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Biblophobia- Fear of books.

12 year old Wakana cursed darkly under his breath as he sneezed, why was he in the ridiculously large library anyways?

Sighing as he remembered the project, and that he should at least try and bring home something good, when he stumbled over something.

"What the-" and that's when he saw a small guy, sleeping against the bookshelves, books scattered around him.

Wakana, ready to snap at the male, when another figure walked in.

Two actually.

A tall, muscular and buff male, with blonde hair leaned over to the small male, "He's out cold," he sighed and picked him up, and looked at Wakana, "Thank you for watching over him."

"Ah... n-no problem," he gulped. He knew who that was.

"Then," a grin came from the other male, "Let's go out."

"Ah? Already?" the tall male replied.

"Shinjo-san?" the boy murmmered.

"Ah, Miko-chan, you're awake, let's go," the other male replied.

The male nodded back off to sleep.

And Wakana took this chance to disperse.

Wakana sighed as he walked around in his loose pair of jeans and plain white t-shirt, when he looked over he a guy, turning his head around just to see a male in an alley-way, surrounded by at least 25 people, all knocked out as they laid on the ground, some in positions most humans can't bend in.

And there he was, the kid from the library, Miko-chan, in the center, stretching and walking across the bodies.

And then, he looked up, from across the street, met Wakana's eyes and then, while Wakana was stunned speechless, he did the unthinkable.

He smiled.

In May, Wakana scowled as he glanced around once more, ever since he had seen 'him' at the alley-way, he couldn't forget about him.

His tall posture next to the laying people, as he smiled.

He groaned.

He needed a quiet place to think...

The library.

Upon his entrance to the library, he sat down in between two bookshelves, safely hidden away from everything else as he sighed deeply.

"Nothing good?" a soft whisper, and Wakana, sighing once more nodded.

"Yeah, everything is just... borring."

And this wasn't a lie.

For he had nothing to do until he saw that male.

In fact, he turned his head up and saw him once more.

"Wakana-san," he said and Wakana nodded his head, "I'm Mikoshiba Toru," he smiled.

Wakana nodded his head once more.

"Wait... How do you k-" placing one finger on the larger male's mouth Mikoshiba silenced him.

"Let's talk outside."

Glancing around at the glares coming from the people around him, he sighed and followed the male out.

It was a fast-food place across from the library, and next to the bookstore, Mikoshiba and Wakana sat in one of the back corners.

Wakana, who was stuffing himself with a burger, munched and stared at the male, "So then..." he said, and then took a drink from his Cherry Coke, "What the hell man?"

A long stare before Mikoshiba smiled, "Well, then, this is how I work," he said and brought out a notebook and a mechanical pencil, and in the other hand, held a small hand-held Iphone, "You give me information, and I give you information," he grinned, "Or something as close as you can to it."

"So, I give you something, you give me something?" Wakana smirked.

"As long as its fair and we can pay the price."

It was like starting a deal with the devil, but Wakana, despite the protesting other side of him, smirked.

"Alright then...Let's begin."

And in turn, Mikoshiba grinned, "Of course."

That was the third time Wakana had ever made a deal that scared him so, and as of right now, he didn't care.

"Aniya Keiichi," the first male grinned.

"Shinjo Kei."

"Mikoshiba Toru."

"Wakana Tomochika."

"Good, the formalities are done so let's go finish some work!" the male said, and Wakana stuttered.

"Wait, that's it?"

Shinjo blinked and Aniya rolled his eyes.

"What more do you want?" Aniya asked.

Wakana sputtered, unable to say anything.

"C'mon, or else I'm going to make you pay for the cakes today!" Mikoshiba, already next to the doors of the library, called out.

The three, although Wakana was last, followed, some more faster than the other one.

Sighing as he sat down at a desk, he brought out his school-work, not once did he ever understand any of it.

"Wait... so you mean x is five?" Wakana said in astonishment as Mikoshiba grinned at him.


The male's grin grew large as he looked up at the other two across from him, who looked surprised as well, before they gave out an inaudible applause, causing Wakana to blush.

"Shut up and get to work," he muttered darkly.

Who would've thought that he would be hanging out with the largest names in the streets?

Moreorless, working on something like academics?

"Okay then, next question..."

And due to these small study-sessions between the four, followed by a small cake break at a nearby cafe, the four of them just relaxed throughout the month of August and September.

"Check that out! I got a 78! That's the highest I ever gotten!" Wakana shouted as he hooted with laughter.

Aniya growled and muttered under his breath and Mikoshiba grinned, "Aniya got a 66."

"Ha-ha! Check that out!" the male shouted out.

In the dark of the night as they finished another session together, Shinjo next to Mikoshiba, slightly behind, as Aniya was to his right and Wakana to the far left.

"We should go celebrate this," the smallest male suggested, "Alright then... Cake shop!"

"Wakana's purchase!' Aniya yelled in time.


"I don't mind," Shinjo said nodding his head.

"T-the person with the least amount of points should buy it!" the male continued to protest, "What did the two of you get anyways?" he demanded out of Shinjo and Mikoshiba.

"100." The flat answer between the two stopped his solid.

"H-h-HUNDRED?" the male exclaimed.

The other three snickered at the male's reaction as they continued down the path to the cake shop.

For at this moment in time Wakana didn't care about anything, and no matter how scary anything is, or they were going to be.

He tried his best not to be.