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Jophaboia- The fear of cakes

"Nee, Aniya-kun!" Aniya Keiichi, in six months, he shall be 13, and has already dated with 36 girls until today, and one male for 3 minutes, and currently on his new girlfriend, making the previous statement, 37.

"Hai, Margretto," Aniya replied, scooting closer the the girl with the bright brown eyes and long blond hair that curled it's way down to her large chest.

Currently in a bakery in the fifth district, the Akai Cafe, and true to it's name, it was a cafe with a red floor, red walls, and red chairs.

A place Mikoshiba Toru often went to for information.

"Aiko-san!" walking in he softly called out for the manager.

"Ah! Tiger-kun!" they called back.

All of a sudden, the entire cafe went silent as people started to stand up and stare, while others just glared, and many others, bringing out cell phones.

"I still owe you from what you did to my kouhais!" one of them, a large, bald male, and Aniya rolled his eyes.

If he got into a fight here, he would be kicked out of baseball for the rest of the year.

Eyes fell onto the short male, the one with black hair and emotionless black pits of eyes, who blinked once at the male and sighed, "If it's a fight you want, do it outside."

"Then, will you be coming with us?"


A heavy sigh as Mikoshiba calmly walked outside, "I'm sorry, am I walking too fast for you?"

Twitching, the group rushed out after them, and immediately, the cafe was empty.

"Wah! That was scary!" Margretto, a dyed-blond sighed, her long, curly hair reaching around and up on her breasts, "But if it did turn into a fight, you'd save me right?"

"We'd run together," Aniya replied with a smirk, "Nee, Margretto-chan?"

Doors swung open once more within the next five minutes, and Mikoshiba, completely clean and healthy walks in, perfectly fine.

"So, what's this all about?" Mikoshiba asked calmly, as the girl gave him a large orange envelope.

"Thanks, Tiger, that's all for today," Aiko, the girl behind the counter said, "Don't you have guests today?"

"Ah, thank you for remembering," Mikoshiba smiled, when he paused and took out a cell phone, "Hello?"

Silence and at last Aniya stood up, "Sorry, Margretto, but I don't like cakes," and with that, he left.

"Eh? A-Aniya-kun?" the girl stammered, before realizing that she was just stood up.

The second time Aniya Keiichi had an encounter with Mikoshiba Toru was at a bakery in the ninth district, the Hanada Bakery, a blue bakery to counter the red one he was at.

"Ne, ne, Aniya-kun!" a spunky girl with bouncing knockers, her curled black hair and batting black eyelashes surrounding her honey eyes, as she skipped next to Aniya, linking her arm with his, "Aniya-kun?"

But, his eyes were only focused on an alley-way, where he saw two figures that stood out to him, a tall male with bright dyed-orange hair and the kid from before.

The kid was taping everything onto his cell phone, while the other one fought.

"Ah! It's Shinjo and...who's the kid?" the girl asked and sighed, "Let's go!" the girl growled out, "C'mon!"

"No," Aniya replied and left the girl, "Those kids...they live in my neighborhood..."


"I'm leaving you, call me later," he said simply before walking towards the alley, a grin on his face.

The second encounter was a scary one, but one, nonetheless.

"Oh, so you're the infamous 'Head of the Sexual Harassment Department,'..." Mikoshiba said, nodding his head while Aniya did a double take.

"W-what? THE head of WHAT?"

"Whoops?" Mikoshiba meeped out and hid behind his other friend.

A roll of eyes and Aniya stopped, "Wait a moment...You mean... the rumors that Shinjo is hanging out with tiger was true?"

"Hai," Mikoshiba replied.

"Wait, I keep forgetting but," Shinjo turned around to face the male, "Why is it 'Tiger'?"

"Huh? Oh, someone got my name messed up my name, and it stuck," the male explained rather plainly.

"Wait... How did you get 'Tiger' with whatever your name is?" Aniya asked in confusion.

"Oh, my name is Mikoshiba Toru, and Toru, could be spelled as 'T-O-R-U' but they misspelled it as, 'T-O-R-A', like 'Tora' so when translated from Spanish, it becomes, 'Tiger'. And then, the name sort of...stuck."

"Who and where were you at the time?" Shinjo continued the conversation, ignoring Aniya.

"Oh, this was when I was in America for the first time," Mikoshiba grinned, "Let's go, I'm making pot pie today," he said simply.

"Oh?" Shinjo seemed interested.

"...Would you like some too?" Mikoshiba grinned at the two males.

"Uh...why the hell not?" Aniya sighed and followed the male, a small smile on his face.

"Then, make sure you tell your families alright?" he said, and Shinjo took out his cell phone and did so before sticking it out in Aniya's direction.

"Don't you need to tell them?" he asked.

"Nah, they don't care," Aniya replied, pushing the cell back.

"Then leave a message."

The sternness of Mikoshiba's voice is what he forced himself to listen to.

Upon entering the small apartment complex, it was getting very cramped between two very large and muscular men and although small, buff one, in between a small TV, thee laptops (different sizes) and many, many piles of paper and notebooks everywhere.

"Wh-what the?"

"So that's what I forgot to do..." Mikoshiba sighed as he picked some stuff up, "It's slightly messy, so I hope you don't mind," he said.

"Yeah, no problem, you got me away from that bitch," Aniya scoffed out.

"That 'bitch'?" Shinjo asked in mild amusement.

"Meaning the girl you were with? Shouko Mizahara, am I correct, the daughter of the adviser of the Hitomotokarama Family... Yakuza with only 3,921 members..." Mikoshiba stated calmly and then perked up, "I'll go get the pot pie then."

Aniya paused, had he just cursed out at a girl that will command others to kill him.

"Don't worry, since they are probably a yakuza family, they'll torture you slowly first," Shinjo said easily as he leaned back onto the wall, "If you're lucky, they'll let you off without a couple of fingers."

Aniya stared at him, eyes wide and mouth open in complete shock.

"Shinjo-san! Get the table!" Mikoshiba called and Shinjo nodded.

Although Aniya was in total shock as he stared at the small white room, and then at the far end, a small table with a computer on it, as Shinjo brought out a medium sized table to sit around.

The black-haired male came in with large mitts on his hands and carefully placed the medium sized pot on top of a cold cloth, "Here," he said, passing out chopsticks, "Ah! Let me go get some-"

"I got the drinks, so chill," Shinjo replied, standing up and walking off into an area Mikoshiba came out of, "Coke sounds good?"

"I want my 2% milk!" Mikoshiba called back, Aniya stared at him funny as he looked at the other middle schooler, "Calcium is good for you."

A sigh was heard before the dyed hair came back into view, a small 2% milk bottle in one hand, and two bottles of coke in the other.

"Here," he said, placing it in front of the other two.

"Ah... yeah... thanks..." Aniya said.

"Itadakimasu!" Mikoshiba grinned as he stared at the other two.

"Itadakimas," Shinjo nodded.

"I-Ita...Itadakimas..." Aniya muttered as he began eating as well.

The soft texture of the food that wasn't burning hot melted in his mouth as he chewed softly and for a large amount of time, while Mikoshiba smiled and just kept eating, Shinjo just eating.

"...So, why'd you follow us?" Shinjo asked off-handedly.

"You guys live in my neighborhood, so I figured that I might as well know you now than never," Aniya replied.

A scoff and Mikoshiba grinned, "Well then, if you ever need cover, here's a base," he grinned.

"Yeah, life's more fun once you have the right people," Aniya said.

"It varies on you definition of, 'fun'," the smallest one responded dryly.

A laugh from two of them, a smile on Shinjo's face, and the three just got along.

"So, where's Shinjo today?" Aniya asked as he leaned back on the seat while Mikoshiba sat across from him.

"Shinjo's watching over his little sister," Mikoshiba replied, looking up at the male with a soft smile, and then looked back down at his notepad before scribbling something down once more, "I'm surprised to have seen you today," the male continued calmly.

"Don't mention it, it was a good timing," Aniya replied, and leaned back in his seat to stare out the window.

"Is that so?"

The two were at a local cafe near the riverbank and Aniya was eating a strawberry cake and Mikoshiba drinking some iced tea, as he stared out the window, watching the rain beat down.

"Damn, crazy girl, could you believe that she actually have guts to slap me," Aniya, who recently dumped a girl, just seemed to continue his complaints about the girl, "She wasn't even that good!" Munching on another piece of cake as darkly cursed out the girl and twitched at his swollen cheek.

A sigh, "Only you, Aniya-san," Mikoshiba sighed.

The two exchanged a glance and Aniya rolled his eyes.

One month since the two have actually met, and Mikoshiba dared to ask, "Is there anything... you want?" he asked and stared outside.

"What? That sounds a bit creepy..." Aniya replied, a suspicious look on his face, but he did lean in, as though to hear the soft words better.

"Yes... but in this world, when people become desperate, they become a lot more uglier than what they were," Mikoshiba smiled softly, "I guess... that I don't want that to happen to you, so, I'm going to figure out all and as much as I can, starting with wants and needs."

"Um... I want a..." the pitched paused and then scoffed, "I want to go to Koshien," he grinned, he was joking, and vaguely wondering whether or not Mikoshiba knew that, and the male nodded his head.

"Interesting," he scribbled something down.

"Man, every time I'm with you, you always ask me questions, and I always answer them," Aniya said, "What's up with that?"

"Then don't answer the questions, Aniya-san," Mikoshiba smiled politely.

"...Probably, but..." the said male paused once more.

It's a good way for attention that I always want...

The thought that rang true in his head, but he will never admit aloud.

"But?" Mikoshiba asked, his wide eyes blinking at the male, curiosity shining brightly in his eyes.

"It's nothing," Aniya sighed.

"Alright," and that was another great thing about Mikoshiba Toru.

He never pried. He'd ask once, and that was it.

And he had never forgotten something before.

"So, what about you? I'm sure that you want something, all humans do."

"Except Buddha," Mikoshiba mentioned and Aniya snorted.

"Yeah, but you're not him," he recalled.

"Just stating out the facts."

"So then, what do you want?"


"TIGER! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!" a bunch of screams and Aniya choked on his cake.

"Good grief," Mikoshiba sighed, "I'll be back within a moment," he said and walked over to the males calling him.

Within the next ten minutes, Mikoshiba sat back down in front of Aniya, slightly panting, and his hair dripping, but other than that, perfectly fine, "Headphones," Mikoshiba said, "It could block out the noise better than my earphones."

"...Wait... anything in the world and you choose that?" Aniya sputtered out.

Mikoshiba looked at him and smiled, "Anything in the world and you chose Koshien?"

"Hey, Koshien is really-"

"One man's treasure is another man's trash. Oops, I gotta run," Mikoshiba nodded at the male, "Later." And then, he was gone, leaving the pitched by himself, sighing as he stared off into space. Headphones...


Aniya watched the male walk back outside, and he smiled to himself.

And then cursed, "He left me with the bill..." he muttered and then cursed about how expensive cakes were.

Mikoshiba, Shinjo, and Aniya sighed as they walked side-by-side, and quietly down past the riverbed, listening in to the soft water trickles as the moon shined down on them.

"Ah... so cool..." Mikoshiba sighed happily as he walked in between the other three.

"Stop right there, Mikoshiba Toru!"

The three paused as they slowly turned around to see a group of 12 people.

"Oh dear... This seems way too familiar," Mikoshiba commented dryly.

"I'll join you this time, so we'll win completely," Aniya replied, "Besides, 12 is a lot for one person."

"6 isn't," Shinjo replied taking his fists out of his pockets.

"Let's GO!" the leader-like man called, and all of a sudden, more people from the sides came by, and Mikoshiba, Shinjo, and Aniya ended up back-to-back.

"You have-" Mikoshiba groaned.

"Got to-" Aniya twitched.

"Be kidding me," Shinjo growled.

"Oh well," Mikoshiba smirked, "This is the way to make things even, right? There should be at least 36..."

"Hn." Shinjo grunted.

Aniya sighed, "So in the end, it ends with 12..." he sighed.

The other two stopped and turned at the male.

"Did you just do mental math within a couple of seconds?" Mikoshiba asked in astonishment.

Shinjo blinked at the male, surprise showing greatly and Aniya snarled.

"Shut up."

The three of them, with some form of a smirk and grin on their faces, looked off at their opponents, ready to fight.

And they did, Shinjo swinging down before coming up to meet people with his fists and sometimes, legs, while Aniya got his back, Mikoshiba being a blur as he easily maneuvered his way around the people, attacking them in ways they couldn't fight back, and ended up sprawled on the ground.

And in about an hour or so, with everyone passed out on the ground with the exception of a panting Shinjo and Aniya, and Mikoshiba that was just looking around.

The smaller male turned back and grinned, shutting his cell phone as he said simply, "So much for tonight's okonamiyaki, huh?" he asked.

The other two, gasping for air on the ground, just stared at him before breaking out into laughs and grins.

So, when Mikoshiba and Shinjo met, it was a deadly pair.

That pair has now become a trio when they encountered Aniya.

A fearsome trio.