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A Poem??

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Goodnight Kylo Ren


In the great grey room

There was a communicator

And a red lightsaber

And a picture of the death star blowing up a moon

And there were three Storm troopers sitting on chairs

And two radar technicians

And a pair of first order mittens

And Hux’s Kitten

And a young officer

And a broken station and a bowl full of ashes

And Kylo Ren who was yelling “die”

Goodbye room

Goodbye lightsaber

Goodbye storm troopers and goodbye moon

Goodbye radar technicians

And Goodbye First Order Mittens

Goodbye Hux’s Kitten

Goodbye Officer

Goodbye station and goodbye bowl of ashes

Goodbye Luke

Goodbye Hux

And goodbye Phasma

Goodbye Starkiller base

And goodbye FN-2187

Goodbye Han Solo

And goodbye Matt

Goodbye Alderaan

Goodbye Resistance

And goodbye to Kylo Ren Yelling “die”

Goodbye Snoke

Goodbye Yoda

Goodbye Star Wars