking with each other.

"Look, I want to help the both of you, but I'm really in the dark here. We know something happened between the two of you, but none of you will open up..." Namjoon said.

"All we know is that you are expecting a baby, Yoongi is the father and he is not here . And when he shows up, you are crying." Jin sighed, his face stuck on a frustrated frown "I'm sorry Jiminnie, but all of this is making me want to beat Yoongi up. He is being an asshole to you, isn't he?"

"I don't know...?" Jimin offered in a whine, starting to cry even more. He was angry he couldn't stop crying, and worrying his friends because of it.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Namjoon exclaimed, getting impatient "Just tell us what he is doing and then we'll be able to help! This needs to stop, whatever it is! It could be just a misunderstanding."

"I don't want to talk about it." Jimin hugged his own body and looked ahead, to the wall where the tv would be, once he bought one.

Again, he looked so small and sad, sniffing and pouting with his eyes red and watering, that the couple didn't have the heart to press the issue any further.

Jin and Namjoon stayed that night in Jimin's house.


Three days later, Jimin was trying to get in touch with Taehyung. He sent a few texts but got no answer from him.

  Then he tried Hoseok's number, and the same happened. No answer.

Namjoon appeared to be unavailable too, not even online on his phone. The only one that answered was Jin hyung, but it wasn't very helpful either.

from: Jin hyung <3

i'm sorry jiminnie

i'm busy right now :(

but tonight i'll come see you :))))))

remember to drink a lot of water and eat your veggies!!!!!!!

from: Jimin

ok hyung :)


At the same time, in the other side of the city, Jin received Jimin's text and sighed, putting his phone back in his pocket. He wished he could spend the saturday with adorable Jiminnie, but unfortunately, today he was a man on a mission.

He, and other three men.

"You all ready?" Taehyung stage-whispered, standing in front of the door of Yoongi's apartment with Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok.

"We need to remember why we are here. We can't take it easy on him." Hoseok said, looking directly at Namjoon "We all love him but we need answers, otherwise we won't be able to help Jimin." he continued, completely serious.

"Okay, geez." Namjoon murmured.

Namjoon stepped ahead and knocked on the apartment door. When he got no answer, he just kept insisting. He knee Yoongi would probably think it was some mailman or wrong pizza delivery guy.

  True to his guessing, Yoongi opened the door looking really annoyed and ready to start a rant.

   But he didn’t even manage to utter a word because the second the door was unlocked, Namjoon was violently pushing it open and entering the apartment, being quickly followed by the others until they were all inside and Jin locked it again.

“W-what…” Yoongi was utterly confused, it all happened so fast .

“Hello, Yoongi.” Namjoon said weirdly calm “You have a minute? We want to talk to you a little bit.” he said, putting a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, appearing friendly but the hand on his shoulder was heavy like a threat.

  The others started making themselves at home, also acting weirdly too-natural, Taehyung going to the big shelf beside his giant-ass tv and picking a small vase to just look at it. It all seemed a bit invasive and Yoongi couldn’t help but feel intimidated, having apparently no control in that situation that was happening in the middle of his living room while he was barefoot in a big white t-shirt and pair of boxers.

“Hyung? Why don’t you seat down, you look tired.” Hoseok smiled sweetly, his voice almost dripping sugar as he motioned for the armchair besides the sofa. It should have been a suggestion but it sounded like an order.

 Yoongi didn’t have much of a choice, as he was practically manhandled in the direction of said armchair and made to sit down. He didn’t know how to react, as the atmosphere in the room was heavy and he knew they weren’t joking like any other day.

“It’s okay, hyung” Taehyung said in reassurance, but how could he reassure anyone while staring right at him in an expressionless face, emotionless voice. “If you’re not wrong, you have nothing to fear.”

Yoongi was starting to get scared.

“What the fuck.” he gasped, looking around. They were all standing looking down at him, appearing deadly apart from Namjoon that was the only one that had a minimum of sympathy on his face.

There was a moment of silence, until Namjoon crossed his arms around his chest and said,

“I’ll go right to the point.” he exchanged a brief look with Jin before continuing, staring right back at Yoongi, voice serious and demanding. “What, exactly, happened between you and Jimin?”


Suddenly, it all made sense to Yoongi. Why they were here, why they were behaving that way. Now, he understood what was happening.

However, he still didn’t know how to answer that question, so he stayed silent.

“Min Yoongi? We’re waiting.” Jin sounded like an angry mom, and Yoongi wished he could run away, but he was practically cornered in his own house.

“I… don’t know.” his voice was low and his head went down.

“What did you say?” Jin continued just as demanding.

“I said I don’t know.”

“You don’t look like you don’t know.” Namjoon stated. “And just so you know, we won’t leave this house until we have the answers we want.” he sounded serious and intimidating, and Yoongi just sighed tiredly, “Now, what happened between you and Jimin?”

“A lot of things happened, most of them I regret.” Yoongi answered right away, and from the corner of his eye he could see Hoseok subtly restraining Taehyung from stepping ahead.

“Yoongi, I believe you are a good person that actually cares for Jimin in this situation, please don’t prove me wrong.” Namjoon pleaded.

“I care for Jimin” Yoongi could feel his heart flutter, “A lot.”

“So why are you here?” Jin sounded the epitome of impatience “And what happened ?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore” Yoongi muttered and everyone else in the room rolled their eyes. He could hear Jin whisper to himself angrily ‘ God, this is so frustrating.’

“Could you stop feeling sorry for yourself for one fucking minute and fucking answer the fucking question?!” Namjoon lost it.

For some moments no one spoke, and Yoongi thought about how he could answer that properly.

“...I was an asshole.”

“What did you do?” Jin sounded low-key furious, and for a second Yoongi believed he could actually get beaten up by what he was about to say.

“I… I didn’t accept it, at first.” Yoongi couldn’t look any of them in the eye “When he told me about… about it, I reacted badly. I got mad and yelled at him, a lot. I didn’t want it, to be a father, and I so didn’t want him to be pregnant because of me-” he was stopped as there was a commotion of Hoseok and Namjoon having to restrain Taehyung from literally attacking him. No one said a word, and soon the younger just started pacing around the room, his hands going through his hair, dead silent.

The other three turned back to Yoongi demanding that he continued, and he hesitantly did.

“I said that it was wrong, and a mistake, and that he was too young to be having a baby, and that it was all stupid…”

“ You’re stupid.” Jin spit the words from where he stayed next to the chair, arms folded.

“And then… after I said all those things I just… left the apartment and never came back.”

“Oh My God You’re So Dead.” Jin furrowed his eyebrows and looked murderous. Namjoon sighed tiredly.

“...Hyung…” Namjoon said “And what, now? Do you plan on talking to Jimin? Ask for forgiveness? Say you’re sorry?”

“No.” the answer was immediate.

“Why? That’s the least you could dol!”

“Because I know he would forgive me.”


There was silence in the room again, as his words weighed in the air. Everybody understood Yoongi’s point.

“That’s true.” Jin stated, still with his arms crossed. “Jimin would probably forgive you.”

“But I wouldn’t.” Taehyung said from where he was standing several feet away from the group, “I wouldn’t forgive you and I wouldn’t let you get close to him-”

“But he still deserves an apology, obviously.” Namjoon stressed his point “You should definitely talk to him about it.”

“No.” Taehyung argued again. “No.” he sounded final.

“But Taehyung-”

“This is not happening.” Taehyung stated. “Wanna know why?” he asked Namjoon, and then turned to Yoongi that was still seated in the armchair.

“Do you feel ready to be a father? To have a stable, healthy and honest relationship with Jimin? To be a supportive partner? To be there for him and be a parent together with him? Raise a kid, change diapers, be a responsible parent-figure?”

Yoongi’s face was paler than ever, and he felt his throat tighten. No, he wasn’t. He was about to panic under Taehyung’s scrutinizing gaze, because he didn’t feel ready to do any of that. He believed he should be, but he wasn’t in the slightest, and for that he was a piece of shit-

“That’s what I thought.” Taehyung concluded, sarcastic smile on his face, jaw locked.

“I don’t think you will be of any help to Jimin. Stay away from my friend.” without any other word, he turned on his heel and exited the apartment on his own.


“To be honest, I think I share the same opinion as Taehyung.” Jin said.

“I don’t.” Namjoon was fast to reply. “I don’t think this is the right way. Yoongi can’t abandon his own kid for God’s sake! He needs to participate.” he argued.

“But if he’s going to hurt Jimin while he does that, then he should stay away.” Jin replied.

“Yoongi wouldn’t do that-”

“You’re only saying it because you want to protect Yoongi!” Jin exclaimed “But don’t you see what he has done?! He’s an ass-”

“I’m just stating the facts, you should start thinking with your brain not with your heart!” Namjoon exclaimed.

“ Enough!” Hoseok nearly screamed, getting between the couple.

“Do you want to know my opinion on all of this?!” Hoseok gestured wildly in the direction of Yoongi “Is that they are both adults, not kids , and they certainly don’t need the two of you to be arguing about their lives like this!”

Yoongi watched dumbly the three men have a staring contest in front of him, until something seemed to click and suddenly they were heading out. Namjoon even turned back to say something in his leave, but seemed to think better of it and just left the apartment quietly.

The door closed gently, and Yoongi was alone in his apartment again.


Later that day:

To say that Jimin’s house-warming party was awkward was an understatement.

   He didn’t know why, but some of his friends were acting weird. He had invited Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok and his younger brother Jeongguk. They were a very small crowd, definitely not enough people to be calling what they were having a “party”, but Jimin was comfortable with that. He could have invited way more people, but the fact that not everyone knew yet that he was expecting made him hesitant about it. Not even his fellow model friends, like Sehun and Baekhyun, were invited.

    That house-warming party was really meant to be comfy and family-like.

  Then, why wasn’t he feeling that way?

   At the moment they were all gathered around the kitchen, that was big enough for them, waiting for the food to be ready. Jin was at the stove watching the pasta he was making for them, while Jimin was sitting at the counter.

    No one was talking. Jimin was starting to feel unease, with a lot of things going through his mind. Maybe they wanted to be elsewhere? Was it that boring?

    He turned to Jeongguk, that seemed to be one of the few that weren’t lost in thoughts.

“Jeonggukkie? What did you think of the house?” Jimin tried for small talk, knowing that the younger was always eager for his attention. He had first met Jeongguk when he was 14, and now he was 19.

“Oh, it’s really cool, hyung!” Jeongguk smiled, “You chose a nice one.”

“Thanks.” Jimin smiled sweetly, and was about to say more, when Jin turned from the stove and said,

“The pasta is ready but the meat will still take some time.” he was serious and frowning slightly, like he was overthinking something and wasn’t even noticing “Why don’t we go back to the living room?”

The living room wasn’t very big, so Jimin had opted for a minimalistic decor. Actually, most of his house had that style of decoration, since it made the house seem bigger than it was and also was more “baby proof”.

 The first thing they had done that evening was a house tour, with practically only Jimin and Jeongguk speaking up the entire time. He wasn’t sure, but he could sense that Taehyung, Jin and Namjoon were disagreeing in something. Taehyung’s face was stuck in a scowl, and Hoseok seemed to be too busy watching them behave weirdly at each other to pay attention to what Jimin was saying.

  To put it simply, the house tour had been kind of a disaster. Jimin couldn’t understand what had he done wrong. The only one that made it easier for him was Jeongguk.

“This living room is so simple yet so nice,” Jeongguk said once they were all sat, “I can easily imagine a cute baby running around here.”

“Aaaawn, true!” Jimin practically screamed. “Gosh, I can’t wait to meet this little one!” he started rubbing his belly affectionately.

“I hope it gets your eye smile, it’s so cute.” Jeongguk said gently, fondness dripping from his voice. Jimin didn’t notice it.

“It’ll be the cutest baby ever.” Jimin laughed, and turned on his side. “Right, Namjoon hyung?”

Namjoon and Jin had sat down on either side of Jimin, almost in a protective way, and all the time they had been subtly giving each other the stink eye from above Jimin’s head. Namjoon got surprised by being called.

“I’m sorry Jiminnie I didn’t hear it?” he turned to Jimin, that smiled easily in return, not noticing the heavy atmosphere in the room anymore.

“I was just saying that my baby is going to be the cutest baby ever.” Jimin giggled adorably, all cute in his sweater paws and fluffy orange hair, facing him. Namjoon could see Jeongguk from behind Jimin looking at the shorter man in full heart eyes, and tried not to scowl at the boy. It was just a harmless teenage crush, Namjoon thought.

“Of course it will.” Namjoon tried to smile back and playfully caught Jimin’s cheek in his fingers.


About ten minutes later, they were back at the kitchen table, eating the food Jin had prepared.

“It tastes wonderful, Jin hyung!” Jimin exclaimed, mouth full and filling his plate a second time. Jin laughed at Jimin’s eagerness.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Sweetie likes it too!” Jimin smiled wildly.

“Sweetie?” Taehyung spoke probably for the first time that day, and Jimin explained.

“Oh, that’s how I call it, you know…” he looked slightly self conscious when he realised everyone in the table was watching him “Since I still don’t know the gender…”

“When will you be able to know?” Jeongguk asked.

“Actually, I have an appointment on Monday and the doctor said we should already be able to know.” Jimin said, “But, I don’t think I want to know the gender… I like the idea of finding out the moment the baby is born” he smiled sweetly.

“Ah, that sounds nice.” Jeongguk said good naturedly, and then asked, “Will anyone accompany you?”

“Uh…” Jimin hesitated, he was almost embarrassed to admit that in front of all of them, but said it anyways “Actually I have been going to my appointments alone since the beginning, so I think I’ll go by myself on Monday as well-”

“ I’ll go! ” Taehyung and Jin exclaimed at the same time, both looking at Jimin with determined stares, and Namjoon looked like he was holding back from saying exactly the same thing.

“It- It’s ok, it’s no big deal-” Jimin tried to brush it off, a little bit embarrassed and blushing,

“I can go with you, I don’t have work next Monday.” Hoseok said in a tone of voice that left little room for arguing, and Jimin decided to just let them be.

“I’ll be going too.” Taehyung said, “It will be an ultrasound appointment, right? We’ll be able to see the little one.” he gave his signature boxy smile,and slowly the air around them got less heavy as they discussed more about baby things.

“And what about baby shopping? You’ll need a lot of things, like nursing bottles and pacifiers and a shit ton of diapers.” Namjoon said.

“True, I haven’t bought any yet…” Jimin said, pensive.

“We should go shopping, soon enough you won’t be able to go walking around so much.” Jin said, and they started making plans for their group shopping date.


After they finished eating, they gathered their things and stated that the house-warming party was over.

   Jimin was mostly satisfied with it, even though Taehyung, Jin and Namjoon kept acting weird towards each other even after they had eaten. He thought his friends would eventually figure it out by themselves, and that there was no point in him worrying so much about it. It’d be okay, Jimin thought.

   When they were getting ready to leave Jimin’s new house, he looked at Jeongguk and noticed that the boy appeared to be very tired. And then Jimin remembered Jeongguk said he had a very early schedule tomorrow morning, and that he would take at least one hour to go from Jimin’s house to his dorm building. And it was already 10 pm…

“Hey Jeonggukkie, do you want to sleep here tonight?” Jimin asked him before he could put on his shoes, the others already waiting outside “You said you have to leave for work early in the morning, and I know my house is very far away from the center of the city…”

The boy’s face, that had been all sleepy, suddenly lit up with the offer.

“Really, hyung?! Thank you, that would help me a lot, I could sleep in the couch and- let me just text manager hyung to see if it’s okay…” Jeongguk looked so happy that Jimin felt a sense of pride in him.

“So, you’re staying?” Hoseok asked his younger brother. They didn’t live together anymore, as Hoseok was a choreographer and dancer that lived alone and Jeongguk was a newly debuted idol that lived in a dorm with his bandmates.

  At Jeongguk’s affirmative, and his manager’s permission, the other three left the house, leaving only Jimin and Jeongguk back.


Jimin was in his bedroom, upstairs, sitting on the edge of the bed and fumbling with his phone. He was waiting for Jeongguk to finish his shower so he could use it. There were two more bathrooms in the house, but Jimin insisted that Jeongguk used his ensuite since it was the only one that was actually ready to use.

Jimin still had a lot to do in that house, since most of it was practically never used before.

He heard the door opened, and looked up. And then wished he hadn’t, because there was Jeongguk, standing only in a pair of tight boxers in front of him, holding the towel with one hand.

Jimin choked on air and nearly let his phone fall to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Jeongguk got closer, genuinely worried about his furious coughing and oblivious to Jimin’s dirty mind. He leaned on the bed and started doing gentle pats on his back.

“It- it’s okay!” Jimin said, flustered. He was so shocked on how much Jeongguk had changed. One day he was a skinny, awkward fourteen year old boy and the next he was… this full grown man in front of him, hovering above him in nothing but underwear, on a bed for fox’s sake.

“I’m okay, okay.” Jimin reassured him, and Jeongguk let him go. He expected the other to stand from his bed, but he didn’t.

“Why aren’t you wearing any other clothes, by the way?” Jimin demanded, still a bit flustered.

“I… I didn’t want to sleep on jeans…” Jeongguk said innocently, “I was hoping you could lend me a shirt, maybe?”

“Oh… I don’t know if my clothes will fit you, but we can try.” He said and went for his wardrobe, trying to find the largest shirts he wore.

“Here.” he handed the shirt to Jeongguk and went to the bathroom.

While undressing behind the door of the bathroom, he looked at his body in the mirror. His pregnant belly was still small, as he was on the fourth month of pregnancy, but it was still there. He knew he wasn’t fully prepared, but he couldn’t wait to have his little kid in his arms. He knew he was going to give his best at parenting.

Jimin showered quickly and put on the pajamas he had brought with him. When he exited the bathroom, he saw Jeongguk still in his bedroom, sitting on the bed, wearing the white t-shirt he had offered him. It looked loose enough on his frame.

For some reason, seeing Jeongguk there, sitting on the bed facing him, looking sleepy and domestic while waiting for him to come out of the bathroom, made funny things with Jimin’s guts. He knew it was wrong to look at Jeongguk that way, but he couldn’t help it.

He tried to brush it all off, and asked,

“Why are you still here?” he knew Jeongguk said he would sleep in the sofa,

“I wanted to ask if you had some sheets with you, maybe an extra comforter, you know, for me to bring downstairs,” Jeongguk said, looking all kinds of innocent,

Jimin stared at Jeongguk’s eyes for some time, before he breathed out and said,

“You know what, why don’t you sleep here tonight?” Jimin suggested, too tired and sleepy to think straight “this bed is really big so it shouldn’t be weird or anything.”

“Really?!” Jeongguk looked alive once more “But, are you sure it would be okay? I can be quite messy while asleep-”

“As soon as you don’t kick me out of the bed, it’ll be fine I guess.” Jimin answered absentmindedly and then yawned, lifting his hand to his mouth adorably. He saw Jeongguk shift on the bed.

“So, what side do you sleep?”

“It doesn’t matter.” he answered sleepily before flopping down on the mattress. He closed his eyes and felt Jeongguk pull the cover above them both, and fell asleep to the warm presence of another body next to him.


No even an hour later, and he woke up again to the darkness of the room. Jimin knew what this was, it wasn’t the first time that happened.

  Because of the pregnancy, sometimes he would feel extra horny. Normally he would take care of it by himself and go back to sleep, but tonight he knew it would be complicated, because he had unwilling company by his side.

  He had a full hard on that wouldn’t go down no matter how hard he tried, so he knew he would have to deal with it either way. He looked to his side and saw that Jeongguk was sleeping peacefully with his back turned to him. He couldn’t see the other’s face, but judging by his breaths, he was probably sleeping soundly.

I can be really quiet and quick, he won’t wake up . Jimin thought, as he slowly brought a hand inside his shorts. God, he was horny. How inconvenient, with a guest right by his side, and his friend’s younger brother even…

Jimin turned on the bed, not wanting to face Jeongguk’s back and shoulders while he did the dirty. Somehow, the fact that he had to be quiet otherwise he would get caught only made it even more exciting.

  He started working at his erection under the covers, and silently pushed his face into the pillow, trying to muffle his heavy breathing. He was blushing all over his face now and slowly brought his free hand to his face, trying to cover his mouth to not let the filthy sounds get out.

Jimin was so concentrated on being quiet that he missed the moment Jeongguk woke up. It was only when the young man turned to face Jimin’s back that he froze, feeling the bed dip with the other’s movements.

 Jeongguk was quick on getting what was happening.

“It’s okay, hyung…” Jeongguk murmured lowly, his beautiful voice sounding sinful in the darkness, right beside Jimin’s ear. “I can help you.” he said, slowly bringing a hand under the covers to rest on Jimin’s waist, giving him time to deny if he didn’t want it.

“...Jeongguk, are you sure, you don’t have to-”

“Sshhhh…” Jeongguk interrupted him and pressed his hand more firmly on Jimin’s waist, pressing his back flush against his chest, “Let me take care of you, hyung,”

Jimin would never imagine the same Jeongguk that sounded always so oblivious and innocent, always following him like an eager puppy would be capable of sounding so sinful and erotic. His firm hands turning Jimin on the bed gently, and then bringing a hand to cup Jimin’s face, forcing him to look Jeongguk in the eyes… It was something Jimin would never imagine, but it wasn’t “off” in the slightest. Actually, it sounded just like Jeongguk, still.

Jimin couldn’t say anything more, just look at him and wait for his next move. He was still unsure if they should be doing that, but since Jeongguk seemed to be so much into it…

Jeongguk bent his head towards Jimin’s, and their noses touched. The way they brushed their lips together but never fully kissed only seemed to hype Jimin even more. He go impatient and properly kissed Jeongguk.

At first it was lazy and sensual, with Jeongguk surprising Jimin once more with just how good of a kisser he was, and a natural dominant in bed. They laid kissing slowly and intimately on the bed.

Until Jeongguk bit Jimin’s lower lip and he let out a breathless little whimper.

Then it was like a switch had clicked, and Jeongguk went almost feral on him, his kisses turning more and more demanding, until he was on top of Jimin on the bed. Jimin was breathing heavily and moaning high pitched every time his mouth was freed from Jeongguk’s kisses and bites. The taller boy went for his left ear and started sucking at his lobe and biting slightly, while grinding his hips against Jimin’s at a steady peace. Jimin was losing it, principally with Jeongguk’s heavy breathing and low moans right at his ear.

“Aaah, Jeongguk, I’m close,” he whined breathily, and suddenly Jeongguk got away from Jimin, sitting upright on the bed. Jimin whined at the loss of contact.

“No, wait, hyung,” Jeongguk said, and then started stripping from his oversized shirt. Jimin moaned loudly at the sight of his sculpted chest and broad shoulders.

Jeongguk messily pushed the covers away from them and got in between Jimin’s legs, that easily enlaced themselves around his waist, trapping Jeongguk in between his legs. Jeongguk bent down, his strong arms flexing around Jimin’s body as he leaned against his face, his black hair falling down on his forehead, their lips brushing slightly while he spoke in a husky voice,

“Can I blow you, hyung?”

Jimin couldn’t believe his ears.

“Y-yes…” he mumbled breathless against his lips, and Jeongguk immediately deepened the kiss, messily pushing his lips against Jimin’s, as demanding as ever. He then went for Jimin’s neck, kissing and biting passionately until he got to the junction of Jimin’s neck and shoulder and sucked a hickey violently, making Jimin moan loudly in his ear, making it all even more dirty.

Jeongguk pushed Jimin’s pajamas up until they exposed his torso, and pinched one of his nipples, making Jimin gasp prettily, and he smirked to himself. He helped Jimin out of his bottoms, and soon he was seeing Jimin’s pretty flushed cock. Jeongguk put his hands under Jimin’s knees and spread his legs until he could see his cute little hole.

Jeongguk bent down to kiss Jimin’s inner thigh while looking straight into his eyes. Jimin was a beautiful sight, all wrecked, hair messed up, fucked up eyes and plump lips swollen from the other’s harsh kisses, chest heaving. Jeongguk knew he could come from that sight alone if he wanted. He bent down further and finally took Jimin’s member in his hand, still looking deep into Jimin’s eyes while he licked from his balls to his head, and when he put it all in his mouth and started sucking, Jimin’s face contorted in a way he recognized too well so he quickly took a tight hold at the base of his member, stopping his orgasm.

“Jeongguk!” Jimin exclaimed, tears of frustration and pleasure pooling at the sides of his eyes.

“Be patient, hyung.” Jeongguk smirked, and without any warning, started licking at the end of his balls, and kept going down until he was lapping at Jimin’s entrance.

Now, the red haired’s high pitched whines were filling the room, and were so loud that could be heard from downstairs as well. Jimin was a sobbing mess, half screaming “Jeongguk, Ah, please!” and said man could feel his own orgasm coming just from hearing the shorter man scream his name so sinfully, to the world to hear. He continued to eat Jimin out and soon the older was coming just by the stimulation, his come a mess on his own chest. Jimin kept pushing himself against Jeongguk’s face to while he rode his orgasm out, and when it was over, Jeongguk got up and sat again in front of Jimin, in between his spread out legs.

“Watch me, hyung.” Jeongguk demanded, still in his dominating mode, and pulled his own hard member out of his boxers. Jimin watched with half lidded eyes as Jeongguk jerked himself off in front of him, taking in his fucked out appearance, laid on the bed helpless in a mess of his own come, and soon he was too achieving his orgasm.

When it was over, Jeongguk pulled the covers back over themselves and pulled Jimin into his arms. Jimin had his best sleep in months.

Chapter Text

   At seven in the morning, an alarm went off. Jimin and Jungkook both grumbled on the bed, a mess of sheets and limbs until the younger of the two sat up.


 Jimin was awake too, although not very happy with it. Jungkook smiled at his cute grumpy pout.


“God, who in the world needs to wake up at 7 am on a sunday to go work?” Jimin mumbled, also sitting up and pushing the covers aside. Jimin and Jungkook quickly looked around the bed for their clothes, then, the young idol was standing up from the bed. Jimin followed him out of the bedroom.


“Why are you up too, hyung?” Jungkook asked, confused,


“‘gonna make you some breakfast,” Jimin sleepily mumbled, still half asleep and grumpy, going for the stairs but he was stopped by Jungkook ,


“Thanks, hyung, but there’s no need, I’ll eat when I’m there.” Jungkook reassured him, holding both his shoulders to force Jimin to look up at him.


“Are you sure?-” Jimin started to ask, but Jungkook gave him a bright - bunny - smile and quickly pecked him on the lips, shutting him up.


“I’m sure. Thanks, though,” Jungkook pulled Jimin into his arms in the middle of the hallway and started cuddling him, swaying them side to side in their embrace.


   As much as Jimin enjoyed the attention, he knew what it meant and he needed to say something - for the sake of their friendship. He put his hands in Jungkook’s chest and gently pushed him away.


“Jungkook, what we did last night… We shouldn’t do it again.” he whispered, looking straight into his eyes, taking in his beautiful features and forcing himself to remember that they had no possible future together. Jungkook was old enough, but still too young for him and all of his emotional baggage. Besides, the younger already had a wonderful career to be busy with.


“Why not, hyung? If we both want it?” Jungkook whispered back, lips chasing after Jimin’s lazily, his hands still on his waist.


“You’re an idol, Jungkook.” Jimin quietly reasoned, like he was scolding him, “You’re getting out of this house now and going to appear on live TV- ”


“But I’m not even famous yet, you know that-” Jungkook said in the middle of Jimin’s words but the shorter immediately answered,


“But one day you will be.” Jimin sounded final, “One day you will be really famous and have paparazzi following you around and perform on MAMAs and have concerts in big stadiums and- And we, us , …? We have no future together. You know that.”


   Jungkook looked disappointed, but resigned enough. He understood Jimin’s point, and even with a heavy heart, still tried to lighten the mood with a playful suggestion,


“Friends with benefits?” he asked in a light voice and hopeful smile - just partly joking - and Jimin couldn’t help but laugh. The older pushed him off and playfully scoffed.


“Jungkook, I’m pregnant. I don’t belong to this life of whoring around anymore.” he joked dramatically, and Jungkook laughed under his breath.


   After that, Jungkook quickly got dressed and they both went downstairs. A van was already waiting for Jungkook in front of Jimin’s house.


“You’ll watch me at channel 15 today, right?” he asked excitedly, and Jimin smiled back.


“Of course!! I wouldn’t miss it!” Jimin exclaimed, and when Jungkook was ready to go and almost opening the door, he leaned on his shoulder and whispered “Hey, Jungkookie, let’s keep this a secret, ok?”


   Jungkook tried to turn his sad smile into a smirk and nodded in affirmative, his eyes going through Jimin’s body playfully. The shorter man slapped his shoulder and scoffed,


“Aaarh, now get out of my house!”




     When Jimin was alone at home again, he went upstairs to clean himself up in the bathroom. He couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened last night.


     Jungkook was the last person he imagined would make a move on him. Not that he thought it was a bad thing, no; Jimin had always been very sexualy free, almost never overthinking sex.


      It was just that Jimin spent so long imagining Jungkook as a virginal teenager, and then an innocent young adult… He couldn’t have got it wronger. But he should have seen that coming, with him becoming an idol and all… Of course he would learn about those things.


     The sex with the younger had been good, but he couldn’t help but compare to how things had been with Yoongi. The man would be a complete dom, pin him to the bed and practically ravage his body. He would be so demanding and possessive, and Jimin remembered all too well just how much he loved that…


     He needed to stop thinking the past, or else he would end up horny again. He needed to accept that he and Yoongi were over, the man didn’t want him anymore.


    Before, they were just strangers hooking up, but they slowly became friends themselves. However, they had never discussed a relationship together, they would just meet up sometimes and fuck around, basically. And Jimin was okay with that. Or, Jimin tried to appear to be okay with that, since he knew Yoongi had no interest in keeping a stable relationship with him. He knew Yoongi was possessive and played along with it, not sleeping with anyone else besides him the whole time they were “together”.


    Deep down he always knew developing feelings for the older would break his heart… He just had no idea it would be in such level.


    Jimin also thought that it was probably his fault for getting caught in an illusion that they could be more. God, he had been so dumb…




   The rest of the day was uneventful.


   He put on some comfy clothes and took a selca for his instagram, knowing that he still needed to keep his social media active. He didn’t think much of it and uploaded one with a V sign. He had decided he would make his pregnancy public after the appointment he had on Monday, if the doctor said that everything was okay.


   Jimin then entered his friends’ group chat on kakaotalk and absentmindedly asked who was still up for going with him to the doctor on Monday.


but it’s ok if you’re busy!!

And i’m looking at you namjoon hyung and jin hyung


i’m going!!!


   There was a string of answers and the chat group was brought to life again with Taehyung and Hoseok flooding it with baby emojis, and Jin stating that he would be there with a lot of fire-related emojis. Jimin giggled to himself and typed the address and information of his appointment for everybody in the group to see. He was so distracted he didn’t even think about who exactly were the members of that group chat in total.


   Then he decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and stop by the grocery shop.


   Jimin was walking slowly, enjoying the last breezes of autumn before winter hit in full force, and just contemplating the houses in that afternoon. He was passing through an old lady watering plants in her yard when she started talking to him friendly.


“You’re the new owner of that yellow house, right?” she asked brightly, and Jimin smiled back politely. She seemed to be very friendly and nice, in his opinion.


“Yes, I just moved in,” Jimin said, smiling, ready to make small talk.


“And I see that little bump in there!” she pointed playfully to his belly, and he automatically brought a hand to rest on it at the mention of his baby. He looked down, giggling a little, and she continued, “Let me guess.. hm… five months?”


“Four,” Jimin answered, lips parted in wonder. That lady must have had some experience with that.


   As if reading his mind, she said,


“I used to be a nurse, I know a lot of things,” Jimin nodded in recognition, and she started talking to him about teas and recipes good for each month.


“But that’s enough for now, I’m not going to keep you standing here any longer,” she laughed good naturedly, “I’m sure your partner must be waiting,”


   At hearing those words, all the humour in Jimin’s face was gone, and the lady quickly noticed.


“Uh… I don’t have a partner.” he explained, trying to smile but feeling it look awkward on his lips. The old lady frowned at that, and asked,


“Are you sure? Then, if you don’t mind me asking, who is that man stopping by your house every single day in the early morning?”


   Jimin opened his mouth to answer that it was probably Jin or Taehyung, but then he processed the words. In the early morning? Every day?...


“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about…?” Jimin felt his heartbeat pick up and his stomach seemed to be drowned in worry. Could that be…


“It’s a man in fancy clothes, I see him because I always go out at that time to buy bread, and I see him there, in a black shiny car, stopping by your house?”


   Jimin didn’t know what was going on anymore, but his heart wouldn’t calm down and he knew his wide open eyes were startling the old lady. She seemed extremely worried by seeing his reaction.


“Do I need to call the police?!” she quickly whispered, looking around as if said ‘man in fancy clothes’ would appear from behind a bush.


“Actually I… No, thanks, there’s no need…” Jimin answered breathlessly. He needed to sit down. “I think I know who it is, it’s okay. If you don’t mind I’m… going back home…” he mumbled and started walking back home, not really feeling the ground under his feet.




   That sunday night, he couldn’t sleep. He knew very well the reason why, but tried to fool himself into believing he didn’t know.


   He couldn’t even close his eyes properly while laying in bed under the covers for more than five minutes that he would wake up and frantically look at the time. 2 am. 3 am. 4 am. He was restless, his heart beating wildly, chest feeling tight, and he gave up trying to sleep that night.


   Jimin got up from the bed, cellphone at hand, and slowly went into the hallway. There was a big window facing the street right in front of the staircase, and he leaned against it. He felt like an idiot. That old lady was probably hallucinating. The streets were deserted, not even a single car on. The sun was just starting to go up, pretty purple clouds in the sky. He looked at the time, 4:56 am. He should go back to bed and try to get some sleep-


   Suddenly, there was the low hum of a fancy sports car in the air. A part of Jimin didn’t want to look, but he did, and there was Yoongi’s car, unmistakable and undeniable. Jimin’s breath got caught in his throat as he watched the car stop right in front of his house, and Yoongi get out from the passenger seat. God, he even made his private driver participate in that mess?

   Jimin quickly hid himself to the corner of the large windows, suddenly remembering that there were to curtains yet. He tried to look while hidden in the darkness of his house from the corner of his eyes, and there was Yoongi.


   The other man looked just sad and small from where he was standing in the sidewalk, looking up to Jimin’s house in deep thought, and he felt his heart get heavy at the scene. He didn’t understand what Yoongi was doing there. Was he crazy?


   Yoongi stood there for some minutes, looking at the windows and at the front door, until he flicked his wrist to look at his rolex watch.


   And then, just like that, he turned back to his car and he was gone again. Jimin waited until he couldn’t hear the sound of the motor humming anymore to go back to leaning against the window. He couldn’t calm down his heart no matter how hard he tried.


“What the hell” he whispered, watching the back car disappear at the end corner of the street.




   To say that Jimin was completely tired arriving at the clinic was to put it simply. He had gotten zero sleep that night, thanks to Yoongi, that apparently seemed to have taken upon himself to be the general source of all of Jimin’s problems.


   He thought he had arrived there earlier than everyone, but he was wrong. Hoseok and Taehyung were already sitting at the reception waiting for him. When they saw him approaching, their faces lit up like it was christmas, and Jimin, despite his tiredness, giggled to himself.


“If you behave like this, people are gonna think you’re both the father.” Hoseok cracked up at hearing that while Taehyung said,


“You talk like that’s a bad thing!” he exclaimed, and Jimin blushed.


“Shut up you’re being way too loud!” Jimin whispered furiously and sat beside Taehyung. The didn’t even get to say anything more before Jin appeared as well.


“Hyung! I thought you had work today?!” Jimin scolded him, only to have Jin messing with his hair in greeting,


“I got someone to take over for me.” Jin smiled angelically, and the others automatically pitied the poor soul that had probably been bullied into taking over the bakery while he was here, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”


“Hyung, you look so tired!” Taehyun said, noticing his sleepy eyes, “Did something happen tonight?”


   Jimin knew that if Taehyung knew even half of it, he would be to blame for Yoongi’s death. So he kept it to himself.


“I was just so excited for today!” it was such a bad lie it was embarrassing , but thankfully they didn’t press the issue further.


   Jimin thought it was all okay and they were going to be peaceful for once , until he heard Taehyung gasp beside him.


   Taehyung, without a warning, got a hold of Jimin’s t shirt and pulled it down to expose his shoulder until he found what he had been looking for. Jimin started his protests to get free of his friend’s hold, not understanding what was it about.


“Jiminnie, what the hell?!” it was Jin who exclaimed, in the middle of the reception room of the clinic, receiving some weird looks from the people around them. Jimin looked up and saw Jin’s face get redder by the second. “What happened?!” Jin asked, and Taehyung seemed to be at a loss of words. Even Hoseok was eyeing him strangely.


“What are you talking about?!” Jimin tried to look at his shoulder to see if anything was wrong with it, until it dawned on him. He could remember, vividly, the moment Jungkook had bit his neck and then sucked a hickey viciously on his skin.


   Of course it would stay for more than one day. Jimin felt dread all over him when he looked up at Hoseok. Damn, this was going to get ugly …


“Uhm…” Jimin wouldn’t be able to choose the right words to explain himself even if he wanted to. And he didn’t, to be honest.


   As if the high heavens had decided to spare him one single time, he heard his name being called by the receptionist. Jimin took the opportunity and immediately bolted up from his seat and walked to the front desk without waiting for any of them. He had no idea how he would deal with them, principally Hoseok.


“Park Jimin?” the receptionist asked, and he nodded eagerly. He needed to reverse the topic to his adorable baby again and have his friends worried about that and not about his… thing with Jungkook.


“Yes.” Jimin said and then felt the presence of his three friends right behind him. The receptionist eyed the small group behind Jimin boredly and asked.


“Who is the partner?”


“Me.” the three of them literally answered it all together in a chorus, and Jimin just wanted to crumble into the ground and die of embarrassment.


   It was going to be a long evening.




   Meanwhile, in another part of the city, executive officer Min Yoongi was cursing under his breath as he was stuck in his car at rush hour. And to top it all, apparently there had been a car accident in one of the main streets and that caused the traffic to basically stop for an undetermined amount of time.


“Fucking HELL!!!!!” he nearly screamed and punched the steering wheel.


   He wouldn’t be able to make it on time.




“Are you ready?” the doctor asked smiling sweetly at him while opening the gel bottle. Jimin smiled back, excited to see how much his baby had grown. “This time we’ll be able to hear its heartbeat.”


   There was a sacred silence in the room as Jimin and his friends watched the doctor spread the gel on his belly and turn on the equipment. Just as Jimin had thought, the baby’s presence had taken away all of the drama from his friend’s heads, and it was like that hickey incident had never happened.


   Jimin watched in awe as the tv screen lit up to show the black and white mess that was supposed to be his insides. He had always been really bad at those kinds of things, such as understanding ultrasound images, but his heart still warmed at the sight.


   The doctor kept pressing the stick on different angles to try to find a better picture of the baby, and Jimin held his body religiously still. Hoseok and Jin were standing in a corner of the small room, looking all tall and awkward but also reverent to the whole situation, and Taehyung was sitting in the chair that was probably provided to the pregnant person’s “partner”.


   Jimin absentmindedly looked at Taehyung’s direction, and then gasped quietly, in shock, at the sight of his friend’s face. His eyes were watery and he looked like he was holding his tears so hard . Taehyung was looking up at the tv screen as if he was seeing something so beautiful in there. Jimin understood.


“Taetae,” Jimin whispered, getting his attention, and extended his hand to his best friend to take. Taehyung’s face crumpled even more and held his hand silently, not trusting his voice and feeling his throat tighten. With his free hand he furiously wiped tears from his face and let out a shaky breath, looking back up at the screen.


   Jimin and Taehyung had grew up together, went to kindergarten, middle school and high school together. They pursued a similar career, and were like real life brothers. Jimin regretted not having brought Taehyung along with him to his appointments sooner.


  Suddenly, a quick beat filled the dark room, and Jimin instantly knew what it was. He watched the shock go over Tae’s face when he realised they were hearing the baby’s heartbeats coming from the speakers in the walls, and the tears that fell down his face too. From behind him, Jimin could hear Jin’s muffled sobs at hearing the baby’s heartbeat, and the doctor didn’t say anything about it, just took notes and kept moving the stick around his belly.


“Okay, I think I got the pictures I needed.” the doctor almost whispered in the tiny room, not wanting to disturb the moment “You see here?” she pointed to the small TV with her free hand, while the other still pressed the stick to Jimin’s belly.


   Jimin nodded. This was the second time he did it, and it was still a wonderful moment to see that tiny little spot in the screen and know it was his baby.


“The little one is not moving so much, it looks like it’s going to be a quiet kid, uh?” she said, smiling gently at Jimin, who could only nod. And as if the baby had heard the doctor, it moved. Jimin felt from inside of him before he saw on the tv screen. From behind him, he heard Hoseok sniff. “Oh! It moved! You saw that?” she said, not at all in a hurry, and just holding the stick to Jimin’s belly for the sole purpose of letting them watch the baby.


“It’s really tiny yet, but it’s in the right position. From a first look I can say that everything is fine.” from the corner of his eye Jimin could see that Taehyung was now fully letting the tears roll down his face while the eyed the tv, and held Jimin’s hand with both of his.


“I’m going to see the pictures I took now, just to be sure, okay?” the doctor asked Jimin, and he nodded again.


   They all watched in silence as the doctor measured the baby in the computer screen.


“The head is in perfect size.” she murmured more to herself that anything, and kept doing her job, checking other information. Until she pushed her head up and said,


“Oh god how could I forget!” she exclaimed excitedly in the quiet, dark room, “I forgot to tell you we can already see the sex now!” she smiled at Jimin, but Jimin said,


“No, actually I want it to be a surprise,” the doctor’s eyebrows went up from hearing that, “So please don’t tell me.”


“No, that’s amazing,” she smiled again “I understand. I’ll keep it to myself then.” Jimin thanked her for it.


   When the doctor turned to continue working on the machine, Jimin tried to check on his friends. Taehyung had his face red in a lot of places and his cheeks were still wet from tears.


   When Jimin turned to look at Jin and Hoseok behind him, he saw that the same had happened with Jin’s face, he was fully crying and all red in the face. Hoseok looked way more composed, but he still could see that he had shed a tear or two as well.


“Damn, you’re all crying like babies,” Jimin whispered and laughed at his own silly joke. Jin just scoffed wetly and replied,


“Shut up Park Jimin.”


“So,” the doctor said after some time focused in the machines, “I’m about to print the results, do any of you want copies of the pictures?” she asked, even though she already knew the answer.


“Yes, please.” Jin said immediately at the same time Taehyung said “Fuck yeah” and Jimin giggled. Those two were so alike…




   After the doctor handed Jimin a cardboard folder with the official results of the session, and Jimin cleaned his belly up from all that cold gel, they were exiting the tiny ultrasound room.


   Jin, Taehyung and Hoseok all carried a copy of some pictures the doctor took, and chatted animatedly in between themselves about how the baby was so pretty. Also, they were already bickering, because Taehyung wanted it to be a little girl and Hoseok wanted a little boy. Jimin sighed, happy with himself. Inviting his friends over had been a good thing, after all.


   They were out of the corridor and in the front desk reception again, until he noticed someone standing from a chair near the front door. When he looked up, he couldn’t believe his eyes.


“Yoongi?...” Jimin muttered under his breath as he watched the man in front of him fumble with his fingers, looking unsure of himself yet again. “What are you doing here?...”


Chapter Text

chapter 4:

“Yoongi?...” Jimin muttered under his breath as he watched the man in front of him fumble with his fingers, looking unsure of himself yet again. “What are you doing here?...”

“I… I heard you had an appointment today,” Yoongi started, but couldn’t say anything else because Taehyung was practically jumping in between them and staring down at Yoongi with a serious expression.

“What are you doing here.” Yoongi just stared back at him, not liking the interruption, “I asked you a question.”

“And I don’t answer to you??” Yoongi bit back, sarcastically. Jimin was starting to get worried that they would actually engage in a physical fight in the middle of a pregnancy clinic.


  Jimin gripped Taehyung’s shoulders from behind and pulled him back.

“Tae, it’ll be okay.” Jimin said, even though he himself was nervous and shy at the idea of having to face Yoongi again. He mentally cursed those butterflies in his stomach.

“No, Jimin, he shouldn’t-”

“Taehyung, this is my mess.” Jimin said, determined. He knew his friends had a strong sense of protectiveness against him, but he wanted them to understand that he was an adult, completely capable of sorting his life out by himself. “I can deal with this.”

“Why don’t we let them speak in some privacy?” Hoseok suggested, being the one against Taehyung’s and Jin’s way of sorting the situation. He believed that they should just talk and have a healthy relationship based on communication above all.

  People actually listened to what Hoseok was suggesting, and suddenly Jimin and Yoongi were having the first private moment, face to face, since that disastrous night.

  Or, as much “private” as sitting beside Yoongi in a bench in the small cafeteria of the clinic, with Jin, Taehyung and Hoseok watching them like hawks from less than five meters away could be.

  Jimin smiled apologetically for his friends’ behavior and braced himself for a very awkward conversation. He didn’t know what to expect from Yoongi, and had no idea how the older man would behave.

“Jimin.” Yoongi breathed out, looking him in the eyes. Something in his tone of voice, in the way he looked at Jimin, sounded so gentle, it made him more at ease instantly.

“I’m sorry.” Yoongi said, never taking his eyes off Jimin’s. “I should have been more honest, and said this sooner. I’m sorry, Jimin. Please, forgive me.” he said humbly.

  Jimin didn’t know how to react. In the end he just stayed silent, never answering Yoongi’s pleas for forgiveness. Instead, he asked.

“Be honest with me, then, and tell me why you’re here?” Jimin knew this could only go both ways, and he had a very clear answer in his head, and Yoongi could disappoint him and say what he didn’t want to hear, but he still needed to ask.

“I’m here because of you.” Yoongi said, appearing to be trying to chose his words wisely.

“...There’s no me anymore, Yoongi.” Jimin sighed, disappointed. Was it so hard to understand? “But me and this baby. We’re an item now.” Jimin almost whispered, and looked into Yoongi’s face, trying to find some, any, denial to that sentence.

“I know.” Yoongi said after some time. He sounded unsure of himself once again but yet, gentle towards Jimin.

“What are your plans? Do you plan on being present in this kid’s life?” Jimin asked, trying to hold his insecurity back. He needed to appear strong, at least once, for his baby’s sake.

“I… Yes.” Yoongi said, “If you’ll let me. I want to be there, I want to participate.” Yoongi leaned slightly in Jimin’s direction, almost pleading and looking as if he was in pain, “Jimin, I’m so sorry for the way I acted, I shouldn’t have yelled, I should have stayed. I’m sorry for the other day too, I said the wrong words but I didn’t mean it.”

Do you love this kid, Yoongi? Jimin wanted to ask, but was too afraid of the answer he would get, not from Yoongi’s mouth, but from his face. So he swallowed the words back and said instead:

“I did an ultrasound today. Here,” he handed a copy of the screenshots the doctor took, “you can have it. I don’t know the gender, and I plan on only finding out in the last moment.” Jimin said quietly and watched Yoongi take the piece of paper in his hands delicately, like it was made of crystal.

   He spent some time looking mesmerized at the pictures, as if they spoke to him in a way that Jimin didn’t see. But he understood that Yoongi needed time, for some reason. The truth is that he didn’t really know Yoongi, after all this time, they would never talk about their pasts. Even though they used to sleep together, they were still, basically, strangers.

  Jimin smiled to himself and stood up from the chair, patting one of Yoongi’s shoulders. The older man didn’t look up from the paper, and Jimin decided to let him be. He walked back to his friends waiting at the exit of the clinic, considering the conversation to be over.


    Later that day, Jimin was alone at home again, and thinking about how the appointment had gone through. He was happy that Jin, Hoseok and Taehyung had enjoyed it so much. They literally couldn’t stop talking about it the whole time Jimin was with them afterwards. When Jin finally pulled the car in front of his house, Jimin got out of the front seat and started making his way to the front door. When he looked back, he could see that Hoseok was staring at him like he wanted to say something but held it back.

    He knew one way or another he would have that conversation with Hoseok. He could only hope that his friend wouldn’t get so mad at him.

   Jimin also had planned to post a picture on his instagram to let everyone know about his pregnancy, but he knew he couldn’t do that before talking to the most important people in his life.

   His parents.

   Damn, he couldn’t believe he would have to tell them through the phone because they lived so far away from him. That was so not how he had imagined he would tell his mom that kind of news.

   But he did it. After a lot of crying on the phone from both of them, and also his dad crying silently of happiness, his mom said.

“And who is the father? Is it that boyfriend of yours?” her voice was still wet from the tears, and Jimin’s heart sank. He would have to lie. He didn’t want her to worry about that, too.

“Uh, it’s… not Junmyeon. It’s another… boyfriend.” he talked about Yoongi, and forced his voice to stay natural “When we first found out we weren’t together anymore, but we’re good friends.” he winced internally at the lie. They weren’t good friends. They weren’t good at all.

“And you’re living alone?” his dad asked,

“Yes, but you don’t need to worry about me-”

“What?! Are you crazy Jimin, you need to come back!” his Mom exclaimed,

“But mom, I have an entire life here, I can’t go back to Busan like this,”

“You’re pregnant, you’ll need my help.” she scolded, and Jimin sighed. How in the world was he going to explain to his parents that Yoongi had practically bought him a house?

“I have friends helping me here, and Taehyung stops by all the time, ”

“Then I’ll move in with you.” she stated instead, and by the determined tone in her voice Jimin knew she was dead serious about it,

“No! You don’t have to, I told you I’m okay!” he argued, “and what about Jieun?! She needs you,” he said, pulling the younger sister card,

“Jimin, she’s twelve not four ,”

“Well, I’m not four either!!!” he exclaimed, and then heard his dad’s voice through the speaker,

“Eunha, if he says he’s fine then he’s fine,” Jimin closed his eyes and thanked the high heavens for his dad’s comprehensive being, until he heard the rest, “we can go spend the next weekend with him and see for ourselves if he’s really okay on his own,”

   Jimin felt anxiety creeping his bones at the thought of his entire family in his house. He looked around his all white living room, full of moving boxes and lacking so many things. At least it was wide looking and sunny, but he doubted his mom would understand the “minimalistic” concept of it.

“N-no, please not next weekend!” he pleaded, knowing his parents would understand, “let me at least prepare the house a bit more!! Or I can go visit!! Maybe Taehyung would come as well!”

“And what about this boyfriend?” his mom asked and Jimin sputtered, not having expected the topic to be brought up again,

“Ex-boyfriend! And his name is Min Yoon gi.” Jimin corrected, “...Uh… I can ask if he wants to go as well.” he said after choosing well his words.

“No, tell him we are inviting him to have lunch with us.” his dad said as well, sounding determined,

“B- but it’s a long ride, it would take almost a whole day-” Jimin tried to argue, but his parents were having none of it,

“It’s just an invitation, Jimin. He can refuse if he wants.” Jimin’s mom said in a tone that gave away that she would judge him hard if he refused.

“Okay, eomma… I’ll tell him about it.” Jimin said, resigned. “And how’s Jieun?” he asked about his younger sister, wanting to change the topic but also curious about her.

“Oh, she’s just fine.” his mom said, “ rebellious , but fine. She’s in school now, but we’ll tell her the big news when she comes home.”

“Actually, I think she’ll know before getting home, because I’m about to post a picture on the internet that will show my belly. Ask her to show it to you when she gets home.”

“Okay, baby, I won’t keep you any longer.” his dad said, “Just take care, okay? It’s not just you anymore.”

“Yes, I know. I just got back from an ultrasound appointment. I got pictures, I’ll send them to Jieun as well for you to see.”

“Oh really?! Oh my god, Minhae, did you hear that?!!” his mom exclaimed emotionally, “he is already doing ultrasounds and haven’t told us about it!” she sounded like she was about to cry all over again.

“Mom, I need to go, but I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Wait, Jimin!” his dad said, “Don’t forget to talk to Min Yoongi about that lunch, okay? We mean it. It can be a month from now? So that you won’t be so far in the pregnancy.”

“Yes, appa.” Jimin answered, not wanting to hurt his feelings but also not really wanting to bring Yoongi with him to his hometown. Not that Yoongi would accept, but still.

 They ended the call, and Jimin smiled to himself. He loved his family to the moon and back.

 Still on his phone he opened whatsapp to see his sister’s number. She wasn’t online, and he figured she was probably at class right now. Smiling mischievously, he just sent two black and white pictures of his ultrasound today, and no written text. She would have a heart attack.

  Then, he started working on his instagram post. He went to the window of his living room to use the daylight and ruffled his hair to make it look fluffier and cuter. He was wearing a long sleeved white shirt that looked cute on him, too. He wanted to look extra soft for it. His hair was a light shade of orange right now and everything around him was white a minimalistic looking. The moving boxes laid on the carpet on the other side of the room, and he knew the selca would be mainly white.

  He put his phone up and kept angling it and doing faces until he found the right position. Then he did a cute face and pulled the edge of his shirt up to show his bump, resting his hand above his belly.

  The picture looked cute enough, and Jimin spent some time thinking about what words to use before uploading it with the caption:

A new life coming up, and a new start! I can’t wait to meet you, love. <3 <3 <3 #pregnant #18w #babybump #babybelly

   He was excited to post it, mainly because of his friends that followed him. He knew that he had a lot of followers, and that most of them would be shocked mainly because Jimin never said he was a carrier , but well. He figured it couldn’t be that bad, just that he would have to deal with his instagram more flooded than usual for a while.

   Jimin went to the kitchen to fix himself some lunch and purposefully left his cellphone alone on the couch. Gossip would have to wait.


   Jimin was munching his second sandwich when he got back to the living room to collect his sofa. His phone had messages of congratulations from his close friends, but what caught his attention was Taehyung’s name.

  17 missed calls?!

   Just when he was about to call him back, another call went through, and he immediately picked up.

“Tae? What happened?!” he asked, worried for his friend.

“Jimin, finally! I’ve been trying to talk to you for ages ,” Taehyung exclaimed,

“What happened, Kim Taehyung?!” Jimin asked again, and Taehyung hesitated before saying.

“...have you seen the comments on your last picture on instagram?” Taehyung asked and Jimin panicked. Had something went through that he didn’t notice? It couldn’t be, he checked his selca twice, thrice, before uploading, making sure everything was okay, even the remnants of Jungkook’s hickey weren’t at view!

“...No…?” Jimin breathed.

“You should, but please sit down before, okay?” Taehyung said, and Jimin got scared. He had no idea what it could be, but it definitely wasn’t good . Damn it.

Jimin sat down on the edge of the sofa and opened his instagram.


Jimin felt a pang in his heart when he read the comments, like Taehyung had suggested.

ure so pretty congratulations!!!

omg this is so precious!

oh my god Agust D is going to be a daddy!!!!

i love youuuuuuu <3

how old is he? is he married????


Agust d baby!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA

i can’t believe my eyes, Agust D went ALL THE WAY

congratulations agust d and Jimin!!!!!

Jimin and Agust D are so cute together I can’t wait to see their bby <333

And it went on and on. Jimin had so many questions in his head, and the weird feel of being exposed on the internet, that he should be used by now but he still weren’t, made writing on that small touchscreen keyboard impossible for him. He called Taehyung instead.

“T-tae?” Jimin asked, at a loss of words, but the other understood.

“Jimin… It’ll be okay. This is just gossip.” Taehyung tried to reassure his friend in a soothing voice. “His fans knew he was dating you before and suddenly you post this… They just connected the dots.”

“We- B- but we never dated?!” Jimin exclaimed in a small voice. He felt like crying.

“His fans, ...and the media thought you were, as you were constantly photographed going in and out of his apartment building, for months.” Taehyung continued explaining, and Jimin felt dumb. He should have known that.

“But there were no paparazzi around, never?”

“They can hide , and even when they took pictures, Yooni wasn’t relevant enough to be gossip material. But with his most recent mixtape coming out…”

   Jimin understood. Yoongi wasn’t “mainstream famous” with his music, but he still had his fans, so of course they would pay attention to this. Jimin was afraid this would get to the gossip magazines and start to influence his life more than it already did. He was used to being in the spotlight before, but being pregnant was a whole new deal. He wanted to be left alone, anonymous, while he was at it. He didn’t welcome that kind of attention.

“...Tae, what do I do, now?” Jimin pleaded, in a small, desperate voice.


  Meanwhile, Yoongi was in his office in the top floors of the building. He was trying to read through a contract, but his cellphone kept vibrating every five seconds. He was ignoring it in order to at least finish that paragraph, but it was getting more and more impossible to, when his phone wasn’t helping in the slightest.

  He sighed frustrated and gave up on that paper for a moment, in order to look at his phone. And then his eyes went wide.

  His phone was basically going crazy with notifications from all kinds of social media, thousands of mentions and direct messages on twitter and facebook, missed calls and messages from friends and colleagues, even his Dad had called. What the fuck.

  Panic went through his body at the possibilities. Something big was happening, but was it bad? Had his Mom went through an accident? Had Jimin …?

 Taking a deep breath, he unlocked his phone to the home page. From where did he want to know the news first?...

 Just as he stared at the screen, another call went through. He recognised the name to be one of the managers of the company, more specifically, a PR manager. Perfect.

  He answered the call immediately.

“Hello? Mr. Min?” the man on the other line asked, and Yoongi made a general sound that he was listening. “Oh, thank God you answered the call. Our office is kind of going down at the moment because of this.”

“What happened?” he asked, slightly annoyed for not knowing yet.

“...You don’t know? About Jimin?” the manager asked hesitantly, and Yoongi panicked once again at the mention of the younger man’s name.

“What about him?” he practically whispered, in fear of the answer. Was he okay?

“Uh…” the man seemed to be hesitant to say it “Uhm, how do I explain?... You see, he has a lot of followers on instagram, and today he uploaded a picture showing off that he has been pregnant for some months, apparently, and a lot of people assumed… you are the father…?” there was a pause, the manager probably thinking that Yoongi was the most shocked by having people think he was the father. Little did he know… “Uh, and the media is having a field day. His name is currently at… sixth on Korea’s trending topics and yours is at fourth.”

“...Oh.” Yoongi couldn’t say anything. He knew one day or another people would know, but the whole time he had been thinking Jimin’s fans would make it a big deal, not his own fans would, as well. He never thought it would be this messy .

“And, Mr. Min, since we’re on the phone right now, I need to ask you some things, because we need some information to be able to deal with the media’s questions correctly, “ the manager was back to his professional tone, “And we’ve been trying to get in touch with Mr. Park as well, but-”

“Don’t!” Yoongi interrupted him. “Don’t bother Jimin. I can deal with this.” there was a slighty pause in the other end of the line, and then the manager said, a hint of curiosity in his voice,

“Uh… okay…?” he dragged hesitantly, being caught by surprise at his boss’ reaction, “Uhm, but as I was saying, there are a lot of questions, but the first one is, ...are you ...the father? And then, if you are not, how and when are we going to say it-”

“I am.” Yoongi said without a hint of hesitation. Was he ready for the real life consequences with Jimin on that issue? Not really. But was he going to let Jimin’s name get affected because apparently Yoongi was slightly more famous than they all had planned? Absolutely not.

“You are?!” the manager gasped in complete surprise, and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” he said in a tone that also could be read as ‘don’t make me fire you’ . He could practically see the PR manager gulp nervously.

“Uhm, I- I’m sorry for intruding, Mr. Min.” he said, “Uh, okay. So, do you plan on c-confirming it right away? Should we do it exclusively for some specific magazine?”

“I don’t care.” Yoongi said, mostly bored. Deep down he was relieved the issue wasn’t at all as bad as he thought. It was just people finding out about Jimin’s pregnancy. Okay, he could deal with that.

“O-okay, uhm,” there was the sound of someone frantically sorting through papers, and Yoongi resisted the urge of hanging up.

“Anything else?” Yoongi dragged the words, while looking dreadfully at the contract he had been trying to work on. That would have to wait because now he had so much to do…

“Uhm… Ah! Yes!” the manager exclaimed after some thinking, “Another issue they are going to ask is about your relationship. How long have you been together? Are there any plans of making it “official”?”

  Yoongi tried to ignore the way his heart sank at those questions. They were never together, and the idea of actual “marriage” was so far away it sounded almost foreign to his ears. He exhaled through his nose and frowned, trying to come with with the right words.

“You can say… That we are good friends right now.” Yoongi concluded. “Exactly those words, when they ask: “we are good friends”. And make sure to not let any room for misinterpretations.” Yoongi said seriously.

“Okay, we can work with that.” the manager sounded relieved to have finally solved that stage of his work, “Thank you for your time, Mr. Min,”

“Then, if that’s all, I’m hanging up.” he said and ended the call without waiting for the other’s response. The second that call ended, another started immediately. The caller id read “dad”.

  He so didn’t want to have that conversation right now. Most likely ever . He rejected the call.

“Mr. Min? Excuse me,” his personal assistant appeared at the door, only his head at view, “Your father is downstairs and wants to pay you a visit right now.” he announced, and by the worried look in his eyes, Yoongi immediately knew his assistant was already on the newest gossips on his boss’ name.

  Yoongi massaged his forehead, already sensing a headache coming.

“... ...Let him in.” he said hesitantly, as if forming those words pained him. He so didn’t want to have that conversation right now.

  He didn’t need to wait one minute to see his father barging into his office like he owned the entire place. In which he didn’t , to be honest. He was a shareholder in that company, yes, but that was about it.

“Son.” he spoke harshly, not even sitting down. Yoongi knew why he chose to keep on his feet. Standing up made him feel more powerful than Yoongi. He hated when his father did that.

“I don’t want to hear it, and honestly, I don’t need to.” Yoongi started, only to have his words completely ignored by the man.

“Is it true? You got some random guy pregnant ?” he spit those words like they tasted bad in his mouth.

“He is not ‘random’.” he started, but his father immediately answered,

“He is to me. ” Yoongi wanted to laugh at the man’s audacity, “I looked up his family already. His father is a middle class merchant living in somerandom Busan neighborhood. ”

 Yoongi sighed impatiently. This was going to take a while .


“Also, how long do you plan on keep playing around in this circus of an “entertainment company”?! You’re already 26 years old.” his dad continued his rant. Yoongi looked at the time. They were probably arguing for 30 minutes straight now.

“Dad, enough. You’re just wasting your time coming here. I already told you I don’t care.” the older man’s face started getting red at Yoongi’s words.

“You say you don’t care?! You’re only sitting here because of me, Min Yoongi! I put you in this company, I can take you back!” he threatened, and Yoongi just laughed sarcastically.

“Oh really?! Yes, do it. Take me away from this, you’d be doing me a favor, actually.” Yoongi said and both of them knew what was in between the lines of his words. His dad was practically spitting fire right now.

“I’ll be damned if I have some rapper clown for a son!! Over my dead body!” he yelled, pointing his finger at Yoongi’s face, as if he was the same scared child of ten years ago.

“Well, you should pay a visit to the doctor then, old man, because that’s exactly what you have for a son.” Yoongi replied without missing a beat, and stood up. He knew that, if he let him, the older man would continue for hours on end.

“Where are you going?!”

“I’m going to keep working somewhere else, where I don’t have crappy old men barging into my office to annoy me.” he said, and closed the door on his dad’s face, leaving him alone in there.


  Yoongi looked down at his phone, and a wave of anxiety went through him when he saw a dozen missed calls from his mom as well. Now that would be a whole different issue.


Chapter Text

chapter 5:

Jimin woke up the next morning to his doorbell ringing incessantly. At 7 am.

    For some reason, he could already sense who it was even when he was still getting out of bed hastily while cursing under his breath. He stomped down the stairs grumpily and barefoot, his eyes still drowned in sleep.

  He opened the door angrily and immediately regretted, as, apparently, the Sun itself had decided to pay him a visit in the early morning.

“Good morning, beautiful!” Taehyung exclaimed cheekily and invited himself into Jimin’s house. Jimin watched the other waltz over his living room with two paper bags in his hands, “I brought you breakfast!” he singsonged, and Jimin squinted at the sight, not wearing his contact lenses yet.

“Is that… mcdonald’s?” he asked, and Taehyung went back to Jimin and closed the door for him, taking the hand that was still resting on the doorknob.

“There’s no such thing as a good McMuffin to wake you up!!” he said and pulled Jimin with him to the kitchen. He made Jimin seat on a stool at the counter and started unloading the bags.

“Uh, I’m not sure if I can drink coffee,” Jimin mused, still sleepy, but Taehyung scoffed.

“Decaf, silly!” Taehyung put the cup in front of Jimin playfully. It was Jimin’s favorite fix, and it indeed had the world “decaf” marked above it.

“... ...Jin hyung would have a heart attack.” Jimin said but took a sip of his coffee anyways. It was perfect.

“What he doesn’t see can’t hurt him.” Taehyung said and took a big bite of his own muffin, all but practically dripping pieces of bacon and eggs. Jimin’s was way simpler, and looked just a little bit less harmful than his.

  They ate in silence, and Jimin finally took the time to notice Taehyung’s appearance. He looked as beautiful as ever, wore casual clothes that looked surprisingly normal, instead of his usual baggy, eccentric ones, and had sunglasses perched on top of his head.

“Don’t you have schedule today?” Jimin asked, and Taehyung just looked at him with his cheeks stuffed of mc muffin. He looked like a squirrel.

“No.” he answered blankly. Jimin took a sip of his own coffee.

“So you are just going to spend the day here?” Jimin asked but already knew the answer to that question would be negative.

“Actually,” Taehyun put a finger up, and then started looking for something in the mc donald’s bag absentmindedly, “here.” he held a small paper bag in front of Jimin’s face.

“What is this?”


  Jimin rolled his eyes playfully and took it from his hands.

“But I’m serious, if Jin knows you’re feeding me mc donald’s at seven in the morning he’s going to throw a fit .” Jimin stated, and Taehyung shrugged, “The fit of his life.”

“He doesn’t need to know,” Taehyung said and stood up to go to the fridge. He came back with a big carton of strawberry juice and two cups.

“You still haven’t answered me,” Jimin said while took a sip of the juice Taehyung offered him, “because I know you wouldn’t dress this extra to just spend the day at my house.”

“Your words hurt me, Jiminnie,” Taehyung frowned dramatically, bringing a hand to his heart.

“I’m getting impatient, and I still haven’t forgiven you for waking me up at hell o’clock in the morning for nothing .”

“Nothing?!! Eating is important!!” Taehyung protested but Jimin just kept staring at him.

“Okay, fine .” Taehyung gave up, “I’m here because…” Taehyung started, and suddenly he was all sunny again, “We’re going shopping!!!!” he exclaimed, putting his hands up.

“We’re going shopping?” Jimin frowned,

“We’re going shopping!!” Taehyung repeated, excited all over again.

“Uh… why?” Jimin didn’t understand his friend’s point. Taehyung scoffed.

“Jiminnie, look around. And now look at you!” he pointed at Jimin’s belly, “We are going shopping for basically everything! Actually, there are so many things to buy that we won’t be able to get even half of it today,”

“Aaahh,” Jimin’s face lit in understandment. “We’re shopping baby clothes, then?”

“Baby clothes, hah!” Taehyung laughed and got up to clean the rest of their breakfast, “You’ll need a stroller, a crib, actual furniture to their room as well, sets of sheets, diapers, a lot of baby bottles and stuff- Yaaah so many things!” Taehyung brought his hands to his hair in fake panic, and Jimin wanted to laugh at his silliness.

“It’ll be okay, Taehyung, we still got time,” he dismissed it lighthearted, and Taehyung quickly turned to him,

“You see?! That’s your problem, Jiminnie, you’re way too calm !” Taehyung joked and went to hug him from where he was still sitting in the kitchen stool. “You cutie!” Taehyung kissed his forehead and they stayed like that for some time, just cuddling, until Taehyung exclaimed,

“Now go brush your teeth and put on some warm clothes ‘cause it’s chilly outside!”


   Later on, they were getting out of Taehyung’s car at the mall’s outdoor parking lot. Taehyung had been right, the weather was indeed chilly.

“Wait,” Taehyung jogged up to Jimin just as he closed the car door behind him. He looked up and saw that his friend carried a black cap with him, and Taehyung just approached him and put the hat in his head.

“Why are you-”

“Jiminnie, your hair is orange , and a mess. I refuse to walk beside you if you don’t wear this.” he joked and Jimin laughed, adjusting it in his head. It indeed covered his hair almost completely.

 And then he looked at Taehyung's face and wanted to laugh even more.

“Taehyung… Wearing sunglasses and a beanie here is almost like carrying a neon sign around saying you’re a celebrity.”

“Pfff, I’m not a celebrity,” Taehyung exclaimed in disdain. Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, let’s just hope today doesn’t get into a clickbait article,”

 They got into a baby’s clothing store first and quickly found themselves on a dilemma. They stared at the interior dreadfully. The store was literally divided in Girl’s section, to the right, and Boy’s section to the left. All painfully pink and blue.

“Let’s go to another place-” Taehyung started but Jimin held him by the arm to stop him,

“No, let’s give it a try! I’m sure we’ll find a lot of nice things,” he smiled and Taehyung gave in, and let himself get dragged to the girl’s section by Jimin.

“Aaaawwwn, look at this one!” it was a tiny onesie, mainly white but with cute foxes all over it. It also came with a pair of red tiny pants.

“But what if it’s a boy?” Taehyung asked, but didn’t really sound concerned about it. He was fumbling through a whole stack of onesies and taking several into his arms.

“It’s not even that girly, it’s just an animal!” Jimin said excitedly and continued looking for more pieces. Then he turned to look at his friend and eyed the pile of clothes in his arms warily, “But make sure to stick to neutral themes, okay?”

“Yessir,” Taehyung mumbled and continued on his task.


  Some time later, they got out of the store carrying three paper bags full of baby clothing.

“We didn’t get too much, did we?” Jimin asked worried,

“Whaaat?! Jimin, this is nothing! You’ll need a lot more than this!” he exclaimed, and then said “Can you wait in here a little bit, I’ll go drop these bags back in the car,” he motioned for a bench behind them, and Jimin happily sat down. His feet were slowly starting to swell, and he hated it, but knew it was all for a good cause.

  Taehyung went back to the parking lot and opened the back seat door to put the bags. He smiled to himself. Who would’ve thought he and Jimin would be shopping for baby clothes now… The same Jimin that would always make them both late for school and have them running around the neighborhood to get there on time, just to trip on his feet near the stairs, almost every day.

  While Taehyung hated the idea that the man responsible for half of that baby wasn’t nearly as present as he should at the moment, he at least could use that opportunity to spend more time with his best friend.

  Taehyung straightened himself again and just as he was about to close the door, he faced a man, probably in his forties, carrying an intimidating, giant professional camera at less than two meters away from him. ...So much for being subtle…

  Taehyung resisted the urge to address him and got back to the mall in long strides. He would have to make sure those cameras didn’t ruin the day for him and Jimin.

  Jimin was still sitting at the bench, smiling at something on his phone. He was wearing an oversized white hoodie but his baby bump was still visible even from far away. He looked so soft and angelic in that moment that Taehyung’s heart felt weird for a second, but he quickly dismissed it.

“May I know what’s gotten you so cheeky?” Taehyung said as he sat besides Jimin on the bench. Jimin blushed slightly.

“I’m not cheeky…” Taehyung looked from his shoulder to Jimin’s phone and his eyes caught Jeongguk’s name above the chat box. He frowned.


“W-what?!” Jimin was defensive, holding the phone to his chest and looked like he expected a reprimand any second.

“...Hoseok is so mad at the both of you.” Taehyung admitted, looking ahead.

“He is?!!”

“He’s just protective of his brother’s heart, I guess.”

“Taehyung, what we did was nothing -” Jimin started but Taehyung interrupted him, vividly.

“Nothing!! To you !!!! That’s the whole point here!” Jimin understood what Taehyung was trying to say, but didn’t feel like having that talk out there.

“I don’t want to talk about it, and there’s nothing to worry about, really.” Jimin dismissed it, slightly nervous, “You don’t know what happened, but believe me, it was…” the words died in his mouth as he realised what he was about to say.

“Nothing.” Taehyung concluded for him, and stood up. “It’s okay, I won’t say anymore about it. Just don’t expect the same from Hoseok.”

“We’re both adults.” Jimin mumbled under his breath but got up too to follow him.


  They went to a big department store to look for strollers, baby straps and stuff like that. Taehyung was playing with the strollers around the store and they were also getting baby bottles and other kitchen utensils, when Jimin’s phone vibrated.

“Hello?” he recognizes the id as one of his management team members,

   While Jimin was talking on the phone, Taehyung was making sure to give the stink eye to the camera man that was stalking them from behind the aisle. If they were going to take pictures, he might as well make them look as unusable for media as possible.

   When Jimin ended the call, Taehyung asked what it was about. Jimin looked deep in thought to the black screen of his phone and for a millisecond Taehyung felt worried something scandalous had happened again, until Jimin said as a matter of factly,

“It was management. They needed to know my new address.” Jimin shrugged.


  Jimin and Taehyung practically spent the entire day at the mall, with them stopping every time for Jimin to sit down for a moment.

   When they got home, it was already dark outside. They came and put all the shopping bags inside, and Jimin was exhausted.

“Wait, you’re going back home? You can sleep here, if you want to.” Jimin offered his friend, who just looked like he had got caught in a lie and didn’t know how to get away with it.

“Actually… I’m not going back home.” Taehyung winced, and stayed silent. Then, Jimin gasped,

“Oh my god, you had work today, didn’t you?!” Jimin couldn’t believe his friend.

“It’s okay Jiminnie, it’s a night shooting so I didn’t really need to be there during the day anyways.”

   Taehyung was an actor working on a SBS drama. He wasn’t a protagonist this time around, but his character still had a major appearance on it.

“Taehyung, you should have spent the day sleeping!” Jimin scolded, and started slapping his shoulder with his sweater paws. Taehyung just laughed at his friend,

“I can drink coffee, and there’s makeup in this world too, Jiminnie,” Taehyung said, “Also, I was so excited to buy cute baby things with you that I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyways!”

  Jimin would continue reprimanding his friend for his recklessness, but decided to just let him go back to work, instead.


“Drive safely!! And try to sleep before going in front of the camera, or else you’ll look tired on tv and I’ll feel bad!” Jimin exclaimed from the doorstep of his house. Taehyung smiled and just hugged Jimin, kissing the top of his head affectionately.

  Jimin watched him go back to his car, in his leather jacket and sunglasses perched at the top of his head, looking like the epitome of a superstar.

“Bye bye!” Taehyung shouted silly, and then he was gone. Jimin sighed to himself and put his hands back at the pockets of his hoodie. It was indeed getting colder, outside.


“Why don’t you pay him a visit, at least?!” Yoongi’s mom asked, confused and sad at the situation. They were at his house, as his mother had decided to pay him a surprise visit. The reason was very obvious for everybody.

“And say what?” Yoongi mumbled, being his most honest self near his mother, “I have nothing to say to him.”

“Ask him to come live with you, then!” Mrs. Kim just didn’t understand her son’s problem.

   She had been so happy when she found out that she was going to be a grandma . She was very excited about it, and she couldn’t wait to meet Park Jimin. She was still learning how to use internet, but a friend of hers had sent a few pictures of the red haired man, and he was so beautiful . When she saw the one where he showed off his baby bump, she felt like crying, she got so emotional.

“Live with me?! Hah,” Yoongi scoffed. She frowned, not understanding why her son looked so defeated.

“He doesn’t like you? Is he a bad person?” she asked, worriedly. Maybe she had thought the wrong thing when looking at his pretty face on her phone?

“No! Not at all.” Yoongi quickly denied. Jimin was one of the purest people he knew, maybe only beneath his own mother in level.

“It’s just…” he continued, “...We don’t really know each other, mom. I’m not sure if we’re even friends… Things just happened, and he got pregnant.”

   When he finished speaking, he looked up from his lap only to see his mom looking back at him in a horrified frown, her mouth even hanging open. He had definitely scandalized her.

“Y-You what?!!” she breathed, and turned away from him, trying to recover from the shock.

   The last time Yoongi had felt like such an embarrassment and a failure to his mom, he was probably fifteen. And he didn’t welcome that feeling in the slightest.

   And it wasn’t that him mom was very conservative on that matter. No, not at all. That was his dad; it was just that his mom was truly one of those who believed in true love and cute marriages, principally for his son. Finding out the circumstances of that baby was not going to be easy on her, Yoongi already knew that.

“...I’m sorry.” Yoongi didn’t know what else to say.

“Sorry for what?! You don’t need to say you’re sorry to me!” she replied quickly,

“I… I know this wasn’t how you planned to have a grandson.” Yoongi admitted hesitantly,

“Baby…” she said, gently, “I’m just surprised because I was thinking you two were at least boyfriends…” when Yoongi didn’t look up, she continued speaking,

“But, tell me, Yoongi, don’t you at least consider getting together with him? For the sake of this kid?... It would be better if you raised it together, you know.”

   Yoongi couldn’t answer to any of that. He was already having a hard time thinking about the baby while it wasn’t even born yet, he couldn’t deal with the thought of it being a real kid, expecting him to be the perfect father. And then there was Jimin.

   They stayed in silence, and Mrs. Kim knew her son better than anyone, even himself. She knew that look.

“I know you’re scared, but believe me, Yoongi, you’re nothing like your father.” she said, but in Yoongi’s mind it only made it worse, because it sounded like a complete lie for him. It didn’t even make sense, in his opinion, and it just looked like she was trying to soothe it out for him. He didn’t need that.

   Yoongi stayed in silence, and his mom eventually understood there wasn’t much she could do to help him at the moment.

   But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t try to meet Jimin and her baby’s baby.


    Jimin was now 21 weeks on the pregnancy.

    He wasn’t really working anymore, at least not “outdoors”, so he mainly stayed at home doing nothing or occasionally went to visit his friends. His favorites were Jin and Hoseok, because with Jin’s bakery in the center of the city would have an unending offering of good food, and with Hoseok’s dance studio there would be the entertainment of watching the classes. But going there would just make him want to participate on the classes, and he knew it was impossible to dance in that style while pregnant.

    He was secretly thinking about doing prenatal yoga, but was shy about asking Hoseok about it. He knew it was silly, but he couldn’t find the confidence to talk to him about it.

  Jimin had woken up that day planning on going to Jin’s bakery again to hang out, but he had been forced to give up that plans for the day when his “mail” came in that morning.

    It was actually a BigHit van, and one of his managers greeted him politely, stating that he had brought all the packages on his name. Jimin smiled thankfully but on the inside he was dreading it, as if i don’t already have one million boxes in my house, i have to put in more.

    He knew it was a part of his job: to at least accept to receive products from all kinds of brands, and maybe post pictures with them, but still. He already had so many boxes in there…

  Jimin opened the door to let his manager put the boxes in his living room. When he was finished, he said goodbye to him and Jimin was left alone with that unwelcome pile of “gifts” staring back at him.

  Jimin pulled up his sleeves and cracked his neck.

“We can do this.”


  In the end, out of 23 boxes he had struggled to open with his inconveniently small hands, only three or two he had actually liked. He would have to donate the rest later…

   And he kept all the chocolate.

   One that he didn’t quite understand was a box of Kumamon plushies and baby products, sent by a famous toy store. He understood the baby things, but why did they have to be all kumamon-themed?... And it didn’t have a sender name…? Was that allowed?

   The one he found the most cute was a big box sent by puma, that had a pair of nice white sneakers in his size, and then another pair of the same model of white sneakers, but so tiny they both fit on palm of his hand. And there was even a white onesie sent by the brand as well.

   It worked. He found it so cute that he had to upload a picture of those. And he knew his managers would be proud of his move, too.

    Still not getting up from the floor, he kept fumbling with his phone. There was a headline that caught his attention, and he knew he probably shouldn’t click on it, but he did anyways.

   The first picture showing up was his first pregnant upload on instagram. The text went on about how “Agust D” was the only artist to win several daesangs in the last five years without ever doing a live performance on a professional stage, or pretty much ever appearing on tv. It also stated that the two had been “ dating ” for almost a year (based on what information, Jimin had no idea,) and implied not very subtly about how Jimin would be benefiting from giving birth to a heir of the SCA Holdings group.

  Jimin closed the article immediately after reading those words. What scared him even more was that those were just on the first paragraph, and the text was big . What more could they be talking about him? He didn’t want to know.

  Jimin actually despised the idea of his baby being forced to live in some rich, heartless life. He wanted his baby to be raised in simplicity just like he had. He hoped he could manage to keep that plan.

   Just as he was struggling to get up from the floor, his phone started ringing. It was his parents again. He answered, and they all talked, even his little sister was participating that time,

“Taehyung came here last week, I think he was working nearby and could stop by, ” he heard his mom say,

“I know,”Jimin smiled at the memory “all he could talk about was soonshimie,”

“Yes, I swear, that dog is either immortal or turning into a dinosaur,” his mom said, but Jimin knew she would be just as heartbroken as everyone else when that dog decided to go.

“And, Jimin, actually we called you to talk about those plans for next week,” his dad said, with his signature calm and gentle voice,

“W-What plans?!”Jimin tried to play dumb, but he remember perfectly just what his dad was talking about,

“We haven’t seen you in so long,and now you are expecting your first child,” his dad used his most emotional, sad voice, and Jimin shut his eyes, already knowing he was a goner, “How can I be in peace knowing you are so far away, and pregnant?”

   There was a pause on the line, and Jimin sighed defeteadly.

“...Of course I’m going, appa…” he said, and could practically see the sweet smile on his dad’s face, and the successful glint on his mom’s eyes.

“And have you talked to Min Yoongi about it yet?” his mom demanded, serious, and Jimin hesitated before answering,

“Uh… Not really.” he winced,

“Jimin…” she warned, and Jimin almost shuddered.

“I just… didn’t know how to bring it up…” Jimin suppressed the information that, since that one time at the clinic, he and Yoongi hadn’t really talked. Jimin would just know about what wa going on Yoongi’s life when Namjoon was around and occasionally mentioned him.

   He also hadn’t been speaking to Namjoon. He assumed the man was busy with work, but also thought that he was probably sticking to Yoongi’s side. Jimin didn’t think it was a bad thing.

  The worst part was that every time Yoongi’s name was brought up when Namjoon and Jin were around each other, they would start arguing, and depending on the intensity, Taehyung would join it just as passionately. Jimin felt really bad for being one of the reasons the couple was fighting, but he knew it would take a lot more than that to break them apart for real.

“Just tell him we are inviting him for dinner! We want to meet this man,” his mom stressed her point like that was a very simples thing to do.

“Jimin, if you don’t do it you know we will just go to your house instead, whether you want it or not,” his little sister said in her typical know-it-all tone of voice.

“...Okay, but I will invite Taehyung too,” Jimin said, not wanting to feel like he lost it.

“Yes, do it! That would be so sweet!” his dad said in an excited voice almost at the same time his mom said “But don’t forget to talk to Min Yoongi.” in a serious tone.


  Later that day, Jimin texted Taehyung.


tae, i’m going to busan next week

to visit my parents

wanna go too? :)



what day?


prob next weekend, like, friday or saturday…


i’m sorry chimchimmmm

i can’t, i have to film a variety shw and take pictures and aaaaaaaaaaa

i wish i could go as weel, i dont like you going alone

:( :(


i won’t be alone, i guess

actually, i probably will be anyways, but

my mom wants to meet yoongi, so she’s inviting him for dinner




i love mrs. park

she’ll give him hell


i knooowwwww ;n;

and i’m so nervous, i don’t want to talk to him about it


no problem minnie leave it to me ;)










      In the end, Jimin successfully convinced Taehyung to let him do it. But he still needed to talk to Yoongi, and he was seriously nervous and shy. He wasn’t sure why, as he used to do such dirty stuff with him and all, but since his baby it was like he was looking at Yoongi in an entirely different way, and the man just seemed to be so intimidating all of a sudden…

    Also, Jimin had been summoned at the Big Hit building to be present at sponsorship discussions and a reunion that afternoon. He knew he could refuse, but honestly he saw no point, since he was feeling relatively well. His ankles weren’t so swollen that day.

 He got an uber ride, and tried not to suffer so much at the painful price they asked to take him from his home to the city.

   Jimin entered the company building trying to not bring too much attention to himself, even if he was walking slower than the crowd. He was already a bit late for the reunion, but he hoped they would just forgive him.

   Jimin got into the elevator and waited for his floor. The elevator wasn’t cramped with people and he noticed some recognizing him, but thankfully no one said anything on the entire ride.

   When he reached his floor, he got out looking down at his shoes, still thinking of people who might recognize him, but-

“Ah, sorry,” he mumbled when he collided with someone that had been waiting to get on the elevator, and then looked up, only to see Min Yoongi, in a suit, looking shocked at him.


   After encountering him, Yoongi had, apparently, completely forgotten to get in the elevator, and it was like Jimin was the sole purpose he was walking around.

“What are you doing here?” Yoongi asked as the doors closed behind Jimin.

“Uh… stuff.” Jimin didn’t know how to describe what he was doing, exactly, as he himself wasn’t so sure.

“But you should be resting,” Yoongi frowned down at him, and then it was like he suddenly understood something, “Wait, did someone ask you to come here today?!”

“...Yes.” Jimin answered, clueless as to why Yoongi cared so much.

  Yoongi closed his eyes, and it was like he was holding down his anger. Jimin tried to think of something wrong he had said, but couldn’t understand.

  The other took his hand in his without a word, and started pulling him gently towards his managers’ area. Jimin looked up at him but his face was blank of emotion, and he couldn’t be more confused. But somehow he trusted Yoongi enough to let him lead Jimin around the floor.

   Yoongi opened the glass wall that divided the place they were working around a big table with their laptops, and everyone immediately fell silent at the sight of the both of them. Yoongi was scowling hard at the team and Jimin was blushing, their hands still interlaced to the entire room to see.


Chapter Text

chapter 6:

  Yoongi opened the glass wall that divided the place they were working around a big table with their laptops, and everyone immediately fell silent at the sight of him. Yoongi was scowling hard at the team and Jimin was blushing, their hands still interlaced to the entire room to see.

“...Just,” Yoongi started, but then shut his eyes, “what kind of idiot … ...What were you thinking?!” Yoongi asks the room, and one of the managers, a tall and skinny man gets up from his seat hesitantly,

“I’m sorry, Mr. Min?” the man didn’t know the problem, and was trying to not let his face betray him in showing his interest on the fact that Park Jimin was with Yoongi, holding hands and just looking like a cute couple.

“I just want to know what possible business Jimin had at the company today that were so important he had to go all the way from his house to here?!” he eyed the entire room, and saw the realisation hit their faces,

“When he is fucking five months pregnant?!” Yoongi continued just as harshly,

“I’m so sorr-”

“Just how many times do I have to repeat to you that I can deal with this shit for him? How many times have I fucking repeated to you guys to not bother him right now?”

 Jimin was speechless, staring at Yoongi from beside him with his mouth hanging open, looking at him like he had grown two heads. Was he actually… defending him right now? Showing he actually cared for anything related to him? Was Jimin having an illusion?

“I’m so sorry Mr. Min, this won’t happen again.” the manager that had gotten up said in a hurry, not meeting any of their eyes.

“This is exactly what you said last time.” Yoongi answers boredly.

“I promise-”

“Don’t.” Yoongi interrupted him, raising his free hand,

“Just. Email it all to me.” Yoongi said, and internally he screamed, because that meant even more bureaucratic work for him to do when he would rather be either sleeping or locked up in a studio composing. But he wouldn’t in a million years have Jimin go through all that stressful paperwork when he should be just resting.

   At that, Yoongi exited the room with Jimin, who was blushing all over his face, still not believing what he had just saw and heard.

  Yoongi walked with him until they were near the elevators again, and near the window, and started questioning, worried.

“Are you feeling ok?” he asked, as if Jimin was about to faint right on the spot. But Jimin didn’t feel even close to that, he was completely fine. Yes, embarrassed, but fine.

“I’m so sorry those dumbshits didn’t realise it. I swear they are just like minions,” Yoongi passed his hand through his hair, seeming slightly frustrated.

“Yoongi, I’m fine.” Jimin said, trying to recover from the butterflies in his stomach. He needed to calm down.

“Don’t lie to me Jimin, you’ve been walking weird.” Jimin didn’t think he would notice that.

“It’s just my ankles, they’re a bit swollen…” Jimin said shyly and looked away, not seeing the expression Yoongi was wearing on his face.

“Should I carr- Uhm, I mean, do you need help walking? It wouldn’t be a problem to help you,” Yoongi said in a hurry, looking down at Jimin worriedly. He couldn’t stop himself from noticing just how much delicate Jimin appearing for his eyes with that 21-weeks bump. For a second Yoongi thought about just getting Jimin out of there, taking him home and tucking him under the covers of his bed.

  But then he thought, why shouldn’t I do just this?

“No, it’s okay, I can walk on my own. But thanks.” Jimin smiled awkwardly. His ankles were hurting but it wasn’t that bad.

“Can I take you home?” Yoongi shooted and at Jimin’s surprised look he realised his wording, “Uh, I mean, can I drive you home?” Yoongi said and then quickly added, “Because, you know, my employees made you come here for basically nothing and I feel bad for the inconvenience, and, I would feel really bad if you had to pay for another ride to go back home…”

  Jimin thought about it. On one side, he was looking forward to going to Jin’s bakery, just to kill some time and eat candies to his heart’s content. On the other side, this was the perfect opportunity to bring up the invitation to have dinner with his family. He was hesitant to ask the other about it because he didn’t want him to accept, because his family’s house was really simple and it would be awkward, but then, he was afraid that Yoongi would indeed accept, and it would all be awkward.

“Uhm… If that’s really not a problem, then I accept.” Jimin said, playing with the hem of his clothes, “But are you sure? My house is kind of far,”

“I’m sure.”


     And that’s how Jimin found himself at the underground parking of the building with Yoongi.

  Before he could do anything, Yoongi stepped ahead and opened the car door for him. Jimin went to the passenger seat and murmured a shy “Thanks…”

   He didn’t know how to act around Yoongi, and it was all very awkward.

   Yoongi started driving out of the center of the city, and they were silent. Jimin was too shy to think about anything to say, and Yoongi also kept quiet. He just rested his hands on his baby bump and watched the city go fast by the window.

“I… I’m really sorry for the incompetence of that management team, and,” Yoongi started saying when they were already halfway through, “I just wanted you to know that I will take care of all these issues for you, if you let me.”

“Oh, b-but, don’t you have too much work already for your own image to deal with?” Jimin asked, unsure.

“Don’t worry about it. This is nothing, really.”

“If it’s nothing then there shouldn’t be a problem with me doing it, right”

“No, let me handle it, it’s partly my fault anyways,” Yoongi said, thinking about how the media had used that announcement to make money and get clicks, “You can trust me.”

   At hearing those words, Jimin looked back at Yoongi’s face, curious.

“I… I trust you.” Jimin said really quietly, but Yoongi heard it anyways.

    He took the turn to enter Jimin’s neighborhood. Yoongi couldn’t ignore the warm feeling inside of him at hearing those words. But he tried not to think much of it.

    When he pulled up in front of Jimin’s house, they stood there in an uneasy silence. Yoongi cleared his throat and looked to Jimin beside him, and gulped when he realised just how close they were.

     God, it had been so long since they last kissed.

     Yoongi looked at Jimin’s beautiful face. He was wearing no makeup today, and he looked almost expectantly at Yoongi. He licked his pretty plump lips, and Yoongi’s mind replayed all those times they would lay in bed together, doing all that kinky stuff that Yoongi was into and soon teached Jimin too.

    They got so close, mesmerized at each other while seating in the car, that their noses brushed slightly. Yoongi closed his eyes in expectation, all he wanted was to feel Jimin’s lips against his again, and this time to make love to him, not just fuck, but a sudden movement caught his attention. Jimin got startled by their proximity and opened the car door in a hurry to get out, mumbling “Gotta go,”

    But the thing is, he opened the car door so fast that he tripped when he tried to stand and fell to the ground uglily, with a yelp, and then a pained little whimper.

   Yoongi never got out of a car so fast in his life.


    Yoongi was all over him in seconds, and Jimin never saw his eyes so panicked before.

   He knelt to the ground and started frantically holding Jimin in his arms, looking for injuries. And then he saw blood.

“Oh my fucking god.” Yoongi whispered to himself, and Jimin tried to calm him down.

“The baby is okay, I’m okay!” Jimin immediately reassured, as they were both kneeling in the sidewalk. When Jimin realised he was falling, he instinctively put his arms in front of him to protect his baby, and by a result scraped the underside of his forearm and his elbows were both bleeding a bit. He also could sense that his knees would get purple and hurt a lot, later.

   Yoongi was still all over him looking scared, and said,

“I-I’m taking you to the hospital-”

“No, there’s no need! I said it’s fine, just… Can you help me get up?...” Jimin asked shyly, and Yoongi immediately held him delicately in his arms when he tried to get up.

  They walked back to the front door with difficulty, Yoongi holding him by his forearms and Jimin’s knees were really hurting, besides his ankles. They unlocked the door and Yoongi slowly sat Jimin on the sofa,

“Wait,” he said and ran to the kitchen to get a wet cloth to his blood. Yoongi couldn’t help but notice how Jimin’s house seemed to be so… naked, in a way.

   When he came back, Jimin was still seated at the couch. Looking at Jimin holding his scraped, bleeding elbows and just looking small and very pregnant did things to Yoongi’s heart that he wasn’t sure if he could take. Also, Yoongi was still positively panicking.

“Let me see,” he said quietly, kneeling in front of Jimin. The red-haired blushed slightly and held his arm out for Yoongi to see.

   Yoongi took his elbow in his hands very gently and looked at the scrapes on his skin. The sight made something inside of him get so worried he felt hard to breathe.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have…” I shouldn’t have scared you like that.

   Jimin just tilted his head, confused. Why was Yoongi apologizing?

   He didn’t get an answer because Yoongi just started tending for his small injuries. Jimin didn’t have any kind of medicine for that in his home, so water would have to do, for now.

    The younger would often stop his breath every time Yoongi’s strong hands and long fingers held his milky skin and tend at it with the wet cloth. It looked so intimate, for some reason, to have Yoongi kneeling in between his legs like that…

    Then, Yoongi stood up and started taking off the black blazer of his suit. Jimin could only look up, embarrassedly aware of how much the sight affected him, and watch Yoongi throw the blazer in the sofa, and then put his hands up to loosen the tie around his neck. That brought memories to Jimin, from when they lived together and Yoongi would come back from work and do exactly that. Jimin remember he would always jump Yoongi when he saw the other doing that, he used to be so attracted by that move.

    He still was.

    Yoongi then sat beside him and kept pressing the cloth to one of his elbows to stop the bleeding. He looked deep in thought while he did that, and Jimin felt shyly attracted by him. He was handsome, his black hair falling on his eyes as he looked down, and Jimin felt like his touches burned his skin, slowly.

    Jimin gulped. He couldn’t even concentrate on the pain of the scratches on his forearms. He was suddenly so aware of their positions, and also self-conscious of his own appearance. He knew he wasn’t the same lustful boy that used to drive Yoongi mad with his skills in bed. His abs were long gone, his cheeks were a lot puffier, his tights that once were firm with muscles were now completely soft.

    Yet, Yoongi appeared different, too. There were bags under his eyes that didn’t exist when they were “together”, and he looked a bit skinnier too. He didn’t look up from Jimin’s elbow once, and the other took the opportunity to allow himself to stare at Yoongi to his heart’s content.

    Jimin also remembered that he still needed to talk to Yoongi about his parents’ plans. He cleared his throat to catch his attention, but Yoongi didn’t look up. Jimin then moved his elbow slightly and it worked. Yoongi eyed him in surprise, and Jimin said it quickly before he got too shy to utter the words,

“I actually needed to talk to you about something…”

“What?” Yoongi asked, curious. What could Jimin possibly want to say to him?

“Uhm… My parents, they… they want to meet you?” Jimin hesitantly said, his voice dying at the end. He was unsure of himself again, and suddenly he regretted his choice of words. Maybe he should have danced around the topic a bit more?...

   Yoongi gasped when the meaning of the words finally sank in, and he started coughing.

“A-are you okay?!” Jimin made to raise his arms in the direction of Yoongi, but the quickly said,

“I’m okay, d-don’t worry ‘bout me.” he coughed a bit more and Jimin felt his heart sink. He would be lucky if Yoongi didn’t bolt out of his house at that moment. He was probably pitying him and trying to think of a way to let him down more gently, and probably just because he was pregnant.

“They want to meet me?” Yoongi wanted to confirm it, and Jimin could only nod dumbly. He was silent, bracing himself for Yoongi’s rejection to the invitation,

“Then I must meet them. When would it be?” Yoongi’s voice sounded almost solemn, full of determination and seriousness, and it caught Jimin by surprise. He frowned, confused,

“You are saying you are going?...” Jimin thought he must have got it wrong, but Yoongi frowned his eyebrows and asked back,

“Going where?”

“To their house. They want to… Uh, they are inviting you to have dinner at their house. That’s what I meant. They want to meet you.” Jimin explained fully, and he could swear he saw a flash of nervousness go through Yoongi’s eyes. The other straightened his back where he was seated besides Jimin on the sofa, and put his hands on his knees.

“I see.” he said, in a serious voice, “Tell them I accept. I’ll be there.”


   After that, Yoongi oddly stayed in his house. Not that Jimin was complaining, he was actually enjoying the company and the talk they were having.

“They live in Busan, right?” Yoongi asked when Jimin was laying on the couch. Yoongi had suggested Jimin laid down and even went upstairs to get his pillow for him. Now, Yoongi was seated beside Jimin’s feet, for some reason eyeing them (Jimin thought it was probably his flowery socks).

“Yes.” Jimin said, looking at the ceiling. Now that he had laid down he was starting to feel just how much his junctions were hurting because off that fall.

“We could go by plane, I can schedule a ride for us,”

“Uhm, I’ll need to talk to my doctor first,” Jimin said absent mindedly, and missed the way Yoongi turned his head at the mention of a doctor.

“Do you have an appointment?” Yoongi asked, and Jimin answered,

“This week, actually. Tomorrow morning.” Jimin said, “And the dinner is next weekend.”

“Will Taehyung… go with you? To the doctor?” Yoongi hesitantly asked. That wasn’t exactly what he wanted to ask, but he didn’t know how to approach the topic.

“No, he’ll be busy. I think all of them will be, so I’m just going by myself.”

“C-can I go?” Yoongi spit the words nervously. Jimin raised his head from the pillow slightly to look at him, confused.

“To the appointment?” he asked and Yoongi just nodded, looking at him with a faint blush on his cheeks, as if he expected to be reprimanded by the other.

   But Jimin just smiled cutely.

“Of course!” he exclaimed, “But, are you sure you don’t have work tomorrow morning?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m going.” Yoongi said, recovering from the shyness he had a second earlier. “I’ll come to pick you up.”

“No, there’s no need-”

“I insist.” he said, final, and Jimin decided to let him be. He wouldn’t deny a ride like that, anyways.

    After a moment of silence, Jimin felt Yoongi’s hands moving his feet to his lap. Jimin was about to look away from the ceiling to ask what he was doing when he recognized the movements of Yoongi’s fingers.

    Yoongi was silently massaging his feet and ankles.

    Jimin felt his face go red with embarrassment, and something else, like the butterflies in his stomach. He looked intently at the ceiling then, and tried not to to any brusque movements. He couldn’t believe it. Yoongi was doing a massage for him?! Yoongi, still on his work clothes, with the sleeves of his white dress shirt pulled up to his elbows, the tie carelessly loosened around his neck, was gently massaging his ankles, and Jimin felt like he could combust at any movement.

    It was so ridiculously domestic and simple, and gentle. Something that Jimin hadn’t even let himself imagine before.

    They laid like that, Jimin trying not to acknowledge what Yoongi was so solemnly doing, and slowly he felt the sleep get to him.

“Does anything else hurt?” Yoongi’s soothing voice came out to ask him, and Jimin thought about it. Should he be honest?

“Please be honest.” it was just like Yoongi had read his mind. Jimin sighed before admitting,

“Sometimes my back hurts, I think it’s because of the weight of the baby,” he said, quietly, almost whispering.

“Let me help.” there was a slight plea in Yoongi’s voice that Jimin didn’t quite understand. But he wasn’t denying a back massage, principally after he found out Yoongi was actually really good with those, in his opinion. Maybe he had a natural talent to those.

    Jimin sat upright again and slowly turned his back to Yoongi. He was wearing only a white oversized t-shirt that moment, because he had taken off his jacket inside the car since the heater had been on full blast.

    He looked ahead and jumped slightly when he felt Yoongi’s hands on his shoulders. He couldn’t help but think about how the last time Yoongi’s hands touched his shoulders and back like that, it was to pin him to the bed while he fucked him furiously against the mattress, no questions asked.

      Jimin shut his eyes and tried to just relax. Yoongi was trying to help, the minimum he could do was to try to cooperate. He needed to get over it, they would probably never do that kind of thing ever again, if he was honest with himself…

    He felt Yoongi’s finger gently pressing his shoulder blades, and his upper back. It felt hot where he touched him, and Jimin couldn’t concentrate. It seemed like Yoongi was taking his time on trying to ease those feelings from Jimin’s muscles, genuinely worried about doing it right, and Jimin felt that nervousness again.

     Jimin didn’t understand why he was so shy around him now. They used to be so bold with each other, always going straight to the point, and now… Something changed and Jimin was suddenly acting like a blushing virgin.

“Is it helping?” Yoongi asked in a low voice. Maybe it was unintentional (it was probably unintentional, Jimin thought) but since he was right behind him, his voice was so close to his right ear that Yoongi’s breath ghosted over his skin with the question.

   Jimin suppressed a shudder. He tried to concentrate on finding the words to answer. How to speak, again?

“Yes.” Jimin finally said, trying to keep his voice normal. Yoongi was still massaging his shoulders while he spoke, “...Thanks.”

    Jimin usually wasn’t a man of few words, but today was being different.

“I feel better now,” Jimin smiled reassuringly when Yoongi stopped touching him. He turned back to him but then the smile fell off his face when he saw Yoongi’s eyes.

    He couldn’t explain in words what he saw in Yoongi’s face that moment, but it made him blush, and his breath get caught in his throat. Yoongi’s eyes were intense but hesitant at the same time, as if he felt too much and was afraid of letting Jimin know the true dephts of his feelings.

    And there they were again, close enough to feel each other’s breaths on their skin. Jimin watched Yoongi’s eyes go through his face, from his eyes to his cheeks and his lips. And stayed there.

    Jimin wanted to. But he wanted so much that he was afraid one kiss would reveal too much and leave him naked in front of Yoongi, in more ways than one.

     Jimin turned away from Yoongi and cleared his throat.


     Later that day, Jimin found himself after having eaten some of Jin’s food he kept in his freezer, laying in bed with at least two comforters above him.

“What happened with your heater?” Yoongi asked, and Jimin shrugged, not caring about it enough when he was so comfy in his bed.

“It’s not installed yet.” Jimin said, “But it’s okay, I’ve been thinking of sleeping downstairs, because I can’t take stairs, sometimes.”

   Yoongi understood what he meant. Jimin was only up there because Yoongi practically carried him there, with his ankles swollen and his knees hurting. Yoongi felt a pang in his heart again, he didn’t like having Jimin on his own. What if something happened?

“Go back to work, Yoongi.” Jimin mumbled, sleepy, after they had stayed in silence for a while. Yoongi looked at the bedside table where a mug he had brought upstairs.

“I made you tea. It’s camomile.” Yoongi said and Jimin’s head peaked out of the comforter. He was frowning cutely, and Yoongi’s heart fluttered at the sight.

“You made tea?”

“Yes. Wait for it to cool off a bit and drink it, please. It’ll help you warm up.” he said, and with a sigh, stood up from the corner of the bed. He should just let Jimin rest.

“What time is the appointment tomorrow?” Yoongi asked. Jimin was surprised he even remembered the doctor’s visit.

“Uh… 10 am, I guess.” Jimin said, watching Yoongi straighten his clothes. He looked really domestic in that white dress shirt. His clothes were wrinkled now, though, and the knees of his dress pants were affected by the way he had jumped to the ground of the sidewalk to help him.

“I’ll be here by 9, then.” he said quietly in the dark of Jimin’s room and Jimin closed his eyes, ready to sleep. “Don’t forget the tea!” Yoongi exclaimed, his voice like a gentle scold, and Jimin lazily bent to the side to take a sip. It was really good, and it warmed him up inside amazingly.

“Thank you.” Yoongi said, and Jimin thought it odd. Shouldn’t he be the one to thank him?

   Yoongi walked to the door of the wide suite and looked one more time to the sleeping form of the pregnant man. He was already with his eyes closed.


    Yoongi smiled to himself and closed the door.


Chapter Text

The next day, Yoongi drove to Jimin’s house to pick him up.

Yoongi parked in front of the big and well-built house and got out of the car. He walked the few steps it took to reach the house and rang the doorbell.

All that tension from the day before was still present. When Jimin appeared at the front door, the two of them just awkwardly looked at each other and exchanged mumbled “Good Morning”’s.

Yoongi walked right beside Jimin and even opened the door for him to enter the vehicle. As if Jimin wasn’t having enough problems with his fluttering heart already, Yoongi had to start acting like a complete gentleman now.

They spent the majority of the ride in silence. Jimin looked outside the window and Yoongi busied himself with driving. They could have turned on the radio, but were both too hesitant to speak out and couldn’t think of anything interesting to say.

When they reached one of the main avenues, Jimin said, hesitant,

“It’s in that building,” he pointed to one of the highest ones, and Yoongi nodded.


When they got out of the elevator and entered the clinic, Yoongi opened the door for him again. Jimin tried to control his shyness and went straight to the reception desk, Yoongi following him.

They didn’t even have to wait at all, and were told to go to the doctor’s room immediately.

They got to the assigned room and the prenatal doctor was already there waiting for Jimin.

“Park Jimin-ssi! It’s good to see you again!” the doctor said, a polite smile on his face. He was an old man, almost an elder. Jimin thought he was an nice doctor.

“Same.” Jimin smiled back, and Yoongi just nodded.

The man didn’t look much at Yoongi, but recognized his presence with a nod and a small smile. After years in the profession, he just settled for not asking so directly about the companions of his patients during visits. They could be friends, or more, or it could be complicated.

But just by looking at how they seated awkwardly beside each other, not ever touching or relaxing in each other’s presences, the man concluded it was probably the latter.

“So,” he said, putting his elbows on the table in between them, “how are you feeling, Jimin?”

“Uh…” Jimin hesitated. Where should he start?

“Are you feeling any pain? On your back, or ankles, or neck?” the doctor asked patiently, understanding Jimin’s confusion with such a vague question.

“Yes, I am.” Jimin admitted.

“...From a scale of 1 to 10, how bad would the pain be?” the doctor asked, looking thoughtful. Jimin thought deeply about it before answering,

“...Four.” he said, and he knew he was being honest. “On my knees, my feet, and my back, mostly. ...My shoulders too.” The doctor nodded.

“Then, I might prescribe you some medicine. I also recommend you have a physiotherapist, if possible, to help you. There are other methods, too, as in needle therapy. Some herbal teas too.” he said, looking at Jimin, “I think it’s better we stick to organic ways as much as possible. But if it gets worse, we must use some pain relief.”

“I understand.” Jimin said.

“Any other symptom?” he asked and patiently waited as Jimin thought about it.

“Uhm… Oh!” he suddenly remembered, “I haven’t been able to eat meat in a while…” the doctor nodded at hearing that, as if he was kind of expecting  those words, “I don’t know what happened but I can’t bring myself to like it anymore, so I don’t eat it. Nothing, read meat, pork, chicken, fish… Nothing.”

     Jimin was looking at the doctor and completely missed the way Yoongi watched him, hearing him intently.

“And I wanted to know if there’s a problem with that? Is it unhealthy?” Jimin asked, worried with his hands resting on his belly.

“No, not at all!” the doctor assured, “So many pregnant people go through this, too. Don’t worry. I don’t think you’re suddenly turning into a vegetarian because of this. Most times it is just momentary.”

“Oh…” Jimin was relieved.

“All of the proteins you’ll need can be found in a vegetarian diet. I’ll write it down for you.” he said while he got a piece of paper to start writing.

“Anything else?” he asked, and Jimin shook his head.

“Okay.” the doctor said still writing down at the paper, “So, now, another part of the procedure would be asking for the fetus movements. Anything on that?”

    That caught Yoongi’s attention even more, but Jimin still seemed to be oblivious to that.

“A little, but I’m not sure if that’s considered ‘kicking’ yet…” he said, running his hands through his belly.

“It’s completely okay to not feel it yet.” the doctor assured with an honest smile. He took some notes and wrote things on his computer for a moment.

    Then he got up to fetch something resting above a small cabinet. Jimin and Yoongi watched him get it and come back to stand beside Jimin instead of sitting back on the other side of the desk. Jimin looked up at him and saw that he was carrying a blood pressure device and a stethoscope.

“I’m going to hear your heartbeat now, okay?” he asked and then started moving the stethoscope around Jimin’s chest. He then put it on his back and asked Jimin to breathe deeply.

“Can you raise your shirt, now? I need to hear the baby’s heartbeat.” and Jimin did just that. He then made the mistake of looking to his left, and saw Yoongi looking in a daze to Jimin’s exposed bump. Jimin realized that was probably the first time he saw it without any cover. Jimin felt slightly self conscious. He adjusted his hair to try to cover the moment he blushed.

The doctor’s appointment proceeded as the doctor, still standing beside Jimin, measured his arterial pressure and took notes on his condition.


When the doctor was back on his seat and he was finishing his prescriptions for Jimin, Yoongi said,

“Excuse me, doctor? I wanted to ask you something.” the other two looked at him expectantly. The doctor calmly nodded, waiting for Yoongi to continue.

“I- Me and Jimin, we are going to travel to Busan this weekend, and we wanted to know if it’s okay for him to be on an airplane, or a jet.”

    The doctor understood, and looked down at his notes in deep thought. He then looked at Jimin’s form, and the other two waited for his verdict.

“I wish I could say yes, Mr. …?”

“Min Yoongi.”

“Mr. Min Yoongi, I wish I could say that he can, but to be honest it would be better if he didn’t. Because of his well-being, mostly.” the doctor said, “I would advise that he doesn’t go on that kind of trip until the end of his pregnancy. He’s already 21 weeks, almost 22.”

“I understand.” Yoongi answered in a serious tone, seeming to be deep in thought. The doctor kept looking in between the two, before saying,

“I’m sorry if I’m intruding,” he was curious. That was the first time his patient Park Jimin came in with a companion. Ever. “But, are you partners?”

The question got Yoongi completely by surprise, and he didn’t know what to answer. He stuttered a bit, before Jimin calmly said,

“He’s the father.”

“Oh. I see…” the doctor nodded, and Jimin smiled sweetly.

“He is a very busy man.” Jimin answered to the doctor’s unsaid question. The older man just nodded, looking for a second to Yoongi’s office attire and silently went back to writing.



A few days later, Jimin was waking up at 6 am on a Saturday, very grumpily, to get ready for his trip to his parents home.

After that doctor’s visit, Yoongi had said that they should go by car. It would be a seven hour ride, maybe eight, from their city to Busan, and they had settled for going very early in the morning. Jimin was lazily rolling in his bed, and he knew he would probably get late and have Yoongi wait for him to get ready.

He was sleeping in the upstairs room again. His bag was already ready, and he just needed to wash up and wait for him to get there.

Jimin was nervous. While he brushed his teeth, he thought about how his mom was so painfully overprotective of him, and how harsh she could be when she wanted to be. And his little sister was going the same way. It was just his dad that was extremely passive and loving, but his mom’s attitude could easily “outshine” his father’s kindness. Jimin couldn’t help but feel like he was about to throw Yoongi to the wolves.

And the road trip. He had no idea how he would manage to stay so close to Yoongi and stay calm and collected for more than seven hours. He was getting more and more shy with the other man, and his “odd” acts of gentleness always threw him off. He didn’t know how to deal with that. He had grown accustomed, in those months before his baby, with a very impessoal, cool and kinky Yoongi.

But that considerate gentleman that Jimin had been dealing with? He had no idea how to act around him.

Just as he had successfully brought his one bag downstairs, he heard Yoongi ring the doorbell. He went to open the door and braced himself for more awkwardness between them.

But when he saw Yoongi, he got speechless.

Yoongi wasn’t dressed in the way Jimin had gotten used to seeing him. He was in a pair of jeans. And a black t-shirt. And sneakers.

He looked so normal and domestic, and so much younger that Jimin had to take a moment to remember how to breathe again. That was the first time he was so affected by Yoongi’s appearance like that in a long time, and he didn’t know how to act about it.

For several months, he would only see Yoongi in a black suit, and he realized he had gotten used to it.

But now, Yoongi looked like a normal, reachable person. Jimin’s heart couldn’t calm down.

“Jimin?” Yoongi asked hesitantly. God, Yoongi was so handsome-?

“U-uh, I…” Jimin gulped, and tried again, “Uh, good morning.”

“Good morning, Jimin.” Yoongi said politely and seemed to be oblivious to Jimin’s inner turmoil. “Have you eaten well?”

Jimin stepped aside to let Yoongi enter and watched him take his bag on one hand.

“Not really...” he answered. His stomach was still empty.

“Then we should go eat before we take off.” he said and when they were exiting the house, Yoongi kept a hand resting lightly on Jimin’s shoulder as if to guide him.

    In the way to the car, Yoongi hovered around him as if he was afraid Jimin would trip and fall any moment. To be fair, he indeed had fallen before, and even bled in front of Yoongi. Jimin realised Yoongi was probably scared it would happen again. He didn’t know what to think of that.


    When they entered the cafe, they went for a table near the door and called for an attendant. Yoongi pushed the chair to Jimin and he sat down heavily, resting his hands on his bump, not caring about looking at the menu. He was usually hungry in the morning, and didn’t care much about what it was as long as it was tasty.

“What do you want?” Yoongi asked him, and he shrugged, looking up at the attendant.

“Bread. And… milk. Cold, please.” he says vaguely, and looked away to the window.

As he looked away, he didn’t see Yoongi’s fond smile.

When their food came, it was two croissants for him, neither of them with meat inside, and a tall cup of cold milk just like he wished. He smiled and started chewing his food, looking all cute with puffy cheeks. He then realised Yoongi was staring at him.

“What?” he asked, and Yoongi snapped out of it, looking away. Jimin wasn’t sure, but he thought there was a faint blush in the tip of his ears. He couldn’t see his face too much because he was wearing a black cap.


“Aren’t you going to eat, too?” he asked, eyeing his plate with a croissant for himself and a big cup of coffee. Yoongi nodded quickly and started eating too, but would often steal glances at Jimin.

In the end, Jimin also asked for a water bottle and a piece of pie. Yoongi watched him eat while he nursed his own coffee. Jimin rested back on the chair when he was finished and stayed there, silently looking out the window. Yoongi realized just how big he was, even if he was just halfway through, he already looked very pregnant, and had somewhat of a glow around him. Yoongi was mesmerized, his coffee long forgotten, as he took in Jimin’s cute chubby cheeks, his pretty lips pouting adorably and his fluffy light-orange hair-

“Uhm, excuse me, Agust D?” Yoongi jumped at hearing that name, and the two turned to see a young man, probably in his early-twenties, holding his celphone to his chest. “I’m sorry f-for intruding, but I’m a huge fan, I’ve liked your songs since I was in high school, and… I was hoping I could take a selfie with you?” he asked unsure, and when he was met with silence, he quickly added,

“B-but it’s okay if you don’t want, again, I’m sorry for intruding-”

“No, wait! It’s fine.” Yoongi got out of his stupor and immediately got up from his seat to shake hands with his fan. He was smiling and started chatting with the young man about music. Jimin watched the exchange with a lazy smile on his face.

When they were taking the selfie, Jimin offered,

“Hey, I can take it for you! Here, pass me the phone.” he said, and the fan blushed at being addressed by ‘Park Jimin, The Model’, bowing slightly to him in thankfulness as Jimin, not even moving from his place in his seat, took a picture of the two with a smile on his face.

“Here,” he smiled sweetly, and held the phone back to it’s owner.

     When he was gone, Yoongi didn’t sit back in. He looked at Jimin nervously, pulling his cap down on his face and said,

“I’m sorry for that, I had no idea people would recognize me-”

“No, it’s okay!” Jimin dismissed it. He knew it came with Yoongi being an artist and all.

     Yoongi helped Jimin up from the chair, as he was still feeling heavy from all that food, and they headed out of the cafe.

Chapter Text

     Jimin was wearing thick framed glasses and looking out the window. Yoongi was trying to concentrate on the open road they’re in right now, but he felt the pull to look at Jimin’s peaceful face every five seconds. He was too cute, and Yoongi’s heartbeat quickened in a way that hadn’t happened before.

      They had been in silence for what felt like an eternity, but it had probably been only half an hour since they started. Yoongi knew they were still very awkward with each other, even though they were going to be parents of the same kid in a few months, and they didn’t have much to talk about. Yoongi had both hands on the steering wheel, looking ahead, but in the corner of his eyes he saw Jimin, all nestled up on the seat beside his, looking calm and comfortable, and it gave a weird sort of comfort to Yoongi himself to see Jimin like that. It was like a great satisfaction to know that Jimin was safe and sound with him, and that he was somewhat happy and comfortable.

    Yoongi didn’t know what to do with those feelings, so he just ignored them for now.

    They stayed in silence until Yoongi saw the road toll at the beginning of the highway, and cursed under his breath.

“What?” Jimin asked, and Yoongi turned to him.

“I forgot about the tollway.” Yoongi said, trying to not feel shy about it. This was just okay. “Can you count the coins?” he asked, guiding his car to stay in the queue while gesturing to the pile of coins he kept in a compartment in the panel. Jimin said,


    Yoongi watched Jimin sort through the coins, trying to keep his heart under control. It was just that Jimin wearing those big framed glasses on his face, that big hoodie up on his hair, looking all soft and right , made Yoongi feel weird inside. He needed to stop acting like he had a crush on Jimin, in which he clearly didn’t , of course, and start acting cool again.

     Yoongi cleared his throat and looked ahead.

“Here.” Jimin’s sweet voice came in again, and he was holding out his hand with the coins. Yoongi took it wordlessly and handed it to the road attendant. Yoongi tried not to think of how cute Jimin’s hands were.

      After they were permitted to go, the car entered the highway. Yoongi knew they had a long day ahead, and that it could be tiring to Jimin, so he was set on trying to make it better for him, and as comfortable as possible.

      He stopped the car at the first gas station he saw. After Yoongi parked the car in the gas station, they were both requested to get out of the car while it had its tank filled, for safety.

      As Jimin stood at a safe distance from the car, waiting for the process to be done, with his hands on his hoodie’s pockets, he got bored quickly. The pregnant man looked around and saw what was around the gas station; a small convenience store, and right beside it, in the same small building, a set of two bathroom doors.

      Jimin suddenly saw a cute stray cat right beside the wall of the convenience store, so he started walking towards it, because, why not. The cat was so cute, a white cat that was drinking from a small water container that had been probably put there by the station’s workers so the kitty could keep himself hydrated.

     Jimin lowered himself, not quite crouching down, because that would be a little hard with the baby bump and all, but he was close enough to extend a hand and pet the cat.

     However, as soon as his hand got close to the feline, it startled and quickly ran away. Jimin watched the kitty run away, pouting.

      When he got up, he saw Yoongi approaching him. He gulped while taking in his appearance. He really had forgotten how Yoongi was actually so thin and athletic, principally after so much time focusing on how much he liked Yoongi while he was dressed up for work. But casual clothes like those suited him really well, even more than his suits. He looked young and much approachable in a pair of fitting jeans and a t-shirt.

“The car’s ready.” Yoongi said when he was standing in front of Jimin. He nodded, putting his hands on his coat pockets.

“What were you doing here?” he asked curiously and then saw a water fountain that was near them, thinking that Jimin had been drinking from it, “Oh, there’s water back in the car,” he said in a slight of panic as if Jimin had forgotten about it, and he laughed quietly,

“I know, Yoongi.” he said good naturedly. He knew they needed to go back to the car, but it was really good outside, seeing the morning sun going up. And it wasn’t so cold right now, as the sun was starting to warm everything up, slowly. He smiled to himself.

    Until he looked at Yoongi, and noticed that he was a bit closer to him than before, and staring at his face with an expression that he couldn’t recognize so well.

“What? There’s something on my face?” Jimin forced a small laugh, a bit nervous about their proximity. He didn’t want to recognize the butterflies in his stomach or his quickening heartbeat at being so close to Yoongi he could smell his perfume. Jimin’s lips trembled slightly, and he closed his fists under his coat.

     They were almost the same height, but Yoongi was just a bit taller. Yoongi sputtered at hearing his question, looking at Jimin’s cute face. With those cute thick-framed glasses, he was even worse to deal with, and Yoongi was confused with what he was feeling, wanting to ignore it but it was getting more difficult very quickly.

“Uhm, uh, t-there’s something… On your hair!” he said quickly, and brought up a hand to touch Jimin’s orange-colored hair, adjusting his fringe slightly, but also appreciating the soft feel of it.

     Yoongi absentmindedly brought his hand down to feel Jimin’s face, passing by the side of his glasses and stopping at the soft skin of his cheek, his timid touch fluttering on Jimin’s skin.

     He couldn’t look away from his face, it was like he was mesmerized. Jimin was beautiful, his hair, his forehead, his eyebrows, his eyes, his nose, and…

     Yoongi looked up from Jimin’s inviting lips to his eyes. There was hesitance in them, but he stood still under Yoongi’s touch, looking unsure of what he wanted himself. But there was a hint of expectation in his look, and Yoongi gulped again, shy excitement running on his heart. He gently caressed Jimin’s cheek, admiring the way his eyelashes fluttered and his lips parted slightly, and it was like his world stopped spinning for a moment. Jimin was everything.

      That time, when their noses brushed slightly, none of them seemed to be surprised by it. Yoongi’s hand held the side of Jimin’s face more fully, and when their lips touched, timidly, like it was the first time, both their eyes fell closed.

      And Yoongi couldn’t stop kissing Jimin once he started. It was slow and gentle, so gentle, the way their lips moved against each other, and there wasn’t even a hint of sex in it, it was another thing. Yoongi felt like there were fireworks in his heart, and he was breathless, but not from arousal, from the way he felt. He was feeling too much, and it was overwhelming, but he couldn’t stop. He told Jimin with his lips directly connected to his all the things he felt and didn’t know how to name yet.

       He was peppering little kisses to Jimin’s lips, gently, enamored with the person behind them, and everything they meant for him, but it was becoming too much. Too much fondness for his heart to take in one go.

      They slowly broke apart, as if hesitant to let go of that moment just yet, and Jimin was blushing all over his face, looking deep in Yoongi’s eyes. Yoongi knew his own cheeks were probably just as red, and Jimin’s eyes were widened, his breath coming in short pants from his lips. Yoongi suppressed the urge in his heart to kiss the worry from his face again, show him how much he cherished him, all the lov-

     Yoongi looked away in a hurry. What was going on with him?!

     As he looked away, he missed Jimin’s hurt, sad and confused expression. The shorter man looked down at his feet, trying to cool his body out from the kiss. He didn’t know what to make of it, and he was completely terrified of thinking the wrong thing and end up breaking his heart even more than it already was.


       None of them addressed the kiss. It was like it never even happened. Maybe Jimin had dreamed it.

     Jimin and Yoongi were back in the car, and Jimin was slightly turned to the opposite side of Yoongi, looking to the window, seeing the trees go. He knew that would be a long and awkward trip to his parents home. He was already regretting everything. He should have just lied to his mom about it.

     Yoongi was very focused on driving, even though the highway was practically absent of real curves, his knuckles white from the tight hold he had on the steering wheel. He was having trouble calming down from that kiss. He couldn’t stop thinking about Jimin, and how much he wanted to be there for him, to protect him from all harm in that world, and then as if everything he was finding out he felt for the red haired wasn’t enough, then there was the fact that he was carrying his kid, and all the feels that baby made in him, too.

     He remembered about that ultrasound print. He had made it into his cellphone inner homepage, and sometimes he would catch himself staring at it for several minutes, deep in thought, and wonder. That baby was going to look up to him and call him appa, one day. It was scary just as it was bubbly feeling, in his heart.

     Yoongi had spent some time looking straight ahead and lost in his mind, and when he looked sideways to Jimin, he found out that he was sleeping. Yoongi’s heart felt weird again as he took in Jimin’s beautiful features, his pouty lips, his relaxed face as he slept, the glasses falling down his nose slightly. He looked adorable, to Yoongi.

     Yoongi focused on driving quietly, and let him sleep.


     Jimin had slept nonstop for almost two hours. When he was starting to wake up again, he realised the car was pulling out of the road.

     Yoongi parked the car, got out and immediately went to open Jimin’s door for him. Jimin tried to get out of the car but he was still almost half asleep, so he tripped on his feet, loosing balance because of his sleepy body.

    But suddenly he felt firm arms around him, and Yoongi was holding him up before he could fall to the ground. He looked up in shock. They were in an awkward position, paralysed as Yoongi was a bit crouched down and Jimin’s knees were bent, their faces inches apart.

    Jimin was fully awake now. He desperately disentangled himself from Yoongi’s hold and got stable on his own. He patted his clothes down, refusing to look at Yoongi, and looked around until he saw a restroom sign.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” he said and didn’t wait for Yoongi to keep up with him.

     From behind his back, he heard Yoongi close the car and follow him in a hurry.


      Jimin got to pee and Yoongi too, and when they were washing their hands, Yoongi says, looking at him through the mirror,

“There’s a small store nearby, we could buy some snacks if you want.” he suggested, and Jimin’s mind immediately went to all the candy and chocolate that little grocery store could possibly have to offer him and his wide pregnant appetite. He silently nodded to Yoongi.

     They entered the glass doors from the outside and Jimin immediately went to the snack section, picking all the gum and chocolate his baby bump asked him to. Sometimes he felt like it was talking to him. Yoongi just went to the fridge and got some kids’ juice for the both of them, and then walked to Jimin.

“Uhm, I can’t decide…” he heard Jimin mutter while choosing in between two packets of gum, and Yoongi smiled to himself.

“Take both.” he suggested, a fond smile making its way to his face.

“But I won’t be able to eat it all!” he complained childishly, and Yoongi laughed this time. Jimin could just be himself that he would already put him in a good mood.

“I’ll eat the rest, or we’ll figure it out.” he said, taking the two packets from Jimin’s hands and walking to the cashier, Jimin stood there and continued to choose in between chocolate, not at all in a hurry to get out of there.

       Yoongi also wasn’t in a hurry. He absentmindedly stopped to look at the magazines stall, but panickedly turned away from them when he saw Jimin’s stunning face in the back cover of one of them. He wasn’t in a moment to worry about their fame. He was going to meet Jimin’s family, hopefully make one hell of a good impression, and just enjoy Jimin’s company. No fame issues included, he thought.

     While they were both passing their things to the cashier, Yoongi’s eyes got a glimpse of a familiar black toy on the low shelves of that cash register corridor. He picked it up, it was a plushie, a little bit bigger than his hand, and it brought memories of a perfect childhood, of his mom, of the simple life he had and sometimes missed so much. When he was just a small kid…

     He felt his stomach churn when he added the plusie to the pile of items to be paid. What scared him the most was that, for the first time in his life, he was getting a kumamon plushie, not for himself.

     He eyed Jimin’s protruding belly under his clothes and blushed.


       Jimin was a lot cheerier after he had slept for so long, and he was munching happily on a candy as they were exiting the store, his form practically glowing. Yoongi couldn’t help but feel a lot more at peace in knowing that Jimin was happy and satisfied.

     Jimin distractedly looked to the side, and stopped in his tracks when something caught his attention. He even stopped chewing on his candy to stare at it.

      Yoongi turned to look too, and suddenly understood Jimin’s attention to it.

      Right outside the glass walls of the small grocery shop, there was a big poster for a mobile service company advertisement. It was all a deep red, and while on one side there were letters saying about promotions and advantages, on the other side there was a picture of a young man with deep red hair, white dress shirt and office clothes, holding a big stack of papers on one hand and adjusting his thin-framed glasses on the other, looking handsomely confused.

“Yah!!! You see that?!” Jimin exclaimed excitedly, like a rookie would, “That’s me!! Haha!” he was finding it funny, and Yoongi smiled at that. The poster was so big it was almost accurate size, but still not really. Jimin had gotten closer to look at it, a wide grin on his face, admiring himself on that poster.

“That’s priceless !” he exclaimed while looking on his pockets until he found his phone, “Here, take a picture of me!” he handed his phone to Yoongi, who obediently opened his camera app and stepped backwards to get it better, a fond smile on his face.

       Jimin got beside his own picture on the glass wall and mocked the gestures; brought one hand to hold his pair of glasses while the other held a particularly big bag of chips. The pose was the same, but he was making a dorky face instead of that well trained one on the poster add, and his baby belly was pressed against his clothes in an unmistakable way. He looked so different from his picture, so comfy in his oversized hoodie and a pair of loose sweatpants that it was funny.

        Yoongi took the picture holding back a laugh. Jimin was adorable, and he couldn’t be happier to be with him in that moment.


        Later that day, when he arrived on his parents’ home, Jimin would post that same picture on his instagram, since it had been so long he had posted anything for his two million followers.

       What he didn’t notice before posting, though, was that, since he was right behind a glass wall, the perfect and unmistakable reflect of Yoongi holding up Jimin’s phone to snap the photo would appear in the picture as well.


Chapter Text

After that funny picture, they went back to the car to continue their long road trip. They were already halfway through it, and the sun was all the way up in the sky. Because of the laughs they shared with that poster ad, they were a bit less awkward with each other. Only a little bit, though.

     But, even though he felt feels shy and awkward around Jimin, Yoongi was so interested in the man that he overcame it to start a conversation with him.

“I’ve never been to Busan,” he said, and Jimin turned to him, “How is there?”

“Never?!” he asked, surprised. Yoongi nodded,

“I mean, sometimes my father had business trips in there and he would invite me to go with him but I never really went with him.” he said. “I just saw it on tv, I guess.”

“Ah, but I don’t live in the center!” Jimin said in a hurry to explain it, “My parents’ house is really far from the centre and it’s closer to the beach. But it’s kind of a deserted beach? Not many people go there, it’s like… a fishing community I guess.”

“Aah…” Yoongi said, having a hard time imagining it, looking ahead to the road.

“It’s really really simple, uh, nothing like those fancy apartments you see on tv. It’s very suburban, I guess.” Jimin explained rather timidly, but Yoongi didn’t notice it.

“I… I can’t wait to meet your parents.” Yoongi admitted, and he meant it. If Jimin’s personality was anything to go by, his family was probably very pleasant to be with as well. I hope they don’t hate me… Yoongi thought, thinking about all those dramatic gossip articles going on in the internet about them.

“I hope you like them,” Jimin smiled nervously, thinking back at his mom, and how harsh she could be, sometimes. At least his dad was basically an angel.

“I will.” Yoongi said without hesitation. He already liked them for having raised Jimin to be such a peaceful person to be with.

“And the place. I will take you to see the beach if it’s not too cold in there. Like, my house is four streets away from the coast, we could easily walk there.” Jimin said, smiling at the memories he had, “Actually, everything is close in there, since the neighborhood is so small. The school me and Taehyung went to, and our houses…Ah, I can’t wait to see his family, too.”

“And the sea…” Jimin continued, looking to the side of the road. They were still very far from their destination, and Jimin couldn’t wait to see the ocean and revel in that familiar smell, “I miss that place.” he concluded mostly for himself, lost in thoughts. Yoongi smiled gently.

“There’s a restaurant coming near, maybe we should stop for lunch now?” he suggested. It was already midday.

      Jimin’s head turned so quickly at the mention of food that Yoongi worried a bit about his neck.

“Definitely!” he exclaimed.


   They got to the restaurant and Yoongi walked slowly besides Jimin. It was midday, but the sun wasn’t warming the place enough in that early-winter day.

“Do you want to seat while I put your food?” Yoongi offered holding a plate in his hand. It was a self-service section of the restaurant.

“Uhm… No, it’s fine.” Jimin answered after some thought. His feet were hurting a little bit and Yoongi noticed, but it wasn’t so unbearable.

     Putting all his favorite food on his plate felt like heaven for a pregnant Jimin. He had a dumb smile on his face while he put rice and beans and a lot of salad, and even dared a small piece of salmon. He hoped he would be able to eat at least that meat.

     They sat near the window and ate in comfortable silence. The restaurant wasn’t cramped, but since it was peak hour, there were relatively a lot of people eating beside them.

    When Jimin was finished, he just relaxed in his seat and checked his phone. Yoongi looked down and realized Jimin had took his shoes off while he was eating, and was now only in socks under the table.

“Let me take a look at your feet,” he said, and bent down to take Jimin’s feet in his lap. Jimin let him, not being one to reject a foot massage.

     They stayed like that, Jimin distracted with his phone while Yoongi sat across from him on the table and focused on massaging his feet.

     None of them noticed a group of teens approaching until they were awkwardly standing next to their table. Yoongi didn’t see them at first, but Jimin looked up at them, mild surprise in his eyes behind his glasses.

“Uhm, e-excuse me…” a boy said, unsure of himself, and Yoongi looked up at hearing his voice, “Are you… are you Agust D?...” he asked, and Yoongi tried not let his pure annoyance show on his face. He concentrated on letting out a polite smile.

“Yes. You want a picture, right?” he went straight to the point, the annoyance burning inside of him. It got worse when he noticed the curious glances they sent in Jimin’s direction, that gossip-like glint in their eyes.

“Y-yes! If it’s not a bother…” the girl of the group smiled nervously, but Yoongi couldn’t bring himself to be sympathetic that time around.

     He sighed and lifted Jimin’s feet up from his lap, placing them again in his chair and getting up. The teens eyed that movement in surprise, but Yoongi didn’t let them have time to think about it so much, and positioned himself for a selfie.

      The group got the pictures they wanted, and made to keep talking about music, but Yoongi was pissed and didn’t want them to notice it. So he said, trying to sound gentle,

“Actually I need to go, so I can’t talk right now. Sorry.” he dismissed them, and the three easily got out, already satisfied with their selfies. Yoongi sighed once again and turned to Jimin.

“I’m sorry for that…”

“Yoongi, it’s okay. It’s a part of your work, remember?” Jimin smiled sweetly and adjusted his glasses, pulling his hoodie up to cover his hair, “But we should probably go before more people start coming over to our table.” he said, and Yoongi couldn’t agree more.

     Without a hint of hesitation, Yoongi crouched down to the ground and got a hold of one of Jimin’s feet, and gently started to put in his sneakers back on for him. He missed the way Jimin blushed while he was focused on tying his shoelaces in a way that wasn’t too tight on his swollen feet. The both of them missed some people discreetly taking pictures of that scene with their phones.

     They were both kind of bad at that fame thing.


     They got back on the road, and their initial awkwardness seemed to be so far, now.

     They were sitting mainly in silence, but it was very comfortable now. Jimin kept messing with his phone and eventually Yoongi suggested that they turn on the radio.

     Jimin reached out and turned it on careless about what station to choose. Pop songs started playing and Jimin resisted the urge to open the windows, because he knew the weather was cold and it was much better to keep in the comfort of the car heater.

      About two songs played on the radio before it happened. Fate wasn’t really joking with them today, because a familiar tune started playing, and Yoongi’s eyes went wide. It was one of his songs, one of the most catchy ones, closer to hip hop than rap, actually.

“Yeah!!!!” Jimin cheered, laughing good naturedly, “This song is really good, hyung!” he said, and Yoongi nearly froze at that name. Jimin had never called him hyung before.

      But Jimin seemed unphased by that.

“T-thanks…” he murmured, gripping the steering wheel. He felt like receiving praise from his clueless crush.

“A to the g to the u to the std~” Jimin sang along, banging his head with a wide smile on his face. Jimin’s fingers were itching to record a dorky snapchat, but he knew they should he careful, so he held himself back.

     The songs kept coming in after that and Jimin animatedly sang along to every one of them, and Yoongi felt his happiness in him too, like it was contagious.

      When they realised it, they were already in Busan, and it was the end of the afternoon. The sun was starting to set, blaring directly on their eyes in the road. Jimin started to get really excited to see his family in person after more than a year without getting in touch with them, and excitedly gave Yoongi the directions to his neighborhood. He was practically jumping in his seat, and Yoongi had a dumb smile on his face without even realising.

    They finally reached Jimin’s neighborhood. It was a little cramped with houses, but the place looked very well lived, and simple, calm, nothing like the city. Yoongi followed the instructions, silently admiring the streets and trying to imagine Jimin as a kid in there, when they pulleed up in front of Jimin’s old house.

     It was a light green house, had a simple wall and a gate, and the house is right behind it. And in the front, there was a garage-like store, that was currently opened. A wooden-products store.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you, right? My dad is a carpenter.” Jimin smiled beautifully.

     They got out of the car, that was parked right at the front of the small store, and there was already a very tall middle-aged man standing in front of if, expectantly looking at the black shiny car that just parked. Jimin excitedly waved from behind the window and opened his door. His dad was at his side immediately, and they hugged the moment he stepped out of the car.

     Yoongi got out of the car too and stood there awkwardly, feeling like he was intruding in the moment they were having.

     He watched Jimin’s father hold his shoulder to look at him, his eyes stopping down at his belly. Jimin smiled shyly and rested his hand on his baby bump. Jimin’s dad smile was one of the brightest and most honest Yoongi had seen in a long time.

     That was for sure a beautiful and healthy relationship in between father and son, Yoongi thought to himself.



        That same day, a man in his fifties, dressed up in a impeccable black suit, was seated in the middle of his office in Seoul, looking at the screen of his phone in deep thought. The room was luxurious all over, with expensive artwork hanging on the walls, expensive furniture all around him. The picture he saw, on his phone, was opened by a browser, that showed a website called “instagram”. He didn’t care about those things, but he understood very well the weight of it in their society.

        He looked at the picture, the reflex of his son on that store’s glass wall, standing there, smiling like an idiot, and wondered. This was not at all what he had planned. His son was in danger, and he would not have him suffering like that.

       He couldn’t have his only son go through the same disillusions he had had in life.

       He was going to protect his son, whether he liked it or not. One day, he would thank him for this.

       The man looked ahead to the panoramic view of Gangnam in silence, lost in his own thoughts. The sun was setting so beautifully today…

Chapter Text


       Jimin was 20 weeks on the pregnancy.


       He was at the bighit entertainment building, it was the middle of the afternoon. Even though he was technically receiving less work now and had a very eased schedule because of his current pregnant state, he still had some things to do.


       For example, today, a “mini” photoshoot for a makeup brand advertisement. It was just his face, and he knew he didn’t even need to give much effort into it, since the editors would drench his face in photoshop anyways. The pictures were very white themed, and the fact that his hair was currently a light shade of orange helped, even though the hairstylist commented that it would be much better if they could just dye his hair blond again. But it wasn’t a serious suggestion, since Jimin wouldn’t do it anyways, for his health and the baby’s.


        Jimin had just finished, wrapped all up with the team and got out of the room. His face still had all the foundation and make up on, his eyes were slightly bigger and cuter because of the dark brown eyeshadow put at their corners. He was wearing his own clothes, though, a pair of jeans and a light grey t-shirt. It wasn’t so cold today, thankfully.


        But because of his lack of coat layers on his body, his belly, even though small, was very noticeable today. He was trying not to pay attention to the looks he was receiving in the building corridors, but it was difficult.


       Honestly, he was just trying to get past without getting much attention or interaction with people he wasn’t comfortable with. Jimin was walking in a deserted hallway of the building, going for the elevator after getting out of the restroom, when he saw them.


       Even from several feet away, Jimin could perfectly see how much they fit into the idol stereotype. Tall, lean, athletic, confident walking - Jimin could see the appeal. He smiled when he recognized Jungkook in between the other three boys.


“Jimin-hyung!” Jungkook exclaimed when he saw Jimin at the end of the hallway. He started walking faster in his direction, almost jumping, and Jimin wanted to giggle because he immediately thought of a happy bunny.


“Hey!” he waved for Jungkook and the rest of them. They smiled and bowed politely, “What are you doing here?” Jimin asks. He knows the practice room is not on this floor.


“We were recording some parts for a song.” Jungkook replied, voice almost a whisper, and put his hands on his pockets. He looked so young and happy, Jimin smiled at him. He really liked Hoseok’s little brother, and it felt so nice to watch him go from a very innocent and dreamy teen to a talented and successful young man. He knew Jungkook would be a great idol once he got past this rookie phase.


“I can’t wait to hear it, then.” he said, and even though it sounded cheesy, it was the truth.


“Do you know these guys?” Jungkook asked, putting a hand on one of the boy’s shoulders. Jimin laughed and tried,


“Uhm…” he put a hand on his mouth, “You are Mark, right?”


“Yes!” Mark laughed and Jimin thought the tall boy was cute.


     In the end, Jimin guessed correctly all of them, Mark, Bambam and Yugyeom. After that the talk started to fade and Jungkook’s three bandmates bid Jimin goodbye and continued their way down the hallway.


      Jungkook stayed behind.




       One minute later, and the young idol had Jimin’s back pressed against the wall. Jungkook’s right hand was besides Jimin’s face, and they were staring at each other calmly. There wasn’t a hint of tension in the air.


      They both understood it.


      Jimin’s hands slowly went to rest on each of Jungkook’s shoulders. The young man was looking down at him, their height difference making it look like he was caging Jimin against the wall.


      All Jimin could think about was Jungkook’s really grown into a handsome man.


      All Jungkook could think about was what does Min Yoongi have that I don’t? he doesn’t deserve....


“Jungkook, what are we doing?” Jimin asked looking up at his eyes, voice even. Were they going to kiss?


      The hallway was deserted.


“This makeup suits you well.” Jungkook said just as easily.


      Jungkook bent down and their noses touched.


      They didn’t think much of it.

Chapter Text

Yoongi immediately liked Jimin’s dad, Minhae, just by looking at his face. The older man’s expression just let out so much positivity and good feelings, that Yoongi already knew where did Jimin got his cute smile from.

Yoongi bowed deeply at Jimin’s father, who reciprocated the gesture.

“It’s so good to finally meet you, Min Yoongi!” the man said politely, an honest smile on his face, and Yoongi nodded, gulping down. He needed to make a good impression.

“Thank you, sir.” he said back, bowing again.

From behind them, he heard a commotion, and it was Jimin’s mom and younger sister hugging him. They were short like him. He watched them fondle over his face and gently caress his baby belly, and they looked ecstatic to see him, finally.

Yoongi turned back to Minhae and realised the tall man was wearing an apron.

“Min Yoongi, is that you?” he heard Jimin’s mom ask and quickly turned back to her. He approached them and bowed respectfully in greeting, slightly nervous. Differently from her husband, she coldly watched Yoongi move, then nodded her head curtly, squinting her eyes, eyeing him up and down. And then she said,

“You’re shorter than I imagined.” she deadpanned, and Yoongi could feel sweat forming on his forehead even thought it was cold outside.

“Mom!” Jimin exclaimed, not wanting to have drama in the middle of the street the moment he arrived.


They all went inside and Yoongi really liked Jimin’s house. It was small and cozy, and it reminded him of his own childhood house.

Jimin gave him a quick house tour, and got stunned when he found out his old bedroom had been turned into a small deposit for wooden material. But there was still a single bed in the corner, and the bedroom looked very well cleaned up. Jimin spent some time looking at it in wonder, and Yoongi was in the doorway seeing the pictures on the walls of the corridor. There were a lot of cute pictures of Jimin as a kid, and Yoongi couldn’t seem to be able to look away from those.

“He was so cute, right?” Jimin’s father’s voice surprised Yoongi. Minhae was also looking at the pictures, with a fond smile on his face. Yoongi hummed in agreement. He was nervous around him, because he was too good, like an actual ray of sunshine, and Yoongi was lowkey scared of messing it up with him.

“The food will take a while to get ready, why don’t you and Jiminnie go see the street?” he suggested, “If you’re not too tired, that is.”

“I think that’d be nice!” Jimin appeared behind Yoongi with an excited smile on his face. “I want to see Tae’s mom!”


They went to see Taehyung’s family, that lived in the same street as Jimin, and he spent a long time being fussed over by his grandma, who gave him tons of advice and even including Yoongi when she realized he was the other father.

Jimin got Soonshim, Taehyung’s dog who was 8 years old now, to go for a walk with him. He snapped a lot of pictures of her for Taehyung, and Yoongi walked right by his side, holding back from offering to help taking the dog’s guide.

They were just walking really slowly in the sidewalk, Jimin setting the pace and being followed by the dog and Yoongi, when they saw the figure of a girl coming in their direction.

“Oppa!” Jieun exclaimed when she got to them, “I will walk with you, I missed you so much!”

“We’re just walking Soonshim, and I’m showing Yoongi the neighborhood.” Jimin said with a cute smile, “Nothing much has changed in here, right?”

“Oh, they put a new basketball set on that field nearby!” she said excitedly, and Jimin understood her happiness. He smiled proudly and told Yoongi,

“Did you know Jieun is in her school’s basketball team?” Yoongi’s interest went up at that,

“Really?” he asked, and Jieun eyed him seriously and defensively said,

“Yes. What, got a problem with that?” she crossed her arms. She was short, but still taller than most girls, being almost the same height as Yoongi.

“No, not at all!” he said quickly, getting a bit nervous with her hostility towards him, “Actually, I used to be on shooting guard on my schools team.”

Jieun stares at him for some time while Jimin gasped in surprise and turned to him.

“You play basketball?! That’s amazing!” he exclaimed and got a hold of Yoongi’s arm, looking up at him with a bright smile. Yoongi looked at Jimin, who was still wearing those nerdy glasses and his hoodie covering his hair, and he looked so cute and precious that Yoongi felt his cheeks and ears get hot.

“...” Jieun stareed at the exchange and narrowed her eyes skeptically.

“You two should play, then!” Jimin concluded excitedly like a puppy and Yoongi could never say no to that face no matter how hard he wanted to.


That was how Yoongi found himself getting his ass handed to him by a thin and gangly twelve year old.

Jimin and Soonshim were sitting on a concrete bench just outside the urban court, but Jimin only paid attention to their game for the first five minutes, then getting distracted with his phone and petting the dogs head with his other head. Even the dog wasn’t paying attention to Yoongi’s suffering, as it was delicately sniffing Jimin’s belly through his clothes, as if curious about what was happening inside.

Yoongi, now, was having a hard time on getting the ball from Jieun’s hands. It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to play, he did, professionally even. He knew the technique and all the right movements from having spent his youth playing at school and on the street, but it was just that Jieun was younger and faster. And she also knew the technique.

And the girl, that now Yoongi realised was oddly tall for her age, standing head to head with him, had a shit eating grin on her face at his trials. She was obviously messing with him, as she would dodge every single damn time, but would never jump to make the point.

Yoongi didn’t want to give up, but it was slowly turning into an option now. When he stopped to stare at her, Jieun holding the ball waiting for his next movement, still smirking, said,

“I don’t know if I like you yet.” and then it clicked to Yoongi why he was receiving that treatment. So, she was that kind of jealous, possessive younger sibling. Yoongi replied, still slightly out of breath,

“Why would you say that?” he asked, curious. He needed to find a way to win her over.

She stood oddly silent and put the ball to rest on her hip, game forgotten. She was looking on his face a bit unsure, as if trying to find some answer in his eyes. She opened her mouth to speak, but then closed it again. After some seconds of Yoongi waiting silently, she said,

“Is it true?” she asked, looking straight into his eyes. Yoongi didn’t know if he understood what she was referring to.


“What people say on the internet? About you two?” Yoongi’s heart sank. She was twelve, of course she would know literally everything that was going on online involving them both.

Yoongi spoke up carefully.

“I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I do know that there are a lot of different stories going on… And they’re mostly false. Some people write that shit just to get attention.” Yoongi says quietly, “But the truth, you might know, is that we were… friends” Yoongi caught himself quickly, remembering her age. She probably already knew about those things, but still…

“And I got Jimin pregnant, and that none of us planned it. And now we’re… dealing with it.” he said honestly. He looked up to her face and saw that her mouth was set in a thin line. Jieun then opened her mouth, ready to say something but got interrupted by her brother.

“Hey, I think mom is in the end of the street calling us over for dinner!” he shouted to them while getting up from his seat. Jieun immediately started walking towards Jimin, leaving Yoongi to go after her.

“And Jieunnie!!!” he dragged her name playfully and showed her his phone screen “I took some pictures of you and Yoongi playing, now you can brag to your friends at school about playing with a famous guy!!!”


Dinner would have been awkward if it weren’t for Jimin and his father being in their usual sunshine mood.

“This is amazing, dad, as always!!” Jimin exclaimed, very excited and already in his second bowl.

“Thanks, Jiminnie…” his dad replied blushing adorably. Not many men in his 50’s could pull that off, but Minhae seemed to be an exception to that.

Even though Jimin, as a grown man, was way shorter than his dad, they still looked alike, principally in the eyes. But Jimin’s mom, although the same height as him, was way more serious-looking and Yoongi had to admit he was intimidated by her.

“Yoongi-ssi?” Minhae’s voice brought him back and he turned to him, “Are you enjoying the food?”

“Y-yes!” he said quickly as soon as he understood the question. When he saw that everyone was staring at him, he realized he had probably said that too loud.

“Uhm, I mean, yes, I find it really good, sir.” he said again, more calmly, and from the corner of his eyes he could see Jimin’s younger sister rolling her eyes. Minhae just smiled sweetly.

“That’s good to hear.” and they fall back in silence, eating. The table is filled with bowls and plates of a complicated dinner showed just how much Minhae was good with cooking.

When they were mostly finished, there was a silence at the dinner table, and Yoongi didn’t know what to do with his hands. Until he heard Jimin’s mom, Eunha, speak up in her usual clipped tone.

“So, Yoongi, I heard you are a musician? What kind of music do you make?” Yoongi gulped and could feel his hands sweat from under the table, but he tried to stay composed.

“I make… any kind of music, I guess. I produce mostly pop, but I like to write rap and hiphop for myself.” she just narrowed her eyes, clearly not caring enough to try to understand but still wanting him to answer her properly.

“I see…” she murmured, and Jieun joined in with a hint of fangirl curiosity in her voice.

“Do you write for GOT7?” she asked, and Yoongi suppressed a smile. He simply said,

“Yes, sometimes I help with producing but it was mainly on their debut album.”

“Oh, do you play the piano, perhaps?” Jimin’s dad asked, and Yoongi nodded, “Oh, that’s great! I have an upright piano here that was sent by a school nearby to be polished and fixed on some details, and no one here knows how to play it, but it must sound really nice, right, darling?” he excitedly turned to Eunha, but before she could say anything, Jimin smiled sweetly and spoke up,

“You should play for them, Yoongi!”


And that’s how Yoongi found himself cramped with Jimin’s family in front of a slightly beaten up upright piano. They were at the back of the store, and around them there were all kinds of wooden-made things. Yoongi was mesmerized by it, there were delicate boxes in a corner, all artistically made and beautifully carved. He didn’t know Jimin’s dad was such an artist.

“Come on, sit down!” Minhae said, excited. Yoongi hesitated before going to the bench and sitting down. Jimin quickly sat besides him, all cute and bubbly, waiting for Yoongi to start playing, and his heart skipped a heartbeat at seeing the red haired act so pleased.

Yoongi tested the pedals, and then started playing, slowly, not sure if the old piano was perfect to use. The cover was up, and they could see the cords and hammers moving just like he played with the keys. The piano was light brown, just like pretty much everything else in that room.

Jimin was sitting so close to him that he could smell his hair, faintly, but it didn’t bother Yoongi while he moved his fingers calmly through the keyboard, testing the sound.

He wasn’t playing a classical piece. He knew some of them, but he didn’t feel like doing one of those. He was starting to play a calm, sensitive, simple song that he had put together some time ago, by himself. It was a sweet musical piece, not at all hard to play, and it reminder Yoongi of hearing the sound of summer rain from inside the comfort of his house. It had a peaceful, and cute sound to it.

The sounds filled the room, and Yoongi knew he had all of the attention of the Parks on himself. He was probably wooing them. He hoped he was wooing them.

After a bit less than five minutes of playing in the silent room, he brought the song to an end. When his fingers hit the final, acute note, he let it die slowly in the air, and everyone was silent.

He looked up to Jimin’s face right by his side, and the other was staring right back at him, his mouth partly opened. The things he saw in Jimin’s eyes, not at all concealed by the glasses’ lens he was wearing, made his heartbeat quicken and he blushed furiously, quickly looking away. Yoongi saw emotions he was scared to name, because he was terrified of the outcome. Completely terrified of not being able to live up to Jimin’s expectations. He’d rather Jimin not have any hope on him at all.

But at the same time, he couldn’t bear the thought of Jimin not wanting him.

Yoongi was a mess of feelings.

“That was… beautiful.” Jimin said in the quiet room, his voice slightly breathless. His eyes were wide, looking at Yoongi with a hint of admiral, and Yoongi was at a mix of wanting to crumple to the ground and disappear, and puff his chest in pride.

“It was.” Jimin’s mother spoke up, surprising Yoongi. He turned to look at her, and she wasn’t so stiff anymore. She just looked to be thinking about something, wondering on her thoughts while looking in between Yoongi, Jimin and the piano in front of them.


After that, they were all more at ease around Yoongi, he could see that, but on the other hand, Yoongi was slightly embarrassed, and staying quiet. They stayed in the shop, while the front doors were closed, and Jimin was waltzing around the aisles, looking and touching nearly all the products on display. Yoongi was following them from behind, and silently admiring the work of Jimin’s dad.

There were some sculpture-like decorations, and some furniture. Some different chairs, a dresser in the corner lacking its mirror, a vintage-looking table.

Minhae revealed, rather bashful, that he had been working on kids toys. Jimin was dangerously close to tears while he held the little wooden dolls on his small hands, emotional, like they were the most precious things. They were one of the few things around that had paintwork, and were all on pastel colors.

“That is great, dad.” Jimin said, voice sounding wet, and Yoongi’s heart swelled.

“But now I’m planning on doing a music box,” Minhae said, and turned to Yoongi with a playful smile, “Now that I know for sure my grandkid will have a music bone in him.”

“E-eh?” Yoongi stuttered, not expecting to have the conversation turning back to him like that.

“Jimin has a beautiful, beautiful voice,” his dad said proudly, and Jimin looked down timidly.

“It’s true! I told him he should have auditioned to be an idol, but he didn’t listen to me…” Jieun got in the conversation, and Yoongi’s mind immediately went to imagine Jimin living the life of an idol. He would fit in perfectly, for sure.

But Yoongi had no idea Jimin could sing, before, so now he was extremely curious to see if it was true. Not that he thought about it, Jimin’s voice was probably a good, high tenor, if his slightly high pitched speaking voice was anything to go by.

When Jimin noticed Yoongi’s interested gaze, he desperately changed topics, before someone suggested that he sang for them.

Jimin yawned theatrically,

“Wow, it’s getting so late! I’m tired…” he said loudly, and started going back to the door that connected the store and the house. Yoongi sighed and followed him inside with his family, everyone talking animatedly while he stayed quiet.

Jieun bidd them good night and disappeared into her bedroom, and Jimin and his mom lead Yoongi to Jimin’s old room.

It was a medium sized bedroom, and okay size for a teenager, but it only had a single bed tucked to the corner and a wooden shelf above it on the wall. There were old highschool books and plushies in there, but none of them were dusty. The bedroom was still clean, aside from the other side, that had a pile of plastic organizer boxes.

“Great, you’re really turning my room into a pantry.” Jimin said, eyeing the pile of boxes warily. His mom just smiled playfully,

“One, you don’t even use this room anymore and two, this is not a pantry,” she scoffed, and Jimin rolled his eyes but there was an amused smile on his face as well, “There are no brooms in here?! It’s not a pantry!”

“”Anyways.” Jimin continued, and eyed the bed on the wall,

“This bed is too small for the both of us, mom.” he said the obvious, and Eunha just pointed to a mattress they hadn’t see before, that was scored on the other side of the room.

“He can sleep on this, if it’s not too simple for his taste,” there was a hint of maliciousness in her voice that Jimin chose to ignore and turned to Yoongi, smiling sweetly.

“Once we put lay it on the floor and put some covers, it’ll be really comfy!” Yoongi would never say no in that situation, but principally now, with Jimin looking up at him expectantly.

He smiled back at Jimin, timidly, trying to calm down his heart at the others cuteness.


Jimin woke up in the middle of his sleep. He thought that once arriving in his childhood home he would have little trouble in getting comfortable, but it wasn’t happening. There was a slight discomfort at his shoulder from laying on one side for so long, and he could feel the baby kicking faintly on his insides.

Also, he felt the annoying need to pee, while he was extremely thirsty for water.

He turned from the side he was facing the wall, and looked down to see Yoongi sleeping right beside his bed, on the thin mattress that laid on the floor. His mom had insisted that Yoongi stayed right there so that if Jimin fell from the bed, Yoongi’s body would cushion his fall. Ah, Mrs Park, so sweet and caring…

But when he looked down, he saw that the bedsheets were tossed on the mattress and Yoongi wasn’t there.

Jimin frowned from the bed, and looked around the small room. Where was Yoongi?

The pregnant man slowly got up, groaning and complaining under his breath the entire time. From the back of his consciousness, he already guessed what could be the reason for Yoongi’s absence from his room, and he dreaded it. Jimin stood up and took a moment to get steady on his feet, before slowly walking out of the room. His socked feet helped on not making any sound, and he creeped through the walls of the corridor like a spy in an action movie.

When he got to the stairs, he realised the kitchen lights were up. And that his mom was talking on a normal tone, as if she wasn’t having a supposedly secret conversation at two in the morning.

“ son not good enough for you? And what are your plans? Because, sure, since you took the time to drive up here I’m assuming you have some interest in taking responsibility of what you’ve done.” her tone was harsh and intimidating, and she wasn’t holding back. Jimin suppressed a frustrated groan and bent down as much as he could on the top of the stairs to look into the kitchen from above. He saw Yoongi cornered near the sink, but not his face.

“Look, I know my son can be naive, and even my husband, sometimes, but I’m not. I know what people have been writing on the internet, and you know what I’ve been seeing?” there was a pause, as if Yoongi’s expression said something to her, “Yeah, you know. They have been calling him a golddigger. And listen to me, my son doesn’t need one single won from you, do you hear me?” she spit those words, and then continued, “Jimin is the most hardworking young man I know. ...I know my kid has a tendency of overlooking the bad things in the world, but I’ve always been here to protect him, so this situation,” she gestured to Yoongi’s own direction, “is doing quite the number on me.”

There was a pause again, and Jimin was stuck in place. His mother sounded so genuinely angry, and he could hear her heavy breathing from where she was standing. In the dark of the house, Jimin’s eyes were open wide, looking frantically down to the kitchen, trying to see what was going on. And then Eunha spoke again,

“Are you going to take responsibility for this baby, and my son? Because I fully expect you to marry, and soon, ” Jimin gasped at his mom’s boldness, and stood up, his fists closing on the railing. But she didn’t seem to hear him while he carefully, but frantically, went down the stairs. “And take responsibility for the family you started! And if you don’t, then you’re not even half the man my son deserves!”

“Answer me!” she continued, and now Jimin could see that she had a finger pointed to Yoongi’s chest, looking dead serious, and he was staring back at her wide eyed, gulping down. He was paler than ever and had pure panic in his eyes. “Are you going to marry my son and raise this baby?! Because if you’re not, tomorrow morning I don’t want to see your face in my house-”

“Mom!!!” Jimin screamed, and awkwardly bounced to her side, getting a hold of Yoongi’s arm to get her attention to himself. Jimin was upset for his mom’s crazy behavior. He knew she would be troublesome, but not like to that extent. He’d be lucky if Yoongi ever wanted to be in the same room as her ever again after all that bullying.

“Why are you speaking to him like this?! When I accepted to bring him home it wasn’t for you to treat him so-!”

“Jiminnie, you should be sleeping.” she dismissed him in a bossy, and slightly patronising way, as if he was a child, not at all abashed for having been caught in the middle of her intimidating session. Rather, she looked annoyed for having been interrupted, and stared at the way Jimin hugged Yoongi’s arm protectively with silent frustration on her face.

She immediately went to discard Yoongi’s arm form Jimin’s hold, clearly not finished with him, but Jimin tossed with her, an angry scowl on his face, that could never be intimidating when he was so cute like that.

“No, you should be sleeping too!” he exclaimed back at her, and pulled Yoongi with him, a protective hold on his arm, “stop bullying him and go back to sleep, damn it!”

He put Yoongi, that was still in a pale state of shock, in front of the stairs and started pushing his back to make him go up. Yoongi pliantly obeyed, and from behind their backs they heard Eunha say, in a serious, murderous voice,

“Min Yoongi, this is not over yet!”



When they were back to Jimin’s room, he let go of Yoongi’s arm and immediately exclaimed,

“I’m so so so sorry my mom said those things to you!!”


Chapter Text

“I’m so so so sorry my mom said those things to you!!” Jimin exclaimed, and Yoongi seemed to be brought back from his panicked muteness, “She is really old fashioned… I should have seen that coming…” Jimin almost whined in embarrassment.

“N-no, it’s okay!” Yoongi tried to assure, even though he was still very red in the face and couldn’t look up to Jimin’s eyes. Eunha’s words kept repeating in his mind.

“Now, if you excuse me, I need to go pee real quick-” Jimin murmured as he hurried out of the bedroom, leaving Yoongi standing in there, to his own thoughts.



    The next time Jimin woke up in his old childhood bed, he was feeling like shit. It felt like his head was pounding and he groaned confusedly as he pushed his body up on the mattress. He barely registered Yoongi’s presence beneath him, still sleeping, as he made his way to the hallway, trying to find the bathroom. His eyes were squinting and he felt sicker by the second.

     From the back of his head, he faintly registered Yoongi’s worried voice calling him, but Jimin was already kneeling to the bathroom floor and spilling his guts in the toilet.

      He heard Yoongi running to him and in a second there was a hand on his back, Yoongi frantically asking him if he was okay, if he was feeling something strange.

“N-no, it’s fine.” he mumbled. Sure, his pregnancy was not being the type to make him puke like people did in the movies, but he knew it was normal to feel sick like that.

      He turned his head to speak again and reassure Yoongi, who looked slightly panicked, when he felt another wave of sickness that had him puking again. Jimin was crying with the force of it, and he hated it, hated being sick. He just felt so miserable as his belly was too big with his pregnancy and he just wanted to go back to bed and sleep more but he was on the bathroom floor spilling his dinner and everything felt horrible. Well, at least Yoongi was there right beside him, but still, making Yoongi worry so much about him didn’t sit well with Jimin in that moment.

      When Jimin’s stomach was done, he just slumped back against the wall, ready to sleep right there on the floor, but there were firm and gentle hands on his shoulders, holding him up, and there was his mom’s face in front of him, tilting his chin and pressing a cup of water to his lips. Jimin thought she wants him to drink, so he did.

      The water was good, and he closed his eyes, tired. He felt nauseous, light headed, but he was still conscious enough to notice that he was being lifted off the ground and whoever’s chest he was being held onto, it felt nice and warm, and he snuggled to it. He could feel those arms pressing him closer after that, and he smiled faintly to himself. He liked that perfume.

      He was gently laid back on his bed and he opened his eyes. His entire family was in his small bedroom, including Yoongi, who was now kneeling to look at him closely, and there was genuine worry all over his features. Jimin felt a little embarrassed by the way Yoongi looked at him, he didn’t know why, but it was weird, in a good way.

     His mom was back at him with a cup of water.

“You should drink this, Jiminnie, and then sleep a bit. Your dad is boiling water, he’ll make you some tea,” she whispered in a tone as if he was five years old again, but in the middle of his sick estate, he welcomed the treatment.

      Jimin turned on his side, his back facing the wall, and looked back at Yoongi. The man was resting his elbows and closed fists on the bed and watching him anxiously, as if Jimin was about to fall apart any second.

“I’m okay, Yoongi…” he said soothingly, as if he wasn’t the one being sick in the first place, and extended his hand to hold onto Yoongi’s hand. He smiled sweetly, and closed his eyes. Yoongi’s parted lips and blushing cheeks were the last thing he saw before falling asleep.




     Jimin rested for just some minutes until he was being woken up again by an hesitant Yoongi.

“Ji-Jimin…” he heard Yoongi murmur before he opened his eyes to look at his frowning eyebrows. Yoongi looked guilty for waking Jimin up.

“There’s warm tea your dad made to you.” he said quietly, and Jimin nodded before slowly sitting up. Yoongi’s arms hovered around his back but he wasn’t feeling weak, and pushed his body up mainly by himself.

      Jimin sat on the edge of the bed and brought his hands up to try rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He pouted to himself, thinking about how sick he had been feeling, and puffed his cheeks slightly as he looked down at his hands placed on his lap. He heard Yoongi’s breathy, almost dreamy voice murmur something he didn’t catch.

“What did you say?” he asked quietly, and Yoongi sputtered, shocked at something Jimin doesn’t see or understand.

“N-nothing!!” he exclaimed, and Jimin wanted to laugh. Yoongi used to be so cool and composed, but now he was just jumpy and blushing when Jimin did so much as look at him, sometimes.

“Okay…” Jimin murmured with an amused half smile on his face, and looked around until he saw the tea mug.

“Here, drink everything,” Yoongi said and gently put the mug on his hands. Jimin nodded and started drinking. It was chamomile, one of his favorites, and his dad knew it. Jimin smiled through the drink, it was not too hot or cold. It was warm and perfect.

     After he was finished, he easily got up, surprising Yoongi, who tried to help him walk even though he seemed to be just fine on his own.

“I’m okay now, Yoongi.” Jimin says good naturedly while they walked out of the bedroom and headed to the stairs.

      Yoongi was there to hold his hand while Jimin went down the stairs too, though. Jimin knew it was only for safety, and because Yoongi was worried about him like any other normal person would, but that didn’t stop the chipper feeling in his stomach and the hope to swell a little bit more in his chest. But he didn’t know what he was hoping for, anyways.

       He actually hates the idea of you being pregnant with his baby, Jimin. his mind whispered to him and that was enough to sober him up completely and momentarily kill the butterflies in his stomach. As his feet stepped on the floor, he felt his belly weight a bit more that it should, and he suddenly was extremely self conscious of the fact that they were holding hands in the kitchen, and everyone was looking.

     Jimin pulled his hand back to himself.

     He didn’t look up to see Yoongi’s expression, and instead went to sit at the table.

“Jiminnie, what are you doing here? You should be resting!” his mom exclaimed from where she was with her husband on the stove, each one holding a frying pan, and Jieun was also sitting at the table, still in her pajamas and looking at her phone intently, ignoring everyone else. Jimin sighed, and instead of answering her, he said,

“Wow, I’m so hungry, and that’s smelling really good” Jimin smileed to no one in particular, in an excited tone, trying to subtly convince everyone that he was not sick anymore. But his dad could clearly see past that.

“Are you sure you’re okay, now? You can go rest a bit more if you want.” he said calmly, and Jimin just shaked his head,

“I’m fine! I feel perfectly okay, and your tea was amazing, dad.” he said with an easy smile.




       It was when they were all seated at the table, eating their breakfast, that things started to get complicated.

       At first, everything was harmless.

“Oh, and did you know dad is building a crib for your baby but is too shy to admit it?” Jieun said obnoxiously with her mouth still full, and received a slap on the shoulder by her mom.

     Jimin looked up from his plate to see his dad trying to hide his blush, and he smiled thankfully. He would love it!

“Yes, please do it! This little baby would love to sleep in a crib made by his grandpa, just how cool is that?!” he exclaimed, and Jieun nodded, thinking the same thing. Yoongi looked at Minhae with admiration in his eyes, and Eunha was oddly silent.

    They talked a bit more about cribs and other wooden furniture that Minhae could possibly make before the baby was born, until he tried to change the topic from himself and asked Yoongi,

“So, since you are a singer, do you appear on tv? On Inkigayo , perhaps?” Minhae asked Yoongi, leaning towards him with curiosity dancing on his eyes, “If you have any appearance scheduled, let us know! I would love to watch it!” he said, but Yoongi coughed and answered, unsure of how to explain it, and trying to push back the ugly memories of what his own father has been doing to his music career,

“Actually, I don’t really go on TV… It’s like… People know me and my music because of the internet, you know?” he said, thinking of words to make Jimin’s parents understand better what he did for a living, “I’m famous, but it’s like, an youtuber level of famous, you know?” he asks unsure, his voice dying at the end.

     Minhae was frowning at Yoongi confusedly. He knew the website Youtube, but he couldn’t make the connection.

“What’s an “youtuber”?” he asked, and Yoongi said hurriedly,

“But I’m not an youtuber!! Like, I’m famous like one, but that’s definitely not it. It’s... uhm…” he was at a loss of words, and Jieun got tired of watching that exchange and tried to help,

“He releases his songs on the internet and people listen to it, you know? But he doesn’t even do much promoting, it’s just that people like-”

“Anyways,” Jieun got abruptly interrupted by her mother, and everyone turned to look at her. She looked pissed, and impatient. With the attention to herself, she folded her arms on the table,

“Why are you not dating anymore?” she asked, looking directly at Jimin and Yoongi, that were sitting side by side across from her. They looked back at Eunha like deers caught by flashlights. Everyone was silent.

“W-w-what?!” Jimin sputtered, not expecting his mom to bring that up in the middle of breakfast, and in such a demanding tone.

“I said,” she repeated, sounding more pissed than ever, “Why are you not dating anymore, and also,” she paused, practically pinning Yoongi down with a hard stare, “Why did you break up in the first place?”

“...Uh…” Jimin was at a loss of words. All he could think about was the way Yoongi had yelled at him in that night in the Gangnam penthouse, when he spoke up about their baby for the first time.

     Yoongi, beside him, looked down shamefully. He didn’t know what to say.

“Eunha…” Jimin’s dad murmured, uneasy with the tension on the breakfast table. Jieun was staring open mouthed at them, and Minhae just looked uncomfortable.

“Minhae, someone needs to do this, and we already know it’s not going to be you.” she said harshly, and turned back to Yoongi and Jimin.

“So? Why did you break up?” she demanded, and Jieun turned to them, with her mouth still hanging open, her eyes full of curiosity.

“We… uhm…” Jimin tried to say, “We… Never broke up,” he started and from the corner of his eye he saw Yoongi turn back to him with wide eyes, and he hurriedly continued explaining,

“B-because! Uhm, we never… uh… ” he didn’t know how to say that on his kitchen table, with his little sister and his dad looking right at him. Yoongi hesitantly completed the sentence for him.

“Because we never dated.” Yoongi winced as if the words pained him, and wasn’t looking anyone in the eye, “We weren’t boyfriends, never.”

      There was a beat of silence at the table, as Eunha stared at Yoongi unimpressively, as if she already sensed that would be the answer. Jimin gulped and looked up, wanting the ground to swallow him.

      It was dead quiet until Jieun gasped in shock, finally understanding the rather promiscuous undertone of that confession, and as if by cue, Minhae choked on saliva and started coughing furiously. Jimin put his elbows on the table and rested his forehead on his hands, groaning.

“I knew it.” Eunha deadpanned, the only one at the table with a straight face on, and Jimin whined at her,

“If you knew it then why did you ask it out loud!!!” he exclaimed, and she shrugged, but there was a victorious glint on her eye.

      When Minhae finally calmed down and Jimin thought it was over, his mom shot again,

“Then why don’t you start dating now, already? Do you think we’re not seeing you making heart eyes at each other?” she said, not missing a beat, “You get together.” she concluded, and Jimin couldn’t take it anymore.

     He stood up abruptly and hurriedly pushed at Yoongi’s shoulders until he was standing too. Jimin took Yoongi’s hand in his, without giving him time to think about it and started pulling him towards the front door of the house.

“Where are you two going?” they heard Eunha’s voice from the kitchen, and Jimin yelled back,

“For a walk!” he said as he put on his boots at the front of the house, Yoongi silently copying his motions. Jimin put on the first coat he found, it was his dad’s and he was swimming in it, and went out of the house, choosing to ignore the fact that he was in the middle of the street still in pajama pants. Yoongi followed him out in a hurry, carrying a scarf and a beanie, and wearing the same hoodie he had slept in.

    They stopped in front of each other on the sidewalk, a few feet away from the house, and Yoongi motioned for the scarf.

“Wear this.” he simply said and started rolling the light beige scarf around Jimin’s neck. When he was finished, Jimin’s mouth was practically covered up, his nose close to the woolen material. Jimin looked up at Yoongi, he was not wearing his glasses or contacts now, but he was so close that he could see him perfectly, and something inside of him made his heart flutter.

     He watched Yoongi’s face as he looked down at the beanie he was holding, turning it in itself until he thought it wouldn’t be too big on Jimin’s head and Jimin could see Yoongi’s pretty eyelashes, up close. He couldn’t stop looking at them, and bit his lower lip.

     Jimin felt nervous and didn’t know why, while he stood in front of Yoongi in the deserted sidewalk of his old neighborhood. It was so cold outside that he could see Yoongi’s breath coming out in tiny clouds, and he knew his was just the same. Yoongi’s black hair was messed up, but still looked so soft and made his face so attractive, Jimin gulped down and tried to calm himself.

     But when Yoongi looked up from how he had been fumbling with the beanie on his hands, and put it on Jimin’s head gently, Jimin’s breath got caught up in his throat. He couldn’t help but stare wide eyed at the other man, feeling the touch of his fingers on his hair, the weight of his hands on his head burning him, and Jimin was suddenly extremely conscious of their proximity.

     Jimin felt confused as to why his heart was beating so fast, and why he was so affected by the way Yoongi adjusted the beanie on his head, brushing the strands of his fringe to the side like it was all so important. Like he cared.

     Jimin didn’t think he knew what was happening to him until Yoongi considered his job done and let his arms fall back down, and still looking at Jimin’s face, he gingerly put his hands on his hoodie pockets, adjusting his shoulders in front of him, like a teenager would.

     Jimin didn’t think he knew what was happening to him, until Yoongi looked down for a second, and when he turned his head up again, he smiled. Sweetly, with a hint of shyness, a hint of fear, and happiness. He looked so young and vulnerable, his eyes so human. How didn’t Jimin notice before just how pretty Yoongi looked, and not only on the outside?

      The pregnant man exhaled shakily, staring at Yoongi’s timid smile through the layers of scarf and beanie he had just been wrapped on. His heart fluttered, his legs felt slightly wobbly, and he bit his lip again under the giant scarf.

      He knew what was happening. And he was in trouble.




       They were walking right beside each other through the sidewalks of the neighborhood. Jimin was quiet next to Yoongi, and he was resisting the strange urge to hold the red haired’s hand while they walked.

      Yoongi had been craving that kind of contact since the time it happened when Jimin was pulling him around the house. He thought about Jimin’s small, cute hands and felt unbearably shy, for some reason. He didn’t know what was happening, or at least that’s what he was trying to convince himself.

“Where are we going?” he asked out loud, since Jimin was walking along the sidewalk and he was basically just following him.

“I want to see the ocean.” Jimin answered in a simple voice. It was probably just a whim, but Yoongi figured it could have to do with the fact that Jimin wasn’t very eager to come back home and face his mom again.

      Yoongi had to admit that he wasn’t looking forward to it, either.

     He understood the woman’s point of view, and he wished it was that simple - maybe for an outsider, it was. But for Yoongi, the thought of marrying Jimin just made him blush like a teen and feel extremely embarrassed. He didn’t feel ready for that in the slightest. He was scared, and he had an immense fear of screwing it up for Jimin.

     And then, there was his family. His mom was an angel, but he couldn’t help but think about his father, and his grandfather, and his grandmother… Yoongi could swear they were actual snakes. They would tear Jimin to shreds, and he couldn’t let that happen. The most far Jimin was from them, the better.

     Jimin really deserved someone better than him, Yoongi thought bitterly.


      They got to another street, that had some small stores too, and a grocery shop, and when Yoongi looked ahead, he saw the sea. It was peaceful, and there wasn’t a beach - just a small harbor.

      They crossed the street and once there, Jimin rested his hands on the railing. The wind was cold, but Yoongi was okay knowing that Jimin was comfortably warm in that coat, and scarf, and boots.

      Yoongi, on the other side, was wearing just a t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie. He covered his head with it and quickly buried his hands on his pockets, looking ahead. There were some small boats and ships on the water in front of them, but not much people around. Yoongi tried to imagine Jimin as a teenager in these streets, and he could, but not much. The place looked so gray in that moment…

      As if reading Yoongi’s thoughts, Jimin spoke up.

“Because winter is coming, this place is deserted, but,” he began, in an even voice, also looking ahead with calmness on his eyes, “when it’s summer, there are so many people in here, this wharf is full of people walking their dogs, or riding bikes, and there used to be a book club that held meetings in there,” he pointed to a big wooden place on his left, “but I’m not sure if it still exists.”

“Oh…” Yoongi nodded. He understood, since it was so cold, there would be no one in there anyways.

“I hope I can come back here when it’s summer, it’ll be so much better…” Jimin said with a faint smile on his face, and Yoongi could just look at him for hours.

     Jimin’s profile was so beautiful.

      To Yoongi, the fact that Jimin was carrying a baby that he himself also created was still so surreal. Yoongi found it hard to believe, even though he knew it was true - Jimin could have anyone, but he had chosen to sleep with him. And now here they were.

     Yoongi would have never predicted that. Sure, he knew Jimin was a carrier, but he thought Jimin was on birth control. Not that he was on pills like those that could be so easily forgotten.

     Yoongi knew it wasn’t his fault that Jimin got pregnant, it wasn’t no one’s fault. He knew none of those methods were foul proof, and those things could happen any time; but still. He felt at guilt for it. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he made it, that it was his fault that Jimin was somehow stuck with him for the next twenty years at least.

     He still remembered the first time he saw Jimin.

     It was a complex connection, but somehow it still happened: Yoongi was best friends with Namjoon since he was a teen, and Namjoon was in a three-year relationship with Seokjin, but they had an open relationship. That meaning that threesomes were a normal occurrence in the couple’s life, and even one of the two sleeping around on their own.

      Enter Kim Taehyung, that hooked up with Namjoon once, and then with Seokjin, and then the three found themselves in the same bed. But instead of developing into something more, Taehyung stayed as a strictly platonic friend of theirs.

      They became such good friends, Namjoon, Seokjin and Taehyung, that soon enough they were inviting their respective friends to hang out together. And Jimin was Taehyung’s best friend.

      He could still vividly remember the time Jimin arrived at the bar they were in. Jimin had a deep red hair at the time, and was wearing nothing special, just a shirt and jeans, but somehow, to Yoongi, he was a sex god.

     Yoongi couldn’t take his eyes off him the entire night. But, the thing is, Jimin chose Yoongi, probably obliviously, while Jin was making everything in his power to woo the shorter man and get into his pants. And Namjoon wasn’t so far behind.

     Yoongi didn’t know why he caught Jimin’s attention when he had the offer of a threesome with an amazingly experienced couple right by his side, that night at the bar. Namjoon was clearly interested, and even after Jimin had hooked up with Yoongi for the first time, he would still hover around Jimin, being so extremely friendly to the young man.

      He couldn’t help but think on how the couple, even after giving up on seducing Jimin into their bed, still kept treating him so wonderfully, and became such good friends to Jimin. Yoongi remembered that time they invaded his apartment to ask what was wrong with him when they didn’t know why Yoongi wasn’t supporting the pregnant man properly.

     Yoongi thought about the possible outcomes of developing a serious relationship with Jimin, and he knew he would be selfish if he did that. Jimin was in a vulnerable situation, emotionally. Maybe he would accept him just because he was the father of that kid.

     And Yoongi couldn’t bear the thought of ever hurting Jimin more than he already did.

Chapter Text

Yoongi and Jimin were looking at the sea when a cold wind came right at their faces, and Yoongi groaned, shutting his eyes quickly and bringing his sleeves to his face. He’d be so lucky if he didn’t catch a cold…

Jimin, that wasn’t so affected by it since his face was concealed with that beanie and a giant scarf, looked at Yoongi, worried. The young man had the hoodie covering his head but it still seemed to be too thin for that wheater.

“We should go back, it’s cold.” Jimin suggested, and Yoongi just nodded and turned to cross the street, his shoulders hunched and his hands deep in his pockets, when Jimin had an idea.

“Wait!” he put a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder to get his attention, and he turned to look at Jimin’s face.

      Jimin bit his lip, hesitating, but when he saw Yoongi’s lips trembling slightly he quickly made his mind. With a serious expression on his face, he started undoing the scarf from his neck.

“W-what are you doing?!” Yoongi exclaimed through the cold he was feeling, but not moving much, and Jimin paid him no mind.

      The scarf was long and very full of wool, so he managed to keep a good part of it still around his neck while he started putting the other on Yoongi’s neck. He stared in shock at Jimin, but Jimin just smiled sweetly, standing close to Yoongi, their shoulders touching. He gingerly put his left hand in the same hoodie pocket Yoongi’s hand was, and interlaced their fingers.

       Yoongi gulped and felt his cheeks redden as he looked down at Jimin’s cute face, still mostly covered by the scarf. He knew he was smiling mainly because of his closing eyes.

        Yoongi looked ahead, flustered, and tightened his grip on Jimin’s hand. He tried to ignore his fast beating heart as they started crossing the street to go back to Jimin’s old home.


       Some hours later, they were, again, in the car. Jimin and Yoongi had just said goodbye to the Parks, and Yoongi was putting the engine back to life while Jimin waved at his own parents.

      They had stayed a bit less than one day in the Busan house, even though Jimin wished he could spend the entire weekend there. They were going because of Yoongi’s work at BigHit’s office, that was all built up because, truthfully, he couldn’t really afford that trip on a friday, he didn’t have the time.

     Even though Yoongi hated that job, he knew he was stuck with it now, and that a lot of people depended that he worked his responsibilities with a minimum of decency. Other people’s jobs depended on his. It wasn’t their fault that his family sucked so much.

     They were on their way to the interstate road, and Jimin was already too quiet. Yoongi knew that since Jimin didn’t sleep well that night, because of his mom’s scene with Yoongi, he would be tired now.

      Yoongi saw from the corner of his eye that Jimin was gradually curling in himself to sleep,and he smiled, his hands loosing slightly on the steering wheel, and looked ahead.


       Their ride back to Seoul was a lot calmer and easier for them both, with Jimin sleeping or quietly looking out the window and Yoongi just driving, stopping only for gas and once for them to have dinner.

       They were basically already there when Yoongi parked at the same diner they had eaten the morning of the day before.

       Jimin had a lazy smile on his face after he sat on their table, and Yoongi quietly admired him across the table. Jimin was practically glowing, and Yoongi felt so frustrated, now. He knew it would be better for everyone if he didn’t act on his desires, that Jimin would be much better without him and all the problems he carried, but still. Jimin was right there.

       Yoongi knew Jimin wanted a romance. It was just that he had never done that before. Yoongi didn’t know romance.

        Yoongi didn’t know romance, but the feel of opening Jimin’s bottle for him and filling his glass, only to be awarded with a pleased and shy smile later, probably had something to do with it. The warmth in his heart, the eagerness and timidness that overtook his insides when he locked eyes with Jimin or when their fingers brushed slightly on the table, was becoming difficult to ignore.

        Jimin was wearing those thick framed glasses again, and he had a beanie on, pulling his fringe out from his forehead. He looked ethereal amongst the people around them both, and Yoongi couldn’t stop looking at him.

“Is there… uhm, is there something on my face?” Jimin murmured, his brows furrowing slightly and Yoongi tried to be nonchalant about his previous staring.

“No.” he shrugged, and focused on his dinner. Jimin did the same, and they ate in comfortable silence.

     When their plates were mostly finished, Yoongi couldn’t help but think about what he would do after that. He would need to drop Jimin home, but suddenly, the thought of Jimin, pregnant and alone in that big, deserted house, seemed absurd . How had he managed to be okay with that before?

      Yoongi got up from his seat to help Jimin stand, even when the shorter man tried to brush it off, arguing that he didn’t need that help. Yoongi let his arm rest lightly on his shoulders while they walked out, and thankfully no one recognized any of them or approached them.

       He couldn’t ignore how his heart was heavy at the prospect of leaving Jimin alone.


       It was the middle of the night, and Yoongi knew he should be sleeping. Even though the next morning would be sunday, he had a lot of work to do and make ready for monday.

        Still, he was laying in bed at 3 am, staring at the ceiling, sheets forgotten around him. The dark room, even though so nicely decorated, seemed to be colder than he remembered. And there was the same anxiety creeping at his heart from the moment he left Jimin in there.

        His mind couldn’t stop replaying that scene. Jimin looked calm and at ease, his small hands resting on his 21-weeks baby bump while he watched Yoongi take his bag, that really didn’t weigh that much at all, to the room upstairs.

         Another thing that settled Yoongi on edge was that set of stairs in the middle of Jimin’s home.

        Yoongi bit his lip in the dark bedroom. Jimin so shouldn’t be alone, and in a two-story house to top it all. What if something happened, what if he fell down, what if there was an emergency?-

        He breathed hard from his nose and turned on the bed to face his bedside table. He eyed his phone and took it with his right hand, immediately unlocking it to open instagram.

         He had an account with some millions of followers, but he didn’t post much - just some candids of things he saw, and almost no selcas. He knew some of that popularity came from the fact that he was close friends with “Rap Monster”.

         Yoongi immediately opened Jimin’s profile and started scrolling through his various different selcas. Looking at Jimin’s gorgeous smiling face up close to him, his phone almost touching his nose and the light hurting his eyes slightly, gave him mixed feelings. On one side, seeing Jimin lessened his anxiety a little bit, but on the other side, the crave to be with him became even more unbearable.

         The first pictures, most recent ones, almost always featured Jimin’s baby belly, and Yoongi sighed without even noticing. Jimin was so   beautiful.

         The most recent was a picture of the colorful cupcake Jimin had ordered when he was with Yoongi. Only the plate of food was appearing in the picture, and Jimin had put a lot of stickers around the picture as well. The second was a selca of Jimin without any make up, those prescription glasses and a hoodie covering his hair, and the third- oh.

        Yoongi remembered so well the moment they found that old red ad poster of Jimin, just outside that roadside convenience store. They had been so at ease around each other, and when Yoongi snapped that photo, he could still remember vividly their kiss.

        Yoongi still couldn’t believe himself. He had kissed Jimin out of nowhere, what was he thinking, that he was living in a drama?!

        But he couldn’t ignore the fact that Jimin had let Yoongi kiss him. The man could have easily pushed Yoongi away, but he didn’t. Maybe he liked it.

        Yoongi stared at Jimin’s dorky face in that picture, holding that bag of chips. The comparison of the Jimin in the poster and the Jimin outside was shocking - he had changed so much. Before, he was lean, muscled, breathtakingly gorgeous and just hot , but now he was simply beautiful. Fluffy, soft, cute, and beautiful.

        Yoongi kept staring until he noticed it. His reflex on the glass wall was perfectly visible, now that he found it. He felt his cheeks heat up with embarrassment as he took in his image: standing in front of Jimin with plastic bags hanging from his elbows as he held Jimin’s phone with both hands, and a big, dorky smile all over his face while he looked at the phone’s screen to take the picture.

      Yoongi groaned to himself, feeling slightly self conscious. So much for maintaining a cool rapper image…

       He knew it wasn’t at all a big deal, like, Jimin was pregnant with his baby for god’s sake, but still, he knew a lot of people have probably commented it. Yoongi made a point of not looking at the comments for that picture.

       He stopped at a picture of Jimin inside a baby clothes's store holding two onesies, one on each hand, looking dramatically confused. Yoongi figured it was probably Taehyung that took that picture for him, but he couldn’t stop looking at the small clothes on Jimin’s hands. He felt that restlessness coming back at his heart, and Yoongi thought about Jimin, alone in that house.

         Is he sleeping?... I hope he is. Yoongi thought to himself, the image of the pregnant man in that big bedroom by himself invading his mind. He felt guilty, for some reason.

       When he came to realise, he was already with a chat opened, ready to send Jimin a message. But what if he was sleeping? Would he wake up Jimin if he sent something?

       What if Jimin was awake, and needed someone to talk?

       Yoongi felt ridiculous for thinking that, but despite it all, he ended up texting Jimin anyways.


Yoongi (3:50 am)


        He decided to just let it at that, and waited staring at the white screen of his phone. Jimin wasn’t even online.

        Yoongi couldn’t sleep, so he got up and started walking out of his bedroom. If he wasn’t going to sleep, at least he could use the time to get some work done already. He knew he would definitely spend his entire sunday locked up in his office, with piles of paper work up to his neck and cursing all the generations of his ancestors that led him to be stuck with such assholes for a family-

        Yoongi stopped in his tracks at the front of his study room, and turned on the lights. He sighed tiredly, because inside of his head there were flashbacks of him and Jimin doing it all and more on the table, on the sofa, against the walls and even the carpeted floor.

        Coming back to his old apartment had been a mistake. It was Jimin all over.

        He ignored the filthy scenes replaying in his mind and sat in front of his computer. Yoongi opened his email and ran a hand through his head. It was going to be a long night.


       Not even five minutes had passed and Yoongi was almost giving up. He wasn’t focusing, too many memories in his foggy head.

       Yoongi looked mindlessly to the side, where his phone laid on the desk, and nearly sputtered on his own saliva.

Jimin (4:02 am):


        He couldn’t believe his eyes, and a lot of thoughts ran through his head. What?!

Yoongi (4:05 am):

why are you awake?

are you ok?

are you hurt?

do i need to come over

         Yoongi kept staring at his phone’s screen vividly, and by the seconds that passed without any response from Jimin, he was getting more and more nervous. His work was completely forgotten.

Jimin (4:05 am):




Yoongi (4:05 am):

are you hurt?!




Jimin (4:06 am):

i’m ok

just awake

it’s not like i have much to do tomorrow anyways

       Yoongi let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

       And even though he knew he could really use that time to either sleep or get work done for tomorrow, the prospect of chatting with Jimin seemed to be much more appealing.

Yoongi (4:06 am):

i have so much to do tomorrow



Jimin (4:06 am):

but it’s sunday??



Yoongi (4:07 am):

i know

did you eat before going to bed?



Jimin (4:07):

yes mom

i’m eating now, actually

Jin hyung sent me an entire red velvet cake

it feels like real heaven

Yoongi (4:07):

isn’t it bad for you to eat too much??

you can’t eat a whole cake by yourself jimin!!!!

Jimin (4:07):

i know you’re jealous he didn’t give it to you instead

Yoongi (4:07):

that’s really not the point???

how the fuck does jin gives an entire cake to a pregnant person

that’s not healthy

Jimin (4:08 am):

but i like it ;)

it makes me happy

and he trusts me not to eat it too fast

like he makes me send him pics of the cake

      Yoongi stopped to stare at those last lines, feeling kind of cold, suddenly. Of course Seokjin would stay by Jimin’s side, he thought bitterly, and with an uneasiness setting in him. He knew he had just been thinking about how Jin would make such a better option for Jimin, but still, the thought of them together with Namjoon made his heart sink deep, and his mouth go numb.

      He wasn’t sure if he would be able to go on with such a scene. It felt incredibly wrong, and there was a faint will to shed actual tears over the thought.

      Yoongi suppressed it.

Yoongi (4:10):


go back to sleep

aren’t you sleepy?

Jimin (4:10):

I am!!

but the little one is not

          Yoongi’s mind was suddenly overtook with the image of him and Jimin laying together, and thinking about how he would sing lullabies for Jimin in his raspy voice, and stroke his hair, and cuddle-

       Yoongi groaned and dropped his head on his hands.

Chapter Text




       Sunday had passed without much happening.


       Yoongi spent the entire day immersed on all the work he postponed in order to have that trip to Busan with Jimin. He barely got out of his home office and by the end of the day, his eyes were hurting a little bit from all those hours spent in front of the computer screen.


       He couldn’t afford to be distracted that day, he knew, so he did his best to focus on work solely.


       But still, if he caught himself procrastinating on Jimin’s instagram feed in between emails and company contracts, well, no one needed to know.




       It was a lazy sunday afternoon, and Jimin was at home. The house heater was really not working okay and, because of that, he was forced to be in two layers of coats in his own home.


      He distractedly thought that his baby would probably come by the last month of winter, hopefully in the beginning of spring. It would be cold, still, but he thought it cute, to be born in spring…


       He was waiting for the episode of the drama he was watching on his laptop to load while he messed with his phone. His living room didn’t have a tv yet, and he hadn’t even ordered one.He knew he should sort these things before his baby was born, but he always seemed to forget.


       Jimin was rolling down his instagram feed when something caught his eye and he immediately stopped his thumb. It was a low quality picture of him and Yoongi seating at a roadside restaurant, Jimin lazily drinking his juice from a straw while Yoongi had his feet on his lap from the other side of the table, giving him a massage. Jimin felt the waves of embarrassment and self consciousness wash over him as he read the caption above it: “date someone that treats you the same way Agust D treats his boyfriend”.


       He knew he shouldn’t look at those meme-like things about him, but he couldn’t stop his eyes before he read the comment beneath it, from the account that obviously had just re-uploaded that pic: “i swear these two are so cute my heart hurts ❤️”  and the comments from other people “relationship goals ofc!!!” and “i’m so happy for agust d, it’s so weird to see him acting all lovey and starting a family i can’t-”


       Jimin quickly locked his phone and threw it to the other side of the sofa. He closed his eyes and tried to conceal his embarrassment.


       He had to admit that he still didn’t quite understand why Yoongi had so many fans when he would just release his songs, and barely add pictures of himself on the internet. And he really didn’t seem to be so invested in his solo career at all, there wasn’t any promotion for any of his songs besides the ones he featured with rap monster.


      And since the beginning, Jimin could only see Yoongi as that young businessman, that hesitant heir to Min holdings that lowkey hated his job. Because that was the only side of Yoongi he got to know. He had never needed to see the other as a real musician, but apparently, that was just what he was. A rapper, with fans and songs playing on the radio.


       Jimin felt kind of weird for having been dragged into Yoongi’s fanbase, even though he himself was a relatively known public figure. But he thought it couldn’t be helped, since he was going to be a co-parent with him. There wasn’t much he could do about that popularity.


      What really got to Jimin, though, was just how wrong these fans were. If they thought they were a cute couple, they couldn’t be more mistaken.


       Jimin remembered, in his slightly cold house, alone and pregnant, just what happened that first night he told Yoongi he was pregnant. And then the silence that came after it from Yoongi’s part. And him trying to approach Jimin again, out of nowhere.


        And that kiss. What the f*ck was Jimin supposed to think of that?!


       In a way, he thought he knew why it happened. Jimin knew he was attractive, and his face was pretty, so Yoongi probably acted on impulse and Jimin followed, in the heat of the moment… Yeah, definitely that. Because there was no way Yoongi could feel anything deeper towards Jimin, right? There weren’t any deeper feelings behind that kiss, right?


       Jimin bit his lip and looked ahead, furrowing his brows. He felt like an idiot for being so upset about a kiss he even participated in. He should be happy, right? He got to kiss a hot guy, that kind of thing used to make him happy before.


        What changed, if, before all this mess started, kisses meant absolutely nothing more than pleasure to him?


        Why was Jimin feeling like this? Sad and oddly used , when he remembered that kiss?


        Jimin closed his eyes and sighed. He was uneasy with the way his heart clenched at those thoughts.


        He leaned over and got his phone back. He looked again at that picture of Yoongi holding his feet and suddenly scowled. He was getting slightly angry at all of this. Why was Yoongi acting like he couldn’t care less about him one moment, and the other treat him like a porcelain doll? Why was Jimin feeling like he was receiving mixed signals from Yoongi all the time?


        Why was Jimin getting the impression Yoongi liked him more than platonically, when in reality he clearly didn’t ?


        Jimin pursed his lips and his face set into a determined frown while he stared at that picture. He wasn’t an idiot, no matter how much his mom seemed to think he was. He wasn’t going to let Yoongi play with his heart like that, not even in the oblivious way Yoongi had, before.


         Jimin needed to stop this hurt, and protect his heart from these disillusions. He knew what he needed to do. He needed to put his relationship with Yoongi strictly to platonic co-parenting. No more kisses, no more looks. He needed to protect his heart from the hopeful feeling he had been nurturing towards the rapper - it would clearly get him nowhere good.


         He would try to end his crush on Yoongi, one way or another.






       The next day, Jimin is officially 22 weeks into the pregnancy.


       It’s a monday, and Jimin is doing nothing besides staying at home and watching dramas on his laptop. He absently remembers he needs to order a new tv already, but then remembers he would have to install cable as well and he feels lazy enough with the thought of dealing with that to postpone it. A tv can wait.


        The central heater, though… It’s getting more serious. He doesn’t even has a fireplace. He really needs to have that one fixed…




        It’s a monday afternoon, and Yoongi, mildly exhausted, has finally found a break in his job at the office to stop by Jimin’s home. He is actually happy he made it, because the thought of finally, finally seeing Jimin and checking up on him is really refreshing.


        Yoongi gets out of his car and adjusts his tie, loosening it by a tiny fraction, and stops in front of Jimin’s front door. He has a faint idiot smile on his lips as he raises his hand to push the doorbell button.


         But he never gets to it as the door suddenly opens and he stares at the broad chest of a tall man wearing a pastel pink sweater instead of the door. His hand is still paused inches away from the doorbell when he slowly looks up to Seokjin’s face.


          The beautiful man’s features are crunched in an annoyed scowl, as if Yoongi is just an inconvenient bug on the asphalt. They stare wordlessly at one another until Jimin’s slightly high-pitched voice comes in.


“Jin hyung? What’s it?-” and he gets on the tip of his toes to look from behind Jin’s shoulders.


         Yoongi lowers his hand and awkwardly clears his throat.


“Uhm, hi Jimin ssi. Seokjin ssi.” he nods on the direction of the baker and Jin just quirks an eyebrow up, staying silent and unmoving like he is the door himself.


“Yoong- Yoongi ssi.” Jimin stutters a bit and starts trying to get past Jin’s body barrier.


       Jin finally seems to notice it and turns back to Jimin.


“Do you want me to stay a bit more?” he asks, completely ignoring Yoongi’s existence, it seems.


“No, hyung, you need to head back to the bakery, right?” Jimin smiles, “Just go, I won’t hold you here any longer.” he starts playfully pushing his shoulders and Jin sighs and lets him, giving Yoongi one last hard stare before he quickly hugs Jimin and goes back to his car.


     Jimin turns to Yoongi on the front porch of his house and offers a weak smile, before something clicks and he suddenly remembers he should be acting differently. He fixes his face into a cool, indifferent expression and nods seriously to Yoongi.


        Jimin walks past him and leans his shoulder on the opened door, looking at Yoongi.


        He is quickly realizing that acting cold towards Yoongi might be harder than he imagined, principally if Yoongi is going to be smiling this cute, while, at the same time, being incredibly hot in a black, expensive-looking suit.


        Jimin crosses his arms over his baby belly and tries to appear nonchalant.


“What are you doing here, Yoongi ssi?” Jimin asks trying to make a face of indifference, and it apparently works, because Yoongi’s silly smile drops a little bit after a moment of silence.


        Jimin ignores the pain in his heart and steels himself to continue the act. He needs to make Yoongi understand that he is not interested in fooling around anymore, not even just kisses. He doesn’t know if his heart will take the nothingness that’ll come after it.


“I had some time off work so I thought of coming to visit you.” Yoongi says evenly and rests his hands in his pants’ pockets, looking at Jimin as if just standing there in front of the pregnant man makes him more relaxed.


        Jimin frowns and keeps his arms crossed in front of him, looking at Yoongi with (what he expects to be) a blank face. He opens his mouth to dryly tell him to go back to work, but for some reason he can’t get the words out. He tries to send Yoongi off, but something stops him. Maybe it’s his eyes, or the way his pretty lips are curved into an easy smile, hopeful and eager. Jimin can’t bring himself to take that smile off his face. He is too weak for that.


        In the end, he just closes his mouth and puts his arms down, sighing through his nose. He motions for Yoongi to follow him, and enters the house.





        They get to the kitchen and Jimin wordlessly sits to the counter and starts taking the lid out of his salad bowl. Jin had just left some delicious-smelling food and he would be damned if he didn’t immediately taste it.


         Besides, it was a good opportunity to act nonchalant in front of Yoongi.


       Jimin looked up when he noticed that the other was too silent, and was trying to keep a slightly-annoyed-plus-indifferent face, but that quickly fell off when he saw Yoongi. He was standing in his kitchen, leaning on the counter with his arms folded and looking down at him with a dumb, relaxed smile on his face. As if he were a puppy or a very cute little thing (in which he wasn’t. )


         Jimin did his best to ignore the butterflies in his stomach and the weird warmth spreading in his chest before exclaiming obnoxiously.


“W-what are you looking at?!” he said in what he hoped was a convincing, manly scowl.


         Yoongi just looked down to the floor and his smile grew wider.


“Nothing.” he said in a tone of voice and face that could only be described, in Jimin’s mind, as idiot .


“Hmpf yeah whatever.” he muttered and sank his fork on a piece of tomato furiously before shoving it in his mouth, and then kept adding more and more food until his cheeks were puffed and he had trouble swallowing it all.


         He heard Yoongi giggle and that only seemed to fuel his wrath even more. He glared murderously at the other man, seeing his annoying smile and his annoying black suit and that annoying spark of fondness in his eyes--


         Jimin swallowed and then started coughing. He had a hand trying to cover his mouth while he watched Yoongi annoyingly hurry around his kitchen to fill in a glass of water and place it in front of him. Jimin took it, still coughing a little bit and drank it refusing to meet Yoongi’s eyes.


“Are you okay?” Yoongi was hovering him as if he wanted to say more, do more, and that made Jimin even more worked up over the fact that Yoongi was annoying .


“I’m okay.” he said quickly and then added with a scowl as an afterthought. “You’re annoying, you know that?”


“W-what?” Yoongi sputtered, not expecting that one at all, and Jimin wanted to laugh sarcastically, but he saved that for later because he still had things to say. He was feeling quite brave today, maybe it was his hormones. Yes, he would definitely blame it on the hormones, if it all went to sh*t.


“I said you’re annoying, Yoongi ssi. You need to stop doing that, do I look like a pushover?” he exclaimed putting both hands on the table, and didn’t wait for a response “I’m not, just so you know! So stop playing me like that, you can’t play with my hea-”


      Yoongi’s phone started ringing and Jimin’s speech was immediately interrupted.


       As he watched Yoongi hurriedly look for his phone in his suit pockets, Jimin’s jaw went slack. It was suddenly dawning upon him what he was about to say, and god , thanks to the high heavens for that phonecall interruption.


       He shut his lips and watched Yoongi answer the call, still in the same place in the kitchen.


“Min Yoongi.” he said and then the person in the other end of the line spent some time speaking. Yoongi nodded a few times even though the person wouldn’t be able to see, and Jimin smiled to himself, taking a sip of his water.


“Yes.” Yoongi said, and then, “No, Yoonbae ssi, tell them to wait. I’ll be there in half an hour.” he said looking at his wrist watch. “No, actually 25 minutes. Make them stay, I’m counting on you.” he didn’t wait for an answer as he ended the call.


       He looked back at Jimin sheepishly, as if he was about to apologize, and that was the last thing Jimin needed him to do right now.


“No, don’t even start.” Jimin raised a hand to stop him “Just go.” he shrugged exaggeratedly and made a point of focusing on his food again. He didn’t look up anymore but he heard Yoongi say


“Okay, I’ll… I’ll see myself out.” and there were the sound of his footsteps, and the front door opening and closing.


         As soon as he heard the sound of Yoongi’s car driving out of his street, his shoulders dropped and he groaned loudly. Jimin put his elbows on the table as his hands pulled at his hair, cursing himself internally.


“Is it the hormones?! Why am I like this?!! Why is it so complicated?!” he exclaimed to his empty house, to no response. He sighed and looked down at his 22-weeks baby bump.


“Is it you, uh?! Are you the one annoyed at your dad? Uhm?...” his tone kept getting softer and softer until he was just slowly caressing his belly through his clothes. “He’s so annoying, right? If you’re a boy he’ll be annoying, if you’re a girl he’ll be annoying too… Uhg, what am I saying.” he pushed his bowl of food away from him and dropped his arms and head on the table, sighing once more.


       He closed his eyes and was ready to have a nap right there on the kitchen counter, until he heard his phone buzz.


taehyung (12:57 am):


what about we make plaaaanss


we should meet




i missed jiminnie


and all of you too but principally CHIMINNIE


          Jimin sighs, still too lazy to type as the group chat comes to life after that.


hoseok (12:57 am):







dears hoseok and taehyung


you do realize today is monday


and we all have work to do




pffft please


hoseok :


dear jin hyung


you do realize that i am aware of that




i know for a fact that you said yourself you had the entire morning off on tuesdays











i have my mornings off on tuesdays as well


taetae doesn’t have celebrity business or schedules


namjoonnie hyung aka rap monster is an artist so waking up early goes against his very existence


jiminnie is on leave








and yoongi hyung is way too accustomed to sleeping four hours a night


he’ll be ok


and since jimin and yoongi hyung are good now, we should def have a nights out, all of us, like the good ol times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Jimin almost squinted his eyes at that. It was like the sun itself had entered their chat room. He figured Hoseok and the others would think they were okay, as they apparently had no problem in crossing the country by car, just the two of them, and getting papped at a lot of lovey dovey situations.


       He was still with his head leaning on the table, his cheek squished on his arms as he kept reading the messages that fell through.




but we can’t go clubbin jimin is pregnant???





i forgot




truuuuuuu :( :(


i wish i could still drink with jiminnie though


        Jimin smiled wickedly and started typing.




i will only drink again when my child is in university.








NOOOO :( :( :(




we can have a nights IN, then!!


it’s settled!!


my house today @ 8 pm!!!!


my child jungkookie is here too it’ll be so much fun!!!


let’s have pizzas <3




count me in!!!!!!!!






me and jin too, if everyone’s in




i’ll be there :)


hoseok :


good good good


now yoongi hyung


come on everyone has been seeing you’re online since the beginning!!!!!


i know you’re reading this hyung!!!!


tell me you’re going, there’s no excuse this time!


       The chat was paused for an entire minute before Yoongi’s message came in.






i’m going


        Jimin had mixed feelings as he put his phone aside on the table and got up to wash the dishes.





       Later that day, Yoongi was in front of the door to Hoseok’s apartment. He and Hoseok were good friends, even though not nearly as long as Namjoon, it was like they clicked well with each other.


       Hoseok was one of the main reasons Yoongi wasn’t nervous about that get together. Because he knew his friend wasn’t so set on seeing Yoongi like the big villain of the story. Neither was Namjoon, that was clear for him.


       Jin and Taehyung however… Yoongi didn’t want to be left alone with those two.


       Yoongi hears faint laughter coming from the other side of the door, and braces himself before opening it.


       Because of course they would forget to lock the front door.


       Inside, Yoongi comes to face what can be described as a total mess .


       Namjoon and Jin have taken over the videogame set of controllers, Hoseok and Taehyung are currently laying on the floor on either side of a pregnant Jimin resting his small hands on his bump, and Hoseok’s little brother, Jeongguk, is on the couch looking at his phone.


       Yoongi notices that the pizzas have already arrived and are in the living room table piled up aside from one, that is currently on the couch with Jeongguk. Under them, Hoseok and Taehyung are literally fighting over who gets to feed Jimin a slice of pizza.


        Jimin just looks cute and unperturbed, watching the couple play the game on the tv.


        Yoongi doesn’t even get to close the door and Hoseok is jumping to his feet to greet him, loudly as ever.


“Yoongi!!!! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, my frieeeeend!” he exclaimed dramatically, a wide smile on his face as he squished his cheek on Yoongi’s.






         Later that night, Yoongi would have trouble sleeping, again.


        The young man had, today as well, to actually rest for the giant pile of work he had to sort out the next day at the office. The fact that he hated being a boring business man with such a passion only fueled him more to stay awake, looking at the ceiling of his bedroom in the dark, his eyes wide open in the middle of the night.


         The night with his friends had been good, way better than what he had imagined (and honestly, Yoongi had been actually waiting for a disaster), and they had all relatively managed to stay cool with each other. He guessed that his cute paparazzi pictures in the road from Seoul to Busan had helped their friends to maybe not hate Yoongi so much.


         But still, Taehyung had made a point in ignoring his existence through his entire stay at Hoseok’s apartment, and Jin had also kind of ignored him. Even Jeongguk, that Yoongi shockingly realized was way taller than him already - that was so weird for him, it seemed like yesterday the boy was 14 years old and suddenly he’s all out being taller than Yoongi? - seemed to be eyeing him weirdly through the night.


        Yoongi didn’t think much of it, and figured it was just curiosity since Yoongi’s life was slowly becoming more and more public in the media. He never really had a real relationship with the kid, but he was one of his best friend’s little brother, so he tried to be polite as always with the boy.


         The truth is, Yoongi secretly thought, years ago,  that Jeongguk was so shy and antisocial that he wouldn’t really make it in being an idol, but the kid proved him wrong very quickly. And Hoseok was so proud and vocal about how his little brother was talented and successful that it annoyed Yoongi most of the times. But Yoongi beared with it, since it was Hoseok. Only because it was Hoseok.


        Namjoon also had stayed by Yoongi’s side most of the time that night after he had came through the door. Yoongi had noticed some kind of silent tension between Namjoon and Jin after that, but didn’t comment anything.


         Deep down, he felt really bad for being the cause of a fight between the couple, but he couldn’t help but feel thankful that Namjoon kept on his side, still.


          But none of those things were the reason why he couldn’t sleep, no.


          Yoongi was lying wide awake in bed, staring at the ceiling without being able to sleep because certain images kept haunting his mind.


          Jimin was a fluffball .


          Just so unbearably fucking adorable -


          Yoongi groaned, his chest ached and he closed his eyes, but it only worsened his situation.


          His mind was filled with Jimin. Only Jimin, in an oversized woolen cardigan, those damned sweater paws and small fingers and his hair was so soft and to top it all he was glowing with his baby bump and basically just communicating in “aegyo” language-


         Yoongi just wanted to be by his side. Just that.


         Two months ago, Yoongi would be all about not forgiving himself and not wanting Jimin to forgive him and feeling sorry for everything in his life but now- now he just wanted Park Jimin. They were going to be parents of the same kid, they needed to be at least friends, right?


        Yes. The idea of being friends with Park Jimin seemed perfect, now. It was all Yoongi wanted.


        And he went for it, at first. He tried to sit next to Jimin, engage in conversation, try to at least have Jimin looking his way, but. for some reason Yoongi didn’t fucking know , Jimin was, apparently, giving him the cold shoulder treatment?


        Not that Yoongi didn’t remember how Jimin had acted when he visited him at his house earlier, but, at the time, Yoongi had figured it was just hormones.


        But what if it wasn’t? What if Yoongi had indeed given Jimin a reason for him to be upset with Yoongi?


        Yoongi couldn’t remember.


        He couldn’t, because every time he interacted with the shorter man, the only thing he could think was how pretty and cute and precious and shy Jimin was, from head to toe. How good he smelled, how good his voice sounded, no matter what he said-


        Yoongi groaned again in the silent bedroom, frustrated with himself.


        He had a problem. He was turning into a complete sap for pregnant Park Jimin.


        But, before drifting to sleep (to surely have dreams of Jimin, his cute baby belly and kawaii clouds) he couldn’t help but wonder why Jimin was so adamant in giving him that treatment, when, before, it seemed like they were getting somewhere good…





         The next days pass by quickly for all of them.


         Jimin has little to no work, besides a fluffy pregnant photoshoot for a big fashion magazine, and he is still receiving a lot of sponsors proposals, which he is mainly refusing because he knows he will be too busy with the baby once it is born, and Jimin really wants to give his best at it.


          Yoongi doesn’t visit him anymore, at least not at his home. But every time Jimin is at Jin’s bakery, just hanging out while the older works, keeping him company and having a feast with all the croissants he’s offered, Yoongi finds a reason to appear there as well, even if it’s for the lamest excuses, and for the shortest periods of time:




          One day Yoongi had walked in and ordered coffee for himself, and Jin snapped. “Why can’t you just ask your assistant to come buy your coffee for you like they’re supposed to? Just like every other office chief in this city?”


“I’m just… Not like that, you know.” it was such a lame excuse that had Jimin snorting from his place on one of the booths, and that got Yoongi’s head to snap in his direction, a dumb smile on his face.


       But his hopeful smile quickly fell off when, one second later, Jimin realised his own reaction and quickly schooled his expression to neutral again, looking back to his phone like he didn’t even know Yoongi.


       Deep in Jimin’s mind, he felt bad for treating Yoongi like that, but he convinced himself it was for the best. Falling for Yoongi would only bring him pain, he thought.




       Now, Jimin is 24 weeks on his pregnancy, and it’s been two whole weeks he has been trying to suppress his feelings towards Yoongi by ignoring the other’s existence.


       Trying .


      Because how is he supposed to ignore Yoongi when the man is always there , somehow, every single day in his life? Be it by visiting Jimin at the bakery when he is there, or accompanying Jimin every time he had to stop by BigHit’s building, or making sure to never miss an appointment of Jimin with his doctor, even if he has to stay outside?


       Yoongi’s odd persistence is making it so much harder for Jimin!


       And his calls. Damn.


        Yoongi makes a point of calling Jimin’s phone everyday at different hours, most of the times without even a proper reason or excuse, and Jimin doesn’t have it in him to shut him down on that. So the pregnant man just lets it happen.


         Because how could he not let it happen when Yoongi calls him just to say “Hey, have you looked at the moon, Jimin? It’s really pretty today, you should take a look at it.”,  “What did you eat today? I’m asking because I want ideas of what to eat myself, you know,” or even asking  “Which do you prefer, red or blue?” without even explaining for what he is supposed to be choosing.


          Yoongi gets bolder and bolder with his phone calls, to the point that he calls in the middle of the day to just say “I feel so lonely right now, why don’t you sing me a song?” to which Jimin quickly answered, feathers all ruffled, “You literally are in a building full of professional singers, just ask someone else to sing for you!”


“But it needs to be you.” Yoongi said shamelessly, and for a second Jimin had wondered if Yoongi was drunk. But he knew he wasn’t.


“Or right, hmpf yeah, whatever.” he said embarrassedly, unconsciously puffing his cheeks and pouting. He was trying to appear cool and indifferent for Yoongi, but something was probably going wrong in his plans, and he didn’t know what it could be.


        It got to a point where Jimin didn’t know if he really wanted Yoongi to stop calling him at odd hours of the day for no reason.


        Because what if one day Yoongi just got tired of it all and stopped?


        Jimin’s heart clenched.




       Jimin was alone at home, and it was the end of october, almost halloween. He still hadn’t decided if he should attend BigHit’s halloween party, but well, he was 24 weeks and he really didn’t feel that big… most of the time, at least.


        He was sitting at his sofa, wondering if he should call his doctor to ask if it was okay to attend that kind of party, when he heard the doorbell ring.


       Jimin got up slowly, a hand loosely supporting his belly as he went to the door. He mindlessly wondered if it was Yoongi deciding to visit his house for the first time in two weeks, and as he got on his tiptoes to look through the door hole, he thought about how he would be able to convince Yoongi this time around that he was a cool guy, manly and indifferent to him and definitely not about to fall in love-


        It wasn’t Yoongi.


        Frowning, Jimin got back down on his feet, trying to remember that face from somewhere. It seemed oddly familiar, but he couldn’t pinpoint exactly.


        Confused and curious as to why he was receiving that visit, he opened the door.




“Hello.” the woman said formally. She was shorter than Jimin and appeared to be in her fifties. “My name is Kim Hyoji.” she smiled in an honest way, and the faint wrinkles of her face moved with it. She had black straight hair with some few white strands, and it was of short lenght, in a chanel cut.


“Hello,” Jimin answered, and waited for the stranger woman to continue, but she just kept smiling, her expression getting more and more emotional as she took in Jimin appearance. The young man had a hand absently resting on his baby bump while the other still held the door, and his hair was at a very light shade of orange now, almost blond.


“Ah, I’m- sorry.” she murmured, voice wet and Jimin’s eyes went wide when he realised she was almost shedding tears. “It’s just- this is-”


        It was like she was crying out of happiness just by seeing him.


“Uhm, I’m sorry, but,” Jimin started hesitantly, weird cases of creepers going through his head as he slowly asked, “...but, who are you? Do we know each other?...”


“Oh,” the woman, Kim Hyoji, murmured as she graciously swiped a tear from one of her eyes, “forgive me, I should have said it first. Park Jimin ssi, I’m Yoongi’s mother.” she said, voice still filled with emotion and for a moment Jimin thought she was going to just step up and hug him, but she held back.


“Wait, his mother?” he asked, incredulous, but actually it made sense. She looked a lot like Yoongi,now that he realised.


“Yes, I know I should have called first, but I didn’t know how to approach you, and- and I have been wanting to talk to you for so long, Park Jimin!” even when she exclaimed she was gracious, and looked at Jimin like he was a miracle coming true.


“Oh…” Jimin was at a loss of words or how to act, and Hyoji, sensing it, suggested,


“Can I come in, or is it a bad time?” she had a hopeful smile on her face, and Jimin, not in a million years would have the strength to deny her.


“O-oh, yes!” he hurriedly opened the door wider for her, and as she walked past him, Jimin noticed there was a black, very expensive car parked outside, with a driver waiting for her in it.


       Yeah, seems legit that she was Min Yoongi’s mom.




        Jimin was at a loss of what to do.


         After closing the door behind them, Miss Kim Hyoji had, ever so gracefully and undeniably, suggested that they go to the kitchen, practically manhandled Jimin so that he would sit in one of the chairs by the kitchen counter, and started rummaging through his drawers to make them some tea.


“I- I can make it-” Jimin made to get up, only to be stopped by a raised hand of hers, and let his body fall back down, cheeks puffed. “Ok then.”


          He rested his elbows on the counter and his cheeks on his hands, watching her fill the pan with water.


          After she was done for the time she turned back and smiled sweetly at him, like Jimin was an old family she didn’t see in a long time.


“What a nice house you have.” she commented good naturedly, and Jimin just smiled, not mentioning the fact that Yoongi had pretty much bought it entirely for him. She probably already guessed that one.


“Thank you.”


         She kept looking at him and smiling like she couldn’t contain her emotions, like she couldn’t stop looking at him.


“I’m sorry if I’m being creepy, Park Jimin,” she started, slightly bashful, “It’s just that I’ve only seen you on pictures in magazines and now I see that they didn’t give you justice, because, you’re a really handsome man.”


         Her polite tone and formal way of speaking didn’t stop the blush from spreading through his cheeks at the compliment.


“T-thanks…” he murmured shyly.




         Five minutes later and they were in the living room big couch, nursing their teas in silence.


“This tastes really good, Miss Kim.” Jimin said, and she just smiled graciously.


“It does. I’m glad you liked it.” she commented with a thoughtful smile and lowered her teacup to her lap, looking at it lost in thoughts for some seconds before gazing up at Jimin, a determined expression on her face.


“Park Jimin, I’m sorry for the inconvenience of my visit.”


“No, it’s okay, really!” Jimin hurriedly answered, “I’m loving that I finally get to meet you, you know? You’re… You’ll be my baby’s grandma…” Jimin’s voice lowered until it was like a timid, unsure whisper, and Hyoji smiled like she was about to cry.


“Yes.” she whispered back, not trusting her voice to continue in that moment.


       Kim Hyoji gulped, cleared her throat and swiftly batted the underside of one of her eyes to not let the tears fall.


        When she was composed back again, she said,


“I’m saying that my visit is an inconvenience, because… I wanted to know if you have the time for me today,” she said and Jimin was about to hurriedly answer yes! when she continued, “Because I have quite the story to tell you.” she smiled hopefully at him, her eyes still a little wet, and Jimin blanked.


         What did she mean by “quite the story”?



Chapter Text

         Five minutes later and they were in the living room’s big couch, nursing their teas in silence.


“This tastes really good, Miss Kim.” Jimin said, and she just smiled graciously.


“It does. I’m glad you liked it.” she commented with a thoughtful smile and lowered her teacup to her lap, looking at it lost in thoughts for some seconds before gazing up at Jimin, a determined expression on her face.


“Park Jimin, I’m sorry for the inconvenience of my visit.”


“No, it’s okay, really!” Jimin hurriedly answered, “I’m loving that I finally get to meet you, you know? You’re… You’ll be my baby’s grandma…” Jimin’s voice lowered until it was like a timid, unsure whisper, and Hyoji smiled like she was about to cry.


“Yes.” she whispered back, not trusting her voice to continue in that moment.


       Kim Hyoji gulped, cleared her throat and swiftly batted the underside of one of her eyes to not let the tears fall.


        When she was composed back again, she said,


“I’m saying that my visit is an inconvenience, because… I wanted to know if you have the time for me today,” she said and Jimin was about to hurriedly answer yes! when she continued, “Because I have quite the story to tell you.” she smiled hopefully at him, her eyes still a little wet, and Jimin blanked.


         What did she mean by “quite the story”?


“And I don’t even know where to start…” she murmured sheepishly, and Jimin couldn’t help but think that she was a very sweet lady.


“Uhm, is it… about Yoongi?” Jimin asks hesitantly, and she just nods, taking a sip of her tea. She is looking at the wooden coffee table in front of them when her eyebrows shot up slightly, mild surprise on her face.


“Is that you?” she asked, still using a formal and polite tone of voice. Jimin looked at the small table and saw the magazine he had carelessly thrown at the top of it, the day before. It was Elle korea, and he was in the cover, his baby bump’s skin fully on display.


      Inside the magazine, there were more pictures of him on pastel pink and blue backgrounds, full of flowers laid on the ground and he was wearing all kinds of designer sweaters and other cute clothes. The few words of introduction talked mainly about himself and his baby, not really getting on the subject of Yoongi’s existence. Actually, the man’s name is only mentioned once in the entire thing, and it passes a feeling that Yoongi is just some anonymous, normal guy, instead of a public figure as famous as Jimin himself, a musician that would definitely be recognized by the readers.


      It had been one of Jimin’s conditions to shoot the cover. Not talk about Min Yoongi at all .


      When he did it, he hadn’t thought the pictures to be a big deal, but now that he looked at the cover, he felt his cheeks heat up with self-consciousness. He was at the cover of Elle korea, in a white background, a pink and big flower crown resting on his fluffy light blond hair, and he was facing the front with a faint smile on his lips, a single tiny glitter star in one of his cheeks.  He was wearing a light pink furry sweater, and his hands were bringing it up to show off his baby bump, to the whole world to see.


        Damn, and in the inside there were even shots of him shirtless.


        Jimin turned slowly to look at the middle aged lady, expecting to see some perturbed expression on her face, but rather, she was staring at it with her mouth hanging open, amused.


“Can I…?” she motioned to get the magazine on her hands, and Jimin blushed even more but nodded anyways.


        He stayed in embarrassed silence as Hyoji flipped through it expertly until she found his pictures in the middle pages.


       Jimin had to admit that they were impressive. The shooting was all artistic and had the names of the brands and prices of everything he was wearing in the pictures. The thing about those high end fashion magazines was that the model wasn’t more important than the clothes, the photographer and the artists behind the shoots. The objective really wasn’t to flatter Jimin’s image, but - it did, anyways.


         Jimin pursed his lips and looked back at the lady’s expression. She had a happy smile on her face.


“These ones are amazing, Jimin ah. You’re glowing!” she said in her usual calm, unperturbed tone of voice, and Jimin didn’t know what to do with that compliment.


“Did you do more magazine pictures like these?” she continued, and Jimin quickly nodded.


“Not while pregnant, no. This is the only one, but,” he pointed to a white bookshelf at the corner of the room, full of magazines neatly arranged inside, “I like to keep most of the magazines I appear on. In those, I’m mostly in the adds, but there’s also several photoshoots and you see that small pile? Those are all my cover shoots.” Hyoji followed his gaze and hummed.


“That’s impressive, Jimin. You’re so talented!” she complimented him excitedly and Jimin looked down at his hands, feeling shy with the attention. It wasn’t that he wasn’t used to it, not, it was the opposite, but, the fact that it was Yoongi’s mom , that was saying them changed it all.


“Thanks…” he murmured with a light smile.


“...Oh! I almost forgot!” she exclaimed and turned to search for something in her leather bag. Jimin watched her take a small book, and then realised it was a photo album, actually.


“Since I was visiting you, I mean…” she started, lost on how to say it, “...I mean, I know your situation isn’t conventional, but I thought it wouldn’t be of harm to be my usual self and embarass my kid with baby pictures, you know,” she laughed sheepishly and Jimin smiled just at her cuteness.


“Yoongi’s baby pictures?!” he exclaimed. Even though she was right, they weren’t a conventional situation, they weren’t a couple, and because of that Jimin wouldn’t really be interested in that kind of thing, - he was . Jimin was very interested in the idea of seeing Yoongi as a cute kid, just the thought of it making his smile grow wider.


         They spent some minutes just going through the photos and laughing at how adorable he was. There were even more pictures of Yoongi as a toddler, and then a little kid up to when he was seven years old.


“That was so cute!” Jimin exclaimed after they went through the last picture, of Yoongi in a kumamon beanie, seated at a piano bench and smiling brightly at the camera.


“It is.” Hyoji said, smiling down at the closed photo album, deep in thought.


        They stayed in silence for a moment, just sitting in Jimin’s sofa beside each other, until Hyoji spoke up again, a solemn tone in her voice.


“I also… have a long story to tell you, Jimin, if you want to hear it.” she started, and Jimin tensed. Hyojin turned to look into his eyes, and there were a lot of emotions going through the lady’s eyes, but he recognized sadness.


“Yes?” Jimin tried to assure her, and then cleared his throat, “I mean, yes, I want to hear it.”


“It’s about my son, Yoongi.” she said, looking at her lap again, “I know you two have been having trouble with each other, and I figured Yoongi wouldn’t tell you these things, about… his past. Our past.” she looked back at him, and now the sadness was clear, her eyebrows drawn together.


“But I know it will help, and I just want him to be happy.” she was staring right at Jimin’s eyes, and the younger felt compelled to stand still and listen.


“You’ve probably wondered why I don’t have the same name as Yoongi and his father, right?” Jimin just nodded, silently, “Well, it’s because we never married.”


“And you know why we never married?... Ah, because I was never supposed to get pregnant in the first place. I was never rich. I was the daughter of one of the employees of Yoongi’s grandfather, Min Jongduk. I met Yoongi’s dad at a party in the company, and we got together, just for that night, just like that.”


“And then, you can imagine the scandal when I claimed that the heir, Min Jaesun, was the father of my baby… And then the real scandal when the dna tests proved me right…” she smiled bitterly, as if the memories were sour in her tongue,


“I was young, and my parents were poor and powerless in that situation. The Min family, once discovering they couldn’t get rid of me, started treating me so bad, Jimin, you have no idea…” she murmured, and looked sadly in his direction again, “They hated me and my baby, but still wanted to pressure me into marrying their son, Yoongi’s father, just to lighten the situation, lessen the scandal.”


“And I almost did. Marry Min Jaesung, I mean.” she admitted, and Jimin’s eyebrows went up slightly, “At first I thought I would be able to at least provide a good life for my baby, you know? ...But, in the end I just couldn’t , because I knew we would be so miserable with him, no matter how much money we had because of that. It didn’t take me long to realise just how… wicked, Min Jaesung was, please forgive my words, but… It’s the truth.”


“For a long time I was certain that man wasn’t capable of loving, because he was so unbelievably egoistical , in a very serious way. He was, and I think still is, at a certain point, incapable of caring for anyone other than himself. In the end, it’s all about his status, his money, his pride… Oh, I could go on and on, but I think you’ve already understood my point.”


“I… didn’t know…” Jimin muttered, suddenly understanding the rare times Yoongi talked about his father. Jimin, thinking about his own father, just couldn’t relate. But he understood it wasn’t easy.


“But this is just the beginning, unfortunately.” Hyoji continued, resting her back on the sofa to get more comfortable, “Because after I, with much effort and strength, I admit, managed to make them give up on their plan on getting us married, because I honestly would chose to live under a bridge in extreme poverty than to marry such man,” she said, looking ahead, “After I made them give up on that, I basically went to raise my son as far away from them as possible… We went to Daegu, just me and Yoongi. Even though I could, I didn’t accept any money from them, and did my best at raising my Yoongi with just my own money.”


“In the beginning it was so hard, but we didn’t starve, at least. I had numerous jobs, and I wasn’t at all like this,” she humorously motioned to her face and clothes, her well kept hair and small diamond earrings, “at all. We lived in a poor neighborhood, in a small, simple house, until Yoongi was fifteen. I raised him like that.”


“...What?” Jimin was shocked. That story was starting to get a turn he had never imagined it would, “What do you mean?”


“What do I mean?... Ah, I know.” she sighed, “Yoongi looks so good around money right now, but the truth is that he spent most of his life in a very simple lifestyle. We had no luxury at home, and things came to us in a hard way most of the times,”


       Jimin was staring wide eyed at her. He wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years. He spent all that time believing that Yoongi had grown up as a rich spoiled brat…


“I think the only good thing about our house was our old, battered piano. I knew how to play since I was a kid, learned at church, and it must have been a bless from heaven, but the house I found to rent, when I was still pregnant with Yoongi, had an old, dusty piano by the living room’s wall. I cleaned it up and started playing, and Yoongi grew up at the sound of it,” her smile was fond now, as if she couldn’t contain the emotions inside her,


“He fell in love with music because of that, and now he plays even better than me,” she smiled proudly, “And I was right, you know? I was right in choosing to live a simpler life, raise him away from all those toxic people. We were poor, but we were happy, in our own way.”


“Even though Yoongi had his own problems, because school is never easy,” she said good naturedly, but Jimin felt a sober undertone to it; she continued, “...we dealt with it, and he grew up without even knowing about his father’s situation.”


“He found rap music and even though I personally don’t identify with it, I know it means so much for him… He made friends with the kids in our neighborhood because of it, I mean, I’m sure you know Namjoon,”


“Namjoon was your neighbor?!” Jimin exclaimed, lost with all that information,


“Haha, I saw him grow up, you know? I helped his mother change his diapers, can you believe it?! Time flies…” she laughed again, but Jimin was still stunned by that information, “And they both wanted to be rappers, it was their dream. They were relatively famous when they were younger, in our city, you know? Yoongi was so happy, so, so happy…” her smile started cooling down as she kept repeating those words, until it turned sour,


“Yoongi was 15 when his father appeared, wanting him back.”


“Eh?! ...Why?” Jimin asked, and Hyoji shrugged, a hint of sadness in her eyes again,


“Yoongi’s father, in those fifteen years I had been away… went through some difficult things, I guess.” she said in a confidential tone, and Jimin wondered, in the back of his mind, how could Hyojin still show sympathy over him, after all he had done to her, “When the plan to marry me didn’t work, his parents quickly found a new suitor, this time a high end person just like him… It was a woman, too, and they got engaged. I don’t know about the details, but… they got engaged when Yoongi was about ten years old, and then… Some time later, she passed away. It was cancer, and she was so young…” Hyoji sighed, sorrow in her eyes, “I didn’t get to know her, but I feel bad anyways.”


“Wait, she died?”


“Yes. Apparently they were already living together, they had settled down and the marriage was all planned when the doctors found out about it.”


“And what about… Yoongi’s father?” Jimin asked hesitantly.


“Believe it or not, I think he cared about her… As much as his ego would let him, at least.” she answered, thoughtful, “And when he showed at our doorstep, he seemed so affected, too, and changed. I mean, he did ignore his own son’s existence for fifteen years, but when he saw Yoongi for the first time, all grumpy and dressed like the punk he is… He wasn’t indifferent, you know? There was something in there. I think his fiancé’s death changed something in him? ...But I wouldn’t bet on it…”


“So… he came back to see Yoongi because of her death?” Jimin asked, confused, but Hyoji nodded,


“No, ah, no…” she sighed, “At least if it were, I would be able to defend him a little but… He waited four years to go to Yoongi. And the reason why…” she paused, choosing her words, “I mean, maybe her death affected his choice, but… The truth is, The company, the big and most important part of it, at least, belonged to Jaesung’s grandfather,” she started explaining,


“When he passed away, he let the company be split in between his only two grandsons, Jaesung and his brother. But since Jaesung was the oldest, he got to be the chairman, you know? ...But his brother, Yoongi’s uncle, had a lot of kids, and after Jaesung’s unfortunate failed attempt of marrying a great business partner’s daughter… his brother started looking up to putting one of his sons or daughters to be the next CEOs, chairmans and executives of the group.”


“Oh…” Jimin murmured, trying to keep up,


“And did I mention that these cousins of Yoongi are all top students in the best schools and universities of the world, all majored in finance and economics?” she smiled a bit sourly, “So, Jaesung’s brother just assumed that, once Jaesung retired, his own lineage would take the lead of the company, even though Jaesung was older than him.”


“...But he didn’t accept that.” Jimin asked, already guessing what happened,


“No.” she looked up from her lap, “He didn’t, he couldn’t accept it. Jaesung was never in good terms with his brother, to top it all. And since his plans on a family were suddenly gone, he… he conveniently remembered his bastard son, living in a poor neighborhood somewhere in Daegu.”


      Jimin’s jaw went slack. What the…


“Yoongi was already fifteen. He wasn’t used to anything luxurious, he didn’t even want any of that. Even at such young age, he already knew he wanted to a be a singer, a rapper, not a business man. Jaesung, his dad, was desperate because his younger brother’s children were already mostly in university, and soon would be at the age to start learning things at the company, and… His approach wasn’t good. Yoongi was a rebel by nature, and seeing that his dad was that kind of person , and I’m not even talking about his personality, just his appearance!”


“...Seeing that his real father was like that didn’t click well with Yoongi, and in their first encounter, things didn’t end well.” she said, the sad, humourless smile on her face again, “In their second encounter, things didn’t go well either. On their third, things were actually worse …”


“So how… Uhm… What happened that Yoongi ended up where he is, now?” Jimin asked what had been bugging him since the beginning.


        Hyoji stared at Jimin for some time, the ugly memories flooding her mind, and she breathed out.


“What happened?...” she repeated his question,


“Yeah…” he whispered, after she just kept in silence. She closed her eyes, and then opened. She looked like she was in pain, but inside.


“I got sick.”


         Jimin’s eyes widened, but before he could ask, she assured,


“But I’m okay now. ...Thanks to Yoongi.” she smiled bitterly.


“What happened?”


“Jaesung was persistent on getting Yoongi to come back with him to Seoul and transfer to a much better, fancier school, but all Yoongi wanted was to stay where he was and give his everything on his music career, and… he was so brilliant, you know? Just starting to get noticed with his songs, they were really good.” she sighed, and moved on the sofa a little, “I’m sure he would be in a great place right now, just like Namjoon-ah, if it wasn’t for this mess his father started.”


“What mess?” Jimin had his eyebrows furrowed, his attention completely on her form,


“I got sick with diabetes, and for some time it was so bad that I stayed in my room, laying in bed for days on end. Yoongi was young and he panicked. He was extremely worried about me, and Jaesung kind of took advantage of it to convince him that we could have a better life in Seoul, that I would be healthier in Seoul… Pardon my wording, Jimin, but it was all crap. Daegu is an amazingly well developed city, it’s just that he lived in an ugly part, but I would surely survive in their hospitals just fine…” she murmured the last part.


“But it doesn’t matter right now. The thing is, we ended up moving to Seoul, me and Yoongi, and Jaesung was adamant in transforming my unruly and defiant fifteen year old in a high end trophy boy. ...Of course it didn’t work, at least not for the first years. Yoongi attended the school and university his father put him in, but instead of studying he would just keep focusing on his music career, spend his new money on electronic music devices and put his music on the internet. At first it wasn’t a problem, because Jaesung didn’t even know Yoongi was a musician, but… When he found out that that was the reason Yoongi wasn’t paying off...”


“...He got mad at Yoongi. Told him to give up on being a rapper, that he wouldn’t be an artist but a heir to his company just like he planned. They would argue, loudly, almost every night. I didn’t live with them, but I would always pick up the pieces with Yoongi afterwards. Yoongi is truly peaceful, inside, the fights weren’t good for him…”


“But then… when Jaesung realised Yoongi’s music career, that my son really started from scratch on his own, was so important to him… ….He started doing something that I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive him, one day. I still can’t.” she paused, and Jimin, extremely curious, asked,


“What did he do?!”


“Min Jaesung started using all his own influence in the business society to, basically, destroy Yoongi’s music career. It was around the time he was finishing university, and was such at a good place …” she sighed, “Jaesung couldn’t accept that Yoongi didn’t want that life for himself. Jaesung couldn’t accept that his brother’s children would be the better option.”


“He would practically pay tv channels to not talk about Yoongi, and sometimes for radios to not play Yoongi’s songs. He didn’t let any agency do management for him, and live performances were strictly forbidden, be it in a stadium or a tiny basement. He would just throw money at people and it would all be over.”


“Oh my god!” Jimin exclaimed, shocked.


“Yoongi got to a point that he was just so stressed with it all, and so tired, that he wouldn’t even argue with his father anymore. He was just tired.” Hyoji continued, face full of sorrow,


“Oh… my god.” Jimin’s heart was hurting with that. It was so… sad.


“That’s when they got to the impasse they are now.  Yoongi gave in, because his father was just too strong, influential and sick , honestly... “ she said, slight anger in her voice, “And Jaesung stopped actively destroying everything that Yoongi had build for himself in the world of music.”


“What do you mean… impasse?” Jimin thought he already knew, but he wanted to make sure,


“Their deal, right now, is that Yoongi gets to work as an executive on Big hit - not the CEO, not the chairman, but just one of the main executives, - until he has gathered enough experience to take over Min Holdings, as CEO,” Hyoji explained, “And in exchange, Jaesung doesn’t interfere anymore in Yoongi’s music. Technically…” she says, sadly, “...Yoongi is allowed to produce music videos for his songs, have them played on the radio, and appear on tv. But in reality… Turns out he doesn’t have enough time to work on any of that. His job at the office takes most his time.”


       They stayed in silence for a moment, and Jimin let all that information sink in. He had no idea it was like that .


“But, he is famous, in a way, right? He has so many fans!” Jimin exclaimed, and Hyoji just smiled,


“Yes, he does. It’s all because his music is really good on youtube. But, Namjoon’s popularity helped a lot in this situation…”


“Ah…” Jimin remembered the times the duo would release collabs. Namjoon was way more famous than Yoongi, principally internationally, and had had the chance to build a steady music career, while Yoongi...


“I just don’t understand… How could a father do this to his own son, forcing him into a life he doesn’t want?!” Jimin couldn’t even imagine how it must be, with his own dad being that positivity ray of sunshine, “This all sounds so… controlling…” Jimin murmured, looking down. He was upset. Yoongi was a good person, he didn’t deserve that.


“...It is. ...But it’s not all bad. Yoongi just deals with it, now.” Hyojin explained, bringing a hand to Jimin’s shoulder, “He might not have been a good student in his past, but he clearly has a talent for business, too. Even if he doesn’t like it, he works just fine in high positions.”


“...So you think, in the end, he will really take over as the CEO of his family’s company?...” Jimin almost whispered, eyebrows furrowed.


      Hyoji looked at Jimin in a way he didn’t understand, lost in thoughts, eyes calmly going through his pretty face, his eyes full of concealed naivety, to his baby bump under his white shirt. She breathed out, taking the hand that had been on Jimin’s shoulder back to her lap.


       Yoongi’s mother looked up to his eyes again and had an unreadable, calm face as she said,


“...I don’t know.”


       Jimin stared confusedly at her, not understanding why her voice and words seemed to be so full of hidden things. He opened his mouth to ask when she got up and started graciously  patting invisible dust away from her clothes. Jimin watched her take the empty teacups from the coffee table in her hands and turn to him, a calm smile on her face.


“Anyways, I think that has been too much information, already.” she said, “And it’s not like we need to rush, as… we’ll be around each other for a long time, now,” Hyoji motioned for Jimin’s baby bump, and he smiled, nodding in agreement. He was happy that his baby would have such a great grandma.


“Would you mind coming with me to the kitchen? I’m going to wash these.” she held up the cups and Jimin hurriedly got up from the sofa,


“N-No, it’s ok, you don’t have to!-” he went to get them from her hands, but she swiftly mvoed her hands out of the way, an amused smile on her face.


“I want to do it.” Hyoji said evenly and started walking in the direction of the kitchen. Jimin quickly followed her, flustered.


       Hyoji made him sit by the counter again, and Jimin watched, astonished, as the chic lady took off her dark blue blazer, staying just with a loose white blouse. She began washing the cups and the other dishes in the sink as if she already knew where everything was in the house.


“Is it moving already?” she asked after some time, peeking over her shoulder, and by Jimin’s confused frown, she smiled and repeated, “The baby. Is it moving already?”


“Oh!” Jimin exclaimed, straightening his back, “Y-yes! It is, but not now.” he unconsciously brought a hand to his bump, “I think it’s sleeping…”


“Oh, sweetie…” she murmured, sink forgotten, looking at him and his protruding belly full of fondness in her eyes. Jimin blushed but continued rubbing his bump slowly.


         Hyoji turned back to the sink and finished putting the washed cups to dry. Then she graciously went in Jimin’s direction and sat in one of the chairs, close to him.


“Thank you for that.” Jimin said a little shy for the help, but she dismissed it with a playful scoff and a swipe of her hair.


“Oh, that was nothing.” she was almost laughing, and rested her elbows on the table surface, “I’m more than happy to help, so please don’t forget about me, okay?”


         Jimin sputtered and quickly nodded. She just laughed more at his cuteness.


“You’re adorable, Jimin-ah…” Jimin felt blush coming back to his cheeks at her relaxed look, “And I have a feeling the baby will be like you…” she commented, and Jimin’s eyes widened.


“Really?!” she just nodded with an amused smile, “Did you have a dream?”


“Yes, I saw it in my dreams recently. It was chubby and smiled a lot, and… I think it was a girl.” she confessed in an excited stage whisper. Jimin was close the squeaking and jumping in his seat.


“Really?!” he repeated, “Did you know that I asked the doctor to not tell me the sex? And that I wanted it to be a surprise on the day it’s born?”


“Yes,” she nodded, a bright smile on her lips, “Yoongi told me when I asked about it.”


        The sudden mention of Yoongi talking about their baby sobered Jimin’s smile a little, and Hyojin quickly noted, getting more serious, too.


         She watched his face for a moment, in silence, before speaking up, choosing carefully her words.


“How have you two been?” she didn’t need to say Yoongi’s name for Jimin to know it was about him. Jimin bit his lower lip and thought about it, feeling hesitant of what to say.


“We… I don’t know. ...I think… We’re good...?” Jimin said after some time, uncertainty in his words. Hyoji was watching him intently, as if he was a puzzle to solve.


“You ‘think’ you’re good? Are you not sure?” she asked, with  a hint of concern in her eyes.


“I mean! ...We… You know, we’re not… together.” Jimin said sheepishly, and Hyoji just nodded, lips pursed in a thin line.


“Yes, I know.” she said slowly, choosing her words carefully, “But… if you mind me asking… is there a specific reason for that?”


        Jimin looked down and thought about it. He didn’t know what to say. Hyojin continued, her voice as delicate as possible.


“Perhaps… You already like someone else?” she asked, voice hesitant. Jimin looked up and answered sincerely,


“No, I don’t have anyone I’m interested into besides…” Jimin started but, when he realised what he was about to say, he abruptly stopped and brought his hands to cover his mouth, eyes wide open in shock, looking at the counter’s marble surface. Hyoji watched him for some time, in silence, before saying,


“...I know that Yoongi can be complicated to read, sometimes, and principally for you that is just now beginning to know him, but…” she started, voice quiet, watching the confused young man in front of her seriously, “Certain things in life are worth risking, you know? Certain things you need to dive in if you want to see how they are like. You can only feel it if you give it a chance first.”


        Jimin lowered his hands slowly, and stared at the lady in wonder. That was really thoughtful, and he was surprised she understood exactly what was going on inside of him by just watching. Jimin gulped nervously, and asked, feeling self-conscious,


“So you… Uhm, would you approve if…” he was too embarrassed to finish that sentence, but she understood, and smiled, emotional,


“Of course, Jimin. Of course.” she said, with fondness back at her eyes. Jimin tried to smile back, but he was still too shy to properly do it. Hyoji continued,


“Yoongi has always been kind of bad with facing his feelings, and that part of him just hardened when he started living near his father… But… When I saw those pictures of you two at that road trip…” she said and Jimin knew he was blushing, but still kept her gaze, “When I saw them, I was sure that… Yoongi was feeling something, you know? And even when I meet him nowadays, I feel like something has changed.”


         Jimin just stared at her and let the words sink in, the hopeful butterflies going crazy in his stomach. He, that had been for so long suppressing any kind of hope towards his situation with Yoongi, was finding it hard to believe again.


“You don’t need to think about it right now, and I’m not saying this because of the baby, really.” she said, honesty in her eyes, “I’m saying this for the sake of my son, Yoongi, principally. I know he is an adult now, but I still just want him to be happy…” she shrugged, rather sheepishly. Jimin smiled at her more naturally, now.


“I understand.” he assured.


          After that, they stayed in comfortable silence in Jimin’s kitchen, Hyoji looking at nothing in particular while Jimin played with his hands on the counter. Then, she sighed and got up, putting on her dark blue, expensive-looking blazer.


“I think I’ll be going, then, I’ve stayed here for far too long already.” she said good-naturedly and Jimin smiled at her, getting up as well. He felt like he had just made a new friend.


“Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and let me know all of this.” he said sincerely as they walked to the front door. Hyoji smiled and hugged Jimin, being careful of his belly.


“No, thank you for being so good and understanding. And I’ll end up with a magazine collection at home before I can help it,” she laughed, motioning to the one that was still laying on his coffee table, “You’re so cute and gorgeous, Jimin.” she said fondly, hands over his shoulders, and Jimin smiled embarrassedly with the compliment, trying to dismiss it “You are! So please take care of my baby grandchild, I can’t wait to meet him or her, and I hope we can meet again very soon!”


“You’re already family for me,” she said honestly, “So I’ll be around again!”


“Yes, you can come here any time!” Jimin assured her, and held her hands by the opened door  “The baby is sound asleep now, but hopefully next time it will be awake and kicking for you to feel.”


“That would be wonderful.” she said, sounding actually thankful, her smile fully reaching her eyes as she squeezed Jimin’s hands in hers.


          Jimin stayed at the front porch, watching her walk back to the car that had been waiting for her, the driver dutifully still seated at the steering wheel. Even when she walked, the middle aged lady Kim Hyoji was calm and collected, and gracious, almost like she was floating.


           The pregnant man leaned on the doorway, crossing his arms over his medium sized bump thinking about everything he had heard today. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions just yet, but - that conversation would probably change everything in between him and Yoongi.


           Maybe diving in wouldn’t be such a risk, after all.


           He waved at the retreating car and closed his door, going over to his sofa and sitting down. He got the Elle korea magazine and started flipping through it without really paying attention to what he was seeing. His mind was running wild with how he should react to all of that, and… He had a feeling he would probably go at it too much , once he got his inner conclusions on Yoongi.


              In between Gucci and Chanel full page ads, a weird thought flew by his mind; he just hoped he would be able to keep his hands to himself, at least, when he encountered Yoongi the next time. He really shouldn’t get too ahead of himself, right? Yes, he should definitely take things slow and pure around when he met Yoongi, now.


              Yes. Take things slow and pure. Let it be innocent and bland. Let the sacred feelings of their hearts have the bigger voice in their relationship, this time around.


              Jimin hummed, a determined frown in his cute face, and kept flipping through the magazine.




         It happened two days later.


         Jimin was 24 weeks pregnant. It was the October 30, almost 31 at that point, and it was dark in the Big Hit practice room makeshifted into “halloween-party room”. There were some colorful lights flashing around, pop music blaring through the speakers and free alcohol on the tables.


          But Jimin was dressed like an angel. It was a sorry excuse for a costume, with just an oversized white plain t-shirt, a pair of light washed jeans and sandals to pair up with his small, crooked fake wings and a fluffy white halo bouncing above his hair.


            Yoongi, though, had probably spent quite some money and time in his dark vampire costume, with a glint of danger in his eyes, messy sex hair and honest-to-god, bright red lip tint on his mouth .


           Jimin didn’t have a single drop of alcohol the entire night, because of his pregnancy, but somehow, he felt drunk. Probably with lust.


            Because, damn .


            And well, if he ended up shoving an astonished “vampire” to a dark corner of the loud, crowded room, he could probably still just blame it on the hormones and stuff.


Chapter Text


         Today is the day.  Actually, no. It’s the day before the day. Halloween day.


         Why does Jimin know this? Because he is excited for the date? Not really, he’s not even american or european or whatever. He couldn’t care less about the real halloween things.


         Because he likes to party? Not really. At least not since the baby came into his life.


         He knows about halloween, because Taehyung won’t stop talking about it.


“...and this year I just wanna be cute and innocent- Don’t give me that look, I’m serious!” Taehyung exclaimed. It was already nighttime and they were less than one hour away from being really late to their company’s halloween party. He was pacing around Jimin’s slightly gigantic bedroom while Jimin was lazily lying in the middle of his kingsized mattress, watching his friend go from side to side like a pingpong match.


“As a soon-to-be parent figure, I’ll tell you that it feels slightly disturbing to see someone like you dress up as a children’s character.” Jimin said in a mockingly monotone voice, just to tease his friend. Taehyung’s head snapped in his direction,


“I can be innocent and cute too, Jiminnie!” Taehyung nearly shouted, near panic in his eyes. He was literally having a crisis over the fact that he couldn’t help but be a party monster, extra horny, making-a-move-on-any-living-thing kind of drunk. Jimin thought it extremely amusing to watch.


“I don’t understand why do you even care, at this point?” Jimin dismissed his friend’s drama as he checked the time on his phone. They still had some time to dress up.


“I care, because what kind of example I’m going to be for your kid , Jimin?!” Taehyung exclaimed but Jimin just smiled to himself, rolling his eyes. “I need to do this for the sake of your innocent baby, Jimin.” Taehyung whisper-screaming in a dramatic way, “And for my own sake, too. Tonight, I’ll prove to myself that I can just chill, sometimes.”


“Chill.” Jimin deadpanned from his place in the bed.


“Yes.” Taehyung nodded dramatically, as if he was acting in a soap opera, “Chill.”


“...Okay, if you say so.” Jimin laughed and got a hold of Taehyung’s costume. It was Sakura Cardcaptor’s school uniform with black pants, full with the cute hat and a yellow little plushie. “Dress up already.” Jimin said, unaffected by Taehyung’s abs and lean muscles or the tanned skin of his legs. He was a in a pair of polka dot boxers for god’s sake. The younger’s hair was dyed blond for a character he had in his current tv drama.


“And it’s not like your outfit is much better than mine, really. So lazy, you!” Taehyung pointed at Jimin’s face in mock drama, and Jimin laughed softly. “If you wanna be an angel at least put on a proper skirt.”


“Pfft, I’m not like you, remember last year? You didn’t even pick a costume, you just literally got a red dress from the company dressing rooms and attempted to do your own make up!” Jimin said loudly while Taehyung put on his shirt. The younger man then turned back to him and smiled coyly, making Jimin already dread what would come out of his mouth.


“But it worked, didn’t it?” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows. “And I went as a ladybug.” Jimin remembered last year - Taehyung was in a red with black polka dots dress that was way too small for his broad chest and shoulders, and a bright red lipstick, looking like he had just came out of a funny variety show, but somehow, managed to be the most “successful” of them all, even managing to end the night getting laid with both Namjoon and Jin. The little shit.


“And Jimin.” Taehyung deadpanned, stopping everything he was doing. “You went as a sexy puppy. You had a collar .”


          Jimin still had the decency to blush and look away, a sheepish smile on his face.


“So what?” he mumbled, watching as Taehyung, now fully dressed is his black attire, stood in front of the mirror and adjusted his blond fringe.


“Doesn’t matter. Just dress up, yourself.” Taehyung said in return, and Jimin almost laughed.


“I’m ready.”


        Taehyung looked back at him, watching Jimin make a “draw me like one of your french girls” pose in the middle of his bed, batting his eyelashes at him way too innocently. He was just in an oversized plain white t-shirt and light washed jeans, barefoot. The pair of little fake wings and fluffy halo headpiece were carelessly thrown in front of him on the bedsheets. Taehyung stared inexpressive at him for a moment, until he sighed dramatically.


“You know I’m only gonna let it go this time because you’re pregnant.”


         Jimin nodded eagerly and gave him one of his cute eye smiles. Taehyung just sighed again and turned back to his hair on the mirror, mumbling under his breath, “lazy ass.”


         Jimin and Taehyung really had different concepts of halloween traditions.




          The party was in BigHit building’s biggest practice room, and every employee had been invited. When they got into the elevator, there were already some people in crazy costumes inside, and Taehyung waved at them in his same overeager manner.


           When they got to the floor of said party, there was loud music echoing through the entire place and people hanging in the hallway, colorful lights getting out of the door and going through their faces. Taehyung had a slightly psychopath smile in his face. Jimin snorted, but chose to not remind his friend of his early “promise”.


           They get in, and the room is kind of packed. Most people are talking in groups but there are some at the front already dancing drunkenly, and they quickly find Namjoon’s and Jin’s heads peeking from the crowd.


“Oh my god you’re Ryan!! Hahahahahah” Taehyung exclaimed as soon as he got a look on Namjoon’s outfit, immediately jumping to his arms and half hugging him.


        Jimin looked at Jin with his eye smile full on his face. Jin was dressed as a cowboy, with a weird stuffed horse in between his legs.


“Jiminnie, you came!” Jin smiled brightly. He was holding two cups in his hands, and Jimin thought that one was Namjoon’s, since the man’s hands were covered by the stuffed gloves of the costume. “Are you feeling ok?” he asked, looking briefly at Jimin’s belly, that was very apparent even under his big t-shirt.


“Yes.” he said, and it was true. His baby was generally quiet, inside him, and he wasn’t feeling dizzy with all those lights, surprisingly.

“Wow, you’re bigger every time I see you!” Namjoon exclaimed with a big smile on his face. Jin hit his shoulder with a hiss but Jimin just laughed at Namjoon’s silliness.


“Well, that’s the idea, you know,” Jimin added, hugging his belly affectionately, his fake wings crooking with the movements of his shoulders, his fluffy halo bouncing on his headpiece cutely. He looked up after not hearing anything from his friends, and the three are looking wordlessly at him with an expression Jimin doesn’t understand. Namjoon’s got his mouth hanging open.


“What?” he asked, and Jin visibly gulped while Namjoon sputtered.


“U-uhm, you… your… your costume is- looks really good on you, Jimin.” Namjoon managed to say, and Jin gave the other a warning glare that Jimin also didn’t understand, but smiled sweetly at the rapper anyways, saying,


“Thanks.” Jimin eyes squinted with the force of his smile, “Yours too.”


“I’m gonna go grab a drink,” Taehyung said, suddenly, “I mean, uh, a soda. Yeah, that.” Jimin snorted at his friend’s painful expression, “Do you want anything from the table?”


“There were some mini hotdogs the last time I passed by there,” Namjoon said, and that made Jimin’s interest pick up quickly,


“Oh, would you bring me one?!” Jimin asked Taehyung with a bright smile, and Taehyung just nodded and disappeared in the crowd.


         The three stayed back, just swinging lightly to the music. Jin started absently fixing Jimin’s hair, that was all fluffy and almost blond but not quite it.


         Jimin watched the crowd of people in weird costumes for a moment. There were mainly dancers and idols, but he recognized some other famous people in there too, like actors and comedians talking in between themselves. Big hit also did the management for runway models -Jimin himself was a runway model, against the beliefs that he was too short - and he could see some of his old friends, like Sehun and Chanyeol, sipping beers and talking quietly.


          Jimin smiled to himself and looked to the ceiling. There were some cheap halloween decoration hanging from it and on the walls, and the full length mirror on one side made the room look twice as big.


          When he looked down, his eyes fell immediately on Jungkook.


          The boy was several meters away from him, and surrounded by his bandmates, but Jimin could see that his costume was something like a bunny. But it looked so big it was impractical, almost.


          Suddenly Jungkook’s eyes found his and the younger’s face lit up immediately, his mouth opened in a face splitting grin and began to wave wildly to Jimin. The older laughed and waved back much calmly. Jungkook looked like a small bunny in a christmas morning, overly excited, catching the attention of people around him at the other end of the room. Jimin mouthed “happy halloween!” and made a heart with his hands.


          Jungkook’s smile widened even more and he tried to send hearts with his hands through the fluffy paws of his costume. Jungkook didn’t make any move to get out of where he was to meet him, though, and neither did Jimin.

“You’re such good friends with Hoseok’s little brother, right?” Namjoon’s voice caught Jimin’s attention, and he turned to the taller man to see his curious but oblivious expression. Jimin laughed good naturedly and explained,


“We’re the same kind, so we understand each other, you know?” Jimin joked, but Namjoon frowned. The rapper surely was smart for some things, but for others…


“What do you mean?” Namjoon shouted through the music as the beat dropped.


“We gotta stick together!” Jimin shouted back, waiting for Namjoon to connect the dots, but the confused frown on the man’s forehead continued.


“I don’t understand?!” Namjoon said against the loud music, and Jimin suddenly paused, looking at Namjoon’s face. No, it couldn’t be that he really didn’t know?


        In their world, with women it was kind of obvious that you had the chance to get pregnant, but with men, you needed to make a proper exam to know for sure if… you could. So no one talked about it, most men keeping it secret. It wasn’t a topic one would start talking about out of nowhere.


“You don’t know? About Jungkook? And me?” Jimin asked more calmly now that the song was ending, and Namjoon just shook his head confusedly.


         Jimin looked around them to make sure no one was eavesdropping, got a hold of Namjoon’s shoulder to pull him down and said by the other’s ear,


“He’s a carrier, like me.” Jimin said quickly and as clearly as he managed so that he wouldn’t need to repeat it. He felt kind of bad for sharing someone else’s secret, but he knew Namjoon was more than aware of the weight of that information.


     When Jimin pulled back he saw Namjoon’s epiphany expression.


“Wait, really?!!” he shouted suddenly, and Jimin almost rolled his eyes,


“Yes. Hyung, everybody knows it, I thought you did, too. Didn’t Jin hyung tell you? ...That’s why we are always talking, I guess. Men like us are kind of rare, and no offense to you guys, but there are some things that you just wouldn’t get.” Jimin said near Namjoon’s ear in a laughing voice, “It feels refreshing to have someone like you to talk to, you know?”


“Wow, I had no idea?!!” Namjoon exclaimed, “He looks so masculine- ouch!” Jimin stomped in Namjoon’s foot angrily,


“Excuse me?! And I’m not??!!” Jimin shouted in the loud room, and Namjoon opened his mouth to apologize when they saw Taehyung coming to them in the distance.


“Here’s your hotdog,”  Taehyung handed him the snack and a cup of juice. Jimin sniffed it trying to figure out what was the flavor.


“Where’s Jin?” Namjoon said as he looked around. Indeed, Jin had disappeared while they were talking and didn’t notice until now…


“Maybe he went to look for food, too?” Taehyung said as he, too, looked around.


        Jimin started eating his mini hotdog, calmly swaying to the beat of the song, distractedly. Hm, it was good, or maybe it was just that Jimin was hungry? Doesn’t matter - he ate it in no time, and smiled, satisfied. He was just thankful he wasn’t feeling dizzy tonight, and that his baby was behaving so good. His plans were to just spend some time here, speak to some friends and then take a cab home. It was obvious he couldn’t dance and drink right now, anyways.


         Jimin tossed his trash to a nearby bin and turned back to his friends. Taehyung was gone again, but Jimin could see him close to the front of the party dancing crazily with Hoseok, that was in a simple skeleton outfit, making Jimin doubt if the younger really had managed to keep his promise of staying sober tonight.


         Namjoon and Jin were happily swaying and calmly watching the party unfold like the old married couple they were, but at the back of his mind, Jimin wondered if they would be so calm and laid back if Jimin wasn’t with them. Jimin tried to push his guilt away, it was just a party, so what if his friends decided to stay with his pregnant self instead of going out of their way on drinking, dancing embarrassingly and hunting for threesome partners?


        Jimin was in the middle of repeating to himself “it’s just a party” when Taehyung came back to him, an amused smile on his face. Jin and Namjoon didn’t pay attention to him, having started a quiet discussion over something Jimin couldn’t hear. Taehyung clung to his back like an over excited koala and whispered in Jimin’s ear obnoxiously, pointing to something in the direction of the drinks’ table.


“Look at that.” he whispered frantically, and Jimin didn’t take much time to have his eyes fall on a dark clad figure.


          Min Yoongi.


         Not only Min Yoongi, but Min Yoongi in a leather bomber jacket and a black t-shirt. And black leather pants with a belt holding them up. And his dark hair was stylised in a way it looked like someone had just ran their hand by it… a mess like he had just fucked someone. And his eyes were sharp with smoky makeup in the corners, and his lips - god, was that fake blood?


         Yoongi looked like a sex god. Or rather, a sex demon.


         Jimin was having a hard time in trying to find his words. He stuttered,


“W-w-what is that even supposed to m-mean?” He had partially lost control over his jaw. But Taehyung, now standing beside him, appeared to be unaffected.


“I think he is a vampire, you saw the blood?” Taehyung commented like they were talking about the weather, and not Min fucking Yoongi in a fucking leather bomber jacket and sex hair and leather pants looking like a fucking rock star-


“You ok?” Taehyung’s merciless voice got him out of his inner panic attack, and Jimin gulped, trying to force a smile that only looked like a weird grimace. He was fucked. And Taehyung’s knowing smile wasn’t helping, either.


“Y-yeah, it’s just like… he looks like… uhm,” Jimin tried to find a word that wouldn’t give him away, and his eyes were again drawn to Yoongi’s image. God, let Jimin be mistaken but was that-


“...ission.” Jimin looked back at Taehyung and just caught the end of what he was saying.


“What did you say I didn’t hear,” Jimin mumbled, still not over Yoongi looking so good and dangerous at the same time. Dangerous for his sanity.


“I said,” Taehyung had a weird look on his face now, suddenly not so amused by Jimin’s situation, “That he looks like a man on a mission.”


“What do you mean?” Jimin frowned, distracted by Taehyung’s words. Taehyung looked away from Yoongi and back to Jimin, looking him up and down and stopping by his fluffy white halo,


“I mean that that vampire looks like he had a very specific prey in mind.” Taehyung was staring at Jimin’s face now.


       Jimin gasped when the meaning of the words finally sank in, and he immediately felt a fire starting to tingle his insides. He gulped,


“I- I don’t understand…” Jimin tried to mutter, unconvincingly,


“Yes you do.” Taehyung was now kind of judging Jimin, for some reason, and Jimin blushed. With the implication in his friend's eyes, his judgement, with the heavy weight of Yoongi’s presence in the other corner of the room, and his own dirty thoughts. He remembered the kind of lustful person he was before finding out he was pregnant, and all those dark, sinful memories of him and Yoongi were invading his mind, making the fire in his stomach only worsen.


“It’s probably just your imagination.” Jimin said in an attempt to convince himself more than convince Taehyung. Jimin was visibly forcing his head to not turn in Yoongi’s direction, now.


“Right.” Taehyung deadpanned, and was staring murderously at a point behind Jimin’s head. Jimin did his best to fight the urge to turn around and see what was happening behind himself.


“He’s not like that.” Jimin insisted, fighting the arousal in his insides. The reasonable part of his mind was trying to frantically find reasons not to give in the temptation.


“Right.” Taehyung repeated, and turned to look at Jimin again, something like anger in his eyes.


“I’m serious!” Jimin exclaimed, but his voice was somewhat weak, as if he was fighting back a moan. Which was ridiculous, or at least should be. Jimin felt slightly out of breath. Taehyung just deadpanned,


“He’s coming.”


“Aaah!” Jimin nearly shouted and hurried to hide behind Taehyung’s broad shoulders, peeking from the taller’s neck, his fluffy while halo bouncing above his head giving him away anyways.  Yoongi looked too… too…


         Jimin shivered, and gulped down with difficulty. He felt like a bunny under a wolf’s gaze, and Yoongi clearly wasn’t even trying. Or at least not consciously trying.


        It was just that his eyes were so sharp today, and his hair looked like he had just came out of some crazy wild sex-


“Hi.” Yoongi said above the loud music, and Jimin gave up on hiding and faced the other, standing beside Taehyung.


        Yoongi looked at Jimin like he was the only one in the room, and that thought alone sent that weird warmth tingling down his body.  Jimin preferred to think he just imagined the way Yoongi’s eyes darkened as he eyed the “angel” up and down. There was really nothing out of the ordinary in Jimin today. He wasn’t funny, like Taehyung. He wasn’t sex on a stick, like Yoongi. He was just in a big white t-shirt and little fake wings. No need to get ahead of himself, right? Right.


         Jimin was brought from his thoughts by Taehyung’s nudge on his arm. Jimin nearly jumped and sputtered,


“H-hi!” he said too loudly, but they were in the middle of a party anyways,


“So, enjoying the party so far?” Yoongi gave them a crooked smile, and the blood on his lips was doing weird things for Jimin’s sanity. The “vampire” was way too confident for his own good, too. Jimin gulped.


“Y-yeah…” Jimin said, and cleared his throat awkwardly. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and tried not at stare too obviously at Yoongi’s mouth, or way worse, stare downwards.


       Yes, definitely not look down.


       Jimin looks sideways and sees that Taehyung is staring down at Yoongi with his trademark creepy frown, but it’s comical for Jimin when he’s trying to be intimidating while using a male version of Sakura Cardcaptor’s school uniform, full with the cute hat.


        But Yoongi seems to be taking the staring-into-intimidation with Taehyung very seriously, and seeing the silent threat in Yoongi’s eyes, directed at his friend, sends shivers down Jimin’s spine that he’s not exactly proud of. And Jimin doesn’t even know what to say while the other two are visibly holding back from going at each other’s throats, for some reason.


“Uhm, I’m gonna… Go to the bathroom, I’ll be… right back…” Jimin mumbled as he realised the two weren’t even hearing him, and went in search of the bathroom he knew was right besides the door of the big practice room, in the hallway.


        Once in the bathroom, that was properly lightened and relatively quiet, no one paid Jimin attention as he got in a stall and quickly relieved himself. How could he have forgotten if, in the pregnant state he was now, every cup taken meant and immediate want to take a piss afterwards?


         Jimin washed his hands while considering his appearance in the mirror. He had to admit that maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t as ordinary as he thought, even though he had put like, little to no effort in his costume, as if that could even be considered a proper angel costume. His oversized white t-shirt made his belly bump look smaller, he thought, the sleeves almost coming to his elbows. His wings were kind of small and fluffy, and Jimin would say they were ridiculous but they weirdly seemed okay in his frame. And his headpiece with the fluffy white halo just kept bouncing over his head in any movement he did.


        He had put some makeup, too, mainly to make his skin look even, but there was some white highlighter on the corners of his eyes to go with his whole white theme. It was such a deep contrast with his killer makeup from last year, but then, he had changed so much, in so many aspects, because of his baby. In reality, Jimin just thought he looked kind of boring. Like a boring mom, a boring adult. He pouted to his image in the mirror and caressed his belly through the shirt. His baby was really quiet tonight, and he couldn’t be more thankful. Some nights, the little one would kick so much his belly would literally move on its own.


        Jimin took a deep breath and exited the calm bathroom, diving right back in the crowd of the party in the darkened practice room. He needed to calm his thoughts if he was going to have to deal with a certain “vampire” slash “rockstar” this night, so, instead of going back to his friends, he headed to the drinks’ table to get some water.


          While he was walking through the crowd with relative ease, waving occasionally to some people he met in the way, his eyes met the back of someone’s dark, messy sex hair near the table he was headed to, and he momentarily stopped in his tracks, his heartbeat picking up. He watched, biting his lips, as Yoongi distractedly made a cup of strawberry juice with some - or a lot - drops of vodka and downed it in one go, like it was water.


         Jimin thought what would be the wisest thing to do - go back to his friends, probably have Taehyung or Jin go fetch him the water instead, playing his successful pregnant-card, and try to not be alone with Yoongi tonight if he could help it. Yes, definitely that. Because he wasn’t a kid, he knew that Yoongi wasn’t a kid, and he knew that Yoongi knew that he wasn’t a kid-


        So why was Jimin walking right in Yoongi’s direction?!


        Jimin bit his lips harder in annoyance at his weakness as he approached Yoongi. That was it, he was weak, and too horny, and had no control over his body or hormones. He wanted to scream to himself the moment Yoongi’s eyes found his, and realised what was going to happen. Jimin was walking in his direction, alone, and Yoongi, too, was alone.


        Yoongi’s eyes darkened, and Jimin gulped. He was just going to talk, like a normal person would, to the father of his baby, and his, kind-of-but-not-quite, ex. His ex-dom , if he was going to be specific about if. His fucking ex-dom.


“Hi.” Jimin said, simply, trying to appear nonchalant. They were in a place of the room that had almost to no one, Yoongi having moved away from the table. It was a dark place, where the party lights didn’t reach, and Yoongi was facing him, the wall behind his back. Jimin made a point of staying at the biggest distance away from Yoongi as he could manage in the loud room.


“Hi you.” Yoongi smirked, way too cocky, and Jimin wanted to whine in frustration with himself. He just wanted to tell Yoongi to stop being like that. Wait, why wouldn’t he?


“Stop being like this.” Jimin copied his thoughts, frowning and pouting before he could realise.


        Yoongi’s face changed to one of amusement, his lips going upwards, his eyebrows too. Jimin knew that face - Yoongi was treating him like a… like a cute little thing. And he wasn’t that.


“Or what?” Yoongi dragged his words, a hint of laughter in his voice. The empty cup laid loosely in his hand, his musician fingers, strong knuckles having different kinds of rings in them, another proof that the man had put a lot of thought into his outfit for tonight.


         Jimin felt his cheeks blush, and it wasn’t with virginal embarassment. It was closer to anger.


“Just- don’t look at me like that.” His voice had a bite to it he didn’t understand, or didn’t want to understand. It was like he was angry at Yoongi, but not quite - it was like he wanted to punch Yoongi, but not with his fists.


        Yoongi quirked an eyebrow up and squinted his eyes, smirking like a shark as he took a step forward, looking Jimin up and down vulgarly. That scene almost was the last straw for Jimin, but he just kept staring at Yoongi’s eyes, his small hands clenched in fists by his sides, his mouth pressed into a thin line. In the back of his mind, he knew he could just turn around and leave, but - he wouldn’t.


        Not when Yoongi had those bloody lips smirking at him like he was- like he was-


       Yoongi kept getting closer to Jimin until their noses were mere centimeters away, their eyes too close for sanity. Yoongi looked dangerous , lethal, and Jimin gasped to himself under Yoongi’s heavy gaze, feeling his heart beating like crazy inside his chest.


       The sane part of him was yelling at Jimin to turn around, to leave, to not give in the temptation because it would only make things even more complex and that was the last thing he needed, principally after hearing so much about Yoongi’s past the other day.


       The promiscuous sub that still lived inside of him, however, was also yelling  at Jimin to just dive . Give in. Let his desires take over, principally now that Yoongi was so close .


        Yoongi’s gruff voice, that always, always drove Jimin mad, brought him back from his inner monologue.


“Look at you like what.” Yoongi defied, standing now so rudely close that their chests touched, and their noses were a millimeter away. “Tell daddy more about it.”


         And that was the last straw.


         Jimin roughly shoved Yoongi back, making the startled man’s body hit the wall behind him, and pushed his own body against Yoongi’s, getting a hold of his ridiculous bomber jacket and smashing their lips together.


         Yoongi stood unmoving for a moment, his mouth parted, still disbelieving, while Jimin moved his lips desperately against his, moaning faintly. Until Jimin bit on Yoongi’s lower lip impatiently, and it was like a switch had gone up, and Yoongi’s hands were holding Jimin’s hips hard, possessively, while the older regained control over Jimin’s mouth.



         Jimin’s small hands fisted Yoongi’s clothes harder and pulled him more, while still pressing himself and Yoongi to the wall.


         Yoongi’s mouth tasted of his alcoholic strawberry juice, and Jimin moaned once more, this time louder. The music around them was loud and the noises of people were even louder, but Yoongi heard it.


        The older’s hand got down to Jimin’s buttcheek and squished it, hard, and Jimin whined with the possessiveness behind it, the dominance Yoongi had even while pressed against the wall by him. Arousal shot through his body and directly to his crotch as Yoongi’s mouth started getting away from their overly messy kiss and mouthing at Jimin’s jaw, nipping at the skin of his chin.


        Jimin closed his eyes in ecstasy and released a breathy moan. Yoongi’s teeth bit harder after that, close to his earlobe, and the sound of the man’s heavy breathing right by Jimin’s ear was doing awful things to his control. Yoongi’s hand pressing the full flesh of his butt like it was his to enjoy also wasn’t helping.


“You like that, uh?” Yoongi’s dark chuckle right by his ear sent a stray of shivers down Jimin’s body, and the shorter started chasing Yoongi’s mouth to kiss him again and effectively shut him up , when his own loud whine interrupted his thoughts.


        Yoongi’s other hand had sneaked through his t-shirt and pinched his nipple. Hard.


       Jimin was breathing heavily, moaning helplessly as he clung to Yoongi’s clothes for dear life, and another dark chuckle slipped past the other’s bloody lips, still refusing to let Jimin kiss him again.


        Jimin didn’t realise he was being moved until his own back hit the wall instead, and Yoongi’s body was intimidatingly cornering Jimin’s against it. The angel’s legs wobbled, and he noticed that Yoongi’s mouth was all smeared with red liptint, up to his cheeks.


“What do you want from me, Jiminnie…” Yoongi dragged his words, voice dark with arousal and playful intimidation, as he rested his elbows on the wall, on each side of Jimin’s head, bringing their faces close.


        Jimin wasn’t in a state of mind of answering such question, so he just raised his shaking hands and fisted Yoongi’s shirt, bringing their lips flush once again.


        This time, it was slower. Sensual, and it was burning Jimin from the inside. He moaned sinfully at the things Yoongi did with his tongue, and the slow, teasing bites the vampire would give on his lips, driving him crazy.


        Jimin’s back arched slowly, and his eyes were turning with just how good that kiss was. One of Yoongi’s hands went to hold Jimin’s lower back, and suddenly the feel of having his baby bump pressed flush against the other made Jimin moan louder, his breath coming in high pitched whines.


         Jimin knew they had to stop, that they were in public and some people probably already noticed them against the wall, but - but then, Yoongi started biting and sucking at his neck and Jimin whimpered, turning his head to the side submissively. It had been far too long since the last time he felt like this.


         The blonde knew he was probably ruining Yoongi’s t-shirt by now, but he couldn’t bring himself to care enough. Jimin moaned filthily and brought his hands to Yoongi’s neck, scratching his nails against the skin of his nape when the other squished his butt again and then his tight, bringing it up so that their hips touched.


         Yoongi gave Jimin a particularly hard bite on his neck, close to his shoulder, and the angel’s hands slid up to Yoongi’s hair, now, pulling at it desperately while Yoongi licked over the mark he gave. For a second, Jimin hazily thought about the fact that Yoongi was dressed as a vampire, and was currently “attacking” Jimin’s neck in a dark corner of the party, just like his character, and Jimin would have laughed at it, it he wasn’t the “victim” of said vampire, now.


         Jimin finally managed to pull Yoongi’s head away from his neck by his dark hair, and their lips met again. It was too obscene, open mouthed and desperate, Jimin shamelessly moaning and rutting against Yoongi’s hips, the taller’s free hand coming to the back of his neck to hold the angel’s head in place while he fucked his mouth-


         The music stopped.


         The lights became dim, and Jimin hurriedly disconnected his mouth, and took his hands off Yoongi, looking around the party wide eyed.


         Yoongi slowly got off from cornering Jimin’s frame against the wall, and also looked around to see why it was so quiet. They were both breathing heavily and refusing to look each other in the eye.


          And then Hoseok’s over excited voice was screaming into the microphone, at a small stage they hadn’t seen before, near the window on the other side of the room.


“Welcome to Big Hit’s annual halloween partyyyyy!!” he shouted, a big smile on his face, and everyone cheered, probably already feeling the effects of the alcohol they consumed.


        Jimin cleared his throat and started sheepishly fixing his fluffy halo headpiece. Yoongi was - oh god, he was looking down and adjusting his pants.


         Don’t think about it don’t think about it don’t think about it-


“We’re so happy everyone could make it!!!” Hoseok continued, obviously drunk, and Jimin could see that the most excited people around him were Taehyung, obviously already piss drunk, Jungkook and some of his friends from the band, and some pretty girls jumping in place - oh, Twice.


“Do you have any complaints?! No?!!” he shouted at the microphone again, and people were playfully answering him, telling him to get down and put the music back in.


“Aw, that hurts me!! I’ll ignore it then!” he said, a shit eating grin on his face, and got down to get a card from the ground.


“My name is Hobi and I’ll be today’s MC!” he shouted on the microphone, obviously too drunk to remember his real name or his stage name.


“And we’re about to see the results of our contests!!” with that, everyone cheered loudly, and Hoseok began shouting the names of the contestants for Best Costume, playfully pointing to everyone mentioned, their friends making a little drunken party about it.


       Jimin fixed his fringe and gulped, looking down at his hands. There was red in his fingers.


       He looked up at Yoongi by his side, and found him already staring at Jimin. It was too dark to see Yoongi properly in the corner they were, but it was like he could sense what expression Yoongi had on his face now. Jimin cleared his throat, but didn’t find anything to say.


       Jimin looked back at Hoseok in time to hear the “MC” scream to the microphone,


“And of course, my best of the best of the bestest friends in the world ever, with the best make up eveeeer, Min Yoongi, the urban vampireee!!!!!” he screeched over excitedly in his drunk state, and started looking at the crowd beneath him, “Vampire vampire vampire - not not you!- vampireee????- oh!”


         Jin got closer to the stage out of a sudden and pulled Hoseok down by his collar, saying something in his ear with a hurried expression.


“...Oh! Oh, okay, hahahahah,” Hoseok got back with the microphone, an amused smile on his drunk face. “Looks like someone’s getting lucky tonight!!”


         Jimin wanted to dig a hole in the ground, crawl inside and forget that ever happened, already.


          Yoongi was quiet beside him in the dark, and Jimin tried of ignore the waves of embarrassment washing through him.


          The whole “costume contest” took far too long, in Jimin’s embarrassed opinion, the contestants getting up on the tiny stage and showing off their costumes to the party, drunkenly proud. Jungkook, obviously, was there, piss drunk and attempting to dance one of his group’s choreos in the small space of the stage, in his giant bunny overall.


         Cardcaptor Taehyung was there too, dancing way too sensually on a child’s cartoon costume, doing everything he promised himself he wouldn’t do. Jimin rolled his eyes.


         In the end, he was just so glad he decided to go with a shitty costume, because he thankfully, thankfully , wasn’t chosen to go on the stage as well.


         A girl named Dahyun, in a fluffy white bunny costume, ended up winning the contest, and started dancing crazily on the stage, her friends giving out loud cheers for her. Jungkook’s pout at the moment would have Jimin cackling his ass off on a normal day, but Hoseok was already at it, almost rolling on the ground while trying to console his little brother.


         Jimin looked ahead and noticed that most of his group was together, apart from the brothers, and decided that would be a good moment to reappear. He looked quickly to Yoongi, and it was too dark, the music having already started, that he couldn’t even see his expression.


         Jimin figured that Yoongi would just invite himself if he wanted, and started walking through the crowd, back to his friends.


          When both JImin and Yoongi appeared in front of Namjoon, Jin, Taehyung and Hoseok, all of their eyes and attention went to the “couple”.


“Oh… My god.” Taehyung said, amusedly, holding back a laugh at the image of the two. Jimin could only imagine how he must have been looking like, with kiss swollen lips and disheveled appearance. Thank god the place was so dark and they wouldn’t be able to see the real damage to his eyes.


“So…” Hoseok started when no one said a thing, obviously too drunk to care about Jimin’s and Yoongi’s relationship issues, “Who’s in for a selfie?!”




         Some time after that, their group had dispersed. Taehyung and Hoseok promptly disappearing, their drunk selves finding no fun in their boring friends, Namjoon pulling Yoongi to the center of the dancefloor, claiming that they should have some rapper time, whatever that meant, and Jin and Jimin stayed back, just calmly watching the party and sometimes exchanging words.


         Jimin was taking his sweet time in sipping his water, and in his mind, he knew that would be the time for him to go. It was relatively early, still, and he could easily have an uber or something, and it was so clear that Jin was only staying back and not partying like a drunk hyena because of Jimin and his state…


         Jimin couldn’t help but feel a bit down. It wasn’t Jin’s fault that he was pregnant, and yet here he was… He felt bad from keeping his friend from all the fun. He should definitely go home, now.


        Then why couldn’t he?


       Jimin was looking from the exit to the dancefloor every two minutes, a weird feeling in his gut. Yes. He should get out and call a cab.


        Getting all his inner strength to just let it go, forget about his and Yoongi’s half-finished business, half-finished bites on his neck, and finally let Jin have his fun.


“Uhm, Jin hyung, I think I’ll get going, now,” Jimin forced a smile, and Jin looked down at him like he wanted to do something for his friend but didn’t know what.


“Are you sure? Well then, please be careful, it’s late,” Jin said, frowning like a mother bear, “Are you going to take an uber? Text me when you’re home, okay? I’m serious.”


         Jimin smiled more sincerely now, amused by his friend.


“Ok, ok.” Jin started fondling his hair and adjusting his angel headpiece, a worried frown on his face that Jimin didn’t completely understand.


“...And… Pass by the bathroom on your way out.” Jin says, an unreadable look on his face.


“Why?!” Jimin exclaims, innocently shocked.


“It’s just… I think someone probably bumped in you and their makeup got in your cheek, uhm… Maybe Chanyeol, he had some heavy make up, right?” Jin forced a smile, looking like he was trying to convince himself of it more than Jimin.


         The shorter just nodded, smiled at his friend sweetly and turned to leave.


         So, that was it, he thought. He was going home, on his own. His body still so unbearably hot from his last… encounter, with that vampire.


         Damn, what was Yoongi thinking , coming like that to the party, and teasing Jimin that way? Of course Jimin would jump him, of course. It wasn’t Jimin’s fault, he tried to convince himself as he stepped into the dim lit hallway.


        Surprisingly, there was no one in the large hallway. Jimin walked to the elevators by the middle of it lost in thoughts when he remembered what Jin had said about his face.


        Oh, it couldn’t be too much, right? Chanyeol was full of makeup but he didn’t remember bumping too hard on the tall man.


        Jimin got to the front of the elevators and turned to tap the button, when a movement by his right caught his side.


         Yoongi, of course. Who else, he thought dreadfully.


         Yoongi was getting out of the party and walking in Jimin’s direction, his jacket opened, hair still a mess, and the red liptint gone from his mouth, but kind of smeared on his face. Almost like…


          Like he had made out with someone.


          Jimin’s stomach dropped. So, it was like that.


“Are you going home?” Yoongi asked, looking way too normal for someone that had just made out with a stranger and was now facing Jimin. But he noticed that, for some reason, Yoongi’s eyes were going around his face, like he was seeing something really amusing in Jimin’s cheeks.


           Jimin almost asked “what, there’s something on my face?” but Jin had already told him, so he didn’t think much of it.


“Obviously.” Jimin bit back, not in the mood for small talk anymore. The anger in him was slowly rising the more he stared at Yoongi’s kiss swollen lips. Who would have been? Jimin wanted to know. Or it was more than one person?


“Why are you like this?” Yoongi had an easy smirk on his face, and Jimin felt extremely offended by it. He lost control of his choice of wording after that.


“Did you have fun tonight?” Jimin’s voice was full of venom and judgement, and he refused to look at Yoongi, instead looking ahead, waiting for the elevators’ doors to open.


“Did I have fun tonight?!” Yoongi laughed, and Jimin suddenly wondered if someone would know if he choked Yoongi on the spot, “Well, yes.


         Jimin’s head snapped in his direction. How dare he-


“And did you have fun tonight?” Yoongi asked back, wiggling his eyebrows. Jimin frowned, and was about to answer some angry things back at that vampire when he heard the doors ping.


         Jimin looked on instinct to the open, empty elevator, and his own reflex stared back at him in the big mirror inside.


        His mind stopped for a moment.


        His face was all smeared with Yoongi’s liptint, from his lips to his cheeks to his neck and his white t-shirt wasn’t so white anymore- even his nose had a small smear on it. His mouth was hanging open in shock, and he slowly turned, wide eyed, to look at Yoongi’s smug expression by his side.


“Not gonna enter?-” Yoongi started saying, but the door slid back shut before he could do anything, and Jimin wasn’t paying any attention to that. He was in the middle of an epiphany because maybe, just maybe, Yoongi had only made out with one person that night, after all.


         Jimin himself.


         He was trying to figure out how he would explain to himself his sudden outburst of jealousy out of that misunderstanding, when Yoongi sighed and clicked the button again. Jimin turned wordlessly to him.


“It’s not that bad.” Yoongi said, a smug expression still on his face, “People might have thought it was just part of the costume, honestly.”


“Right…” Jimin murmured, still kind of taken aback. The memories of their quick meeting at the dark corner of the party suddenly filling his mind.

“...Jimin. Look at me.” Yoongi said with his voice serious, getting closer. “No one would be dumb enough to say a single thing about you. Remember? I’m literally one of the owners of this place.”


       Jimin frowned, but then understood why Yoongi was so concerned. Was he thinking Jimin was really ashamed of having his face smeared like that?


“Uhm…” Jimin started, feeling uncomfortable with Yoongi’s earnest face. Yoongi looked at him for a moment and then his face broke in gentle laughter.


“I’m sorry, I made a mess didn’t I?” he said fondly, and Jimin gulped, the butterflies going mad in his stomach at the sight of Yoongi laughing easily and eyeing him so gently.


“Here, let me help you.” Yoongi said, still smiling as if Jimin was adorable - he wasn’t -  as if Jimin was actually important to him - the thought sent a weird tingling down his body.


        Yoongi got right in front of Jimin and started running his thumbs on Jimin’s skin, cheeks and lips without a hint of hesitation. Like there was nothing too much about it.


        Jimin blushed with the proximity, his lust dulled by another feeling, one much more complex and dangerous. He should really step back, but his feet got him in place, and Jimin could only watch, helplessly, as Yoongi smiled down at him, fondness and amusement coloring his smile, his eyes almost squeezing shut with the sincerity of it.


          Yoongi’s fingers kept brushing rather forcefully against Jimin’s cheeks, and when Yoongi thought it satisfying enough, he said,


“There you go.” under his breath, and that act alone made Jimin’s heart swell, his cheeks blush even more with want, and other things he didn’t dare vocalize.

         Yoongi still has his hands on Jimin’s face while he laughs a little to himself and grabs Jimin’s chin gently, and quickly pecking him on the lips. Playfully, like friends would.


         It was too quick, and it left Jimin’s lips with the ghost feel of Yoongi’s smooth ones.


         Silently, still a little unsure, Jimin got a hold of Yoongi’s jacket to not let him go yet. It wasn’t like last time. Jimin wasn’t lost in his own lust and hormonal mess. He wasn’t making a move out of desperate want of Yoongi’s body.


          It was a different kind of move.


          Somehow, it felt like that was his first kiss. Jimin slowly got on his tiptoes, not so much, and didn’t push or pull Yoongi’s body to his content - he moved. He went for Yoongi. He kissed.


          He moved his lips slowly, tentatively, against Yoongi’s. It felt like a movie, and his heart was beating like crazy in his chest. He was shy about the things that kiss told Yoongi, but couldn’t help but let the other know anyways.


          Jimin was about to go down and part the kiss, when Yoongi’s hand went to his waist hurriedly, the other resting gently on his cheek, like he was too fragile. Jimin opened his eyes with the movement and saw that Yoongi’s got his eyes shut, his eyebrows drawn together as he kissed Jimin back, reverently. Jimin sighed breathily, feeling his heart flutter, and closed his eyes again. It was like they were the only ones in the world.


Chapter Text

            Jimin was about to get down and part the kiss, when Yoongi’s hand went to his waist hurriedly, the other resting gently on his cheek, like he was too fragile. Jimin opened his eyes with the movement and saw that Yoongi’s got his eyes shut, his eyebrows drawn together as he kissed Jimin back, reverently. Yoongi’s face was full of intense emotions, his hand holding his cheek like Jimin was the most precious being. Jimin sighed breathily, feeling his heart flutter, and closed his eyes again. It was like they were the only ones in the world.

          The elevator pinged, signaling that the doors were sliding open, and it startled Jimin.

          He opened his eyes hazily, still caught up in all those feelings, and slowly, ever so gently, disentangled himself from Yoongi’s arms. Yoongi just let him go silently, his eyes, though, never leaving him.

          The pregnant man was still blushing as he took one of Yoongi’s hands in his, the taller looking like he was mesmerized in something on Jimin’s face, and pulled him gently to the elevator before the doors closed again.

          Jimin leaned his back on the elevator’s wall and watched Yoongi click the button to the underground parking. He cleared his throat,

“Uhm, I’ll stay at the entrance, I’m gonna call a car.” he said silently, and Yoongi just smiled to himself and looked down for a second before focusing his eyes on Jimin’s again,

“...Let me drive you home.” he said, also in a quiet voice, almost a whisper, and the words got caught in Jimin’s throat.

         They stayed still for a moment, staring at each other, Yoongi close to him like they were friends , and in the end Jimin just nodded.

“But, are you sure? It’s so late already…?” Jimin didn’t know why he was speaking so quietly in the elevator, looking at Yoongi almost shyly, through his eyelashes. But, it was probably because there were so many things going on in his mind.

         Were they friends?

         What was the meaning of all of that? They couldn’t come back to casually fucking, there was an innocent kid in the middle of it, now.

         And, Jimin’s heart was in another state, now. He wouldn’t be able to support another round of that reckless kind of relationship they had.

         Would Jimin just end up heartbroken again?

“It’s ok.” Yoongi’s whisper made Jimin snap his head up, and he realised how close the other was to him in the empty elevator. Yoongi caressed Jimin’s cheeks with both hands, and as if he had read Jimin’s thoughts, he was frowning, honesty flooding his eyes as he watched Jimin’s pretty face,

“It will be okay. Trust me.” Yoongi continued, his voice a mere whisper as if they were sharing a big secret, “I will… I will take care of you, okay?”

        Jimin gaped slightly, his heart wanting to burst out of his chest as he saw Yoongi smile down at him full of fondness, uncertainty, a mix of determination and insecurity on his face. Jimin didn’t move, still leaning against the wall, and Yoongi softly, so gently, closed his eyes and gave Jimin’s forehead a kiss.

         For the second time that night, Jimin’s legs felt like jelly, but it was another feel entirely.

        Jimin opened his mouth, trying to think of something to answer, feelings too various in his poor heart, when the magic of the scene suddenly ended.

         The doors opened, and they were met with the empty parking lot.

         Jimin looked back at Yoongi, at a loss of words from the sudden outburst of sweetness that came from the older, and this time, it was Yoongi that took Jimin’s hands in his and pulled him out, Jimin seeming to be mesmerised by something on Yoongi’s face.


       The car ride back to Jimin’s house was quiet.

        Jimin was trying not to appear so shook at Yoongi’s earlier words. Was he supposed to take them really, really seriously? What did Yoongi want from him?

        They were riding through the dead and quiet business center of Seoul at night, and Jimin slowly, uncertainty in his movements, raised his hands and took off his angel headpiece. Somehow, Jimin was partly amazed from seeing it, there were red smears of lip tint in his fluffy, previously white, fake halo.

        Jimin wondered, in the dark of the car, if what happened today - all those passionate, lustful  kisses at the party, and then their sweet, overly romantic ones - would change anything in their situation.

         Jimin sighed subtly. No. Probably nothing would change. They would still have to raise their kid as separate parents.

         He looked sideways, quietly, at Yoongi. The older had an ease about his body and lack of movements, his hand on the steering wheel looking relaxed, his eyes calmly watching the roads ahead and taking turns from time to time, that Jimin just didn’t seem to share. Jimin rested a hand on his belly and looked ahead, resignated that their drive would just be another awkward, silent one to add on the list, when Yoongi’s voice surprised him,

“I heard my mom visited you?” Yoongi asked without taking his eyes off the streets. His voice was quiet, and the car was dark. It felt too domestic for Jimin’s heart to take.

“Uhm… yeah.” Jimin murmured, unsure on how to continue. Would Yoongi be mad that his mom went to see him?

“What did you think of her?” Yoongi continued, and by his relaxed shoulders, Jimin figured the other was just okay with that, and trying to do some small talk.

“She’s so nice,” Jimin smiled faintly at the memory, and then laughed to himself, adding, “She brought your baby pictures.”

        Yoongi looked at Jimin for a second, and when he caught the sight of Jimin chuckling quietly, his adorable eye-smile and small hand trying to cover his mouth, he couldn’t help but laugh as well. Jimin’s happiness was too contagious, and Yoongi was too soft for it.

         Yoongi was cracking a fond smile, still watching the road, when he said,

“Yeah, she told me…” Jimin looked at him quickly, surprised, and then he continued, “ ...after she came back from your house.”

“Oh…” Jimin mumbled, surprised. Yoongi scoffed once, still looking ahead, and said,

“And oh, you’ve gotten yourself a new fan, you know?” Yoongi had a shit eating grin on his face, “After she met you, she came straight to me to talk wonders about you…” Jimin blushed, suddenly embarrassed that he had caused such an impression on the lady, “Saying you were such a famous and talented supermodel, and that you were so beautiful -”

“...St-stop.” Jimin mumbled, almost whining, and looked at the opposite direction from Yoongi, feeling self conscious.

“Ah! But the best part was when she literally had my assistant order for her every single magazine you’ve been on?!” Yoongi was still laughing, and Jimin could have had a cloud of rain above his head in that moment, trying to shrink in his side as much as possible, “Like, and she doesn’t even know that your main career is in runway yet! She’ll be mind-blown when she finally realises it…!”

        Yoongi was smiling like he thought it was all hilarious, but Jimin was biting his lip nervously, and side eyed Yoongi.

“...But… So… She thought I was ok?” Jimin was extremely nervous with the thought of Kim Hyoji approving his person or not.

         Yoongi looked at Jimin with an amused smile on his face, eyes squinting in playful confusion,

“If she thought you were okay?!” Yoongi scoffed, “...Yes, let’s say she did.” Yoongi answered with a somewhat candid voice, sounding like he was hiding details, “She thought you were okay… more than okay.”

“Oh…” Jimin was still blushing, and looked at his own hands in his lap, quietly.

“What about you? Did you like her?” Yoongi asked with his shoulders relaxed, but Jimin, looking at the other, caught a hint of forced nonchalance in his voice. He smiled sweetly,

“Of course! She’s perfect! I’m so happy she’ll be my baby’s grandma, it’ll be great!” Jimin said, honestly excited. He already knew he would have a really good relationship with the older woman. Yoongi smiled to himself while driving, seeming to be lost in thoughts,

“Yeah, you will…” Yoongi murmured, a dumb smile on his face, “She thinks it’s a girl,”

“She told me, yeah,” Jimin answered, still smiling, but could feel the atmosphere in the dark car sobering up by the seconds. They still hadn’t really talked about their baby. Yoongi’s first reaction to his pregnancy still haunted Jimin, and he couldn’t help but think that the man wasn’t at all excited to be a parent.

        Honestly, right now, Jimin just couldn’t relate. He was already in love with his little baby, growing up inside of him. It already meant the world for him.

        Jimin rubbed his baby bump, accepting that they would just fall back to awkward silence again. Jimin watched the city lights pass by them, the deserted, dark streets they went through. None of them said a thing for some seconds, and Jimin thought they wouldn’t talk anymore, but then Yoongi said, his voice quiet and hesitant,

“And you?”

        Jimin turned to look at the older, but Yoongi just kept looking ahead, his hands on the steering wheel not so relaxed anymore.

“What?...” Jimin almost whispered, his own hands still resting on his belly.

“Do you think it’s a girl? Or a boy?” Yoongi’s voice was close to a whisper, too, and Jimin watched the other visibly gulp. Jimin licked his lips, a little nervous, and tried to conceive his feelings, his heart beating too fast as he answered, voice delicate,

“I don’t… I don’t care,” Jimin shrugged slightly, “Either way it’s good, I just want it to be healthy… and… The surprise will be nice, too,” Jimin smiled faintly to himself, looking down at his belly, fondness all over his voice and his face, full of endearment for his little unborn baby.

         Yoongi just hummed, visibly awkward. Jimin watched the older for some time, in silence, wanting to ask million different questions. Even after Kim Hyoji’s visit, there was still so many things Jimin wanted to know. Needed to know.

        What was Yoongi’s point of view in all of this, now?

        Jimin opened his mouth, but the words got caught in his throat.

        In Yoongi’s point of view, that was all a big inconvenient mess, right? They were just fucking, in an extremely laid back dom-sub relationship, without written contracts, so Yoongi should be really uncomfortable now, right? Getting a sub pregnant, principally one you weren’t supposed to be attached to at all, would be like hell, a nightmare, right?

        Then why were they here, now? Why was Yoongi driving Jimin home like this?

         Probably out of politeness . the darkest part of his mind answered him, but… Was Yoongi that polite?

        “It will be okay. Trust me.” Yoongi continued, his voice a mere whisper as if they were sharing a big secret, “I will… I will take care of you, okay?”

        Jimin gaped slightly, his heart wanting to burst out of his chest as he saw Yoongi smile down at him full of fondness, uncertainty, a mix of determination and insecurity on his face. Jimin didn’t move, still leaning against the wall, and Yoongi softly, so gently, closed his eyes and gave Jimin’s forehead a kiss.

        Jimin looked down, that flustering memory replaying in his mind over and over again, Those words, “I will take care of you”, were they… Were they for real? …

        They seemed to be so honest. Jimin was looking right at Yoongi’s eyes while the older said those. Jimin knew they were true.

        Jimin bit his lower lip, and, against all his fears, he asked Yoongi, a bit too late, but,

“And you?” Jimin’s voice was a mere whisper, under his breath, and he wasn’t looking at Yoongi as he asked it. It wasn’t just a matter of small talk in a car. It meant so much more .

        Somehow, Yoongi heard Jimin’s words.

“I think it might be a girl, too, but if it were a boy it would be good, because… well, I never really understood girls.” Yoongi said, his voice, too, quiet like an afraid whisper, and Jimin could just stay in silence, letting Yoongi’s response sink in.

        It was like his heart was about to burst out of his chest.

“Oh.” Jimin’s hands were heavy and warm on the skin of his own swollen belly.

        They stayed in complete silence for the rest of the ride, the weight of their last conversation too heavy on them. Yoongi’s last words kept ringing in his head, and his brain kept trying to find logical reasons and explanations for his answer. They all led to the same conclusion: Yoongi cared.

        Jimin bit his lips and turned to look out of the window in silence. They were already entering his private neighborhood’s area.

        After some moments, Yoongi’s car was stopping in front of Jimin’s house, but none of them moved.

       Jimin stayed in his seat and slowly turned to look at Yoongi, only to find out that the older was already staring at Jimin, face unreadable.

       Jimin absently thought that Yoongi looked really, really different from the cocky, rich business man he used to hook up with, in the past. Yoongi, in all his post-party glory, face smudged with red and kisses, black bomber jacket all rumpled in his skinny frame, just looked young. Like someone’s 26-year-old boyfriend, after a crazy halloween party.

         They stayed in silence again, just contemplating each other’s appearance, and Jimin wondered what Yoongi was possibly thinking about him. Jimin eyed Yoongi and realised how close they were, completely alone, in the dead of the night, with no words to say to each other, and, at the same time, a million things to tell with the light of their eyes.

         It felt like they were in a movie, or a tv drama. One of the saddests.

        Jimin tried to smile a little, and it wasn’t forced. It was never forced, with Yoongi. Jimin couldn’t help but feel comfortable around him. To feel safe.

“...Thanks for driving me here.” Jimin said in a quiet voice, his smile turning sweet. Yoongi just looked at his eye-smile face with a lost look in his.

“It’s nothing.” Yoongi replied, just as quiet. It was like they didn’t want to disturb something.

         Jimin broke their eye contact to turn away and look at his own front door through the window. He really wasn’t sleepy, and he needed a shower.

      Without thinking much of it, Jimin suggested,

“Why don’t you get in? It’s late.” Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up, “You can sleep here.”

       Maybe it was the way Jimin said it, or his hesitant, hopeful voice. Or his pretty eyes, and his cute serious face. Or his hand resting loosely on his baby belly. Maybe it was because of their heated, crazed makeout session at the back of the party, or their sweet kisses and honest, gentle touches near the elevators, later.

      Either way, Yoongi couldn’t say anything other than,

“Yes.” Yoongi nodded, and got his keys out of the ignition. When he turned his head up to look at Jimin, he realised how their faces were close.

       Jimin had leaned slightly to see what Yoongi was getting, but when the other’s face went up, they both stopped their movements, staring at each other in surprise.

       Outside, it was dark and cold. Inside, it was also dark, and silent. The only sound was of their even breathing, their noses so close they were almost touching.

       Jimin realised he wanted it - really, really did. He just wanted their lips to meet. Not for lust or anything; it came like a normal movement, a simple instinct.

       Yoongi must have thought the same thing, because suddenly Jimin was feeling Yoongi’s soft, wet lips on his, in a chaste kiss inside the car. A kiss a normal couple would share inside a car, after a party, in the middle of the quiet night.

       Could they be a couple, someday?

       Jimin’s eyelashes fluttered, but didn’t close. Neither did Yoongi’s - he older kept looking at Jimin’s eyelashes, his eyebrows up in mild surprise, the bridge of his nose.

       Yoongi got back only to peck him again on the lips, and again, just so gently, full of bigger emotions flooding his heart. Yoongi closed his eyes as his feelings got too fond, and he raised a gentle hand to Jimin’s face, his touch like feathers on his cheek, while he kept kissing Jimin in a chaste way, and his nose, and his cheeks, his chin.

       Jimin, too, just closed his eyes and let his face be fondled by Yoongi’s lips and fingers, until Yoongi let him go. Jimin stared at Yoongi with his lips hanging open slightly, his breath coming in tiny puffs and his cheeks red with blush, overwhelmed with all that love- I mean, like.

       Like, --yeah. Uhm-

       Jimin gasped and looked away, too afraid to look in Yoongi’s eyes - afraid of what he would see in them.

        He didn’t turn to see Yoongi get out of the car, walk to his side and open his door for him, offering a hand to help him out. Jimin didn’t question it and took it quietly, letting Yoongi pull him and guide him to the door, putting his arm protectively around Jimin’s shoulders, the material of Yoongi’s jacket warm, protecting him from the piercing cold of the quiet night.

        Yoongi didn’t let go of Jimin’s shoulders as the smaller unlocked his front door, and they got in.

       Jimin stepped ahead and Yoongi’s arm fell back down. He turned awkwardly to Yoongi, his voice hesitant, the instinct to fiddle with his fingers like a shy little kid too strong in his mind,

“I’m gonna… drink some water, just… make yourself at home…?” Jimin said and Yoongi nodded, smiling fondly, his hands coming to rest in his bomber jacket’s pockets.

“I’ll be here.” Yoongi said, flicking the living room lights on and letting his eyes wander through the place, finding Jimin’s touch in every detail of it.


        Jimin was leaning against the kitchen counter, trying to calm his nerves and stop acting like a crushing teenager, when Yoongi stepped inside the room, calmly.

“You were taking too long.” Yoongi explained simply, looking relaxed next to Jimin.

        The model’s heart couldn’t take it. That was like the first time Yoongi was in his kitchen, another Yoongi; because before, Yoongi had been in his black business suit, black hair neatly combed, cellphone in hand. But now, it was 3 a.m. and Yoongi was too casual, too soft.

        They were totally domestic.

        If someone were to describe this situation six months ago to Jimin, he would laugh at their faces. Six months ago, Jimin was just a young model with the sex drive of a rabbit, just wanting to live life to the fullest and get rich.

        Now, Jimin was soft, his cheeks were slightly chubby, and he was being overly domestic with a guy that used to be his dom in bed. Said guy, Yoongi, father of his unborn baby.

        Jimin watched Yoongi make himself at home in his kitchen. Get the kettle, fill it with water, put it on the stove. He didn’t even ask before grabbing the chamomile tea box.

“Why don’t you go take a bath? I’ll give it to you once it’s finished.” Yoongi said evenly. Jimin was still leaning on the counter, trying not to appear so affected by all of it - the easiness Yoongi had in his home, the fact that the man, apparently, knew Jimin liked to drink tea before sleeping, and that chamomile was his favorite - how did he know? Yoongi would need to have remembered it from the time they still were fucking in Yoongi’s apartment, several months ago.

        Jimin nodded, and went back on his feet.

        He looked back at Yoongi for a moment, hesitant in letting the man by himself, but Yoongi just nodded encouragingly, a small smile on his face as he opened the fridge to look for something. Like he was a supportive partner.

        Jimin turned back and walked to his bedroom upstairs.


         Inside the warm bathtub, full of light pink roses water, Jimin stroked his baby belly. It wasn’t so big, but it was there, unmistakable. Because of winter, his skin was more pale than usual, but looked soft.

         Before the pregnancy, he used to have a muscular body, his thighs thick with well defined muscles, lean abs and nice biceps. But now, his arms were a bit thinner, a lot softer, and so did his legs. Basically, he was soft and more fragile looking, now.

         And his hair was a light shade of strawberry, almost blond, with a hint of his black roots already visible.

         Jimin closed his eyes and tried to relax. He needed to not make a big deal out of it - Yoongi coming back with him after the party, staying in his quiet house, talking in almost whispers, too domestic and soft with him.

         Would they just sleep? Would Yoongi try something once they were in bed?

         Would Jimin try something?

         And his baby, god. What was he supposed to do?

         Sometimes, when he was completely alone, in the middle of the night, he thought about the future and panicked. He was way too young for that. How would he… take care of a baby? Be a father to a little girl or a little boy?

         He already had some baby clothes and diapers stocked, but there was so much he needed to sort out before the baby was here.

        And he was already 24 weeks. Six months.

       When he got to 25 weeks, he would be officially 7 months into it. Only two more months and that kid would be in his arms.

         Jimin opened his eyes and decided that was enough. He wasn’t alone to internally panic to his heart’s content. Yoongi was probably waiting for him, and his tea getting too cold.

         He got out, enjoying the roses’ scented water, dried himself and got dressed. He was in a pair of loose, comfy sweatpants and a long sleeved shirt he used to sleep. He spent some minutes with the hairdryer, and then got out of the bathroom, only to see Yoongi already sitting in the corner of the bed, his back to him.

        Before entering the bathroom Jimin had already chosen some clothes for Yoongi to change into, and laid them on his bed. Yoongi had probably entered his room and guessed that they were for him, because he was wearing them now - a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants of his. Just like how Jimin imagined, their bodies and sizes were really close, almost identical, so his clothes were perfect on Yoongi, a bit oversized just how they would be on Jimin. Also, Yoongi looked like he had taken a warm shower, probably in one of the other bathrooms in the house.

         It felt so domestic when Jimin sat on the bed, more to the middle, cross legged and Yoongi handed him his mug of tea wordlessly. Jimin didn’t know if the warmth inside of him was because of the tea he was drinking, or because of the way he watched Yoongi put his phone to charge in Jimin’s charger by his bedside table.

        His clothes looked good on Yoongi. He looked soft and homey in them.

“How is it?” Yoongi asked, turned to face Jimin, his arm supporting his weight on the mattress.

       Jimin just smiled and took another sip of his tea. It was perfect.

“Good.” Jimin answered quietly, almost mumbling, and trying to hide his dumb smile behind the mug he was holding his both hands.

       The comfortable smile Yoongi gave him was even better.

       The lights were off, only his both table lamps on, and the door almost closed. That dim light, for some reason, turned everything even more intimate and somewhat comfortable. It was dark but they could still see each other’s faces perfectly.

       Jimin was almost finishing his warm tea, Yoongi watching him drink with a relaxed face, a calm atmosphere in the room, when Jimin tried to shift in his position and brought a hand to his shoulder.

       He should have known. He was starting to feel the consequences of standing up so much - back pains. His bones were tired. He tried to crack his junctures, moving his shoulders in an uncomfortable expression, but it didn’t help.

“What is going on?” his eyes focused back on Yoongi, that was now watching him with a worried frown. Jimin shrugged,

“Back pains. Happens every night.” he said simply, but frowned when he saw the slightly horrified expression on Yoongi’s face. The man seemed to be at a lost in his own thoughts for a moment, until he finally said,

“Let me help.” Yoongi said and before Jimin could protest (he wouldn’t, really) he was completely climbing on the bed and getting closer to Jimin until he was behind him.

       Jimin’s breath hitched when he felt Yoongi’s firm hands on his shoulders, the other’s even breath tickling the back of Jimin’s neck. He tried to relax, still a bit stupefied with Yoongi’s gestures, and let the feel of his fingers soothe him.

       He knew his breathing was not even close to even. He could feel his heart clenching, and a sudden need to cry, as Yoongi’s fingers - so gently, so caring, and delicate - moved against his shoulders blades and the muscles of his back, slowly up and down.

       Jimin lowered his half-empty mug on his lap and tried to look back at Yoongi, but only got an eyeful of the other’s black hair. It was just slightly damp, as if the older hadn’t had the same patience as Jimin on drying it. Jimin looked at at his own small fingers and released a shaky breath. He eyed his baby belly, solid and round after six, almost seven months of pregnancy, and tried to hold back his tears. He didn’t understand them.

      Was it because Yoongi was in his house, wearing his clothes, giving him a gentle and slow back massage?

      Jimin bit his lips and breathed through his nose. Those damned butterflies in his stomach were going crazy.

       Yoongi was now massaging his lower back the best way he could with Jimin sitting, and that was the part that hurt the most. Jimin’s body swayed slightly with the movements, and he knew he was blushing, still looking down at his lap.

       Yoongi’s hands patiently went up to Jimin’s shoulders again, and delicately massaged the back of his neck, too.

        The silence of the room wasn’t suffocating - it was sacred. Jimin felt small and big at the same time in that atmosphere, and his heart was swelling with emotions he didn’t know how to name. Yoongi’s hands came to rest on either side of Jimin’s shoulders, and he felt Yoongi’s face getting closer to his neck, slowly but not hesitantly, and planted a devoted kiss on Jimin’s shoulder that was covered by his sweater.

        Jimin gasped silently, and his pretty eyebrows knitted together. He knew he was still blushing, his body seeming to be electrified by that chaste kiss, and Yoongi’s forehead was resting on the place he had kissed, now.

        Jimin gulped and turned his head back to the side where Yoongi was. Yoongi felt the movement more than saw, and his hands squeezed Jimin’s small shoulders once before he turned his head up, letting the other see his face.

        Jimin’s lips parted slightly, and he was still frowning, overwhelmed, as their eyes locked.

        Yoongi was looking at him with an expression that would be pained, but not quite. The man’s eyes were shining with words he couldn’t say, not right now, but he meant every one of them. Promises and pleads that made Jimin’s blush on his cheeks worsen.

        Jimin’s heart was fluttering, his whole body was awake in a way he had never felt before, too overwhelmed, and it was like he was a small bird in Yoongi’s gentle hands. Jimin looked at Yoongi’s lips and closed his own, nervous, but Yoongi just turned down and gave another soft kiss to his shoulder, his hands rubbing his shoulders and upper arms affectionately.

        He silently leaned forward, still behind Jimin, and took the mug of cold tea from Jimin’s fingers. Jimin watched, with a quiet mesmerized expression, Yoongi get up from the bed and place the mug on the bedside table near him. And then stayed on his feet, looking down at Jimin with a conflicted look on his face.

“I should… Go to a… Guest bedroom…?” he began talking like he was suggesting it, but ended up in a question, looking Jimin, that hadn’t moved from his spot on the bed, weirdly.

         That seemed to bring Jimin out of his stupor. But not enough to higher his voice. Jimin whispered, shyly, looking Yoongi through his eyelashes,

“You can sleep here with me.”

        Yoongi released a shaky breath, and nodded.

        Jimin knew the possible outcomes of that night, but he wasn’t so scared to the point of wanting to making them impossible anymore. He was still scared, and he knew Yoongi was, too, - he could see it in his eyes, in the touch of his hands, in his kisses on his shoulder, - but Jimin was willing to try, and let it happen.

        He discovered that it was too beautiful to not let it happen.

        Jimin never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before, and he knew, by looking at him, that Yoongi never had, too. Not like that - not like it was real . So real it could kill them.

        Jimin watched, still in his spot in the middle of the bed, as Yoongi got a hold of the comforters and pulled them up, climbing beneath them later. Jimin’s heart was on his hand as he slowly fell on the mattress, facing Yoongi’s calm face.

        They laid like that, staring at each other quietly, until Jimin smiled, shy and sweet, and wiggled closer. He wanted to feel that again - the way Yoongi’s touch awoke his entire body and settled him on edge, but not the usual sexual kind of edge.

         Jimin closed his eyes and pecked Yoongi on the lips, letting go of his fears. He would just let it happen.

         Yoongi got one of his hands from beneath the covers and cupped Jimin’s cheek gently, making his head stay in place as he moved his lips against Jimin’s, slowly, and full of meaning, for the first time.

        Jimin sighed breathily, squeezing his eyes shut.

        Yoongi kissed him more until he got his hand off from Jimin’s face and rested it on his waist, bringing them closer. Jimin’s protruding belly was pressed against Yoongi’s flat stomach, and his hand snaked under Jimin’s sweater when their kissing got more intense. Jimin shivered with the hot touch of Yoongi’s fingers against his waist and back, rubbing his skin slowly.

        Yoongi parted their kiss, but before Jimin could protest, he was gently pushing at Jimin’s hipbone until his back was hitting the mattress softly, and Yoongi quickly climbed up.

        His lips went immediately to Jimin’s neck, distributing kisses all over the skin in there, and Jimin moaned appreciatively, one hand coming to push at Yoongi’s dark hair. Yoongi nipped, then, and Jimin’s moans got louder, more arousing for the both of them.

       Yoongi brought one hand down to palm at Jimin’s bulge before bringing his lips to the other’s lips, saying in a husky voice,

“Your little breathy moans drive me crazy, every time,” Jimin gasped, a shot of arousal going straight to his dick with Yoongi using that rougher voice he loved so much, and he moaned sensually when Yoongi bit his earlobe, grinding their erections together.

      And suddenly Yoongi attacked Jimin’s lips with a renewed fervor, the wet sound of their mouths filling the empty room together with their heavy breathing.

“Ah, ah…! ...a-” Jimin moaned like crazy when Yoongi’s hand snaked under his sweatpants, under his underwear, and his middle finger got in between his buttcheeks and circled his pink rim.

      Yoongi hid his smile full of teeth on Jimin’s pliant neck and reveled in the pretty sounds he was making.

      He got his hand back up then, and moved to sit upright in between Jimin’s legs. Jimin was blushing prettily and his lips were kiss swollen, his sweater was pulled up, letting Yoongi see the skin of his firm round belly. Yoongi quickly got out of his t-shirt and tossed it somewhere.

       Jimin watched Yoongi in anticipation as the older put his hands on his hips and slid them up his body, getting the sweater out of the way too. Jimin was moaning under his breath and his dick was hard in his pants, seeing Yoongi shirtless and above him, palming at his own hard on.

       Jimin hurried out of his sweater as well, and Yoongi helped him in a much calmer pace when the other got stuck, his laying position not helping his movements. Yoongi let out a quiet laugh and Jimin wanted to scold him.

       But soon they were touching again, and the sparks sent through their bodies at their friction quickly made them forget everything else.

       Yoongi’s teeth found Jimin’s bottom lip and bit sensually, making Jimin groan and run his hands against his chest above him. His heart was beating like crazy, and he was getting impatient. The previous pure and timid feelings were being replaced by his lust and hunger. That contact wasn’t enough, he needed more.

“Yoongi, I need you-” Jimin groaned but got interrupted by his own moan when Yoongi bit his neck, hard, and sucked a hickey. It probably wouldn’t mark, since Yoongi didn’t spend too much time at it.

      Jimin’s back arched when Yoongi’s lips kept going down on his body, brushing deliciously against his collarbones, down his nipple, and his protruding pregnant belly.

“This is so beautiful, Jiminnie,” Yoongi groaned without taking his lips of Jimin’s skin. In his mind, he couldn’t stop thinking how Jimin was so beautiful, pretty and adorable, every single part of him, even his baby bump was perfect, for Yoongi. He kissed his belly chastely and kept wandering his face down south, until his lips and hands found the waistband of Jimin’s sweatpants.

        Jimin eagerly lifted his hips off the mattress for Yoongi to slip his pants down, together with his underwear, letting his pretty flushed cock free. Jimin moaned and turned his head to the side, feeling like he would go crazy when Yoongi held his dick with a hand and didn’t waste time before licking at the head.

         Jimin’s desperate whimpers and breathy whines fueled Yoongi as he slid his lips around Jimin’s erection, downing his head and sucking. Jimin’s small fingers found Yoongi’s hair and pulled at the roots, squirming under Yoongi’s tongue and lips, completely naked on the bed. Yoongi sucked at his dick expertisely, feeling his own harden at Jimin’s lustful sounds and his delicious rose smell, until he felt precome coming out of the tip of Jimin’s member, and pulled his mouth off.

          Jimin’s whines in protests quickly became slutty moans again when Yoongi’s hands grabbed at his inner thighs, squeezing the soft flesh and spreading them to make his little hole visible. His tongue lapped at his entrance, Yoongi absolutely loving the way Jimin’s helpless moans filled the dark room, his small fingers pulling at his dark hair encouragingly, his legs caging Yoongi’s head in between them.

         The blond’s back arched when Yoongi’s tongue finally entered him, and one of his fingers was also massaging his rim to make it more relaxed. Jimin’s moans became more high-pitched and desperate, and he just wanted Yoongi, now ,

“Yoongi, ah- ah!... yoon-” Jimin tried to speak up but each movement of Yoongi’s tongue and fingers caught his words, the pleasure too distracting. His dick was already rock hard and still shining with Yoongi’s spit,  sensitive in the cold air of the room,

“Yoongi….!” Jimin tried again, pulling at his hair more forcefully. The man was too excited in opening Jimin up, thought, and continued his movements, getting more frantic with his lips, his fingers close to start scissoring Jimin’s entrance,

“Ah…! Ahh-” Jimin was doing his best to hold his orgasm, because he stubbornly didn’t want things to end like that. He was noticing that Yoongi was way too worked up in that rimming, as if he was expecting Jimin to come like that.

       But Jimin didn’t want it to end in rimming. He wanted to go all the way .

“Yoongi!!” he was close to scolding the other man, and pulled harshly at his hair until Yoongi’s tongue was out of him.

        Yoongi’s face got from in between his legs, but his three fingers stayed inside Jimin’s hole. Jimin was breathing heavily at the sight of Yoongi’s wrecked face, his eyes dark with lust and lips red and slightly swollen from the work on Jimin’s body.

“Yoongi, I don’t want to come like this.” Jimin deadpanned, and Yoongi had the decency to look sheepish for a second. Jimin was out of breath, and when Yoongi unconsciously moved his fingers inside of him, he moaned low.

“Come for me, pretty thing,” Yoongi cooed in a husky voice, but Jimin stubbornly shook his head, trying to suppress the shiver at his tone of voice that reminded him too much of their old days.

“I want you!” Jimin practically whined, not understanding why Yoongi was like that, “I want you inside of me, come on!” he demanded, his chest heaving from the force of holding back his orgasm,


“I’m ready!” Jimin stressed. He wanted to see Yoongi naked, too, and take a good look at that nice dick he had. It had been too long-

      His train of thoughts got interrupted by Yoongi’s hesitant expression in between his legs, eyeing his round and firm baby bump and biting his lips.

“But… What about… ?” Yoongi was at a loss of words, just eyeing Jimin’s bump like it was a fragile glass vase. Jimin groaned, not having the time of the day to coo at Yoongi’s sweet worry,

“It’ll be alright! This is common knowledge!” Jimin exclaimed, frustrated when he could feel his orgasm so close to hitting, “It’ll be better for everyone if I have what I want, you know, I’m pregnant and I need to relax-”

       Jimin’s bossy speech got interrupted by Yoongi’s lips against his own. Jimin moaned appreciatively and Yoongi kissed the complaints off his tongue, and when they parted, there was a line of spit connecting their mouths,

“Okay. I’ll do whatever you want. Let’s do it your way.” he whispered, eyeing Jimin’s lips darkly, his voice hoarse with excitement. Jimin practically purred before pushing at Yoongi’s chest.

“Lay down.” he demanded and Yoongi followed, letting his back his the mattress beside Jimin. He waited, amused, as Jimin got up quickly and straddled him, bringing his hands to Yoongi’s waistband and pulling it down.

         Yoongi’s hard cock bounced in the air, and Jimin got a hold of it and stroked, not at all having the flexibility to get down and give the man a quick blowjob in that position. Jimin just gave it a few strokes before getting up on his knees, his rim already prepared for Yoongi’s dick, and lined it with his entrance.

          Yoongi laid back and watched, mesmerized and extremely aroused, as Jimin connected the head of his cock to his entrance and turned back to Yoongi, splaying his small hands on the other’s chest. Yoongi’s hands were immediately on Jimin’s hips, giving him support and getting part of his weight, as Jimin slowly sank down Yoongi’s lenght.

         The two moaned together and Jimin started riding Yoongi just the way he wanted, fast and messy. Yoongi couldn’t stop looking at Jimin’s gorgeous face all crunched up in pleasure, his firm belly pressing his cock to Yoongi’s stomach, and he squeezed Jimin’s thighs, feeling his orgasm get close. Jimin was wonderfully tight and perfect around him, and Yoongi pushed his head back against the pillows, moaning breathily.

        Jimin quickened his pace, Yoongi’s hands guiding him up and down as well, and he knew he could come untouched like that.

“Ahh- ah- …! Ahhh-” Jimin moaned and closed his fists against Yoongi’s chest. “I’m coming, Yoongi-” he moaned desperately, and Yoongi squeezed his thick thighs in reassurance,

“Me too.” he whispered gruffly, but Jimin’s ears caught it.

       They soon were coming, practically at the same time, Yoongi desperately lifting his hips up to meet Jimin’s thrusts when the other began losing strength in his movements.

        Jimin whimpered as he got himself out of Yoongi’s lap and delicately let his body fall down beside his.

        They stayed like that, breathing heavily and watching each other for some minutes, until it became too cold and Yoongi got the t-shirt he had been wearing and put helped Jimin put it on. The material was relatively thick and it wouldn’t leave Jimin’s skin at the mercy of the slightly cold temperature of the room.

         Yoongi pulled back the comforters and covered them both, watching with a fond heart as Jimin hugged himself and smiled, satisfied with the warm covers around them.

         Jimin wiggled closer and smiled cheekily, the sleep quickly coming after the good sex he had. Yoongi pecked him on the lips and hugged Jimin under the covers, still wary of his delicate bump, and sniffed Jimin’s endearing scent.

         It finally felt right.

Chapter Text



      The next morning, Jimin takes a long time to wake up.


      Everything is comfortable, his bed is pleasantly warm in the cold morning, and his pillows smell like Yoongi.


      Jimin hums and curls in himself, hugging his thick comforter. He smiles with his eyes closed.


      He immediately knows Yoongi is not lying with him, but he is so certain that the older is in his house somewhere, he can almost feel it.


      Jimin smiles more and opens his eyes, burying his body further in the sea of comforters and pillows. There is a faint light coming from the windows, from behind the pretty white curtains of his bedroom. He rolls around and realises Yoongi dressed him a bit more while he was sleeping, and with a laugh, he curls to look at his feet. Socks. And his sweatpants are back on as well.


       He practically purrs to himself and gets out of bed, rolling lazily, taking the comforters out with him. Jimin yawns and looks for his glasses - he had taken his contacts off in the bathroom, before going to sleep.


        Jimin walks around his bedroom in a blanket cocoon, and finally finds his glasses on his dresser. He gingerly puts them on - they’re his usual big, nerdy ones, - and runs his hand through his hair, letting his comforter fall to the floor.


         He puts his hands under his baby bump and slides playfully on the linoleum floor until he reaches the stairs in the hallway, and leans on when he gets to the middle of them, looking for Yoongi. His living room is wide and minimalistic, and he can see the open kitchen. At first he thinks no one is in there, but then he hears the sound of glass, and a smile grows on his face.


        Jimin gingerly runs down the stairs and tries to make as little sound as possible, a cheeky grin on his lips. He leans on the entrance of the kitchen and watches Yoongi move around his kitchen naturally, making a delicious smelling steak and kimchi. Jimin licks his lips in hunger as he watches the other’s back, seeing his wearing the same comfy sweats he had chosen for him, and Jimin’s sweater from yesterday. It looks perfectly sized for him.


         He takes the chance when Yoongi’s back is turned to him, and enters the kitchen on his tippy toes, a playful smile on his face. Jimin doesn’t wait long and embraces Yoongi from behind, snuggling his face against Yoongi’s back.


        Jimin feels Yoongi’s back tense for a second and then relax. He doesn’t try to move out of the hug, and just says,


“Good morning.” and continues moving the food on the stove. The rice cooker is still going by the other end of the kitchen.


“Good morning.” Jimin says, and just hugs him more. He is feeling extra sweet this morning, and figures that, after last night, there is no harm in indulging.


“Food’s almost ready.” Yoongi mumbles, and Jimin just hums, not feeling like letting go of him just yet.


        They stay like that when the ricecooker beeps and Yoongi has to move around to grab two bowls and put the steaming white rice inside of them, and putting them on the table. And when he needs to get the chopsticks, and the juice from the fridge, and the big bowl of kimchi, and steak, the lettuce-


“Uhm,” Yoongi starts, looking at the perfectly ready breakfast table in front of him, Jimin still lovely attached to his back, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but- The food will get cold, Jimin”


“Mmmkay” he mumbles, snuggling a bit more against Yoongi’s back for good measure before letting him go.


        They eat in silence, and Jimin is suddenly a little shy to face him now. He busies himself with his bowl of rice, looking down, until he sees a movement in front of his eyes.


       He looks up and sees Yoongi’s fond smile, his eyes squeezing with the force of it, offering him a lettuce wrap. Jimin tries to fight back his blush and opens his mouth to accept it.


“You need to eat more, right? You’re eating for two.” Yoongi said, and started working on another wrap. Jimin laughed, flustered.


       There were those damned butterflies in his stomach.




       When they were finished it was 11 a.m., and Jimin insisted on washing the dishes.


“It’s only fair!” he almost whined, walking around Yoongi as the older promptly ignored him and continued washing them, getting them out of the way whenever Jimin tried to get a hold of one bowl or cup, “It’s the rules, Yoongi! One cooks, the other washes the dishes!!” he exclaimed to Yoongi’s calmly amused face.


“What dishes?” Yoongi said and Jimin’s head snapped to the sink, “I’m done, already.”




“The rules don’t apply when one of the parts is pregnant.” Yoongi said in a playful serious voice, and Jimin crossed his arms and pouted. Yoongi laughed, “This is nothing, Jiminnie…”


“Okay, whatever.” Jimin turned his head to the side, this time just playfully pouting, but watched from the corner of his eyes Yoongi dry his hands with a smile still dancing around his lips.


“Okay.” Yoongi confirmed, and, when he finished drying his hands, he went for Jimin, hugging him delicately, still thinking about that baby bump on his stomach.


      Jimin melted in Yoongi’s arms instantly, letting his head rest on his shoulder. They stayed in silence for some time, Yoongi being content in just sniffing his natural scent from his hair, when Jimin gathered his courage to do something he should have done a long time before,


“Yoongi…” Jimin started, and the other hummed, “I’ve been thinking, and… I think it’s only fair I showed you the house. Like, in a house tour?” Jimin smiled hesitantly, but Yoongi just turned him in his arms and nodded reassuringly,


“I would love that.” he said in a gentle voice.





       Jimin was trying not to be so awkward as he motioned around his house, being followed by an attentive Yoongi,


“This is a guest bedroom, but I still need to buy furniture…” Jimin stood in the front of the opened door. They were still downstairs, “And this one is another guest bedroom,” he pointed to another door in the wide hallway, “but this one has a bed.”


“Hmm…” Yoongi nodded, and they kept slowly walking around,


“Honestly, I know I’ll end up just hiring a designer to get everything done for me, I mean, I’ll be too busy with the baby anyways,” Jimin admitted a little sheepishly.


“And this is the guest bathroom, the only one here downstairs.” Jimin opened the door to show him,


“Ah, I know, I took a shower here last night.” Yoongi said, looking around all the marbled surfaces of the bathroom, that was big enough only to have a bathtub besides the other essentials.


“Oh.” Jimin murmured, and closed the door again. They kept walking around the hallway.


       Yoongi looked at the bare white walls. The was absolutely nothing hanging on them.


       They got out of the hallway and into the living room again. Jimin walked to the stairs and Yoongi followed.


       It was a simple and small set of stairs, nothing modern or fancy. Just wooden-made.


“And here, we have another guest bedroom,” Jimin pointed to a door once they were upstairs, “A study room, that I indeed decorated… I consider it done, actually.” Jimin guided him to the door and opened.


      Yoongi nodded, letting his eyes roam around the room. It looked warm and comfortable, some bookshelfs around, a desk in the middle with a computer on it, and an office chair. Not much, but the rugs on the floor made it look just about complete.


“You did this all by yourself?” Yoongi asked. Jimin nodded, a faint smile on his face,


“Ordered everything online a month ago, unboxed it all and put everything in place.” he said, visibly proud of himself.


       Yoongi pursed his lips and tried not to speak out his concerns for Jimin’s safety. He was pregnant, he couldn’t do that kind of hard work on his own. What if some accident happened? And did he mean he put up that desk by himself --


“And then…” Jimin’s hesitant voice brought him back from his thoughts, “There’s… uhm… the nursery, you see that door?”


       His eyes followed Jimin’s pointer finger, and true enough, there was another white door by the other end of the area that circled the staircase and let a view of the living room downstairs. It was right by Jimin’s bedroom door, to the right.


        Yoongi’s stomach dropped as they slowly walked in that direction. He didn’t understand the anticipation, it wasn’t like his baby would be inside, ok? It was still in Jimin’s--


        They stopped in front of the white door, and Yoongi’s eyes immediately went to a cute little giraffe sticker glued to it. It was so small he couldn’t see it from afar.


“Heh, I don’t know how that one ended here, it was probably Taehyung or Hoseok…” Jimin murmured when he noticed Yoongi’s attention to the cute giraffe’s face.


       Yoongi gulped. All the words had left his mind, and he could only watch as Jimin’s small hand got a hold of the door handle. Jimin looked hesitant, and Yoongi was holding his breath without realising.


“Uhm… there’s really nothing to show, yet. I bought some stuff, but… It’s all in boxes, still…” Jimin rambled as he opened the door and took a step inside, inviting Yoongi to do the same.


       Yoongi kept walking until he was in the middle of the small room. He could almost hear his heartbeats as he stared, with his mouth hanging open slightly, at the details of the room. Or lack of them.


       The floor was wooden, and the walls were all white, with nothing in them. There was a big box, and some smaller ones, by the floor. And a variety of shopping bags full of baby clothes in a corner.


“This one is the crib my dad made, he sent it to me.” Jimin commented, pointing to the biggest box. “The rest are just some random stuff, like, a car safety seat and some nursing bottles…”


       By Yoongi’s continued silence, Jimin continued in a hurry,


“I mean, I know I don’t have a car right now, but I plan on learning how to drive as soon as I can, so… Uhm… I already bought this...” Jimin’s voice died at the end and he stared confusedly at Yoongi. He wasn’t facing him. Jimin was about to call for his attention, when Yoongi turned to him and said,


“Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice was wet, and Jimin almost gasped when he noticed the tears pooling at the corners of his eyes. What ?!


“Jimin.” Yoongi repeated, and it was like he was pleading. Begging for something Jimin didn’t know.


       Jimin found himself trapped under Yoongi’s pained gaze, their eyes locked. Yoongi’s so completely emotional, Jimin’s breath hitched in his throat.


“...What?...” Jimin whispered, feeling affected by all the things Yoongi’s eyes told him. But he couldn’t possibly look away from them.


“Jimin. P-please, I’m…” Yoongi took a deep breath, still staring right at Jimin’s eyes, “I’m sorry.”


       It all stopped for a moment. Jimin’s eyes went wide, and he didn’t know how to answer it. He felt like he didn’t understand it, even though, deep down, he did .


“...sorry? For what?” Jimin mumbled, feeling the need to move, to either take a step back or further into the room. He was still close to the doorframe.


“For everything.” Yoongi’s voice was firm, but his face looked like he was about to cry. “I don’t want this to continue. I don’t want you alone like this, I… I want to be a part of this. I’m sorry for the way I acted before.” Yoongi’s voice wavered at the end, and Jimin felt like his heart would burst out of his chest in any moment.


       It was so out of a sudden, Jimin felt numb. He could only nod silently, but Yoongi said again,


“I’m so sorry.” and looked down at his feet. Jimin nodded again, feeling weirdly shy. “Will you… let me in?”


       There was a deep silence in the room, and Jimin was afraid he would start crying the moment he opened his mouth. So he just nodded again, indicating that yes, he would. He would let Yoongi in. Of course.


      Jimin tried to gulp, but his throat actually hurt from holding back his tears so suddenly.


“...Okay. Just… think about it, right?” Yoongi whispered, and Jimin looked up to his face to see, with relief, that it was dry, only a little red in the eyes. His voice, though, sounded wet and broken.


“I will… I need to head to work now, but I will be back for dinner…? If you want?” Yoongi said the last part unsurely, a mere whisper in the air. Jimin crossed his arms above his belly, to try to stay upright and not crouch down like he felt like doing, and nodded, biting his lips. He could feel his eyes getting wet.


        One side of him wanted Yoongi to just go already, so that he could cry in peace. He felt like an idiot, and totally blamed it in the hormones. But then, Yoongi was almost crying too...


        Another side of him, however, wanted Yoongi to stay so much . A part of Jimin just wanted Yoongi to never get out of that house, never leave him again. There was a ridiculous fear in him that, when Yoongi got past the door, he wouldn’t come back again easily.


        Jimin sniffed and motioned for the door with his head.


        Yoongi’s head lowered and his shoulders slumped. He walked in Jimin’s direction, that was also the door’s, and stopped when he was by his side. He hesitated for a moment before leaning in and pressing a kiss to Jimin’s hairline, letting his hand hover above his shoulder.


       He didn’t utter a word as he went down the stairs and stopped by the front door to put on his shoes.


        Jimin closed his eyes and waited for the sound of the front door opening and closing behind Yoongi.




         Yoongi was okay. Yeah.


       He drove back to his apartment in the city, that somehow managed to be as big as Jimin’s house, and way more modern-looking, and went to his bedroom for a shower and to change into another brand new suit.


       Jimin’s sweats laid on Yoongi’s floor, looking completely out of place. Yoongi sighed, remembering the dramatic scene he did at Jimin’s house.


       More precisely, in his kid’s bedroom.


       His son’s. Or daughter’s. Bedroom.


       Yoongi groaned at himself while he worked on his tie. It was ridiculous - every time he thought he had finally settled in with the idea of being a father right now, a real-life, no-mistakes, father, his stupid brain surprised him again and almost made him cry in front of Jimin for no apparent reason.


       And it wasn’t just the realisation that his son or daughter was very much real and on their way, but the state of that room. So undeniably unfinished.


       Yoongi felt like shit. Like the worst.


       He probably was. Yeah.


       He was worse than a shitty guy. He was shit itself.


       Yoongi grabbed his things and looked at his appearance once more in the mirror of the elevator, to make sure everything was in order with him. It was. At least on the outside.


        His phone began vibrating in his hand, and he answered it without looking at the caller ID.


         God, how he would regret that .


“Son?” his father’s serious voice came in and Yoongi got his eyes shut, cursing under his breath. Great. That was all he needed.


“...What do you want.” Yoongi muttered, feeling tired all of a sudden, and stepped out of the elevator. His driver was already waiting for him at the front of the building.


“Is that the way to speak to your own father?!” Jaesung’s honestly outraged voice rang in his ears, and Yoongi just sighed once more, looking at the time in his wrist watch and then watching his driver open his door for him with a respectful bow. Yoongi got inside.


“I don’t care.” he said with a bored voice. He knew he was being difficult, but then again, was there anyone more difficult than Min Jaesung?


“You really need to grow up and stop acting like a teenager, Yoongi!” his father scowled. Yoongi was still weak from this morning, so he easily got the bait.


You need to grow up, you know that?!” he said, raising his voice in the backseat of his car. His driver’s shoulders were stiff as he went through Seoul’s busy traffic.


Excuse me ?!” Jaesung exclaimed, and Yoongi could practically see his wrinkled face getting all red.


“...I don’t want to argue with you.” Yoongi said in a firm voice, trying to be calmer. “My day has just begun, you know?”


“I have the right ,” Jaesung started, and Yoongi held back a frustrated groan, knowing he was in for a long exchange, “as your father , to be concerned about you!! How many times do I need to repeat I just want what’s best for you?!”


        In Yoongi’s mind, in that second, a million answers flashed through. So many things he could say to deny that entire speech, word by word, but he knew it would be all for nothing. So he just went with it, sighing at the line of red signals in the long avenue in front of them.


“I’m not a kid anymore-” he started, but Jaesung just interrupted him,


“And can’t you just stay in your own place for, I’m serious, one night? If you think you can just go crazy partying like you’re no-one’s son-”


“What are you even talking about?!” Yoongi exclaimed, impatiently.


“All those promiscuous pictures of you and that- that model!” Jaesung sounded horrified, and Yoongi finally understood what that call was about. He vaguely remembered some blurry selcas Hoseok and Taehyung got of them last night, “That is so far from the way that any son of mine should be acting in public!”


“But I am your only son-”


“Exactly!!” Jaesung exclaimed again, and Yoongi, for a second, wished he could just skip that entire conversation. They just took so long, and he was dreading the rest of his day. He had so much to do at the office today, he had been hoping he would have peace at least in his 15-minute car ride.


“You are my only son . I want you to have a good life, and this- this is clearly not a good life! Can’t you see what’s in front of you? How stupid you are being? That pretty boy won’t bring you anything good, he will-”


“Don’t you dare talk about Jimin.” Yoongi snarled, finding it hard to keep his temper down. Maybe he got that from his dad, or it was just that the older man knew how to push the right buttons.


“I’m looking out for you! Apparently the only one that’s actually worried about this, and seeing the obvious end-”


“He isn’t-”


“Let me finish Min Yoongi!” Jaesung exclaimed, and Yoongi sighed, looking out the window of his car. They weren’t even halfway there, “Your mother seems to be so excited about all of this mess that she can’t see she is only leading you to a heartbreak or even worse!”


       Yoongi scoffed immediately at that word. He didn’t think he would live to hear his father use it in a conversation.


“Heartbreak.” Yoongi deadpanned. But that only seemed to fuel his anger and worry,


“You’re laughing right now, but when it happens, you certainly won’t!” Jaesung’s gruff voice was altered by his anger. He sounded like he was warning humanity about the apocalypse.


“It’s so clear , clear as day, what that young man is doing to you!” Yoongi scoffed again at the ‘young man”, but Jaesung continued, “He is so leading you on! I’ve seen this story too many times, I know what I’m talking about, and I refuse to see it happen to you! That man is leading you on, in the end he will just betray you, take all your money and run away!! With the baby!!!!!


        Jaesung hissed the last words, and there was some inner pain in them. But he was basically yelling right now, so much that Yoongi got his phone away from his ear.


“You know nothing about Jimin.” Yoongi said through gritted teeth, and in his mind he patted his own back for not giving in and just yelling louder that his dad . “He is not like that.” he knew his voice sounded strangled, probably from his own anger at the middle aged man, but he couldn’t help it. His father just got to his nerves too much. He hated it.


“No, my son. You know nothing about this Jimin. You don’t know him! You don’t know what he is capable of doing! You don’t even know if he is the right person to raise your son-”


       The courage.


“I don’t-” Yoongi was doing his best to keep it to himself, to not give in and make the argument thrice as bigger as it already was. He needed to be the mature one, apparently. He would be the mature one.


       Yoongi knew he was pressing his phone so much it was close to breaking.


“I don’t need to talk to you right now.” he said it like a mantra, with his eyes closed and breathing deeply, “I don’t need this. I’m going to work-”




I’m going to work.” he insisted, raising his voice just enough to have his voice heard, but still in his forced-calm, passive aggressive manner, “And then I’m going to forget we even had this conversation. I love you, dad, but I’m not letting you ruin my day today.” he said in an acted calm voice, mainly to his own sanity’s sake, and hung up before the other could say anything else.


       Yoongi looked down at his phone and hurriedly put it in Do Not Disturb mode. And then switched the silence button on. And put it back in his suit’s inner pocket.


       He looked at the cafés and other chic small stores of the city passing by, his building already in view. Yoongi closed his eyes, took a deep breath and counted to ten, thinking about cute, bubbly Jimin and his round, delicate baby bump waiting for him at home at the end of the day. He would need to survive until then.




       Just like how Yoongi had thought, the day at work was stressful .


       Because he didn’t show up all morning, there was a pile of work for him to do, read contract after contract and do business meetings, online and in person, check the stock market every five minutes and make sure his assistants and teams didn’t screw up their maths or annotations.


       People from public relations eventually went to him about Jimin’s pictures and more magazine and interview proposals, like he had instructed them to talk to him, and he had to deal with that, too, gently turning them down but still letting the interest go on until Jimin wasn’t pregnant anymore, at least, and just to be safe. Yoongi honestly didn’t know what Jimin’s carreer plans after his baby was born were. Would he keep working the same way? Would he want to slow down?


       At the end, it was 7 p.m. and Yoongi dispensed his personal driver, telling him he wouldn’t be needed that day.


        He got behind the steering wheel and absently thought that he could pass by his flat and grab some clothes of his own, maybe a toothbrush, before heading to Jimin’s. But then, the need to see the younger man was so severe in his heart, he couldn’t take it any longer. Also, there was no harm in sleeping in Jimin’s comfortable sweats again.


       Yoongi drove all the way to Jimin’s neighborhood with a faint smile on his face.




       Jimin was in the middle of a somewhat deep conversation with Jungkook on kakaotalk, about something Jimin wasn’t grasping, when he heard his doorbell ring.


       He had just taken a shower, too. He was wearing a big, oversized hoodie and his glasses, along with socks to go sliding through the floorboards to the door. He already knew who it was.


“I should just give you a spare key.” he smiled playfully, and Yoongi got a hold of his frame and planted a kiss on his forehead. Jimin remembered he really liked Yoongi in a suit.


“Yah, maybe you should.” he mumbled, and closed the door, the cold outside already bothering them.


      Their drama from earlier that day wasn’t mentioned.


“How was your day?” Yoongi asked, already taking off his blazer and heading to the kitchen. Jimin followed him, still playfully sliding his feet on the floor.


“Boring… Oh, but Jin hyung stopped by! We talked a lot and he even let some cupcakes here, he said they weren’t perfectly decorated enough for a wedding he’s working on, but Yoongi, I swear those are flawless .” Jimin said, eagerly getting the white box from his fridge and showing them to the other.


       Yoongi hummed, looking at the delicate, white pastries. He could see that one of them had its flower slightly crooked, but aside from that, they looked perfect in his opinion. Obviously that had been just an excuse of Seokjin’s to see the pregnant one.


        When he caught Jimin reaching with his fingers for one of them, Yoongi quickly got the box away,


“No no no, this goes back to the fridge.” he said, promptly getting the box in his hands and closing it in front of Jimin.


      Jimin was ready to pout and complain, when Yoongi continued, evenly,


“We’ll have dinner first, right?” he said, undoing the buttons of his cuffs, and then getting his tie off.


       Jimin stopped and watched Yoongi roll his sleeves up to his elbows and start taking the pans to the stove, and get ready to chop the carrots and onions.


“Wait… You’re cooking dinner? You?” Jimin asked hesitantly, standing in the middle of the kitchen while Yoongi busied himself next to the stove.


       Yoongi just hummed, and started washing the rice calmly.


“...But… You can cook?” Jimin asked again, equal parts unsure and curious. And interested, but that last part was all about how cool Yoongi looked while working on their dinner still in his work clothes, looking like husband material from head to toe.


“You can trust me, Jiminnie, I’m not Namjoon. Your kitchen is safe.” Yoongi laughed a little at his own joke, and Jimin just gave up and sat down at one of the stools heavily, resting his back and hugging his bump.


“Okay, then.” Jimin said in a simple voice, “If you say so.”


       They stayed in silence for a moment, Jimin watching Yoongi put the ramyun in the hot water and start preparing the chicken. Surprisingly, he looked very much certain of what he was doing, and Jimin wondered how he spent so much time, almost a year now, without knowing that. Probably because Yoongi always had hired chefs to cook for him and Jimin, when they were in his penthouse.


       And then it hit Jimin. He was six months pregnant already, so it was probably over a year since he had known Yoongi. Jimin watched Yoongi’s back, clad in his white button up shirt, while he busied himself in chopping vegetables like a pro, and wondered, just how much things could change over the course of a year…


       In one year, they had gone to complete strangers, to… whatever this was. Jimin pregnant with their baby, Yoongi coming to his home right after work, rolling up his sleeves and cooking dinner for them, just like it was normal, to be domestic.


“How did you learn to cook?” Jimin asked suddenly, after spending some time in silence. Yoongi didn’t look away from the food as he answered,


“Because of my mom, I think.” he mumbled, and then added, “She would work at such odd hours of the day, I had to learn really fast to make food on my own, not only for me but for her as well; Sometimes, she would get home really hungry and tired so I had dinner ready for her.”


“Oh…” Jimin murmured. He honestly just couldn’t imagine that chic, composed lady working wage jobs. She looked so at ease in her expensive clothes and jewelry… Maybe money could really change a person.


“And I’m gonna guess you have no idea what you’re doing in this kitchen, if the state of your pantry is anything to go by.” Yoongi said playfully, but Jimin couldn’t help but blush and put his hands up to sheepishly adjust his glasses. He couldn’t deny it, though. His childhood was nothing like Yoongi’s.


“Uhm… Yeah. B-but it’s not like I can’t do anything either. I’m… uh, working on it.” Jimin said lamely, and saw Yoongi’s shoulders shake in silent laughter at Jimin’s words.


“It’s okay, Jiminnie, hyung will feed you.” Yoongi cooed playfully and Jimin scoffed, but didn’t say anything else.


      They stayed in silence for a moment, Jimin watching Yoongi move around his kitchen like he did that everyday, and suddenly he could imagine a preteen Yoongi hurriedly cooking dinner for his tired and overworked mother in a small, cheap apartment somewhere in Daegu. Jimin bit his lips, and commented,


“It’s so weird if you stop to think about it,” he mused, his voice contemplative, “Like, you’re the rich one here, but somehow I am the one looking like a spoiled, privileged kid.”


“But you are a spoiled, privileged kid.” Yoongi scoffed as soon as the words fell from Jimin’s mouth. Yoongi was taking his time in swirling the vegetables around the pan, as if wanting it to be perfect.


“But-” Jimin started, but Yoongi continued, a humoured smile in his lips as he turned slightly to look at Jimin.


“You had the perfect family, Jimin. Loving parents, that love each other, and even a younger sibling. Nothing to worry about besides school, literally. You weren’t rich but damn, you were never poor in your life, either, you have no idea what it’s like.” Yoongi said, and Jimin was nervously looking for hints of bitterness in Yoongi’s voice, but found none, to his relief. He was just normally talking about it, “And you’ll have no idea what it’s like, too.”


       Jimin wanted to blush at those words, even though he knew they weren’t necessarily romantic. There were laws about it, anyways. But still, his poor stubborn heart just wanted to make believe it was because Yoongi cared that much.


“No one’s life is perfect.” Jimin said, not knowing what else to add. In some shameful level, he couldn’t deny any of Yoongi’s words. “Not all the time.” His voice wasn’t sad, as if there were real feeling behind his words. He just wanted something to say. But Yoongi nodded, thoughtfully, anyways.


“I know.” Yoongi said in a rather solemn voice, and Jimin suddenly didn’t want to be talking so seriously about their own lives anymore.


“Uhm, how was your day?” Jimin blurted out of nowhere, with his hands still resting on his bump lazily. Jimin bit his lower lip nervously as he watched Yoongi visibly think about an answer, while he moved the steak in the frying pan.


“...Stressful.” Yoongi said, sincerely. He opened his mouth as if to continue, but thought better and closed it. Jimin couldn’t stop the slight disappointment at that. He really wanted Yoongi to open up to him, somehow.


“That’s it?”Jimin asked simply, in a contemplative voice. Yoongi probably sensed his feelings behind it, though, and said,


“I just did what I do everytime I’m there, Jimin.” Yoongi was looking at the food he was cooking. It was almost ready, “It’s no fun.”


“Staying here is no fun, either.” Jimin sighed, thinking about his own day. He knew it was going to be worth it, but sometimes he just got really bored with this whole “pregnancy” thing.


“We should do fun things, then.” Yoongi said, and while he still wasn’t facing Jimin, he caught a hint of fondness in the other’s voice. Jimin tried to contain his silly smile.


“Yeah?” Jimin asked, shifting in his seat to get more comfortable, “What would you suggest?” he said in a playful voice, amused at Yoongi.


      Yoongi had an amused smile on his own face as he answered, turning his back to face Jimin, one hand still holding the frying pan.


“Honestly? Grocery shopping.” he deadpanned, and Jimin laughed out loud.


“Oh god.” Jimin’s shoulders were shaking, and Yoongi watched him laugh with a gummy smile of his own.


“I’m serious, though! You really have no idea what you’re doing, I don’t even know how I’ve been able to make proper meals with the ingredients you buy!”


“Okay, okay! We can go grocery shopping tomorrow, how about that?” Jimin asked, still smiling at Yoongi’s response.


“Now we’re talking.” Yoongi said, and the stressed way he said it only made Jimin crack up again.




      The mood continued just as lightly, Yoongi often trying to make Jimin laugh again, and they ate on the kitchen counter facing each other.


      When he wasn’t laughing, Jimin tried not to blush at the intimacy of it all. The way the older sat in front of him and ate, seemingly at ease in his white dress shirt, still with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, was so, so domestic it made Jimin’s heart swell.


       Jimin thought about his own appearance, and how he must be looking like so that Yoongi couldn’t, apparently, take his eyes off him as they ate. He adjusted his black framed glasses and looked down at his big, comfy sweats for a second before looking up, gulping.


       Yoongi was still watching him, lazily munching his food with a hint of a fond smile on his closed lips. Jimin tried to ignored his own blush and kept eating. It never failed to set him off, Yoongi’s way of looking at him. Jimin thought that he would probably never get used to that - to being so… important, to someone.


       Just the thought made Jimin want to cringe and go hide under the table, but he schooled his expression.


       When they finished, Yoongi just put the dirty dishes in the sink, claiming they would deal with that tomorrow. Jimin just stays seated and watches Yoongi go back to his own chair in front of him. The pregnant man smiles and asks,


“So, tomorrow, we go grocery shopping?” Yoongi looked taken aback for a second before he relaxed and a humored smile slid through his face,


“Yes, definitely .” the serious way Yoongi said it made Jimin’s shoulders shake slightly, “But I’ll need to go work early tomorrow, so it’ll have to be almost at nighttime. I hope you don’t mind-”


“I don’t mind.” Jimin said easily, and rested his cheeks on his both hands, as if admiring Yoongi with a silly smile on his face.




      It was still early to go sleep, so they went to the living room, carrying the box of white cupcakes with them, and sat comfortably on the biggest sofa. They were eating with their own hands, and kind of making a mess of it.


“It’s falling on my sofa!” Jimin exclaimed, as if scolding Yoongi but there was laughter in his voice, “This is brand new!!”


     Yoongi just let out a gummy smile and started picking the pieces of cake sheepishly, his shoulders shaking with his own laughter. Although looking down, he didn’t look one bit sorry for it.


      Jimin watched, with a audible tsc, as Yoongi picked the fallen pieces of his cupcake and ate them.


“They’re so good, once you get over destroying the art above them,” Yoongi commented, and Jimin had to admit, he was thinking the same thing. Those white cupcakes, with beautiful, edible roses and daisies and tiny edible pearls, were so beautiful Jimin felt bad for eating them with his bare hands. They were like works of art.


“If the pastries are like this, i can only wonder how fancy the marriage itself must be…” Jimin commented and gave one last bite on his. The thing was entirely delicious, tasting of white chocolate, but not overly sweet.


“Was this the last one?” Yoongi murmured, also having finished his. They both looked in the direction of the small box, and really, there were only crumbles left.


“Ahh…” Jimin pouted.


      Yoongi, seeing Jimin pouting adorably, opened his mouth to say something stupid, like claiming he would drive somewhere to buy more of them, but got interrupted before speaking out when his phone pinged. Shit, he had forgotten to turn it to silent again.


      He was waiting for an email, so he had to check it.


“I’m sorry, I’m just gonna-” Yoongi started apologizing but Jimin let out an eye smile immediately and said it was fine, they were just lazing around anyways.


      Yoongi nodded sheepishly and licked his fingers off the sugar, fetching his phone afterwards.


      Jimin smiled to himself and got his own phone distractedly, when the app that was opened before surprised him. Pinterest.


      He looked at Yoongi hesitantly, trying to gather the courage to say the words he wanted to, since this morning.


“So,” he started, and Yoongi hummed back, not really looking away from his phone. Jimin turned his body in Yoongi’s direction on the sofa and bit his lip, before continuing, “...about earlier… uhm, about this morning,”


      Yoongi looked up, having already seen that it wasn’t the email he was waiting for, and nodded, gulping down. There was only two ways that conversation could be going, and both were too much to not leave him nervous.


“Yeah?” he said quietly, waiting for Jimin to continue. The red haired looked down to his phone’s screen again for a second, biting his lips nervously, before he openes his mouth to speak,


“About this morning, I was thinking, and… Here, look.” Jimin shoved his phone on Yoongi’s view, and after the older took a second for his eyes to focus, his eyebrows shot up at the image.


      It was a nursery room. A cute, overly decorated, nursery picture opened on pinterest.


      Yoongi spent some time in silence, not reacting at all, and Jimin anxiously spoke up, his voice nervous about Yoongi’s lack of words,


“What do you think?...” he asked hesitantly, and Yoongi didn’t look away from the picture as he hummed,


“Hm?” at that, Jimin bit his lower lip, already overthinking all his decisions so far,


“...Is it too much? Or not enough, maybe?” Jimin asked, and Yoongi finally looked away to Jimin, his eyes still a little lost,


“Uhm, it’s… it’s good, yeah! ...Really… good…” Yoongi said, completely lost but not wanting the other to assume wrong things.


     Jimin could see past that nervousness of Yoongi’s, so he scooted closer and began fiddling with the app,


“But that’s not even my favorite, I mean, I have been looking at these for weeks already and I can’t decide on what kind of thing I wanna do, you see? I saved so many pictures already, ahhaha,” Jimin got closer, until their shoulders were pressed, and Yoongi looked down to what Jimin was showing him. Folders upon folders of pictures saved inside the app, all of baby room decorations.


“Let me see,” Yoongi mumbled, and Jimin passed the phone to him easily. They watched as Yoongi slid through the pictures, pausing sometimes to look better. It was a whole new world for him, and he was hesitant about it, but wanted to please Jimin and do his part anyways.


“Uhm, so, that’s why the room upstairs was like that,” Jimin said after some moments, with a faint smile on his face, his eyebrows furrowed in hesitant, though.


“Really?” Yoongi asked, looking up to Jimin’s face, and seeing it so close to his.


“Yes, really.” Jimin smiled sheepishly, “I just really can’t decide, but I want it to do it myself. I think getting a stranger to do my own kid’s room would be too much, even for someone like me.” Jimin meant it like he was a model, and everything in his life was decorated and chosen by professional designers and stylists, but the meaning was lost to Yoongi. Not that the older was paying attention to that detail, specifically, anyways.


“You… you want to go look for stores? I can go with you,” Yoongi said, and then shook his head and corrected himself, looking right into Jimin’s eyes, “I want to go with you.”


“That would be awesome.” Jimin answered simply, his lips turned upwards, a shyly excited look in his eyes.


“We should go as soon as we can, right?” Yoongi asked, and Jimin nodded.


“Yes. We should.”


     They stayed in silence for a second, until Jimin spoke up again, hesitant about his words, but happy with his own thoughts,


“So… You’ll sleep here tonight?” he asked, almost whispering, as if it was a secret between them. Yoongi gulped, staring at Jimin’s face with a lost look in his eyes, and nodded.


“If… If you’re okay with it? ...I… I would… appreciate it.” Yoongi said, thinking his choice of words was lame, but the eye smile Jimin gave him was almost shining,


“I’m okay with it.” Jimin repeated, almost not containing his cheeky grin. Yoongi’s heart clenched at how adorable the other was.


“And, I was thinking…” Jimin started again, getting even closer to Yoongi, pressing their shoulders together and bringing his face to meet Yoongi’s, their noses inches apart, “...And I thought I could ask you… What would you think of moving in? Because I want that. So… Would you move in with us?” he asked, his expression barely containing his giddy excitement, and Yoongi, looking right at Jimin’s doe eyes, felt like his heart was about to explode.


“With us?” Yoongi repeated, in a strained voice. His face was of astonishment as Jimin pecked him on the lips playfully, so quick it left Yoongi’s lips with a weird feel of longing, and Jimin smiled what, in Yoongi’s opinion, was the most beautiful eye-smile he had ever seen,


“Yes.” Jimin giggled and took one of Yoongi’s hands, moving it to rest against his bump,


“Move in. With us.”





“...Just stay out of it, you’re doing it all wrong!” Jaesung nearly shouted on the phone, pacing around one giant living room in his mansion.


      The person on the other side of the line didn’t even bat an eyelash, and answered in a calm, careless voice,


“You know nothing about relationships.” she deadpanned. Her voice was pretty and sweet, but the tone held darker things underneath. Disgust, annoyance, irritation.


“As if you do?!” Jaesung couldn’t help but be explosive. He was freaking out, basically, and the way the woman was behaving, calm and unperturbed, only seemed to worsen his nerves.


“Just let him live, Jaesung.” she sounded like she was about to hang up, and the middle-aged man’s eyes widened at the notion.


“Wait, you listen to me!! You’ve already ruined my life, I won’t have you ruining my son’s as well-!”


“Ruining your life?” Hyoji scoffed and laughed. Jaesung stopped walking and stood helpless in the middle of his mansion, feeling more alone than ever.


“Yes.” he croaked, not at all feeling the same humour as the older woman.


“You’re so weak.” she still held a laugher in her voice, and Jaesung’s heart broke a little more.


      Maybe he was weak, yes. He just wanted the best for his son. For Yoongi to, just for once, be really his son. For them to be a family, at least.


“He’s just like you.” Jaesung sighed, in a tired voice, his grip on the phone loosening. They had that conversation way too many times already.


“He’s just like you .” Hyoji shot back, still scoffing in her pretty, velvet-y voice, “Unfortunately.” she added.


“...I’m not giving up, Hyoji.” Jaesung said, seemingly out of nowhere, but those words had their proper meaning in their current conversation. Both of them knew it.


“But you should.” she said, a hint of mercilessly in her voice, “You should give up.” she repeated, and in Jaesung’s opinion, those were the most cruel words he had ever heard. The meaning behind them was the most ugly thing possible.


       Jaesung opened his mouth to retort, but there was nothing to say right now. He knew they would argue too much in the near future anyways.


      His explosive voice was gone. He was fire, but she was ice. He had no chance against that, since the very beginning. They stayed in silence for a moment. Jaesung had lost his will for tonight.


       He quietly hung up before the venom coming from the other side of the line could reach his skin.


Chapter Text

       Jimin is 24 weeks on his pregnancy, and smiling excitedly while Yoongi parks the car in front of a grocery shop.

“Should we use these, or would it be too obvious?” Jimin asked, motioning to the black facemasks in his hands, that he got after fiddling in the glove compartment. It surprised him that Yoongi carried those around in his car.

“Nah, definitely too obvious.” Yoongi murmured without looking in his direction, both hands on the steering wheel.

      It was night, almost too late to be actually shopping for groceries, but Yoongi had came back from work later than usual today. Also, they had been busy with Yoongi’s moving in.

      He didn’t have many things, it was mostly clothes and several boxes of heavy music production stuff - that took an entire guest room, which would be promptly transformed into a studio as soon as Yoongi had the time to work on it, - that were delivered at Jimin’s doorstep.

      At first, Yoongi said it was okay to just put the boxes in the garage, and that he didn’t want to intrude, but Jimin just scoffed and told the delivery men to bring them to one of his vacant rooms, downstairs. He wanted Yoongi to feel like it was his home, too.

       They soon found out that moving in together, as a real couple and with a baby on the way, is not nearly as simple as it seemed to be. If Yoongi was going to live in that suburban private neighborhood, he would need to re arrange his entire life, that, before, functioned around him living in the heart of the city.

       And since they didn’t want to bring any of his previous house staff, they would need to do everything by themselves.

       Including, now, grocery shopping.

“Are you sure no one will recognize us?...” Jimin asked nervously, looking around in his seat. He was in a big, black coat and had a black beanie over his head.

“Well,” Yoongi shrugged, “...If I think about the general age of supermarket goers, I don’t think any of them are familiar with instagram or youtube people.” Yoongi said and Jimin snorted cutely and tossed the facemasks back in the glove compartment.

“You know what? You’re right.” Jimin said, adjusting his beanie nevertheless. Yoongi smiled fondly and leaned over to undo his seatbelt for him silently.

       They got out and walked a few steps on the night parking lot in a state of doubt and mild panic whether to link hands or not, but by the time they were halfway there, Yoongi reached his and clasped their palms together. Jimin looked up at him and smiled shyly, giving Yoongi’s hand a light squeeze.

         But when they got to the front, Jimin had to let it go for Yoongi to go get a cart.

        As they entered, Jimin was still mildly nervous about being recognized, but tried to reason with himself that it would be okay, the worse that could happen would be them being asked for selcas and the occasional autograph, right? Right.

        One look at Yoongi by his side, so overly domestic in checking the list they put up together in his phone, was enough to push all the worries to the back of his mind, though.

“I think we should start… There…?” Yoongi pointed to the right end of the enormous line of aisles, and Jimin couldn’t help but snort,

“You’re asking me?” Jimin teased, and Yoongi huffed, putting his phone back in his coat pocket and grabbing the shopping cart handle.

“It’s been so long since I did these things, you have no idea.” Yoongi said grumpily, and Jimin just laughed more. He went to hug Yoongi’s back and snuzzle his shoulder like a playful puppy, letting Yoongi practically drag him across the shop.

“Are we shopping like this?” Yoongi’s voice caught his attention again, and Jimin just hugged him tighter.

“Mmmprobably~ “ Jimin said, giggling and burying his head in Yoongi’s shoulder. He felt more than heard the man sigh, as he guided the both of them and the cart to the first aisle.

       Jimin felt so comfortable and giddy hugging Yoongi from behind, it took him a moment to  notice that Yoongi had stopped his movements at the beginning of the aisle.

       Jimin cocked his head to the side to look at Yoongi’s face, and saw that he had his eyes closed.

“Everything okay?” Jimin asked worriedly, squeezing Yoongi’s body a bit more,

        Yoongi took a deep breath and opened his eyes again. All the fondness and adoration in his eyes caught Jimin by surprise, and he blushed when Yoongi just kept staring at him like that.

“Uhm, we should probably… start… shopping…?” Jimin said, feeling shy with the way Yoongi was staring him down, and at Yoongi’s continued silence, he was about to say more, but got interrupted by Yoongi.

        He turned away from the cart and gently put his hands on Jimin’s hips, bringing him closer and kissing him chastely on the lips, seemingly out of nowhere. Jimin’s eyebrows shot up but he doesn’t try to move away as Yoongi hugs him more and kisses him again, and again, sweetly and gently, with his eyes closed.

       Jimin giggles under Yoongi’s kisses, bringing his hands up, one still holding his phone, to close them around Yoongi’s shoulders, accepting his embrace,

“Baby, I think you’re turning into a sap.” he said, giggling, and Yoongi joined his laughs. Jimin could only think how his gummy smile was the most precious thing on earth.

“How can I not turn into a sap, when I have Park Jimin as my boyfriend, uh?” Yoongi laughed along, and continued distributing kisses all around Jimin’s face in a shameless, lovestruck display of affection, “You’re too cute,” he mumbled in between pecks in Jimin’s cheeks and lips,

“Hahah, sto-op,” Jimin tried to say, giggling as if Yoongi’s kisses tickled his skin, but Yoongi just pressed him closer, still somewhat aware of his baby bump, and rested his forehead on the shorter’s shoulder.

“We’re in public, come on, and it’s getting late and we haven’t even started.” Jimin said by Yoongi’s ear, rubbing his back with his hands affectionately, to encourage him to move.

        Yoongi grunted and hesitantly slid his arms away from Jimin’s soft body. Jimin felt the pull to laugh again at Yoongi’s ridiculous, but adorable pout, but a weird feeling stopped him in his tracks.

       It was a weird pull, as if he could feel someone’s… anger? directed at him. Like someone’s heavy, intense stare was directed at the back of his head. As if we was being watched from afar, or even… stalked…?

       Jimin hesitantly looked back, turning on his feet to see what was behind him, half expecting someone with a paparazzi camera, or even some teenage anti-fan, but his eyes only met the empty aisle of rice and flour. Even though he still felt a weird thing coming from that direction, there was not a single soul in that area besides him and Yoongi.

       Jimin gulped, letting his eyes dance around the surroundings behind him and Yoongi, still turned on his back to his boyfriend, even though he was mildly afraid of what he could find. Am I going crazy?

“What?” Yoongi’s voice brought him back, and he turned to see his frown, face full of worry. “Did you see something?”

“Uhm… I… I don’t think so.” Jimin shrugged, trying to act like it was nothing, and gave Yoongi a quick smile before ducking his head back to the list on Yoongi’s phone.

       They started dutifully putting things inside the cart, or at least Jimin was trying to be exact about it, while having to bat away Yoongi’s touchy hands from time to time.

“Can you focus?!” Jimin exclaimed, but the laughter in his voice showed that he wasn’t really mad, as Yoongi hugged him from behind.

“What? I’m focused.” Yoongi said with a straight face on as he rested his cheek on Jimin’s shoulder, and his hands so casually caressing Jimin’s belly.

“Oh, really?” Jimin said as he grabbed Yoongi’s wrists with the intention of taking his hands off him, but in the end he gave up, just melting in Yoongi’s arms. He pouted, “We haven’t even finished the first aisle! How are we supposed to be responsible adults if we can’t even do one grocery shopping?”

“Baby, we are doing the shopping.” Yoongi muttered with his croaky voice, and nuzzled his nose against Jimin’s shoulder and neck, “It’s just that we’re doing it at our own pace.”

        Jimin groaned in frustration. Yoongi wasn’t making it easier for him, and he was too weak to deny that.

“Shouldn’t I be the clingy one?” Jimin practically whined in frustration, still not making any move to stop Yoongi’s touches, “Since I’m pregnant and all?”

“M’ not clingy.” Yoongi muttered, hugging Jimin tighter.

“Yoongi, come on. Let go… We can cuddle all you want when we get home, how about it?” Jimin said, squeezing Yoongi’s hands that were still warm against his bump.

“You promise?”

“Of course.” Jimin said softly. It wasn’t like he wasn’t looking forward to it, either.


       Yoongi and Jimin had finally made it to the second aisle of dry ingredients, when it happened.

“Oh god.” he heard Yoongi mutter, and turned around to see Yoongi holding a package of mochi and rice cakes in different sizes, with a shit eating grin on his face.

       Jimin laughed. He knew people used to call him mochi in the internet, saying that he’s similar to one, but he honestly couldn’t see the appeal… that much. Yeah.

“I need a picture, aww.” Yoongi honest to god cooed , and got his phone in place before Jimin could protest. Jimin rolled his eyes theatrically but gave in anyways, taking the package in his hands and making a V sign, puffing his cheeks and all, in the middle of the supermarket.

       Yoongi had an adorable gummy smile, in Jimin’s opinion, while he snapped several pictures of Jimin like a proud mom or something. They started giggling like teenagers as Jimin did the most ridiculous and dorky poses all around the empty aisle and Yoongi followed him around, holding his cellphone like it was a big, professional camera.

“I’m gonna have these printed, Jimin.” Yoongi said still laughing a little as he snapped another picture of Jimin, this time leaning against a big pile of ramen packages, attempting a sexy pose but in the end just being silly and adorable, in Yoongi’s biased opinion.

“I think we should have one of those instant cameras, you know? What’s the name again??” Jimin asked as they resumed walking through the aisle.

“...I think the name is Instax, love.” Yoongi said it in such a fond, distracted way, that Jimin blushed, still looking ahead as they walked slowly. “Or… polaroid? ...And I think that’s a great idea, actually. Really great.” Yoongi continues, and by his face Jimin already knows he’ll see Yoongi with one of those cameras, probably by tomorrow morning.

       Jimin just laughed and continued going through the list, being interrupted by Yoongi a few times to pose for more snaps around the supermarket. The one that made Yoongi coo at him the most was when they were by the meat area, and Jimin got two cold packages and pressed them against his cheeks cutely. Yoongi had the biggest smile as he took the picture, looking like he was having the time of his life, joking around a grocery shop with Jimin.

“I’m sending this one to your parents.” Yoongi admitted, but not looking one bit guilty,

“Oh my god please don’t- !”

“Too late.” Yoongi said as Jimin groaned, mostly embarrassed. His little sister wouldn’t let him live it down. The older looked at him a little unimpressed and said, “What? It’s a great one! I’m almost posting it on my instagram.”

      Jimin’s eyes widened. He remembered Yoongi’s account - cool, artsy, all in black and white about his music studios or the aesthetically pleasing streets of Seoul, probably five million followers by now. How the hell would a dorky picture of Jimin holding two packages of cold meat to his cheeks fit into that feed?

“Oh my god, definitely not!” Jimin exclaimed, feeling his cheeks burn. Yoongi just laughed and absently took another picture of Jimin while he was flustered and red to his ears in front of him.

“Why not? It would be so cute!” Yoongi protested, not at all taking it as seriously as Jimin was, “Come on, give me a good reason not to. I’ll wait.” Yoongi said and leaned his elbows on the shopping cart handle, looking at Jimin expectantly.

      Jimin stayed in silence for a second, and then sputtered,

“B-because it’s embarrassing!! ” Jimin exclaimed, still red in the face and flustered to no end, principally when Yoongi just kept staring at him unimpressed, but still with a hint of a fond smile in his lips, “A-and… and your… your instagram is so serious, right?!” Jimin tried to reason, but Yoongi just shrugged,

“And you’re not serious?”

“N-not like that !” Jimin exclaimed again, referring to the fact that, in that specific pic, he looked anything but serious.

“Aww, it’s okaaay!” Yoongi cooed playfully and got closer to him, hugging his waist affectionately, “I can put it in the black and white filter too.”


        They kept dancing around the supermarket, and taking double the time to shop, until the cart was filled and the list was, more or so, done. And Jimin had managed to completely forget about that weird, unsettling feeling from earlier. It was probably, definitely, just his imagination. Yeah.

       At least they had gotten all of their essentials, right? Jimin thought as his eyes went through the groceries that were starting to be passed by the cashier. Even though he was worriedly scanning through the products, Jimin was basically just standing there and watching Yoongi do the work, his hands resting loosely under his belly.

       Jimin decided to look, one last time, at the shopping list he did in Yoongi’s phone, when his eyes landed on the words.

“Oh no, I think we forgot olive oil?” Jimin commented as he looked around the slowly emptying cart once more. Yoongi looked around too, and hummed.

“I’ll go take it-” Yoongi started, but Jimin interrupted him, not really paying attention to what he said, and already moving,

“I’ll be right back.” Jimin said as he was going in the general direction of what he thought was probably the kitchen oils’.

      Yoongi didn’t go after him, and he continued, walking somewhat fast, but still taking the time to let his eyes go over each aisle in search of the thing.

      When he finally found himself in front of the right aisle, he thought, at the back of his head, that he was really, really far from where Yoongi was. The supermarket was really big, and he was basically alone, here.

      But nothing much could happen, right?

      Jimin looked at the different brands of olive oil in front of him. There were a lot, but he thought that the best one was the brand that was in the higher shelf. He absently thought that he just wanted to take a look at it, see what was written in the label because he was one of those people to do that, but it was placed way higher than he had imagined.

      Jimin stretched, groaning to himself at his small fingers failed to reach one of the dark glass bottles of the oil.

      He was almost giving up when--

      ...When another hand got it for him.

       Jimin felt a cold shiver run down his spine, and he immediately knew it wasn’t Yoongi. In the back of his mind, he had been already suspecting it, already sensing, already guessing… but too afraid to put a name and face to the “aura” that he had been feeling around him, for the past weeks, in the most odd moments of his days.


        The man stood tall in front of him, the bottle of oil standing harmlessly in his hands, and his black hair was neatly combed back. He was in a light blue dress shirt and black, suit pants. Jimin remembered, his typical CEO appearance had never failed him, not even in the bedroom, somehow.

        Even though he was smiling, his expression was impossible to read. But Jimin could feel the danger about him even with his eyes closed.

        Jimin was at a loss of words, just staring at Junmyeon like a deer caught in headlights. The man was, too, in silence, looking Jimin’s frame up and down with a serious face, and letting his eyes stop at Jimin’s protruding baby bump. Jimin gulped, suppressing the need to flee away, because he knew too well that that would only make things worse, in Junmyeon’s case.

       He can’t decide what is the most unnerving thing in this situation: the fact that his overly possessive ex is staring at him, in an empty aisle, with the most serious and threatening expression Jimin has seen in a while ; or the fact that Junmyeon looks so completely out of place in that suburban supermarket aisle, and the implications of his appearance there.

       They stay in that way for a beat, no one saying anything, with Junmyeon’s eyes locked at the bump in Jimin’s abdomen for way too long. Jimin feels so vulnerable and nervous that in the back of his mind he knows his hormones and body will respond to that automatically in some hours. All that stress won’t be good for him at all, but now it’s too late.

      He nearly jumps when Junmyeon moves, his silent smile widening and he’s stretching his hand with the glass bottle of oil in Jimin’s direction. Jimin stares at it for some seconds, feeling like he’s underwater, until he sees Junmyeon shaking the bottle and Jimin slowly gets it, with the most precious attention in not letting his skin get nowhere near to touching the taller’s skin.

       Jimin brings the bottle to his chest and gulps, looking around and wondering if it would be okay to just silently walk away from the man, but he knows that he will just panic and be completely paranoid afterwards, if he does that.

“What a surprise, seeing you here.” Junmyeon comments, his voice overly calm, and his smile too perfectly collected. Jimin feels his nervousness double in size at that, because he knows Junmyeon.

“Hm.” Jimin still hasn’t found his words, and can’t bring himself to look at his eyes. The sense of vulnerability and nervousness is killing him, and he feels a panic attack getting closer. He takes deep breaths while trying to be subtle, but knowing that the other is most probably just staring right at his face while he tries doesn’t help at all.

       From the corner of his eyes, he watches Junmyeon put his hands in his pockets and relax his shoulders, cocking his head to the side.

“It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you.” Junmyeon comments like he’s talking about the weather, and before he knows, Jimin is blurting,

“Why are you here?” he forces his eyes to stay in Junmyeon’s face, repeating in his mind that there’s no apparent reason to be scared like that. It’s just a person, not a dragon, he tells himself.

“Ah! Good question.” he says, an easy smile on his face. He looks Jimin up and down again like he is extremely pleased with himself, “You see, I’ve recently taken a liking to the suburbs. I’ve realised it’s so… beautiful, out here.” Junmyeon’s voice sobers at the end, and Jimin needs to actually remember himself why he can’t just run away.

       This is not a problem he can just run away from.

“We can see the sky in here.” Junmyeon continues, hands still in his pants’ pockets, “I can’t see the stars in the city. Too many lights… But when I come here, they’re visible… Almost like… They’re right under my nose. And I think it’s so pretty. Ah! I love stargazing.” Junmyeon says with a pleased smile. Jimin’s stomach drops.

       They both know he’s not talking about stars.

“And I’ve seen you got yourself a new man.” Junmyeon’s voice is more sober, but still with a hint of acted lightness. Jimin looks up,

“You… You talk to him?” Jimin asks, hesitantly, because he knows they both come from the same “rich people”’s world. But Junmyeon scoffs loudly,

“Hah! Me? Talk to him? Please,” Junmyeon laughs at Jimin like he is a kid, “He’s more like the court clown.”

      Jimin gulps, not knowing how to answer it. He doesn’t really care about what Junmyeon personally thinks of Yoongi, nor he understands the reference for real, but when he opens his mouth to at least try to defend his boyfriend, Junmyeon speaks again, changing the subject abruptly,

“You never told me you were a carrier.” Junmyeon deadpanned, and finally, his true colors are showing. His tone of voice was completely bitter and humourless, as he stared Jimin down almost angrily, “Things would have been a lot different, if I knew.”

      Jimin feels like he has been physically backed up against a wall by the other, and has to take deep breaths. The unnerving vulnerability comes back in full force, and he just stays in silence. Junmyeon also doesn’t speak up, just pinning Jimin down with his gaze, a small flicker of something way too dark dancing in his eyes.

“Junmyeon, look,  I- I need to go-”

“Fuck, I miss the times you would call me Master.” Junmyeon interrupts him with a dark voice, and Jimin gasps loudly, in shock. That’s too much.

“This is Harassment.” Jimin’s voice wavers, but he tries to be as intimidating as he can. He needs to be taken seriously, it’s not just him, this time.

      Junmyeon smiles and gestures his hands up in mock surrender, taking a step back. The way the man reacts jokingly to his threat only worsen Jimin’s nerves, and the pregnant man takes a deep breath, as if he was being choked before.

      With more space, now, Jimin just turns on his heel and immediately walks away, in the direction of the cashier Yoongi is waiting for him in. He is clutching the bottle in his hands too forcefully, but hopefully it won’t break.

      In the way Jimin needs to go through the too big supermarket, his mind replays his worst memories of Junmyeon. Just how much the man was possessive and obsessed with him, and it was exciting at first, but it quickly started to weird him out, until he broke everything up with Junmyeon when the man committed the biggest, worst crime possible in the history of contract-relationships: he ignored Jimin’s safewording.

      Jimin felt tears at the back of his eyes, and did his best to suppress them, feeling ridiculous for being that way. He needed to calm down before he faced Yoongi again, or the man would immediately know something was up.

       He remembered, then, how the post break up managed to be even worse than the relationship itself - Junmyeon following him around, insisting on giving him flowers every day, showering him in the most extravagant, expensive gifts he didn’t want, pulling every kind of possible scene and excuse to beg him to come back.

     It only really stopped when Jimin met Yoongi.

     Junmyeon had completely disappeared from his life, gladly, by the time Jimin started actively going out with Yoongi. At the time, Jimin just had assumed that Junmyeon finally understood that Jimin wasn’t available or interested anymore.

      Jimin took a deep breath as he turned the last aisle to Yoongi’s direction, and just seeing the man’s silhouette from afar calmed him down immensely. Jimin smiled to himself, still feeling a little out of breath.

       Yoongi had already passed everything by the register, and was only waiting for Jimin to come back with the oil. When he got a look at Jimin, he smiled easily and then asked, frowning curiously,

“What took you so long?” Jimin nodded with a small smile and passed him the bottle,

“I got lost trying to find it.” Jimin shrugged a little sheepishly, and Yoongi just laughed, caressing Jimin’s hair fondly.

“I was thinking this had probably happened.”


       When they get home, it’s late and they order takeout. They eat cuddled in one another on the sofa, only the lights of their newly acquired tv system are on, coloring their faces blue in the darkness of the house.

       They lazily stock their shopping in the pantry, or actually, Yoongi puts it lazily while Jimin mainly watches, and they go upstairs to the warmth of Jimin’s room to sleep.

       Jimin and Yoongi just cuddle each other to sleep that night, and Jimin doesn’t even think of mentioning his unhappy encounter with his problematic ex at the supermarket that night. Yoongi probably doesn’t even know about Junmyeon, and Jimin plans on letting it stay that way.


       Days later and Jimin is 25 weeks.

       It’s a saturday, and they finally have the time and mood to go to their furniture shopping.

       Yoongi has mixed feelings about it; Several times these past days, Jimin would bug him about nursery decorations, and constantly ask his opinion, ask him if he liked that picture of that other picture, and Yoongi was at a loss, not because he wasn’t interested, because he was - but because those “pinterest” ideas weren’t the kind of nursery he had in mind. He couldn’t decide if they were too simple, or too much. It was just that… he thought baby nursery rooms should be different than that.

       But how to say it aloud to the pregnant man, when he was practically jumping on his feet while they wandered around the big furniture shop, excitedly pointing to all the kinds of things that were similar to what he had seen on the internet?

       Yoongi sighed, letting Jimin pull him by their interlaced fingers through the aisle.

      Also, something about Jimin, lately, has been making Yoongi feel like he could crack any second. There was something… off. Something not right about Jimin’s behavior, but Yoongi didn’t know what could it possibly be.

       He thought that coming to live with Jimin would be their “happy ever after”, but clearly, that was far from happening. Yoongi was subtly trying to read through Jimin words, but more often than not, he just felt like he was walking on eggs with the younger.

        One moment, Jimin would be all bubbly and ecstatic, jumping on his feet and laughing sweetly. But the other, he would be oddly quiet, lost in his own thoughts, seeming to be way too worried about something he clearly had no plans in sharing with his boyfriend.

       They had just entered the store, and Yoongi could already see an attendant getting their way.

“Hello, can I help you?” the young man asked, an overly happy smile on his face, sincere only to the point of wanting to sell thousands worth of furniture and decor to the obviously expecting couple.

      Jimin smiled back, his eyes squinting adorably, in Yoongi’s silent opinion, and soon the both of them were lost in an overexcited exchange about color coordination and “neutral tones”, because Jimin was still strong with the idea of wanting to discover the sex of the baby only when it was born.

      By the time the attendant was talking about the difference of the types of wood, Yoongi was trying hard not to space out.

      They kept walking around the big store with the attendant guiding them through, but the thing Yoongi seemed to pay attention the most was how nice Jimin’s small hand felt in his. And how domestic all that situation was, too.

       Even if it was boring, - because Yoongi only cared that their baby had a comfortable and clean place to sleep, nothing else, - Yoongi nodded along with Jimin’s words and tried to participate as much as he could. All he wanted was to show Jimin that he cared, and that he wouldn’t be going anywhere.

       Through silent actions, since Yoongi didn’t know how to say it out loud yet, Yoongi wanted to let Jimin know that there was no reason to be worried, because it would all work out well, in the end. Yoongi just knew it.


      Jimin had continued to have his weird mood swings, and as the days went by in their quiet household, Jimin’s “happy” moments started turning more and more artificial, like there was something off in Jimin’s eagerness about things.

      He was either too bubbly, or too quiet, and, to Yoongi, it seemed like they were never talking about the important things.

      Yoongi just sincerely wanted Jimin to feel okay again, and he knew that his pregnant state was doing quite the number on him, his changing hormones affecting directly all his mood swings. And he thought that, probably, a good night out, just the two of them, would help take Jimin’s mind off his problems. A change of scenery.

      It would be their first real, romantic date, as a couple, ever , so Yoongi wanted to be sure everything would be perfect. He was nervous about Jimin’s reaction, too, because he never knew when the younger would be in a good mood.

“You made… reservations?” Jimin asked, dully. Yoongi sighed internally but tried to conceal his expression of nervousness. By Jimin’s unimpressed stare, Yoongi already knew he was in for one of his bad moods.

“...Yes. Uhm… It’s in a great restaurant I know, it’s on the ‘high end’ side but they actually sell food, I promise.” he said, trying to sound as cheerful and confident as he could, but also not wanting Jimin to feel pressured into doing something he didn’t want.

      Jimin was laying on their bed and fiddling with his phone, all in sweats, and his newly-dyed light blond hair was all over the place. Yoongi was standing in front of him, near the door. It was a saturday afternoon, and Yoongi had spent all morning working on actually building up his studio equipments.

“You… … When did you do this?” Jimin asked, still with a blank face, and with Jimin’s lack of enthusiasm about it, Yoongi’s resolve for tonight weakened a little. But as he watched Jimin’s bored face, he realized that a night out might be just what Jimin needed right now, even if he didn’t realize it yet.

“Two days ago.” Yoongi said with a faint smile, trying to get another one from Jimin’s lips. He failed.

     Jimin blinked slowly, phone still in hand, and said,

“And you’re only telling me about it now ? A few hours before we’re supposed to go?” Jimin asked, face all too serious and unimpressed.

“It’s not a big deal, Minnie…” Yoongi murmured gently, ignoring Jimin’s cold stare and walking up to him. Yoongi sat on the bed and smiled down at him, “It’s just dinner.”

“It’s clearly not just dinner. And it’s already five pm, Yoongi. I’m not ready.” Jimin said harshly, and Yoongi’s shoulders deflated a little. But he still tried once more,

“You are beautiful, Jimin, you’re ready any time. But we can get a private room, like I said, there’s no big deal-”

“A private room.” Jimin deadpanned. Yoongi was confused. He didn’t know how to deal with this bitter, hormonal version of his bubbly, sweet Jimin. He had never seen Jimin act so harsh,

“Yes, if you want-”

“I don’t want it, Yoongi, you do. You just suggested it” Jimin cut him off again, and then turned to look at his face, an annoyed scowl on his cute one, “Are you that embarrassed of me, now? Uh? That you feel the need to hide when we’re together?!”

     Yoongi was gaping, at a loss of words. What did Jimin even-

     Before Yoongi could think of anything more to say, Jimin was hurriedly crawling off the bed and marching out of the room, leaving an astonished Yoongi behind.

      As Yoongi slowly, still shocked, got up from the bed to hesitantly trail after Jimin, he could feel his heart clench with anxiety. In the first days of his stay in Jimin’s house, they had been so sweet, but ever since, Jimin had been showing these weird signs and bad moods… Was Yoongi doing something wrong? Was Jimin second guessing his choice of inviting Yoongi to move in?

      Yoongi didn’t think they would be perfect, but still, he was so completely unprepared for their first argument. What should he say? He knew Jimin shouldn’t be under pressure, as it was bad for his health and the baby’s. The doctor had said it countless times, that Jimin shouldn’t be under any kind of stress.

       What should he do to ensure that Jimin would be at ease again?

       Yoongi walked out of the room slowly, and he could see, from above, that Jimin was stomping down the stairs in the direction of the living room. Yoongi took a deep breath and followed after him, trying to make himself look as harmless as possible.

“Jimin, baby.” Yoongi almost whispered when he was standing by Jimin’s side. Jimin was sitting at the sofa with his arms and legs crossed, his face turned to the full length window that leaded to the front patio of the house.

“Don’t call me baby .” Jimin said, still refusing to look in Yoongi’s direction.

      Yoongi sat down by Jimin’s side and complained in a gentle tone of voice, only half joking,

“But I like to call you baby…” he said and got closer to Jimin, but still not caressing his cheeks and hair like he wanted to. Yoongi leaned back on the sofa and watched Jimin’s beautiful profile getting softer, his shoulders relaxing a little.

      Jimin didn’t answer his comment, nor looked at him, so Yoongi spoke out again, in his most gentle and delicate tone of voice, as if he was talking to a wild animal,

“I’m sorry.” he murmured, and decided to let it at that, let the words float in the air around them.

       After some seconds, Jimin finally turned to him, with his arms still crossed, his recently dyed light blond hair falling on his forehead softly,

“Why are you saying you’re sorry? You did nothing wrong.” he said, and his voice wasn’t that harsh anymore. Yoongi let out a gentle smile and asked, curiously and amusedly,

“I didn’t?”

“...I guess not.” Jimin admitted, pouting slightly. He looked at Yoongi’s face through his eyelashes, a faint blush on his cheeks, and Yoongi had to physically restrain himself from swooning.

       He’s got it bad.

“Oh, that’s great then.” he murmured fondly, and then allowed himself to risk pecking Jimin on the lips, quickly. Jimin blinked in surprise, but he still had his arms crossed around himself, and he wasn’t saying anything.

“Do you wanna talk about our dinner date? Or should we just forget that ever happened?” Yoongi asked again, voice overly gentle, and then gave his pouty lips another soft, chaste kiss. Jimin didn’t respond, but didn’t turn away from it either.

“It’s just… I’m ugly.” Jimin said, and his cute eyebrows furrowed annoyedly. Yoongi began speaking,

“Baby, what, you’re the most beautiful…” but then he realized Jimin was turning his eyes away from him, and the corners of his eyes were getting wet.

      Oh. Oh god. Jimin’s lower lip was quivering, and he was about to cry.

“No no no no, wait-- Jiminnie, baby, please,- …!” Yoongi tried to get a hold of Jimin’s cheeks, but he was already turning his face to opposite direction, his shoulders hunched as he trembled and sobbed, covering his face with his small hands.

“Jiminnie…” Yoongi murmured, at a loss of words, and feeling his heart clench. He rested a hand on Jimin’s shoulders, rubbing it slowly, “Please, don’t be like that, you’re so gorgeous,” Yoongi almost whispered, in his most gentle, soft voice.

      Suddenly, Jimin turned back to Yoongi and enlaced his shoulders with his arms, hiding his wet face in Yoongi’s neck.

“I’m sorry, I’m a mess…” Jimin said in between sobs, and Yoongi just hugged him back, making shush sounds,

“It’s okay, it’s okay… there’s no reason to cry on this, right? You know you’re not ugly, come on. Everyone knows.”

       Jimin just sniffed quietly, and Yoongi’s heart swelled once more.

“Come on, there’s no need to cry.” Yoongi said while gently caressing Jimin’s blond hair, and delicately tried to bring his face up. Jimin sniffed cutely but let Yoongi gently rub the tears away from his blushing cheeks.

“I really think it would be a good idea for us to get out a little, enjoy ourselves somewhere else… But if you want we can stay in tonight, no problem.” Yoongi said, and Jimin just nodded.

“Okay.” he whispered, his voice still sounding wet from his previous crying. His face was still puffy and wet from all his tears.

“Okay? We order chinese food and finish watching Goblin tonight, then?” Yoongi asked with a hint of laughter. Jimin cracked a smile too, his face still cradled in Yoongi’s hands.

“No. I mean, let’s go.” Jimin said, and sniffed once more, “Let’s go out tonight.”

      Yoongi smiled and gently leaned in to peck his lips again.

“Okay. Whatever you want, Minnie.”


       Jimin had been in a good mood when they had entered the car to head for the restaurant, but by the time they were seated in their designated table, the blond was quiet again.

       The restaurant was a quite expensive, french-european styled one, with a dim lit ambient, flowers and candles on the tables, and a panoramic view of the best part of the city, since it was on the highest floors of one massive building, in the central area.

       Yoongi gulped and watched Jimin look at the river’s sight by their place near the full length window. His blond hair was a bit fluffy now, and he was wearing an oversized, white woolen sweater with a turtleneck pulled up to his chin.

      Jimin looked silently annoyed, and small, but there was something else that made Yoongi’s heart unsettle in the most unpleasant way.

      He knew something was wrong. Jimin’s shoulders were too stiff, and he was refusing to look at Yoongi’s face, or into his eyes.

“Uhm.” Yoongi murmured, opening his menu to look at the options. “Do you know what you’re going to order?”

         Jimin had his arms crossed in front of his chest in a somewhat defensive manner, and just hummed in response. He was still facing the city view beside them.

“It’s beautiful up in here, isn’t it?” Yoongi commented, trying to get Jimin to at least recognize his presence, or maybe say something, too.

       Jimin’s lips parted in a breathy sigh, and he blinked, still looking at the nighttime horizon.

“I’ve been here before.” Jimin said with an unreadable face, and Yoongi frowned, confused with Jimin’s seriousness.

“Oh, really? Oh, that’s,- that’s nice.” Yoongi nodded quickly, feeling, now more than ever, like he was walking on eggs with Jimin.

      Jimin sighed again, no trace of humour in his face anymore, and turned to look at Yoongi for the first time since they had sat down. The other man was in a knee-long dark blue coat, and had been wearing a woolen scarf before entering, too.

      The last time Jimin had been here, he was 20 years old and quickly, magically rising to the top of his modeling career. At the time, he was swimming in a seemingly endless ocean of fame and luxury, a total bliss. Junmyeon was always somewhere near him, too.

      The first time he had been in this french restaurant, a man in his early thirties, in a impeccable black suit and dark eyes had been right in the same seat Yoongi was now.

      Just how life was a merciless, ironic bitch.

      Jimin had to admit, he wasn’t his most intelligent self a year and a half ago… He had taken some choices and paths, and done some things that he would probably spend the rest of his life regretting.

       Also, the contrast was absurd. Before, that man would keep his hair neatly styled with gel, his tie perfectly knotted around his neck, expression perfectly schooled to conceal his emotions.

       Now, Yoongi stood in front of him with his face like an open book, his anxiousness rolling out of him like in waves. His hair was near messy, slightly fluffy and ruffled like Jimin’s, and he had put little to no effort on his clothes - he had just thrown in some pair of jeans, a random t-shirt and put on that big designer overcoat to cover most of it. Yoongi, in the beginning, was so similar to Junmyeon it hurt - in a good way.

       But now, what hurt Jimin and affected him the most was just how much softer Yoongi had became, with time. Now, Yoongi just stood in front of him in that poorly-lit restaurant looking all kinds of young and confused, and earnest. So much sincerity in his eyes that Jimin felt like crying in despair.

       Before any of them could say anything more, the garçon was already standing by their table, smiling politely and waiting for their choices. Jimin had lost all his appetite as soon as he had stepped foot inside this restaurant, but he knew he should at least try to eat. The food here was actually good, he remembered.

      The both of them settled their orders, with none of them drinking any wine, but having grape juice instead, since Jimin couldn’t, because of his baby, and Yoongi would be driving.

       After they were alone again, Jimin kept his silence. He looked away, to the floor-to-ceiling windows and its beautiful night city view.

      Yoongi, too, was silent. The worry inside of him was building up, and he wasn’t so caught up in hiding it; rather, he kind of wanted Jimin to see it. He wanted Jimin to look at him and know that he cared so much his chest could explode. Yoongi wanted Jimin to just realize, already, that he wasn’t alone, and that Yoongi was right here. He wasn’t going anywhere. He could talk to him.

       Feeling like he was in a tv drama, Yoongi opened his mouth to say, out of nowhere, exactly those words: You’re not alone.

       But the words didn’t get out. They couldn’t, because this wasn’t a drama. This, - Jimin’s silence and inner complexes, all these problems that were so obvious in his heart but that he’d still refuse to share with Yoongi, who was supposed to be the first one he would feel comfortable with, now, the one that would feel like home , - was real life, for Yoongi. There wasn’t a script or a camera capturing them; only the night sky through the big windows, the tiny candle in between them, the flowers. The silence.

       Suddenly, Yoongi remembered the last time they had been in this situation, and how badly it had ended - that night, it had been all Yoongi’s fault. He didn’t have the right to take it out on Jimin like that.

       Was this a collateral effect of that very first scene, the very first time Yoongi had risen his voice at Jimin, when all he needed was a hug, an assurance? Was this Yoongi’s fault, still?

       As he sat in front of the pregnant man, silently watching his side profile and how beautiful he was, even when there was so much fear - fear - in his features, Yoongi felt his throat close, slowly. There was a horrible sense of deja vu in Yoongi’s mind, now. This was a repetition of that scene; the both of them at different sides of a table, Jimin in front of him drowning himself in secrets and anxiousness, and Yoongi completely incapable of helping the younger.

       They stayed like that the whole time it took for the food to arrive, and it was like the clock had stopped.

       And Jimin had been so relatively good, before entering here. But as soon as he stepped foot in this restaurant, it was like a switch had been flicked, and Jimin was like this again.

      As if he was at the edge of a breakdown.

      Yoongi watched Jimin eye his own plate of food apathetically, not making a single move to reach for the silver fork and knife. Yoongi took a deep, shaky breath, and tried to sound calm as he asked,

“Do you not like it in here?” he said in a gentle, normal voice. “We can go somewhere else-”

“Don’t.” Jimin interrupted him, his voice quiet and broken. He wasn’t looking at Yoongi.


“I said just shut up!!! ” Jimin said in a much harsher tone, but still looked like he was about to cry.

       Yoongi gaped, confused and heartbroken. He stood still as Jimin picked the the european cutlery in front of him and started aggressively cutting the beef on his plate in half.

      Jimin was looking down with his blond fringe covering his eyes from Yoongi, and his shoulders were hunched and stiff.

      Yoongi couldn’t bring himself to say anything, and his throat was clogged up again. He knew that he was way too close to crying himself, but he couldn’t.

      He was seeing what he thought was the love of his life, his happy ending, crack up, like a house of cards falling away disastrously. And he stood helpless, watching it crumble down right in front of his eyes. Yoongi had all the will in the world to cry his eyeballs out in this moment.

      But he couldn’t, because Jimin didn’t deserve to have to deal with Yoongi’s tears right now. It wouldn’t be fair.

      None of this was fair, for Yoongi, and he was hurting, here in this french high-end restaurant. He was quite literally sitting at the top of the world, but he couldn’t feel more miserable if he tried. Yoongi felt small, like he was getting beaten down to a pump, but he wouldn’t dare release a single whine of complaint.

      He loved Jimin too much to recognize his own pain right now.

      Yoongi took a deep breath and willed his own tears down. He felt childish for wanting to cry. He wasn’t even pregnant like Jimin.

      And it wasn’t like Yoongi wasn’t used to people yelling at him. Because damn, he was.

      In his mind, he could only think: Why does it have to be so difficult? This is my fault, isn’t it? I’m not good for him. Jimin is hurting now because of me .

      His attention went back to Jimin. The young model was stuffing his face with food, aggressively munching on his creamy pasta while still cutting his piece of beef. Now, it was all chopped in small squares, but he continued chopping and chopping, non-stop.

      Yoongi couldn’t decide if what he was feeling was closer to an explosion, or an implosion. But it hurt .

      Seeing Jimin hurt like this made him want to cry in complete despair, because he knew Jimin. The younger should be bright and smiling at him, joking about the silliest things and being in peace, like he always was, to Yoongi.

      Jimin’s plate was already half-finished and it had barely been five minutes. Yoongi was worried, that couldn’t be healthy, his insides were being pressed, after all. The older felt slightly more collected - by a millimeter, but still, - so he finally spoke out loud,

“Jimin…” he said tentatively, but Jimin ignored him and kept devouring his food like a famished, “Jimin. Maybe you should slow down…?”

“Why don’t you just f-f-ucking shut up?!” Jimin exclaimed, snapping his head up to stare at Yoongi. The angry frown didn’t suit his cute face at all. “I don’t want to talk right now, can’t you see?!” he said with a harsh voice, way higher than he would normally speak.

“But why not-”

Because I don’t want to!! ” Jimin exclaimed louder, shutting Yoongi down. He let go of his cutlery, the sound of it falling to the porcelain plate startling Yoongi, and Jimin was visibly trembling, “God, you’re so annoying!!”

     Yoongi gulped. He had to remember himself that Jimin wasn’t in his normal state, and that it was just a phase. Tomorrow, hopefully, he would be in a good mood again.

“I’m just trying to help.” Yoongi said slowly, still so completely gentle and collected with the other. Jimin could be pointing a loaded revolver at his heart, and Yoongi would still be trying to soothe Jimin and make sure he would be happy. Jimin’s wellbeing, and now their little kid’s, was, in Yoongi’s opinion, way more important than his own happiness.

Then sto p!! I don’t want!... this-- Aah!” and it finally happened, Jimin broke down in a loud sob. His face was all crunched up in utmost sadness and exhaustion, tiredness, and he was openly crying, like a little kid, in the middle of the emptying restaurant, “Ah, Yoongi, I’m s-s-s-so oh s-so sorry-y,” he sobbed, covering his face with his hands, his mouth wide open as he cried.

        Yoongi was immediately leaning forward, almost standing up, desperately trying not to cry as well, and to soothe Jimin. His small shoulders were shaking violently, and he was wailing so loudly that Yoongi could see a group of garçons looking their way worriedly.

“Let’s get going, alright? It’s okay, Jimin, you don’t need to apologize to me…” Yoongi said in a gentle voice as he moved away from his seat to stand beside Jimin, that was still compulsively crying his eyeballs out, curled in himself, hiding his wet face with his small, shaking hands.

      Yoongi felt his eyes stinging, and his heart breaking in a way he wasn’t aware it could, until now. Each sob getting out of Jimin’s lips was a new crack inside his chest.

      He was rubbing a hand on Jimin’s shoulders as he cried in his seat, while, with the other, motioned for one of the attendants to come. In the blink of an eye the garçon was there with the card reader already in hand.

      Jimin’s cries lessened to miserable sniffing in between sobs, and Yoongi did it all one-handed, refusing to lose contact with Jimin: open his balenciaga overcoat, get his wallet from the pocket inside, open it, and wordlessly motion for the man to take the blue card.

      The second the payment was over, Yoongi turned to Jimin, that was now just trembling and sobbing quietly, trying to dry his cheeks with the backs of his hands, and slid his hands through Jimin’s blond hair soothingly, getting it out of his forehead.

      Jimin stayed quiet, just letting out the occasional sob, while Yoongi fondled his face with delicate hands; passing his thumbs under his eyes to dry his cheeks, over his eyebrows, slowly, patiently through his hair to put his fringe away from his forehead, even under his nose that was a little runny, without an ounce of disgust, like he did that everyday. With those firm, gentle touches, Jimin’s breathing got closer to being normal, and so did his heartbeat.

       When Jimin took a deep breath and finally looked up, having calmed down a lot more, Yoongi smiled fondly, reassuringly, and leaned down to kiss his forehead, in between his eyebrows, and the tip of his nose, while still holding both his cheeks.

“You good? Can we go?” he whispered, and Jimin, that wasn’t smiling yet, just nodded, sniffing quietly. He was blushing, but at least not crying actual tears anymore.

      Yoongi waited for Jimin to get up, and then tentatively held his own hand up in offering for Jimin. He was trying not to be nervous, but maybe Jimin wasn’t feeling like holding hands right now, and he--

      Jimin took Yoongi’s hand in his, and squeezed it.

       He wasn’t smiling at all, and to be honest he looked kind of sick, but Yoongi wouldn’t dwell on it, not now. At the moment, his number one priority was getting Jimin safely home, tucked under his blankets and sleeping peacefully. That was all Yoongi needed to have a good night of sleep himself.

      They got inside the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed and the thing started moving down, Jimin closed his eyes and splayed one hand against the metallic wall of it.

“Is something going on?!” Yoongi asked worriedly, and Jimin, still squinting his eyes closed and biting his lips, shook his head.

      He was all tense again, and when he whimpered quietly, Yoongi finally understood what could be happening right now.

      Was Jimin… scared of the elevator?

     They had been in a really, really high floor of the building, so it was a long way down. Yoongi slowly, as if dealing with a cornered animal, got closer to Jimin, until he was hugging the pregnant man.

      Jimin didn’t let go of the wall he was leaning his hand against, but still whimpered again and buried his face on Yoongi’s neck, breathing heavily through his mouth.

“It’ll be okay, Jiminnie. ...We’re going home. I’ll be with you, you won’t be alone.” Yoongi whispered on jimin’s fluffy hair, with his own eyes closed, too. Jimin sniffed against the material of Yoongi’s coat, and tried to concentrate on not puking inside the elevator.

      Jimin felt like a complete and utter mess. His limbs were aching, his nose was runny, his head was hurting, his throat, his stomach, his lungs, and to top it all, the baby was kicking like crazy. He sobbed once, feeling his face contort again, and took another deep breath, trying to concentrate on the sweet nothings Yoongi was whispering against his hair.

      The doors were finally opening, and Jimin moved first. He felt like he was going to pass out if he stayed another second inside that confined space.

      They walked a bit hurriedly, hand in hand, around the underground parking lot, until they found Yoongi’s car. He opened the door to Jimin, and the pregnant man entered but didn’t let him close the door once he was inside, holding it up. Yoongi didn’t seem to think much of it and quickly circled the vehicle to enter on the driver’s side.

        Yoongi put the ket on the ignition and Jimin hesitantly closed the door. The heater was immediately up, and Jimin closed his eyes, let his head fall against the seat, and tried to relax. It was okay, he was with Yoongi, he was going home. Nothing and no one could get to him.

        The car was out of the underground parking and into the streets in no time, and Yoongi allowed himself to relax a little. Jimin had his eyes closed by his side, appearing to be sleeping peacefully, and it was all fine, now.

       Yoongi turned on the freeway and soon, he was entering one of the main bridges of the capital, to head for Jimin’s home that was in a much calmer area. He let his eyes roam through his surroundings - the view was beautiful, even at night, and the long bridge, at that late hour, was practically deserted. He finally felt calm, because Jimin seemed to be at ease, at least as much as he could after that scene at the restaurant--

“Yoongi, pull off the road.” Jimin breathy, strained voice startled him, and his eyebrows shot up. “ Yoongi pULL OFF--” Jimin yelled at the top of his lungs, sounding like he was crying all over again, and Yoongi hurriedly turned the steering wheel all the way to park at the side of it, right by the edge, the water and fishing ships floating innocently beneath it.

       As soon as the car came to a halt, Jimin scrambled out with all that was left of his forces, stumbling through the deserted asphalt until he was half standing, half crouching behind Yoongi’s car--

      Puking all of his dinner out.

      He didn’t even realize Yoongi was by his side, holding his shoulders up in order to not let his weakened body fall down, until much later. He was a mess, puking and crying, holding onto the edge of the bridge with trembling arms. He felt so, so sick, his headache was so bad, and his puking was so gross , the food wasn’t even digested yet, and even when he didn’t have any more to put out, the contractions of his throat continued, only making him cry and wail all over again.

      Yoongi was hugging him close now, not caring one bit for his clothes or that fact that Jimin was smelling bad. His arms enveloped Jimin’s trembling form warmly, and he was kissing his hairline, shushing his sobs gently. Jimin buried his head on Yoongi’s shoulder but didn’t cry so much.

       Maybe it was the icy cold wind of the bridge helping his face sober up better. Or maybe it was just that Yoongi’s presence was that effective on his mood.

       They stayed like that, hugging each other closely near the parked car as if they were one single person together, for what felt like hours. None of them was in a hurry, and Jimin took his time in calming down, reveling in the warm feel of Yoongi’s arms around him, breathing deeply the faint smell of sea salt, and focusing on the feel of the wind ruffling his hair up, a constant energy, not once stopping.

“Jimin.” Yoongi whispered, and this time Jimin hummed in return to show that he was listening, “you know I really like you, and care about you, right?” you know I love you, right? that was what Yoongi really felt like saying, but he knew that wasn’t the best moment. A love confession, right now, wouldn’t fall good on any of their ears.

“Mmhyeah.” Jimin mumbled, with his face still buried on the warm material of Yoongi’s coat. Yoongi’s arms squeezed him lightly in them, before Yoongi continued,

“And… You know that I worry, right? Because I do.” Yoongi breathed, “I want to help you Jimin, but you need to let me do it. If there’s… if there’s something bothering you, please just tell me, we can work it out.”

      Yoongi’s voice was full of worry, hope and uncertainty, and it made Jimin’s stomach drop once again. He didn’t want Yoongi to worry so much, he wasn’t even supposed to realize --

“But please don’t stress over it, if you’re not going to tell me then just don’t. It’s okay.” Yoongi said in a soothing tone, a gentle voice that also held the message that no, it wasn’t okay, actually.

“Yoongi…” Jimin murmured, voice a slight complaint. He wanted to just tell the older to not worry, but really, could he?

“I know something is wrong, Jimin.” Yoongi whispered in a secretive way, passionate and worried about it, way more than Jimin would like him to be. Jimin just buried his face further in his warm shoulder and neck. “And… and I know it’s not just the hormones. I’m not that wise, but I can tell that much.”

      Jimin sighed, pressing his eyes closed and hugging Yoongi’s waist harder.

“And… I’m serious, Jimin.” Yoongi continued. “Whenever you’re ready to tell me about it, I’ll be here. I’ll always be here.”

“...Please, don’t promise things you can’t be sure of.” Jimin murmured, making Yoongi stop for a moment.

      Yoongi really stopped to think about what he would say next, so much that Jimin felt tempted to disentangle from his hold just to look at his face. But then, Yoongi lowered his head, that was resting on his soft blond hair, to Jimin’s shoulder. The younger felt him press his cheek against his shoulder and take a deep breath.

“You’re right. Okay? You’re right.” he mumbled, “I really can’t promise I’ll always be here, Jimin. I can’t, because I’m human and I’m not perfect.” he paused, and Jimin was holding his breath, waiting for the rest of his words, “I can’t promise you that I’ll be always by your side, it wouldn’t be a fair promise on any of us. Life is a circle, and we can’t control what happens. It is a wild sea. But, …” Yoongi got away from their tight hug, and got a hold of Jimin’s cheeks to look deep into his eyes, “I can promise you my right now. This moment we’re in is all I have to offer you. And I will, with an open heart, because you mean that much to me. I can’t promise you I’ll be here for you tomorrow, or next year, or ten years from now… But I can give you my word that you have me, all for you, right now . I can’t guarantee I’ll be there for you in the future, but… I’m here now . ” Yoongi said, sincerity dripping from every single word he uttered, under the night sky and by the Han river, as he stared earnestly right into Jimin’s beautiful eyes. And Yoongi’s eyes were beautiful too, for Jimin. The most beautiful he had ever seen. Yoongi opened his mouth to say, again, “So, if you want to rely on me now, you can. Whatever it is, it’s safe with me. I can promise that, too.”

       Jimin’s lips parted, and he watched the cold wind ruffle Yoongi’s dark hair slowly. He was looking right back at Jimin, caressing his cheeks with his thumbs gently, full of expectation in his eyes. Jimin knew Yoongi was ready and eager to help him get out of this dark place he had recently found himself into, but… .

        After some moments of losing himself in Yoongi’s eyes, Jimin’s lips cracked into a sad smile.

        Oh, he wished it was that simple.

        Everything was sad: his smile, Yoongi’s frown as his shoulders deflated a little, the ugly memories swimming in his head.

       Jimin, too, raised his hands to Yoongi’s cheeks, and fondled his face with his fingers, slowly. He frowned, looking at him with a sad, lopsided smile, and murmured,

“I’m sorry, Yoongi.”

        It was like the wind of the night dutifully carried the whispered words through the air around them as soon as they were out.

        Yoongi’s shoulders deflated more and he, too, smiled sadly, resigned.

        For the rest of that night, they didn’t really talk much more.


       If last night ended in coldness and sadness, the next morning is definitely all warm and comfy.

      Jimin snuggles against his pillow, a silly smile on his face, and buries himself deeper in his fluffy comforter. Winter is coming, sure, but his recently installed heater is doing such a good job, it already feels like spring inside his bedroom.

      He has to admit that his hormonal crazy mood swings have their good side too. They make him sad when he’s supposed to be happy, but they also do the opposite.

      Of course, it’s clearly a false sense of happiness, but he can work with that, still.

     Jimin knows it’s probably late in the morning, almost afternoon by now, but he is okay with that. When he and Yoongi had gotten home, they still took quite some time to actually lay in bed. Jimin cried a little more, and then had a nice bath, but then cried just some more tears… and then drank some tea… and then Yoongi made him a delicious, wonderful, heavenly salty porridge… and then Jimin may have shed a tear or two after that too… and then he slept.

      Now, he could hear some voices downstairs. And after that, the sound of their front door closing.

      And Yoongi’s footsteps as he walked up the stairs.

      Jimin quickly closed his eyes and tried to pretend he was asleep; he felt silly for it, but he wanted to see what Yoongi was going to do, and if he would enter their bedroom at all.

     Yoongi indeed was headed for the bedroom, and Jimin faked an even breathing as the other walked up to his kingsized bed and laid right beside Jimin, hugging his blanket-burrito form.

“Jiminnie… It’s one in the afternoon already~” Yoongi whispered right by what he guessed was Jimin’s ear. Jimin just hummed, trying to turn away from Yoongi’s bear hug, but the young man was already throwing a leg around his waist to stop him from turning.

“Heyy, you’re awake?!” Yoongi singsonged with his rough, rapper voice, making it sound more hilarious than endearing, “C’mon Minnie, I have a surprise for you!~”

      Jimin immediately uncovered his face from the white comforter, staring at Yoongi with his still sleepy face. He watched Yoongi silently, as if encouraging the other to continue going on about this surprise.

“It’s a present, something that you’ll love.” Yoongi said with a smug smile, shuffling closer to Jimin’s covered body until the tip of their noses were nuzzling, “It’s in the living room, the deliverymen were just here… It was quite heavy, too.” Yoongi continued, and Jimin’s interest was immediately picked up. What could it possibly be?!

“Is it downstairs?” Jimin asked with his most sleepy voice, and then yawned cutely. But he had just woken up, and Yoongi was too close, so he made a face and squinted his nose.

“Uhg, you have morning breath.” Yoongi said in a childish voice,

“Yah!” Jimin exclaimed, and slapped Yoongi’s shoulder, pouting.

       Yoongi laughed and went to hug Jimin again and stop him from getting away.

“Yah, let me go! If my breath is so stinky, why are you holding me, uh?!” Jimin exclaimed, but not really fighting against Yoongi’s arms as he hugged the pregnant man from behind, burying his face in his shoulder,

“Mmhh~” Yoongi just hummed, and Jimin just sighed, smiling to himself, and let Yoongi use him as his personal teddy bear for some more time.


       When they finally managed to get downstairs, Jimin had his teeth freshly brushed, and was sporting a brand new collection of hickeys and tiny bites on his neck and shoulders, down to his chest and thighs.

       Not that they had had proper sex, no; they weren’t really going all the way anymore. Now, it was just wild make out sessions and getting each other off in the most creative ways possible.

       Jimin was on a loose t-shirt, sweatpants and socks, while Yoongi was the same, but wearing shorts. He was leading Jimin through the stairs, telling him not to look at his right side just yet. Jimin was smiling excitedly and letting himself be pulled around the living room.

       The side of Jimin’s stairway - that was built and styled just like one in an american house, - would be all white and bare, if it weren’t for a fake green plant that Jimin ordered online and put right in the middle of that blank area. The side of his stairway was also the entrance for the hallway downstairs, and his wooden floor was a light beige. The interior of his house was really, really white, but he loved it.

        When they got to the end of the stairs, Yoongi stopped and turned to Jimin, smiling with his mouth closed, something like nervousness and hope inside his eyes.

“So… I know the house is yours, but I took the liberty of adding something to the decoration… I don’t know if you’ll like, but… I hope you do.”

      Jimin scoffed lightly and squeezed Yoongi’s hand in his.

“There’s no mine in here, Yoongi, this house is ours, of the three of us.” Jimin scolded playfully, “As long as you live under this roof, the house is yours as much as it is mine, okay?”

      Yoongi looked down sheepishly, and nodded.

“...Okay.” he mumbled, and then looked up again. He had a silly smile on his face, but he could see that Jimin’s mood seemed to be slightly more sober now.

“So, let’s go?! I wanna see my surprise!” Jimin whined, a faint smile playing on his lips, and Yoongi laughed.

      He pulled Jimin to the right side of the stairs - the left was the wall, - and there it was;

       An upright piano.

      Jimin gaped, his hand going slack in Yoongi’s hold. He wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years, even though it made sense for Yoongi want to make that kind of addition in their household.

       The piano was of a chocolate brown color, and looked impressive, absolutely expensive, old and huge .

“It’s an acoustic one, I can’t stand that electric type.” Yoongi explained, while Jimin was still mildly shocked. It was beautiful, looking square-ish by the wall of their staircase, with beautifully carved flowers on the hube box on the upside of it, and all sparkling in it’s glazed glory. The piano was so beautiful and unique it kind of looked like it belonged to a museum, to be honest.

“...Did you… buy this?” Jimin finally found his words again to ask. Yoongi just shrugged,

“Yeah. It’s a Steinway.” Yoongi commented as if it was supposed to mean anything to Jimin. It didn’t.

“Oh…” Jimin mumbled, not knowing what to say. He knew it shouldn’t be a big deal, it was just a piano that Yoongi brought so that he could play, no biggie - but the thing looked like a complete antique, and also, something in Yoongi’s posture told Jimin that it was, yes, supposed to be kind of a big deal.

“Is it too much? I can return it.” Yoongi said hurriedly when he realised Jimin was still staring, but Jimin just exclaimed in a much bigger fuss,

“No, don’t do that, it’s okay!” he said quickly, raising his free hand to motion wildly to the upright piano. “It’s just that… it’s so beautiful, I was kind of shocked.” he laughed nervously.

     Yoongi blinked, and then huffed, with a gentle smile. He pulled Jimin closer to the wooden bench in front of it,

“I can guarantee you that the sound is even better.” Yoongi said in a quiet, gentle voice, and leaned down to kiss Jimin’s cheek. “And maybe I can get you to sing for me now, uh?”

      Jimin laughed, a giddy feel in his stomach.

“We’ll see about that.” he mumbled.

       When they were finally sitting on the bench, side by side, Jimin’s eyes were lost in the pretty details of the piano again.

“Yoongi… I don’t wanna be boring or anything, but… Isn’t this piano too delicate? I looks like an antique to me. Is it okay to have it at home?...”

      Yoongi scoffed while rubbing his palms against each other to warm up his fingers.

“Of course Jiminnie, it’s mine. This one was in my other apartment.” he said smiling, but then, as he stood in silence thinking about something else, his face sobered a little,

“You know… I think I brought this piano here more for you than me.” he admitted with a somewhat sad smile on his face. Jimin’s eyebrows shot up,

“What?! Why?!” he asked, surprised. He didn’t want to be a burden, and he couldn’t read what was going on in Yoongi’s eyes, beyond the worry that he could very much recognize in there.

“Because… When I was going through… something that may be similar to what you’re going through… The piano helped me, you know? The sound of its keys resonating around my house, back when I was a kid… H-helped me. So… I thought that I might help you as well.” Yoongi said in a quiet voice, as if they were sharing secrets right there, seated beside each other in that piano bench. Their shoulders were touching and their faces were close, and Jimin gulped.

      In a way, he wished he hadn’t understood the meaning behind Yoongi’s words, because then, they wouldn’t be true. But - he did. Jimin didn’t want to acknowledge what was going on in his heart right now, but he knew that Yoongi had picked up on the signals. It was scary to think that his mind would play against himself that much, but it was true.

      Jimin immediately felt his eyes wet, but he willed the tears down. He didn’t want to cry. There was no reason to cry. Right?

“...Do you think it will help me?” Jimin asked in a small voice.

       Yoongi rested his hands on the piano keys, without making any sound, and turned his head to face Jimin. He had a faint smile on his lips, warmth and fondness for Jimin shining in his eyes. He leaned forward to kiss one of his temples,

“We can try.” he whispered with a small, hopeful smile, and turned back to the piano.

      Jimin watched, mesmerized, as Yoongi took a deep breath and started playing, slowly, with feather-like hands movements. It was a simple, pretty, slow song, but the piano - the great quality of its sound - made it resonate deeply around the big house, and Jimin breathed, feeling his own lungs vibrate, and his heart could feel the waves of the clock-like beat. It was like a sweet lullaby, and Jimin could feel his shoulders relaxing, his faint need to cry disappearing for the first time in days.

       Jimin sighed and watched Yoongi’s fingers move slowly as he played. The song was calming and beautiful, and Jimin felt like he was in a movie. It felt like magic.

       Before he knew, the quiet, slow piece was over, but Yoongi was already going through another, playing by memory. It was perfect.

      Jimin’s breaths were regulated, and the music reminded him of ballet classes - it was similar to the ones his teachers would use for practices.

      The music continued for a long time. Yoongi kept playing song after song, one more beautiful than the other, and Jimin’s heart was lulled into peace. His baby, too, was quiet, probably sleeping.

       They kept like that for almost thirty minutes, and by the time Yoongi brought the sweet sounds of the piano to an end, Jimin felt like another person entirely. Or rather, he felt like himself again. Completely.

“...Thank you.” he whispered, and kissed Yoongi’s shoulder. His hands were resting against his bump, and he was smiling, relaxed.

      Yoongi turned to place his hand on Jimin’s cheek and look at his face. They stared at each other’s eyes in a calm, comfortable way, until the blonde’s eyebrows shot up.

“Give me your hand.” he said, smiling brightly. But before Yoongi could move, Jimin was already grabbing his other hand anyways, and placing it on his stomach.

       They waited, expectantly, Jimin watching Yoongi with a big, excited smile, as the other just looked at his hand on Jimin’s belly, holding his breath in expectation.

        And then it happened. A faint kick pressed against Yoongi’s palm, and he released his breath that he hadn’t even realised he had been holding. Jimin got Yoongi’s palm and moved it around his bump to the places where the kicking it was harder, and Yoongi’s lips parted, wonder all over his features.

“I think she likes music. You’ll have to teach her how to play.” Jimin whispered with his signature eye smile, and Yoongi’s breath wavered.

“Yeah.” he was so astonished that he didn’t even comment or realize the female pronouns Jimin used to refer to their baby. “I will. Just like my mom did to me.” he finally looked up again, with a big gummy smile, and it was so pretty, Jimin could only think that it would be so amazing if their kid inherited Yoongi’s smile.

“Really?” he asked, still holding Yoongi’s hand in his. Yoongi pecked him on the lips, his free hand still caressing his cheek fondly.

“Yeah.” he whispered, rubbing their noses together playfully, “I will. ‘Promise.”

Chapter Text


       Jiyoon was five months old. Chubby cheeks, chubby legs, bubbly personality, shiny eyes and gummy smile.


       Bath time was always the worst part of the day, but necessary.


       Jimin sighed tiredly, looking for the tiny hairbrush in Jiyoon’s bag. Jiyoon always cried so much during bathtime, Jimin didn’t know why - was he doing something wrong?


        He had quickly discovered that parenthood was all about thinking: am I doing it wrong?!


        Jimin finally found the small yellow hairbrush and ran down the stairs of his house. They had given Jiyoon a bath in the bathroom downstairs.


         When he got to the living room, slightly out of breath and eyes quickly scanning the big, wide minimalistic-slash-scandinavian room, he found them, and released a big breath when Jiyoon just  stared back at “dada” with big brown eyes, calmly leaning over Taehyung’s shoulder. His friend had a day off, and came to Jimin’s house to help him for the day.


        Jiyoon’s relatively long black hair was all over the place, and it would be funny and cute if Jimin weren’t so stressed.


        Taehyung was literally playing Call of Duty, standing in the middle of his living room balancing the toddler and the xbox controller in his arms like he did that every day. Jiyoon was still with a bathrobe rolled around its tiny chubby body, and already wearing clean diapers.


        Jiyoon was oddly calm, holding onto the material of Taehyung’s brown t-shirt, while the room was filled with fake gun-shot sounds.


“Taehyung.” Jimin deadpanned, trying to be calm and not freak out like he wanted to. Jiyoon smiled happily at Jimin’s face when he kept standing so close, and squealed, trying to make him play along. Jimin sighed and put on an honest smile on his face. Jiyoon was everything in his life, such a tiny pretty little thing…


       Jimin raised his hand with the tiny hairbrush and started delicately combing the baby’s wet dark hair. It wasn’t equally grown enough, and Jimin had never cut it, so it was kind of naturally all over the place.


“Where was it?” Taehyung’s deep, velvet-y voice brought Jimin back, and he watched Jiyoon snap its chubby head in their “uncle”s direction, squealing again when Taehyung swiftly paused the game, tossed the controller to the sofa near them and got the baby in both his hands.


“In the bag, obviously.” Jimin sighed tiredly, but watched with an eased heart as Jiyoon cracked an over-excited gummy smile when Taehyung swayed their bubbly being around in his arms.


“Wait, I’m not finished.” Jimin mumbled and Taehyung stopped moving the baby around, letting Jimin have access to the head of hair he was trying to brush.


       But Jiyoon, apparently, didn’t like the end of the playful swirls Taehyung was giving, because a tiny pout formed in their tiny lips, and Taehyung and Jimin immediately panicked.


“No! Jiyoonnie, not again-” Jimin tried with a forced smile, but the baby was crying again anyways,


“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!” little Jiyoon cried and pouted, while Taehyung frantically hugged its tiny body and tried to shush the chubby baby.


“Jiyoon… we were doing so fine…” Jimin whined, feeling like crying himself.


         The baby kept crying and complaining while Jimin and Taehyung laid Jiyoon on the sofa and dressed them with a cute overall onesie, green with white hearts all over it. Jimin started singing frantic lullabies to the little one and cradled its flailing body in his arms, crossing the room in big strides.


       Jimin got to the kitchen and Taehyung was already there, getting an already prepared formula milk from the fridge and putting it in the microwave. Jiyoon was still crying, loudly, as if it was complaining about something Jimin and Taehyung couldn’t fix.


       Jimin put one of his hands on the back of Jiyoon’s head, caressing their hair that was already all messed up again, and tried to shush his chubby baby.


       Jiyoon was a good kid, honestly. A quiet, bubbly baby. But still had some frustrating days and moments. Jimin leaned against the counter and watched the seconds go by in the microwave’s clock expectantly, Jiyoon still crying a dry complaint in his ear.


        Taehyung handed the nursing bottle to Jimin and he immediately shifted Jiyoon in his arms, making the baby more comfortable and bringing the bottle to its tiny lips. Jiyoon’s eyes went wide and started sucking in the milk, concentrated, their hunger now satisfied.


        Both Jimin and Taehyung sighed in relief when the house fell silent again.


        Taehyung went back to his game in the living room.


        Jiyoon kept staring at Jimin’s face as it drank the warm milk, as if the milk was coming from Jimin himself.


       Jimin smiled through his tiredness.


       He would do anything for his little baby.


Chapter Text

{ A tiny intermission: Junmyeon.



      Junmyeon was being weird today.


     It wasn’t like that was abnormal, but in the beginning of their (weird) relationship, Jimin had thought it was okay, since he himself was a little weird, too.


      Today, though, the older man had a weirdness that left a strange feeling in the pit of Jimin’s stomach. He didn’t want to put a name to it, but he knew what it was.


      He felt that right now.


      Junmyeon was cornering him against a wall of his apartment, but for the first time (or maybe the third…) Jimin didn’t feel an ounce of excitement. His body wasn’t warm like before, but cold.


       It was probably due to the dark things he saw on the other’s face, who was staring him down seriously. Those dark things, Jimin knew, had nothing to do with sexual desire or bdsm at all.


        It didn’t feel like roleplay at all .


       Jimin gulped and tried to breathe, he was starting to feel too overwhelmed with the proximity. He felt caged, not in a playful way, but really caged. Like it was all real this time.


“Uhm… M-master, what are you doing?” he asked, trying to look somewhere else since Junmyeon’s face was all over his vision.


       They had been on a party together, but as soon as they got home, Junmyeon closed the front door harshly and cornered Jimin like this. The younger gulped again, thinking about what was happening. If that was a new kind of play, the man would have definitely talked about it previously, to try and get Jimin’s approval. Right?


“Why do you have to be so pretty? Uh?!” he exclaimed suddenly, his hot breath all over Jimin’s face, but the man’s voice, that was filled with rage and serious anger, didn’t let Jimin think this was a compliment.


“Uhm… hahaha…” Jimin forced a laugh, feeling uncomfortable. He didn’t want to ruin whatever Junmyeon was doing, but Jimin really wasn’t feeling it this time, whatever this was supposed to be.


      He took a deep breath and raised his hands to rest them on the other’s shoulders, calm about his resolve.


“Junmyeon. We need to stop and talk.” he said in a complete different kind of voice - his real voice. Not the shy, sensual voice he used when he was playing the role of sub.


      Jimin was calmly expecting Junmyeon to simply get out of his dominating character and let go of him, but-


“Ahhh-!!!” there was a hand pressing Jimin’s neck, suddenly.


      Jimin trashed on his hold, with wide eyes and trying to keep breathing while he was being pressed against the wall by Junmyeon’s hand on his neck .


“ What did you say? ” Junmyeon growled, his face getting red with anger.


“M-mercy!! Red- purple, s-s-safe word, stop!!” Jimin began shouting all the safewords he could remember, in a hurry, but the pressure continued for some seconds, before it was over.


      Junmyeon took one small step behind, but it was enough for Jimin to get out.


“What the hell was that ??!!!” he exclaimed as soon as he was far from that wall, or any wall for that matter.


      Jimin was staring astonished at the other man, who was just looking at the ground with an unreadable expression, and rubbed his own aching neck. His heart was beating fast and he didn’t know if what he was feeling right now was more anger than fear .


“Baby…” Junmyeon started, but Jimin stepped his foot on the ground and said, in a firm voice,


“You call me Jimin until we finish talking about this!” he was feeling exasperated. What was going on with Junmyeon?! Did he seriously just try to choke him ?!!! He knew it was normal for some d/s arrangements, but theirs wasn’t like that! They had never played with that before, or even talked about it-


“Baby.” Junmyeon repeated, and this time he was looking up at Jimin like he was about to cry, with his shoulders hanging down. He took one step forward and Jimin immediately stepped back, subtly eyeing the exit door. He knew it wasn’t locked.


“Junmeyon, I said stop. I’m not playing right now.” Jimin said again, trying to sound firm but his voice wavered.


“Well, I’m not playing either.” he said, and Jimin’s eyebrows shot up. What -


“I’m mad, because everyone was looking at you, Jimin. Everyone. They looked like they wanted to devour you.” Junmyeon continued talking with a crazed expression, but at least didn’t try to approach Jimin again. The younger was beyond shocked.


“W-what are you talking about?...”


“You’re too attractive and it drives me mad, because I don’t want anyone to look at you like that. Because you’re mine .” he said with wide eyes, and Jimin’s jaw went slack.


“...Are you… talking seriously right now?...” Jimin asked hesitantly. A part of him still thought that the man could be still inside his character. “Like… seriously?”


“Of course, Jimin.” he answered, exasperated. “Of fucking course! You’re mine! ”


       Jimin shivered at those words, but it wasn’t from sexual excitement, now.


      A long silence stretched in between them, with Jimin looking at Junmyeon like he was a monster coming out of a horror movie. For a moment, he couldn’t move or talk, like a deer caught in headlights.


      “ you’re mine ” - he knew the meaning behind those words, and suddenly he felt like puking. This couldn’t be happening.


“...I’m not… Yours…?” Jimin said in a small voice, and he hated how it sounded.


      He hated more the answer be got, immediately, like it should be obvious.


“Of course you’re mine. I payed for you!!!”


      Jimin didn’t say anything back. He didn’t know how.


      ...Sugardaddies and chaebols were way too romanticized these days.


      Jimin had known it would be risky; attempting to build his career with such a dirty secret behind it all - Junmyeon’s money and subtle influence, - but he didn’t know it would grow to be this bad.


       This man was crazy. This wasn’t roleplay anymore.


       In that moment, Jimin knew they were over. Whatever happened, he knew he could never get back in a relationship with Junmyeon ever again. ...For his own safety.



END of intermission. }






Chapter 21:



      Jimin was 26 weeks and holding Yoongi’s hand while he waited for his prenatal appointment.


      The couple was tense, simultaneously trying not to let the other see their nervousness.


      Jimin gulped and looked ahead, holding Yoongi’s cold hand in his while seated at the hallway’s waiting chairs.


       To their left, in the direction of the wider reception of the clinic’s glass entrance, they had five - five - different paparazzi stalking them. The guys were even way past the stage of trying to be discreet with their cameras now, standing in the sidewalk and obnoxiously pointing them at the couple inside the building.


       Jimin looked down at his feet and sighed through his nose. He had been so caught up in his own private life and problems he got ingenuous enough to think that they would let him go because of his upcoming baby.


       But of course it would be the opposite.


       Since the official announcement of his pregnancy, the media had given Jimin a break when it came to actually following him around and shouting crude questions, not because they had any sort of common sense or mercy, no, but because he and his managers had, up until now successfully, managed to hide his new address from the public eye.


        Now why, and how , had the magazines and websites found out, he had no idea.


        But now Jimin was back at having to deal with them. Uhg. It was good while it lasted.


“I’m gonna ask them to just let us in another room while we wait.” Yoongi said under his breath, visibly upset about the disturbance of the men with cameras, but Jimin squeezed his hand more,


“No!” Jimin whispered back, “That’ll only be more awkward!”


      Yoongi turned to him, and they exchanged a look. The older had a frown set on his face and his mouth was in a thin line. Jimin gave him a faint smile, trying to be reassuring, and made to get closer to him and cuddle-


      But then he remembered the cameras clicking outside, and hesitated. Yoongi’s face continued to be blank, so Jimin couldn’t really tell if the man had noticed. Jimin could only hope so.


“Park Jimin.” came the doctor’s voice from the end of the hallway, and the couple quickly got up. Jimin put one hand on his bump while the other was still holding Yoongi’s, and they let the doctor guide them further inside the clinic.


      When they were already seated in front of the doctor’s desk, the older man bowed slightly to them,


“I’m so sorry you had to wait outside, I didn’t think you would be followed like that, but I should have considered it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” he said, and Jimin gaped, surprised,


“Wait! No, sir, uhm, it’s fine. There was nothing wrong!” Jimin said in a hurry while the man in white robes was taking his seat on the other side of the desk. “We just came here too early, it’s okay!”


       While the doctor was nodding and Jimin was waving his free hand around as he spoke, Yoongi just stared wordlessly at the older man, in an obvious glare of “just do your job.”.


      The appointment properly started when the doctor sat down and linked his own hands on the table.


“So, how are you feeling today, Jimin?” he asked in a calm voice, with a hint of gentleness, even though his face was straight.


“I’m… I think I’m okay. My feet are hurting and my back sometimes, too, but, you know… Nothing out of the ordinary.” Jimin said and he nodded.


“And how have you been feeling lately?” he asked again, this time while writing things on the keyboard of his computer.


“Uhm… the same? Oh, and my appetite is weirder than ever. Some days I woke up feeling like i could eat a horse, but in others I had little to no hunger.”  Jimin said, and frowned, “Oh, and the baby is moving like crazy.”


       The doctor hummed and wrote more things down before saying,


“We’ll talk about the baby in a minute.” he said and Jimin nodded in agreement. Yoongi was quiet the entire time, just holding Jimin’s hand on his own thigh and caressing it with his thumb.


“When the baby moves, does it hurt?” the doctor asked after a while, and Jimin shook his head.


“Not really. I feel it stretch but it’s not pain.”


“Alright.” he said and kept making notes on his computer.


      After he seemed satisfied with what he had written down, he turned back to Jimin, not sparing Yoongi one glance.


“Mr. Park, you seem stressed.” he said, straighforwardly. Jimin bit his lips and seemed guilty. He was at a loss, should he say i’m sorry ?


“Yeah… But it’s just a little.” he said quietly, refusing to meet the doctor’s eyes.


“Are you sure?” his voice was firm, not demanding, but gentle and determined.


      Jimin bit his lips, at a loss of what to say. He knew - it was common knowledge, - that pregnant people shouldn’t be under stress since it could lead to a variety of health problems and risks.


     He heard the older man sigh and looked up at him with wide eyes. Yoongi squeezed his hand lightly but stayed quiet beside him.


“Jimin, I know yours and Mr. Min’s jobs can be naturally stressful, principally now that I’ve seen it firsthand,” he said, and it was clear he was referring to the paparazzis and fansites lining up at the front of the clinic, “But I seriously advise you to stay away from these kinds of situations while you’re carrying. Just by looking at you here I can see that you’re not okay.” he said, using a no-nosense tone of voice. It would sound harsh, but Jimin didn’t see it that way - he knew doctors, sometimes, sensed that they had to use firmer approaches to make themselves heard. It was for the better, at the end of the day.


“I see…” Jimin mumbled, and nodded weakly. But the doctor just looked at him firmly,


“You see?” he repeated with a blank face, but they could see that there was genuine worry hidden in his eyes, “Because I feel like I could make it clearer for you. If you have an overly-stressful pregnancy, there could be an infinity of problems for you and your baby. You could have a premature birth, that could lead to dangers for the both of you. And your baby could be born with, let’s say, undeveloped organs, or asthma, or with a series of different allergies, for example.”


     Jimin kept nodding, feeling slightly bigger when he realised his own 26 weeks bump, but the weight and comfort of Yoongi’s hand on his didn’t let him be too nervous.


     At the younger man’s silence, the doctor let out a breath and his face got a lot gentler.


“But none of that will happen, alright? You’re in good hands,” he said, even trying to let out a faint smile. Jimin smiled back easily, wanting to giggle at the older man’s concern for him and his baby. “But I want you to see a friend of mine, she’s a psychologist.”


      Jimin wanted to be surprised, but deep down he had been expecting a suggestion like that.


     ...And with all of this Junmyeon’s mess, maybe that would actually be of help.


“Okay.” he said easily. “How can we contact her?”





      Later that day, they were having Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok over for dinner at their house.


    If one could call delivered chinese takeout and fried chicken “dinner”. But, anyways.


    Jimin was nestled very comfortably in his sofa cushions while the others played cards against humanity on the living room table in front of him. His three friends and Yoongi were all splayed on the carpet and he could see that, as the rounds passed, they were taking the game more and more seriously.


     Jimin smiled to himself. He was really thankful for them for taking the time to drive all the way to his home tonight.


     The pregnant man had his phone in between his hands and close to his chest as he watched the game unfold on the floor of the room. Jin’s passive-aggressive face was funny to watch, but Hoseok’s too-concentrated face was near hilarious. Yoongi was squinting his eyes and eyeing Namjoon’s relaxed face suspiciously.


      His celphone was kind of (totally) too big for his small hands and fingers, but he was already used to having a relatively hard time on typing on it. Jimin rested his hands on his knees, that were up to his chest, and continued texting Taehyung.


      The young man couldn’t make it tonight because he was filming for his drama, but apparently now he was in a make-up break and could use his phone.


     Jimin rolled his eyes affectively at the string of selcas of Taehyung with bobs on his hair he was receiving. At one particularly dorky one, Jimin texted that that one deserved to be uploaded on his twitter account.


taehyung {7:30}

lol consider it done


      And that’s basically how Jimin ended up opening his twitter app for the first time in months.


     Jimin gave Taehyung’s selca tweet a little heart and commented: so cute, my friend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


       The picture was of Taehyung in front of a mirror, sitting on a hairdresser’s chair, full of bobs on his hair while someone tall used a flat iron to model it. And his face was contorted in a serious and exaggerated glare.


      Jimin smiled at his friend’s silliness and didn’t think much before switching to his own timeline. And--


      Since Jimin was the kind of celebrity that occasionally followed fans and fansites back, his timeline was usually flooded with pictures and tweets about himself . But this time it wasn’t only about him; his timeline and mentions were flooded with those paps and fansite’s pictures of him and Yoongi earlier today at the prenatal clinic.


      Jimin knew he shouldn’t, really shouldn’t stop to read what they were saying about him - it never did any good for him or anyone involved, - but before he could stop himself, he was tapping at one of those tweets and reading the responses beneath it - f*cking two thousand replies , oh my god,--


     His eyes roamed through each different tweet;



i’m sorry but who? suga, agust d? seriously, whoever this “underground” guy is, he’s such a flop and an asshole, i mean,


he looks like a dick, and he clearly is not the best for jimin.


wait who is min yoongi


this is all a misunderstanding, theyre NOT together, they said that theyre just GOOD FRIENDS!! remember???


lol i had no idea agust d was rich and the #1 heir to a fucking company i mean Globex & co is hUGE????


i know what this is, i’ve seen this before. this Agust  is 100% the rich, privileged fuckboy that can’t sing for shit so he’s trying to be a “rapper” instead.


lmao “SUGAMON IS REAL” is trending ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i feel like i’m twelve and in 2010 all over again


one word for Min Yoongi. Fuckboy.


actually no, 2 words: Privileged Fuckboy.


jimin deserves so much better oh my god i’m so angry right now!!!! our precious lil mochi is too good for this u fucking nerds leave jimin alone!!!!


this entire article is so unnecessary omg


this is so ridiculous. how come a society be so fucked up that RM and agust d need to come to such levels to hide their relationship of almost 10 years now?!


       Jimin’s eyes widened at the thousands of rt’s and likes that one tweet got. And then there was a string of answers beneath it,


right????!!!! i know yoongi wouldnt give two shits about this stunt model if it weren’t to hide sugamon. we all know.


and to even involve an innocent baby in all this mess!!!! i’m seriously angry, he should just change these managers and whoever else is forcing him to do this


sue me, but i’ve always thought agust d is a much better rapper than rap monster. the guy is dope, he’s one of the fastest i’ve heard


this yoongi guy is only famous because of rapmonster, and now, jimin. idc about these agust d fans


i hate park jimin. #SUGAMON ‘SUGAMON IS REAL’ !!!!!!


i love jiminnie so much. i wish this was all a bad dream and when i wake up he is just happy again without having to get dragged in this sugamon mess. he deserves better.


aaawww so cute!!!! i love them <3


namjoonie must be so heartbroken!! seeing these pictures makes me wanna rip my eyeballs out ‘SUGAMON IS REAL’


wait wait wait wait agust d is THE HEIR OF MIN JAESUNG THE OWNER OF GLOBEX WAHT THE FUC????????????!!!!1111




alright, so, rich boy wants to be a rapper? haHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH this is a joke right?


jimin’s baby is going to be so CUTE omg my heart can’t take this-- i’m not crying ur crying



“Jimin!!” Seokjin had a hand on his shoulder and was shaking him out of his stupor. Jimin startled and nearly dropped the phone.


   He looked up and, thankfully, Jin wasn’t eyeing him worriedly at all. Rather, he was smiling a bit, totally oblivious to how fast Jimin’s heart was beating.


“Y-yeah hyung?” he asked, and Seokjin frowned good-naturedly,


“What got you so focused on your phone?” he nagged, making Jimin scoff,


“Excuse me?! Privacy, please?!” he exclaimed, feigning outrage and holding his phone close to his chest.


“I called you four times and you weren’t listening!” Jin exclaimed back, making one ridiculous face that got Jimin cackling every time. His body contorted with laughter and he ended up laying with his back on the sofa.


“Jiminnie, how did your appointment go this morning?” Hoseok asked from where he was sitting on the floor, with his elbows propped on the coffee table. His smile was bright like the sun and Jimin couldn’t help but feel immensely lighter with it.


“Good.” he said with an easy smile on his lips, feeling his fringe fall back from the angle his head was in. He shifted until he was belly up on the sofa seat cushions and caressed his bump, “We have the date, now! January 30th for the C-section.” Jimin said, remembering that he was 26 weeks and today was November 7th. Technically, he still had more than 10 weeks to go through,


“Are you sure you want to cut about 7 layers of your skin?” Namjoon asked, as tactless as ever, but Jimin wasn’t really affected by it.


     Yoongi, however…


“Shut up, dumbass.” he started, and gave Namjoon a slap to the back of the head.


“I’d rather not think about it so much…” Jimin said, giggling, but; seeing Yoongi and Namjoon interact like that made him remember all the things he read on twitter a minute ago.


“Hey, you two,” he pointed at them, and they stopped shoving each other’s shoulders while sitting cross legged like preschool kids for a moment, “What is sugamon ?”


       They stared at Jimin, expressionless, for a second - until Namjoon sputtered and started coughing like crazy.


     Jimin raised an eyebrow, and Jin was laughing at his boyfriend’s panic while Hoseok giggled and sipped at his juice, quietly. Yoongi rolled his eyes.


“You know what it is, already.” he half-heartedly glared at Jimin, and the smaller just eyed him back innocently, his light blond fringe all over his forehead as he laid on the sofa with his head to the side.


“Do I?” he asked, frowning playfully as he wanted to mess with them, “Do I really know, hyung?” his voice was overdramatic and he squinted his eyes, making even Namjoon overcome his fluster and smile.


“... S-shut up.” Yoongi said awkwardly, blushing slightly. It was clear for everyone in the room that Yoongi, as harsh as he could be with anyone that messed with him, was a big pile of goo when it came to Jimin. He couldn’t even answer him right.


    Jimin smiled more wickedly,


“It’s just that I had no idea sugamon was still a thing … Should I and Jin hyung be worried?”


     Hoseok had a bright, open mouthed smile as he watched Yoongi become more red, clearly unable to give his “Jiminnie” the hard answers he would give anyone else that chose to mock him with that “ old relationship” .


“I’m my defence,” Namjoon said suddenly, with a serious face, “I wasn’t dating Jin hyung in 2010. And even after we met, we had an open relationship, so…”


      Jimin and Hoseok gasped loudly, and the pregnant man suddenly sat up on the sofa to stare at the two rappers with a gaping mouth.


“WHat!!??” Jimin exclaimed, totally surprised and a little euphoric, “Sugamon was real??!!! It was REAL?!!” he nearly shouted, while Hoseok was not close behind in his surprise. Jimin could feel his teenage self yelling inside of him, because-- if it was REAL back then--


     Seokjin was simply smiling and rolling his eyes.


Oh My God Namjoon Can You Please Fucking Stop!!! ” Yoongi yelled above the great mess of questions coming from the two youngers in the room, but Namjoon kept his face straight as he answered.


“Baby, I think it’s time they know- hmmpffm”


“AAAAAAAAH SHUT UUUUUP!!!!” Yoongi quickly put his hand ovet his friend’s mouth to stop him, his face red all over.


     It was chaos in the living room, with Yoongi and Namjoon practically rolling on the carpet and Jimin and Hoseok laughing and shouting questions. Seokjin was laughing too but was oddly quiet.


“What do you mean??!!” Hoseok was nearly yelling, over excited, at the two rappers, “Was it real ?!!! Is it real?!! Hyung, is it real?!!”


Of course not!!! Of course not!!” Yoongi shouted while still rolling around with Namjoon to try to stop the taller from saying more.


“It was! Sugamon was real- mmmppfff--” Yoongi’s hands covered his mouth again,






     Some time later, they managed to calm down, even with Yoongi’s panicked attempts of proving that Namjoon was joking getting funnier and funnier.


      They were watching a movie on Netflix after much discussion, munching on stove popcorn - thanks to Jin hyung’s cooking abilities, of course, - and trying to be relatively quiet and concentrate on the tv screen.


      The five of them could fit perfectly on the sofa of Jimin’s living room,since it was really big, and Hoseok was by his side distracting him from the movie while talking with Jin,


“...and we could spend Christmas at your house, since you have a nicer kitchen-”


“Excuse me?!” Jimin piped in in a rushed tone, interrupting Hoseok that was turned to Jin’s side, “Are you saying my kitchen is not nice?! I spent months planning it already-”


“It’s not it,” Hoseok said in a laughing tone, turning to Jimin’s side, “It’s just that Jin hyung’s and Namjoon hyung’s flat is in the middle of Gangnam so it would be better for us to get there, and I know your kitchen is nice, but Jin is literally a professional-”


“Can you shut it?” Yoongi interrupted Hoseok, with a scowl from where he was seated on Jimin’s other side, “We’re trying to watch a movie.” he whispered, making Jimin smile and roll his eyes,


“But it’s for christmas, hyung~” Jimin said in his sweet voice as he smiled and turned to hug him comfortably on the sofa. Yoongi opened his mouth and started to retort,


“It’s november -...” but his will to speak died while he visibly melted in Jimin’s arms.


Hoseok and Jin shared knowing smiles and went back to paying attention to the movie as Yoongi let out a “humpf” and put his arms around Jimin’s form to cuddle with his eyes closed, annoyance totally forgotten in face of the smaller’s cuteness.





     Yesterday, November 7th, was a monday. So today was Tuesday.


     Yoongi was in a black suit, with a white shirt underneath and a boring brown striped tie. His black hair was a little ruffly from all the times he had already ran his hands through it, and, if he was being honest, today he was feeling a little tired. More tired than usual.


     The young man looked at his office’s table. It was of glass, so he could see his feet on the carpet from it. He sighed and stopped typing on the keyboard for a moment.


      Writing corporative emails was hell. Each and every words was important and could be used against him in a transaction discussion.


      What a cold world.


      Yoongi wasn’t sure why he was feeling so tired. He had slept fine last night - well, after making sweet slow love to Jimin and fucking him from behind on their fluffy bed, a heavenly experience per se, - and was feeling okay while he made rice and breakfast for them this morning.


       But now, he fought the urge to loosen his tie and cross his arms on his table and sleep like a tired school student. His nose also felt weird, almost like it was close to runny. And his head was pounding a little, now that he stopped to realize it.


       He shook his head and ignored all of those lazy-ass thoughts, and squared his shoulders on his big leather seat. He had no space for feeling down today - he had a lot to do. He needed to get his ass back to working properly so that his dad would stay in his own lane and don’t bother him anymore.


       Yoongi sighed as he looked back at the unfinished email. His fingers hovered the small white keyboard of his computer before he gave up for a second and went to the telephone of his desk instead.


      He typed the number of his secretary’s assistant’s assistant desk and waited. After three long beeps, the voice of the young intern greeted him almost lazily, making Yoongi want to roll his eyes at the lack of professionalism.


“This is Yoongi. Can you bring me coffee right now.” he said in a clipped tone, even though still remembering to phrase his order as nicely as he could.


“S-sir!” the boy, that couldn’t be more than 21 - oh, that thought was a little depressing, as Yoongi remembered that was literally Jimin’s age as well - answered in a rush, and Yoongi could clearly imagine the young intern straightening his back even though the boss couldn’t see him.


“I want a full mug, one of those white ones. Steaming hot, with two small spoons of sugar.” Yoongi continued with the same impatient, i-could-fire-you-right-now, tone of voice.


“Yes, sir.” the boy answered and Yoongi nodded curtly, more to himself than anything else, and put the phone back down.


     Yoongi groaned and rested against his leather seat for a moment. He knew he was “functional” while working as an office man - even though all he wanted in life, since ever , was to be an artist, a rapper, a musician, - and that he probably could keep doing this for the rest of his life.


     These days, he would catch himself wondering things he never thought he would. For example, he had been seriously wondering about what it would be like to finally give in to his father’s annoying wishes and go work with him on his company, Globex, to one day take over as CEO, too.


     And, when the time came and he was a wrinkly middle aged man himself, what would it be like to sit as CEO, or even as the chairman, of his grandfather’s Holdings’ company, the SCA Group.


     His greatgrandparents founded the SCA group a long time ago, and today that company’s purpose is to basically own other companies . Such as his father’s, Globex. And a relatively small bank in Korea and China. And some parts of BigHit Ent. ...And a relatively big weapon factory… And a major logistics company that usually delivered express mail and shipment all around the world, by air and sea. That one was his uncle’s.


     Decades ago, SCA partnered with Bang Sihyuk to start what would be a major entertainment company. With time, BigHit stopped being a part of the SCA conglomerate, as a subsidiary company, and became a group of its own, now actually owning small subsidiaries such as other record labels and companies.


     Jimin’s agency was actually a small company under BigHit’s name. That one was even in the same building as Yoongi right now. That was kind of how they became close, too.


      Thinking about Jimin was what always led Yoongi to begin considering actually giving up his music career completely, to follow his father’s dreams and become a steady rich businessman.


      Because maybe… As much as it would hurt and frustrate Yoongi, maybe, in the long run, it would be better. Maybe, he would be a better husband for Jimin, and a better dad to their kid, if he was writing emails inside an office rather than shouting and jumping on a concert stage.


      Maybe if the both of them were celebrities and artists, it would be worse.


      If he gave up now, he could probably be forgotten from the public eye. It would take some years, but it was possible. He could let Jimin shine and be steady, himself, to help him raise that child.


      Yoongi sighed, feeling his heart get heavy with his track of thoughts. The things he would do… The dreams he would give up for… Ah, sometimes he just wanted to be the best he could be for Jimin. Maybe he could give up on music, have a stable life in his family’s business, and live with less worries for the both of them. Less sasaengs following them around, less fansites and paparazzis annoying and embarrassing them around…


      Maybe, just maybe… Yoongi could do this. It wouldn’t be easy, he knew. He would keep writing his music, because his art came to him as simply as breathing, sometimes - but would never release it. Not even in the underground scene, not even on the internet. Even if he changed his stage name… everyone would recognize his voice.


      His heart sank a little more as he weighed his options, email and computer forgotten at the table.


     Yoongi remembered how yesterday had been annoying, when he and Jimin were waiting for the doctor’s call at the clinic. The photographers, both paparazzi and fansites, were there because of him, too. Maybe if it was only Jimin, it would have been less annoying. Maybe.


      And Yoongi did read the articles about them on twitter. He saw the hashtags on the trending topics. He understood the acts behind his mockering about “sugamon”, last night. He knew what people said about him and Namjoon, or about him and Jimin, on the internet.


      Maybe… It would really be the best if he gave up his dreams as an artist and lived in a suit for the rest of his life, being each and every thing he cursed about in his songs, entirely. He would own a business corporate group and produce poverty, hunger, social inequality, injustice, war and death. He would be, officially, one of them .


      If he wasn’t already - Yoongi thought, and groaned at his own depressing thoughts.


      He should be happy. He was living with Jimin and - and yeah, maybe, maybe he was in love. And they were going to have a cute, precious baby together, so that’s a plus.


      He should be happy.


      Then why was his nose runny, and his head hurting?


       Yoongi looked at the door impatiently. Where the fuck was his secretary’s assistant’s assistant, and much more importantly, his coffee ?!


       He turned back to the email, then. He should read it again, from the top, to try to find any mistakes. That was the negotiation of an entire record label, he should--


      A loud and sudden noise made Yoongi’s head snap in the direction of the door.


      His eyes widened, his mouth opened in shock for a second, but then his face contorted in annoyance and he groaned.


      Fucking hell.


      His father shut the door behind him - more like slammed it - producing another loud bang, but this time Yoongi didn’t even flinch.


      The man in his fifties was staring at Yoongi silently, his mouth pursed in a thin line. He stood in the middle of his office in a grey suit and with his hair neatly combed back.


“Hi, dad.” Yoongi said in a monotone voice, looking back at his computer's screen and moving the mouse around to make it look like he had much more important business to do, instead of giving his father the time of the day. He kind of did , today, actually.


     The man stayed in silence, and crossed his arms. Yoongi looked at him sideways, still in his act of “busy boss”, and turned back to save his draft email and close all the tabs on the browser.


“Did you come all the way here just to admire my beauty? Why, take a seat.” Yoongi said overly sweetly, with a small smile, squinting his eyes.


      He didn’t mean to act like a bratty teenager around his father like that, but well, what could he say - Mr. Min Jaesung really brought up the best in him.


“Do you think this is funny?!” Jaesung started, “I’m so tired of this, Yoongi, you’re giving me gray hair, I’m so stressed!! First it was that friend of yours Namjoon, and now this other guy, and he’s pregnant!!! There are pictures of you on the newspaper , Yoongi! On the printed newspaper !!!!”


“...You make it sound like it matters. It’s literally a single paragraph in the entertainment section. Also, that’s my fault because…?” Yoongi inquired, cocking his head in mock interest.


Because ,” Jaesung completed, uncrossing his arms and walking the steps to stand right in front of Yoongi’s desk, “ You didn’t listen to me at all!!!!!”


What?! I listen to you, that’s why I’m here!!” Yoongi replied angrily.


“No! That’s a lie, you don’t listen to me!” Jaesung was nearly shouting now, and put his hands on the glass of the desk to stare down at Yoongi, “Because I made myself very clear when I said I didn‘t want you with that Park Jimin boy! He’s not the right one for you!!”


“Excuse me?!! Who are you to tell me what is right for me?!” Yoongi was standing by now, on the other side of the table. They had the same height and eye level, but didn’t stare for too long before Jaesung was walking again, while he ranted,


“I’m your father, you ungrateful brat!! “who are you” hahah are you fucking kidding me?! Your mother really did a great job on-”


“Don’t you fucking talk about my mother!!” Yoongi nearly yelled, closing his fists. Jaesung didn’t even flinch and immediately answered,


GLADLY!” Jaesung shouted, eyes wide, “Because I’m here, trying to talk some sense into your head, because I care !”




“Let me finish!!” he raised his hand in the direction of Yoongi. Jaesung was pacing around the room but always looking at Yoongi as he spoke - or yelled,


“I’m here , Yoongi,” he said passionately pointing at the carpet he was stepping in, “Because I CARE . Because I know what is going on, and I don’t want it happening to you, because you’re my son!! This guy, Park Jimin?!! He’s using you -”


“Don’t you dare talk about--”


LET ME FINISH MIN YOONGI.” Jaesung shouted so loudly and angrily that Yoongi was sure the whole floor of the building heard it perfectly.


      There was a dead silence after it, and Yoongi simply stood there and watched his father regain his breath.


“This guy,” he continued, still angry but relatively quieter,  “He’s using you.” Jaesung saw Yoongi open his mouth and scowl, and quickly raised his pointer finger to motion for his son to stay silent and listen,


“He’s using you, it’s so clear . I’m upset that you’d be so dumb to actually fall for that ridiculous act-”


“I refuse to have-” Yoongi began angrily interrupting Jaesung, but the man simply continued saying, shouting, what he wanted to say,


“-he’s faking everything and you’re-”


- you come in my work place and-- jimin would never DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT-”












“I TRUST HIM!!!!!” Yoongi shouted, his face red from the effort of trying to speak louder than his father,




“I DON’T CARE!!!!” Yoongi was yelling so much his throat was hurting, but he was just so angry, and upset, at his father for yelling like that in his office and saying such invasive things about his life-


“YOU DON’T CARE?!”Jaesung exclaimed, his deep voice loudly reverberating through the room and outside it, but neither man was thinking about it enough to feel an ounce of self consciousness.




“YOU ARE CRAZY!!” Jaesung pointed at Yoongi, his face also red from anger and effort. “YOU SHOULD FUCKING LISTEN TO ME, DO WHAT I SAY BECAUSE I’M OLDER AND I KNOW-”


“BUT YOU DON’T KNOW!” Yoongi interrupted him, “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW I FEEL, AND YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!! DAD, I’M IN LOVE!” he exclaimed.


     And that one shut Jaseung’s mouth.


     The older man stared at Yoongi, silence, with his eyes open wide.


“Yeah, that’s right.” Yoongi said in a much sober voice, now, with his throat feeling rough, “I trust Jimin, because I love him. I fucking love Jimin, he’s the love of my life, and I’m gonna dive headfirst into this, I don’t care what happens to me as long as he’s okay, and-- and I just love him.” Yoongi was feeling so overwhelmed by his own confession that he felt breathless. This was the first time he said such things out loud - he was yet to confess to Jimin, still. “I love Jimin, and I love our baby, and I want us to be a family. D-dad, I think I’m gonna marry him one day.”


     Jaesung was gaping.


     At the back of Yoongi’s mind, he thought that, somehow, all of this felt right. Him talking about his feelings with his dad instead of his mom, - even if it was in this loud, messy way - it felt right for his father to be the first one to hear about this.


“So, it would be so nice if you-”


“No.” Jaesung interrupted him, his face hardening. “I do not agree with this.”


     It was Yoongi’s turn to gape.


“What-” he was frowning as he said, but the older man interrupted him again, his face a mix of annoyance, anger, and a bit of sadness,


“I still don’t think this is a good idea. You need to think more about yourself, Yoongi!! Your feelings are important , too-”


“My feelings???!!!! Do you REALLY wanna get there?!!” Yoongi exclaimed angrily, remembering how his father didn’t think twice before attempting to destroy Yoongi’s efforts in music.


     Jaesung groaned, impatient and frustrated,


“But I’m right and you know it!!! You are acting like a teenager, son!! You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself first!!-”


“And what do you know about love?!!”


“More than you, you can be sure of that!!” Jaesung exclaimed, impatiently but a lot more sober than before. He continued; “You need to think about yourself!! You need to think and analyze if that person will be good for you before diving in!!! You have to care about yourself too-”


And I do care about myself!!”


“It doesn’t seem like it!” Jaesung nearly shouted. He was pacing around the room again, “You know why?! Have you actually, really thought about the possibility of this boy, let’s say, not exactly be a bad person - which I highly doubt, by the way, - but still not love you back ?”


     Yoongi held his breath without realizing. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, and his father’s face was wrinkled in deep worry, sadness, and still that passionate anger that never seemed to let go of him, ever.


“See?!” he exclaimed, motioning at Yoongi’s silent form, “ That’s what I was talking about!! You didn’t!!! You were ready to literally break your heart over someone you don’t even know properly-”


“But I know him, of course I do!! We live together, even!” Yoongi immediately answered, clenching his fists again.


“That’s not enough!!! That’s not enough time to know a person-”


“How can you judge someone so quickly without having ever even met him before??!!!”


“I don’t know him but I know you , and I’m worried about you!!!!!


“Fucking let me live !!! I can do what I want, I’m not a child-”


“To me, you are!! Principally when you act like that in front of such an important matter!!! You can’t crash your own feelings and your own life because of-”


“Do you even hear yourself speaking right now?!! YES, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, IT’S MY LIFE AND I’M AN ADULT!!!!”












“JUST FUCKING LET ME WORK!!! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!” Yoongi yelled, feeling his head pound, his throat complain and his body get more tired by the second he stood shouting at his father.


“Fine, I’ll be going!! But this conversation is not over!!!” Jaesung yelled as he walked in the direction of the door.


“IT NEVER IS!” Yoongi exclaimed louder as he let his body fall abruptly on the big leather chair behind his desk.


“Oh, and son?! You need to drink some orange juice, I’m gonna have someone to bring it to you in a minute.” Jaesung said absently by the half-opened door, looking perfectly collected as he adjusted his hair, and not with even a hint of shame for the fit he just threw.


“Hm.” Yoongi simply let out as he closed his eyes and rested against his chair. He would do anything to just crawl under Jimin’s fluffy bed right now and sleep into oblivion. He was so tired.


“I’ll be having a business meeting right now, but I’ll be calling you tonight to see how you are feeling. And you better answer my calls, or else…” he threatened, but Yoongi only scoffed from his place, without even opening his eyes,


“Or what? You’re gonna pay me a visit at Jimin’s house? Oh, that’d be lovely, you two would finally meet--”


      The door slammed shut.


      Yoongi laughed a bit more, but then groaned. Damn, the email. He still needed to work on the email.


      And where the fuck was his coffee?


     Just as he was about to reach for the phone, the door opened again, this time in a much quieter manner.


“S-sir…?” a young man peeked inside, seeming to be trying to keep a straight face on and not let his nervousness show, “Your coffee?...”


     So that one must be his secretary’s assistant’s assistant. A college intern, it seemed.


     Yoongi motioned with a hand for the boy to come in. He was carrying his mug of coffee with both hands, and place it on his desk before bowing.


      He took the mug and sipped it.


      Uhg. Cold.


“It’s cold.” Yoongi stated, making a disgusted face and placing it back on the desk. “Take this with you and make another.” he ordered, and the young man bowed before taking the mug and turning back.


       As the young man exited with a silent click of the door, Yoongi turned to his computer, with the unfinished email already opened, and massaged his temples. His body felt like shit and all he wanted was to lay down and sleep.


      Fuck. What was the possibility of things turning out right if he just left he task of proofreading and sending this email to his secretary? Because he was a second away from just doing it, fuck with the consequences.






     Later that day, Yoongi was walking around the hallways of the building, with his suit slightly wrinkled, and bags under his eyes.


     He didn’t know how he managed to push through the day, and effectively write and send that damned email on his own, without having to involve his secretary. Maybe it was the coffee, hot and energetic for his body.


     Or maybe it was the orange juice carton, coupled with takeout from his favorite chicken restaurant, that was delivered to him about an hour after his father’s visit.


      Now, hours later, he felt full and overall satisfied, but the tiredness was still there, and even worse. His nose was definitely runny, now, and he sniffed grumpily as he walked to the elevators at the end of the corridor.


     People around him were probably scared from his permanent scowl, because everyone that he passed by would bow and get out of his way in a hurry.


     For some reason he lowkey felt like puking.


     Yoongi could feel his eyes closing and his scowl harden as he waited for the elevator doors to open so that he could finally go home. He was feeling so tired and weird, maybe he should have called his driver today. Fuck, what a shit day, all he wanted was to go home and meet Jimin and his eye smiles and his sweet scent and baby bump and cuddle-




     The elevator doors opened, finally, but in the one second it took for him to start moving, he realized there was a small group of people already inside, with their backs to him, and talking,


“-and he’s just like his dad, what an asshole,” a young woman he recognized as some secretary’s assistant was saying, with her back to him.


     The two other workers in front of her widened their eyes and paled when they caught the sight of Yoongi at the door, still not stepping inside the elevator, and with a - deadly - resting bitch face on.  “-really don’t know how he managed to sleep with Park Jimin in the first place, he must be- what?” one of the workers, looking pale like paper, shook her shoulder and pointed to something behind her back.


     She slowly, dreadfully, turned to see what it was, and gasped like she had seen a ghost.


     If Yoongi wasn’t so tired and sick, he would have wanted to laugh at the girl’s bad luck, and karma. But he didn’t move, and blinked once, twice. His grumpy face remained unmoving, and unimpressed at the terrified assistant’s paling face.


     No one moved or said a thing, and the automatic doors started to slowly slide closed.


     Yoongi blinked again, unimpressed at the girls and boys’ faces. They looked like they were about to cry from mortification.


      When the doors shut closed, Yoongi scoffed, finally able to let out a small laugh. He started to turn for the set of elevators on the other side of the hallway;


      But then he started coughing.





Chapter Text

chapter 22:

      It’s difficult, but Yoongi manages to arrive home after work by driving his own car.


      He feels dizzy, tired, irritated by nothing and there’s a growing headache pounding in his head, but he manages - barely so, but still, - to park his car inside the house’s garage, get out of it, and enter the house by a door in the end of the corridor that leads to the living room.


      It’s almost 7 pm and it’s night outside, but the house is just as bright as if it were day, with all of that off-white furniture and carpets around.


      It never ceased to amaze him that Jimin was a model that worked with fashion trends for a living, and by default their house was all so… decorated. It was like they were living inside a house decor magazine, or a tv commercial. But it wasn’t weird, and it did feel like home - much more than his own old apartment in the center of the city, that was all so luxurious but really just full of rich people’s cliché decor. This house was edgy and different - and very white, and beige, with big green plants in the most eccentric places, - but it was comfortable and warm.


      And, of course, none of that decor really mattered to make Yoongi feel at home - the only element he needed for that was a certain smiling young man, and soon their little one.


      Talking about Jimin, he was the first thing Yoongi noticed when he emerged in the living room, having already shrugged off his suit jacket, still holding his suitcase with his laptop inside.


      Jimin was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the living room’s biggest and most fluffy rug, and surrounded by boxes and bags, pieces of clothing and shoes lying around him as well.


“Welcome home!” Jimin practically sing-songed, but didn’t make to get up. Instead, he raised his hands in Yoongi’s direction, making grabby gestures, and pursing his lips into a silly kiss-kiss form. “Come here!”


      Despite the mild sickness and nausea, Yoongi snorted and left his suitcase and jacket on a nearby armchair before walking to Jimin, crouching down and pecking him on the lips.


      Then, at the sight of Yoongi looking over the pile of mail boxes full of merchandising and gifts from stores and brands, Jimin explained with an easy smile,


“It’s mail time again. There was more, but I only accepted some,” Jimin said, and Yoongi hummed before going into a straight standing position again and resuming his walk to the stairs at the corner of the wide living room,


“If I didn’t know you, I’d think you were an youtuber. Like, a beauty vlogger,” Yoongi said with a smile on his face, even though his eyes were drooping from sleepiness,


“Well, technically I am a lifestyle blogger…? But, without a blog? ...Does instagram count?” Jimin asked, half-laughing as he sorted through a big paperbag full of, literally, bottles of shampoo. Only.


     Well, at least it was vegan, so he was keeping those.


     Yoongi scoffed at Jimin’s joking questions and proceeded to slowly walk up the stairs.





     Taking a shower was complicated today.


      His headache was hell , he felt weak and the nausea was getting more serious by the minute. Yoongi made the shower as quick as possible, practically just spraying water all over his body, then turning it off.


      By the time he was halfway dressed and seriously feeling like shit , cursing his own entire existence and almost certain he was not okay, he felt the first urge to puke.


      And oh, puke he did.


      Let’s not get into deep detail but the puking kept on for way too long in Yoongi’s opinion, and it felt like hell . All he wanted was to lay down on the cold floor of the bathroom and close his eyes, but his body kept getting sicker and sicker and everything ached and he felt like dying.


      When it was finally over, or so it seemed, he rested his cheek on the cold porcelain of the toilet, chest heaving. Yoongi’s hair was a sweaty mess and he was paler than ever.


      He stayed like that for what felt like forever before he finally got the will to stand up. He went on wobbly legs to the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. He groaned in frustration and opened the tap to fill his hands with water to wash his face.


      Yoongi absentmindedly noticed that he was shaking, but proceeded to splash water on his face. He then eyed the toothbrushes, feeling disgusted at the taste in his own tongue, but knew doing a complete brush of his teeth and mouth while in this state just couldn’t end good. He resigned with only washing his mouth with water and a bit of toothpaste before getting out of the bathroom in the second floor, somehow feeling way more gross now than when he had gotten in the shower, in the first place.


       He thought about turning back to the bathroom and taking another shower, but decided against it because he knew he just didn’t have the energy.


      Yoongi dragged himself to the top of the stairs and proceeded to go down, step by step. He was in sweatpants and a big t-shirt, and the house heater was on, since it was the middle of november, but he still felt as cold as if he were naked, outside. He was even trembling slightly.


      When he got to the living room, he realized the early mess of Jimin’s mail was gone from the carpet, and that Jimin was in the kitchen. As Yoongi slowly walked to the entrance, he saw Jimin’s eyes widen as soon as he got a good look at him.


      Jimin hurriedly closed the fridge’s door and was in front of Yoongi in a second.


“Are you okay? You look so sick- Ohmygod you’re burning up!!! ” Jimin gasped when he moved to touch Yoongi’s cheek. His shoulders were slumped and he felt sleepy, but somehow, in his mind, it was still logical and understandable that he made them dinner, like in any other night.


“I… I kind of… puked before, so that’s probably why--” he began explaining, hesitantly and still tired, but Jimin’s eyebrows knitted together and his face contorted almost like he was angry, - but really just very worried, - and it looked kind of funny in his cute face. Yoongi smiled as Jimin kept his interruption to his words, saying,


“You puked ?!! Oh my god, oh my god you need to go to bed right now !!!!!! Can you walk up the stairs? Come on,” Jimin started guiding a sleepy and pliant Yoongi back to the living room, his cute eyebrows still doing that funny thing, in his opinion, and keeping one arm around his shoulders like he was incapable of walking straight right now - and okay, he kind of wasn’t.



     Jimin was so worried. So so os so so worried!!!


     How didn’t he notice this before?!! How didn’t he see it when Yoongi first walked into the house this evening?! Yoongi was pale, almost green, and clearly not okay at all!


     Jimin adjusted his pillows once more, still lingering inside their main bedroom. Yoongi was sleeping now, but Jimin was scared because he had no idea what he was dealing with. What if this is serious??!!! Should he call an ambulance?! But what if it wasn’t? What if he just ate something bad and--


     The doorbell rang.


     Who could it be? It was like, 8 at night on a Tuesday? And this was a private neighborhood, so the possibility of it being any kind of stranger - like a fan or journalist, or something in between, - was really scarce.


     Jimin frowned, looking at Yoongi’s tired sleeping form once again. He then heard the doorbell ring one more time and breathed out. Okay, it could be important. Yeah.


      He turned to exit the room, but hesitated.


      Jimin slowly, dreadfully, looked back to the bed;


      looked to the empty bucket beside it;


      then to the expensive belgian rug placed by the side of it, right beneath and exactly in the direction of Yoongi’s mouth.


      Jimin looked one last time to the door before hurrying back to the bed to take the rug away, as silently as possible, and discarding it in the other side of the room, as far as possible from that mouth.


      Hah, not today. And certainly not his pastel-blue belgian rug. No no no.


      Better safe than sorry.


        When Jimin looked at the peep hole on the front door, he saw a middle-aged woman, in a white blazer and blue woolen scarf standing in the porch.


      Frowning in confusion, - they weren’t expecting anyone, right? - he opened the door.


“...Hello?” Jimin said in a politely blank face, waiting for the woman to explain herself.


      She smiled and bowed her head slightly,


“Good night, I’m Dr. Lee, I was called by Mrs. Kim Hyoji. It seems like her son Yoongi-ssi is not feeling well?” the woman said, and at Jimin’s shocked expression - he wasn’t expecting this. Could Yoongi’s mom read minds? See the future? What was going on? “Uhm, I’m the family doctor. Do you want to see my ID, Mr. Park Jimin?”


      Then his eyebrows shot up, because even though he was kind of a public figure for a while - two, maybe three years, - he was still in the process of getting used to people that weren’t teenage girls recognizing him like that. When he stayed in silence, the older woman started opening her bag to get her wallet, and Jimin finally snapped out of it and closed his mouth, quickly - when did he start gaping?


       Jimin would later think that he should have probably let her present her ID and medical permissions to him at the door, but at this moment he was just too desperate to appear minimally polite. So he hurriedly opened the door wider and motioned for her,


“No, no, it’s okay! There’s no need, Mr. Lee, please come in!” he said it all in one breath, and the woman simply nodded and followed him inside.


      She swiftly stepped out of her shoes while Jimin got a pair of house slippers for her.


      When Jimin was guiding the doctor to the common area, where the sofas and the stairs leading to Yoongi’s sleeping form were, he saw her rummage through her leather bag and get small bottle out.


“Here,” she extended the small bottle to Jimin, who frowned confusedly, “this is hand sanitizer. You should use it, since we don’t know what we’re dealing with, and you’re in a delicate state. Also,” she paused to get a box of medical face masks out of her bag too, “We’ll need to put on facemasks before we see him.”


“Oh…” Jimin looked surprised and a little impressed by all of that, but he easily complied, putting on the mask the doctor handed him, and applying the hand sanitizer, that smelled like alcohol.


“Can you take me to where Yoongi-ssi is, now?” she asked while wearing the same white medical mask as Jimin. He nodded and turned to the stairs.


      Jimin thought they were going to simply go up to the bedroom in some sort of awkward, almost uncomfortable silence, but the doctor was already asking him more questions. About himself .


“Do you have any specific allergies, Mr. Park?” she asked with that no-nonsense, straight face on.


“Uh, no.” he said a little awkwardly from behind his facemask as they climbed up the mahogany stairs of his living room.


“How far are you on the pregnancy?”


“...Uhm… 26 weeks…? Or 27, I’m not sure…” Jimin mumbled, “But I guess 26.”


“Okay.” she nodded, sounding professional-like, and followed Jimin when he turned on their left after they had reached the top of the stairs.


“Did you have much physical contact with Mr. Min Yoongi after he came back from work?” she asked, and they stopped in front of the half opened door. Jimin’s eyebrows went up a little, and she added, looking unaffected, “I just need to know the level of exposure you’ve had to whatever virus is upon Mr. Yoongi’s body.”


“Uh… I hugged him.” Jimin said, trying not to feel too awkward. He was telling the truth, right? He couldn’t quite remember if they hugged, but… probably. “And kissed… on the lips.” Jimin concluded, pointing to his own lips that were covered by the medical mask, then immediately feeling silly for doing it.


     He looked at the older woman and her reaction to his words had him wincing. She looked to the side with an expression that would sound like “oh, that’s bad .” and even though he couldn’t see her lips, he was almost sure she was doing a face.


“It seems to me that you’ve had quite the exposure to Min Yoongi’s sickness, and that is dangerous for you. I’m going to take the liberty of adding a file for you in my desk as well, just for precaution. And you should let your prenatal doctor know about this.” she said, while getting a pair of latex gloves out of her leather bag and putting them on, before grasping the door handle.


“Oh, and please, stay at the door. It’s not wise to have you so close to someone who’s possibly infected with a virus.” she said over her shoulder and entered the bedroom, leaving the door wide open so that Jimin could see what was happening inside.


       Jimin gulped, feeling too worried about Yoongi’s health. What was going on? And how did his mom know that he was not feeling well?


       Yoongi’s sleeping form was practically unmoving on the bed, and he was all covered by the thick comforter Jimin had tucked him in previously. He unconsciously pouts as he watches the doctor getting closer, then proceeding to lay her leather bag on the edge of the bed to take out a stethoscope and other smaller things, like one that Jimin was almost certain was a thermometer.


       Yoongi was sleeping so peacefully and tiredly, with his eyebrows knitted together as if he was struggling to keep himself in the unconscious state, that Jimin felt bad for having to let the woman wake him up.


       She didn’t sit on the bed, but stayed right beside it and leaned down to bring a hand to Yoongi’s shoulder in a sure, but feather-like touch.


“Min Yoongi ssi?” she asked in a firm tone of voice, “Min Yoongi ssi?” she repeated, and Jimin saw Yoongi stir, then start to grumble lowly.


      Jimin crossed his arms over his chest and let his shoulder lean on the doorway of the bedroom. He watched the exchange of words, where the doctor introduced herself and was visibly recognized by Yoongi as someone he already knew, and the way the woman put on her stethoscope to check Yoongi’s lungs and heartbeats.


       While Yoongi was sat up on the bed, keeping the thermometer in his mouth as the doctor took notes on a small pad, their eyes met, and he must have seen all the worry shining in Jimin’s face, because he offered a small smile, lifting his eyebrows and trying to appear more lively.


        Jimin could read that look. It was all over “don’t worry about me, I’m fine!”, and Jimin wished he could believe that, but Yoongi looked pale and kind of dizzy too.


       The doctor looked away from her notepad and took the stick off Yoongi’s lips. She squinted her eyes at it, bringing the thermometer closer to her face.


“You have a fever.” she stated, looking unpleased by it but at the same time, not surprised at all.


“How much?” Yoongi grumbled,




“Oh.” he commented monotonously, but the doctor was already asking more questions,


“How many times have you puked?” she asked with a straight face, and Yoongi looked down with a grimace, before answering her that he only had it once.


       The doctor asked a few more gruesome questions, to which Yoongi answered hesitantly, side-eyeing Jimin all the time, but the younger didn’t make to move an inch. He was too worried to care, and he was anxious to hear the doctor’s diagnosis.


       After getting all the information she wanted, there was a silence in the bedroom and Jimin’s eyes widened slightly. What if this was too bad that she needed to do more complex exams, and-


“Well, after seeing this patient’s situation,” she started saying, while putting her few medical equipments back in her bag, and sounding like she was talking to Jimin instead of Yoongi, “I can easily and surely diagnose this as Gastroenteritis.”


      Jimin gasped loudly,


“Oh my god, a gastro- what?! ” he felt like he could cry of despair in any moment,


“Wait, let me finish!” the doctor motioned wildly to jumping-to-conclusions Jimin by the door, “Gastroenteritis is what we popularly call the stomach flu. There’s nothing to be worried about, this is a common sickness.”


“...Oh.” Jimin paused, then frowned. He opened his mouth to speak, but the doctor beat him to it again,


“Gastroenteritis, or stomach flu, can be really harmless if dealt with the right way. Your parents were right to contact me, even if this might appear to be simple, it is really, really important that you try to stay hydrated.” she turned to speak directly to Yoongi, who simply nodded. “There’s no medicine for stomach flu, as it is bound to wear off in its own, but I can prescribe you something for the symptoms if they get too much. I’m going to write down something for nausea and stomach pain, but that’s all I can do.” she said in a final tone, then put her bag around her shoulder again and started walking to Jimin’s general direction.


       Doctor Lee stopped midway and turned back to the bed, where Yoongi was lazily starting to tuck himself back under the comforter,


“This should be over in two to three days. You must drink as many non-caffeinated drinks you can - and I believe it might not be a problem to find those as you’re living with a pregnant person - avoid soda and plain water. Instead, I’d recommend adding lemon, mint or ginger to your water, and even if you can’t drink or eat anything, try chewing on ice. Chamomile tea should help, too.” she continued.


       The doctor kept shooting information at the both of them, and even if Yoongi seemed too sleepy and sick to be actually paying attention to any of it, Jimin was frowning deeply and nodding, concentrated in remembering everything.


     By the end of her visit, she was downstairs with Jimin, advising him to stay downstairs, wash his hands all the time, use gloves to touch anything Yoongi might have possibly touched these past days, use the face mask, pay someone to come clean the house thoroughly and try to keep his communication with Yoongi by phone calls and text messages as much as he could.


      Jimin nodded so much his neck was starting to hurt, and by the time he was bowing and thanking her before finally closing the front door, he couldn’t help but feel much more relaxed after the doctor was gone, and the answer to Yoongi’s problem wasn’t nearly as much terrifying as he thought it’d be.



     Some hours after the doctor visit, it was past midnight and Jimin was seated on the kitchen counter, with his elbows on the marbled top, typing on his phone.


     It was already too late at night to contact any cleaning service, and he wouldn’t start doing anything on that matter, no matter how much the doctor had advised him to, because his back muscles had decided to be a bitch to him now - oh, all he wanted was a slow back massage right now, but… that was certainly not going to happen tonight. - and he didn’t feel like so much lifting a single feather.


      He was feeling tired now that all his massive worrying for Yoongi’s health had wore off. So since he wasn’t doing any attempt at cleaning the supposed germs around the house, he was doing the next best thing - wearing the medical facemask, and keeping the small bottle of alcohol hand gel right next to him at all times. The little thing was currently on the counter, in front of him, while he waited for the water with the ramen to boil at the stove, and communicated through text messaged with Yoongi.


Jimin (11:22 pm):


i’m cooking you ramen

without the seasoning bc i don’t think you can handle that...

my favorite boyfriend in the world needs to eat properly


Yoongi (11:22 pm):


first of all i’m your only boyfriend

or at least I hope so


Jimin (11:23):


you’re ruining the mood, hyung!

I’m trying to be cute


Yoongi (11:23):


sorry bby


Jimin (11:23):


and I wish I could be with you rn :(

making sure you’re okay

fluffing your pillows

giving you cuddles


Yoongi (11:23):


Jiminnie, forget it.

you’re not stepping foot in this bedroom until this is over

we can’t risk you getting infected


Jimin (11:23):




Yoongi (11:23):


I’m serious!


Jimin (11:23):


oh but I’ll need to give you your ramen


Yoongi (11:23):


I’ll come downstairs to get it and I won’t touch anything, you included


Jimin (11:23):


and the tea!!

While you were sleeping I made a ton of chamomile tea

they’re all in the kitchen


Yoongi (11:24):


I will get those too

the mini fridge in the study works fine, right?


Jimin (11:24):


yes it’s brand new

but you shouldn’t be doing this much stuff

you’re sick, you could get nauseous all over again


Yoongi (11:24)


and you’re pregnant!

this is the silliest stomach flu ever, I’ll be just fine


Jimin (11:24)


i’m pregnant, not dying

well it didn’t look silly when we had a doctor come over


Yoongi (11:25)


you’re pregnant, which translates to Delicate State

oh and that was just my dad being his usual worry self


Jimin (11:25)


your dad? I think she told me it was your mom calling her up?


Yoongi (11:25)


my dad told my mom, my mom told the doctor

and she ended up coming here just to say the obvious, give you hand gel and go back home


Jimin (11:26)


your dad seems to be so nice and sweet

the way you talk about him makes him look like an overprotective dad,

it’s cute


Yoongi (11:26)



I wouldn’t say cute… but, sure.


Jimin (11:26)


and you never talk about him… only about your mom, but it looks like he’s the one who’s always around for you?


Yoongi (11:26)


can we talk about my parents’ relationship with me in any other day but now?

i’m kind of dying atm

and trust me you’ll meet all my family

we have all the time in the world for that


Jimin (11:26)


I know hyung I was just curious!!!


        Jimin stared at his last message and pouted, unsure of what to say next. He decided to leave it at that and get up to swirl the ramen water in the pan on the stove. When he was getting the fork to do it, he thought about how Yoongi never talked much about his family. Sure, the two weren’t together for a long time, so it was understandable that they still didn’t know absolutely everything about each other.


     He remembered the time Yoongi’s mom came over to feed him a story on how Yoongi’s dad was the devil incarnated, and basically explain Yoongi’s entire childhood to him in one single talk, but Jimin was still reluctant to take her words to heart. Sure, she was his mother and all, but he wished he had heard that story from Yoongi himself… And Jimin couldn’t help being optimistic and think that maybe, just maybe, Yoongi’s story with his dad wasn’t that bad… maybe it was all Mrs. Kim Hyoji’s grudge against Mr. Min Jaesung? Who knows…


     Jimin would only have his own opinion about the man once he had at least met him in person.


     When Jimin was back to the counter, having left the ramen to boil for some more time, he saw that there were new messages, and not just from Yoongi’s number.

Yoongi (11:27pm)


hey I’m sorry

that was rude, right?


I met all your family so it’s only fair you meet mine

I’m reluctant because there’s so much drama, you have no idea…

my parents are not on good terms with each other

at all

and i feel like I’m constantly struggling on not taking sides

but they’re both really stubborn

it’s just a shit ton of drama, really

it annoys me to no end

i feel like i’m the adult, dealing with two children



Taemin (11:28pm)


hey hi

how u doing




Jungkook (11:28pm)


hyung can you talk rn




Yoongi (11:28pm)


when this is all over I promise I’ll try to explain it to you

if you want, of course


      Jimin paused, squinting his eyes to read the sea of messages Yoongi had left, then Taemin’s and Jungkook’s messages.


      He thought it was really cute that Yoongi was so guilty over such a simple “I don’t wanna talk about it.”, then proceeding to actually talk about it - but not really. Yoongi’s family was so mysterious to Jimin, still… and if he had doubted the honesty of Mrs. Hyoji words in her visit, Yoongi’s messages now only served to confirm his doubts. What exactly was true in the older woman’s words, and what was false? So confusing…


       Then he frowned over Taemin’s sudden appearance. The last time they talked, Jimin wasn’t even pregnant, still playing - f*cking - around with Yoongi.


       Taemin was a model like Jimin, not that much older than him, but definitely more famous. The man was an established celebrity, and an actor, while Jimin was just recently settled in the industry… Jimin bit his lips with the thought, feeling an immense wave of worry start building up in his heart, but he tried to hurriedly get away from those feelings and thoughts. He was pregnant now, and keeping the baby. There was no helping it now. So he would worry about his career when it was the time for it.


      Cross that bridge when he came to it.


      Jimin took a deep breath, and decided to answer Jungkook first.


Jungkook (11:28pm)


hyung can you talk rn


Jimin (11:29pm)



what’s up kookie

Jungkook (11:29)


not much

i just came back to the dorm after an entire day of dance practice

i’m so tired hyung, i want to sleep……

Jimin (11:29)


then turn off the phone and go sleep!!

Jungkook (11:30)


i caaaaan’t TT-TT

because i’m the last in line to the bathroom

and you know me, i can sleep w out a shower

Jimin (11:30)


oh, baby….

dorm life is hard isn’t it

Jungkook (11:30)




you understand me, hyung

Jimin (11:30)


hahahahahh i do

i spent what, five years of my life living in company dorms

Jungkook (11:30)


how old were you when you signed with bh?

Jimin (11:30)


yg, actually

i “trained” there, more like worked, really

but my agent migrated to big hit with the separation and i went with her

Jungkook (11:30)



Jimin (11:30)


i was casted when i was 14, signed at 15

and moved to the dorms in seoul

i lived with other 5 kids

Jungkook (11:30)


you’re lucky i live with 7!!!!!

uhg i can’t believe i’m the last in the goddamn shower line

i wanna sleep hyung TT-TT

why do we only have one bathroom

this is ridiculous

we debuted already

Jimin (11:31)


talking about debuting, how is your next comeback

Jungkook (11:31)


more like our first comeback ever hahah

it’s great

kind of too cutesy cute but we’re targeting middle schoolers so i think it’s only right

“just right” hahhahahah

that was a joke

you’ll understand in two months, hyung ;)

Jimin (11:31)


…. are you hanging out with jun hyung behind my back

and ah,, so that’s what J.R. stands for

i think i saw a pen drive with a sticker written J.R. in yoongi’s stuff before

Jungkook (11:31)


that was probably the song, yes

Yoongi hyung is nice but he’s scary in the recording room

Jimin (11:31)


hahahh i can imagine it

Jungkook (11:32)


but it’s only with us, i swear

he’s another person entirely with the girls in twice

he smiles for them hyung. SMILES.

Jimin (11:32)



Jungkook (11:32)


and they’re older than us!!

we’re the rookie group, shouldn’t he be nice to us instead????

Jimin (11:32)


idk jungkookie

do you want me to pass the phone to him

so that you can open your heart

Jungkook (11:32)





Jimin (11:32)



how many people are ahead of you now?

in the line to shower?

Jungkook (11:33)



istg, five.

i’m gonna pass out hyung

Jimin (11:33)


aaaaahhh poor bby

you make me wish i could adopt you

it must the the momsy hormones

Jungkook (11:34)


jimin hyung.


that would either be really Wrong, or really Kinky

no in between

Jimin (11:34)


omg!!!!! you’re right, i’m so sorry!!!!!!!!



Jungkook (11:34)


hey don’t worry hyung!!!!

if you ever want me to call you mommy

you know where to find me

Jimin (11:34)


jungkook ISTG

Jungkook (11:34)


any time

any place

just call me or send a text

morse code even

or smoke signals

Jimin (11:35)


jungkook i’m gonna block you


Jungkook (11:35)


hyung you started it :(

now I’m horny

Jimin (11:35)


well control yourself then!!!!!!

Jungkook (11:35)


i can’t :(

let me call you mommy hyung :(

Jimin (11:36)


you’re blocked.

Jungkook (11:36)


but mommy!!!

i’m so sorry i was a bad boy!!!!!


      Jimin was shaking his head while looking at his phone, laughing exasperated but also feeling his cheeks heat up in fluster. Don’t think about it, Jimin, don’t think about it .


       It wasn’t the part of Jungkook’s proposals that got him red all over, no. Jimin was more than used to the boy’s “vulgarity”, now. It was solely the “mommy kink” part.


       He couldn’t help but wonder… Would Yoongi like that kind of thing?...


       It had been so long since they got each other off, or did anything like that together…


       Jimin shook his head to clear his thoughts and went to the stove again. The ramen was perfect now. He put the food on a bowl, making sure to leave as much of the watery soup as he could. Looking at it now, the ramen didn’t seem like the most delicious thing on earth, but Jimin knew there was no point in Yoongi trying to eat anything heavy right now.


        He did a makeshift lid for the porcelain bowl with plastic wrap, to keep the heat inside, and started to take the bottles of chamomile tea out of the fridge and into an eco bag he found in a random cabinet.


      When everything was ready, he finally answered Yoongi’s messages,


Yoongi (11:27pm)


(...)it’s just a shit ton of drama, really

it annoys me to no end

i feel like i’m the adult, dealing with two children

Jimin (11:45pm)


it’s okay hyung don’t stress over it

now you rest, we can talk about it later

and your food is ready,

can you come down here to get it?

if you can’t i can go up, no problem


       Jimin typed the messages and waited for a few seconds for Yoongi’s response, but got nothing. He remembered there were still those messages from Taemin, so he switched to the chat page.


Taemin (11:28pm)


hey hi

how u doing


Jimin (11:46pm)


i’m fine!

thanks for asking

that was really sweet.

it shows you care.


     Jimin huffed at his own sarcastic answers. He was ready to leave his phone behind and proceed to go up the stairs to check on Yoongi, when Taemin started sending him a string of new messages,


Taemin (11:46)


yeah I’m a really sweet guy

the sweetest

uhm okay sorry for disappearing like that


it’s ust that...

i still havent talked to you

like, to congratulate you and all

you’re going to be an amazing dad and your kid is going to be the cutest

Jimin (11:46)



thanks taemin :)

it means a lot to me that you remembered

...even if i’m 7 months, almost giving birth now, but…

Taemin (11:46)


i knooow i’m so sorry!!!! i was an ass for not reaching out sooner

i was in new york this whole time

actually still am here

working my ass off but of course i could still have remembered

i’m really sorry pls take me back

Jimin (11:46)


hahahhh noooo it’s ok hyung i forgive you

i know what it is like

Taemin (11:46)


you’re an angel hahahahh

Jimin (11:47)


i mean, to work so much you forget about everything else

did you have fun while you were at it?

Taemin (11:47)


yes!!! so so so much fun

i was going to be the face for the clothing line but somewhere in the way they decided i could do the perfume promotions too

aaaaand a tv commercial! jiminnie i’m on the tv!!!!!!!

Jimin (11:47)


i saw it baby!

it was so hot and sexy, i couldn’t believe it was you

Taemin (11:47)


aaaaaaa TT-TT

ur mean

come on i’m the sexiest person you know

Jimin (11:47)



i know a lot of ppl honey are you sure you want to go there?

Taemin (11:47)


oh my god what has the pregnancy done to you??


so much sass

who are you and what have you done to jimin

Jimin (11:47)



Taemin (11:47)


also, i might be bringing adorable little things to gift someone’s baby…

do you think i should bring pink or blue?hmmm

Jimin (11:47)


bring purple

idk the sex baby anything is fine

Taemin (11:47)


aaaahhh you used to be more romantic…

and really? you don’t know the sex yet?

Jimin (11:47)


i want it to be a surprise,

and i really don’t care whether it’s a boy or girl.

you see? now THAT’s romantic

Taemin (11:47)


aaawwww it is!!


       Jimin smiled at his phone so much his eyes were almost closing, feeling happy that his old friend was coming back to him. They weren’t so close anymore, so it wasn’t a big deal that they spent such a long time without contacting.


       He switched to Yoongi’s chat again, but there was still no response from him. Jimin sighed and put his phone back in his hoodie’s front pocket.


       He cleaned his hands once more with the alcohol gel, then slid on a new pair of medical gloves, just like Dr. Lee had told him to.


       Then he got Yoongi’s dinner and bottles of tea upstairs.


      Jimin was quiet when he entered the bedroom, as Yoongi was asleep on the bed. The older had a troubled expression on his sleeping face, and Jimin felt truly sad that he couldn’t be together with him, cuddle and try to make him feel better and loved with the good ol’ physical contact… But he knew it was for the best.


      As he leaned down to put the bowl wrapped in plastic on the bedside table, Jimin felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, signalizing another message coming. For one second, he thought who could it be - Jungkook or Taemin. Then he remembered he had blocked Jungkook’s number - he would need to unblock the boy tomorrow, - so it was definitely Taemin. He wondered what could it be, since it had looked like their conversation was over.


       After setting the eco bag full of cold tea bottles down, he thought about how he would need to either go do grocery shopping or pay someone do it for him. ...It would probably be the latter, anyway.


        Jimin looked at Yoongi’s sleeping form and couldn’t help himself - he fondled Yoongi’s hair, even if he was still using the gloves, and smiled behind the mask. He would come back in an hour to check on him again.


        He was mildly sleepy, but he felt like he’d go to sleep really late, principally when Yoongi was in that situation.


        Jimin got out of the dark bedroom and went to the guest room that was also on the second floor. The room was not even close to ready, but at least it had a simple full-sized bed that was comfy enough.


        Just as he opened the drawers to try to find some fluffy comforter to put on the bed, he felt his phone vibrating again.


       Jimin smiled fondly, thinking about Taemin’s insistence in getting back on good terms with him, and got his phone. There were two messages, one from Taemin, and...


unknown number (00:00)


I love you, Jimin.



Taemin (00:12)


how about we meet up for a coffee sometime? i’ll be back in Seoul next week


      Jimin bit his lower lip and frowned. That was… ...a fan, right?


      His eyes zeroed at the hour the unknown number had sent that question, and recognition slowly settled on his face. He knew that behavior. He knew who sent that.


      Jimin sat on the edge of the bed and took a deep breath. He decided to ignore that, delete the message and continue texting his friend as if nothing was happening.


Jimin (00:12)


i appreciate the offer, and i really do want to meet you again, but

i can’t drink coffee. i’m pregnant, hyung

Taemin (00:13)



hahahahh I’m sure we can find a place that sells decaf?

Jimin (00:13)


yes hhahah

but can we talk tomorrow?

Taemin (00:13)


yeah sure!

i know, it’s super late

how’s the pregnant life treating you? is it as hard as it looks?

Jimin (00:13)


you’re not a carrier, right?

so you’ll never know anyways

Taemin (00:13)


hahahah fair enough, okay okay

how far are you?

in months please because i can’t deal with those calculus

Jimin (00:13)


7 months

       Jimin was distractedly typing his next message, a joke about Taemin’s mathematical abilities, when a new line of messages began popping on his screen, one after the other,


unknown number (00:13)


don’t ignore me


why are you like this?

let me love you

come back

I will take care of you

      Jimin groaned and hurried to block the number from sending him more messages. He let out a breath of relief when the messages stopped coming.


      But then another number started doing the same thing,


Unknown Number (00:14)


don’t block me!!!

you ungrateful little shit

you’re misbehaving and i can’t wait until i have you over my lap again

I will put you where you belong


     Jimin felt tears of frustration prickle under his eyes as he blocked that number too, but already knowing there was no helping it. He’d have to change his number again, and even then, he wouldn’t have his peace back until Junmyeon got bored of it and stopped on his own.


      He let out a shaky sigh and held his phone in one hand, shoulders slumped. He had been naive enough to think that this kind of thing wouldn’t repeat itself, and here he is, again.


      Jimin knew he should simply turn off his phone and forget about it for the rest of the night, but before he could move to do just that, one single message caught his eye in the sea of notifications his phone was receiving,


unknown number (00:14)


you can’t block me

or run away from me because you got something that’s mine

you know what i’m talking about, right, baby boy


i know i could be the father.

i knew since the fucking beginning, i can fucking COUNT

don’t think i’m letting you go like that

come back to me

i’ll take care of you and our baby

you can’t take that away from me Jimin

I will win you back

if you had told me you were a carrier everything would have been different

and I know that baby is mine too

I know I’m the father but I’m so happy, Jimin, so so happy

I just love you, Jimin.

let me love you.

Chapter Text

chapter 23:

      It took Yoongi approximately two days to fully recover from that first night’s crisis, and just as he was getting used to walking around healthily, Jimin got down with the same flu, just as they had feared.


      After doctor visits and a Yoongi almost imploding from nerves, stress over Jimin’s wellbeing and guilt from being the reason the pregnant man was down, Jimin was told to rest and basically sleep the flu off, just like Yoongi.


       A week after all that stomach flu mess started, Jimin was in his 28th week of pregnancy.


      Jimin was waking up slowly, with an adorable yawn, and Yoongi smiled from his place, right beside him on the bed, facing him.


      They looked so domestic it made something fierce in Yoongi’s heart awaken, like a need to protect that moment. He wanted to have that every day. Jimin was so gentle and amazing and cute and-


      Yoongi snorted at his own cheesiness. That sound caught Jimin’s attention, and he was fully awake now, so he wriggled closer to Yoongi and said,


“What are you laughing at?” Jimin asked, his voice still a little nasal from sleep, with his face completely bare of anything.


“Myself.” Yoongi murmured back. The domesticity was so good in that moment Yoongi felt like he could melt in that mattress. He kissed the crown of Jimin’s hair and said quietly, “You’re beautiful, did you know?” making Jimin giggle and try to hide his face on Yoongi’s chest.


“Shut up, I’m gross…” Jimin murmured back, and Yoongi let out an unbelieving sound.


“What? You’re kidding, right?! You look just about perfect to me!”


“Yoongi.” Jimin deadpanned, and moved away from his hug to stare him in the eyes, “Look at my hair. That alone is an atrocity!” Jimin exclaimed, with wide eyes, and Yoongi could see what Jimin was talking about, in a way. His hair was… visibly not in the same high maintenance it use to be in. His black roots were about two inches big, maybe even more than that, and the rest of his hair was simply blond, with no trace of hair dye now.


       But Yoongi couldn’t see how the color, or colors, of Jimin’s hair affected the perfectness in him.


“Aw, that’s just hair. Once this little one is out you can go back at doing whatever you want with it.” Yoongi shrugged with a silly smile on his face, bumping noses with Jimin and keeping one hand on his 7-months baby belly. “Hair grows.” he mumbled. Jimin scoffed, looking a little exasperated, but didn’t insist on it anymore, much to Yoongi’s happiness.


     He hummed against Yoongi’s neck and kissed him there quickly, feeling both parts lazy and eager about getting out of that bed.


“I want to go out today.” Jimin commented, then corrected himself, “No, I need to go out today. I think I spent an entire week without setting foot on the street and that’s insane.” he groaned. Yoongi pulled his body closer in the embrace and kissed the middle of his forehead,


“Good thing you have a doctor’s appointment in the city today, then. We can go, then we do whatever we want, how about it? Let’s have a picnic at the park, let’s have a date.” Yoongi singsonged by Jimin’s ear, making him giggle.


“Sure.” he said easily, and let himself be loved by Yoongi’s lips on his cheeks, his neck, his face.


       Jimin let out a noise that was like a content purr, and that only made Yoongi pull him closer to him, in a perfectly warm embrace on the bed in that mid-november morning. Yoongi kissed him slow and sweet on the lips for a moment, trying to hide his smile, and feeling like the luckiest man on earth.


      He slid his hand under Jimin’s shirt and carressed his baby belly slowly, and broke the kiss to admire Jimin’s face with fondness practically shining in his eyes.


“Oh my god, stop, you’re making me blush.” Jimin laughed suddenly, after Yoongi didn’t quit staring at his face like that. Yoongi smiled as well and brought their foreheads and noses together,


“I’m a fool for you, Jiminnie.” he said against his lips, voice sounding raspy and dead serious, and that made Jimin blush even more,


“You’re so. cheesy.” Jimin mumbled. Yoongi went back to kissing him slowly all over his face and cuddling.


“I am.” Yoongi easily agreed, shameless, and Jimin scoffed and rolled his eyes.


“When did you get this soft?” Jimin asked back, only half joking. Yoongi hummed and frowned, as if trying to remember an exact date.


“I think… I think It was a process.” he said, then looked Jimin straight in the eyes. “Wasn’t it the same for you?”


“...Yes.” Jimin said with a light smile on his face, staring at his beautiful face, “I fell in love with you so slowly, I didn’t even realize.”


      There was a silent pause, where only their breaths could be heard and Yoongi had this mixture of seriousness, determination and love in his eyes. Their faces were so close the tip of their noses were touching.


       Yoongi parted his lips to say something, but no words came out. Only a shaky breath, and Jimin understood. There were so many things to say, it was like his heart couldn’t decide on which to let out. So much love and promises, sweet nothings and meaningful confessions.


        Jimin closed the distance between their lips, and this time it wasn’t so much of a patient kiss. His heartbeat quickened and his even breaths got harder, the hand Yoongi had on his bump slid to his waist and it felt like it was burning his skin, deliciously. Yoongi bit Jimin’s lower lip and he moaned breathily.


      Later that day, they were already in the car, going to the center of the city. Yoongi was in a simple pair of jeans and hoodie, while Jimin was the same, but had a beanie covering his hair, leaving his forehead free, and one big pair of prescription glasses on his nose.


       The weather was getting chillier now, and soon the first snowy days would come.


“We’ll need to stop by some department store after I’m finished with the appointment.” Jimin commented when they were stuck on a red light, but already close to their destination.


“Ok.” Yoongi nodded, still looking ahead, to the street in front of him.


“We need towels, and some other things.” Jimin continued. Yoongi just nodded again.


“Like, baby clothes.” Jimin said distractedly, sounding like he was talking with himself more than with Yoongi, “I mean, it’s nice that so many stores are sending me stuff but I still want to choose the baby’s wardrobe myself, you know? And we can always donate it later, anyways.”


“Yeah.” Yoongi mumbled as he drove, clearly distracted with his own thoughts.


       Jimin stopped what he was about to say and looked at Yoongi, finally noticing the other man’s quietness.


“Yoongi? Did you hear anything I just said?”


      The other seemed to be a little startled at those words, but thankfully, that didn’t reflect on his driving.


“Sorry! I was just thinking.” Yoongi said hurriedly, and that only made Jimin feel even worse.


“If I’m being boring you can just tell me, hyung…” Jimin murmured, looking out the window and trying not to pout. Damn hormones.


“No! No, Jimin, you were not being boring, and I did hear you, we’re going shopping after the appointment, yes!...”


“You don’t need to say sorry, it’s nothing.” Jimin insisted, still not looking at him. He heard Yoongi sigh exasperatedly and in that moment the car was entering a less busy street and parking under a tree.


      Yoongi undid his seatbelt and leaned over to Jimin. He extended his hand and grabbed Jimin’s face gently, to make the younger look at him. Thankfully, Jimin didn’t look actually upset, only pouting a little, and by his eyes that were behind those prescription glasses Yoongi knew he was just embarrassed.


“Hey.” Yoongi started, in a gentle tone of voice, but Jimin made a face and said hurriedly,


“Let’s not talk about it, okay? Forget it, it’s nothing.” he said, and Yoongi seemed to think it over for a moment before nodding.


“Okay.” Yoongi said. He got a disposable face mask and swiftly put it over his ears, pulling it down to his chin. Jimin adjusted his beanie, to make sure it was covering all of his hair, and nodded at Yoongi to motion he was ready.


     They got out of the car and walked a few steps to the entrance of the tall building holding hands. But thankfully, there was no one following them this time.


     Jimin really hoped that he and Yoongi would manage to get through the day without any media-related fuss.


“.... like, sometimes I’m so afraid of him, but sometimes... I’m not… He’s, like, he’s crazy.”




“Yeah… Like, when I broke up with him, it took me so long to get him out of my life, because he was so insistent. But then I found someone else, and… I was so happy I found Yoongi. I still am, of course! It’s just, for a different reason, now.”


“Different reason?”


“Uhm, “ Jimin looked down with an embarrassed little smile, before turning back to the psychologist, “I mean, at first I was really happy because we were “sexually compatible”, I guess?” he said hesitantly, making little “s motions with his fingers, “I mean, we were a good match. But now I’m happy because we are in a stable relationship that doesn’t rely only on sex anymore, and we’re having a baby together… I’m so happy about this baby, too, by the way…”


“That’s wonderful, Jimin. It’s so important that you feel happy about your future child.”


“Yes, I know, and I do! I’m really excited about him or her, I can't wait to meet them.” he said with a happy smile. There was a pause in the conversation where Jimin’s face got a little more sober, and he continued the original topic,


“So, about this crazy guy… After I started seeing the one I’m with today, Yoongi, he kind of disappeared, and I was totally fine with it, if not a little surprised, but happy nonetheless that he seemed to have finally gotten the message…” Jimin started explaining, then sighed audibly, “But some time ago, I think last month, he appeared out of nowhere , like, in the middle of a grocery shop? And he tried to corner me, it was so. scary.” Jimin said, and paused, taking a deep breath.


“Alright?” the stoic woman in her thirties asked, holding her pen and little notepad still.


“Alright.” Jimin nodded, and took another deep breath before continuing, “So. As I was saying… This crazy ex appeared in a random aisle in a grocery shop, then disappeared again. He didn’t contact me anymore, but… I couldn’t stop thinking about him in the first few weeks after that happened. I thought I was going to go crazy. It wasn’t normal.”


“How did you feel about it? In the following days after that encounter?”


“Fear. Frustration.” Jimin answered, frowning to his own thoughts. The doctor nodded,


“What did you fear? What got you frustrated?”


“I think I feared for… my baby. And my relationship with my boyfriend today. And… my career.” Jimin said, “I’m a public person, and this guy knows a lot of people in the industry, so… I don’t know. Something could happen.”


“What about the frustration? Why do you think you felt that?”


“Because…” Jimin paused, looking at his lap, and sighed through his nose. “I… I don’t think I can control this. Or stop this.”


“Jimin ssi… Have you thought about contacting the police?”


“I have. But it’s no use… What he has against me is my public image, and that’s so subjective, I don’t think the police could deal with this in a way I wouldn’t get out harmed.”


“But Jimin ssi-”


“I don’t want it.” Jimin interrupted her firmly. “I don’t think it’s worth it.”


     The psychologist looked at Jimin like she disagreed with him for a second, but quickly schooled her expression into one of neutrality.


“Okay.” she said. There was a pause, where Jimin recollected his thoughts and she waited for him to continue talking,


“So… After that, I haven’t seen him anymore. But a week ago, he spent almost an entire night sending me a lot of annoying text messages. I turned off my phone after the first fifteen minutes, when I realized he wouldn’t stop.”


“Why were they annoying? What did he write?”


“Ah, the usual stuff… He’s insane, and I can’t believe I spent so much time with him and didn’t notice it…” Jimin sighed tiredly, “Like, he said things like ‘I want you back’, and ‘I’m gonna change’, and “I love you!’, but in the middle he was angry and calling me names… He’s a mess. He even tried to say that he was the father of my baby, instead of Yoongi.”


“And it bothers you.” it was more of an affirmation than a question, but Jimin said anyways,




“That’s what you felt when you were reading those messages?”


“Yes. I was bothered, annoyed, and… Uhm, shocked.”


“Because you weren’t expecting that?’


“Yeah…” Jimin nodded, trying to figure out the storm that was going inside of him, “And… I think I’d be lying if I didn’t feel fear, too.”


“Fear? Of what? Of him?”


“Kinda… Uhm, fear for my career, mostly. I’m afraid he might expose me with something. He knows so many dirty secrets about me… And, like, he hasn’t really threatened me with anything, but it’s implicit, right? ...I think I’m more scared about a media scandal, because that’s the kind of harm I see him doing to me right now.”


“I understand.” the psychologist said, “But Jimin ssi, try to answer me, now…”


“Yes? Say it.”


“What if what you fear, happened? What if this man sent you in a media scandal, what would you do? Just how bad would it be for your life?”


“I… I don’t know… I think I would… deal with it? I’d have to… uhm, find a way to deal with it.” Jimin answered, “But I really, really really wish I don’t have to.”


“I understand.”



     Later, when they had already stopped by a small but private and secure restaurant for lunch, they headed to a roadside department store.


     Today was proving itself to be a wonderful day. They had succeeded in remaining anonymous throughout the day and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. It was like they weren’t even famous.


     That was one of the best parts of being the kind of public figure he was, in Jimin’s opinion. Because sure, he could not be as famous and shining as his friend Taemin, who was always in the biggest websites for so much as stepping out of home, or Yoongi could be not nearly as much of an international rockstar as his friend Namjoon, but that also meant they could forgo bodyguards and managers who acted as if they were their parents most of the time, and live their lives more peacefully.


      Jimin knew to treasure that aspect of their lives. He was grateful for that.


      Still, they weren’t complete anonymous, principally Yoongi, so the other was wearing a face mask and a black cap pulled low on his eyes. Jimin’s face, however, was out in the open because the pregnant man didn’t feel like covering like that.


      After they had parked the car on the practically empty parking lot of the roadside store, and got inside, Jimin was happily throwing packages of brand new towels and pillows in the shopping cart Yoongi was slowly pushing down the aisle, just like he had dreamed. Jimin smiled peacefully as he threw in the fifth fluffy towel in the cart, and commented,


“This is just what I wanted. Ah, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.” Jimin said and Yoongi scoffed at how dramatic that sounded. Yoongi was leaning his forearms on the cart’s handle and simply following Jimin wherever he wanted to go in the big store, only stopping some few times to pick things that seemed rather random to Jimin and toss them in the cart as well.


“I was just so sick and tired of ordering things online. We should have done this sooner,” Jimin continued. Yoongi was humming distractedly, pleased with himself and how easy it had been to take all those days off work, first when he said he was sick, and later when he said that Jimin had fallen ill right after he got better. Even though going an entire week without the chief human resources officer could be complex, the CEO had reacted really lightly to it. If it was because he cherished Yoongi a lot, or feared his father a little, Yoongi wasn’t sure, but he was thankful for it anyways.


     They kept scrolling through the aisles and talking distractedly, even though they had already gotten everything they needed, because there wasn’t much to do at home anyways.


     Then they turned into a new aisle that was full of christmas decoration, and Jimin’s face lit up with a great idea.


“Hyung, christmas is coming, we should definitely get a tree!” Jimin exclaimed, and Yoongi nodded even though he didn’t look so energetic himself.


“I didn’t imagine you were into christmas.” Yoongi commented as he left the cart on one side and walked up to Jimin to look at the ornaments too.


“I wasn’t.” Jimin admitted, “But now we’ll be living with a little kid, hyung. We should use this year’s eve as a training for when we need to pretend Santa exists.” he said with a fond smile on his face, caressing his baby belly.


“Oh.” Yoongi mumbled. He had forgotten about that detail - that now that he was going to have a little kid in his life, events like christmas and easter were going to be important.


“And I think that’s so sweet...” Jimin commented with a light smile on his lips as he started getting a bunch of colorful ornaments out of a shelf. “I’m going to be the best parent I can be, and I’m gonna indulge our kid in all of that.”


       I’m going to be the best parent I can be.


      Yoongi stared at Jimin put the packages of red and golden balls on the shopping cart with a slightly gaping mouth and a lost look in his eyes. Sometimes he forgot about how much of an angel Jimin was, and it were moments like this that made him remember it, and remember how lost in love he was for Jimin.


“What? You’re not going to choose anything for our tree?” Jimin questioned, almost teasingly, when Yoongi didn’t move.


      That worked to startle Yoongi out of it, and he laughed at his own silly self.


      They both got lost in choosing ornaments and the perfect artificial christmas tree amongst all of the ones the store had to offer. It was complex because Jimin wanted one that was practically twice their height but Yoongi wanted something considerably smaller and safer to put together on their own.


       At the end they reached an agreement for one that was about the height of a person, and many sets of pink twinkling lights - which were, surprisingly or not, from Yoongi’s selection of ornaments.


       After successfully fitting everything inside the car, they didn’t head home just yet, but to a cinema since neither was feeling like calling the “date” quits, and it was still afternoon.


       Through the rest of the day, Yoongi had so much fun, and fell just a little bit deeper in love with Jimin.

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chapter 24:

     Inside the Big Hit building, Jimin and Yoongi shared a quick peck at the door of a conference room, before Jimin opened it. Yoongi walked away and back to his office.


     He’d just reached his 29th week of gestation, and perhaps he should be at home, resting, but Jimin had a lot of important topics to go over with his agent that couldn’t be postponed anymore.


      His manager/agent, Im Sejin, was a calm young man with a cute smile, the most prominent characteristic of him being his height - he was freakishly tall. He was now seated on one of the chairs of the small conference room’s table. It only had other six chairs and it was a glass-top table in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows, that made everything look bright with in the almost-winter morning sky.


“Good morning, Jimin” Sejin got up and Jimin bowed quickly in greeting. The table in front of the taller man had a closed laptop, some stacked papers and his phone, only.


“Good morning.” Jimin smiled and took a seat right across from him.


“Thank you for coming here, Jimin.” he said with a smile, “How are you?”


“Good.” Jimin answered quite quickly, mostly because of his impatience to know what this meeting was about. Manager Sejin laughed as he noticed all of that and turned to look at the papers in front of him.


“I think you’ve already noticed I have good news.” Sejin said, and Jimin nodded quickly, almost seating at the edge of the chair and leaning to the other man.


“Well… First, - and I know this is nothing new to you, but I must address it, - you’ve reached two million followers on instagram, and your followers’ number on weibo has been growing too, I think by the first semester of next year you’ll at least be close to three million...” Sejin started, and Jimin deflated a little, knowing he was going to let the bigger news to the end, and talk business first.


“Yes, I’ve noticed.” Jimin commented with a small happy smile at being reminded of that.


“So, congrats on reaching that mark, and, I think it’s essential that we talk about what should change in your approach on social media now. I think it would be interesting if we focus a little more on twitter, and there’s something important I needed to talk to you about.” Sejin said while taking his phone and opening what Jimin recognized as a list of topics, taking a quick look at it then locking the screen again and focusing on Jimin’s face,


“Principally when it comes to instagram and weibo. I think it’s wiser that, after your baby is born, you refrain from posting pictures of him or her. For two main reasons; First, because it’ll leave people curious and interested about it if you are mysterious when it comes to your baby, and second, because that will help you seem “younger”. That is not an issue right now , since you still have such a young face, but we both know you’re still not quite at the peak of your career. And if the peak happens, it will surely be while your baby is a little kid, and we are all interested in selling your image the best way possible.” Sejin finishes, and Jimin nods.


       Thinking to himself, Jimin is not sure he’ll easily refrain from posting his baby’s pics in the future, principally because he knows he or she are going to be an impossibly cute kid. He nods once more anyway.


“I get it. I’ll keep that in mind, Sejin hyung.” he says, trying not to sound so impatient when it’s clear he’s dying to hear the “good news” he believes his manager has to drop on him.


“And since we’re talking about social media, we have two more things to go over.” the agent says and goes over papers on the table top. “I’ll send you a list on all of them so that you don’t forget anything. So, first, you already knew about the company’s Vlive account, and the plans to make you a solo account, right?” he asks, and Jimin nods. Sejin continues,


“and you are also aware we postponed your solo Vlive account since you got pregnant. The new thing is that it will stay postponed, but it would be a great idea that you do a Vlive while pregnant, maybe in your house or if you prefer, somewhere here in the building. We could either do a totally normal live, or a scripted one, with scenarios and everything. What do you think?”


“Uh… But… who would want to watch it?...” Jimin said, looking down, “I’m kind of fat and boring right now.” he said in a half-joking tone, and Sejin scoffed,


“Jimin ah. You’re pregnant, so it’s best if you’re “fat”, I’d be worried if you weren’t. And you’re not boring, your fanbase loves you, Jimin, I know they’d love a Vlive now.” Sejin said. “And you could do something that would attract even people who don’t know you yet, for example, something to do with make up, or talking about beauty products. I could talk to our sponsors!”


       Jimin smiled, feeling himself get caught up in his manager's excitement for his upcoming Vlive. They kept talking about the possibilities, with Jimin offering the idea of him doing the entire Vlive while coloring books and answering questions at some point, and a date was settled.


       The topic on the Vlive naturally faded out as everything was decided, and Jimin watched with a fleeting heart as manager Sejin smiled to himself and went for another set of papers.


“So, now that we discussed the live…” Sejin said, and turned to look Jimin in the eyes, “I have two big news to you. The first is pretty normal, yet still great, and the second is… bizarre, but spectacular. It’s mind-blowing, really.”


“O...kay?...” Jimin said, barely containing his nervous smile. He was now at the edge of his seat.


“So... The first thing is that you received casting calls for nearly all the emails we sent for the casting agencies of next year’s Tokyo fashion week.” he said, then his eye twitched as if he was remembering something annoying, “And when I say nearly , I’m talking about Lee Jin. That man has a problem with your crooked teeth, apparently, which is ridiculous because we’re in 2016 and no one cares-”


“Manager nim!! Focus!” Jimin exclaimed while laughing at the man’s annoyance. It was funny and endearing how much more offended than Jimin himself Sejin would get every time some big name in the industry pointed out Jimin’s slightly crooked teeth.


“Okay. Sorry.” Sejin said and ran a hand through his hair. “Uh, the casting calls are for August 2017, I hope it’s not too early on you, with the pregnancy and all? There will be more castings by the second semester of 2017, of course. ...I don’t know what it is like to be pregnant, but I see many female and male models get back to shape kind of fast so I hope you can, too? No pressure, we can always wait for 2018 if you want.” Sejin hurriedly said, but Jimin could see a barely-there hint of uncertainty in his eyes, as if the manager knew things wouldn’t be easy if they waited an entire year.


    Jimin nodded and acted out a perfectly unworried smile.


“Of course I’ll be back in shape, it’s no big deal. I know it’s not.” he said lightly, while repeating those words over and over in his head. It’s not a big deal . Jimin knows that keeping a positive attitude towards dieting and not letting himself get stressed with it is the best method for him. It’s just numbers, it’s just work. He can do this.


“I know. And in March, if you’re up to it, with your baby being so young and all, you could attend Seoul’s Fashion Week as a guest.” Sejin commented absently, already reaching for a set of papers and pulling it closer to him. Jimin tried to look at it but the manager crossed his arms over the paper.


“Now, the last thing I want to tell you is…” Sejin started, then laughed at himself, “Okay, this is going to sound crazy. I mean, really crazy. Unexpected. But at the same time… Not that crazy?”


“Okay…?! Say it!” Jimin practically whined, punching his fists at the table.


“Okay, okay! So, ...So. Uh, you know that action movie that premiered this year, the one with Kim Do Yeong?” Sejin started, and Jimin nodded hurriedly. Where this was going? Kim Do Yeong was an action movie star, and that movie had been a success in Korea and overseas, being considered not only a great action movie, but a modern-super-hero movie as well.


“What about him? Are we going to work together? Is this a magazine cover?”


“Wait, it’s not about… Kim Do Yeong, uhm, not exactly. It’s about the movie.” Sejin said. “The movie’s title was “Master of Danger”, right? So, they’re making a sequel. We don’t have access to the name yet, and everyone is referring to it as “Master of Danger 2”. A-anyways. I’m just going to drop the bomb, okay?! And promise you won’t be mad with me and the rest of the team!” Sejin said, gesticulating wildly, sounding nervous but still smiling excitedly.


“I… promise?...” Jimin said a little hesitantly. Where was this going? Jimin’s heart was beating fast and he was gaping without realizing. He watched Sejin take a deep breath before stating,


“You have a place in the audition for a main character on this movie.”


      Jimin blinked.


“W-what?!” Jimin exclaimed when the manager’s words finally sank in. Audition?! Main character?!--


“Please don’t be mad at us, haha,” Sejin said, sounding way more excited than Jimin himself about the idea, since Jimin was still mainly confused, “We at the office are always looking out for that sort of thing, not only for you but for all of our clients, of course. But when the audition’s info came in and we read through the specifications, it was an unanimous decision, the description seemed to be made for you , it matched you so well! ...Jimin, I think you have a good chance of being chosen to the role.” Sejin breathed out dreamily, with a wide smile on his face. Jimin just stared at him, speechless.


“Are you saying… Me? Me? Acting? ...Acting in that movie? B-but it’s such a big production, and I’m… I’m me… ?”


“What do you mean, don’t you think it’s a good idea? I’m telling you, that character is perfect for you, and I’m sure it won’t be hard- Oh. Wait, there’s… there’s a detail in this description that could be a little tricky so… Don’t feel pressured, alright? The audition is in May and you won’t need to worry about your body because the directors are already interested in your appearance, and they know you can change it, they don’t expect you to get to the character’s standards until it’s time to actually film the scenes, ... But of course, if you get casted, and if you accept to try!!” he urged, speaking so fast Jimin was having a hard time understanding everything.


“...How is this character like?...” Jimin asked, cocking his head to the side and frowning. Sejin gulped and took the papers he had been hiding in his hands.


“Is it okay if I read the description to you?” he asked, and Jimin nodded. The manager cleared his throat and stared,


Character: Lee Su Min, male, early twenties, college student with a part time job. Is the hero’s boyfriend who is only a civilian and has no idea about the violent past of his lover. Sumin is attractive, sensual without noticing, innocent, cute, of short stature. Sumin is not vulgar, angry or strong. He is a sweet young man and his frail appearance, unblemished skin are meant to be a contrast with the hero’s soldier body full of scars. Sumin is worried about hero’s secrets and wants to help, but all hero wants is to keep him at a safe distance from the conflicts because Sumin is the only person he loves.


The actor pursuing this role should agree with:


-auditions being recorded

-body changes to fit the character’s aesthetics (such as hair and weight)

-being filmed in semi nude state


Requirements for actor:


-maximum height: 175cm

-ethnicity: any

-gender: male

-age: 19-25

-prior experience (portfolio)”


        Sejin finished reading the character’s description and looked back at Jimin with an excited smile and a wiggle of his eyebrows.


“So? What do you think?”


“I… I think it’s great, and… It seems simple enough, but it’s a lot of spotlight and-” Jimin started, but Sejin shook his head and said,


“And since when were you afraid of the spotlight?!” Sejin asked, still smiling,


“I-I’m not saying that!! It’s just that this is a big production and I’ve never acted in my life! And I’m sure there’ll be so many better actors than me trying for the role-”


“Okay, first of all, you have been acting since you were a teenager , because being a model requires that kind of thing, your Actor’s Union ID should be a good proof of that, so I know you have it in you. Every model has the possibility of an acting career in them. All you’d need to do was study some before the audition and-” Sejin said, calmly, but Jimin shook his head.


“I think this is too big for me and I’ll end up just making a fool of myself in front of the directors.” Jimin interrupted him, letting out a nervous breath and crossing his arms over the table. He looked down at the papers of the audition call file and frowned.


      Sejin opened his mouth to retort, then closed it again. The two stayed some seconds in silence, with Jimin looking down and the manager watching him, seeming to be deep in thought. After a moment, Sejin said,


“Jimin-ah… this would do wonders for your career, you would sky-rocket. ...Please consider this opportunity seriously. You are intelligent, and talented, you can learn how to act…”


      Jimin stared at him in silence, then looked down at the audition’s files.


“I… I will try my best.” Jimin offered, even if he knew he didn’t sound very convincing.


“Okay, Jimin. Okay.” Sejin sighed and started gathering his things on the table. Jimin followed his movements with his eyes, in silence, still not moving and lost in his own mind. “It’s up to you, Jimin, it’s always up to you.” he didn’t sound upset, Sejin only didn’t sound happy either.


“Can I keep this?” Jimin pointed to the papers. Sejin stopped moving, and blinked. He watched Jimin take the casting file and fold it in two before securing it on one of his hands. “Just to… just to have it.” Jimin explained sheepishly.


“So you’ll think about it?” Sejin asked, and Jimin nodded.


“Yeah. Uhm. Give me a month? I’ll think about it.” Jimin said, not meeting the other’s eyes, still feeling unsure about such big move on his career.


“Of course, Jimin-ah!” Sejin said, and his calm energy was back in full force now, “You have time! You can study as much as you want and get ready for it, and keep in mind that the casting director already knows who you are and has accepted your presence in the auditions. So, if you want , of course, you wouldn’t have a hard time! I’d recommend studying a classic monologue that has the same feel as this character. I can find the best people to teach you some things on acting, so you just let me know when you’re ready.”


“Ok, ok,” Jimin laughed and got up, “Is that all, manager-nim?”


“Yes.” Sejin answered and got up as well.


      Jimin waited politely as the manager got all his things from the table, leaving it bare again, for them to exit the small meeting room together. Jimin was holding the audition papers folded in his right hand.


       After they shut off the lights and closed the door, Jimin bowed and smiled at Sejin, feeling thankful for him.


“Thank you for being so patient with me, manager-nim.” Jimin said, laughing a little, and Sejin joined, making dismissing moves with his free hand.


“Don’t mention it, Jimin, it’s my job. And really, you’re one of the easiest clients I have.”


       Jimin smiled and took the compliment. They parted ways in the hallway, going for opposite directions.


       As he walked to the elevator, Jimin folded the paper one more time and shoved it in his denim jacket’s pocket. He was equal parts excited at the possibility of being casted for the movie, and terrified at a possible rejection.


       Jimin bit his lower lip nervously as he entered the elevator and pressed the button to Yoongi’s office’s floor. He looked at himself on the mirror and thought about it. He knew that even if he wasn’t feeling like giving this whole “action movie” thing a try, he would probably be auditioning for it in May of next year. Jimin knew himself, up to that point. He knew he wasn’t one to run away from that kind of opportunity, or else he wouldn’t have gotten where he was today.


        The elevator swiftly stopped and the doors slid open. Jimin stepped out and walked to the door of Yoongi’s office. As he approached, he saw that the dark wood door was half opened, and frowned.


        But before he could get closer to it and enter, he stopped abruptly by the wall beside the door, a few steps from it, when the voice of an angry man resonated through the empty hallway.


“... Why do you insist in being such a failure , Yoongi? When all you had to do was follow what I said?!”


       Jimin eyes widened and he gasped. Who was talking to Yoongi so rudely? And why-


You know what, do what the fuck you want, just don’t expect me to want to be an asshole like you dad!”




       Yoongi was talking to his father ?! Like that ?!


       Jimin’s face was contorted in horror and he let his back hit the wall beside him. Jimin brought a hand to his mouth as the heard the argument worsen behind the half open door of Yoongi’s office.


You see?! That’s why I called you a failure, what kind of self-respectful man has the guts to call his own father an “asshole”-”


“I’m only saying the truth! And I won’t lay down so you can step you me, you-” Yoongi’s voice sounded like in a way Jimin had never heard from him. It was so angry, almost unrecognizable. Jimin was beyond shocked. What was going on? Should he call someone? Should he intervene?


“How many times do I need to repeat I. know. better?! If you want to keep acting like a child, at least listen to your own father, then!” the man’s voice was full of anger, and Jimin felt a little scared.


“You’re a joke of a father, I wish you had never appeared in my doorstep all those years ago-” Yoongi’s voice was also getting angrier, and Jimin gasped at his words. That was-


“If I hadn’t showed up you wouldn’t be half of the person you are today-”


“Well maybe that would be better!”


“You’re delusional! And insane! I just want to help-”


“You just want me to help you , not the other way around. You’re the worst father I could possibly have,-”


“How dare you say that!-”


“You are one selfish bastard and I know I mean nothing to you!” Jimin felt Yoongi’s voice ring through the hallway and he could feel tears pooling at his eyes.


       There was a pause where Jimin could only hear his own heavy breathing and his heartbeat. Then, the other man’s voice - Jaesung’s voice, - came up again. This time quieter, but still with not even an ounce of gentleness,


You are blind if you’re not seeing where this is going, Yoongi, and I know you’re not ready to be a father yet. This is going to be a disaster in your life and you should take my advice to heart.” Jimin silently sucked in a breath at hearing the man’s cold words, and he felt his eyes get wet with tears. How could a man say such cruel things to his own son?...


“This is not going to end well, and you won’t be happy at all if you continue involving yourself in this mess.” Jaesung continued, unaffected by his own cold words, “ This young man is going to betray your trust and take everything from you. He’s young and immature; I know he isn’t t the right person. He will break you into a million pieces, and when you come to me after that, asking for advice and support, I’ll remember you of this conversation.” the older man said, and Jimin felt like he couldn’t breathe.


       Yoongi stayed in silence, and suddenly Jimin heard faint footsteps coming from inside the room.


      Jimin gasped and turned his head to the left, while he was still leaning his back on the wall of the corridor.


       He saw the door opening wider and a lean and short middle aged man come out.


      They exchanged looks, and Jimin knew he himself looked like a mess, with red rimmed eyes and trembling lips. Jimin watched the man’s features closely, and how shocked he looked at realizing Jimin had eavesdropped their conversation.


       Jaesung’s eyes were wide, and he didn’t say a word. ... But the older man quickly recovered from the surprise and hardened his stare at Jimin.


        Jimin’s first instinct was to drop his gaze and cower in fear. But that only lasted a millisecond in his mind, because the quiet rage overcame that instinct and he, instead, locked his jaw and stared back into Jaesung’s wrinkly eyes. He squared his shoulders and put both hands on his belly.


        It was a silent exchange, but Jimin’s message was clear. He didn’t like Jaesung and he wouldn’t back down.


        He stared Jaesung down the whole time the man took to keep walking down the hallway and call the elevator. After that first look at each other in the moment Jaesung came out of the office, the man proceeded to ignore Jimin’s presence. Like he hadn’t seen a thing. Like he was an insignificant bug on the wall.


       Jimin’s expression hardened as he stared at Jaesung’s profile by the end of the hallway, and his tears stopped falling.


       He wasn’t sad or shocked anymore, he was angry.


       Yoongi’s father was an abusive asshole and Jimin decided, in that moment, that he didn’t like him.


       The elevator opened its doors and Jaesung disappeared inside, not sparing a single glance back at Jimin.


       When they closed and Jaesung was gone, Jimin took a deep breath and pushed himself away from the wall. He ran his palms furiously on his wet cheeks to try to dry them, and tried to even out his breathing.


       He needed to do something. This wasn’t right. Why did Yoongi let this man treat him like this?! Why hadn’t he simply shut him out, after all these years?!! Yoongi could live any life he wanted without not a single cent from his father. This wasn’t okay.


       Jimin got his phone from his coat’s pocket and used the reflex of the black mirror to check his appearance. His face was mostly normal, apart from his slightly red nose, and there was still a faint redness in his eyes. He closed them and concentrated on appearing normal. He didn’t want Yoongi to find out he had heard any of that.


       Jimin had decided he would wait for some more minutes outside of the office, so that there’d be a bigger pause between his and Jaesung’s apparitions on Yoongi, but a sound from his left caught his attention. He nearly jumped in surprise by seeing Yoongi coming out, locking the door of the room behind him and walking in his direction with a worried frown. Oh no. Yoongi must have had connected the dots.


“Jimin?” Yoongi questioned as he approached him. Jimin took those few seconds to take in the image of his boyfriend in his full on office apparel. Yoongi looked mature and hot. Like husband-material.


       Jimin bit his lower lip subtly and silently scolded himself. Now was not the time. He should be worried about Yoongi’s wellbeing right now, not how hot he looked.


        The thought quickly sobered Jimin up, and he opened his mouth to say something about it the moment Yoongi stopped right in front of him, but nothing came out. He wasn’t sure how to approach the topic on the “exchange” he had just witnessed between father and son.


“Jimin? Are you okay?” Yoongi was still frowning, and Jimin didn’t say anything when the other raised his palms to touch his cheeks gently and bring his face closer, “Did you cry? Why were you crying?!” Jimin realized Yoongi would only get more panicked if he didn’t say anything now, fast.


“N-no! I didn’t…!”Jimin answered, but his voice was low as if he was shy. Maybe he was; maybe he was feeling shyness for having witnessed what looked like such a private family matter.


“Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice was firm and serious, and his eyes were slightly wider than one second ago. Jimin frowned at how worried Yoongi looked, as if he was ready to do drastic things to make sure Jimin was feeling okay.


“What...” Jimin mumbled, feeling trapped in Yoongi’s worried gaze. Now he wasn’t simply holding Jimin’s cheeks in his hands, but caressing them slowly with his thumbs.


“I know you were crying. I can see it.” Yoongi insisted, concerned, “Why? Did someone say anything to you? Who?!”


“C-calm down, hyung, it’s not like that.” Jimin said still quietly, unable to raise his voice now that the memories of the awful words Yoongi’s father threw at his own son were back in his mind.


        Jimin put his hands over Yoongi’s and gently took them off his face, to hold them between their bodies. He looked down at their hands and noticed how cold Yoongi’s were against his palm, and how different they looked, chest-down. Yoongi was wearing a black suit and Jimin was in a light-wash denim jacket, grey sweatpants - he had given up on jeans weeks ago - and sandals; Yoongi’s body was slim and his chest flat while Jimin’s bump was big and undeniable, now.


“What happened, Jimin?! Tell me!” Yoongi urged.


        Jimin didn’t look up from their hands as he said,


“Yoongi… Was that your father?” Jimin ended up asking, even though he already knew the obvious answer. He just didn’t know how to approach it.


         There was silence between them as Jimin held his breath without realizing and waited for Yoongi to say something. He turned his eyes to Yoongi’s face and saw the older exhale loudly then wet his lips, not meeting Jimin’s eyes.


“...Yes, it was.” Yoongi said, sounding almost uncomfortable with what he was saying, but quickly added, “But don’t worry about it, he’s just dramatic.” Yoongi dismissed it, shrugging his shoulders while still holding Jimin’s hands, and the younger frowned, thinking Yoongi seemed nervous. That didn’t sit well with him, and he was ready to talk about it, but Yoongi was faster in saying,


“But what about you, uh? You must be tired, baby, let’s go home.” and let go of Jimin’s hands to pull him closer by putting an arm over his shoulders.


       Jimin didn’t put up a fight, at least not physically, and went with the movement even though he was still frowning. They walked in the direction of the elevator, and Jimin opened his mouth to say something among the lines of “ but I think we should talk about it…!”  when Yoongi beat him to it again and continued talking,


“I still don’t get why this manager of yours needed you to come all the way here , I mean, you’re pregnant and-” Jimin looked at Yoongi’s face and saw him frowning, and couldn’t stop himself from thinking it was cute how bothered his boyfriend looked right now, even though he still felt his chest tight with the need to talk, just really talk with Yoongi, about feelings .


“Yes, I’m pregnant, not dying. It’s okay, I wanted to come.” Jimin quickly reassured Yoongi before he started a rant, “I love my job.” he said, naturally, as he pressed the button to call the elevator.


“...’can’t relate.” Yoongi mumbled under his breath and Jimin almost didn’t hear it. Almost.


      Jimin sighed and turned to face Yoongi completely, making his arm fall a little from where it was, over his shoulders. He tried to look the other in the eye while he talked, but Yoongi was- not so subtly - avoiding his gaze,


“Yoongi... I know you’re worried about my health and the baby’s, but really, I feel good today. No one forced me to be here. It’s okay.” Jimin said in a somewhat soothing tone. He was watching Yoongi’s face, and how his eyes would focus on Jimin’s cheeks, lips, forehead, anywhere but his eyes, and the elevator’s doors opened.


      As they got inside, Jimin didn’t say anything else and let the silence reign for a moment. Yoongi was right beside him but didn’t make a move to touch Jimin at all, so he took the other’s hand in his, squeezing it a little. Yoongi squeezed back but stayed quiet, and Jimin knew he didn’t want to talk about the elephant in the room, but Jimin was just too worried to let it go without trying to say anything more.


“You know I love you, right?” Jimin said, not turning to look at Yoongi’s face but leaning his shoulder on the other’s. “I’m sorry and I don’t wanna intrude, really. But I care about you, and I’m worried. This was so serious, and-”


“Jimin.” Yoongi said quietly, and Jimin stopped. He looked up from his feet and saw that Yoongi was looking right back at him.


“...What?” Jimin questioned, knowing he was probably sounding eager, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to know what was going on. Because it was so serious and grave... There was no way in hell that - the conversation he had just experienced between father and son - was normal. That was not normal.


“Don’t worry about it. Just… You don’t need to worry about it.” Yoongi said, almost whispering, and in a tired but “at ease” tone of voice that only seemed to make Jimin more worried about the situation.




“I said don’t worry about it.” Yoongi repeated, and Jimin frowned at being interrupted while he was in the middle of breathing more air to speak,




“I don’t wanna. talk. about. it.” Yoongi said much louder and harder, making Jimin’s eyes go wide because he wasn’t expecting that kind of response. Yoongi had sounded cold and impatient and that wasn’t like him. Not with Jimin.


      Yoongi was looking ahead, to the closed elevator doors, and Jimin was watching his profile, with an open mouth and slightly hurt expression.


      The elevator stopped and the doors slid open. Yoongi was the one to start walking out first and pulled Jimin with him by their still linked hands. They weren’t walking fast, and to anyone watching, they looked like an “okay” couple, but Jimin knew they weren’t okay at all.



       Jimin and Yoongi didn’t exchange any words the entire way back to the car, that was in the underground parking of the building. They stopped in front of it and Jimin pulled his hand from Yoongi’s to walk to the passenger’s side and open it, not once looking in Yoongi’s direction but knowing he was watching him move.


       Jimin let his body fall on the seat inside the car and closed the door, silently waiting for Yoongi to do the same. The pregnant man was upset, and a little angry that Yoongi would act like that. Not that he expected Yoongi to just drop all his fears and insecurities and lifetime drama on him in one go, but that attitude?! That was unnecessary. Jimin wasn’t even pressuring him or anything! Right?!


       The door on the driver’s side opened and Yoongi silently slid in. Yoongi put the key in the ignition and started the car, then eyed Jimin for a second. They exchanged looks, and Jimin couldn’t read his expression. Yoongi didn’t look upset or affected by their current silent treatment, and it was a little confusing for Jimin, because he didn’t know if he expected an apology from Yoongi or not.


        But by the looks of it, Yoongi had no plans on apologizing at all, himself. He was driving the car out for the parking spot and looking ahead again. Jimin crossed his arms and exhaled quite loudly, but didn't say anything either.


       Jimin was hungry and he had previously thought about suggesting to Yoongi that they stopped somewhere in the way home to eat, but now he just didn’t feel like it anymore. The younger man stayed with his arms crossed over his chest and distracted himself with watching the road from the window on his side.


       It’s fine, he would just order something on his phone when they got there. Whatever.


       The lack of human voice in the car felt way too heavy, but Jimin stayed stubbornly quiet in their way home, and so did Yoongi.



      It’s when they get inside the house that things start taking a complete turn.


      And it’s mainly because Yoongi takes off his shoes and starts a beeline to the stairs of the living room, most probably to lock himself in his studio room to “work”. As if Jimin isn’t even there.


“Hey!” Jimin walks behind him as fast as he can until he grasps at the sleeve of Yoongi’s suit jacket. “Why are you ignoring me?!” Jimin exclaims, and he hears more than sees Yoongi exhale, loudly and tiredly.


“...I’m not ignoring you.” Yoongi answers, making Jimin’s eyebrows shot up.


“Are you sure? Because that’s exactly what it looks like!”


“Then why didn’t you say anything either?” Yoongi replied in a quiet voice, almost whispering. Jimin gulped nervously, because Yoongi looked actually upset, and their eyes were close, too close and too real. “Why were you giving me a silent treatment?”


“I- Wha- I- I w-wasn’t...” Jimin stuttered, not expecting Yoongi to be so direct. “I wasn’t doing that.”


“Yes, you were.” Yoongi affirmed, still looking hurt and that almost made Jimin want to punch himself. The other didn’t look angry at Jimin at all, he was just… sad. And tired. And Jimin was starting to feel like crying out of frustration. He continued, “And I know why. You wanted me to talk with you about my dad but it’s not… simple. It’s never simple. And I don’t feel comfortable with doing that with you right now because you’re in a delicate state and you shouldn’t worry about things like that…”


“But how do you expect me to not worry!!” Jimin snapped, suddenly feeling all the pressure accumulated from the entire hour they spent in silence falling down on his head, and his eyes prickle with unshed tears. “ Of course I’m going to be worried and of course I want to know more about it, and talk about it with you! I guess you’re… “used” to that kind of treatment but that is… It… It just sounded so bad oh my god I’m sorry-” Jimin’s voice died and he looked away and gulped. That feeling was horrible - to doubt your level of intimacy with a person, and if you have the right to push on a delicate subject.


      He felt warm arms hug him and a hand at the back of his head bring his face to rest against a shoulder. Jimin sniffed and let himself be embraced by Yoongi, and he felt so frustrated that he couldn’t even finish a sentence let alone make a point in that argument-


“You see?!” Yoongi whispered against Jimin’s hair, sounding passionately exasperated, “ That’s why I didn’t want you involved, or worrying about it! I should have fucking closed that door.”


“But this is not your fault. None of this is your fault, you know that, right?!” Jimin exclaimed with a wet voice, almost tearing up over Yoongi’s expensive suit and holding him by the shoulders. “You’re incredible, baby. Don’t believe anything else, okay? You’re perfect! You’re amazing! You’re one of the most hardworking person I know and I’m so freaking happy I have you in my life!” Jimin said - while crying over the sadness of realizing the man he loved so much had been in an abusive relationship with his father for god-knows how long and apparently his mother either didn’t care or didn’t see the gravity of it, - and by the time he’s finished speaking, his hands were in Yoongi’s cheeks, caressing them.


      Yoongi’s eyes were red-rimmed as they stared at each other, in the middle of the living room, and he offered a wobbly smile at Jimin. The pregnant man suddenly hugged Yoongi, tight and passionate, and kissed his cheek. They just stayed like that for what felt like a long time.



     After their little scene, Jimin kind of felt like making love to the other, right then and there in the living room’s sofa, probably suck his dick - with feelings, - but he didn’t think Yoongi would be in the mood for that, or if that was the right thing to do after such a deep and sentimental exchange. So he just let Yoongi go away from his arms. The older looked like he wanted some time alone, too.


     So Yoongi went upstairs, to shower and change from his clothes, after Jimin announced he would have delivery food and asked if Yoongi wanted anything. He shrugged and told Jimin to just order for himself since he wasn’t hungry at the moment.


      When he was alone in the first floor again, Jimin let his body fall to the sofa and put one foot up on the cushions by his side while the other was on the floor. He opened the food delivery app and didn’t realize he was smiling kind of creepily while he got creative with his order. It was one of the most amazing things about his pregnancy: how he could eat so much and not feel one bit guilty with it, or worried about his work. The last time he behaved this carefree towards food he was probably still a kid.


      As he was on his phone, he immediately saw when he started receiving new messages from one of the few group chats he didn’t have silenced, and tapped his thumb to check them out, since he was already finished with the food app.


      The name of the group, at that moment, - and it changed very frequently, - was “KIM NAMJOON! GOD OF DESTRUCTION! ATTACKS AGAIN!” followed by a series of fire emojis, and the group chat’s picture was one of the rapper's first official photos, where he was probably ten years younger and had a weird fluffy permanent on his hair, big sunglasses and his mouth contorted in a snarl. Namjoon was completely terrified of those “fetus” photos but his friends, Jimin included, didn’t want to ever let him live it down.


       The members were him, Yoongi, Namjoon, Seokjin, Taehyung and Hoseok, and the group had been created by Taehyung on a whimsical tentative of getting all of them to hang out together more frequently and invite everyone to night’s out faster. But it turned out they all got closer to each other because of it, and real friendships grew between all of them.


        People were typing and sending messages too fast and Jimin had to read the first ones to understand what was going on.


-kim seokjin(3:56 pm):


you’re not gonna believe what happened to me


-kim taehyung(3:57pm):

oh my god you got the deal??????? can I finally tell them???!!!!


-kim seokjin:


I will


-jung hoseok:

what’s going on


tell us what


kim seokjin:

the only ones who don’t know yet are you, yoongi and jiminnie

namjoon knows because he lives with me, and tae… well you can’t keep secrets from the almighty and omnipresent actor kim taehyung, apparently


kim taehyung:



kim seokjin:


i’m gonna tell you hoseokie

prepare your heart


jung hoseok:

i’m all ears??? WHATS GOING ON


kim seokjin:





kim taehyung:



jung hoseok has sent an audio file - 0:49 seconds

     Jimin was in a mixed state of laughing and cheering quietly in the living room, even though none of them could see him now. He had never thought Jin would do anything in TV, yet here he was, about to be a guest judge in one of the most popular shows on national television.


      Jimin kept scrolling through the messages, not stopping to hear Hoseok’s audios, to the end of the messages, before he started typing his own;





kim seokjin(4:07pm):

I know!!!!! ;*

is Yoongi with you?



he’s sleeping I think


but i’m gonna tell him!! hyung this is incredible

you could start appearing more on tv after this and be a judge in other cooking shows!!


kim seokjin:

actually I’m a little nervous because this is kind of hurried hahah


jung hoseok:

dw hyung we’ll be here for you

always !!!!

and Jiminnie is right, you’re handsome af, what could go wrong

if you forget what to say just send a kiss to the camera





        kim taehyung has changed group’s name “KIM SEOKJIN! THE KOREAN GORDON RAMSAY!!!!”


kim taehyung:


wow it took me so long to find a decent picture of you hyung

u need to update your weibo


kim seokjin:



jung hoseok:




jin hyung u know what you could do on tv?


you could be the korean cake boss OMG


kim seokjin:



kim taehyung:




jung hoseok:


the poor kids haahahhah


kim seokjin:


I don’t bully anyone, it’s just that I value the high quality of our food.

And we’re a famous establishment so of course I get a little stressed.


jung hoseok:

a LiTtLe StReSsEd



jin hyung would be the perfect korean cake boss hahahahah

if it has to be someone it’s him


kim taehyung:

it is already my favorite tv show and it doesn’t even exist





jung hoseok:



kim taehyung:


     Jimin laughed and put his phone back on his sweatpants’ pocket to slowly get up from the sofa, because he heard the doorbell signaling his food had arrived. He went to the corner of his living room where the shoes and coats’ area was, and grabbed the keys that were hanging on the wall beside the front door. Jimin made to hold the doorknob with his left hand while the right held the keys, and they were ready to be put in the door lock, but before any of that happened-


      The moment Jimin’s hand first touched the door, it clicked open, and started opening more with the cold wind outside, slowly. As if it had been half open this entire time, and barely staying in place. As if it hadn’t even clicked close to begin with.


        And the door leading to the street?... That’s… Dangerous. Jimin thought, frowning. Even though that was a private neighborhood and all, he had to be careful, because they were both public figures. They had to be careful. This just had to be Yoongi, as out-of-character as it looked, because Jimin was absolutely sure he locked the door all the way the last time he did it.


        Weird . Jimin concluded, still frowning, but then his mind wandered back to the delicious pork meat he ordered from his favorite restaurant. He smiled at the deliveryman and simply took the bags, having had already paid with his card online.


       He shut the door with his feet and clumsily locked the door back, making sure he was doing it right once, twice, before going back to the living room to eat.


       But as he was walking, slowly because the baby had awoken and was just as happy as Jimin at the idea of a hot meal if all that dancing in his bump was anything to go by, he heard the crumple of a paper coming from the pocket of his denim jacket, that he was still wearing, and he remembered today’s meeting with his manager.


       He had almost forgotten! The movie role, the audition… Damn. Even after several hours of first hearing it, that information was still just mind-blowing.


       In a quick decision, Jimin changed the direction he was walking in the house, and went to a hallway that was between the kitchen’s wide opening and the stairs, then turned left, into another hallway. That hallway had three doors; of Yoongi’s studio, a gym and a media room.


       Now their house was mostly finished when it came to decoration and furnishing. At first, Jimin thought he’d have the patience to think about it all by himself, but he ended up just paying someone else to do it for him. Too many rooms… Jimin thought to himself as he walked down that hallway.


      He was going to their newly-finished media room. It was like a mini theater, with those well-elaborated carpeted walls, along with a nice carpet on the floor and even the ceiling was cool and dark, with wooden square shapes on it. There were no windows, and instead of a projector screen (much cheaper, Jimin could admit) they had opted for a gigantic TV, a 110” aberration to hang in the wall to the left of the door.


       Jimin went to the sofa at the end of the room, climbing the steps to it, and put the bags of food on the sofa. Still standing, he got the remote control and set up the TV into the movie’s app.


        This was the first time Jimin was using this room on his own, since it was such a new addition to their house, but finding his way in the TV’s system was easy and natural, no mysteries to it. Soon enough, he was slowly typing the name of the movie he wanted, with the remote on his right hand.


         “MASTER OF DANGER (2016)” the title of the chosen movie read, and the poster had all the typical elements of an action movie - cars, fire, guns and the face of the main characters. Just by looking at it, Jimin felt a tingle in his stomach; it could be him in one of these movie posters, next year. He could be in the upcoming continuation… if he was chosen in the audition.


         Sitting back down on the sofa and getting comfortable, Jimin opened his food and took a few first bites of that pork meat, along with kimchi and rice. He groaned to himself in the dark room. It was hot and delicious, just shy of spicy, and perfect.


        Jimin set the food down and opened the bottle of juice he had ordered - had he not been pregnant, it would have been alcohol, but… He was. So soju would have to wait a few more months.


        After having a taste of everything, Jimin started the movie.


        “Master of Danger” had been a box office success in their country in the beginning of this year, but Jimin didn’t get around watching it. At the time, he was too busy and, Jimin couldn’t recall perfectly, but he figured he was probably overseas during that time. Maybe working in New York - as far away as possible from a certain problematic ex…


       Jimin was slurping his noodles shamelessly, with his eyes trained on the TV. After the opening credits, the first scene was of a junkyard during the day. All around, things were dirty and the place looked run down. Then, sitting on a stool, was a man holding an empty bottle of soju. He was drunk and looked filthy. The man looked around and there were only crashed cars around him. He made a face and yelled “Chulguuuun!!” . Immediately, the camera showed a small scrawny boy, probably around the age of 7, getting up from the ground and running in the direction of the voice. Jimin figured that was probably Chulgun, the protagonist, when he was a child.


      In the movie, when the boy stopped in front of the drunk man, he murmured “You called, uncle?” and watched the dirty drunk man hastily take a few notes of money from his ragged jacket and shove it to the boy’s chest. The man slurred “Bring me another bottle.” . The boy, Chulgun, eyed the notes in silence before saying, “But uncle, I’m hungry…”


       Suddenly, at hearing those words, the drunk man yelled at the boy to shut up and do what he was told, and that he would count the money when Chulgun came back with the change and the full bottle of soju. The camera shows the little boy’s defeated shoulders as he walks away with the money. The boy’s face was dirty and he was also in ragged clothes.


       The movie kept on showing how Chulgun walked around the dangerous neighborhood on his own, and how, all around him, there were drug dealers and addicts on the streets, guns and knifes everywhere - the perfect ambient for a criminal to grow up. The camera followed the boy’s back, and how he dutifully bought what he was told to, even if he was eyeing the food on the tables of the bar hungrily. Then, it showed the boy looking inside a trashcan for food, and Jimin’s heart hurt at the image.


       The scene changed, and now Chulgun was older, portrayed by another actor. Now, he seemed to be more secure of himself, and even if he was still skinny, he was really tall and had broad shoulders. Chulgun was in his teens, maybe 14 or 15 years old. He walked around the same ugly place, with the same dangerous people around, to go to the same bar he had gone to in the last scene, to buy a bottle of soju. But now, people actually looked at him, paying attention. He ignored them.


        Chulgun got the bottle and walked out. But as he was nearing the entrance of the junkyard, a group of thugs started surrounding him, mocking and trying to shove him around. The camera shows a teenage Chulgun silently trying to dodge the group of delinquents and continue his path, but when they mention how Chulgun is an orphan with nothing but a dirty alcoholic for an uncle, he loses his cool and attacks the others.


       A full street fight-happens, with Chulgun against a group of seven, and he surprisingly wins on his own. Jimin is already impressed at this character. The most shocking part is that Chulgun managed to fight and knock them all out while still holding the bottle he bought for his uncle, without breaking it.


       The camera showed Chulgun breathing heavily while looking around, then focused on the unmoving bodies of the thugs. Chulgun turns away from the camera and continues walking.


       In the next scene, Jimin finally recognized the actor Kim Do Yeong, acting as “grown-up Chulgun”. By now, Jimin had already finished his food, so he was half-lying on the sofa, comfortably, while watching the plot of the movie unravel.


       As an adult, Chulgun was a big guy with tanned skin, bulky body, thick neck, and two meters tall - and, obviously, so was the actor playing him, Kim Do Yeong. Jimin let himself get lost in the movie, trying to pay attention to even the smallest details. He wasn’t a big fan of action movies, and this one was as “action movie-ish” as it could get. The rest of the movie showed how Chulgun grew up to be involved with the mafia, becoming a hitman for a mob boss and earning all the money he could get.


      Apart from many fight scenes between Chulgun and the enemies he encountered in the beginning of his underground soldier’s life, there was also a lot of alcohol, drugs, and sex. In a particular scene, Chulgun was surrounded by hookers, male and female alike, practically drowning in lustful bodies. But in another, Chulgun would be refusing alcohol, because it remembered him of his troubled childhood.


      But the movie was mainly fight scenes, fast cars and gunshot sounds. By the middle of it, the hero, Chulgun, goes to prison, a high security facility where he’s thrown into a grey room all by himself.  Then, government agents come in and interrogate Chulgun, offering him a second chance, if he agrees to go into training to become an elite soldier - because his fighting skills are That good - and they will forgive him for his crimes. Chulgun accepts.


      For the rest of the movie, Chulgun - or “master of danger”, as he’s called, since he always finds a way to survive in any situation, - works as an elite soldier for the secret service, and there are just more fights, explosions, fire and gunshots, but now the man is wearing a grey soldier uniform, and instead of fast cars, there are military airplanes.


      By the end of the movie, Jimin is kind of tired of so many repetitive gunshot sounds, but he figures it must be only because action movies are not really his thing, since that one was an undeniable blockbuster.


      In one of the last scenes, Chulgun and the rest of his squad - who slowly became his best friends - are fighting their way through a very difficult mission. They technically win, but in the last second, more than half of the group falls in a trap and explodes. Chulgun panics and runs to them, but it’s too late.


      Sad music plays and Chulgun cries before one of the squad members, a strong woman. She is coughing and quickly dying, but she mumbles “Chulgun… You’re too young, go live a healthy life. Make a life for yourself, Chulgun, you are… are more… than this. A soldier. Go and find a lover, make a family for yourse...elf… To love someone and be loved back, that’s… that’s what matters, Chulgun. Get out of this… life…” and her eyes lose their life. She dies, and Chulgun dramatically cries.


      After a few more scenes of Chulgun mourning, then handing in his resignation letter to the army, the movie ended.


      The credits started rolling up and Jimin didn’t move from his position on the sofa. He had a lot on his mind. This kind of movie was really… intense. It was a big production, for a mainstream public. Working in that movie would change his life, definitely, and he would gain a lot of popularity, so much more than what he already had...


      Jimin got his phone in the dark room, still not moving from where he was lying on the sofa, and checked the time. It was 6 pm.


     He also saw a string of new messages from his group of friends, and missed facetime calls from Taehyung. He decided on reaching Taehyung first.


     Jimin didn’t have to wait long for his friend to pick up. Taehyung’s face appeared on his phone and the young man was smiling faintly while walking.


“Yo.” Taehyung greeted, acting way cooler than he actually was, making Jimin smile back and jokingly roll his eyes,


“Hello, friend, how are you?” Jimin said ironically. Taehyung stared back at his phone with a frown before huffing,


“Why can’t I see your face? It’s so dark.” the younger complained, and Jimin realised that really, his face was barely visible, since the room had practically no lights on.


“Oh, sorry. I was watching a movie.”


“In your new movie-room?” Taehyung asked and Jimin hummed in affirmation, “ Great, so it’s finished? And when are you going to invite the squad for movie night? Uh?!” he asked, jokingly like a bully.


“Everyone’s busy! Me included.” Jimin shrugged, but that only made Taehyung frown more,


“But why are you busy? Shouldn’t you be, uh… not-working?”


“Yeah but I’m doing a Vlive next week.” Jimin said, casually. Taehyung hummed,


“Oh, that’s nice. People are gonna love to finally see you, after so many months of silence.” Taehyung commented, and Jimin agreed. He was happy to finally do something.


“Yeah, I know… I hope everything turns out well.” he said. Taehyung just nodded, not even looking at the screen anymore, and still walking. Jimin watched his friend in silence for a moment, before asking, “What are you doing? And why did you call me anyways?”


“Uh, to catch up.” Taehyung answered, still distracted with something. By the background of the image, Jimin knew Taehyung was in his own apartment, in the center of the city.


“Okay, let’s catch up, then! What have you been doing with your life?” Jimin asked, sitting up on the sofa. He saw Taehyung stop walking and lean against a wall to pay attention to the phone in his hand.


“Well, now that we’re mostly finished with the drama, I’m gonna throw a house party! But, I’m not gonna rest for too long, because there’s already another thing coming up.” Taehyung explained, and Jimin’s eyebrows shot up.


“Wait, house party?” Jimin asked, but Taehyung was still talking,


“It’s a reality show where celebrities need to share a house and there will be cameras everywhere. I was invited, so I accepted, because, why not? I’m gonna meet a lot of new people in the industry… And there’s the first episode where a member of our family is supposed to answer a few questions about us, and I was thinking, why bother my parents, when you live so close by? So, what do you think? You up for making a small apparition in that show, as my “family”?”  Taehyung asked, wiggling his brows. But Jimin was having a hard time processing all that information.


“Uh… yes! If I’m not in the hospital at the time, because, you know… It’s gonna be a c-section.” Jimin said, feeling a little awkward, but Taehyung was simply smiling and nodding quickly,


“Yeah I know! The filming starts next year so I think you’ll be okay, probably. Please Jimin, it means a lot to me that you’re the one to do it, you’re like a brother to me.” Taehyung said quietly, and Jimin wished he could hug him right now.


“Don’t worry, Taetae, I’ll do my best.” Jimin smiled at the phone.


      They stayed in silence for a few seconds, and Jimin watched his friend’s carefully before asking again,


“So, a house party, uh?” Jimin asked, and saw Taehyung’s faze freeze for a moment, before the younger sighed and looked down.


“Yeah… I wish I could invite you, Jimin, I really do. I know you’d be all over it, but… I don’t think it’d be a good idea…” Taehyung said slowly, and Jimin nodded, stiffly. Suddenly, painful memories of the things Yoongi said that night he found out Jimin was pregnant came back to his mind.


“Uh, I know. Uhm, but have fun.” Jimin offered, trying to not let his voice sound too tight. “And don’t get caught, you know a drug scandal is the last thing you need.” he tried to joke, but it didn’t sound right in his own ears.


“Yeah…” he heard Taehyung murmur, and felt the need to ask if the others were going to the party. If he and Yoongi were the only ones in the group Taehyung didn’t invite.


      But he didn’t voice any of those questions, and just bit his lip, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden. He wanted to end that call and be alone, but Taehyung still tried to save the mood,


“But what about the baby shower? It’s next month, right? You could do it holiday-themed! Imagine how cute it’d be, you could dress up as a reindeer, and Yoongi could be santa!”


“Y-yeah, I’m gonna think about it.” Jimin replied, dully. Watching his friend’s face become a mix of uncomfortable but eager to cheer him up was almost painful . Before Taehyung could open his mouth again, Jimin quickly said, “I gotta go, sorry, Tae, ‘need to pee!” and hung up.


     Jimin locked the screen of his celphone and put it down on a small table by his side, so that the light wouldn’t come up. He put the paper bags on the floor, making the sofa free and let his back slide against it until he was lying belly up, staring at the dark ceiling. He sniffed, and quickly looked at the door, a little afraid that Yoongi or some maid would come up and see him like this.


      But it couldn’t be helped - he was crying and there was no stopping it.


     Jimin slowly turned to one side and hugged his belly, bringing his knees up closer to his bump, and let the tears fall. No one was seeing him, so he cried until he fell asleep.


      Outside, the first snowflakes of the season started to fall down on the neighborhood.

Chapter Text


chapter 25:

   It was a week and three days after Jimin had first agreed with manager Sejin on doing a Vlive. Jimin was seated on many pillows on the floor of his bedroom, with his back to a white wall and wearing a comfy black and red striped sweater. Earlier that day, a hair stylist had came to his house and gave his hair a trim, so it was on its usual length again, even though he had black roots while the rest was light blond.


    With him in the bedroom were Sejin, Sejin’s assistant, a Naver representative and Yoongi. They were all moving around-  the Naver guy setting up a big and flashy samsung cellphone in a small tripod in front of Jimin, Sejin sitting at the edge of his bed, with all of his three cellphones freely monitoring Jimin’s social media, while shooting instructions at his assistant… and Yoongi walking from one person to another, asking questions with his arms crossed,


“-but how long is this live supposed to go? Because, you know, Jimin should be resting, he woke up early today-”  and  “What if he gets thirsty during the live? Or if he needs to go to the bathroom? His bladder is under pressure, you know.”  and  “But are you guys going to monitor the comments? Is he going to have to read them? What if he reads something bad? He’s pregnant, he can’t be under pressure.”  and the top of the sundae,  “Do you guys really need to do this while Jimin is expecting?”


“Yoongi!” Jimin complained from his spot, trying not to move too much and disturb the Naver technician’s work. Yoongi stopped his annoying questioning and turned to Jimin, uncrossing his arms. He was wearing a big black t-shirt, sweatpants and mismatched socks, not at all caring for dressing up to the staff, and he had a wrinkle of worry between his eyebrows. Jimin rolled his eyes dramatically and smiled, “Can you stop being so difficult for a minute?.”


“It’s just that I worry about-”


“Me. I know.” Jimin completed Yoongi’s sentence. The older opened his mouth to continue talking, but Sejin interrupted him this time,


“Yoongi-ssi, it’ll be okay, Jimin has done this many times before.” Sejin said, not even looking away from what looked like Jimin’s twitter. Yoongi huffed in annoyance but didn’t say any more.


      Soon after, the Naver guy was turning away from the cellphone in the tripod and addressing Sejin,


“We can start anytime. Everything done?” he asked and Sejin nodded, putting the cellphones away,


“Yes. You ready, Jimin?” Sejin asked and Jimin hummed. He looked at the couple of necessaires in front of him on the floor, all full of makeup and skin care products, then at the small mirror by their side. Those things were all out of the camera’s sight. Only Jimin and the soft beige pillows he was on were showing in the video.


     Jimin looked at the four people and asked,


“So can you all get out of the room now? You know I like to do this by myself.” he asked with a sweet smile, then focused on Sejin, “Can you pass me my phone, please?”


     Sejin got up and handed Jimin his iphone, then got out of the room, making hand motions for his assistant and the Naver staff to follow him out. Yoongi stayed, with his arms crossed over his chest again, looking like he didn’t want to go.


“Yoongi…” Jimin fluttered his eyelashes jokingly and pointed at the door. Yoongi huffed, but Jimin continued saying, “You can watch me on your phone, or in Sejin’s notebook. Stay with them in the study room, uh? Be a good host, offer them water and coffee or something?”


“I’m just a little worried, Jimin, because I don’t want them to overwork you.” Yoongi admitted in a not so quiet voice, making Jimin smile fondly,


“You’re being overprotective.” Jimin said, still smiling, before leaning to Yoongi’s side and patting his leg away and shooing him away playfully, “But go away…! Go, go, I need to do this.”


    Yoongi sighed defeatedly and walked to the door, then stopped to turn back and say,


“I’ll be watching you. ‘Love you.” he murmured, making Jimin smile wide and send him a flying kiss. Yoongi made a show of catching the invisible kiss in one of his hands and smashing it against his chest, over his heart. Jimin laughed, knowing they were just being ridiculous saps, but when Yoongi did the same and sent Jimin a flying kiss as well, he dramatically caught the flying kiss and pressed it against his heart too, giggling. Yoongi laughed.


     The older made a move to come back inside the room but Jimin shooed him away with wild hand gestures, “No! Get out, I need to start this!” and Yoongi honest-to-god pouted while leaning heavily on the doorway of their bedroom, looking at Jimin with his shoulders hanging down. Jimin crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows, acting like he was impatiently waiting for Yoongi to go away, and the other just sent him another kiss and murmured a quick “I love you” before closing the door and leaving Jimin alone.


      Even though no one was watching, Jimin still got the flying kiss and pressed it against his lips, closing his eyes and smiling to himself, feeling silly and in love.


      Jimin didn’t know when exactly they started saying the big three words to each other, it just… started happening more and more. Now, they were saying it all the time, like infatuated teenagers.


     Jimin looked back at the cellphone in the tripod in front of him and took a deep breath. The screen showed the button he had to click for the live to start. The title of the video was already written, “Park Ji Min’s skincare tutorial + makeup tutorial + talking with you!” and there was the emoji of a little bird, and a pink heart.  Jimin smiled excitedly. This was not the first or the second time he did a video tutorial for that beauty channel, but now, he felt like people were actually interested in him , not only in what he had to teach. He felt like he had fans, even if they probably were not millions of people… He was happy.


      He tapped the “start” button.


     Jimin watched the screen, that still had the loading icon moving up and down. He could see his face now, and he was silently amazed at the camera quality, because his image was perfectly HD. He hoped the people watching it could also see it that well.


      He sat in silence for what felt like an entire minute, looking at the phone’s screen which was telling him “loading…” and the viewer count still on zero, when suddenly the number of hearts changed, then the views count jumped to 239 in one go.


“Wow! So many people.” Jimin said more to himself than to them, then smiled and fixed his hair, feeling a little shy for the lack of makeup on his face, “Hi, everyone… Hello.” The number grew to 493 and Jimin repeated, “Hello. Thanks for joining me… Hi!”


     The comments started rolling in, and the “Loading….” symbol disappeared from screen.


     The comments were mostly emojis of hearts and crying faces, but some were like “Jiminnie so pretty!” and “I love you” and “Finally, I missed you, Jiminnie!” making him smile and cover his face with his sweater paws,


“Hello everyone…!” he said and watched as the number of views grew faster, up to 600, then 900, “So many people are watching, I’m a little embarrassed because I’m barefaced…” he paused to watch the numbers go, and continued,


“I’m going to start when we reach 1,000, okay?” he said and looked down to see if everything he needed was near him. When he looked up, the comments were still coming, and the number of hearts was growing really fast. He read one of the comments aloud,


From Japan! Love you!’ Aaaw thanks! Arigato!” Jimin smiled happily. The other comments he managed to read were “Sweater paws so cute” and “he looks like an idol” , but he didn’t read them out loud.


“...Okay… we reached a thousand views, so I’m gonna start… Okay?” he said and watched the comments for a little more before taking his hands off his face and properly starting the live.


“Hi! My name is Park Jimin!” he waves at the camera, “Today I’m going to show you my skin care routine and my to-go-for makeup, and while I do it, I’m going to answer some of your questions and update you all on my life. ...Uhm, not much has happened, but… hahah” Jimin shook his head and waited until the comments were answering his previous words. While he was in silence, trying to read the screen, he said,


“Should I put on music? Is it too quiet? Tell me.”


     The view count was at 6k and still going up, and it had been more than five minutes since he started the stream. The majority of comments were in korean, but once in a while he would see something written in english or japanese. Jimin smiled and commented,


“Hello everyone who is watching from overseas, too! Hi!~ Konichiwa~” he giggled and waved his right hand to the camera. “It’s a good thing I only see people talking in korean, english or japanese, ‘cause these are the only languages I speak…”


    Jimin decided to start the routine already, so he got a fluffy white headband and showed it to the camera, “I’m gonna start by putting this on my hair to keep it away from the products. It’s not always that I do this, but today I need to, because I got my hair done... Oh, talking about my hair, I’m sorry it’s so weird… I’m probably going to dye it all black but… I don’t know, I love the blond. But I can’t bleach my hair, for health reasons…” Jimin trailed of when a comment caught his attention. He read it aloud,


“Kim Lee Mi is asking ‘how did you learn japanese and english? are you fluent?’ Hm… That’s a nice question, thanks! I learned japanese when I lived in Japan, when I was younger, because of my modeling career… I was 17 I think… I was there for almost two years, and I was the only korean in my dorm so I had to learn to communicate. I had no choice but to get fluent in english and japanese as soon as possible…! But later I moved to New York, I lived there for many months when I was 20...That’s last year. I’m 21 now but my birthday is in a few months…” he mumbled and got closer to the cellphone. The views were at 30,000.


“S-sorry for rambling! Uh, yeah, I got fluent the hard way, actually living in those places. Maybe I could learn a new language. What do you suggest?” he asked and raised his hand to change the filters on the Vapp screen. He set on a funny filter that gave him cat ears, and raised his sweater paws, scrunching his nose cutely.


      The comments were coming in too fast, but Jimin could still read that some of them were suggesting songs for him. He opened his mouth to say something about those, but he quickly noticed the songs were mainly… Agust D songs, or Suga songs… Jimin bit his lips to suppress a smile and decided to ignore them.


       He blinked innocently and kept changing the filters on his face, until he turned them off and got the headband again.


“I’m gonna start the tutorial now, ok? So, first you pull your hair back… like this. And you wash your face. I have already washed mine.” Jimin said, looking at his own image on the little screen and to the never ending flow of comments. He smiled and squeezed his own cheeks playfully, then asked, “Are you doing this with me?”


     He paid attention to the comments, in silence, after that, because he really wanted to know. It took some time for them to receive that part of the stream and answer, but Jimin was entertained by the losts “are you still pregnant?” and “Please talk about Yoongi! Are you really together?” while he waited. But soon, the string of “Yes!” started coming up and he eye-smiled.


“I see that some of you are really doing this with me! ...Please take pictures with the masks on and tag me on instagram so I can see it, alright?” he smiled and got one of the products that were the necessaires and showed it to the camera.


“This is the soap I used, by the way. My skin is really oily because of the pregnancy so I needed something that would help me with that… Uhg, I’ve been getting a lot of pimples because of it, even though I’ve been doing skincare like never before. Today is a good day and I only got two of them, can you see? One here in my left cheek, and the other on my forehead. Uh, it’s like a horn…” Jimin complained, but even then he was still smiling, and wiggled the bottle of liquid soap in front of the camera before setting it down.


“I’ll be using a green clay mask today, and it’s important that we keep our faces hydrated before and after applying it. You should use water, but since I’m away from a sink I’m going to use this mist spray. It’s… It’s basically water, not gonna lie. But it’s refreshing.” Jimin said, feeling calmer than ever, completely at peace. Oh, he missed doing this kind of thing. He knew half the people watching it probably were just curious about how he was doing, and not interested in the beauty topics, but he wasn’t bothered by that.


     Jimin showed the face mist bottle to the camera for a few seconds so that they could see the brand, then started spraying it on his face, with his eyes shut and scrunched nose. When he was done, he opened his eyes and looked at the little screen again… and his eyes widened.


“Oh my god,” Jimin whispered to himself, awed. There were 285,433 people watching his live. That had never happened before. Usually his videos wouldn’t go past 100,000, several weeks after being finished and with subtitles.


      Jimin slowly raised the hand that was not holding the spray and waved, feeling a little shy.


“Uh… hello to everyone who just entered the live. Hi…! I’m Park Jimin…” his voice waved off and he offered a small smile. The comments were a mess and he couldn’t see any real questions, just some small phrases and a lot of emojis. He set the spray down and got the clay mask pot.


      He continued the tutorial normally, showing to the camera how he was getting the clay powder and mixing it in another bowl, then applying it to his face - all of it while ignoring the view count like a pro.


      When he was done and the green mask was newly applied to his face, he cleaned his hands with paper towels and silently braced himself before looking at the numbers… And the views were at about 340,000 now. Jimin smiled nervously, trying to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. That was a lot for him, and the live was not even halfway done.


“Now we wait for 5 to 10 minutes.” Jimin stated and nodded more to himself than to the camera. The silence almost made him too nervous, but he focused on the thought that people were just curious, that’s all.


     Jimin looked at his own image in the cellphone’s screen and giggled a little,


“I look ridiculous, right? Haha, sorry. I promise this will all be worth it when I’m done with the make up.” he said to the camera while trying not to smile too big and ruin his mask. It was still all wet and dark green on his face.


“Well, now it’s the part we’ve all been waiting for! Send me your messages and I’ll pick some to read.” Jimin said while doing a V sign with his right hand. He started humming a little song he just invented and snapping his fingers while he waited the few seconds it took for the viewers to receive the message and answer him.


“Okay, I see the messages now. Hmm… This one says “You’re beautiful, even with the face mask ” oh god hahahah….” Jimin made to cover his face with his hands but he remembered he had the mask on and couldn’t touch it. His hands hovered in the air and he groaned, “You’re making me shy! ...But thank you. I can’t see you but you’re beautiful too, I just know it.” Jimin winked and did a finger heart for the camera before leaning again to read another message.


“Ah, I’m gonna read this one since I’ve seen it being repeated by thousands of different people since this live started. It says “Talk about your baby!” with a lot of exclamation points! Uh, I don’t know what to say?” Jimin tilted his head and smiled sheepishly, even though on the inside he was calculating every single word he was uttering, knowing it could be used as a headline for some bitter journalist, “I… I can’t wait to meet my baby, to hold it in my arms. The nursery is almost done… The colors are pastel yellow and pink, and we bought a lot of kawaii stuffed animals. My dad is a carpenter and he made the crib all by himself, and it’s so beautiful, so so so so so beautiful!” Jimin said excitedly while fanning his face and trying not to smile too much and ruin his mask. He continued,


“Ah, everyone, my dad is an artist… That crib is a million times better than anything I could have imagined. You’ll see many pictures of it in the future, I’m sure.” Jimin nodded and went silent for a moment, thinking of what else he could say. “Uhm, there’s still two more months to go. My belly is really not that big, but the doctor says it’s because I’m a little small for a male so my belly is also small… Ah, I just can’t help but think how much of a shortie my kid is going to be, hahah… Everyone is a shortie in our families.”


     After that, Jimin kept looking at the comments and answering simpler questions, like one that had asked him if he had liked the new season of his favorite anime, and he answered that yes, he did. The view count was now at a steady 410,000 and that made Jimin both parts nervous and happy.


     Many questions were about Yoongi, referring to him as Suga - his first stage name, from the late 2000s - and Agust D, his current rapper “persona”. As Agust D, he mostly released tracks on youtube and soundcloud, and was as much lowkey as he could, but he still had a fanbase. People were asking so much Jimin decided to answer at least one, after a few minutes of chit chatting with his own fans about trivial things. Jimin wasn’t about to “confirm” anything, because he didn’t want his live to be about his boyfriend instead of him - plus it felt kind of silly to give a “confirmation” at this point, since it was blatantly obvious to anyone looking that he and Yoongi were together. He waited until just the right message popped up, and read it,


“There’s Hong Tae Ji asking, “where is Suga?” Hm, great question.” Jimin gave the camera a thumbs up, smiling naturally as if this was the first time he’s seen the question. “He’s here, in another room.  He’s probably watching me from his phone.” he said and quickly directed his attention to the fact that the mask was already pulling at his skin and mostly dry.


“Oh, look, I should be taking this mask off!” Jimin exclaimed good-naturedly and got the face mist and the paper towels on his hands. While he worked on cleaning his face from the clay, he said, “It’s important to not let the mask for too long on your skin, because it could hurt you, alright?”


      Jimin went through the procedure of spraying his face with water then drying it with paper towels as many times as needed for him to feel that his face was clean. It took him some time and he had been in silence the whole time, so he offered a sheepish “I’m sorry if this was boring, but this is a live so I can’t cut parts out.”


      He took the headband off and his fringe bounced back on his forehead. Jimin brought his hands to his cheeks and caressed his skin, smiling cutely at the camera.


“Aish, it’s so soft. These masks are really good…” he mumbled as he watched the comment flow and looked for a good comment to answer.


      Jimin dried his face and started moisturizing it, then priming it for make up, while talking to the camera about make up brands and styles. He could see that people were saying they weren’t bored at all, and that he was cute, along with other nice things, so he put the few worries he had aside and focused on doing something good for the camera.


       The live went for another twenty minutes, with Jimin pausing his make up tutorial all the time to respond to messages he was receiving from fans. He talked more about common topics with them, about the decoration he was doing in his baby’s nursery, and he even got up from the pillows once to fetch a copy of his most recent magazine cover and show it to the cellphone’s camera while he talked about it.


“This is the october issue of Elle, ahh, look at that! They put a little star on one of my cheekbones.” Jimin commented while holding the cover, “This was an amazing shoot. Soft and artistic. I like it a lot, but there are some pictures that… Wait,” he opened the magazine and flipped a lot of pages until he found what he was looking for, “here! Aish, that’s embarrassing… I’m all shirtless so my bump and my nipples are out. I don’t know, I didn’t care about being seminude before, but now it feels a little different, uh… But I think that… After I give birth and go back to normal, this self consciousness will go away too.” Jimin nodded and kept flipping through the pages while showing them to the camera.


“Did you guys buy a copy too? Do you like collecting magazines?” he asked distractedly, with his face still pale from the foundation and brown eyeshadow on only one side. “I do, I think they’re great as decoration. Vogues are my favorite, their spines are white and because of that they go well with almost any decor style.”


      Jimin shut the magazine and showed the front cover once again to the camera, using his index finger to boop his nose on the printed image. The picture had a white background and Jimin was wearing a big and fluffy pastel pink woolen sweater, and his hands were holding the edges up so his baby bump was on full display. He had a huge flower crown on his head, a white velvet choker on his neck and delicate golden jewelry on his ears and fingers. The tiny glitter star glued to his cheekbone just made it all more soft and perfect.


       He smiled without saying anything and put the magazine down, before getting back to the eyeshadow palette he had been holding before.


      The live went on, with Jimin focusing on getting his makeup done the right way, and looking for new messages to read every time he ran out of things to say. The views were in 430k at this point, and Jimin guessed they wouldn’t go much past that. What was overwhelming him the most was that usually a live’s viewcount would double in number after a week of being finished. Did that mean he would get close to a million views? Or even… go over a million views?...


       When Jimin was giving his make up the finishing touches, the live had already a total of 46 minutes of being on. Jimin was sitting cross legged on the pillows in front of the cellphone, using its little screen as mirror to apply the faint rosy gloss on his lips, making them plump and gracious. After that, he rearranged his fringe and started doing poses playfully, as if he was in a photoshoot.


“And this is the complete look! The skin care before makes all the difference, everyone… and as you can see, this is a really simple style, with just a little bit of eyeshadow on my lids and a little bit of blush and contour… nothing too elaborate. And that’s perfect for me.” Jimin giggled a little and ran a hand through his hair.


“Well, that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this live, even if you don’t care for makeup… And thanks for sticking with me until the end.” Jimin made a heart with his hands, “Thank you, and if I didn’t read your question, I’m sorry, but don’t be sad, maybe I can do this again on another day, what do you think?” he smiled.


      Soon he was waving to the cellphone and saying bye~ before extending a hand and ending the Vlive.


      Jimin’s shoulders relaxed and he let his back rest against the wall behind him, sighing contentedly.




     After the live ended, manager Sejin, his assistant and the Naver technician all wrapped their things up and said their goodbyes to Jimin and Yoongi. Sejin had been ecstatic over how well Jimin’s live went, but Yoongi didn’t let the man praise Jimin for longer than strictly necessary before he was practically kicking him out of the house along with the other two workers.


     Even though still feeling very overprotective of a pregnant Jimin, Yoongi was also happy with the outcomes of that Vlive, and didn’t stop telling Jimin how good and refreshing it had been to watch it, and how cute Jimin was. Jimin just laughed shyly.


      It was 6 pm now and they were slowly climbing up the stairs to their bedroom, after having seen Sejin and the others out, and eaten a simple rice and kimchi meal in the kitchen. Yoongi was saying how amazing it had been to see how talented Jimin was, and that he had a natural aptitude for entertainment, when Jimin crossed the bedroom and swiftly laid on the bed, belly up and feet dangling from the edge of it.


“C’mere,” Jimin made grabby hands at Yoongi, who was still by the door, and in a second the rapper was already on the bed with him, hovering above his body and smiling fondly.


      Jimin got a hold of Yoongi’s cheeks and brought his face closer for a sweet and slow kiss. He could swear there was nothing more comfortable than that - being alone and at peace with the person you love, in your shared home, free to act on your love and desire.


      It was Yoongi who deepened the kiss and made it more naughty, his tongue and lips taunting Jimin’s expertly and only making the smaller one more and more thirsty for him. His teeth caught Jimin’s lower lip, making him moan breathily, then left Jimin’s lips completely to plant a kiss on his jawbone, then another under his earlobe, another on his neck. Yoongi bit the soft skin of his neck and Jimin let out a pretty gasp.


     Jimin suddenly got up on his elbows and scooted more to the center of bed, while looking Yoongi straight in the eye with an intense gaze. None of them said a thing, and Jimin bit his lower lip, feeling hot and sensual as he watched his man breathe heavily, his lips slightly parted and red from the kiss. Yoongi didn’t follow Jimin immediately, but stayed at the edge of the bed watching him with dark eyes.


      Without letting himself think too much about it and start feeling self conscious about his bump, Jimin got up on his knees, facing Yoongi, and ran a hand through his thighs, that were still clothed by his grey sweatpants. He was not wearing the red striped sweater he used for the Vlive anymore, but just a plain white t-shirt. Jimin slowly brought the hem of the t-shirt up and took it off, tossing it aside and tilted his head to expose his bare neck. He saw Yoongi’s eyes flicker from his naked torso to his face and bit his lower lip again, this time to try to suppress a smile.


      Jimin ran his small hands over his bump and across his chest, then running a hand through his hair, exposing his forehead, while the other caught one of his nipples, managing to make himself gasp at the sensitivity. He kept the eye contact with Yoongi and the way the man was looking at him was everything; this little scene was just making Jimin feel powerful and aroused.


       Jimin winked at him and ran his hands down his skin, slowly inching closer to the middle of his parted thighs and inside his sweatpants.


“Hmm… tell me what’s on your mind,” Jimin purred, and smiled mischievously before adding, “...Big boy.”


      There was probably at least a meter distance between them, but the intensity which Yoongi was eyeing him made Jimin feel as hot as if they were already fucking. Yoongi smirked and chuckled darkly before licking his lips, looking at the smaller man like he was angry with him,


“I’m thinking ‘bout how fucking lucky I am.” his voice was dark, low and raspy, making Jimin tremble with excitement. He was watching Jimin like a predator ready to pounce.


“O-oh, really?” Jimin asked, trying to keep up his powerbottom self but feeling way too affected by the way he was being watched - like he was gonna be eaten alive. And Jimin absolutely loved that.


      Jimin’s hands, that were resting on his bump, snaked to under the waistband of his sweats, being eagerly followed by Yoongi’s hungry eyes. He lightly squeezed his own half hard cock and gasped,


“If you want this , Yoongi, why don’t you go get the lube?” he moaned the words out and Yoongi was up in a millisecond, actively searching for the bottle in a mad hunt, making Jimin laugh.


“It’s in my dresser’s drawer, love.” he helped and waited, on his knees in the middle of the bed, as Yoongi went to his left side, to the big dresser on the wall near the closet’s door.


     Yoongi opened the only drawer of the dresser and impatiently rummaged through its contents to find the lube. He was desperately trying to snake his hand further inside the drawer to feel the bottle and pull it out, while frowning and looking at his own concentrated but pissed-off expression on the mirror… Until something caught his eye and his movements halted.


     Still with both hands on the dresser’s drawer, Yoongi leaned closer to the right upper edge of the square mirror, to look at a black dot. He freezed for a second, then drew his hands back to himself quickly.


“What’s up?” Jimin asked, frowning confusedly at his boyfriend’s actions. Yoongi’s expression had blanched, and he was looking straight at the black dot located on the dresser mirror’s frame. It was a champagne-white wooden frame, so it was weird that there was a little black dot on it, but Jimin wouldn’t have noticed it before, since he rarely used that dresser anyways - he always got ready in the dresser that was inside his gigantic closet.


“Yoongi, what’s up?” he repeated, a little worried at how the other wasn’t even moving anymore, maybe not even breathing, staring at the little dot in utter silence, “Is that a spider? It’s okay, we can get the spray to kill it, it’s in the bathroom down the hall…” Jimin offered, mood forgotten as he remembered Yoongi’s severe fear of spiders.


      Maybe that black dot on the mirror’s frame was a spider, because even though Jimin was wearing his contact lenses, that corner of the bedroom was still far enough for him not to be sure and-


“It’s a camera.” Yoongi’s voice was dull.


“W-what?” Jimin asked, confused, mood certainly forgotten, and he sat down on the bed. Did he hear it right?


“Camera.” Yoongi repeated, and Jimin could only see his reflection on the mirror; expressionless, reactionless. Like Yoongi had been suddenly stabbed and was dead inside. “It’s a camera. There’s a camera in our bedroom.”


     Jimin forgot how to breathe. No. Yoongi turned his face to Jimin, slowly, and they exchanged a look.


   One hour later, Yoongi was livid .


   Jimin was hugging himself and trembling slightly. He was wearing the white t-shirt again, but with a big hoodie over it, and there was a police officer seating by his side on the empty row of plastic chairs. The man making him company while he was away from the desk where Yoongi was, in the verge of having an argument with a high rank officer.


     He was watching Yoongi speak from the distance, not focusing on the words he was saying, but on the way the veins of his hands were apparent while he clenched his fists, looking all kinds of ready to throw a punch.


     Yoongi was furious. He had been furious as soon as he recovered from the first stages of shock of finding out about the camera, and furious when he called 119, then furious when the officers arrived at their house and started searching for more cameras, or even bombs or intruders hiding inside their house. They found two more; one in the kitchen, and one in the en-suite’s bathroom.


     Jimin was just quiet.


      In the ride to the police station, - in the police car - Jimin felt too dizzy and had to ask them to stop so he could step out of the car and breathe for a while, but ended up throwing up on the sidewalk. Yoongi had been all over him, practically drowning in worry and protectiveness.


      Just now, Jimin had shed some tears in that cold corner of the police station. He was scared, that was too much. Too much even for Junmyeon. That man needed to be more than crazy to do something like that.


       Jimin felt stupid.


       All of this was his fault. He should have taken this issue way more seriously and told someone other than his psych about it; he should have done something.


       Someone - Junmyeon , - had sneaked into their house. Had watched them in their moments of privacy. They could have been hurt by this person.


       The worst was that, even now, Jimin couldn’t bring himself to speak up. There were police specialists working on the small wireless cameras, trying to track their owners down, and more specialists collecting blueprints in their house as if no one had an idea of who could be the culprit of that crime. All of the cleaning staff Jimin and Yoongi had ever hired were being traced down and would be brought over to the station tomorrow morning, as well as all the people they were friends with that had came over.


        Jimin was the only one who knew it was all Junmyeon’s doing, but he couldn’t find his voice to tell them about it. That was such a mess, but it was scary.


        They were all thinking it was a case of a crazy stalker fan.


         And to top it all, the skin of his belly was hurting in a weird way. The pain was faint and it ceased when Jimin ran his hands over it under his clothes, so he kept doing it. The police officer by his side mistook it as stress and smiled sadly,


“I’m sorry this is happening to you, kid, but don’t worry, you’re safe now. Whoever this is, they are not about to show their faces anytime soon. They’re cowards. They just wanted to scare you.” the man said, and Jimin nodded, gulping.


      It was dark outside, and snowing. Jimin was underdressed and all he wanted was to go home and sleep; even though he had a feeling it would be quite difficult to fall asleep tonight.


     Jimin looked at Yoongi again, and caught sight of his angry face. But as soon as their eyes met, Yoongi’s expression softened, and he offered Jimin a tired smile. Jimin just nodded.


     They spent a few more minutes in the station, with Jimin on the sidelines caressing his bump while Yoongi did all the paperwork, until they were released for the night.


      A police officer - the same that had seated by Jimin’s side while Yoongi was away - insisted that they let them give them a ride back home in the police car. Yoongi didn’t accept it, at first, saying they could catch a taxi, but pretty much all the officers in the station had grown too attached and worried over small, pregnant Jimin to not make sure he was home safe.


      While Jimin had been in the station, when he started to cry, one of them even ran to a nearby convenience store to buy him hot tea.


      When the police car parked in front of their house and the couple climbed out, the officers handed Yoongi a paper with the station phone numbers, repeating that they should immediately call if anything, anything happened. Jimin and Yoongi bowed to them and waved in farewell, but the police car literally stood and waited until the couple had unlocked the door and stepped inside before taking off.


      They were told that their house had been checked all around thrice, and that the specialists had ran all over it with various types of machines and sensors but didn’t find anything. The house was safe for the night.


      All the lights were on, and Jimin looked around his living room slowly, feeling tired even though it wasn’t even 8 pm yet.


      He was quiet, and so was Yoongi. Neither of them felt the need to talk. Jimin could see that the other also looked worn out, by his side.


      So much for a day that had started so well…


“Do you wanna lay down on the couch? I’m gonna make us chamomile tea. ‘Want milk?” Yoongi asked Jimin with a low voice, rough after so much stress he’s been through so suddenly, and Jimin nodded. He offered Yoongi a small smile, and Yoongi got his hand on his, brought it up and kissed it, chastely, with a silent message of “it’ll be okay”.


     Yoongi walked to the kitchen, leaving Jimin in the living room by himself.


     The pregnant man slowly went to the sofa and sat down, arranged the soft pillows around him, then laid down. Jimin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His bump was still hurting, but it felt superficial. Maybe those were new stretch marks appearing on his skin?


       Jimin was about to put his palms under his clothes and on his bump to try to soothe the pain, when the sound of breaking glass made him stop and snap his eyes open.


       Yoongi’s terrified yells filled the house.


       Jimin jumped high and away from the couch and broke into a sprint in the direction of the kitchen, feeling like his heart was about to explode by how much Yoongi was screaming in horror.


       When he finally reached the kitchen, Jimin had a hand over his heart, panting and almost doubling over with the sudden effort.


Chapter Text


chapter 26:

      Jimin was about to put his palms under his clothes and on his bump to try to soothe the pain, when the sound of breaking glass made him stop and snap his eyes open.


       Yoongi’s terrified yells filled the house.


       Jimin jumped from the couch and broke into a sprint in the direction of the kitchen, feeling like his heart was about to explode by how much Yoongi was screaming in horror.


       When he finally reached the kitchen, Jimin had a hand over his heart, panting and almost doubling over with the sudden effort. And what he saw… he couldn’t believe his eyes.


       Yoongi was screaming his lungs out, there were shards of a porcelain mug all over the floor of the kitchen, and he was standing. On a chair. Hugging his own shoulders and looking frantically all around himself, desperately trying to see if there was something on his clothes.


       And Jimin could see a dark brown cockroach innocently moving down the kitchen counter and into the floor.


       There were only the three of them in the kitchen; Jimin, Yoongi, and the roach.


       The pregnant man let out the biggest breath, he could swear he had never felt so relieved in his life. Yoongi was okay, they were okay.


       They were all going to be okay.


       Jimin felt so light with relief and the adrenaline from the run, he found it easy to start laughing at the ridiculousness of Yoongi’s situation, even if the pain on his belly had increased. The other man had stopped screaming, and instead was talking loudly and complaining,


“Jimin! Jimin you’re too close to it! Get over here! Or are you gonna kill it?! For the love of god, kill that bitch!! Jimin! Are you listening?!” Yoongi was exclaiming, still in genuine fear for his life because of an insect, and Jimin let out a hearty laugh. “Jimin, do you think this is funny?! It flies , this cockroach FLIES !!! It fucking landed on my shoulder!!!!”


      Jimin was laughing so much he couldn’t breath and there were tears in his eyes. He was laughing so much his stomach was cramping in that familiar way of when you laugh too much. Yoongi was still talking and Jimin was trying to answer him, but every time he tried to start a sentence he couldn’t finish and ended up wheezing and had to lean against the wall for support.


“Jimin!!” Yoongi complained, and Jimin could see that he looked embarrassed for his fear, but also still not willing to come down from his chair at all.


     It took Jimin a whole minute for him to calm down, and he made a wait hand gesture for Yoongi, who was still standing on the chair, eyes not leaving the cockroach for more than five seconds, before he walked out of the kitchen and to the shoes rack by the front door to get a flip flop.


      He walked back into the kitchen with one hand holding the flip flop, and the other holding the underside of his belly, that was hurting in that weird way again. Jimin looked at Yoongi and raised his eyebrows, his laughter now under control. Yoongi grumpily pointed to the lower cabinets on the opposite side of the kitchen he was in, and Jimin approached the place naturally.


“Jimin, wait, why aren’t you with the insecticide spray-” while Yoongi talked, Jimin crouched down, standing close to the living cockroach, lifted the flip flop slowly, then quickly- “Oh.”


      The slap was loud and deadly, and the bug fell from the cabinet and into the floor, unmoving.


      Jimin slowly straightened his back, still holding the weapon, and all traces of laughter were vanished from his expression. He was staring into Yoongi’s eyes, deadly serious. Yoongi gulped.


“Aren’t you going to get down, Yoongi?” Jimin asked coldly. He was pissed, and Yoongi nodded stiffly before starting to climb down from the chair. But he was taking too long and Jimin slapped the flip flop on the counter in front of him, making a loud noise that startled Yoongi.




“No!” Jimin interrupted Yoongi and angrily threw the flip flop at Yoongi, aiming for his head but the rapper dodged on time.


“Jimin, I’m sorry-”


“Ah, you’re ‘sorry’?! Why do you need to be so extra !” Jimin exclaimed, holding his pained bump on both hands, and feeling a headache coming. He was so done with his idiot boyfriend. He made sure to say it very loudly while he stormed out of the kitchen.


“I’m so done with you, Yoongi! And don’t forget to make that tea!”



      Five minutes later, Yoongi was slowly approaching the bigger, light grey sofa of their living room, carrying a tray with two steaming hot mugs of tea and pieces of orange cake on a plate. The lights were off, and the curtains were drawn in front of the set of floor-to-ceiling windows of the wide space, so all light came from the TV.


      Jimin was nested around small pillows and cushions, looking comfortable and genuinely interested in the life of meerkats that was being run in the National Geographic channel. When he stopped by Jimin’s side, he looked up at Yoongi and didn’t react much, just patted his right side in an invitation to join him. Yoongi smiled and sat down, putting the tray on the other side of the sofa and getting Jimin’s mug to offer it to him.


“Jiminnie, do you forgive me?” Yoongi asked, brushing his lips against Jimin’s cheek lovingly and only half joking. Jimin held the mug on both hands and smiled at the affection.


“...Yes.” Jimin almost whispered and let his body relax against the side of Yoongi’s until his head was resting on his left shoulder. “But next time, try not to be so hysterical. I thought… I thought something had happened. ...You know.”


“I know.” Yoongi’s voice became somber, and this time he was totally serious when he said, “I’m sorry, Jimin. That was unnecessary.”


“Yes, it was.” Jimin agreed, sipping on his mug and humming at the good taste. “But I forgive you.”


      Yoongi put his left arm around Jimin’s waist and hugged him closer, then kissed his forehead with his eyes closed. “I love you.” Yoongi murmured against his hair. He felt more than saw Jimin nod at his words.


      They spent a while in comfortable silence, with Jimin and Yoongi drinking the hot liquid and eating the cake in small parts. After a few minutes, Jimin grimaced and started running his palm over his belly again.


“Everything okay?” Yoongi asked and Jimin nodded, even though he was still making a face at the discomfort,


“Yeah, just… My skin is hurting a little bit, I think it’s stretching is all.” he murmured and set his almost empty mug on the tray before putting both his hands over his belly and caressing it, slowly. He lifted his clothes to look, but his skin looked fine.


“That’s weird.” Yoongi frowned, already feeling the worry come back at his heart, “When did you start feeling this?”


“Today.” Jimin answered. “I don’t remember feeling this pain before. It’s a little weird.”


“Should we go to the hospital? Like, right now?” Yoongi sat up straighter, feeling ready to go to the garage and start the car, but Jimin was shaking his head and making a disgusted face,


“God, no. I don’t wanna leave this house for tonight, this has been the longest day of my life . Tonight, I’m sleeping and no one’s gonna stop me.”


      Yoongi couldn’t help but chuckle at his baby’s determined face.


“Sure. Anything you want, Minnie.”


“But can you do something for me?” Jimin asked, and Yoongi nodded promptly. Jimin leaned closer to his face and kissed his cheek, “Can you go upstairs and get a cream for me to spread on my belly? I think it’s gonna help.” Yoongi was already up from the sofa before Jimin even finished, nodding in affirmation. Jimin smiled and continued, “There’s a bag, black with white dots, it’s in the study room upstairs where Sejin was working today.” he explained and Yoongi quickly went for the stairs to get what Jimin wanted.


      He climbed the wooden stairs two at a time, and the lights were all on upstairs. Getting to the study room was easy and quick.


      Yoongi reached for the light switch and the lights were on inside the study room.


      The walls were a faint yellow, and there were dark wooden bookshelves on the walls. There were no windows, just some small art canvases on the wall, mixed with Jimin’s own professional photos, and Yoongi knew that behind one of them there was a hidden safe. Neither of them used that, it had simply came with the house.


      The floor had the same beige-gray carpet the rest of the house had, and in the center of the study room, there was a big and beautifully-carved wooden desk. Yoongi knew that desk had not been made by Jimin’s dad, unlike their baby’s crib.


       On the table top, there was a mac computer, a laptop and the make up product bags Jimin had referred to. Yoongi easily recognized the specific one Jimin had described, and walked in their direction.


       But his eyes flickered to the laptop on the desk, and his mind was taken by a memory of his lawyer and her promise to email him tonight.


       When Yoongi had been at the police station, amidst his deadly anger at the whole stalker situation, he had remembered to call his personal lawyer, Seulgi, to see if anything could be done. He explained the situation to her and she said she would analyze everything and email him as soon as possible with any answers she could have.


       It wouldn’t hurt to check his email now, right? He’d be quick.


       Yoongi grabbed the laptop and lifted its lid. He and Jimin had identical ones, but the lack of stickers in the front of this one made it obvious it was Jimin’s. Yoongi quickly typed in the password and went for the browser. Seulgi probably didn’t find anything relevant to inform him at such an early stage of the case, but it wouldn’t hurt to see if she sent him anything, right? Right. Yoongi wanted to see those coward motherfuckers behind bars as soon as possible.


        When the Gmail webpage loaded, it was Jimin’s inbox that he saw, understandably, since this was Jimin’s laptop. Yoongi wasn’t going to look at anything besides the “sign out” icon, so he could login in his own account, but something weird caught his eye.


        There was only one unread email in Jimin’s inbox, right at the top of the list, in bold letters. And the title of it was weird . It read, Your stunt man found the camera? Aww...

and it made Yoongi’s face contort in a hard frown. What the fuck. What.


       He clicked to open the email with his eyes wide and jaw hanging open, and his expression became more angry by each new word he read. It was like a fire was being lit inside his chest and behind his irises.


Your stunt man found the camera? Aww, I’m going to miss seeing you get your daily dose of dick… but don’t worry, love, I’m going to get rid of him, and there will be nothing more standing between us. You’ll be mine again Jimin. Only mine, you and our baby.


But just to give you one more good reason to come and be mine again, I’m sending you this little video, how about that? I’ve been thinking about leaking it in two weeks, it’d be fun, but, wouldn’t it be a shame to watch idol boy’s newfound career crumble down to pieces? Oh, a shame…


I give you two weeks. If you come back to me in two weeks, Jeon Jungkook’s stupid public image is free to go, and Min Yoongi’s bones stay in place. It’s up to you.



your future husband.


       Yoongi was breathing so hard he was panting. His mouth was wide open and he could swear he had never felt like this before. He couldn’t believe this. The stalker was after Jimin. The stalker wanted to hurt Jimin. It was actively trying to blackmail him, and could possibly - definitely - kidnap Jimin and their child.


       His heart was beating fast in his chest. Yoongi couldn’t believe his eyes, but also, he knew it was all true, and the fact that there was someone with the guts to threaten Jimin like this, right under his nose, made him feel like never before. He didn’t think he would be so willing to murder someone he didn’t even know, until this right moment.


      Yoongi read the email again, and noticed that there was a file attached to it.


      His hand was shaking when he clicked on it.


      It was a 20 second video, and the image was grainy, but in color. There was no sound, and Yoongi knew that scenario. It was one of the hallways of the Big Hit building, and the recording most certainly came from a CCTV camera up on the ceiling.


       There were two people. One was with his back to the wall, and the other had a hand on the side of the first’s head, leaning in and kissing him, while being held by the shoulders.


       Yoongi would recognize that grainy face and those small hands anywhere. It was Jimin being kissed, and it was clearly not against his will. It was a chaste kiss, like a peck between lovers or friends who were comfortable with each other.


       There was no date to the footage, but the angle of the CCTV caught the swell of Jimin’s baby bump perfectly.


       And that man- was he- Jungkook? Hoseok’s little brother? Were he and Jimin a thing? When?


       But apart from his mild confusion as to why they were even kissing, everything made sense to Yoongi. The reason why the stalker chose that footage to blackmail Jimin, and not something compromising about Jimin himself. The reason why the stalker chose to involve someone innocent in the game. Yoongi knew the entertainment business - if that footage leaked, Jungkook’s career would never be the same. His public life would never be the same. In that industry, people needed to be perfect, a scandal like that, at the beginning of his career, wouldn’t be forgiven by the media.


       Yoongi knew Jimin would do anything to protect Jungkook from that exposition. That was just how Jimin worked.


       But what made Yoongi question everything he was concluding, was how well this stalker would have to know Jimin’s personality, to know he would be that selfless. Yoongi was about to click on the video-


      Jimin’s terrified screams coming from downstairs made Yoongi freeze for a second. “ Yoongi! Y-yoongiiii!!!” Jimin was yelling and sobbing in complete panic, and in the next second, Yoongi was running down the stairs like a madman.


      Jimin was not only screaming his name, but wailing, crying at the top of his lungs, as if someone he loved had died right before him.


      When Yoongi reached the living room and found Jimin standing up in front of the sofa, in the middle of it, he saw two things. The first, Jimin’s openly crying face, devastation clear in his eyes as he screamed in many different kinds of pain, cheeks all wet with his tears. The second, blood.


      Blood. There was a puddle of crimson red blood under Jimin’s legs.


      There was blood on Jimin’s shaking hands, a stark contrast to the skin of his arms. The was blood on the discarded sweatpants near him, there was blood on his bare legs, his underwear was completely soaked by blood. Jimin was holding his bump and screaming with a pain that was not physical.


      Yoongi was frozen in place again. In his subconscious, he already knew he would never forget that scene. It would be tattooed under his eyelids and haunting him in his sleep forever.


      It was like they were underwater.


      In a moment, Jimin was doubling over, his legs becoming too weak to hold him upright anymore, and Yoongi was holding his body on the floor. Jimin was sobbing and the blood kept coming from between his legs. Yoongi couldn’t see any open wounds, and he knew, whatever was happening, was inside Jimin’s body.


      In another moment, Yoongi was screaming and crying himself, because his own shaking hands had too much of Jimin’s blood on them and he couldn’t use the touchscreen of the damn phone to call the ambulance. When the little voice asked him what was his emergency, he sobbed and felt his heart break into a million pieces while he heaved,


“P-please,” his voice was just a weak, panicked whisper, “ he’s- he-he’s d-dying- please-” he sobbed and couldn’t continue, but the little person’s voice was steady and strong as they told him to wait and not move the person, told him to stay calm and in the place of the accident. The little person on the phone didn’t ask him questions, probably knowing he wasn’t in a state to answer anything. They told Yoongi that the phone’s location had been tracked and that there was already an ambulance on the way.


       In another moment, the cellphone was forgotten on the floor, the little screen still lit but all bloodied, and Yoongi was sobbing alone, Jimin was not crying anymore.


      Jimin was calm.


      Everything was red in Yoongi’s view, and he was kneeling on the floor, holding Jimin’s shoulders on his arms in a desperate embrace. There was blood everywhere and Yoongi couldn’t quite breathe. He also couldn’t focus away from Jimin’s face.


      Yoongi lifted a shaky hand to caress Jimin’s cheek, but it only resulted in smearing more red on his skin. He wailed when he noticed Jimin’s eyelids still had the makeup he put on for the camera that afternoon. Jimin’s eyes were blinking slowly, and Yoongi gulped,


“J-Jimin, don’t sleep- D-don’t sleep, b-baby.” Yoongi sobbed. Jimin was beautiful.


       Jimin smiled lethargically. All the hysteria was out of his body now. He parted his lips, - beautiful, delicate lips, Yoongi thought - and whispered,


“Jiyoon.” He was smiling, looking at peace, and that only seemed to make Yoongi panic more, “That’s… our baby’s name. It’s Jiyoon. I was going to tell you, but… I forgot…”


“J-Jiyoon…” Yoongi repeated, breathing heavily and crying, “It’s okay, you can tell m-me that later.” he sobbed, caressing Jimin’s hair off his forehead gently, not caring that he was dirtying it with blood.


“Yoongi, I love you.” Jimin’s voice was clear, but slow and quiet, “Promise you’ll tell the doctors to save Jiyoon first. It’s what I want, please… Save Jiyoon first.”


“N-no, t-they save you t-two,” Yoongi heaved back, feeling his chest sob against his will. He couldn’t bring himself to look away from Jimin’s beautiful face.


“Save Jiyoon first…” Jimin insisted, blinking slowly. Yoongi hugged him closer and rested his head on his chest.


      The smell of blood was strong around him and metallic, he could almost feel it on his tongue. It was like they were drowning.


       Yoongi was so absorbed in their small fragile world he didn’t understand that there were loud bangings on the front door, then the sound of it being punched out of place by a heavy object. He didn’t understand that there were people taking Jimin’s body away from his arms and into a stretcher, or that there was someone pulling him up by the arm, doing a once over to see if he was okay, - he wasn’t - and proceeding to pull him out of the house and into the street, into the ambulance. His legs were wobbly as he walked.


        The lights inside the ambulance were bright, contrasting with the dark of their living room or the dark of the night. The ambulance was big and people sat him on a stool in the corner. There were no windows, and a lot of shelves.


        There were people hovering over Jimin on what looked like a table in the middle. Their faces were partially covered by baby blue masks, and one of them had this scared glint in their eyes as they hurriedly cut Jimin’s clothes out of the way.


       “Uterine rupture”, they were saying. “I’m positive. It’s rare. We need to open him up and stop the bleeding but if we do it here, we can’t attempt for the fetus survival”


        Yoongi still felt like he was underwater. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, and he couldn’t see Jimin’s face from that angle. Yoongi tried to get up, but realised there was a belt on his waist, one he didn’t know how to open.


       “You should’ve put his husband on the front seat.” someone said, sounding passive-agressively annoyed.


       Yoongi tried to speak up, but there were no words. He felt mute.


       He felt like he was underwater, and he couldn’t understand much. Yoongi wasn’t crying anymore, but he was so sad inside, he didn’t understand. He didn’t understand, but all he wanted was Jimin and Jiyoon. He didn’t want to lose them right after he got them.




      Yoongi just barely noticed that the ambulance had parked, and suddenly the doors were being open. The cold air of the night invaded the tiny space and startled him out of his mute state.


“What’s- what’s going on?” his voice was a mere whisper, and rougher than he remembered, sore.


      No one heard him in their hassle to wheel Jimin’s stretcher out of the ambulance and hurry him to the team of doctors, that were already waiting to take him under emergency procedures to save his life.


      Yoongi’s eyes widened and he sucked in a harsh breath when Jimin’s body was wheeled out of his view. He tried to get up, but again, the belt was tying him to that seat.


      But before he could start to panic all over again, someone was crouching in front of him and cleaning his bloodied hands with a big wet towel. Another person was sliding a blood pressure monitor up his left arm.


      The person in front of him was wearing a pastel green vest and was telling Yoongi to breathe in and out, and that the other would be fine; that he was in good hands and they were going to stop his bleeding and give him compatible blood, and that he was going to be stable again. Yoongi breathed along and tried to suppress the screaming urge to question the person about Jiyoon. Because; what about Jiyoon. Why wasn’t he mentioning Jiyoon. Why.


       When he wasn’t trembling so much anymore, and the people had successfully cleaned his hands and face from the blood with towels, water and alcohol, they asked him his name.


       Yoongi answered, and saw a third person in the distance writing down what he was saying. They asked Jimin’s name and age. Then, for the first time, the person mentioned the baby, asking if it had a name. Yoongi’s answer came in a mere whisper. He was scared.


       The small group of people in medical clothes finally released Yoongi from the belt around his waist, and slowly pulled him up from the seat.


       He was guided out of the ambulance and into the cold night of the hospital’s emergency entrance. He looked down at the jeans and black t-shirt he had hurriedly thrown on his body earlier that night before going to the police station; His jeans were dark but he could still see the red and dark brown patches of blood on the fabric, and on his pale feet, since he was barefoot on the asphalt.


       A hand on his back guided him through the glass doors and into the hospital’s waiting rooms. There weren’t many people in there, but the few that were, looked just as worse for wear as him, even if perhaps not so dirty.


       They didn’t stop in there but continued walking through wide corridors, until they reached another waiting room. It also had few people on the plastic chairs, but some vending machines in the corner. They made Yoongi walk to a reception desk.


       Now, somehow, Yoongi was relatively calmer. Maybe because he was starting to realize he was indeed inside a hospital, and all of that was indeed real, and happening. But he was calmer, also, because this was a hospital ; the best place Jimin could possibly be right now. And he was going to be okay. He was. He had to.


       He leaned against the desk counter and the person behind it asked if Yoongi had someone he could call to bring him his and Jimin’s documents, and if he wanted them to contact anyone. Yoongi’s heart broke at the thought of Jimin’s parents finding out about what was happening.


       Yoongi wanted to call Taehyung, who was the closest to family that Jimin had in Seoul, but he didn’t have his phone with him anymore - it was probably ruined with blood, back home - and didn’t have his number memorized. The only one he could remember was his own parents’, and Namjoon’s.


      Yoongi didn’t even hesitate before typing the numbers to Namjoon’s cellphone.



      Two hours later, Yoongi was on a plastic chair in a small waiting room, deep inside the hospital. He wasn’t trembling anymore, and was greedily gulping down the water bottle Taehyung had just handed him.


      It had been two hours since Jimin had entered emergency surgery, and Yoongi’s clothes were still a mess of dried blood even though his skin was clean on the most part. They were in a row of chairs that was against the wall, but there were many other rows of those same plastic chairs distributed in the space of the waiting room.


      Taehyung was by his side. Namjoon was still on his way, Seokjin too.


      Yoongi’s best friend had called Taehyung in Yoongi’s behalf to explain the situation, and the younger had dropped everything and came to the hospital in lightspeed.


      The young actor had cried in a way he would never be able to portray for a made-up scenario. He had been completely devastated after the nurse - or doctor, Yoongi wasn’t sure, - explained to them that uterine rupture was rare, but when it happened, there was a low to medium chance of survival for the mother, and a really low chance for the fetus. Jiyoon was too premature and had probably been affected by the rupture.


       Yoongi had hugged Taehyung tight, not caring if the other few people in the waiting room were watching them, and let him cry on his shoulder. He knew Taehyung was terrified; he was, too. He didn’t know if Jimin would survive, and there was a high possibility that the two had just lost their baby tonight. Just the thought made his eyes fill up with tears all over again, but he didn’t let them fall.


      The vulnerability in Taehyung was making Yoongi want to appear stronger for his sake. Taehyung had grown up with Jimin by his side and they were practically brothers; no matter how stressed Yoongi felt, Taehyung was certainly feeling it tenfold.


       Yoongi screwed shut the lid of the water bottle and put it on the empty chair by his right side.


“He’s going to be okay.” Yoongi said in a low voice, looking at Taehyung who had his arms crossed over his chest and was focusing on his knees. He was in a loose pair of brown pajama pants, unbuckled sandals and a grey sweater, his hair was all over the place. They still hadn’t talked about it, but Yoongi just knew the younger had been sleeping before he received the call from Namjoon.


“It’s been two hours.” Taehyung’s voice, that was already naturally deep, was impossibly hoarse now. His face was still red and he didn’t really stop crying since he stepped foot in the hospital building. Yoongi offered the bottle to him, but Taehyung shook his head silently.


“It’s a complicated surgery, but he’ll get through. T-they’re just going to pump more blood in and… he’ll be okay.” as Yoongi was saying that, he was desperately trying to believe his own words.


      Taehyung didn’t answer, but crossed his ankles and closed his eyes, frowning. His nose was a little runny and his face was all red and wet from tears.


      Then, they heard hurried footsteps coming from the hallway leading from another ward of the hospital. When Yoongi looked up, he wasn’t expecting to see Namjoon and Seokjin, both wearing black caps on their heads and with scared looks on their faces.


      Yoongi got up from the chair, only to be immediately caught by Namjoon in a bone crushing hug. They didn’t say anything, and kept hugging for a long time, until Namjoon’s shoulders started to tremble and Yoongi knew the younger was crying. He slowly ran a hand through his friend’s hair, without breaking from the hug, and kissed his shoulder.



      It took the four of them quite some time to calm down and seat back on the hospital chairs. Seokjin and Namjoon seemed to be attempting to be calmer like Yoongi, and not cry their eyeballs out like Taehyung was. Seokjin had Tae on a half hug on the chairs and the young actor was practically sitting on his lap, and now sobbing silently again, not making much sounds. Seokjin had a stressed look on his beautiful face, but was looking at the wall in silence, and slowly caressing Taehyung’s hair, nestling him against his chest.


     Yoongi and Namjoon were talking, and the older had now a black cap on his head as well.


“The majority is pissed at this person, of course, but still…” Namjoon said in a quiet voice, as he explained that pictures of Yoongi and Taehyung crying and hugging in that same waiting room had been taken, and posted on twitter.


“Honestly, I don’t care. I’m not in that mindset, Namjoon.” Yoongi murmured, feeling exhausted, and the clock on the wall said it had been two hours and a half since he last heard from Jimin. “It’s whatever.” he completed, not even having the energy to shrug.


“I know, and I swear I would never tell you something like that right now, but… I’m worried about his family. What if they find out? If they haven’t, already.” Namjoon said, and Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up.


“...But I think the hospital has already called them.” Yoongi said after a while of frowning and thinking. “Uh… I think.”


“Oh!... Forget it, then. Fuck. Of course they did. I- I’m sorry.” Namjoon had never looked so troubled, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you that.”


     Yoongi just wordlessly put his right arm around Namjoon’s shoulder and brought him closer, in a warm hug.


“Sshh.” Yoongi said, and let his arm slide to Namjoon’s back to he could rest his cheek on the taller’s shoulder. “To be honest, my mind’s so fucked I can’t even understand what that means. But if your reaction is anything to go by, I’m not gonna try to understan’ it.”


     Namjoon nodded, looking down. Then, wordlessly, he reached for the edge of Yoongi’s cap and brought it down, to hide his face better. Yoongi saw that Namjoon’s eyebrows had a worried crease between them.


      As the minutes went by, Yoongi entertained himself by watching the pointers of the clock go around its circular form. He felt himself be hugged by Namjoon, and kept his head leaned on his shoulder. It was soft. Another half hour went by, and now that meant it had been three hours since he last seen Jimin.


      Yoongi detached himself from Namjoon’s shoulder to look at Taehyung and Seokjin by his left side, and noticed the Taehyung now had a black cap on his head as well, and seemed to be sleeping on Seokjin’s arms. Yoongi cracked his neck, feeling stiff, and eyed the vending machines in the corner of the room. He got up.


“I’m going to the vending machine. Uh… You got money on you?” Yoongi asked Namjoon as an afterthought, after remembering he still didn’t have his wallet with him, just his ID card.


“Bring me a coke.” Namjoon mumbled while he got his own wallet from his pocket and put a few notes on Yoongi’s hand, before turning on his side, “Jin?”


     Jin asked for the biggest snack they had, preferably a sweet flavor. Taehyung was still asleep, and no one made a move to wake him up.


     After spending three hours sat in those plastic chairs, Yoongi’s legs welcomed the stretch of finally walking, even if for just a few meters. Absently, he noticed there was a teenage girl, seated in one of the chairs he passed by, staring at him with wide eyes, but his brain wasn’t functioning normally enough to understand what that meant, or to care about it in the slightest.


     Yoongi got to the vending machine and distracted himself in trying to figure out a way of putting the bills in a position they wouldn’t be spilled back by the machine. It took some time, but it was a form of taking his mind off things he couldn’t control, and bring him closer to reality, even if just a little bit.


      By the time he had finally bought everything, Yoongi walked away from the vending machine, trying not to drop the three cans of soda, a bag of chips, and another of chocolate cookies. Distractedly, he was thinking about how those things were unnecessarily overpriced - like, this was a hospital , they already had money, so what’s the point in asking 5 for a bag of chips that Yoongi knew only costed 0,50? - when he passed by the wide-eyed teenage girl again, and she seemed to be playing on her phone attentively. Whatever.


      When he reached his friends, it seemed like they hadn’t moved. He wordlessly distributed the snacks, and eyed Taehyung’s sleeping face for a moment before sitting down in his place between him and Namjoon. Taehyung looked troubled even in his unconscious state.


       Yoongi just drank his coke, even with Seokjin trying to gently coach him into eating. But Namjoon ate, and after a moment, Yoongi’s stomach growled and he defeatedly got a handful of chips for himself.


       After some ten minutes, they had finished the two bags and drank everything. Taehyung was still fast asleep in Seokjin’s arms, and they were talking in hushed tones. Yoongi eyed the clock once again before continuing his explanation, as quiet as he could,


“...They called it an “uterine rupture”, and…” he started again, but he himself wasn’t sure what he was saying. Namjoon had asked Yoongi to tell him and Seokjin what exactly had happened with Jimin.


“It’s… I think it’s more than a miscarriage.” Yoongi breathed, looking down. His voice was a mere whisper, but his two friends were actively listening to his words, “It means his uterus… split open inside of him. T-there was so much blood…” Yoongi breathed and looked up at the clock again, as if that object on the wall was the only thing keeping him sane. Seokjin sighed anxiously and said,


“Yes, we saw. When we had to go into your house to get your IDs earlier. It- It was so much it hadn’t even dried yet- I’m s-sorry, you don’t wanna hear about that-”


“It’s fine.” Yoongi interrupted Seokjin, even though it was a lie and they all knew. It wasn’t fine , nothing was. Not until he heard news from Jimin.


“That sounds… intense. What about the… the baby...” Namjoon asked, but Yoongi interrupted,


“Jiyoon.” he stated, voice wet, “The name’s Jiyoon.”


      Yoongi leaned to the front until his elbows were on his knees, and brought a hand to his eyes, but it was no use. A tear spilled from each of his eyes and he gulped.


      He felt Namjoon hug his shoulders tight, in a silent plea for forgiveness, an attempt at comforting and giving him warmth, and let out a shaky breath. If Jiyoon didn’t make it…


      More time went by, and Yoongi distracted himself with the pointers of the clock, the old novella playing on the tv, and Namjoon’s attempts at distracting his mind with rounds of thumb wrestling. Yoongi had a slight suspicion Namjoon was letting him win, but maybe he was just that good and hadn’t noticed before.


       Another hour came by, and Yoongi was silently trying to convince himself that that was a good thing. If they were working on Jimin for four hours, that meant he was alive. No one would take that long with a de…


       For the first time in four hours, Yoongi saw a person in light blue clothing come out of the hallway, into the waiting room and to the reception desk. Yoongi frowned as he saw them exchange words, and thought about who was the lucky family that would finally hear from their loved one.


       The person in the light blue vest and pants - with a surgical cap on their head but no face-mask, and glasses, - turned around and addressed the general direction of the waiting room chairs, in a normal, conversational tone of voice,


“Park Jiyoon’s family?”


      Yoongi’s heart skipped a beat.


      Suddenly, his heartbeat was wild and he was breathing through his mouth, his body barely containing the euphoria. Around him, Namjoon had stood up, in the same shock as Yoongi, and Seokjin had moved so abruptly it had woken Taehyung up. The doctor had saw their reactions and was already approaching them.


“Park Jiyoon’s family?” they asked, and Yoongi’s heart skipped another beat. Those words felt like heaven to his ears - he didn’t know he needed them so much until they came punching him in the face and kissing his breath away.


     The doctor had a expression of mild happiness on their face as they eyed the four of them, who all looked like they had been through hell and back, and that person in blue vests was their lifeline.


“All of you are Park Jiyoon’s family?” the doctor repeated, and Yoongi gulped. He was going to cry.


      Park Jiyoon’s family. Jiyoon had a family. Jiyoon was alive and was already someone to the world. A whole person.


     Yoongi could only nod, but he heard Seokjin answer with a wet voice, “Yes, we are.”


“I’m here to inform Jiyoon has been transferred to the NICU three hours ago and is now stable. The father can go see him.”


      Yoongi was speechless, staring at the doctor like they had talked in ancient greek.


      The whole time Yoongi had been in that emergency room, he had only dared hope for Jimin. He had pushed any and every hope of their baby surviving to the deep of his mind, trying his best to not think about it, to not torture himself with hope.


       But Jiyoon had survived and was alive. Just like that.


“W-what about Jimin?” Taehyung’s voice was deep and hoarser than ever. The young man was looking up at the standing doctor with shining eyes and his nose was red all over again.


“Park Jimin? The mother?” the doctor asked and Taehyung quickly answered with a hoarse ‘yes’, “I wasn’t on the team responsible for him, but I can tell you his surgery has ended recently. You should wait for more news of his state, though.”


“So they’re all o-okay?” Taehyung murmured, but he wasn’t expecting an answer, as he looked away from the doctor and practically crumbled in on himself. By his side, Seokjin finally allowed himself to tear up since he stepped foot in that hospital.


“Jiyoon is a very premature baby and you can’t hold him in your arms yet. He’s breathing with the help of machines and his heart is in a delicate state, but he’s stable.” the person said, “Now please only the father come with me so I can take him to see Jiyoon.”


     Yoongi stood up and stepped ahead, even if his legs were a little wobbly. Namjoon, that was also standing up, pulled Yoongi into a tight hug and squeezed his shoulders before letting him go, with the biggest smile on his face, and his eyes also a little wet.


“Tell Jiyoon we said hi.” Namjoon said and patted Yoongi’s shoulder, making him feel giddy too. Seokjin and Taehyung were openly crying but also gave Yoongi their smiles, before he was following the doctor out of the waiting room.


      They walked and entered an elevator. The doctor pressed a button and they waited in silence until the doors opened again.


      Yoongi was too lost in his own silent euphoria. His heart was a raging sea. He had schooled himself so much, in these past four hours, into not hoping for Jiyoon’s survival, that now his brain was in a happiness version of a short circuit. It was unexpected, he and Jimin weren’t ready at all , but - Jiyoon was here.


       Then, a question crossed his mind, and Yoongi turned to the doctor and cleared his throat.


“Is Jiyoon a boy?” he had realized the doctor had used male pronouns, but didn’t think much about it, until now.


“Yes.” the doctor answered, simply. “And Jiyoon is a fighter, too. We were all impressed. I think that little one really wanted to live.”


“...Was it… difficult?” Yoongi asked, not even sure what he was referring to, exactly, but the doctor seemed to understand. Their expression lost its giddiness and became a little more somber and they said,


“Park Jimin’s state was… really difficult. I didn’t see him, but I’ve been told he lost a lot of blood, and an uterine rupture outside of a delivery is very, very rare. It would be good to study his case, even for research purposes.”


“Oh…” Yoongi mumbled, not knowing what to say. His heart was still beating fast, and as the numbers grew on the elevator’s little screen, his anxiety towards finally seeing Jiyoon increased. But the doctor continued,


“If Jimin and Jiyoon are alive, it’s all thanks to those professionals. I don’t know how I would have dealt with that if I was the lead surgeon… well, I’m not a surgeon anyways, but you get me? I feel so proud to be working with them. They saved your husband’s life when there were no odds in their favour.” the doctor said, almost dreamily.


“I’m thankful, too.” Yoongi murmured, and he really meant it.


      The elevator swiftly stopped at their floor and the doors slid open. Yoongi followed the doctor through a hallway again, and noticed that the atmosphere in here was different. The walls weren’t white, but in pastel colors, and there were kawaii illustrations of storks holding bundles of babies. They came to a part where there was a waiting room, a small cafeteria and a big glass wall on one side. There was practically no one seating at the chairs, and a bunch of people practically glued to the glass wall, looking at something inside.


      Yoongi quickly found out the reason why those people were interested in that part of the space.


       On the other side of the glass wall, there were newborn babies in incubators.


       Yoongi’s interest also picked up, immediately, and he craned his neck to look, even if he didn’t really know what to look for. The doctor by his side saw his reaction and continued guiding him to the end of the hallway and away from that glass wall part.


       They entered a room that had white walls and many medical things lined up on shelves. The room continued far through, and there was a set of doors at the end of it. Once inside, the doctor made Yoongi dress thin and white, almost transparent, medical vests himself. He put on gloves, a cap, a facemask, pants and a big vest to cover his bloodied clothing, and even his feet - that now were covered by a pair of sandals Seokjin had brought, - were covered by that white material.


      Yoongi’s nerves were all over the place, and he couldn’t help his smile. He was about to see his son for the first time.


Chapter Text

chapter 27:


   They entered a room that had white walls and many medical things lined up on shelves. The room continued far through, and there was a set of doors at the end of it. Once inside, the doctor made Yoongi dress thin and white medical vests, almost transparent, himself. He put on gloves, a cap, a facemask, pants and a big vest to cover his bloodied clothing, and even his feet - that now were in a pair of sandals Seokjin had brought, - were covered by that white material.


   Yoongi’s nerves were all over the place, and he couldn’t help his smile. He was about to see his son for the first time.


   Once Yoongi was all ready, the doctor started walking in the direction of that set of doors and made a hand gesture for Yoongi to follow. As the professional was about to push the doors open, they turned back to Yoongi and held their index finger close to their lips, in a mute instruction for silence. Yoongi nodded.


   His heartbeat was wild in his chest as he entered the room. The first thing he noticed was the silence. The second, the incubators, in several different kinds of shapes and forms, lined on both sides of the room.


   There was an air of fragility in the room that made Yoongi want to tiptoe; he almost did.


   The walls and the floor were white. There were a few people in medical attire, and even fewer people in normal clothes by the side of one of the incubators. While he walked past them, Yoongi absently noticed that those people weren’t wearing any of the white protection clothes Yoongi was, and one of them even had their bare hands inside the incubator, holding a newborn baby’s little hand.


   The third thing Yoongi noticed were the wires and tubes taped to that baby’s chest and face.


   The doctor beside him came to a stop, and Yoongi turned his eyes to another incubator, that was now front of him.


   At first, he didn’t see a baby inside it. Just wires, tubes and a big white diaper placed in the middle of what looked like an oval-shaped-donut pillow, inside a big glass incubator, surrounded by so many machines and monitors he couldn’t even count at first glance. He wasn’t moving closer, so the doctor beside him tapped his shoulder. He looked to them, startled, and the doctor smiled encouragingly.


   Yoongi looked back at the incubator and slowly approached it. He stood close to the side of it and looked down. He could now see a small lilac beanie placed over a little head, and baby blue tags on both identical little feet.


   The world stopped when he looked at Jiyoon’s sleeping face, then went back to spinning. Yoongi took a deep breath, feeling tears pool at his eyes.


   He was so focused on Jiyoon he didn’t even notice the doctor walking away to talk to a nurse.


   Jiyoon was small and his skin was of a red color. He had a set of hard plastic tubes connected to his nostrils and held in place by pieces of medical tape on both sides of his cheeks. He only wore a small lilac beanie on his head and a white diaper - that was so big on him it had half of his tiny body inside it.


   Yoongi couldn’t even see his face that well, because of the breathing tubes, but he already felt such a strong emotion for that tiny human, a love he didn’t come to realize he had in him while Jimin was still pregnant. But now, Yoongi knew he would do anything for Jiyoon’s happiness, would support him in any of his dreams. His son already meant the world for him.


   Wonder. That was the feeling that summarized everything Yoongi was feeling in that moment; And, a part of determination. Yoongi was determined in being a good presence in that boy’s life - to be everything his own father didn’t be for him.


   Thinking about his father made Yoongi feel an impulse to call him, but he wasn’t sure how he would handle the old man’s unfiltered words right now, so he decided on the next best thing. Yoongi lifted his protection vest and tried to reach his jeans pocket, where his cellphone was.


   When Seokjin and Namjoon had stopped by their bloodied house to get their documents, - the community manager had already handled the situation of their broken door - they also got Yoongi’s phone. They had handed the phone back to Yoongi already cleaned from the blood, for the most part, but there was still some dark red here and there.


   Yoongi took off the latex glove from his right hand and unlocked his phone. Thankfully, it was still functioning normally, and he easily opened the camera app.


   He took pictures of Jiyoon while smiling to himself and feeling emotional with his son’s adorable tiny self, and sent them over message to his mom and dad. After that, he sent them to Jimin’s dad, who was the only member of Jimin’s family Yoongi had in his contacts, and his friend’s group chat so the ones downstairs could see it too.


   Yoongi put his phone back in his pocket and went back at admiring Jiyoon’s tiny body. He was sleeping adorably and an immense fondness grew in Yoongi’s chest. He had a baby now, one that was his and Jimin’s to love and protect, together. A little baby with Jimin’s perfect genes who was bound to be impossibly adorable and sweet. Yoongi hoped with all his heart that he and Jimin would stay together forever. He would do anything for his family.


   Thinking about Jimin made Yoongi even calmer, after all that earlier panicking. The doctor said Jimin was okay and he believed it. He was probably sleeping now.


   Yoongi heard someone coming closer to him and noticed it was a woman in glasses and medical clothes over a sweater. She smiled at him warmly and said,


“First time here?”


   He nodded silently, and she gave him a small smile before looking to the plaque hanging from Jiyoon’s incubator, asking him if he was the father of that little one, before starting to explain many things to Yoongi.


   She explained to him Jiyoon’s fragile situation, and said that the baby would most probably have to stay in the NICU for the next two months, because of his weak lungs and underweight. She told Yoongi about all the important places of that part of the hospital, about how it was going to be from now on - Yoongi could, and should, come visit his baby frequently and even hold him in his arms with the help of a nurse - and when she mentioned that there was the possibility of paying more for his baby to be in a private hospital room, Yoongi’s eyebrows shot up.


“Really?” he asked and the nurse nodded,


“Yes, but you need to go to the main reception to ask more about it if you’re interested. But either way, your baby will be treated with the best of our abilities, no matter what you choose.” she said seriously, “The only difference would be more comfort and privacy for you and your family, and there’s even a sofa you can sleep on, if you want.”


“I’d really like that.” Yoongi mumbled.


   They kept talking in low voices in front of Jiyoon’s incubator and machinery, and she explained to Yoongi where he needed to go to start the process of moving Jiyoon to a private room.




   Almost an hour later, Yoongi’s three friends were also upstairs in the NICU, after Yoongi had successfully got a private room for Jiyoon.


   It was just like any other hospital room, but instead of an adult-sized stretcher or bed, there was Jiyoon’s incubator, raised to waist level. There was also a sofa, long enough for someone to lay and sleep on it relatively comfortably, and a nursing chair in a corner near Jiyoon’s place.


   Taehyung, Namjoon and Seokjin didn’t stop watching Jiyoon with awed expressions in their faces since they first stepped in that hospital room. The tiny red baby was sleeping and every twenty minutes or so a nurse would come to check up on him and remind them to be silent regardless of if they were being loud or not (they weren’t).


   Yoongi was still wearing all those white disposable clothes over his jeans and t-shirt so that he wouldn’t dirty anything with small flakes of dried blood. He was sitting on the sofa of the room and watching his friends talk in hushed tones about Jiyoon,


“He’s so tiny and fragile it makes me feel nervous.” Namjoon said, “I didn’t think it was possible for a baby to be this small.” he was frowning in mild surprise while he said that, still watching Jiyoon’s tiny chest go up and down. Seokjin, by his side, had a hand over his heart and a fond smile and he also looked at the newborn.


“Poor baby, he’s been through a lot,” Seokjin whispered, “He’s so strong.”


   Yoongi wished he could be with them by the incubator, looking at his son too, but he felt too tired to stand up. His shoulders were hanging down and he had his back leaning heavily on the sofa, his thighs apart and his arms resting on his sides, practically unmoving. Yoongi looked at Taehyung, who was also standing close to the incubator, and saw that the younge