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Wintered in

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"It's cold!"

"Thanks for the observation, Mr. Obvious."

If they'd had a thermometer, it probably would've shown how much the temperature had dropped in the room at this very exact moment. Completely unappreciative of the comment, Makki squinted at Shonen Hollywood's youngest member snuggling inside his blanket, not a slight trace of amusement lingered on his face. "Hey, I'm just trying to voice out what everyone's feeling here!"

"And what good will that bring, exactly?" Shun, from the other side of the fireplace, chirped in, voice muffled from being buried under his arms and a sheet of blanket. Makki shook his head and sighed hyperbolically, throwing his hands up in the air.

"I don't know, man, at least I'm doing something!" he said, forming a frown as he walked toward his four groupmates. Kira rolled his eyes.

"Makki, be quiet, your yapping's making the fire smaller."


"Now, now, guys," Tomii cut in, attempting to stop the inevitable bloodbath if this continued, a slightly forced yet amused smile on his lips. "Tesshi will be back with more blankets and heat packs soon, we just need to hang in there for a bit!"

There were harmonic grumbles and sighs followed by a grumpy silence afterward, everyone clinging on to one of the only things keeping them somewhat warm right now; a piece of sheet that wasn't very appropriate to be called a 'blanket.' The other one is a small fire from the fireplace in front of them, emitting somewhat some heat that they could barely feel from their curled up toes and shaking fingertips.

Sighing with a frown on his lips, almost pouting, Shun was the first one who broke the silence, "How did they even manage to forget to send in an entire batch of blankets anyway..."

"That can't be helped, can it! People forget stuff!" Makki, totally in a good mood after their earlier exchange, huffed as he landed himself between Shun and Kira, pulling his share of the sad, thin blanket. Shun snorted, deliberately loud so Makki could hear.

"Of course someone who told us he wanted to treat us then realized that he didn't have his wallet with him at the register would say that." Makki's face reddened slightly, which Kira took as a cue to weigh into the topic.

"Really, thank goodness the rest of us had our wallets!" he said with an obvious sigh. "What would happen if no one brought any money because we thought Makki was gonna cover all the costs?"

"Hey, it was only that one time!" Makki protested, his cheeks were either colored by embarrassment or annoyance. Or both. "And I've already apologized, haven't I?!"

"Yes, and Makki already paid us back, so it's all good!" Tomii, again, attempted to pacify the situation, gesturing his hands weakly toward Kira and Shun. Makki grumbled, and Kakeru followed with a small laugh. Makki tsked.

"What're you laughing at?!"

The blue-haired formed a slight, secretly cheeky smile on his lips as he leaned himself a little bit forward. "Nothing, I just remembered your face at that time," he replied, the cheeky smile would've shown itself by now if it hadn't been for his fingers covering his lips. "When you turned around and said, 'I can't find my wallet...!'"

As if those words had been a magical spell, the somewhat intense atmosphere in the room changed into a lighter, milder one, everyone except the leader was smiling to himself secretly or not-so-secretly.

"It was guilt, embarrassment, shock, and despair wrapped up into one." Kira was the first one to add, and was one with an obvious grin on his lips. "That was actually quite entertaining."

"Hey!!" Makki turned his head to protest, only to realize the brown-haired wasn't the only person seemingly amused by the situation. "Not you too, Tomii...!"

"I'm sorry, but your face was really... unforgettable," Tomii said, trying his best to not laugh by covering and forcing his mouth shut which unfortunately just made it worse. His shoulders were now starting to shake uncontrollably, small cuts of giggles escaping here and there until he couldn't contain his amusement anymore. Whoever said that laughter was contagious was right because right now, the other three, who all had managed either a poker face or only a small grin before, had started to erupt into laughter as well.

"Oi!!" By now, Makki's face had gotten even redder, his eyebrows furrowing into complete exasperation. Not for long, though, because apparently he'd decided it was time to fight back, starting from getting up from his seat to walk two steps toward Tomii.

"Ma—Makki! Why are you com—pffft!" The poor blonde seemed to have lost control of his laughter because he’d immediately started laughing once again even when he was trying his best not to. "No, Makki I'm sorry, why are you coming here, I'm so—"

"Your apology doesn’t seem very sincere when you're doing it while laughing like that!" Makki said, his frown had turned into a grin by then, which could not be a good sign...

And alas, everyone was right, because as soon as he’d said that, Makki quickly dived himself toward Tomii, arm wrapping around the lucky star's shoulders tightly as he shoved the boy closer toward Kira.

"Ma-Makki!" Tomii said with his last traces of laughter. "Give up, I give up!"

"Say that before you started laughing at me, dammit!"

Apparently, the victim for this unfortunate event wasn't only Tomii because Kira, too, has started to be squished between Makki and Tomii; and he, of course, protested, "Wait—Makki, you're pushing me!" Makki's grin only grew wider.

"That's exactly what I'm going for."

Whoop, Shun, Kakeru, why were you only smiling and rolling your eyes like this had got nothing to do with you? You know Makki wouldn't do such a heartless thing like excluding you out of this.

"Wha—Makki, what are you—"

"Oi Makki! Stop!!"

The oldest had dragged both Tomii and Kira toward him, and he'd now reached toward the other two as well, bringing all five of them closer together into a stuffy pile of (literally) cold teenagers.

"Isn't it a lot warmer like this, guys?"

"Makki, it's not funny, let me go!" Kira protested and tried to get out, but his position and lack of strength were sadly conspiring against him.

"Yeah, it's freaking stifling, let me go!" Shun added in, but of course Makki didn't listen.

"We should just stay like this until Tesshi comes, it's warm!"

"Don't joke around, dammit!"

A satisfied laughter escaped Makki's lips, every single protest making him even less and less compelled to let go. Tomii was the only one later who admitted that it was indeed warmer that way while the other three, although all admitted it inside their minds, swore to never say it out loud and kept protesting to be let go, with less strength at every protest and attempt to get out.





"I'm sorry, I'm back with more blankets and heat pa—hm? Ah, it seems that you've found a way to keep yourselves warm."

"Yeah, it's okay, we don't need the blankets now, Tesshi!"

"Shut up, Makki! No Tesshi we still need them! And please help us get out of this guy's gorilla-like strength!"

"Leave them be for now, Teshigawara. This is a way for them to bond."

"President...!" 'Where did you even come out from...'