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TJRBB art ~ There's No Water So Wicked

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This is the art I've made for the fic There's No Water So Wicked written by [personal profile] valress for the TJRBB on LJ and DW.

It was SO much fun to work on the art because this fic is a TOMMY JOE RATLIFF/DAN FEUERRIEGEL XOVER *swoons* AND OMG THESE TWO ARE ALMOST TOO HOT TO BE IN THE SAME PIC!!! *thuds* OR IN THE SAME ROOM!!! *DEAD* TJR/Dan Feuerriegel x-over and I love these two to NO end.

Thanks SO much to [personal profile] valress for waiting SO patiently for the (hopefully matching)art (Uhm yeah...once again I made it right on time.LOL) and for giving me the opportunity to drool all over da PORN work with such a GREAT fic.And TY for writing this,bb!! ♥♥♥

Fic Master Post on AO3 / DW

And now RUUUUUUUUUUN and read it!!!!

Disclaimer: The fic banner,wallpaper, icon, cd cover art and section art/divider are digital manipulations made from several photos (Resources: From all over the Net) combined together to create the final art.The photos are NOT mine!I only "borrowed" them.Same goes for the songs of the soundtrack/mix.They still belong to their creators! ;)

So this is the fic banner:
 photo Theres_no_water_so_wicked_valress_ficbanner.png

Wallpaper 1650x1080px

Click me for full size!

Section divider:
 photo valressdivider.png

Icon (shareable):
 photo TNWSWicon.png

CD/soundtrack/mix cover art:
 photo TNWSWcoverart_front.jpg

 photo TNWSWcoverart_back.jpg

Soundtrack/mix direct dl: Zip file

Hope you'll like what I created!!