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I'm Home

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Chapter 1

Every day was the same for Lexa. She woke up with an empty stomach knowing she had to salvage for food. Day in day out, it was a constant reminder of what her life was. She would sometimes go days without having a single drop of water or anything to eat. It was an endless torture but she was still standing and breathing.

She slept in the cold, cold harsh weather of Washington DC with only a sleeping bag to cover herself up with. Being in and out of the foster care homes with no family to turn to, her life was not one she expected for herself.

It has been three years since she left the foster care system and still no change. At just twenty-one years olds with no career prospects, she was struggling to make a living. All her life, she wanted to be free from the system and now that she was, she realised that it wasn't all she expected it to be.

She was regarded as being homeless and slept on the streets day in, day out. Every day she would fight for food with others just like herself when kind people would deliver meals for the homeless. It was days as such when she would sleep on a full stomach enough to last her for a couple of days. As they say every little helps.

Currently, Lexa found herself in a similar situation. A woman who goes by the name of Anya, was delivering meals to the homeless who were all laid out in the streets. As soon as they all recognised Anya, they all raced towards her not even giving her enough time to divide the meals equally.

Instead of running to get herself a meal to last her for a few days, Lexa was startled when she saw a woman being mugged by at least five to six thugs. She could tell that if she didn't hurry it could escalate to something she didn't want anyone to have to endure. Even though her stomach was dying for something to eat, she was never one to stand for when people would hurt others who couldn't defend themselves. It was in her nature to help others. Her nature was what made her be in foster care system for so long as she would fight with every foster parent when they would mistreat her or when they would mistreat others who were afraid to stand up for injustice.

She may have been slightly weak as she hadn't eaten in two days but she would be damned if she didn't use all her strength to help a person in need. Carefully, she placed her sleeping bag where no one would find it, knowing how others liked to steal from each other. Her sleeping bag and amongst a few other essentials, which included a picture of her mom with a receipt she didn't even know why she kept with her as it reminded her of her previous girlfriend, Costia, who had betrayed her love.

Having lived in the street for almost three years, she adopted the name of “commander.” People knew not to mess with her but there's always that one or two idiots who think they could take on the commander.

She rolled her sleeves up revealing a small star tattoo near her wrist dedicated to her mother who she always thought of as being the star that always shone brightly down on her since her passing. It was a small tattoo as she hardly had enough money to feed herself let alone manage to get a full sleeve tattoo, which she hoped to one day have.

"Stop!" She growled, trying to get the thugs attention. It had to be a one-woman job with six tough guys to fight off but she didn't care how many guys she had to fight off, she would protect the woman at any cost. From her view point, the victim was a beautiful blonde woman who was dressed in a black tight fit bodycon dress. If it was any other day, Lexa would have admired the woman's beauty but she knew there was no time for that.

"You wanna join in the party. She seems to be more of your type." One of the thugs smirked, moving his hands to palm the blonde woman's ass cheeks.

"Let her go Finn. Or you and your goons will regret it!" Lexa growled. She had always hated Finn. They never saw eye to eye especially when it came to taking advantage of those who couldn't stand up for themselves.

Finn was always the arrogant, selfish pig who thought everything resolved around him. Lexa was the complete opposite who always put others first before herself. And with Finn, she always managed to put him in his right full place. They grew up together in the foster care system and they were always at odds with each other. When Costia chose to love Lexa instead of Finn, their hatred for each other escalated. And Finn never forgets easily. He had always held a grudge against Lexa for taking his girl.

"She's a fine piece of meat Lexa. Better than Costia. Come and have a taste. I'm sure she'll love your extra package." Finn replied his smirk growing even wider gesturing with his head between Lexa's legs knowing he had hit a nerve.

"I will kill you!" Lexa barked, her face flushed with anger. She was proud of who she was, being born with a penis, but she always hated when people would insult her or make her feel like she wasn't normal. And the fact that Finn was degrading a beautiful woman who was stood before her, just made her blood boil even more in anger.

The mention of her ex-girlfriend was what finally ticked her off. She exploded like a cannon by launching herself towards Finn totally forgetting the other five guys that were around him. She landed a solid punch knocking him to the ground but then another guy grabbed the blonde woman by her throat.

"No!" The woman screamed out trying to warn Lexa when one of Finn's friends gripped onto a metal rod, ready to hit Lexa with it. Her mouth was quickly covered so she wouldn’t say another word.

Luckily, Lexa heard the woman's shout right on time. However, there was no time to dwell on how beautiful and horsy the blonde's voice sounded. It was so angelic even during a time such as they found themselves in.

She quickly turned around and gripped the metal rod before it made contact with her body. She twisted the guys hand who yelped out in pain as Lexa had just broken his wrist. "Don't you dare touch a woman without their consent!" She growled, head butting the guy who fell right on his ass. One down five to go, she thought. The odds were against her but there was no stopping her. It was as if her brain was wired and the only thing she could focus on was protecting the woman before her.

"Please let me go." The blonde woman pleaded with Finn’s friend but to no avail.

"You're not going anywhere beautiful." Finn replied licking the blonde's cheek making her squirm. He had quickly risen to his feet to grip the woman, letting one of his friends to finish Lexa off.

"I said don't touch her asshole!" Lexa shouted, pushing Finn away so he could release the gorgeous blonde from his grasp.

"Leave now Lexa or you'll regret it?" Finn offered an ultimatum as him and his friends gathered around Lexa and the woman.

Lexa ignored Finn as she had crouched down beside the blonde wanting to make sure she was okay. "Hey you're safe. I'm not going to hurt you." She said in a soft voice. "Here." She smiled, handing over the blonde’s purse.

"Thank you." The blonde replied barely above a whisper refusing to make eye contact with her hero.

"Yo-" Lexa didn't get to finish her sentence as she was hit on her back with a block of wood, which crippled her to fall face first over the blonde. Their faces were inches away from each other.

"Nooooo!" The blonde cried out in fear, scared of what was about to happen next.

"I'll keep you safe." Lexa murmured, placing her hands on either side of the blonde's face who had her body in a foetus position. She shielded the blonde with her body as Finn and his friends took turns hitting her with all their might. She flinched with each hit but didn't even let out a cry of pain. If she was in pain, she knew the blonde would think they wouldn't make it out alive. So she bit the inside of her cheek trying to muffle her cries of pain. No matter how hard she wanted to retaliate, she knew as soon as she left the woman unprotected, there was no telling what Finn and his thugs he calls friends would do.

It felt like forever that Finn and his friends had been hitting Lexa. Surprisingly, Lexa hadn't managed to break a single bone with the amount of hits she took but she knew she was bound to have some internal injuries instead. However, she didn't focus on her injuries as she wanted to make sure the blonde was safe and unharmed even though she held no relation with the blonde.

"Get away from her!" Anya shouted, having caught a glimpse of what was happening.

Finn’s friends scattered away at the sound of Anya's voice knowing she was a police officer capable of sending them to jail, which they knew they couldn't afford to happen. Finn ever the idiot took one last kick towards Lexa's head.

Splatter of blood oozed out of Lexa's mouth. But just before Finn could get away, Lexa gripped onto his ankle sending him face first to the ground.

"Fuck," Finn muttered under his breath. He knew it was too late to run away with his friends.

"Where do you think you’re going?" Anya rhetorically asked as she tripped him up as well when he tried to run off again.

"Good job Lex. But do take care of yourself." Anya gave Lexa a small pat on the back being careful with her injuries. “And get that checked out.” She added before walking away with Finn.

"I hope you'll charge him with what he deserves. Enjoy jail time asshole!" Lexa spat out towards Finn who was being hauled out towards Anya's patrol car.

"Be careful ma'am. I’ll take care of everything." Anya smiled politely at the blonde woman. Even though she still needed a statement from Lexa and the woman, she knew she could somehow pass some type of charge against Finn to keep him in jail before the blonde and Lexa gave their statements.

The blonde woman could only manage a nod.

"You're safe now." Lexa said with a smile, trying to hide her injuries. She had a busted lip, bruised back and maybe even a punctured lung but she still managed to put a smile on her face. She helped the woman stand to her feet. And before she knew it, the blonde had launched herself at her wrapping her arms tightly around her neck.

"Fuck." She winced as the hug caused the blonde to apply pressure on her ribs causing even more damage. She tried her best to hug the woman back but she felt too weak to lift her arms. With all her strength she lifted her arms and placed them on the woman’s back just above her bum. Sparks flew when her hands made contact with the woman’s skin, realising that the woman’s dress was backless.

"Thank you." The blonde smiled for the first time since she met Lexa. Her bad ordeal forgotten when she gazed into Lexa's emerald green eyes. Instantly, she felt safe wrapped in Lexa's arms. She could tell that Lexa hadn't eaten in a couple of days with the hollow cheeks but she still managed to look as beautiful as ever. The mixture smell of urine, sweat and tobacco oozing out of Lexa didn't even bother her. She knew it might have been a while since Lexa had showered, so she didn't let that distract her from gazing into her hero's eyes.

Lexa's breath hitched when she saw how close up the beautiful blonde was to her. Her blue eyes made her look more captivating than ever. She had never met such a beautiful sight before. Her Costia didn't even compare to how stunning the blonde that stood before her was. Not wanting to alarm the woman, she removed her hands from around her waist and took a step back. Due to her quick actions, it caused her to wince in pain yet again and this time she couldn't hide her pain.

"Easy now." The blonde woman placed her hand around Lexa's waist to help her stand straight. "Come with me I'll take a look at your injuries. My car is just around the corner." She smiled again.

Lexa would've paid anything to see that smile a million times over. It was a radiant smile capable to brighten anyone's mood. Suddenly, she found herself following after the blonde with the corners of her lips turned into a smile. "Are you a doctor?" She blurted out a few inches away from the blonde's car.

"My mom is." The blonde replied with a small chuckle. "My name is Clarke by the way." She added with another beaming smile.

"I'm Lexa." Lexa replied, smiling like an idiot.

"I know." Clarke chuckled yet again, opening the door for Lexa.

Lexa's heart fluttered with an unknown feeling at hearing Clarke's laugh. She thought her smile was radiant but now she was enthralled by her laugh. It was like music to her ears. She didn't want Clarke to stop. She sat in the passenger seat and waited for Clarke to take her seat on the driver's side.

As soon as Clarke was sat on her seat with her hands on the wheel, Lexa's heart dropped. The big sparkling diamond on Clarke's left hand was shining brighter than ever. She didn't even know how she hadn't noticed it before. Clarke was engaged or even married for all she knew. It was crazy how much attraction she felt for Clarke already and they didn't even know each other. All she wanted to do was save Clarke from Finn and his goons he calls friends but she ended up having some type of a connection with Clarke that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"How long have you been married?" She asked.

"I'm not married. We're getting married next month." Clarke replied with a wide grin, thinking about her fiancée.

"Cool." Lexa mumbled, turning to face the road. She knew if she stared at the ring one more time, it would only break her heart even more.