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Ailurophobia- Fear of cats

Yufune Tsturo, 13 year old student at Fujishiro Middle School.

Currently inside a burning building.

"Ah..." the young male, inside a locked room, stood in the middle of the room, away from the hot walls and trying to avoid the falling roof, "God..."

"CRASH!" another part of the ceiling broke, and a person fell through.

"Meow?" a soft, cat's mewls that was drained out by the sound of the crackling fire.

"Ouch..." groaning, the figure turned around, the male that was rather short, and lean, but vaguely defined muscles showing through the tight black clothing and the faded white sash on his waist like a belt.

He stood up tall and looked up from the hole he fell through.

"W...what?" Yufune gasped and fell to his butt while the male looked over.

A small dagger in his hand as he smiled.

And when Yufune saw the blood splatters on his face, he gulped.

"Looks like there's another witness," he sighed and then slowly walked to the male, barely flinching or even gazing as the bookshelf next to him was engulfed in flames, "Hey kid. Do you have any goals?"

"Kid?" Yufune scowled, "I'm not a kid!" he growled out.

"That's right," the other male laughed kind-heatedly, "You're Yufune Tetsuro, 13 years old, right?"


"So, what's wrong?"


A blink and the ninja-like male sighed, "I'm sorry," he confessed, with a bow, "I'm being very rude." Standing up straighter, he offered a soft smile, "I'm Tora, more often known as Tiger," he said and nodded at the male.

"Wait... You mean, you're The Tiger?"

Tiger nodded.



The wall began to burst in flames and Tiger sighed.

"Let's go," he said, nodding at Yufune.

"Wait...What the hell is going on?"

Unfortunately enough, or maybe it was luck, he was knocked out, and into a pair of arms, as he heard, "You have got to be-"

"Meow," Yufune slowly opened his eyes as he saw a small cat sitting on him.

"Mikoshiba-kun! Please get rid of the cat! It is disturbing other paitents!"

"Ah, sorry!" the call came and Mikoshiba picked the kitten off the male.

"What... you're... Tiger?"

"Well, in this world, I'm Mikoshiba," the reply came back with a soft smile, followed by a soft mewl of the cat in his hands.

Yufune breathed deeply, "Don't try to get up," Mikoshiba said, stopping his actions, "Some of your ribs are broken, and since you inhaled so much smoke, so stay there and keep breathing in fresh air, alright?"

At this moment in time, he opened the curtains to the window beside Yufune's bed and opened the windows outward.

"Wow..." Yufune said in awe, "It feels like forever since I've seen the sun," the male grinned, "It's a nice feeling."

A sudden flash flew over Mikoshiba, who looked outside, "I wonder...Is it really worth it?"

"Of course!" the soft question answered with a hearty grin as Yufune coughed, "Because if it wasn't, we wouldn't be born in the first place!"

And Mikoshiba smiled at the male.

"Nya?" the kitty cat looked up at him and Mikoshiba petted him lightly.

-One month later-

"MIKO-CHAN!" Wakana whipped around to see a male, run down the street and next to Mikoshiba, a kitty-cat in hand.

"Ah, Yufune-san," Mikoshiba turned around gracefully, "And Ai-chan," he said, nodding to the cat that mewled in response.

"So, this is cat-boy?" Wakana said in mild-amusement.

"Ah? Who are you, nya?"


"Oh dear," Mikoshiba sighed and pointed at Wakana, "That's Wakana Tomochika, 13 year old at-"

"Not all my information!" Wakana huffed at the black haired male who sighed once more.

"And this is Yufune Tetsuro," the male said, "Get along, okay?" a soft smile and while Yufune grin brightly, Wakana scowled.

"Whatever..." the tallest male muttered and Yufune held Ai to Mikoshiba.

"She wants you!" he said, loud and proud and Mikoshiba picked her up into his arms, "Man, it's been such a long time..."

"Yeah, I guess it was..." Mikoshiba said, offhandedly as he lightly stroked the orange, black and white bobtail, "Ne, Ai-chan?"

"Meow," the reply came from the small kitten.

"Oi, we're here," Wakana said loudly as he walked into the fast-food restaurant once more.

"Oh yeah," Mikoshiba walked in, "Would you like to join us, Yufune-san?"

"Sure, Miko-chan!"

Taking a seat at the furthest stall in the back, the trio sat down.

"Okay, so Mikoshiba," Wakana said, "What's this 'baseball' thing going around with you and Aniya?" he asked.


"A really good pitcher I know," Mikoshiba said to the confused Yufune, who was still petting the small cat against him. Mikoshiba turned back to Wakana, "Well, we both play, so-"

"Wait, you play a sport?" the disbelief in both their voices rang through.

"Yes...well, I am a bench-warmer..." the male said, not so confident anymore.

"Really?" both males were completely taken back by this.

And this began the baseball-learning process, as Mikoshiba talked about the game, and just seemed to go on and on...

It was thirty minutes from the first time they came in, and, while eating some food, Mikoshiba was still talking.

When he abruptly stopped mid-sentence and took out his phone.

"Shinjo-san?" Yufune froze, and Mikoshiba noticed this as well, "Yufune-sa-" he stopped once more as he continued the conversation, and hanged up, "Are you okay?"

"S-Shinjo Kei?" the male stuttered out, "You know him?"

"That... that guy..." eyes turning dark, "He... I don't know him, but the people at the apartment that burned down... They said his name a lot..."

"That's probably because the landowner there hates him, and probably wanted to pin all the blame on him..." Mikoshiba replied, and then smiled, "That day the apartment burned down, it was Shinjo and I that ran in to get something, when Shinjo got out, I fell through the floor."

"Where you met me..."

"Yep," Mikoshiba's happy tone, while Wakana was seriously amazed at the fearless male.

"Oh..." Yufune, meanwhile, seemed to relax better.

"Well, now that that's over with..." the smallest male picked up a fork and was ready to eat the cake when someone called out his name.

"Mikoshiba!" three heads looked over at two males walking over to their booth.

"Aniya-san! Shinjo-san!"

"Man, if you hadn't called, I'd be screwed," Aniya sighed in relief as he slid next to the Mikoshiba, as Shinjo brought a chair up to sit at the side.

"What? You already have another girlfriend?" Wakana sounded pissed as he looked in front of him to Mikoshiba, "Why are you always hooking him up with someone?" he demanded.

Yufune, at the side was looking at the group in mild surprise when the kitty on the table mewled.

"Ah, may I pet him?' Shinjo asked, eyes almost sparkling like a small infant with a toy.

Yufune grinned, "Ai-chan's a girl, and I don't think she would mind," he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry then," Shinjo said, eyes softening as he gently rubbed her back, as she began to purr happily.

Yufune looked at the once lonely male and then at the group who was laughing and fooling around and grinned.

"So, you dumped a girl that I can never get!" Wakana growled out as he scowled, "That's so not fair."

"Good looks vs. bad ones, of course I would win," Aniya bragged.

"No against Ai-chan, right, Yufune-san?"

Yufune blinked and then broke out into a large grin, "Me too, nya!"

A long pause and Shinjo stiffed a laugh as Wakana's face twisted up in disgust, Aniya's eyebrow raised and Mikoshiba, covering his surprise with a smile.

"Don't. Do. That. Ever. Again." Wakana shuddered.

It was really scary how well they could come together, and they still did...

But, this was only the start of a fear.