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Phobia- suffix meaning 'fear'

At the first glance at Mikoshiba Toru, you see a kid. A kid with raven black hair and dull black eyes that seemed endless, a perfect posture with great muscles, and a tattoo poking out of collar and up his neck, another slipping through the gaps of his leather black gloves.

A tattoo that shows his superiority and skill.

The tattoo that chains him down.

A tattoo that was fear.


"Hai?" the soft voice of a 6 year old, Mikoshiba Toru was a weapon.

A deadly weapon within the yakuza.

"Today, you are to protect the heir," it was a stern voice, "And as you are the same gender and age, you can protect him."

A genius weapon within the yakuza, "Of course."

"Good. Akahoshi-sama!"

"Hai, hai," a kid walked in, with dirty clothes and face, his black hair going crazy and his dark eyes blazed at the sight of Mikoshiba, "Ugh, another one?"

"As the heir of the Akuma family, you must be protected so you'll take on the name as well!" the male, at this point stomped off.

"It's not like I want to be the heir," Akahoshi huffed and turned to Mikoshiba, "Call me, Shoji, alright? If you call me Akahoshi," he punched his palm, "I'll make you regret it."

No answer from the other boy.

"Answer me!"

"...Hai, Shoji-sama."

"You know what?" the male stood up from his spot and ran outside into the courtyard Mikoshiba was in, "I'm gonna play baseball when I grow up! Screw the yakuza!" he turned around, grinning, "Start smiling you idiot!"

And with that order, a frozen smile appeared on Mikoshiba's face, one that came with an order.

Mikoshiba, at the age of seven, was still smiling at his master.

"Geez, stop smiling," and he did, the lips fell, "No, you know what, just smile when you're happy, cry when you're sad, and... eat when you're hungry!" Shoji cried out in despair, "It's like I have a robot near me and not a friend."

"A friend?" Mikoshiba blinked, curiosity shinning in his eyes.

"Yeah, someone I can do everything with! Not someone that would just give up their life on orders, but on feelings!" the male cried out.

The young master was frustrated and by this time, ran away.

"Young master!" running after the male, when Shoji glared at him, shoving him aside, and screaming.

"And call me Shoji!" he called to the male.

That was all he heard before the kid disappeared on him.

"...To smile when I'm happy..." Mikoshiba sighed, "A weapon doesn't get to feel happiness," he replied to himself.

He sniffed, "Damn it..."

"Toru, are you okay?" an older version of Mikoshiba, with longer hair and a softer tone walked over to her younger brother.

"Nee-chan..." looking up with confusion brimming his eyes, Mikoshiba asked, "What am I?"

"Toru!" eight-year old Mikoshiba looked up at his master, "Let's go to school!" he called.

Nodding, Mikoshiba smiled, "Of course, young master."

He knew better than to show his emotions, but after more intensive training, he was taught to know the moments and read the atmosphere and do everything possible to guide the other person's emotions and reactions.

At the age of eight, Mikoshiba Toru could fight extremely well (with and without weapons), memorize data and analyze just about everything, read things, predict things correctly, have everything fall within what he wants, and to top all of that, Mikoshiba Toru was only eight.

With a life full of experience ahead, Mikoshiba was going to become better.

The cold brisk air as Mikoshiba watched as Akahoshi began playing baseball with his friends.

"Hey, is Mikoshiba playing?"

"Mikoshiba, do you want to play?"

"I'm sorry, Young Master, but I'll have to decline," Mikoshiba replied with a nod.

"Eh? Today too?" the others seemed to complain and Akahoshi sighed.

"Well, he says he doesn't want to..."

"Can't you make him? Since you're his master and everything?"

Everything seemed to stop and before anything else, Akahoshi shook his head, "Forcing someone to do something out of their will isn't someone I want to become. I want to be a good man since I'm not going to continue the family tradition after all," a large grin appeared on the face and he began talking the strategy.

Mikoshiba found himself on the side-lines, watching carefully.

He knows the baseball rules by heart, and he and the Young Master would often play catch because the Little Master would ask politely.

After all, Mikoshiba Toru does nothing more but live for the Young Master.

After three years of staying together, and the two were never separated, not once.

"Mikoshiba-kun, would you like to sit somewhere else?"

"...Sensei, you're Kimihira Ryousuke, am I correct? The person that slept wit-"

"Okay, okay never mind."

A deadly smile at this and Mikoshiba nodded, "I'm glad we came to terms."

The two troublemakers of the class, one more vocal that the other, the two that were an outcast because they didn't hide their social status.

And especially since one of the two boys was a brilliant fighter that could probably take down most high-schoolers, and to some others, know things that should not be known or presented aloud, ever.

10-year old Akahoshi grinned brightly as he stared at Mikoshiba.

"Happy birthday, Young Master, is there something you would like?" 11 year old Mikoshiba asked and Akahoshi paused.

"I... I want you to call me by my name!" he announced with a grin.

"A wish that could bring great things, wasted like that?" Mikoshiba seemed confused.

"It's not a waste when it's important! It's not a waste if I'll have another wish next year too!" the Young Master grinned brightly and Mikoshiba paused.

"You know that you'll survive?"

"Because you'll be there, right?"

And for one of the first times ever, Mikoshiba felt himself come up with a soft smile.

And Akahoshi grinned back.

"Young Master! Please be careful!" Mikoshiba shoved the small body aside, as he was stabbed in the chest area.

"Mikoshiba!" young Akahoshi screamed as he dropped down next to the small kid that began barfing up blood.

"It doesn't matter, because if you protect someone, that will just bring you down," the male across from them laughed.

"R...Run, Little Master," Mikoshiba coughed as he stood up and pulled the knife out, ready to fight with it.

"W-What? You can't just-"

"Go!" Mikoshiba yelled, raising his voice, "Please..." the hoarse voice that came out scared the male.

Blood streamed down the young one's neck, a large red spot that seemed to cover up all of his chest.

"To use kids like this..." the male in front of them sighed, "Is a shame. You could've been much better..."

"I wonder..." Mikoshiba grinned.

"M-Mikoshiba..." Akahoshi sniffed, and then gulped.

"Young Master! Mikoshiba!" another group of people ran in.

"Great. Reinforcements," the male sighed and ran away, "Good day, little ones."

And with that, Mikoshiba fell over, gasping for air and barfing up more blood than food.

That caused the eighth time Mikoshiba went to the hospital, and at this time his sister snapped at last.

"A yakuza environment isn't good for Toru!" she yelled when Mikoshiba was caught in a cross-fire between two yakuza groups with many weapons, "I'm sorry, but I'm taking him away," she sobbed.

"...I understand," old Akahoshi said, and picked up his son from Toru's hospital bed, "Please, leave, but I hope you know that we will always be here."

"Yes, I understand..." she sniffled, "I'm...Thank you for all this time."

"Yes, I can say the same as well," he turned to his men, "Let's go."


And that was the last time Mikoshiba An ever saw them ever again.

Little did she know, it wasn't the same for Toru. For the kid went out and continued doing missions for many places, the yakuza, the police, anything, and slowly, his tree of knowledge just kept growing...

A fearsome tiger released to the world, nothing holding him back.