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Verbophobia- Fear of Words

Okada leaned back into his chair as he closed his eyes, and losing one sense, the others heightened. Focusing on listening intently to the words that were coming out and flying around.

"Yeah, and did you hear about the alley fight?"

"Yeah, it was devastating!"

"20 to one! And one won!" one of them called out.

Okada sighed, it was about that Tora again.

"Who cares? It's not like he's in our school or anything," one of the males, probably from the Judo club announced.

"Yeah, but isn't Kono so much more cooler?" one of the girls swooned.

"Yeah, but aren't all guys that play sports hot?"

"Yeah, especially the fit and smart ones..." a group of girls sighed.

Okada finally opened his eyes and looked off onto the sky.

Mikoshiba Toru sighed as he walked over some fainted people, "You alright, Shinjo-san, Aniya-san?"

In the middle of December, this was not a good place to be caught up in.

"Fine..." a muttered reply from Aniya as he finished off one male with a punch, "God, stay down!" he called.

A grunt and Shinjo threw two males at the wall at the back of the alley, and sighing, he looked at the other two.

"I should be fine," he said, "Aniya, aren't you playing them next?"

Coming out of the alleyway with Shinjo by his side, the two walked over to Mikoshiba, who was pointing at a group of kids in uniforms.

Baseball uniforms.

"Yeah, I think it is," Aniya said, "Shit. Did they see me?" he asked.

"Nah, too far away... Although, if they come over here and see the mess we made," a pause, "Yeah, they'll stereotype you and then judge you, and possibly report you for half-killing a bunch of people."

"Ugh. And you don't bother sugar-coating it," Aniya sighed, "And that's why you never get girls."

"I don't need them," a steady reply came with a shrug, "Especially the ones that are useless."

"Don't you hate anyone that's useless?" Shinjo asked.

"Yeah, pretty much."

A silence fell on the three.

"So, will you go say hi?" Mikoshiba asked.

"Nah, too troubleso-"


The three sighed as they turned around, Wakana throwing a male aside, he walked in with Hiyama, Yufune and Sekikawa.

"Yo!" he announced, with a full blown grin.

"Hey, what's up?" Mikoshiba fully turned around to great them properly.

"My teacher makes no sense and if I don't bring my grades up, I'm gonna flunk," Wakana and Sekikawa grinned brightly.

"Me too!" he added in brightly the two smiling like idiots. Aniya scoffed behind them.

"...Oh..." Mikoshiba sighed and turned to Shinjo, "Have fun then."

"Wait a minute..." the male said and the group laughed.

The male underneath Wakana twitched.

"Wait, it's 40?"

"Is it me or do the numbers keep multiplying?" walking home from school on a cold December day, Okada sighed as he opened his eyes to continue walking.

Walking straight to the riverbed, he laid down in the grass.

"TORA!" looking up, he rolled over as 12 people circled around one male.

"Oh dear," the male said, his black jeans twisting around as he bit his lips. Adjusting the black t-shirt on top of his white turtleneck, he gulped.

Okada gasped, he knew he should do something, but...

What could he...

The males were dropping like flies as Mikoshiba easily maneuvered around them, hitting with a karate-like chop. The dangling sleeves of his gray sweater going from blurs to disappearing once more.

"GAH!" most were just whithering in pain and agony.

And then, a black shoe slammed down next to Okada's head, as it disappeared and became a pair of dark blue jeans, and as the dreadlocked male looked up, Shinjo Kei was towering above him. His glaring eyes and black sweater around him, the chains on his pants pockets clicking in the small wind.

With a single hand, he picked him up by the scruff of the neck and brought him over, dropping him onto his knees in front of Mikoshiba and in the middle of the sea of bodies.

Okada scrambled onto his feet as a male, with dark faded jeans and yawning, his black jacket opened to let the world see his yellow shirt, came into the picture as well.

"Good job," Aniya said, looking at the dead bodies, "See, this is why you can't fight by yourself," he said, shaking his head, "We'll end up with so many hospitals with people filled up that we'll have no room for us!"

"Simple," Shinjo started and then glanced at Mikoshiba, who broke out into a grin.

"Get rid of the trash," he said happily.

"MIKOSHIBA!" Hiyama jumped in, his red shirt wrinkled as it stood next to his white jacket, his black pants being pulled up as he panted, "What?"

"Late," Aniya replied and Hiyama growled.

"Like hell I am!" he yelled back, "You're the one that said we were going to meet on the other side of this place!"

"Like hell we'd do that!" Aniya yelled in responce.

"You guys, shut up," Shinjo growled.

"Why don't you!" Hiyama yelled and then, finally noticed Okada, "New one?"

"Not really," Mikoshiba said, and then took out a small notebook out of his messenger bag, and flipped to a page, "Okada Yuya. The gossip boy-toy of Hirooka North Middle School, class 1-D."


"Currently in love with model Sakura-"

"Too much information!" Hiyama cried, and then sighed, "Listen Mikoshiba..." the male continued to scold the 'innocent' boy.

Okada blinked at the group that sort of smiled at each other.

And then, Shinjo asked, "Are you in their group?" he asked.

"What? Hell no!" Okada replied.

Hiyama growled, "Don't lie."

"Cool it, I thought you guys wanted to raise your grades," Mikoshiba called and the group turned over with a sheepish look on their face and Shinjo sighed as he dropped the male, "Would you like to come too, then?"

"Huh?" the entire group looked at the male in surprise as Mikoshiba smiled at the dreadlocked male.

Apparently, the people around the male was more surprised then himself.

"Wait, Mikoshiba!" Aniya called out, "I don't think that a good-"

"There you guys are!" Sekikawa ran towards them, his arms waving around as he came in front of them, his casual jeans and long black shirt with a pink t-shirt on top of it, and his a thin orange coat on top of it all, he gasped for breath, "God, I can't believe I ran the whole way here," he said and then looked at Okada, "I'm Sekikawa Shuta!" He grinned widely and before he knew it, everyone else was laughing at him.


"Oi! Sekikawa!" the last male, who was huffing and puffing, "You... run...way...!" he growled out as he began shaking the male by his shoulder, "Trying to kill me!"

"Gah!" a chocked cry from Sekikawa as air flew out of him, Okada blinked once more.

He really didn't understand what was going on.

"You guys, chill!" Mikoshiba cried and he sighed when the said men didn't, "Wakana-"

"Don't worry about it," Shinjo shut him down, "They can't die, even if you try to kill them."

"...Point taken," the smallest male replied, before turning back towards Okada, "Mikoshiba Toru," he said happily.

"Hey! I heard that!" Wakana dropped Sekikawa to start a new argument with the two of them, and Mikoshiba put his hands up as though he trying to prove his innocence.

"C'mon, let's leave," Mikoshiba said as he walked past the male, "Would Okada-kun be joining us?"

Okada gulped, and as his eyes carefully looked at the other males, he realized that none of them had a killing intent in their eyes.

"Leave him, Mikoshiba," Hiyama said, "We're wasting time," he said as he looked up at the setting sun, "And Yufune is going to get pissed."

"It's okay, Wakana is paying for the food today." Sekikawa grinned.

"What? Again?" Wakana scoffed as he did a double-take.

"Yeah, Shinjo went last time." Aniya replied.

"B-but!" Wakana was stuttering now.

"And you still have the lowest total score, 52," Mikoshiba said thoughtfully.

"Shut up! I only lost to Aniya by one point!"

"One point is still four tests," Shinjo replied swiftly.

"SHUT UP!" huffing and puffing the male finally calmed down with a single sigh.

The group laughed softly and smiled and Okada was left to stare.

"Don't worry, it's Wakana's treat," Mikoshiba said kindly.

"Nothing expensive," the male growled out.

"Ah... no thank you..." Okada said, and began to run in the other direction, wondering what the hell was going on.

Missing the slightly disappointed look on Mikoshiba's face.

The next time he went to school the word was flying around.

Words that seemed to echo around him.

"Isn't that..."

"Yeah, it is..."

"Man, it's always the quiet ones..."

He twitched. 10 minutes. 10 minutes is when he talked to those kids from before, and already, names and words were jumping back and forth and through the hallways.

"DING-DONG-DANG!" the school bells went off and he sighed in relief as he picked his things up to leave, once and for all-

"Okada-kun, right?" looking up, a fellow first-year smiled kindly at him, "I'm Kono, do you know who Mikoshiba Toru is? I've been hearing that you know him."

"...I never knew you were one to believe in rumors," Okada replied.

"Well, that's what happens when you judge people, right?" a kind smile.

"Oi! Kono! Get over here!" another person called for the large male, who looked at the male and then back at Okada.

"Excuse me then, I have to get to baseball practice!" he said excitedly as he ran out.

The male blinked and slowly went out, and staring at the baseball team, watching them laugh and yell.

"Hey! Okada! What's up?" Kono ran towards him with a grin as he looked at the field, "You wanna play?"

"What's so fun about baseball?" Okada growled under his breath as he walked off the school grounds and to his home.

"OKADA!" the calls from behind him went unheard.

December 24th, and Okada was alone, as his family went for a trip and he volunteered to stay behind and watch the house.

And walking home from buying some food from the convenience store, he stopped as he saw a male with a pair of headsets on top of earphones their plug disappearing in his messanger bag, the male looked up at the night sky and then at Okada.

A smile on his face, the male was trembling and shivering, a thin orange jacket zipped up all the way, but ragged and ripped, his blue jeans the same.

"What's with you?" Okada asked.

"C-cold," Mikoshiba replied.

Okada sighed, "What are you waiting for?"

"A... a person..." the male replied.

"A date?"

"N-no, a-a-any p-p-person," Mikoshiba coughed as he sneezed and sighed into the dark sky, his breath puffing up into a large fog as he grinned.

"For what?" Okada, who usually wasn't, was extremely curious about this.

About the male in general, which was why he always listened for him.

"W-Waiting f-f-for my C-C-C-Christmas wish to come true..." he said, and then smiled pathetically.

"Is that-" Okada didn't get to finish as the body fell over, and instincts and shock came over the dread-locked male as he barely caught the male.

Looking up, he saw snowflakes fall and cursed as he noticed the male was out cold. And no matter what happened, Okada will not be held for murder.

The male sighed as he hauled the cold, light body into his arms and all the way home.

"Gah! I'm so sorry!" twelve minutes into the fact that Mikoshiba woke up and gasped and sniffling, the male bowed down in apology.

"Don't worry about it," Okada said, as his stomach roared, and blushing furiously, he coughed, "Sorry, I'm hungry."

And then, a bright grin, that worried Okada, came through as Mikoshiba said, "If I make some edible food for you, would that make up for everything?" he asked.

"Although there is nothing to make up for, sure, I would like some free food," a cool grin and Mikoshiba stood up.

"I'll be borrowing the kitchen then."

Within the next hour, the two sat back down in the large house for their dinner.

A warm meal that consisted of chicken pot-pie, an omelet and lots of milk and water.

"Wait... what was your Christmas wish?" Okada asked at last, as he put a spoonful of the pot-pie in his mouth and downed it with water.

"It came true," Mikoshiba replied as he picked up his second glass of milk.


"Yeah. After all, it was for someone to pick me up."

"What are you a dog?"

"Only in metaphors and similies."

"In what?" Okada looked at the male with a dumb-founded expression and Mikoshiba smiled and shook his head.

"It's a form of writing," the other male just nodded his head. And Mikoshiba grinned at the male, "Thank you very much," he said.

"No problem...wait, are you going to go back out?" Okada asked in alarm and the male smiled.

"No, the person I was waiting for is long gone," Mikoshiba said.

"So you were waiting for someone..." the male said and then looked outside, "Dude man, it's really piling out there, you sure you're going to leave?"

Mikoshiba joined the other male in staring outside and shrugged.

"I'll just have to endure it," he said, and then stood up to put the dishes away, "Right?"

A disblief look and Okada stood up to help out as well, silent before he reached his answer.

"No, you can spend the night," he said, "And I'll walk you back, so chill."

"Excuse me?"

"C'mon, at these times just shut up and agree." The male commanded as he blushed lightly.

"Hai." The soft tone of Mikoshiba's voice with a fluffy smile that turned solid, the male nodded.

A delinquent named Okada, a fearsome male named Mikoshiba Toru. Awkward meetings and conversations, the two were fearsome.

And as the whole gang came together, their names stretching and flying around the back alley-ways of Japan.

Truly scary.