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Chapter 67

Clarke was six months pregnant working on her new campaign for Chanel's clothing line. It fitted perfectly to her future plans where she would be designing her own clothing line for both children and adults. An opportunity to use her artistic skills. She was still a long way away from that happening as her focus for the time being was on growing her little family. Welcoming her baby girl was her main priority.  

For the shoot, the director wanted to include Clarke’s whole family turning the campaign into a family affair adding a little personal touch. Hence why Lexa and Madi also found themselves in the makeup seats getting a touch up before the shoot began. 

Madi as always loved all the attention she was getting. She was being her true little princess self, making sure she was getting pampered left, right and centre. “I love this mommy.” She beamed, taking a bite of her lollipop having found the sweet stash.

“I’m glad sweetie.” Clarke replied with a grin pleased her daughter was having just as much fun as she was. She didn’t know what she would’ve done if Madi wasn’t on board with the idea. Thankfully, the whole family were enjoying themselves including her gorgeous wife.

“This is pretty awesome.” Lexa winked at Clarke from across the room. The manicure and pedicure she was receiving was a welcomed distraction. It wasn’t her type of thing but she was finding it very relaxing. The free snacks were also a great bonus as she couldn’t stop snacking at them. Between herself and Clarke you would think she was the one carrying the baby with amount of food she was stuffing in her face. She would blame it on her fast metabolism which enabled her to eat as much as she wanted without gaining any weight.

Once they were all dolled up, Clarke took some solo photographs posing elegantly with the new masterpieces Chanel’s artists had created. There was a range from dresses, tops, Jeans to bikinis. She was on the ball with every frame, nailing her poses which meant they didn’t need to repeat any of the shots. Being 6 months pregnant, she was relieved she wouldn’t be on her feet for too long. 

After Clarke finished her solo shots, Lexa and Madi were introduced. It was all natural as they forget about everyone else who was in the studio. In every frame, the joy and comfort on their faces shone through. Amongst the favourite shots, Lexa gave Madi a piggy back while holding Clarke across in her arms all three with big grins on their faces with their matching pyjamas. It was simply the most adorable picture ever seen. The director was having a field day with plenty of photos to choose from. 

“Stop!” Madi squealed excitedly.

“Oops I can’t stop it.” Lexa chuckled, pretending she lost control of her arm which had began tickling her little girl with. She moved onto Clarke alternating between the two earning hearty giggles from her girls. 

They were all in their element thoroughly loving life.

Clarke and Madi decided to double team Lexa and attacked her at her own game. The pair soon won while Lexa lost crumbling to the floor with her girls collapsing on top of her.

“My beautiful girls.” Lexa grinned, pecking both their cheeks.

“Love you guys!” Madi replied, hugging her mommies.

“We love you too darling.” Clarke kissed the top of Madi’s head and pulled away from Lexa.

They took a short break after and resumed once again moving onto beach wear shooting the last shots of the campaign. Once more they were giving the director plenty of options varying their poses. 

During the last shot of the day, the photographer captured the essence of the campaign. Lexa was in a floral print Hawaiian Aloha shirt with matching shorts; Madi had a similar print one piece bathing suit with Clarke dressed in a two piece high waist leopard print bikini. It was a lovely family photo with both Madi and Lexa kissing either side of Clarke’s big baby bump. Simple yet elegant. Epitome of what the leader of the campaign hoped to achieve. He was convinced from the shot, it would be a success in getting the consumers to buy into the theme and feel part of the Chanel family. 

With Clarke showing her incredible curves and baby weight, she hoped to empower women in spreading positive body image. All bodies no matter the form, size, or appearance we are all beautiful and should embrace what god gave us. Body shaming had to stop. Their underlying message of what the campaign hoped to achieve.

“Fantastic!” The director announced, high fiving everyone in the room.

“My baby sissy is my mommy’s tummy. I’m going to be a big sister.” Madi said cheerily, caressing Clarke’s belly before kissing it once more.

“That’s right my girl. You’ll be best big sister in the world.” Lexa ruffled Madi’s hair.

Clarke was a mess with a couple of tears already welling up in her eyes. Thankfully, the shoot was over. Her hormones were free to run rampage. 

“Oh mom she kicked me.” Madi’s eyes widened in pure happiness. 

“Let me feel." Lexa was just as excited. Ever since the baby started kicking, she had been even more fascinated about the fact. It was incredible watching the way Clarke’s belly moved, a real sign her little girl was in there fighting strong. The kicks were pretty powerful, which she was taking credit for. “She kicked again.” She beamed with joy like a kid on Christmas.

“Awww.” Clarke cooed, letting her girls have their moment with the baby. It was the greatest sight to witness. Her heart was swelling with so much love for all her girls. It had been a successful day in more ways than one and she couldn’t be happier.


In the days leading up to the Labour every moment they had together, they ensured to utilise to their advantage. This included from doing birthing classes together. Surprisingly, Lexa was the more excited out of the two when it came to taking part in the classes. Every class, she looked forward to. 

“Come on Clarke. What’s taking you so long?” Lexa pouted, feet propped up onto the coffee table. She gazed down at her Rolex watch a present she received from Jake when it was her birthday. It was an expensive watch but knew Jake gifted it to her out of the goodness of his heart. Ever the giver he was. She waited patiently for her lovely wife who with each day was taking longer and longer to get ready. After a few minutes when Clarke still hadn’t made her appearance, she ran up the stairs to check in on her wife. Immediately, she knew something was wrong.

Slowly, Lexa approached Clarke and wrapped her arms around Clarke’s waist cupping the bottom of her bump. “Hey beautiful.” She whispered against her cheek, placing a soft kiss. When she realised Clarke still looked down, she gently, turned her around and cupped her cheeks. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Each day you get more beautiful. I love you so much. I’m so lucky to call you my wife. Oh, look at that our baby girl agrees with me. Come on beautiful give us a smile.” Her eyes widened, always taken by surprise every time the baby kicked.

Out of instinct, Clarke lips curled into a big grin. “I love you too. You always know the right thing to say.” She rewarded Lexa with deep passionate kiss on the lips.

The kiss left Lexa dazed who still had her eyes closed, smiling dreamily even after Clarke had pulled away.

“You’re such a dork.” Clarke chuckled, her mood brightened. 

After the duo walked hand in hand out of the house heading to their last class with Clarke’s due date pending. 

It didn’t take them long to arrive at the studio where the class was taking place. As soon as Clarke’s eyes landed on some of the new parents to be, her spirits lifted even more. It was like her insecure moment hadn’t even happened. She was surrounded with amazing people who were on the same boat as herself. They were all pretty in their own right and should be proud of their bodies. 

When they made it inside, Lexa arranged everything for Clarke before getting situated on their mats ready for the instructor to begin. She listened closely and pulled out her notebook taking notes. She was going to be a first-time parent and having no previous experience taking care of a new-born she knew she would need all the help and what better way than to learn from an expert. 

Later they moved into working on the positions to help with the labour. They were all very hands on and it made Lexa feel included. Even though she wasn’t the one carrying the baby, she still had her part to do. The positions ranged from a supported squats and wall leans with Lexa supporting Clarke from behind providing some stability.  

“That feels so good.” Clarke let out a moan, enjoying Lexa massaging her lower back to ease the tension from her hips.

Lexa blushed profusely, looking around at the other parents whose eyes had turned in their direction trying to contain their laughs. Quickly, she pulled her hands away. 

“Lex, why did you stop?” Clarke pouted, placing Lexa’s hands back on her hips.

“Erm .. babe you” Lexa stuttered, scratching the back of her neck. 

“We’ve all been there Lexa relax.” Suzy, one of the moms said to calm the brunette. 

“Come on Stud, get back to it.” Clarke winked, leaning against the wall and resuming with the exercise. 

Instead of letting the embarrassment of her wife’s enjoyment get to her, Lexa embraced it. She sent charming winks to all the ladies. “I’m good with my hands if you catch my drift.” She said with a big smirk on her face. Now all the gents in the room blushed while the ladies swooned over Lexa.

“Hear, hear Lexa.” Leanne, one of the other parents who was in a same sex marriage, held a fist doing an air bump with Lexa. The two had become great buddies throughout the pregnancy.

“Teach me Lexa!” Dave, another parent to be threw a high five at Lexa only to receive a playful smack from his wife. 

“Sorry bud it’s a talent that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don't.” Lexa pumped her chest triumphantly. She had made great friends during the classes another reason why she enjoyed them so much. They had all already arranged play dates for their children who happened to be due close to each other. 


Clarke was a week over her due date. She tried everything to help induce labour but nothing seemed to be working. When a mischievous smile found its way onto her face. Quickly, she got changed into her workout gear and headed to their garage where Lexa had set up their own home gym. Throughout her pregnancy, she had kept up with her exercises to stay fit and remain sane. She opted for a very revealing sports bra with some tight leggings leaving little to the imagination. 

With purpose, she walked into the garage shaking her hips more than normal and immediately catching Lexa’s eye. She pretended she hadn’t seen Lexa and carried on walking to get a small kettle bell and began to squat, her back turned to Lexa. 

At all times, she kept sneaking peeks at the mirror and grinned triumphantly having managed to distract Lexa from her workout. After a few sets on squats, she decided to make her move. Slowly, she walked over to Lexa who had finished with her bench presses still laying on her back and slipped her hand below the band of the brunette’s shorts.

“Clarke what are you doing?” Lexa gripped onto Clarke’s wrist stopping her actions.

“Well, we’ve tried everything expect for one. The doctor did mention sex is supposed to help induce labour. I feel like a whale baby. Please.” Clarke stuck her bottom lip out, slowly moving her hand back inside Lexa’s shorts. This time she got no hesitation as she slipped right into the brunette’s package, squeezing her balls. She knew it wouldn’t take long before she had Lexa literally by the balls begging for more. The sweat dripping all over Lexa’s body was doing things to her body. She straddled the brunette on the bench continuing with her efforts.

Since Clarke walked into their home gym, she had lost her train of thought. Her wife was beautiful every day but in her gym attire with her big baby bump on display she was even more beautiful. A stunning goddess.

Seconds later, Lexa closed her eyes shut licking her lips in pleasure. The feeling of her blossoming boner against Clarke’s hand already having an effect on her body. She was too far gone, lost in her pleasure. A tiny whine escaped her lips. 

“That’s it keep going.” She moaned, head thrown back in pleasure.

Clarke took a swipe licking up Lexa’s neck leaving a trail of goose bumps in her wake. The salty taste of sweat sent her taste buds into over drive. As soon as she felt Lexa at full length, she got off her lap. Rapidly, she took off her leggings and panties which were completely soaked in her arousal. “I’m so wet for you Lex.” She groaned, running her fingers over her wet folds and when she pulled her fingers in front of her face, they were glistening. 

In a heartbeat, Lexa enveloped Clarke’s fingers sucking them dry. “Mhmmm delicious.” She hummed, licking her lips and taking her shorts off. She placed her arms onto Clarke’s hips pulling her closer. 

“Please fuck me.” Clarke pleaded, her juices running down her thighs.

“My pleasure.” Lexa smirked. She rose up to her feet and effortlessly lifted Clarke by her thighs before gently placing her onto bench. Clarke’s legs took refuge onto her shoulders wide spread her pussy ready for the taking. “Are you sure this is okay?” She asked. As much as she loved making love to her wife, she didn’t want to put the baby at risk. 

“Fuck me already!” Clarke demanded.

Without another word, Lexa slowly guided her dick into the blonde’s entrance. The warmth soon wrapped around her shaft in an instant. It was the best feeling in the world. “You feel amazing.” She moaned, pushing further into her wife until she was all the way in. She gave Clarke a few seconds to adjust to her size before she began to thrust her hips each time increasing her pace. The ache of her muscles from her workout session didn’t even have effect on her body. She was solely focused on pleasuring her wife. 

“Oh my! Harder baby!” Clarke whimpered, thrusting her hips upwards in time with Lexa’s movements. Feeling tightness from the sports bra, she took it off exposing her even bigger boobs. 

“Magnificent!” Lexa gasped in awe. She leaned over her wife’s body lips trailing down to kiss her chest and breasts. This sent double stimulation all over Clarke’s body who screamed out her joy with her pleasure rising to brand new heights which she hadn’t imagined.

“That’s it. Oh, fuck me!” Clarke was in bliss. They had the whole house to themselves, so she could be as loud as she wanted. Her lover was fucking her so good.

Lexa pounded her hips into the blonde, lost in her pleasure and still managing to be soft and caring. The bench was sturdy managing to hold up their weight. She took extra care not leaning on Clarke’s bump focusing on her pleasure alone.

“Come for me baby.” She ordered, feeling their orgasm looming. With one last big push, she stilled her hips pressing against Clarke’s g-spot. 

“FUCKKKK!” Clarke cried out spilling her juices around Lexa’s rod.

In deep slow pumps Lexa brought Clarke down from her high. 

“That was incredible.” Clarke praised, her sex hair all over the place but still managing to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

“I’m not finished yet.” Lexa smiled smugly and resumed with some quick thrust penetrating Clarke’s pussy hole. She knew by the end of it they would’ve reached their goal and managed to induce Clarke’s labour. After some powerful motions going deeper with each movement, she erupted her thick white seed into Clarke’s gaping hole. “I’m coming!” She grunted, legs shaking after such an intense high. It felt like a never-ending release. Her wife soon followed coming for a second time in a row as she stimulated her clit.

They remained locked together, taking deep breaths and panting. Both completely spent. Lexa didn’t even know how she was still standing. The evidence of their pleasure spilled onto the bench as it was too much inside Clarke’s pussy. 

After some time, Lexa mustered all her strength as she carried Clarke back inside the house to clean her up. She knew her wife would be tired. They were both grinning like idiots having just devoured their gym garage. From here on out they would never view it same way. So many happy memories were created all around their home and they couldn’t be happier.

The following day, it was December 28th when Clarke’s water finally broke. Her previous night's efforts had worked into getting her into labour. She was fairly calm considering it was her first-time giving birth. It helped she had spent countless of hours planning and readying herself. As soon as she screamed for Lexa’s name, Lexa got into action packing her range rover with all their necessities they required. 

Clarke rang all their relatives informing of the news. They were all excitedly to meet the new arrival none other than Jake who had screamed through the phone “THE BABY IS COMING” without a doubt alerting his whole office of the news. Clarke couldn’t help herself but laugh. She was nervous and excited at the same. They were finally moments away from meeting their baby girl. Thankfully, her best friends were in town having come home for the holidays.

“All done.” Lexa sighed, wiping sweat from her forehead. She had run around their whole house looking for their baby bag only to find it already stored away in her car. She packed all their essentials items triple checking her list before finally securing the baby’s car seat in the back. Just at the sight it made it all real they were soon to be parents. With a droopy smile on her face, she pictured the first time holding her little girl in her arms. In made her heart all warm, the excitement building.

“Thank you, baby. You’ve been perfect through it all. I can’t wait to meet our little princess.” Clarke pecked Lexa’s lips. She waddled her way towards their front door after having showered, completely ready to face labour head on. So far it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. The contractions were bearable. 

Lexa adorably, held onto Clarke’s hand supporting her until she was in the passenger seat. She was then rewarded with another peck on the lips. Quickly, she raced to the driver’s side ready to kick start their journey to the hospital. Being the perfect doula, she had created some relaxing music for Clarke to help with the contractions taking her to a sane environment.

“I don’t why I’m crying already. I’m kind of nervous Lex. We’ve never done it before and I don’t know what to expect.” Clarke said getting emotional. 

“It’s okay to be nervous Sweetheart, I’m nervous too but I’m sure you’re going to be great. I love you.” Lexa leaned over the console pecking Clarke’s lips. When she returned back to her seat, she kept her eyes on the road driving as fast and safely as possible while one of her other hand was protectively held over Clarke’s big baby bump. 

“I love you too.” Clarke replied, supporting Lexa’s hand on her belly. Her wife was the epitome of perfect. She couldn’t have asked for a better partner to do life with. The understanding between the two was spotless. Before they knew it, they had arrived at the hospital.

When they arrived outside the hospital, it was like DeJa'Vu. Lexa’s tires screeched to a halt. She gripped onto the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white. She was caught in a trance. All the memories rushed back at full force. Suddenly, it became hard to breathe. "This can't be happening." She kept muttering under her breath moving forwards and back over the wheel. The tears flowed freely down her cheeks flooding her vision. Before her panic attack could take full force, she felt someone touch her arm.  

"It's me Lexa. Look at me sweetie. Everything will be okay." Abby said softly, trying to reassure Lexa. When she realised she wasn't getting through to the brunette, she slapped her across the face. It was harsh but there was no time to delay.

Lexa held onto her cheek feeling the burn. It brought her back to reality as she turned to face Abby giving her some attention. 

"They need you now more than ever Lexa. It's all going to be okay. I need you to stay strong for the both of them. Go get em!" Abby smiled, cupping Lexa's cheeks and kissed her temple. Thankfully, she had gotten the day off to be there for her girls. Her motherly instincts knew there was something wrong with Lexa when she hadn’t arrived inside the hospital with her daughter. As soon as she saw the brunette, she knew she needed her help. 

“Thank you.” Lexa replied, sprinting through the hospital double doors looking for her wife.

"I'm okay baby. Please don't worry. We're okay." Clarke grinned broadly, taking Lexa’s hand and placing it over her tummy. "We're okay." She reiterated, knowing what delayed Lexa from entering the hospital. 

Suddenly, the flash back from Lexa's mother’s death resurfaced as they wheeled Clarke in the gurney through to the delivery room. Her grip tightened around the handle bars eyes glued straight ahead praying they would let her through. Once she was through, she released the biggest sigh of relief. “It’s not happening again.” She muttered under her breath reassuring herself.

“You’re okay.” She leaned down kissing the top of Clarke’s head.

Once they arrived in the delivery room, Lexa coached Clarke through all the labour positions which were supposed to help her through all her contractions. This included helping Clarke get into the rocking cat position, whereby Clarke took deep breaths with Lexa massaging her back to help baby to face down ready for delivery. It also enabled the baby to descend taking pressure off her lower back. Lexa came prepared even packed the birthing ball which proved to be a great tool as Clarke used it to circle her hips on the ball to coax baby down the birth canal and also to strengthen her hips for an easier delivery. 

When the labour pain become too much, Clarke opted to lay on her left side Lexa ever the perfect doula, cuddled in behind, resting between contractions.

Having settled in their room, it's like the baby sensed they were in a safe environment ready to meet her mommies. Clarke’s contractions started coming thick and fast longer, stronger, and closer together. Roughly every three minutes. 

“You’re doing so well baby. Deep breaths.” Lexa muttered calmly, softly massaging Clarke’s lower back to help with the pain.

“It hurts Lex. I just want to push already.” Clarke cried, hit by another contraction.

She was 8cm dilated the last few centimetres left felt like a lifetime. It didn’t help the contractions were getting stronger and stronger.

“I’m sorry baby. Hang in there. You got this.” Lexa smoothed out the curls from Clarke’s face kissing her temple. She has learned a lot during the birthing classes but what they failed to mentioned was how to remove all the pain from her wife. But she knew, if anyone could do it was her strong wife. She had every faith in her. 

“The worst part is almost over. You’re doing amazing Sweetie.” Abby held her phone out taking a picture.

“MOM!” Clarke exclaimed. She was in pain and her mom was acting like the Kardashians photographing every moment.

“Sorry.” Lexa apologised, containing her laugh. She didn’t want to face her wife’s wrath after all.

“It’s okay.” Abby slotted her phone in her bag, winking at Lexa knowing she was dying to laugh at the scene.

A while later, Clarke finally reached 10cm dilated. Her doctor, Dr. Green announced her presence alerting Clarke she could start pushing at any minute. 

“I’ll be right here baby. Squeeze my hand as hard as you want.” Lexa smiled, pecking Clarke’s lips.

All the nurses and doctor were set to welcome the new arrival. Clarke’s feet were propped onto the leg holders for support as she began to push. With Lexa’s help they counted down from ten Clarke using all her strength to push her baby out. 

Clarke was doing brilliantly. A true warrior fighting through the motions and contracting from her abdomen like her life depended on it. For a first-time mom in labour, she was bossing it and calmly at that.

"Push it!" Dr. Green instructed. "Good push!" She praised.

It went on for a while until the top of the baby’s tiny head made its appearance. 

"That's it you're so close. One more time.” Dr. Green encouraged.

"You're doing so well baby.” Lexa cheered, placing reassuring soft kisses on top of her wife’s head. 

“The heads out!” Dr. Green grinned, sensing they were moments away from the inevitable. 

"She is going to wave any minute now. Here she comes.” Dr. Green added excitedly. It was one of her favourite moments. Within seconds, the little miracle made its arrival screaming the house down. 

Hearing their baby’s cry was like music to their ears. Knowing their baby was healthy and strong with the perfect lung capacity. It was the best feeling in the world. The new parents were overjoyed.  

Immediately, the doctor placed the baby on Clarke’s chest while the nurses cleaned the baby up. The first seconds of the baby’s life, it was crucial for the baby to feel the mother’s warmth. To know they were safe and still in touch with their mother having just come out from the womb.

“Oh my god! She’s here!” Clarke sobbed, eyeing her little girl with pride.

“She’s gorgeous Clarke just like her mommy.” Lexa kissed Clarke’s temple repeatedly tears streaming down her own cheeks. Their little miracle had finally arrived and she couldn’t be happier. It was a long time coming and she was grateful she was able to witness the moment.

The new parents were thoroughly in love with their baby girl. She was perfect in every way. Their hearts were full of love for their new-born. Straight away, they knew what name to give their little girl. They looked at each with a knowing look before Lexa spoke.

“Hey there Alsie Alexandra Woods.” Lexa was smiling from ear to ear. Gently, she leaned down and kissed her little girl’s temple. At the action, Alsie opened her big blue eyes and Lexa fell in love all over again. They were the exact match to Clarke’s. “She agrees.” She let out a teary chuckle. 

Clarke’s heart swelled with love. “My babies.” She cooed. The instant connection between Lexa and their little girl was everything she envisioned. Her family was complete. She couldn’t wait to picture Madi’s reaction. 

“Lexa would you like to cut the cord?” One of the nurses asked.

Lexa’s eyes beamed with pride, shaking her like a bobblehead. Excitement written all over her face.

Clarke chuckled at her wife’s adorableness. “Take that as a yes.” She gave the nurse a nod who handed Lexa the scissors.

"Wow!” Lexa said thoroughly impressed by how quick it took. It all still felt like she was dreaming. Even if she was, she didn’t want anyone to wake her up. One of her biggest dreams had finally become a reality. She kept an eye on what the nurse was doing, as she wrapped up her little baby girl. The smile on her face was permanently etched on her face.

“I love you so much Clarke. You did brilliantly. A true warrior.” She pecked Clarke’s lips and when she pulled back, she rested her head against Clarke’s taking in the moment. A minute passed by, she turned to acknowledge Dr. Green, her whole facial expression changed. "Doc what's wrong?" She panicked, when suddenly the joy on the doctor’s face vanished. 

Before the doctor could respond, Clarke was hit with another contraction. 

Soon after, another surprise heartbeat resonated through the monitor.  

“AHHHH!” Clarke screamed, gripping onto Lexa’s hand so tightly. It was the most pain she had experienced so far. She had taken it like a champ through it all but it was proving to be more difficult than she thought. 

It hadn’t even registered they were having twins. Another beautiful miracle was gifted to them and they were minutes away from welcoming their second child.

“I can’t do this anymore. It hurts so bad.” Clarke cried absolutely exhausted. At her current state all she wanted was the pain to go away so she could rest. 

“You got this baby. You’ve done so well. Together. Ten, nine, eight...” Lexa counted down, hoping to ease Clarke’s worries. Her wife was a complete warrior. She was in awe for all women who gave birth. They were the real heroes of the world. She wished she could take all her wife’s pain away. It was taking everything in her not to crumble along with Clarke. With all her strength she held it together knowing she had to be strong for the both of them.

“Two one!” Clarke breathed out heavily, head collapsing onto the pillow. Her whole body felt weak.

Lexa kissed Clarke’s temple thoroughly proud of her wife. “Perfect.” She kissed her temple. She coached her wife through it all and within two minutes baby number two was born. 

Clarke collapsed absolutely spent. She had tears streaming down her cheeks but couldn’t stop her cheeks from curling into a smile as her little girl’s cries filled the room. Instantly, she curled up her little baby girl, who was thrashing away. “My little warrior princess.” She cooed, kissing the top of her head.

It was a rare occurrence for a mother gave birth unbeknown they were having twins. However, with Lexa’s luck in life, it felt life owed her that much. To fill her heart with nothing but joy and happiness for the rest of her life. What better way than to grant her a double miracle. She was purely blessed. Instant unconditional love for both her girls.  

“She’s perfect Clarke. You did so well.” Lexa kissed Clarke’s temple repeatedly, while softly caressing her baby’s back. Their little girl was a lot smaller than their first baby but perfect nonetheless. She gazed into Clarke’s eyes trying to read her thoughts on what their second child should be called.

With knowing smiles on both their faces and tears of joys running down their cheeks they announced at the same time, “Skye Abigail Woods”. And in a similar fashion to her twin sister, Skye’s eyes shot wide open her cries subsiding. 

“She has your eyes.” Clarke said lovingly. She could already picture their baby having Lexa’s traits. Her smile widened if possible. 

“She does eh.” Lexa grinned broadly, her little girl latching onto her pointing finger bringing it up to her mouth. “My life is complete.” She muttered under her breath. Left speechless at the sight of her warrior miracle. She hoped for one baby and now she had two healthy baby girls. After cutting Skye's cord, the nurse took her away to get cleaned up and brought both babies back.

Clarke held both her girls lost for words. All they could do was stare at their baby girls. They had a wealthy load of hair both blonde curls and cute noises just like their mama’s with adorable small ears and their mommy’s lips. It was still too early to distinguish whether they were identical or non-identical twins. So far it was Skye’s weight and her eye colour which separated her from her twin sister.

The couple had their family moment cooing over their gorgeous girls. At the close proximity of each other, the babies reached out for one another and held hands across their mommy’s chest.

“My heart!” Clarke cried. It was the most beautiful thing she has ever witnessed. Their babies already had the twin magic nailed to perfection. Her heart oozed so much love and affection towards her girls.

“This is all you. They are beautiful just like their mommy. My little princesses.” Lexa gently pecked Clarke’s lips. Wanting in on the affection, the babies, cried loudly until Lexa placed gentle kisses on top of their foreheads. As she leaned over the babies, little Skye gripped onto her mama’s hair and gave Lexa the biggest smile of the day which was soon followed by Alsie.


As soon as Lexa made her presence known in the waiting room with a baby in her arms, her whole family rose to their feet to welcome the new arrival. None other than Madi who was the happiest of them all bouncing on the balls of her feet eager to meet her new baby sister.

“Careful Madi, she’s very little.” Lexa warned, gently lowering to Madi’s level so she could meet the new baby.

Instantly, Madi brought one hand over her mouth and sobbed. “Baby sissy, it’s me your big sister.” She whimpered, her bottom lip trembling. It was love at her sight. She gently, caressed the baby’s soft cheeks, her heart swelled with love for her sibling when she moved, curling herself further into Lexa’s arms.

“See she loves you too Madi. Give her a kiss.” Lexa instructed sensing Madi was yearning to show her little sister some affection.

“Mwah, I love you soo much!” Madi showered her face with kisses.

“Gentle, gentle.” Lexa said wanting Madi to be careful. She was already in mama bear mode.

Madi gave her little sister a final kiss on her forehead. She pulled back and looked down at her sister lovingly.

Everyone else was watching completely moved by the scene. It was a show of true love between siblings. Thankfully, Anya managed to capture the moment on camera, while everyone else was a complete mess. 

After Lexa moved and approached a sobbing Abby.

“Meet Alsie Alexandra Woods.” Lexa beamed, passing the baby over to Abby. Once she was satisfied the baby was settled in Abby’s arms, she raced back to Clarke’s room taking everyone by surprise.

“She’s beautiful.” Abby cooed, tears running down her cheeks as Alsie wrapped her little fingers around her grandmother’s pinkie. Before she knew it, Lexa returned with another baby in her arms.

“My strong-willed miracle girl, Skye Abigail Woods.” Lexa smiled broadly. Ever since the birth of her baby girls, she was smiling non-stop. She was glowing with love for her babies.

“THERE’S TWO OF THEM!” Madi squealed excitedly jumping up and down.

Raven wrapped a hand over Madi’s mouth so she wouldn’t startle the new-borns. “Not so loud Madi.” She kissed her head so knew she wasn’t being reprimanded.
“I have two sisters.” Madi muttered quietly still wide eyed. She walked to Lexa longing to see her other sibling. She was over the moon to find out her mommy gave birth to twins. One of her wishes was getting a sibling and now she had two.  She was still trying to process the news.

"Am I seeing things?" Jake said in awe still completely frazzled by the revelation. Before him were the cutest babies he had ever seen. His heavenly granddaughters. He was biased but he didn’t care. 

Lexa chuckled at Jake’s expression. “Nope old man. Meet your grandbabies.” She placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder handing him Skye. Her small little face looked loveable wrapped in her new kitten onesie, matching with the twin of course.

“She’s so small.” Jake’s heart softened, tears of jubilation found its way down his cheeks which he quickly wiped. He was spoilt for choice, one minute he was admiring his new grandchild Alsie and the next he finds out he not only has one but two grandchildren. He couldn’t be happier. Already he was thinking of ways to spoil all his grandchildren including Madi who was still his first in his eyes. Unsure of who to give his attention to, he alternated between the two babies, until Skye’s cries filled the room already missing her mama’s warmth.

Swiftly, Lexa made her presence known, softly caressing Skye’s cheeks. “Mama’s here.” She murmured, leaning over and pecking her cheeks. However, Skye was having none of it. She was already proving to be the cuddlier of the two babies. Instead Lexa took her from Jake and like magic Skye’s cries turned into little sniffles before completely stopping. 

“Looks like someone is a mama’s girl.” Jake chuckled.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Lexa grinned, pleased she managed to stop her little girl from crying.

Soon after, they all retreated to Clarke’s room after she was moved out of the delivery room to a private room. Her mother being the chief of the hospital had some privileges which enabled the whole family to visit. Lexa walked back with Skye in her arms while Abby carried Alsie. Madi was hot on their trails making sure her little sisters were safe.

“Hey there baby mama!” Raven and Octavia cheered, hands filled with presents.

“Hey guys.” Clarke replied weakly, still exhausted after an intense labour.

“Mommy you gave me two sisters!” Madi squealed, running to Clarke’s bedside to hug her.

“Easy Madi. Mommy is still tired. Let’s use our inner voice okay.” Abby instructed. She knew how easily it was for her oldest grandchild to get carried away.

“Ooops sorry.” Madi smiled, slowing down into a walk. “I love you mommy, get well soon.” She hugged Clarke carefully hoping to cheer up. 

“I love you too baby girl.” Clarke kissed the top of Madi’s head. With Madi’s help she sat up a little straighter, Jake helping with placing some extra cushion behind her back. 

Everyone showered the new parents with plenty of gifts. Anya went first handing Clarke a photo album to capture the babies’ childhood journey. Right on cue, Lexa pulled out 2 photos taken of the twins in their beds with their cute little onesies and hats containing their initials across the top. What a perfect first picture to add to their collection.

“Smile!” Jake, instructed wanting to add another picture into album having bought the couple a polaroid camera. 

Abby handed Alsie back to Clarke. With Alsie on one arm, Lexa placed Skye onto the other. Lexa took her position next to Madi wrapping her long arms around all her girls. With big cheesy grins they smiled at the camera. A complete family photograph.

The picture printed instantly, Madi already in love with it. Next, they got Madi to hold both babies with Lexa supporting her as they took their first picture as siblings. Jake captured another one when Madi leaned down and kissed their foreheads. “I love you so much. I promise to always protect you and love with all my heart.” She pledged.

“They love you too.” Lexa pointed at the twins whose lips instinctively curled into a smile.

“I can’t take this much cuteness.” Octavia cooed.

After all the gifts were given, they saw Clarke needed some rest. Everyone filtered out leaving the couple alone with their new-borns promising to be back the following day.

While Clarke slept the day’s event finally weighing up on her, Lexa took it upon herself to look after their babies. With every passing moment, her heart melted as always wanted hold her daughters. 

Slowly, she approached the babies’ bed which was placed by Clarke’s bedside for when they needed feeding. She effortlessly lifted Alsie and Skye onto either arm and sat in her big rocking chair. 

"You are my world. I promise to never let anything happen to you. I will protect you till my dying breath. You have brought me joy I never thought existed. Just looking at you I feel at peace. I love you both with my whole heart.” She whispered placing tender loving kisses onto her girls’ foreheads who in return smiled back at their mother melting her heart even more. Tears of joy flowed freely down her cheeks. Right on cue the babies open their gorgeous eyes with the corners of their lips turn into a smile frantically moving their small arms towards Lexa’s face catching her tear. Their way of acknowledging their mama's love and not wanting to her cry. 

She spent the whole night checking up on her girls. When one cried, the other followed. Lexa was like a pro. She didn’t let anything phase her. After Clarke fed the babies, she would burp them. At times both at the same time using her super mom skills and others taking one baby at a time. Life as a mother of twins couldn’t be more perfect.


Three days later, Clarke got discharged. She was thrilled to take her babies home. It still hadn’t sunk in she was now a mother of twins. She was embracing motherhood to the fullest. 

On their first night, in the middle of the night Clarke woke up to cold sheets by her side. Gently, she got out of bed knowing exactly where she would find her wife. As predicted, there before her was the most adorable heart-warming sight. Her wife snoozing on the rocking chair with a book resting on her lap and Skye wrapped around Lexa's arm sleeping peacefully against her chest. Cute little snores vibrated through their chest.

The bond Lexa formed with their youngest child was second to none. Skye had proved to be a touchy baby always demanding attention. She already had Lexa wrapped around her little finger.

Slowly, Clarke approached Lexa and placed a gentle tap of her shoulder rousing her awake. “Hey baby let’s go to bed.” She whispered being careful not to wake Skye.

“Huh.” Lexa was flustered blinking several times to get accustomed to her surroundings. 

“I’ll take her.” Clarke steadily lifted Skye from Lexa’s arms before laying her next to her sister. Instantly, Skye reached out to her big sister Alsie and the two cuddled each other. 

At the sight Lexa placed her hand over her heart, sleep forgotten. 

“She was crying and I didn’t want her to disturb you when you looked so peaceful in your sleep. Until I held her in my arms like in the hospital did, she then stop crying. I wouldn’t change a thing. These sleepless nights a worth seeing their faces every day.” She explained, watching her girls interact was the best feeling in the world. She felt like a proud mother her love for her girls growing. Quietly, she leaned over the crib placing soft kisses onto her girls’ temples whispering “sleep tight my little princesses.”

Clarke followed taking extra care not to rouse them awake. She retreated with Lexa out of the nursery and stood by the door way admiring their little girls. She leaned into Lexa’s side wrapping her arms around her waist watching their babies sound asleep. They remained routed on their spot for a while neither one wanting to go back to their room. After the fifth yawn in a row from Lexa, they double checked the baby monitors before going back to their room. They did a quick stop by Madi’s room, tucking her in when they saw she had fought off her covers and kissed her forehead.

Even though it was a short distance, Lexa carried Clarke bridal style to their room earning a hearty giggle. 

“My hero.” Clarke praised, pecking Lexa’s lips.

As soon as they were in their own bed, they were out like a light with cute snore resounding through their room.


Fast Forward three years later, Clarke was heavily pregnant as she waddled into Lexa’s building (Grounders Anonymous) with two hyper toddlers in tow. Over the last couple of years, she worked tirelessly saving enough money to upgrade her family to a new home with 6 bedrooms with the new addition to their family due anytime soon. 

It had always been a dream of hers to help the vulnerable families and homeless people who were in a similar situation she once was make something of themselves. She had secured a building whereby she was providing shelter, food, clothing, advise and support to help those in need. With Anya's help the two joined forces to help as many people as they could. They were only starting out but already on their way to becoming a recognisable charity in Washington DC which spoke volumes. 

As soon as Skye noticed her mama, she made a beeline for her. “Mama!” She squealed excitedly running as fast as her little feet allowed, colliding with Lexa’s legs. 

“My sweet angel.” Lexa beamed, picking her little girl onto her hip.

Ever since she was born, Skye was the cuddlier of the twins. Instantly, she wrapped her little arms around Lexa’s neck nuzzling her face into her mama’s neck, breathing in her scent. “Miss you mama.” She whined, sticking her bottom lip out. 

“Aww my baby. Mama missed you soooooo much.” Lexa replied, tickling her sides which worked as straight away, Skye began to giggle. 

Her giggles filled the room with so much joy. She was quite ticklish as she thrashed her arms to avoid her mama’s attacks. “Stup!” She chortled with the biggest grin on her face. 

“I win!” Lexa smiled cheerily.

Skye cupped her mama’s face squashing her cheeks together to make her lips pout before giving her a big wet kiss on the lips. “Muwah!” She repeated awarding her mama with plenty of kisses. “Bestie Mama.” She finished with one last big kiss.

“Thank you, Skye.” Lexa showered her face with kisses before she was interrupted by the rest of her girls.

“We’re chopped liver now eh.” Clarke feigned hurt rolling her eyes hands on hips.

“Chop ever.” Alsie copied her mommy, placing her hands on her hips acting all serious. Her efforts failed as she looked the complete opposite from serious. The little adorable blonde with the biggest blues eyes was just cute. An exact copy of Clarke from her sassiness to her features. 

“Come here my chop ever.” Lexa chuckled, crouching down and effortlessly lifting Alsie onto her hip. “Kiss for mama.” She pouted, giving her little girl her best puppy dog eyes.

Immediately, Alsie rewarded her mama with a big wet kiss. “No sad mama. Smile.” She gave Lexa another kiss, and moved her cheeks into a smile.

“Love mama.” Skye joined her sister in showering their mama with kisses.

“Love mama mo.” Alsie scrunched her face adorably wanting to have the upper hand over her sister.

“I love you both so much.” Lexa returned their kisses to avoid them fighting. 

It was scary at times at how quick time has flown by. Her little girls each had their own personalities shining through. Over time, it turned out Skye had Heterochromia one green eye and one blue. Her blonde curls wilder than Alsie.

“Mom aunty Anya said I can help out in the kitchen today.” Madi announced her presence running to greet Lexa. Ever since they opened, she had loved spending time helping out. Her love for helping the homeless stemmed from all the times she got to help Lexa hand out meals and the smiling faces she received in return made her want to do it over and over again. Having been brought up from a privileged background, she had everything she could ask for and now giving back was a great reward.

“Wow that’s awesome. You’ll do great.” Lexa winked at the mini brunette.

Madi gave Lexa a quick peck on the cheek before quickly racing back to join her aunty to prepare the meals.

“Hey there beautiful. How’s my pumpkin pie doing.” Lexa pecked Clarke’s lips. 

“Your daughter has been giving me nothing but grief. I can’t wait till she’s out.” Clarke replied with a huff. Her ankles were swollen and she was tired beyond belief running around after two hyper active toddlers. It was hard work but she loved every second of it. 

Lexa chuckled. “You hear that girls. Mommy only claims your baby sissy when she’s good and when she’s not, she’s mine only eh.” She bounced her girls in her arms making them laugh.

“Mommy silly.” Skye giggled making funny faces at Clarke.

“Mommy baby sissy good.” Alsie agreed with Lexa reaching out from Lexa’s arms and cupping Clarke’s bump. “Be good sissy. Mommy love you.” She added cutely, rubbing her mommy’s tummy.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Clarke kissed Alsie's cheek.

“That’s right pumpkin pie, be nice to mommy. We can’t wait to meet you.” Lexa placed the twins on the floor and reached out to pamper Clarke’s tummy with kisses. The twins didn’t want to miss out as they copied their mama, uplifting Clarke’s spirits.

“Thank you, my babies. I love you all dearly.” Clarke awarding her girls with kisses. 

After Lexa showed Clarke around seeing how far they had come. Skye clung to her like a koala while she held onto Alsie’s hand. They had more beds than what they started with and everywhere they turned they were welcomed with big smiles on the people’s faces. All the volunteers going above and beyond to help out in the day to day activities.

“I’m so proud of you Lex.” Clarke said earnestly. Having seen first-hand how hard Lexa worked and for it to have been pulled off with so much success she couldn’t be prouder. Their lives had changed in more ways than one. Lexa gifted her with two beautiful girls and another on the way. The big family she had always wanted and dreamed off was now reality. She wouldn’t change a single thing. Watching her wife live out her dream was the cherry on top. Her heart was full beyond words. 

“I couldn’t have done it with the help from my team. They have been awesome.” Lexa replied humbly. 

“This is all you Lex. Look at everyone they wouldn’t be here without you. YOU made it happen.” Clarke praised, knowing her wife was too shy for compliments. “Tell mama.” She turned to her kids.

“Mama the best!” The twins responded at the same with cheeky grins on their faces. Both had matching dimples.

“Thank you.” Lexa gave them big kisses on the lips, picking Alsie up who wrapped her little arms around Lexa’s neck for a warm embrace having sensed her mama needed it.

“We raised them well.” Clarke grinned puffing her chest proudly.

When the twins pulled back, they wiped the small tear from Lexa which landed down onto her cheek overwhelmed by her girls' gesture. 

“No cry, cry.” Alsie said as a matter of factly.

“Sorry happy tears.” Lexa replied blinking a couple of times to stop the tears from flowing. She had always worn her heart on her sleeve. Now being a mom, her emotions had amplified making her extra sensitive especially to the little things.

Skye on the other hand had stuck her bottom lip out on the verge of tears.

“Cay no cry.” Alsie lips turned into a frown cupping her sister’s cheek and kissed her cheek. Her twin sense had sensed her little sister was going to cry and she didn’t like seeing her crying. 

Before Skye started, Clarke pulled out a chocolate chip cookie handing them to her girls whose face instantly lit up at the sight.

“Cookie Als.” Skye’s mouth turned into an o shape a little bit of drool already forming at the mouth.

“Mama’s girl for sure.” Clarke chuckled.

“Me too.” Lexa opened her mouth wanting a piece

Clarke shook her head with a chuckle.

The little trio munched away on their cookies heading towards the family wing where they handed out gifts to the children which included toys to play with. It was the twins’ favourite thing to do when they visited their mama. They were Lexa’s daughters through and through. All loving helping those in need.

“Here we are.” Lexa said placing the twins back on her ground. 

They didn’t waste any time running towards gift giving area. 

“ME, ME, ME!” They shouted holding their little hands in the air. 

Skye was the quickest out of the two who skipped the line foregoing all the kids. She flashed her cute dimple and toothy grin earning her a present. As she turned around, she saw a little girl same age as her with a sad smile on her face thinking she had taken the gift for herself. Slowly, she approached the girl and with a kind smile on her face passed the gift to the girl. “For you.” She nodded towards the present. 

“THANK YOU!” The girl beamed, hugging Skye.

She took her parents by surprise returning the hug as she wasn’t much of a hugger only when it came to family. “You welcome.” Skye muttered before racing back to help hand out more presents. This time she waited for her mama so the other kids didn’t think she was stealing their presents. 

“Good Job Skye.” Lexa praised, giving her a high five. She lifted both her girls onto the table and supported their backs as each of them handed out the presents. The smiles on the recipient's faces was infectious as the twins matched their grins.

“So fun.” Alsie cheered.

Clarke looked on taking pictures of Lexa and her girls interacting with the kids. Her wife was great with all the them, telling the twins stories as they handed the presents to each child. She kept it simple even though she knew her children wouldn’t quite understand it all. Regardless, she was bringing her kids up to be humble and learn empathy. The twins listened closely, thoroughly loving every second.

After the family headed for the kitchen to check up on Madi. 

“Mom, mommy over here!” Madi shouted, dressed in her apron and chef hat which Anya had got personalised with her name written across the top.

“There’s our big girl. Looking good Madi.” Lexa gave her a thumbs up.

“Madi!” The twins squealed. They were about to run off when Lexa caught them by shoulder to stop them in their tracks knowing there were hot ovens and sharp knives laying around no place for toddlers to be running around freely. She effortlessly picked them up one on each arm and walked over to Madi.

“Mhmm smells delicious." Clarke licked her lips. 

“I made it mommy. Mac and cheese.” Madi grinned proudly.

“We have a chef in our midst.” Anya returned the smile placing a comforting hand onto Madi’s shoulder.

“Good Madi!” The twins high fived their big sister. 

Madi couldn’t stop smiling. She was excited to serve the meal to all the guests. With minutes to go before the lunch hour, she was bouncing on her toes eager to serve the first meal. The twins kept her entertained until the doors opened.

“They’ll love it.” Lexa winked going to join Clarke and the twins to feed them their lunch. She looked on as everyone lined up praising Madi’s cooking. They didn’t even have to taste it as the aroma spoke for it in it’s on right. 

Once they dug into their meal the mhmms and ahhhs resonated across the room everyone thoroughly enjoying their meal. Their reaction made one little girl very happy. 

After everyone finished, all the children rushed to play outside in the private park Lexa had built for the children to enjoy. It had everything a child could want. From money bars, swings, slides and many more. Grounders Anonymous was meant to be a safe haven for all individuals involved and especially for the families with kids she hoped to provide an escape where the kids could get to become kids and enjoy their childhood. Their struggles didn’t have to take that away from them.

Lexa found a spot on one of the benches as she pulled her wife onto her lap watching their girls interact with the rest of the kids. It was everything she envisioned for her future. Seeing the smiling faces on her girls faces made her heart swell. With her hand unconsciously caressing Clarke’s bump she whispered “I’m home” against Clarke’s temple looking on with the biggest smile on her face. She had the perfect family and was living out her dream what more could a girl want.

The End