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Water Under the Bridge

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If you're not the one for me, then I'll come back and bring you to your knees. 

Chanyeol sat at his keyboard, tapping away at the same arpeggio again and again. It just wasn't right, he could feel it. A tweak to the interval, another few passes over the keys, and the frown still remained on his face. Two hours into working on the bridge for this damn song and he hadn't made more than ten seconds of progress. He let his hands run through his hair, lifting his hat to run his fingers quickly through the dark strands before replacing his White Sox cap. His fingers came to rest, one covering the other clasped into a fist, resting against his lips. He contemplated giving it a rest for the night, but he had promised to share the progress of his song with his livestream viewers next week. He was running out of time to complete the song. At this rate, he'd be sheepishly throwing out one of the many other finished but unsatisfying projects he had worked on in the past year. 

"Chanyeol," a voice called from outside the door. "Busy?" 

"Not really," he sighed, pushing his chair away from the desk of recording equipment. "What's up, Soo?" 

"I picked up some fried chicken from the place down the street," he whispered, peeking his head into the room. "Do you want some before Jongin finds it?"  

Chanyeol gave him a nod and the man stepped inside, shutting the door behind him quietly. He looked so soft, his glasses framing his wide eyes and his short legs hidden by a pair of loose grey sweatpants. In one hand, he held a styrofoam container of said chicken and two sets of chopsticks, while the other held a large cup of soda. The sight of Kyungsoo made Chanyeol exhale all the air he had been holding in his lungs out of frustration. There was something about the man that just melted the stress away. Only Kyungsoo would think of him enough to bring him food after he'd been holed up in his studio all day. Most of the others left him to his own devices, ordering burgers in the middle of the night.  

"I figured you'd be hungry after using that brain of yours to compose the next big hit," he teased, patting the couch behind Chanyeol's setup. All he got was a nod for confirmation, and his lips curved into a soft smile. With their schedules, the two didn't often have quiet moments like this. Kyungsoo had only hoped that Chanyeol hadn't already ordered something for himself or been fed by one of the other members. When he saw the commercial for chicken while watching a free movie on his tablet, his heart had panged for their younger days eating takoyaki after practice. He had slipped on his sneakers and slipped out to order something. The sight of Chanyeol stuffing fried chicken into his mouth was more endearing than it probably should have been, but Kyungsoo had stopped questioning the warmth that spread through his limbs at the sight of his best friend a long time ago.   

Chanyeol had scarfed down around a third of the chicken before he took a second to breathe. "Drink?" Kyungsoo chuckled, holding out the soda to him.  

"Thanks," he mumbled, his cheeks tinting slightly. He took a long sip before letting out a sigh. "You always know what I need." 

Kyungsoo just snorted, looking away toward the window. It was just what he did for all of the members, co-workers, family, and such. He was always looking out for them when they were busy and forgot about themselves.  

"Aren't you going to have any?" 

He blinked, raising an eyebrow as he returned to Chanyeol's gaze. "Oh, um. Yeah, I guess." He pulled out the disposable chopsticks and grabbed a piece of chicken. He smiled as he chewed, humming at the taste. "I made a good choice."  

"Of course, you connoisseur," Chanyeol laughed, elbowing the smaller man in the side. They turned away from each other, attempting to hide their giggles, but their eyes were drawn back to each other as the laughter died out. "I missed this, didn't you?" 

"That's kind of why I'm here." 

His confession was met with widened brown eyes, one cheek puffed out from holding all of the food Chanyeol insisted on chewing at the same time. "Really?" 

Kyungsoo fiddled with a small scrap of chicken in the container, tossing it around on the open lid. "Yeah, I was just thinking about the times we used to go out for food after practice when we were young, and-" 

"Weren't those the days!" He interrupted, nodding and taking another gulp of soda. "Man, does this have caffiene in it? I'm going to be up all night." He was showing off his brilliant set of teeth again, and Kyungsoo wasn't even mad that the man was always trying to end his sentences prematurely.  

"They were. And yes," he snorted. "My mistake." 

"Maybe you don't know me as well as I thought," the taller man teased, leaning back from the coffee table that held their food. He reached a hand over to muss Kyungsoo's hair and received a gentle swipe to his arm. If Chanyeol was going to start this game, Kyungsoo was going to play along, even if the better portion of his brain was still pining for the chicken. Another swat was incoming, and he easily leaned back out of range, his eyebrows raised in surprise at the level of tenacity he was experiencing. Chanyeol let out a breathy laugh, leaning forward to reach out. Kyungsoo pretended to bite the fingers that stretched out to touch his forehead. The gangly arm flinched and retreated momentarily, leaving Kyungsoo free to launch his own attack.  

He whipped the pillow out from behind his back and smacked Chanyeol in the face, gentler than he deserved. The barrage of whacks and smothering began as he raised up onto his knees on the couch, flinging the pillow back and forth as Chanyeol tried and failed to retaliate. The obnoxious man was screeching and howling "Kyungsoo-ya!" Said man was busy giggling with murderous intent. He pressed a hand to the man's chest, pushing him back onto the armrest. His knees fit on either side of Chanyeol's leg that was propped on the couch, while his other one was busy trying to compensate for the fact that he'd just been knocked off balance by flailing out trying to find purchase on the floor. Kyungsoo's attacks were incessant, but eventually, Chanyeol's hands found his shoulders and Chanyeol's long arms started working in his favor. He pushed up, letting the smaller man swing to no avail as he was lifted away from his target.  

Chanyeol began to laugh, his hat long gone and his hair a glorified rat's nest after being destroyed by Kyungsoo's pillow fury. When he looked to Kyungsoo, he was met with a pout so strong, it could have set the city ablaze. It just made him laugh harder. He loved pushing the man's buttons. This was what friends were for, right? 

He wasn't expecting it when Kyungsoo spiked the pillow off of his face in a final attempt at glory. His grin was momentarily stifled by cotton and he lost his grip on the flailing man's shoulders. Chanyeol shook his head, opening his eyes to find the man that was once several feet in the air very close to him. So close that they were sharing the same air, and he could definitely feel it. He could feel the soft puffs from Kyungsoo's nose as he attempted to stop the laughter from bubbling from his pink-tinted lips. He felt his hands resting on Kyungsoo's hips, and after realizing it, was afraid to pull them away. Wouldn't that just make it more awkward? His eyes traveling from the man's deep brown eyes to the lips he was so famous for, currently straining to not go into full heart mode.  

Kyungsoo lost it, his body shaking with laughter as he brought his forehead down to rest against Chanyeol's, his eyes scrunching up and his cheeks turning red. After a couple seconds, he realized how quiet the man below him had gotten and swallowed roughly. He sat back onto his heels, rubbing his chest with one hand. "My heart is beating so fast all of a sudden, sheesh." 

Chanyeol's hands fell away from his body, and he felt a sudden sense of loss. He sat up as well, the pull in his stomach refusing to fade as he took in the site of a flustered Kyungsoo. "Yeah, mine is too, probably because you were trying to kill me with that thing," he chuckled, pointing to the forgotten pillow on the ground.  

"I was going easy on you." 

Kyungsoo looked away toward the computer, its screen flipping through various pictures Chanyeol had saved to his hard drive.  A familiar picture of the skyline of Seoul flashed briefly across the corner and his stomach flipped. He turned back to face his friend, who had focused his gaze onto something equally as uninteresting as the computer's screensaver. He followed the lines of Chanyeol's side profile and the way his unkempt hair curled at the ends to tickle his eyebrows, his eyelashes, his slightly oversized ears. His friend let out a sigh and closed his eyes briefly, as if bracing himself. When he opened them, he glanced out of the corners to see Kyungsoo unabashedly drinking in his image.  

"Can I-" They both spoke at the same time.  

"Oh, you go-" in sync yet again.  "No, you-" Kyungsoo turned away reached a hand up to rub the back of his neck in distress and found Chanyeol's hand on his cheek and his face a mere inch from his own. He turned back and oh-this was new. He was seeing something in Chanyeol's eyes that he swore he only ever imagined and they were sharing the same air again, damn it. He had to stop doing that with someone so enticing. What was he saying? Calling Chanyeol enticing, and finding himself leaning forward against his will and placing a hand on his best friend's thigh and- 

Kyungsoo's heart was going to burst. It was inevitable. 

"Can I kiss you?" He felt Chanyeol's words against his own lips. The man's hand was trembling against his cheek and Kyungsoo's fingers were hooking onto the belt loops of Chanyeol's jeans. He let his eyes flutter shut, giving in to the pull of his stomach that longed for them to be closer. His lips pressed gently against Chanyeol's, letting them fit around his bottom lip. They stayed like that, connected, yet still so far apart, for several seconds before their eyes flew open and Kyungsoo pushed himself back. He let his fingers come up to rest on his bottom lip, as he started to worry it with his teeth. "I didn't think we'd ever get to-" Chanyeol was kissing him again, this time gripping his shoulders with seemingly all of his strength.  

Kyungsoo whined under the pressure, refusing to be pushed down. Instead, he sucked gently on the man's lower lip, tasting him. Chanyeol was on fire, his breath hot and shuddering. It was as attractive as it was endearing, and Kyungsoo took it as a good sign. He let his lips do the talking, and guided the man's mouth open so he could explore more thoroughly with his tongue. For the level of passion Chanyeol so often expressed in his music and love life, he seemed unusually shy. Kyungsoo knew for a fact that Chanyeol loved to pin his lover down and ravish them. He had bragged about it enough times for the whole world to know.  

He let the hand that had held onto Chanyeol's thigh raise up to the man's hand that clamped on his shoulder. He grabbed it, guiding it down to his hip and broke away from the kiss. "I didn't take you for a beginner, Chanyeol," he smirked, pressing their foreheads together once more. The man's eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell so fast, Kyungsoo wasn't sure whether he was happy or experiencing an asthma attack.  

"I just- I wish I could express what you do to me, Soo. You've always done this, this whole rendering me speechless thing. You make me feel like my whole body is on fire sometimes, and I don't know why. Shouldn't we just be friends? Why is it that Yixing can grab my ass during practice and I just laugh it off, but when you smack me with a pillow, I want to know how it would feel if you kissed every inch of my skin? Just-why, why? Am I making any sense?" He shuddered at the addition of a pair of hands running up the back of his neck to tangle in his hair. "Kyungsoo. It's not supposed to be like this between friends. I shouldn't be feeling this way." 

The smaller man just smiled softly, giving Chanyeol's lip a tiny bite. The man gasped. "Soo. Aren't you the slightest bit concerned about this-" he sputtered before Kyungsoo captured his lips again, feeling the man tug on his hair and force their bodies closer.  

Chanyeol gave up like a dam after its floodgates have opened.  

"You're a monster," he growled, pushing the smaller man down on his back with a huff. They gazed into each other's eyes as Kyungsoo let out a snort.  

"Idiot," he smiled. Chanyeol pressed his hips down into Kyungsoo and all of the taunts that threatened to spout from the man's lips were tossed aside in favor of moans at the contact. He really hoped no one got curious about their whereabouts in the next twenty minutes, because if they came within twenty feet of that door, they were going to hear things that they shouldn't ever have to experience.