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“It is with great sadness that I must announce,” Jiho said, standing on the coffee table in Arin’s house, holding an empty tube of wrapping paper as a scepter and one of Arin’s blankets wrapped around her as a cape. “That after years, Hyung Seunghee and Choi Yewon are officially dating.”

“Everyone already knew that,” Binnie sighed, standing next to the coffee table with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Well everyone knowing doesn’t stop me from having feelings!” Jiho replied angrily, glaring at Binnie.

“Stupid feelings,” Binnie retorted.

“Are my feelings for you stupid?” Jiho shot back. Binnie opened her mouth to reply but faltered, prompting Jiho to let out a victory cheer. “You lose.”

“Jiho, get off my table and get in here, we need help,” Arin called from the kitchen.

“No we don’t, we’re fine,” Hyejin called after. Binnie and Jiho exchanged looks before moving into the kitchen.

“Yes, we do, you’ve never done this before,” Arin said nervously, eyeing Jiho to try and get her to intervene. Jiho was distracted by Hyojung, talking from her seat at the island in the center of the room.

“You might want to take that off, there might be a fire,” Hyojung said, pointing to Jiho’s cape.

“That’s reassuring,” Binnie said, sitting beside Hyojung.

“Listen, I live in an apartment, I think I know how to cook, okay?” Hyejin said, giving the three at the island a look.

“What do you do if there’s an oil fire?” Jiho asked.

“Get my girlfriend,” Hyejin answered. The four girls all stared at Hyejin.

“She’s not wrong,” Hyojung said after a moment, smiling. Binnie and Jiho watched Hyejin and Arin’s cooking session intently, Hyojung leaving for a moment to grab the door.

“Guess who I brought from Loser-College? Also pizza,” Mimi shouted from the door, walking in with YooA, Seunghee, and Hyojung.

“Yeah at least our college didn’t lose ‘The Big Game’,” Seunghee said, placing a few boxes of pizza down.

“There was a game?” Mimi asked, frowning.

“I don’t know, I never pay attention,” Seunghee said with a shrug. She moved behind Arin and gave the younger girl a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Seunghee you can’t do that she’s only sixteen!” Mimi exclaimed in mock digust, placing her keys on the table and sitting beside Jiho, putting a plastic bag of soda bottles in front of her.

“You can kiss someone at sixteen!” Seunghee shouted back. “It’s not illegal if they’re under eighteen or something!”

“It totally is! They have to be seventeen, it's a totally-real law that I didn't just make up!”

“Oh, I guess I have to go then, “Jiho said, moving to leave.

“Sit down,” Binnie pulled Jiho back into her seat. “You didn’t kiss me until at least a year into our relationship, if then.” Mimi started laughing beside Jiho, who was finding it hard to switch her glare between the girls seated on either side of her.

“Is it May?” Hyojung asked, sorting the pizza boxes into a couple of piles. YooA confirmed that it was. “What’s the decision then?” Hyojung looked to Binnie and Jiho, who immediately stopped bantering. The two exchanged a look before Binnie spoke for them.

“We’re going to the same college as Mimi, both of us,” she explained.

“That makes us rivals!” Seunghee said, detaching herself from Arin to move so she was directly across the island from Jiho.


“Yeah! Me and YooA’s college is rivals with Mimi’s!” After Seunghee spoke Jiho stood and the two solemnly bowed together, a gesture that seemed strangely practiced for information the two had just discovered about each other.

“Are you rooming together?” YooA asked, ignoring Seunghee.

“No, Binnie’s in the Honors College and I’m going to spend plenty of time hanging out with my best pal Kim Mihyun,” Jiho said after returning to her seat, slinging an arm over Mimi’s shoulder and rocking the girl back and forth. “But I’m doing a random rooming assignment.”

“How many kinds of pizza did you get?” Hyojung asked, looking at Mimi.

“Three. There should be two cheese, one meat lovers and one Hawaiian,” she answered. “It’s time we finally put this debate to rest.” Mimi looked at Jiho, a serious expression on her face. Jiho nodded, matching the expression.

“For those of you who don’t know,” Jiho said, standing to get everyone’s attention. Hyejin and Arin were distracted with cooking, but otherwise all eyes were on them. “Since the dawn of time--meaning when Mimi and I first met some many years ago, we’ve constantly been at odds about pizza. You see, Mimi foolishly thinks I am a heathen for appreciating pineapple on pizza, while she instead chooses to eat the greasiest of pizzas. While I will agree that meat lovers is a great pizza option, her heinous accusation that pineapple is abominable on pizza is, at best, preposterous.”

“What she’s saying is meat lovers versus pineapple, or more simply does pineapple belong on pizza. Jiho and YooA say yes, Hyojung and I say no,” Mimi explained. “Also Binnie hide your thesaurus next time. Or your fantasy novels.”

“I vote meat lovers,” Binnie said.

“I’m aghast. How could you betray me!” Jiho placed a hand on her heart, offended. “You and I ordered pineapple pizza together. You ate half of it!”

“Since when have we ever agreed on anything. Not to mention, we ordered and extra large pineapple pizza together, I ate one piece and you wolfed the whole thing down in three bites.”

“I’m also meat lovers,” Seunghee said. “Meat is good.”

“I don’t care, don’t involve me,” Arin said from the stove.

“Both are fine, I like pineapple on pizza, but I also like meat lovers,” Hyejin said.

“That makes it basically even,” Jiho said with a sigh. “So lets do this, whoever’s pizza gets eaten more wins.”

“That’s unfair you could eat the whole thing by yourself!” Mimi retorted.

“Fair point, but that’s your loss!”Jiho stuck her tongue out at Mimi, standing up.

“I’m older than you, show some respect!” Mimi stood up after Jiho, the two beginning a useless chase around the island.

“Watch it! There’s pudding!” Hyejin shouted, moving the saucepan her and Arin had been working over.

“I hope they don’t break anything,” Arin said, biting her lip nervously after managing to direct the two out of the kitchen.

“At best one of them will-” There was a thud and the sound of both of them shouting once in pain, then again at each other.

“Fall over the other and hurt themselves,” Binnie finished for YooA. The two sighed and stood, going to clean whatever mess their girlfriends had made.

“First aid kit’s in the bathroom,” Arin called absentmindedly, cleaning some of the dishes in the sink.

Hyojung leaned back in her chair a little, using her grip on the edge of the marble topping of the island to prevent herself from falling back completely. It was spring and the weather was warm, allowing them all to wear short sleeves. She could see the note written on the underside of her arm, Don’t forget to google a pudding recipe for today! I’ll be there at noon, written in her large handwriting and smiled, content.