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Small Gift

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The presidential candidate was laying on the hotel Bed, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It had been a busy week for Bill Clinton, he had campaigned throughout the country. Bill opened his eyes as he suddenly felt someone enter the hotel room, it was Hillary.

“ I’m sorry to bother you, dear ”
“ No, it’s okay, I was just dreaming "
“ Dreaming of what ?”
“ Of us , dear ”
“ Oh really? ” Hillary sat on the corner of the bed, she took her white high heels off
“ Come here, baby ”
Bill patted the bed, she got on top of him. Bill wrapped his arms around her waist; they rolled over the bed.
“ I love you ” Hillary bit her lower lip as Bill covered her neck with kisses.
“ I know you do”
“ Bill” Hillary grasped for air “ Bill, I bought you a gift”
“ A gift?” What is it ?“ Bill propped his head
” It’s a small gift , but you’re going to love it “
” Well, I want to see it “
” You will have to wait .“ Hillary softly pushed Bill away from her , she started walking towards the bathroom door.
Hillary fixed her lipstick , she unbuttoned her white blouse . She decided to kept her skirt on she wanted Bill to take her skirt off . Hillary was wearing a white lace bra , you could see her rosy pink nipples.
Hillary came out of the bathroom. She walked towards Bill, she climbed on top of the bed she gave him a tender kiss on the lips.
“ Can I open my eyes now ?”
“ Yes you may open your eyes now “ Bill opened his eyes and saw Hillary slowly moving her hips (almost like she was doing a sensual dance )got out of the bed. Bill follow her , soon they were against the hotel wall.
“ Where’s my gift ?” Bill grabbed her left breast, he looked down at the bra she was wearing
“ It’s down there, Bill” Hillary glanced down her skirt, Bill ran his fingers down her legs to her thighs
“ Down there ?” he grasped for air as he pushed against Hillary’s body.
Hillary rested her head in his shoulders , Bill unzipped her skirt. Bill backed away a few steps from his wife . The skirt fell to the floor , he was stunned by Hillary’s figure. She was wearing a white lace thong that matched her lace bra.
“ Did you like the small gift , Bill?” Hillary moved towards him . Bill once again pushed Hillary against the wall, and he thrust his cock rapidly against her .
“ I like your gift but I know of a better gift you can give me” Bill took her by the hands and led her to the bed.
“ What’s a better gift that I can give you ,honey ?” Bill gave her a smile as he unbuttoned his shirt.
“ I like it when you wear sexy lingerie but I love it when you wear nothing “