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Hydrophobia- Fear of running water or rabies

"Sekikawa!" the scream echoed through the night streets as a fist came flying at his prideful mowhawk male as he dodged, and began running through the beginning stripes of daylight.

A biker gang following him.

"Hah... hah..." harsh pants and gasps as the male rushed into a narrow alleyway, it's was large enough for him to fight at least one-on-one, and it was better than nothing.

"Got you now!" and he was right, they were swarming in, two at a time, and tow was enough for him.

Now, of course, he didn't have much of stamina, but he would half to survive, he promised his little sister that he would come home today.

"God... damn... it..."

And then, he heard someone call for him, "Sekikawa Shuta-san?"

"Oh crap, it's Toru! Let's get out of here!" and landing next to him in the dark alley, was a small male, with a messenger bag, that dropped from the large wall behind him.

"Wh...What?" Sekikawa gasped as he leaned against the wall, catching his breath, "So, you're Tiger, huh?" he asked, his clear Japanese accent going through the name, "I... I thought you would be bigger..." he grinned lop-sided.

A shrug from the smaller male, "I get that all the time," he said, "Now then, would you like to explain why you're being hunted down by the Cainine?" he asked, referring the other biker gang.

"And now that you've been seen with me, you do know that you'll be hunted down too, right?" Sekikawa asked, too tired to be surprised at this male.

"If I knew them well enough to call their name, and ask you about it without cowering in fear," the male replied, a smile on his face, "I wouldn't have jumped."

"Well, you never know, with people these days..." the male replied, almost sounding disgusted.

"Good thing I'm a person."

A stare was shared between the two.

"Strange kid..." Sekikawa muttered.

"Don't worry, I only jumped in for two reasons," and grinning, Mikoshiba turned up to the skies, staring as the sun was no longer visible, and instead, left behind traces of orange and lavender, "One, I need more information on those guys, and two, you need to go home, right?"

Sekikawa blinked once before blushing slightly, "Yeah... that would be nice..." A soft smile painted itself on the male's face, before he helped the other male up.

Sekikawa sighed as he rubbed his head when his little sister came out to greet him and Tora.

"Nii-chan!" she called out happily as she ran and gave her older brother a hug.

"Kairi, calm down," he said to his tiny sister, who just grinned at him and him before looking at Tora.

"Thank you very much for taking care of my older brother," she said, grinning widely and showing the missing two front teeth.

"It's fine," he smiled, "So, Sekikawa Kairi-chan, right?"

"Hai!" she blushed lightly.

"Ah, forgive my rudeness. But I am Mikoshiba Toru," he smiled at the small girl and then looked up at Sekikawa, "You have a good sister," he said.

"Ah?" Sekikawa paused before he blushed lightly as he stared at the young, 6 year-old girl, "Yeah, I guess so..."

Within moments the two were sitting down in the residents of the Sekikawa household.

"May I borrow your kitchen?" Mikoshiba asked.

"What?" the man of the home was surprised.

"Okay!" Kairi led him to the kitchen, her small self excitedly taking the older male in, her black hair in small pigtails that bounced up and down with her every move, "Here you go!"

"Thank you," he said kindly, "Are you or your brother allergic to anything?"

"No, if he was, Mama would've left him too!" she said energetically.

Mikoshiba stopped momentarily before whipping away the surprised look on his face.

And instead, much to Sekikawa Shuta's disbelief, smiled.

And so within the next hour or so, the three sat down to eat a large serving of curry. And after large servings with laughs as Mikoshiba kept making jokes that his sister continued kept laughing.

A bright look never leaving leaving the face.

"Thanks..." Sekikawa said, as he helped put helped dishes away, the water running in between them, and Mikoshiba shook his head.

"What are humans for? Comfort?" laughing dryly at his own joke, "So, will you ever give me my information?"

"...Huh? Oh yeah, sure," he said.

"Alright," turning the water off, Mikoshiba dried his hands and took out a notebook from his bag, and then a pen while his leaned on the counter, "What's your favorite color?"

Sekikawa paused, completely baffled.

And that was how Sekikawa first encountered Mikoshiba Toru.

Looking at his little sister, and how happy she looked, the male didn't mind at all.

"Nee, nee, onii-chan!" Sekikawa Shuta looked at his little, six-year old sister.

"What's wrong, Kairi?"

"When's Miko-chan coming by?" she asked.

Sekikawa paused before answering with a smile, "Soon," he said. And walked out of the home.

And that was when he made his mind up and began walking around the city again, hoping to find the male.

"Sekikawa-san?" whipping around, he saw the male he was looking for for the past hours near the riverbed, as he smiled at him and waved his arms around, as though calling him over.

And with a grin on his face, Sekikawa ran towards the male, as they sat near the water.

"Kairi... wants to see you again," Sekikawa said, and mentally smacked himself for sounding so lame.

"Is that so?" Mikoshiba asked, a smile on his face, "Yes, that would be nice..."

"So, um... one day, you should come by and..." a blush on the taller one's face, "Just... be with her..."

"And will you be there?"

A fast reply startled Sekikawa as his eyes looked at the male, and then at the smooth looking water.

"Yeah, I guess..." he said.


And with that, Mikoshiba stood up, "Sunday at 12."


"Miko-chan!" Kairi tackled the older male in a hug, "Are you making food today?" she asked, "Mama would love it!"

"Excuse me?"

"I hope that one day, you'll live with us too!" she cried out.

Mikoshiba looked at Sekikawa, who was burning red as he grabbed his sister, "Sorry about that..." he muttered, "She usually isn't like that..." he sighed.

"Kids are allowed to be as greedy as they want," Mikoshiba replied, "So, make sure you spoil her, alright?"

Sekikawa looked at the male, "You really care, don't you?"


"I mean," Sekikawa rubbed the back of his head nervously, "You just met me and yet... you care..."

"Would you like me to stop?" the male asked, truly confused.

"Nah, it's fine. And don't worry, I'll repay you one day," the male grinned.

"I look forward to that."

And the two continued talking, very easily as that began to make way for the Sekikawa residence, before the rain started to fall.

"Shit! You have got to be kidding me!" Sekikawa groaned as he ran for shelter his little sister in his arms, Mikoshiba easily keeping up with large laughters.

"C'mon, race to your house?"

"You're on!"

And to Sekikawa's house, they sprinted in the cold November rain.

"Shuta! Where were you?" a mother's scold, while a Kairi ran from Mikoshiba and her brother and towards her mother.

"Miko-nii!" she cried out happily, dragging her mother in by her hand, "This is my mummy! And mommy! This is Miko-chan!"

"Ah, Kairi-chan," Mikoshiba said, slightly surprised when the girl rushed to glomp him again, he grabbed onto Sekikawa for support.

"Man, Kairi, get off him," Sekikawa grabbed the young girl and pried her off his poor friend.

"Nee, nee, Mama's here, so can you make her something real yummy for her?" she asked, her eyes glistening.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" the woman snapped, "Shuta?"

"Oh, this is just a friend I ran into," Sekikawa replied sheepishly.

"Oh, is that so?" she said, automatically softening up.

"Hai, I am Mikoshiba Toru," he said with a polieteful bow.

"Wait... Mikoshiba... Toru?"

"MIKOSHIBA TORU!" another girl, at least a second year in high school ran in, "You're Mikoshiba Toru?"

"You know him?" the mother asked her eldest daughter.

"He saved me from a bunch of perverts!" she said excitedly, "I never got to thank him for that either!"

"Excuse me?" the entire group held the same expression of confusion.

Sekikawa Shuta's face was absolutely priceless.

Kairi gently tugged on Mikoshiba's pants, "What are perverts?" she asked quietly.

With permission from the Mother, Mikoshiba made some of the dinner that was shared between the family and friend.

"So, Mikoshiba-kun," the mother said gently, "Is this okay? Isn't your parents waiting for you at home?"

Mikoshiba grinned as he gulped slowly and reached for something on the table, "Yes, this is fine, and no, my parents will not be waiting for me."

"Is that so? What do your parents do for a living?"


"Shut up Shuta," the older sister snapped.

"Nothing," a polite smile as Mikoshiba continued eating.

The mother stopped, "Excuse me?"

"My parents cannot do anything," he said, "Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, is that so?" the mother said and before anything else, Kairi spoke up, her mouth full with rice as she munched on it.

"Why? What's wrong with your family?" she asked.


"It's fine, it's natural for kids to be curious," Mikoshiba said easily, "My parents aren't alive right now."

The mother gasped and Sekikawa's sister stopped eating, Shuta looked up, surprised as well.

"So, they're dead?" the kid continued.

"Kairi!" stunned with the kid's absolute rudeness.

"Yes, they are," Mikoshiba said, eyes fading into a dark depression.

"Mikoshiba?" stunned with the polite answer to the kid.

The rest of the dinner was mostly in silence, as Mikoshiba and Sekikawa's mother continued small conversations.

"Man, dude, I'm so sorry," Sekikawa sighed as he plopped down on to his bed as Mikoshiba sat down on the floor in front of him.

"It's fine, so chill, alright?"

"No, really," the soft and serious tone of the voice was what really made Mikoshiba smile, "That was really going to far," he sighed.

"Thank you," he said silently.

Sekikawa never really understood why the Canines were so afraid of someone like Mikoshiba Toru, the rumors must have mixed him up with the Tora, the fearsome tiger of the night-life.

Sekikawa shook his head.

No matter how much information he had, and how many fights he got in with him, there was no way possible.

He couldn't be such a scary guy...