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Certain Bits and Pieces

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1A. Unwrapped

Summary: Domestic AU where Clarke comes home to Lexa after a Christmas party. Inspired by some Christmas prompts, but nothing specific. I apologize for where I left this one.

Clarke comes home from the party with a Santa hat on her head and her ugly Christmas sweater ( 'fleece navidad' and an adorable sheep on the front), to find Lexa curled up on the couch with a book in hand and a glass of wine on the side table. Lexa must be at a good part in the book, because she doesn't even put it down to look up at her when the door clicks closed behind her, and Clarke just smiles at her with nose red from the cold and cheeks flushed from alcohol. Her little introvert.

There's not much Clarke can do other than walk around the couch and gently nudge Lexa's legs apart as she steps close. "You missed a good party." And Lexa's finally slipping her bookmark between the pages and looking up at her, a sigh of reluctance proven false by the way those soft green eyes are smiling up at her.

"I'm sure I'll regret missing a Blake Christmas until the day I die." Lexa's voice is dry, and Clarke giggles for her. She accepts the space that Lexa opens up for her as she sets her book to the side and shifts, and soon Clarke is straddling her, hands on her shoulders and fingers playing with long brown hair.

"Raven made drinks with sparklers. Because everyone needs to risk burning their face off while they're drinking alcohol." Clarke giggles again at the way Lexa immediately scans her face for any burns, and leans forward to kiss her girlfriend on the cheek. It's a little sloppy, and Lexa makes a face, but she doesn't resist as Clarke stays close and nuzzles her nose against her.

"How your friends haven't killed anyone yet is beyond me," Lexa says, but the way her hands slide up under Clarke's sweater makes her think that she's not actually that concerned. Clarke's not either. She places kisses against Lexa's jaw now, and loves the way the other girl's head tilts entirely unconsciously, to give her more skin to play with. Clarke's almost completely distracted by the time Lexa finds her voice again. "But you had a good time?" And if Lexa's voice is a little higher than normal, definitely breathier, Clarke doesn't say anything.

"I missed you." And it's totally not as sappy as it could be, but Clarke still grins, mouth still pressed just below Lexa's ear, at the way the other woman's breath hitches in response. "But I'm definitely still feeling very merry. And gay." And Lexa might groan at the bad joke, but when Clarke nips at her jaw and lower, she makes sure the groan turns into something much, much different. "And I'm willing for you to make it up to me if you let me unwrap you right now."

There's a pause, a very short one, and then Clarke's squealing quietly, her arms sliding around Lexa's shoulders to clutch tightly. Lexa is rocking up and then standing, and her hands sliding down to grasp at Clarke's ass are the only reason why Clarke isn't falling gracelessly to the ground. Instead, Clarke has a half-second for her body to react, legs immediately wrapping around Lexa as she clutches even closer. "Oh my god." But Clarke's laughing into Lexa's shoulder and Lexa is swaying a little as she catches her balance before they're moving. Clarke lays a couple playful kisses against Lexa's neck and only stops when they stumble lightly into a wall on the way down the hall (losing her hat in the process, not that they notice), at which point she shakes quietly with laughter as Lexa grumbles.

That's probably why she's dropped a little less than gently on the bed, but as she looks up at Lexa, Clarke has nothing but a smile for her. For her part, Lexa is pouting, but it fades almost as soon as Clarke sees it, and then she's reaching down at the hem of her shirt to pull it up and off.

"No!" Clarke props herself up on the bed with an elbow, reaching out to Lexa with her other hand. Lexa halts, the shirt bunched up far enough that Clarke can see her abs and a hint of her bra. The sight causes her jaw to go slack and the thoughts in her already slightly compromised brain to stall completely, but Lexa lets her have a moment before interrupting her reverie with an amused, "What? I thought this was what you wanted."

That shakes Clarke out of her reverie, and she's pushing herself into a sitting position and pulling Lexa between her legs this time. She slides her hands along the soft planes of Lexa's stomach, letting her hands map out the familiar soft skin, the hint of hardness underneath. She hums softly before finally speaking. "No, you're my present. I'm the one that gets to unwrap you." She's going for sexy, but outside of her head it sounds a little more spoiled brat and less vixen, so her hands overcompensate by immediately sliding up and under Lexa's shirt, pushing it up even further. Enough that Lexa's bra is now clearly on display and her cleavage is impossible to ignore.

Lexa laughs softly at Clarke's expression of awe. Clarke doesn't even notice.

She does notice as Lexa brushes some hair back out of her face. It makes it easier to lean forward, pressing a kissing to Lexa's chest, just between her breasts. She notices as Lexa lets out a soft gasp, as her gentle hand, her long fingers, are now sliding back into her hair and cupping the back of her head. It makes it easier to turn her head just so, to press a trail of kisses across the top of one breast and then down along the edge of the lace hiding most of the soft skin from her eyes.

"Clarke." And god, does she notice the way that voice says her name, a mixture of impatience and fondness. "At this rate, I'm not going to be unwrapped until New Years."

1B. Lexa Claus

Summary: Prompt - “Lexa dressing up as Santa to visit children in the hospital Clarke works at.” AU.

Lexa scrunched up her nose under the scratchy beard, feeling it tickle at just about every part of her face that it touched. She was pretty sure that no one was fooled by the tiny girl in a Santa outfit, but that didn't change the bright-eyed excitement in the kids' faces as she came by, big bag of presents in hand. Lincoln had called her when he couldn't fulfill his gig as hospital Santa this year, and while Lexa had wondered "why me?", she couldn't find it in herself to say no.

So here she was, handing out another present to a tiny boy in a wheelchair, her heart clenching in her chest as he shouted about his new Ash Ketchum hat and Pokemon card set. She didn't know for sure who had picked these out, but she had an idea. The blonde doctor she'd been introduced to 45 minutes ago had quietly followed her around, her eyes twinkling as the kids were excited to share their new presents with her. Dr. Griffin. "Please, call me Clarke. Dr. Griffin is my mom."

Lexa might be in a 5-sizes-too-big Santa suit, stuffed with pillows, a fake beard on her face, but when she caught the adoring look of that same blonde, surrounded by children who had seen too much in their short lives, she'd never felt like she'd wanted to be anywhere as much as she did right now.

1C. Support

Summary: Prompt - “Pregnant grumpy Clarke and supportive Lexa please”. AU. Not actually related to the Christmas theme, but oh well.

"I know that I agreed to this..."

"Asked for it," Lexa said, although to her credit, she never stopped the foot rub that she was giving her wife. "Not that I'm keeping track."

Clarke groaned, trying to shift and feeling like a beached whale on her own couch. She closed her eyes, letting out another groan, this one of relief, as Lexa's fingers pressed in just the right place, relieving the soreness that had been building all day. "Okay, okay, I asked for it. But I didn't know what I was getting into." Her hands settled on her own stomach once her eyes opened again, not for the first time wondering how this could really be her body that looked like this. That felt like this.

Lexa gave her a small, loving smile, and although it looked like she wanted to reach over and tangle their fingers together, she knew better than to stop the massage she was giving.

"You're definitely the one getting pregnant next time." Clarke gave her a sharp look, only to startle halfway through the expression and end up on a soft smile instead. "She kicked again."

This time Lexa's hands did stop what they were doing, her face transforming into a look of awe as she reached out and settled her hand atop Clarke's. "He kicked! Can I?"

Clarke shook her head but gently pulled her hand away to let Lexa touch, watching fondly as her wife felt the faint kicks she could feel from the inside. "Why are you so sure it's a boy?"

"I just know." Lexa leaned down, careful not to upset Clarke's aching feet, and pressed a kiss just above her hand. Clarke watched for a moment, breathless in a way she couldn't describe as she took in her wife with her hand and lips against her belly, whispering softly to their child. "But either way, I'm going to love him more than he'll ever know." Lexa looked up at Clarke, that same expression of awe still on her face. "Like I love you, more than anything." And Clarke's heart fluttered in time with the baby's kicks.

"I love you too."

1D. The Perfect Tree

Summary: Prompt - “Lexa and Clarke are tasked with buying a Christmas tree for their family. They leave it til last minute and the two end up fighting over the same one. Clarke ends up getting more than just a christmas tree “. AU.

Green. The perfect shade of green. Perfect proportions, nothing lopsided, everything even. Just tall enough without being intimidating. God, she was perfect.

Clarke had found the perfect Christmas tree for her family.

The only problem was, this other girl thought that she had, too.

"You can't just chop down this tree!" Clarke yelled, doing everything she could to stop the girl in front of her from making off with her tree. Well, everything except stepping between the tree and the ax the girl was wielding, like she'd been born some kind of lumberjack. (Clarke had to admit, the whole outdoorsy thing was really working for the other girl, with her confident, ax-wielding swagger, comfortable boots, and a peek of a long flannel from underneath her winter coat. She had to admit it, but only in her head. Not when the girl was in danger of making off with the perfect tree. The one that would put all other trees to shame.)

"If you didn't notice," the girl in question said as she planted her foot and pulled the ax back, making Clarke wince away in spite of trying to stake her claim on this tree and seem fearless. "This is a 'u-cut' lot. That means, unless you cut, you can't claim this tree. And I don't see an ax in your hand." Clarke scowled. She'd sent Monty and Jasper off almost twenty minutes ago to go grab someone who actually could cut this tree down for her, and they'd yet to return. That's what she got for recruiting her two most easily distracted friends to help her with this. The other girl stared at her with that cool look on her face, that haughty lift of her brow, and finally quirked her lips up into a barely-there smirk. "That's what I thought. Now step aside."

Clarke shivered a little, a mix of the cold and her anger at the audacity of this lumberjack who was barely taller than her. She couldn't just give up. "Why do you need this tree, though? There are hundreds of other trees. What's wrong with that tree?" She pointed at another perfectly good tree (that was definitely not as good as her tree, dammit) and watched as the girl didn't even glance in that direction.

"If you didn't know why this tree was perfect, you wouldn't care that I was the one to chop it down and take it." Clarke crossed her arms over her chest. She couldn't exactly argue with that. The girl balanced herself again and Clarke rushed to stop her, somehow stumbling into her personal space and bracing both hands against her shoulders. The girl's eyes went wide, and one hand came up to Clarke's waist to keep them both from falling over, only for both of them to end up staring at each other, puffs of air visible in the coldness between them.

Okay, this right here was the perfect shade of green. Christmas tree? What Christmas tree?

There was the clunk of an ax behind them and then those green eyes were narrowing into something like betrayal and Clarke couldn't have that. She tightened her grip on the girl's shoulders and gave her what she hoped was a charming smile. "If I let you have the tree, would you let me have your number?"

Green-Eye's mouth dropped open a little in shock, and Clarke's grin only widened.

When Jasper and Monty came back, the tree was already chopped and trussed up and Clarke turned to them with bright eyes and slightly-bruised lips. "What took you so long? You're carrying it to the car." And while they whined at being reduced to physical labor, Clarke grinned at her phone and made plans for later that night. The tree would be decorated by then. Lexa could see that she'd made the right choice to trust her with the perfect tree, and then she could thank her properly for her sacrifice. She wondered what kind of festive Lexa preferred: sexy elf, or Ms. Claus?