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Yoongi stares at his ex who has her arm wrapped around another man. Noticing his gaze, she slowly pulls away feeling somewhat small under his intense stare. But why should she? She was the one to leave him. She was the one who broke ties off with him. She was the one who was hurt, not him.

Yoongi keeps his eyes on her hand that he loved to hold and play with and still longed to touch. He can’t bare to look at her face, her eyes. Those black eyes he adored and loved to gaze into, as he fell into the black hole more and more, letting the warm darkness wrap around him, comforting him.

As he stands there, staring at her hand that was a mere centimeter away from the stranger next to her, all that crosses his mind are the memories of them together.

Him, holding her waist with his chin nuzzled on her shoulder, taking in her sweet scent of mint and apple while she pushed the cart and asked him if he’s okay with curry tonight. Him lazily nodding yes because he really didn’t care. Anything she made for him, he would eat.

Her, snuggled close to his chest as they lied on the couch, watching reruns of Friends on Netflix. Hearing her laugh and feeling the humming of her voice on his chest as she told him stories of how her day was.

Watching her smiling and talking, excited about their rare dates out because he was always busy in the studio. Unknowingly smiling back because her smile was that contagious.

Both staying in bed the whole day, quietly talking and laughing about inside jokes as the scent of coffee lingered in the air of their small shared apartment. Eventually falling asleep again when the sun was still up to wake up to the moon shining through the small window above the bed. Stroking her hair back to get a glimpse of what he defined as perfection.

Waking up to her, with their hairs both messy and their limbs wrapped around each other. Pressing his mouth on her forehead and sighing because how did he end up with such an amazing girl like her?

Going to sleep every night….wondering why he ever let her go.

Everything runs through his mind. Every little thing he had forgotten over the past two years of trying to forget about his lost love. Every little thing breaking him on the inside, bit by bit.

Missing her smile, her voice, her touch….

And right when he was starting to live his normal life again, waking up, going to work, barely eating, and going back home when the sun rose to finally rest, she appears in front of him like a cruel miracle, looking as beautiful as ever.

She looks so full of life, with her hair grown long around her stomach, just how he remembers, and a bright smile on her face.

Fate just had to mock him like this. You’re such a fool for letting her go that one autumn night. You’re such a jerk for never saying those three words she longed to hear…the three words that were at the tip of his tongue every time she smiled, laughed, looked at him that he was too cowardly to say. He would be able to say it now. Scream it even. I love you. I love you. I love you. so much.

But it doesn’t matter anymore. She is happy with someone else, and she moved on. Yoongi’s eyes flicker to hers when she says four words after what seems like a lifetime of silence.

“This is my fiance.”

Shatter. That’s what his heart does as soon as those words leave her mouth. His eyes then trail down to her hands again, and he is shocked to see a bright ring on her fourth finger. How did he not notice it before? He was staring at her hand for the longest time. How did he not-

“Congratulations,” is all he could think of saying before giving her a small smile and walking out of her life forever, for the last time.

Those four words finally did it. It broke him, and he was back to the dark hole he was trapped in for two years. Four words could do a lot. It could break or make a person. It could also have made a person stay by his side, if he wasn’t so stupid enough to be afraid.

Four words he wished he would have said to her before she left him that autumn night.

Will you marry me?